Kye was down on his hands and knees, cleaning the mess in the family room. Soap and water,

scrubbed with some elbow grease, can do wonders to make a place clean and fresh. And the scene

before me, with Kye doing his best to clean up a mess, probably would be replicated all over the

world hundreds of thousands of times today, except for three things: This mess that he was

cleaning from the family room floor was a mess of piss, cum, feces and lube; Kye was cleaning

it while his left forearm was shackled to his left thigh and his right wrist was shackled to his

right ankle; and Donnie had his cock buried to the pubes in Kye's well fucked ass.

I turned toward Mitch who sat to my left and asked him if he needed another beer. He

tipped up the longneck, and drained it, then shoved the empty toward me. I turned to my right,

and saw that Trey was really getting into the man-on-man action playing out in front of him. I

was ready to shake him out of his stupor to ask about his beer when he turned and winked at me.

"I'm so glad that Donnie volunteered to help Kye clean up this mess. I never realized

that cleaning could be a spectator sport. So, why haven't you ever volunteered to help us

clean around here?" Trey broke into a huge smile, and reached out to draw me into a deep kiss.

"I was going to help out by getting you another beer, but fuck you, you can get your own.

I'll just get one for my friend Mitch!"

I got up from the couch that we had dragged into the family room, and headed toward the

door, and Trey was close behind me. I jogged down the hallway to the kitchen, and by the time

I got to the refrigerator, Trey was right behind me, and when I stopped, he didn't, burying his

cock to the hilt. He knocked the breath out of me, and things started to go black, but Trey

wrapped his arms around me to hold me up against the fridge, and never missed a beat as he

started to fuck me.

When my head cleared, I became keenly aware that I was exploding a huge load out of my cock

and it was hitting the refrigerator and running down the door. Trey was sweating and humping me

like a dog, a big dog, and he was groaning like something other than a dog. He was turning my

ass inside out, and then deposited a huge load of slime deep into my love channel. He must have

shot six or seven times, then pulled out and shot twice more on my ass cheeks. When he finished,

he embraced me tightly and then ground his cock up and down between my asscheeks, smearing his

cum into my fleshy mounds.

He continued moving up and down in my crack until, on one downward movement, his cockhead

caught on the lips of my hole, catching and holding it in place. As he continued to try to move

up and down, his cock slipped once again into my ass. I let out a groan that must have been

heard in the next county. It hurt so good, and I pulled off his cock, only to slam my body down

onto it again. I don't know where it came from, but I went wild, fucking myself on his huge

tool. I couldn't get off that ebony rod fast enough so that I could slam it back into my ass.

Each time, I tried to jam it further and further up my ass. I couldn't get enough, so I turned

around and grabbed Trey, and backed him into a corner. This way, when I jammed back onto his

cock, he couldn't move and I could push harder. Later, Trey told me that he thought I was

going to push him right through the wall.

When jamming his cock into me wasn't enough, I turned around and slammed his cock into my

throat, forcing Trey to cum. I had been like an animal, and when we had both cum, I felt

embarrassed and blushed, thinking of what I had done. All I could think to say was, "Would you

like your beer now?"

"Well, I don't know about Trey, but I've been waiting entirely too long for mine. What

takes a guy so long to get a beer around here?" We both turned to see Mitch, standing in the

doorway, with his cock in his hand, and a puddle of cock honey on the floor in front of him.

Trey began to laugh, and then asked, "Mitch, whatever happened to your self control? Don't

you know that cum belongs in someone's mouth or ass? Now who's going to clean that up?"

Mitch just winked.

"Clean-up on Aisle 5!" he shouted.

From the family room, we heard Donnie say, "Be right there, sir." Soon, Kye came crawling

down the hallway and into the kitchen, Donnie still deeply embedded in his ass. Donnie looked

like he was driving Kye like a small Zamboni. It also looked like Donnie was in no hurry to

finish the job he had started, but judging from Kye's groans, he seemed to be close to shooting,

and also seemed to be enjoying the fucking. Donnie steered him to the pile of jizz, then forced

his head down onto the mess, and Kye sucked it up without even a hesitation. He raised his head,

and a long string of cum extended from his lips to the floor. It reminded me of that first

night with Kye, and the jizz that had remained on my chin. It brought back conflicted memories.

