When Tuesday morning arrived I was awoken by the soft knocking on my door. It was my mother alerting me to the fact that I had about an hour in thirty minutes or so to get ready and get to school.

Looking over I remembered that Eric and I had spent the night cuddling, his hands still laying  on my waist. I was awake enough to realize that my mom was about enter the room, so just as the door knob started to turn I quickly shifted over far enough to give Eric's body and my own some distance so it would not be apparent the position that we had woke up in moments before.

"Hey Mom!" I said, just load enough so that Eric could hear and arise from his sleep

 "Hey Honey, its time to get up, breakfast is downstairs" she said with a smile adjusting something on my desk, having one of those compulsive natures to clean my room every time she entered it.

 "Ok Mom" I said adjusting myself as I sat upright in my bed

 "Hey Mrs. Chandler!" Eric said sitting up in my bed...

 "Hey Eric, I just told Mike that Breakfast is downstairs in the microwave" she replied

 "That's awesome Mrs. Chandler" Eric sad with a smile on his face

 "Yeah mom that's great!" I added

 "Oh Eric, I love when you stay over, Mike is always so grumpy when I try to wake him up, but whenever you are here he's always so positive" she added

 "Thanks Mrs. Candler" Eric said with a big grin breaking across his face as he pulled me in a friendly hug. My mom unaware that Eric's hand had been previously on my butt.

 "We need to take showers first" I added

 "Ok son, breakfast will be waiting......." she said exiting my room

 I had a bathroom in my bedroom so I showered in there. When I went to go get into the shower, Eric was still laying in my bed, his right hand between the sheets stroking his dick. I thought that would keep him busy for a while, but I was wrong.

 As I turned the shower head on, and the cool water began to spray onto my face, I felt a hand grasp my side pulling me close. I jumped back startled, tuning to see Eric.

 He was completely naked, his muscular well formed body covered in a thin layer of sweat. His dirty blond hair matted together, his body glistened as the water hit his tanned flesh, and briefly looking down I could see his big ten inch cock just resting between his big meaty thighs.

After a brief moment of silence,  Eric pulled me close to his body. His muscles squeezing against my own muscles holding me tightly, water still hitting us....

 "Babe relax I checked your mom is not coming back in here" Eric said releasing me from his strong muscular arms.

 "Ok, but we still have to shower"

 "Ok baby" Eric said kissing me roughly

 I think we spent thirty minutes in the shower, a good ten minutes were spent actually showering, the rest was spent passionately kissing, feeling each other wet bodies, an soaping each other's dicks up. We were almost tempted to have shower sex, but we held back....

 After thirty minutes had passed we came downstairs to get breakfast As Eric and I were eating the breakfast my mom had made for us, she entered the kitchen.

 "Wow that was fast" she said, taking notice to the fact that I usually spent an hour  or so showering...

 "Oh I had to shower for only 10 minutes, because Eric had to shower also" I replied not telling her that we had showered together. Also not telling her that we had spent more time soaping each other's dicks and making out instead of actually showering.

 After breakfast we headed out the door to Eric's car. Before leaving I said goodbye to my mom. Eric telling her goodbye also "Goodbye Mrs. Chandler" he said

 Driving to school in Eric's car we chatted. As he drove I turned over to Eric,
 putting my hand on his leg.

"Eric" I said

"Yes baby" he said turning to me slightly his eyes still focused on the driving.

"We need to talk about how we are going to tell everyone that we are
 boyfriends" I sighed

"Yeah I know babe, lets just come out and say it"

"Like when?" I asked a little confused that he just wanted to blurt it out

"I'll tell you when babe" he said "But I promise it's gonna be super romantic" Eric said as he kissed me ever so gently on my forehead....

A few minutes later we pulled into the high school parking lot. Tuesday was the start of homecoming week, so we were not wearing regular clothes, we were instead wearing costumes because Tuesday was superhero day. Eric was dressed as Captain America he even had the shield and everything. Eric's costume was incredibly tight and the outline of his massive pecs, his bulging muscles, his rock hard sculptured abs were clearly visible. This fact made Eric's costume look amazing on him.

I was dressed as superman. My costume just like Eric's was incredibly tight, The tightness of my superman costume outlined my every muscle. The Red "S" resting on my protruding pecs. My costume even had a red cape and everything else. We both had taken inspiration from our favorite superheroes.

Walking into school, Eric and I parted ways, but not before we gave each a bro hug. The show of affection wet unnoticed by the vast majority of the students, who were busily rushing off to class.

 As I walked down the hall to Ms. Brown's Personal finance class I looked down the halls, and class rooms to see if I could see Jake. I had not seen Jake since yesterday evening when he had not only told me he was attracted to me, but he had also confessed he wanted me.

 I was torn, Jake was my best friend, and Eric was my boyfriend. Eric wanted to fuck me, and now I learned that Jake too had feelings for me. I had to make Jake understand that nothing could happen between us, I had to make him realize that I was fully committed to my boyfriend.

