Aunt Leo had been my mom and dad since I was five. She had been the administrative

assistant to my dad in his business when he was alive. Back then, they called them secretaries,

but she was way more than that. She had helped him make decisions, and often she would handle

business activities that he just never had time to handle.

For years, their partnership was purely business, but when Mom and Dad passed, she stepped

forward to take care of me. Both Mom and Dad were only children, so there were no relatives to

take me. And their passing was quite unexpected, in the crash of a private plane on their way

back from a skiing vacation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. If Aunt Leo hadn't stepped

forward to be my guardian, I probably would have become a product of the system, and wouldn't

be anywhere near the person I am today.

Aunt Leo had passed herself nearly five years ago, losing a battle with breast cancer.

When she died, I felt that I had lost my whole world. I built a wall between the memories of

her and my emotions, and now that wall was beginning to crack. Trey had asked if he should

come with me to the lawyer's office, and I had told him 'no.' Sitting here now, I secretly

wished that he had come with me.

I was ushered into the personal office of Mr. Sterling by his administrative assistant,

Jordan. I made sure to arrive early to my appointment, and Jordan had done his best to make me

comfortable, getting me a steaming mug of coffee and telling me more about Mr. Sterling and his

relationship with Aunt Leo. She had been single all her life, but had maintained some

professional relationships for most of that time, and Mr. Sterling was one of her oldest


I confided to Jordan that I had no idea why I had been summoned here. Just then, Jordan

answered the intercom as Mr. Sterling asked him to show me in. As Jordan got up and walked from

behind his desk, he embraced me and told me that everything would be okay. The embrace lasted

a little longer than one would expect, and although my gaydar was rusty, I was sure that Jordan

played for my team.

"Mr. Bartolo, I am Jerry Sterling, and I was a good friend of your guardian, Leonora

Matson." He reached out a huge paw to shake my hand, and then pulled me into a hug. I judged

him to be between fifty five and sixty years old, and for that age, he had a lot of strength,

as demonstrated in that hug. He gestured to me to sit in a large, overstuffed chair directly

in front of his desk. His office had a beautiful view of the woods and a creek running in back

of the law office, and I envied him. It must be nice to have this kind of job, and these kinds

of amenities.

"I know that your Aunt Leo didn't like her given name, so out of deference to her, I won't

use her given name again. She was Leo to you, and to me, and will always be Leo. So, do you

have any idea why I called you here today?"

"No sir. She passed almost five years ago, and I thought we had tied up her estate way

back then. So unless there is a problem, I have no idea why I'm here. And if there is a

problem, I will do my best to correct it, regardless of how much it costs."

"You are exactly the way that Leo described you: dependable, responsible, and honest to a

fault. Dominic, how well did you know your Aunt Leo?"

Holy fuck, I thought. She must have done something really, really bad!

"To be honest, she was one of the most wonderful people I have ever had in my life. My

parents died when I was five, and she took me in and saw to all my needs till she got sick. I

only had a short time to adjust to her sickness, and I never really got a chance to give back

to her even a portion of the kindness she showed to me. She treated me better than a person

has a right to be treated."

"Leo never had any kids of her own, correct?"

"None that I am aware of. But she was in her thirties when she came to care for me, so I

don't know anything about what happened before that time."

Well, I can tell you that she didn't have any kids, because I knew her since college. I'm

sixty four, and she would have been sixty five next month. We took business classes together,

and I knew her better than most. She was a lesbian, back in the day when being labeled that

could be almost like a death sentence. She was a great business woman, and that's why your dad

hired her to manage his business."

"She wasn't the secretary? She told me she was the secretary."

"She was quite modest. She helped build your dad's first business in plumbing supplies

into a franchise he sold, even before you were born. The real estate business came later.

When you came along, she wanted to be involved in your life. She couldn't have children, and

back then, lesbian couples couldn't adopt, or even be foster parents. You were as close to

children as she could get. With your parent's untimely passing, she immediately stepped up to

be your guardian. Again, the law frowned upon lesbians as guardians, but with a little help

from a lawyer friend, the judge was convinced," Mr. Sterling said with a grin.

"You were that lawyer, weren't you?" I asked.

"Yes, and Leo and I have been keeping an eye on you since that time. That's why I called

you yesterday. I knew you were in trouble, financially."


"Oh, we just know some things. You lost your job when Gregerson fired you. The guy is

such a douche! Still the same as he was in college!"

"You knew Gregerson back in college, too?"

"Yes, and Leo was not happy when you went to work for him. She never liked him, and worked

to make sure that you would be protected from him. It seems that she could see into the future,

because she predicted before her death that he would use you up, then throw you away, which is

what he did."