But there was no conflict for Mitch. He dove to the floor, and licked up one end of the

cum string, then followed it to Kye's lips, sucking in the string until he got to Kye. He

hesitated a moment, the dove in to rape Kye's mouth, as if trying to get back his load. At the

same time, Donnie began to ram his manmeat into Kye's overused hole at an increasing rate of

speed. Kye was on sexual overload, and he began cumming, spraying all over the floor that he

had just cleaned.

Trey was getting horned up again, so he maneuvered behind Donnie, and pried the

meaty bubble butt apart, then spat into Donnie's crack. He used one, then two,

and finally three meaty fingers to poke the spit into Donnie's hole, priming him for what was

cumming next. Trey line his tool up with Donnie's hole, then eased it in, but began picking up

speed as he reamed out Donnie's hole.

Mitch pulled back from Kye's mouth, got to his knees, and buried his nine and a half inches

of fuckstick into Kye's mouth and throat. Kye gagged, but Mitch never faltered and he set up a

slow, deep dicking motion to fuck Kye's throat.

Only I was not involved. I got great pleasure in seeing my friends abuse Kye, yet it

seemed as time went on that Kye was not being punished as much as he was beginning to enjoy

the abuse. A light clicked on in my head. Shakespeare put it this way, "Thou dost protest too

much." Maybe Kye's violent reaction, and subsequent abuse of gay people was his way of dealing

with his own feelings, his own confusion about his sexual orientation. Maybe, beneath it all,

Kye was gay, but was so afraid of what that might mean that he lashed out violently at even the

perception of tolerance of the gay culture.

It may all be just an idea in my head, or it could possibly be true. Maybe we needed to

show Kye not punishment, but acceptance through discipline.

Mitch finished sucking the cum out of Kye's mouth, and sucked a small remaining spot of

cum from the floor, then got up and walked over to Trey who was still pistoning into Donnie,

driving him closer to climax. Mitch engaged Trey in a passionate kiss, sharing the mouthful of

cum, and then gave him a broad smile. Mitch walked around to Trey's Ass, and buried his bone

in one shot. He was now in the driver's seat, pushing into Trey who then pushed into Donnie

who pushed into Kye. It was only a matter of time before this chain reaction would cum to an

explosive end.

Dom was so intently looking at his men going at it, that he hadn't been aware that Kye's

gaze was focused on him. He looked back at Kye, and saw the riveting look that was being

directed his way. Dom thought he now saw something different in those eyes, but couldn't quite

put a name to it.

The action of the group fuck was slowly pushing Kye across the floor towards me. I saw

he look down at my cock, still unattended, and then he looked back into my eyes. He was doing

a great job of focusing on me while his ass was being plundered. He licked his lips, and a soft

groan came from his parted lips.


I wanted more from him. "Please what, Kye?"

He hesitated, then said the words I had been longing to hear. "Please fuck my mouth, sir,"

he said barely above a whisper. The words were spoken so soft that I don't thibk anyone else

heard them. I got up walked over, and thought about slamming my cock deep into his throat.

But that look that I still couldn't name stopped me. I stood just out of his reach, and he

leaned toward me so that he could lick the head of my cock. I stood in place. He leaned a

little further, and took the cockhead into his mouth. He whirled his tongue around it and ran

his tongue up and down the bottom side of the head. His eyes locked on to mine, and we never

lost that contact. I still didn't move, but he leaned in closer so that he could begin to

swallow my prick. He kept leaning in, carrying with him the other three guys who seemed

oblivious to his slow, forward movement. Inch by inch, never once losing eye contact, my

fuckstick disappeared into his mouth. He never once backed off, trying to lean even further to

get it all in his mouth, and down his throat.

I looked up at Donnie, who had become aware of the action going on in front of him. While

he, Trey and Mitch were getting close to cumming, he took enough time to give Kye one powerful

thrust, propelling him forward about three inches across the floor, effectively jamming the last

few inches of my cock down his throat. Kye began to gag, but never pulled off. He kept his

eyes on me, and kept swallowing with his throat muscles, massaging my tool, making love to my

manmeat. It didn't take long before I erupted down his throat. I wanted to back off a little

and shoot in his mouth, but Kye never backed off, and I was compelled to stay where I was,

unloading down his throat. The other three climaxed at almost the same time, with groans aplenty.