 Failing in my search for Jake, I made my way to Ms. Brown's class. Ms. Brown's class was always boring. The only highlights of the class were the fact that Ms. Brown was literally insane. Also the girls in the class were always throwing themselves at me. I had not the heart to tell them I had a boyfriend and that they were barking up the wrong tree....

 After the bell rang, I hurried out the door to my next class, US Government. I liked Ms. Warner's Govt. class, her class was entertaining, but more importantly Eric was in my class.

 As Ms. Warner wrote on the board, most of the students in the class, myself included. I might have mentioned this before but despite his gentleness toward me, Eric was to most people a douche.  In the middle of taking notes I got up to sharpen my pencil.  Before sitting back down at my desk I glanced over at Eric.

 Eric's paper was obviously blank and he was just sitting there his arms folded and a smug look showing across his face. I was not the only one to take notice of Eric's lack of notes and his total apathy for the class.

Ms. Warner also took notice putting down her black marker, she turned to the rest of the class "You will not retain  this information through osmosis" she said clearly talking about Eric. For a brief moment Eric picked up his pen and scribbled  something on his paper. Having seen him do this in other classes countless times, I knew what he had written were not the notes, Ms. Warner was not to wise.

 As I took my notes, I would glance up from my work to look at Eric. To not have people get suspicious about us before we were ready, I would only take short glances, using my water bottle, taking sips of water while I gazed at Eric.

 Each time I glanced over at Eric, our eyes would meet. Every single time we locked eyes, Eric would flick out his tongue, licking his lips sexually. He was doing all this just for me, moving his tongue around his pretty pink lips .This show of affection turned me on, actually I was hard the whole class. It was also pretty scary too, because he was making no attempt to hide what he was doing. Luckily for us, no one saw.

******Eric Narrates**********************************************

After the bell rang for lunch, Mike and I walked through the halls to the cafeteria. Most of the people were still unaware that we were now boyfriends. As we walked down the halls I noticed that the halls were literally teeming with people in superhero costumes. Hundreds of people in Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and even a few Captain America's. None of the Superman and or Captain America's looked as good as Mike and I did. Also the halls were filled with girls wearing  subtly slutty costumes, Catwomen in short black skirts, and girls in Wonder Women costumes that would have put a frown on the real Wonder Woman's face. Also there were a few try-hards, mostly nerds who had opted to wear their own homemade costumes. It would have been better to go without

Anyways when we got to the cafeteria, Mike told me that is so called "best friend" Jake was still ignoring him. This made me blood boil, the nerve of this fucker, to kiss my boyfriend and then turn around and ignore him. If he wasn't Mike's best friend I would have kicked his ass the moment Mike told me what he did.

When we got to the Cafeteria, I found a seat for us two. When we sat down I spotted Jake on the far corner of the Cafeteria. I was tempted to go over there and give him a piece of my mind, but before I could go rearrange his face, Mike squeezed my hand under the table. "Don't do it, he's my friend" he said. I listened to him, I was putty in his hands so instead of kicking this kid's ass I decided to go get some lunch, leaving Mike at the table alone. It was only for just a few minutes, but when I came back that fucker, Jake was over there. They looked like they in an intense conversation, so I rushed over  to the table, forgetting to grab a milk.

"What the fuck are you doing? I shouted

"Eric!, relax Jake came to apologize" Mike said pleading with me to calm down

"Oh ok as long as he's not stepping out of line"

"He's my boyfriend, not yours!" I said giving Jake the death stare as I placed my heavy hand on Mike's back

"Babe relax" Mike said in such a soft and gentle voice that it made all my anger melt away

I sat down to the most awkward lunch I ever witnessed. I was eating my cafeteria lunch consisting of Pizza, Apple and Macaroni. I even offered Jake to sit with us and he agreed, but it was an uneasy lunch, his eyes remained on Mike, and my eyes were glued to him, making damn sure that he didn't try anything.

After the twenty five minutes of Lunch were over we parted ways. Mike and I  of course going one way, and Jake going off the other way disappearing into the crowds.

*******Jake Narrates***********************

I apologized to Mike for being such a jerk. Then I sat through the most awkward twenty-five minutes of silence. The whole time I sat there just watching Mike eat, every time he would lift his fork up to his mouth shoveling food between those pretty lips of his, I would think of nothing but shoving my dick between them. I had to hold myself back from reaching over and giving him a kiss, because out of the corner of my eye I could see Eric giving me a death stare. And if I tried anything he would have broken my hand before it had time to even touch Mike's beautiful face.

After lunch was over I walked the other way as Mike and Eric walked the opposite way. I was so jealous I could not even bear to look at them, knowing how much I wanted Mike, wanting, to rub my hand all over his muscular body and feel every inch of muscle on his body.