"Leo became executor of your parents will, and also manage their estate to invest the

proceeds to help you get established for the future. But Leo didn't want you to be shackled by

having money given to you. She set up a trust fund to be liquidated for you on your fortieth

birthday, or five years after she died, whichever came first. Actually neither has arrived yet,

but we're giving you the proceeds now, because you need it. With no income, and living with

those other three guys who don't have one fulltime job among them, you really need it now."

"You know about.....the guys?" I wondered just how much he knew.

"Trey and Mitch and Donnie....yes, I know about them. Great guys. Their backgrounds are

all clean. Donnie is a college graduate in business management, and Trey and Mitch both

recently got out of the Marines after exemplary service, including a stint as special ops


"How do you know all this?"

"Jack, the guy who runs that great watering hole and grill down the road? He's my baby

brother. And yes, I know he's gay. I taught him most of what he knows." Mr. Sterling grinned

at me.

Holy Fuck!

"Now, down to business. Leo did a good job investing, but it was easy with the fortune

left by your parents. Your dad was very successful in the real estate market. Maybe too good.

He was on a business trip when his private plane went down. He took your mom along to look at

a ski resort he was thinking of buying. They were on their way back when....well, it was listed

as pilot error, but the guy flying your dad was a pro in every sense of the word, and I'm sure

there was something else that caused the crash."

"But I digress. Leo continued to buy and sell properties until she got sick. Probably

the shrewdest move she made was buying all the properties that Gregerson rents for his

FoodMarts. So when you are ready, we can issue eviction notices for all his stores, all eight

of them. Unless of course you want to hold his feet to the fire and raise his rent an obscene

amount." Sterling was grinning from ear to ear. I would have to give that some thought.

"There are also a number of properties that are being rented, and the income is good, if

you choose to hang on to them. But if you want to liquidate the entire mess, it should bring

in, along with the cash currently in CDs at the bank, to a little less than eight million


It sounded like Mr. Sterling had just said eight million dollars.........that was the last

thought that passed through my head as I passed out for the second time this month.

I came to with Jordan applying cold compresses to my forehead. He smiled at me, bent down

to kiss my lips, then turned his head to yell, "Jerry, he's awake."

"Young man, you'd better get up and let my lover get back to his work, or I might just get

jealous!" Mr. Sterling's words seemed serious, but he was laughing as he spouted them.

"Your lover? I don't think my hearing has returned yet."

"What? You don't think that an old guy like me has the right to love a young stud like

him. Let me tell you, he's not staying with me for my money, although he could. I think it's

the ten inches of thick meat he gets every day that keeps him with me. And I think he likes to

feed me protein shakes, too!"

"Maybe we'll have to get together socially some time, now that you are my lawyer, too."

"Thank you for that vote of confidence. Jordan and I would love to , as long as it

involves your three roommates. But let's not get sidetracked.....we still have a little business

to take care of. Some documents to sign. Did you look over the list of residential properties

that you own? I think you'll find a surprise there.

I looked over the list, and yes, I found it. And several others. Apparently, one was the

house my parents lived in when I was born. They moved by the time I was one, so I didn't

remember it. But I'm sure that it would make for good conversation with the guys.

"Can we change the title on these?" I asked, pointing out a few addresses on the list.

"Yes," Mr. Sterling said with a knowing nod. "We can do that, and have you sign them,

before you leave here today. And don't forget, Gregerson's rentals. You probably want to

consider changing something soon."

Mr. Sterling had no idea how badly I wanted to change something! I told him about the

day I was fired, and the security cameras that I turned on with the remote control. He asked

if I had the tape in a secure location. Honestly, I didn't, so he volunteered to follow me

home and retrieve it, so that he could put it in the law office safe. He said that in the

morning, he'd call a judge friend of his and ask the best way to proceed to settle the matter

quickly. He had some ideas, but wanted to make sure that a judge would see it all as legal.

He and I had a glass of wine as Jordan and several assistants down the hall drafted the

changes in the deed of a certain property. When it was finished, I signed the papers with

great satisfaction. We got into our cars, so that he could follow me home to get the security


I tried to keep my mind on my driving, but all i could think about was my good change of

fortune. I knew if I didn't think of something else, I'd soon need some of that fortune to

repair my car. So I searched for something else to focus on. What I settled on was not any

less distracting. Kye. I could see those eyes in front of me now. Looking at me. Needing

me. I could see the sheen of sweat covering his body. Sinewy muscles strained against the

men holding him, fucking him. But his focus was on me. I could hear the words of pleading

coming from his lips. "Please....." He strained to come closer to me. Straining with every

muscle in his body. Moving ever so slowly towards his goal. My stiff cock. His eyes filled

with a combination of anger and pleasure. Anger that he couldn't just lunge forward and bury

my bone in his throat. Pleasure in knowing that there was the possibility that it would happen.