Again, I stayed where I was, with Kye nursing my cock in his throat. He pulled off for

air, then went right back down to my pubes. He nursed it, sucking it clean and getting every

drop of cock honey until it began to get stiff again. But now my cock was tender, after all the

enjoyable sex, so I pulled off. I didn't want him to think that he was able to make any

decisions, at least not just yet.

I looked over, and all three guys were now watching me, each of the men with a beer in his


"Want a beer?" Mitch deadpanned.

Later, after the kitchen was cleaned, we made a delicious meal of burritos, refried beans,

homemade guacamole, pico de gallo and chips. As we ate, I asked about how our plans were

proceeding to handle Kye's restitution for the abuse he'd handed out. It seemed that the

number of people who had specifically identified Kye as their abuser had risen to forty-nine,

one more than the people who had already gotten their payback. Trey's idea was to break it up

into several groupings or parties; Mitch thought we should invite them all at once, and let the

chips fall where they may. Donnie thought that we should confront Kye with the information, and

see if he had a choice of how or when to make restitution. I wasn't sure what to do.

In a momentary lapse in conversation, I floated my idea that Kye might be gay, and that his

angry abuse of gays was an attempt to hide the truth from himself and others. No one said

anything as I explained my thoughts. Then Mitch spoke up.

"It does seem that the longer we have him here, the less of a fight he is putting up. At

times, he almost seems like he's getting off on what we're putting him through."

"He seemed to like our little orgy in the kitchen just now," Donnie said.

"And he hasn't had the gag in his mouth for almost a day, and we haven't heard one threat,

one obscenity, no whining, nothing negative," Trey added.

"I guess we'll just have to continue with Kye under our control, and see what happens. If

he chooses to reveal himself to us, well, we'll handle that when it happens. IF it happens."

Mitch seemed to be pretty sure of himself, and everyone agreed to continue the domination of


In the meantime, Donnie and I needed to look for work. Trey and Mitch were still working

at several part-time jobs, and Mitch seemed to be hauling in the most money with his bartending

job at Jakes, especially on a busy night, but we needed more income if we were going to make it

financially. Donnie gave his notice at his apartment (with no income, you can't pay rent!), and

although I was in the process of buying my house, I still had many years of payments, so I

decided to put it on the market to see what I could sell it for. I had some equity, as much

equity as someone who manages a grocery store might have in a small house. Maybe, with luck, I

could turn a little profit to help out with the household costs.

Mitch and Trey never really came out and asked us to move in. They just started talking,

and began acting, as though that would be the course we would follow. Mitch began to spend more

and more time with Donnie, and it was becoming obvious that they were smitten with each other.

It bothered me that Mitch didn't spend as much time with Trey, or even acknowledge him as he

used to. No greeting him at the door with a big hug and kiss, no spontaneous sex, no special

time. Trey seemed to be doing okay, but I needed to find out if it was an act, or if he was

really okay with it.

Several days later, after hunting for jobs all morning and touching base with the realtor

in the afternoon, I arrived home tired and irritable. Home. That was probably the one thought

that brightened my day. After over thirty years of being mostly on my own, it was nice to come

"home" and not be alone. Trey's truck was gone, as was Donnie's car. I knew Donnie would be

out looking for a job, but I didn't know where Trey might be. I thought I'd find Mitch and ask

about the changing relationship between Trey and him.

Mitch and Donnie were occupying the master suite, the one Mitch and Trey had used

previously. Trey and I had been sharing one of the other bedrooms, but I also had a room of my

own when I wanted to be alone. Kye had been residing in the family room; it was a good way to

control his access to the outside world, with no windows, no TV or phone. And of course, he was

shackled when not busy working. He had become very quiet, but not really despondent or

depressed. He seemed to really enjoy our company any time we came to the family room to spend

time with him.

I looked around for Mitch, and when I didn't see him, I decided to check in his bedroom.

As I approached the door, I could hear quiet sobbing. I had never heard this type of emotion

from Mitch, and wondered if it was my place to intrude. What could I offer him as far as

support? I felt comfortable offering sex—a great change in just over a week, during which I

had gone from being deeply in the closet to experiencing rough individual sex and group sex, and

even craving more and more of it.

I cracked the door open, and saw a naked body wracked in sobs, but was definitely

surprised to find not Mitch, but Trey, face buried in Mitch's pillow. I looked to see if maybe

Mitch was with him, but he was alone.