I went into the library to vent quietly. But I could not keep my jealously to myself, as I was looking at some of the books I whispered low "Fucks" cursing Eric the guy who had the man I wanted. No sooner had I said "Fuck Eric", I was confronted by a very attractive girl, I recognized her at once, she was Haley, Eric's ex-girlfriend.

"Hey were you talking about my Eric?" she asked patting me on the shoulder

"Um who?" I asked pretending like I didn't understand

But then she said his full name "Eric Smith" she said adding "I know why you are upset"

My heart started to beat faster. I had no idea how she had learned my secret. I had kept it from everyone, literally no one in the whole school knew I was gay except Mike and Eric.

"Relax" she said reassuringly "I love gay guys"

"How do you know?" I asked a little confused

"I can read people, you and Mike are in my Chemistry class I see the way you look at him"

"I also see the way Mike and Eric act around each other and look so longingly at each other" she added

"What's that have to do with me"

"Well for starters we have a similar problem, first you want Mike and I want to get revenge on Eric for breaking up with me."

"Just tell everyone he's gay" I added

"That would never work, Eric doesn't give a fuck what people think, I want to hurt him where it counts.

"If you really want Mike I can help you get him"

"Um ok what do we have to do?" I asked curious to learn what she had in mind to break up two people who were clearly inseparable.

"Well for starters we need to make them doubt the others sincerity and then we can sow the seeds of doubt" she said

After giving me her number she left, Wow who would have thought that Haley would have been so diabolical. I didn't care as long as I could get Mike........

**************Eric Narrate***********************

After the final class ended and the bell rang letting us know that we were now free to go home. Mike and I walked down the sidewalk to my car. Once in my car, I drove back to my house. We had decided to go to my house to practice for Lacrosse, I wanted to help Mike train, but I also wanted to see his sexy body in the Lacrosse equipment he had bought weeks earlier.

While we were driving back to my house we chatted a little.

"Babe I was wondering what you are doing this Saturday" I asked but I really already knew the answer

Eric aren't we supposed to be having sex? He asked a little confused "Why do you ask"

"Yeah I know babe, but we are not going to be having sex the whole day"

"I was just wondering how you respond if I asked you to homecoming?" I asked trying to hide my fears of rejection

Mike leaned over and kissed me on the cheek saying "babe I would say yes"

"That's great, I'll ask you soon and it's going to be super romantic" I said a warm smile growing across my face

Driving down the road I passed the stop to my house, but I kept driving heading toward the mall

"Eric you passed the turn" Mike said with a bit of confusion and concern mixed in his voice

"I know babe, but this is important we have to get tuxes" I said grinning from ear to ear.

"For what?" Mike asked

"For Homecoming duh" I said

"What?" he asked" What if I said that I didn't want to go?"

"Baby I had a feeling you would say yes, also I was praying that you would not say no" I said the grin never once leaving my face

Once we got to the Mall we walked to the local store Tuxedos & Ties Galore. As soon as Mike and I entered the store, the clerk came around the counter and offered to show us some of their latest outfits.

"Here gentleman are our finest outfits" she said trying to sound very proper.

"Might I ask what color your girlfriends dress will be so I can find you a color that matches it?"

Mike glanced at me and I looked at him. But I quickly spoke up "Um not necessary we are each other's dates" I said assertively

"Oh I see" she said murmuring something to herself.

I didn't give a fuck what she said, Mike and I paid for our tuxes in cash and we picked them up that same day. Mike and I settled on white tuxes with blue vests and ties, because Mike's tanned brown skin and my own white yet sometime tanned skin looked amazing in the color.

Also the tuxedos fitted our fit muscular bodies so well, but I still could not wait tell the moment came when I could rip that tux off, of Mike and fuck him raw. My dick got hard when he came out of the changing room to show off the tux, turning around so I could get a full view. I thought to myself damn his ass looks great in white.

Once we got back to my house we spent the next hours practicing in the hot sun. Mike had asked me to help him prepare for Lacrosse season, I had actually jumped at the chance. My parents were not home so it gave us some room for fun. We went up to my room to change out of the regular clothes we had changed into after school into the Lax equipment. As we shaded our clothes, we stripped down to our boxers. As a dropped my boxers and picked up the idle jock strap I happened to turn my head in Mike's direction.

My sight was beautiful one, there was Mike standing there in the middle of my bedroom completely naked, pulling the jock strap I had given him up over his ass. When I saw him Mike was bending over and his ass was right in my face and his beautiful cock just dangling between those two round bubbles of flesh that guarded his precious hole. I almost came right there, and I forced myself with every fiber in my body not to go over there right then there and spread that beautiful round bubble butt if his apart and fuck the shit out of him.

Quickly turning around I finished dressing, throwing on an old Lacrosse penny, and some shorts. When I turned around Mike was fully dressed, but the shorts I had given him highlighted the firmness of his ass, damn his ass looked amazing. I was truly counting down the days for the day I could slide my dick between that beautiful backside of his.

To Be Continued........



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