I quietly walked over to the bed, and then sat on the edge, letting Trey know that someone

had joined him. The sobbing continued. He either didn't care or was too wrapped up in his

emotions to acknowledge the presence of another. I reached a hand over to stroke his back,

covered in a sheen of sweat. Again, he did not respond. I lay down next to him, stretching my

body to make contact all along his side, and used the arm stroking his back to reach around him

and draw him to me.

Trey turned his head away from me, and began to unload his feeling into words.

"Mitch, I am so miserable right now. Part of me feels that I've lost you, but part of me

feels that I've never really had you. I saw the way you looked at Donnie the first time you saw

him at Jack's, and the look in your eyes was the look I had been waiting to see for years, but

I thought that the look would be for me. I know that it has only been a few days, but knowing

you as I do, knowing how fickle you can be, but also knowing how committed and sincere you can

be, I believe that you have found your life partner. All these years, I thought that you would

one day choose me to be that life partner, and now I am crushed, and I can't handle it. I

need you to be strong for me, and tell me what to do."

Fuck! Trey thinks he's talking to Mitch, and wants direction on what to do with his life.

I can't do this for him. What have I walked in on?

Trey must have taken my silence for permission to continue. "Buddy. We've been through

thick and thin, mostly thick, like your cock." Trey laughed, then continued. "And you've had

your share of time swinging from the end of mine, too. I hope that your new relationship

doesn't close me out completely, but it is a choice that you and Donnie have to make. I'm not

going to horn in on your sex time, just to make myself happy. I want more than anything for

the guy I still count as my best friend to find all the happiness that he can, and I won't stand

in the way. But Jeez, Do you have any idea what it is like to go from sex several times a day

with you to nothing, absolutely nothing for almost a week?"

Trey began sobbing again, but spoke through his tears. "If not for Dom, I wouldn't be

getting any at all. And I am jealous of you finding true love. Oh, I think I found it, too.

I've found someone that I really love, and I think I probably have had that same look on my

face that you gave Donnie, but I don't think he noticed. I don't know if he loves me or not.

I don't know if he would even tell me if he was. So I'm shit out of luck, buddy. I've lost

you, and the guy I love may not love me. What do I do, Mitch? What do I do?"

I had to do something. I squeezed him with a big hug, and pulled on his far side so that

he'd turn over on his back and face me. Trey got the hint, and flipped onto his back, with his

hands covering his eyes, trying to wipe away the tears. I leaned in and touched his lips

tenderly, begging permission to kiss him. He surrendered his mouth, and I pushed in with my

tongue to try to kiss away the pain.

Well, I guess I don't kiss with the same technique as Mitch, because it wasn't long and

Trey's eyes flew open, and he pushed me away.

"What are you doing here?" he shouted.

"Hello, I'm glad to see you, Dom. I'm happy that you're glad I'm here," I said, somewhat


"How long.....have you been here the much did you hear?" Trey was babbling.

Then he began to cry again. "Now I've really fucked up!"

"Trey, you haven't fucked up anything. I know that you have loved Mitch for a long time.

Remember my first time to the house? I asked if the two of you were life-long partners, and you

couldn't give me a straight answer. I saw a look in your eyes that told me that you were ready

for the commitment, but Mitch wasn't. And you are certainly not the guy to force yourself on

anyone, so you just kept playing along, hoping that someday....well, I just heard you say that

you've been waiting for Mitch to pick you."

"Trey, Mitch may not be your life partner, but he certainly is your best friend, and I

know that he wouldn't want you to be this miserable. You need to move on, and confront that

new guy you've found; tell him you love him, and that you want to settle down with him. You

deserve to be happy. And I promise you this, if that guy can't commit to you, then you come to

me, because I would love to spend the rest of my life making wild monkey sex with you. Or we

could make love, or anything in between. If that other guy can't commit, come to me."

"You fuckhead, you know darn well that you are that guy. I've been fighting an internal

battle since the day I met you. I wanted you so bad then, and every day since then. But I was

afraid of how it would affect my relationship with Mitch, so I didn't act on it, didn't make a

move. Now that Mitch is hooked on Donnie, and shut himself off from me, I thought I could just

make that move on you, but in the past few days, I couldn't bring myself to make that move. I

didn't want you to think I was on the rebound, that I needed you for my own pleasure. I waited

to see what you would do, and when nothing big happened, I thought I'd lost you. You'd find a

job, and move on. I came in here to catch a smell of Mitch, and I fully intended to pack my

stuff and move on myself."

"You selfish asshole. You would move away without giving me a chance? What would that

prove? If even once you had shared your feelings with me like you did just now, when you thought

you were talking with Mitch, I would have told you how much I am in love with you. It hurt me

to see how Mitch was using you, not responding to those looks I saw you giving him. When he

fell into 'lust' with Donnie, I almost had it out with him about treating you like yesterday's

trash. The most important thing right now is that we are talking, and I want to tell you just

how much I do love you, and like you, and lust after you, and want you. Should I go on?"

Trey's face lit up with a twenty-four carat smile, and said, "No, motherfucker! Just shut

up and fuck me. Help me to exorcise these demons. Fuck me till I can't walk. And do it right

here, where wild monkey sex is the norm. Please, fuck me!"

"On one condition. Promise me that if Mitch ever comes to you and asks to be fucked, or to

fuck you, that you will say yes, and do it with everything you've got. He's your friend, your

best friend, and I don't ever want our relationship to get in the way of what the two of you

have going on."

"You mean you want me and Mitch to have sex? Even without you?"

"Well, if I'm home, I'd appreciate an invitation to join the fun. But you two need your

alone time, and if that leads to sex, or even begins with sex, it's fine by me. If you haven't

caught anything from him yet, I don't think you ever will. He seems committed to Donnie, and I

know Donnie's clean. I asked. He's HIV negative, just like the rest of us. So feel free to

spank the monkey, swallow the sausage, choke each other's chicken...."

"Again, shut up and fuck me. You talk too much."

"Maybe you should put something in my mouth to keep me from talking."

"Did I ever tell you that my favorite number was sixty-nine?"

That ended our conversation, as we adjusted our positions and went down on each other.

Sucking cum out of your lover's cock while he does the same to you seems so much more fun than

giving a blowjob, and breeding the ass of your lover seems so much more fun than fucking some

random ass. This was our first bonding as a couple, and the sex really was wild monkey sex. I

do remember once having Trey hang his head over the side of the bed so that I could fuck his

throat harder than ever before, and he also rode my cock cowboy style, slamming his ass down on

my cock so hard I thought the bed would collapse.

For me, Trey threw my upper body over the side of the bed, with my legs remaining on it,

then he straddled me with his feet on the floor, and jack hammered into my ass while I held on

to the bed so my whole body wouldn't slide onto the floor. I sat on his face, and he felched

his load out of my ass. Then he passed his load to me, and asked me to use it to lube up his

ss so I could fuck him again. He bent himself in two on the bed, face down and holding his legs

to his chest. Only his ass was hanging over the edge, and he asked me to rape his ass. I laid

a pillow on his back, and told him that I was going to rest my upper body on it so that I could

relax while I drilled him a new asshole.

Then I picked up a dildo that Mitch had carelessly left under the edge of the bed, and I

double fucked Trey with it. While I jammed the dildo into his hole alongside my cock, I told

him a story about how Mitch had used the same dildo on Donnie, and then Donnie used it on Mitch,

and that it had cum and lube all over it, as well as ass juices from his best friend and the

best friend's lover, so I was using a used dildo to fuck his hole. His cock had nowhere to go,

trapped under his body, and when he came, he was screaming. Yes, monkey sex is good.

We had collapsed, exhausted, on the bed when my cell phone rang. I checked the number,

and didn't recognize it, so I put the phone down. A few minutes later, the same number rang

again. By this time, Trey had gotten up and was cleaning both my dick and the dildo. Seeing

him deepthroat the dildo to clean it was making me hard again, so I didn't even consider

answering it. What could I say? "Sorry, can I call you back? I'm having monkey sex with my

boyfriend and he's turning me on by sucking down a large dildo into his throat? Yeah, just the

conversation somebody wants to have on the phone!"

When the same number came up on the screen a third time in less than 5 minutes, I decided

I'd better answer it to get this joker to stop calling. Then a horrible thought crossed my

mind. What if something had happened to Donnie or Mitch. I picked up the phone and said a

timid, "Hello?"

"Mr. Bartolo?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"My name is Sterling, and I was the lawyer for your late Aunt Leo."

Aunt Leo had been dead for five years. What was this all about? be continued.....



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