Soon. The thrusting behind him increased in intensity, and it began to drive him across the

room towards me. Towards his goal. Towards the only thing that both he and I wanted at that

moment in time. I could feel the tip of his tongue gently touch the crown of my cock as he got

close enough. Then he sucked in the whole head, swirling his tongue around it like he was

attacking an icecream cone, melting on a stifling hot day. He settled on the head, sucking

and chewing until he knew he was close enough to drive my cock deep into his throat. He

lunged forward as he groaned like an animal protecting his vanquished prey. That gutteral

groan, and the feeling of my cock squeezing into the depths of his hot throat, made me cum

yesterday. And I was cumming again today.

I was brought back to reality by the blaring of car horns. I'd had my eyes closed, and

had just run a red light! Fuck! I pulled over and parked the car. Jerry pulled up behind

me, and got out of his car. He only had to look at the huge wet spot in my crotch to know

what happened. He laughed so hard, I thought he was going to choke.

"If you had told me that you were going to have a problem driving home, we could have

handled that in the office. Either me or Jordan. You could have had your pick. I could see

the way he was looking at you. Made me hot!"

I blushed, not knowing what to say.

"Can you drive, safely, now or should I give you a lift and have you pick up the car


"I'm okay now. Just glad I didn't cause an accident!"

We finished the drive home without any other incident. Jerry bid me farewell with a

huge bear hug, and a kiss. Even at sixty-four, the guy knew how to kiss. I enjoyed having

him suck on my tongue, but broke the kiss so that I could share the good news with my buddies.

"Hey, anybody home?" I shouted as I entered from the front porch.

Trey emerged from the family room, saying that he was tending to Kye. But when he got

close enough to me to bring me into an embrace, talking ceased, and he released a day's worth

of yearning. His hands ran all over my body as he eagerly kissed me deep. His tongue wrestled

with mine as he unbuttoned my shirt and jeans and removed them.

"Looks like you were thinking of somebody really, really hot. Couldn't save it till you

got home to me?"

Trey chuckled as he continued to undress me. I still had on my sandals, but they weren't

in the way as he lifted me with his arms around my waist. I wrapped my legs around his waist,

and he lowered me onto his cock. I was eager to let him enter, and pushed down onto his cock,

helping gravity do its work.

As I sank lower, filling my pussy with his cock, Trey uttered a groan of complete and utter

satisfaction and pleasure. His groan was immediately followed by mine. I thought he might

lower us to the floor right there, but he proceeded to walk outside with me impaled on his cock.

He walked around to the far side of the house, where he had one of the comforters laid out on

the newly mowed grass. He lowered me onto the comforter, and I could look up to see fluffy

clouds meandering across the sky. He laid on top of me, providing just enough weight, but not

too much, and he began a slow, back and forth motion, stirring his pole inside my guts. He gave

my neck and pecs a tongue bath, then began to thrust into my moist cave with growing intensity.

"I knew you couldn't go slow for very long," I told him as I whispered in his ear. "I get

so fucking horny for you when I'm gone. Good thing I wear pants in public, or my cock would get

tangled in the Jeep's steering wheel and it would get broken off; it's that hard."

"Well, we can put something that hard to good use," he stated emphatically, and he pulled

out from my now empty, aching hole. He maneuvered to straddle my body, sank down to put my cock

at the entrance to his velvety chute, and sank all the way to the root in one thrust. Trey's

eyes rolled back into his head as he groaned in ecstatic pleasure. Again, my groans of pleasure

followed immediately after his. He rode my shaft up and down with abandon. This was raw sex

at its best; we'd make love later.

Trey set up a rhythm that was almost blurring to the eyes. The slap of skin on skin

sounded like gun fire. He reached for my nips and twisted them vigorously, and then he began to

blast his cum into my face and onto my body. In just a moment, I was coating his fuckchute with

my jism, shot after shot after scalding hot shot.

Trey collapsed onto me, and nuzzled his face into the area between my ear and my neck.

"Mind if I stay here forever?" he asked.

"Be my guest. But won't the neighbors say something?"

"Fuck the neighbors."

"No you don't. I'm saving you for myself," I said in a jealous tone. Trey lifted his head

to look into my face, then saw that I was just kidding and dove for my waiting lips. By the

time we were done kissing, we were both hard again.

"My turn to get fucked," I shouted. I reached up to grab hold of a low hanging branch, and

wrapped my arms around it. I lifted my legs to wrap then around Trey's waist, and pulled him

toward me. He guided his throbbing slab of meat into my waiting hole, and sank it all the way

in. When he bottomed out, he held it there, then began very small thrusts. Each thrust was

separate. There was no rhythm here. With each thrust, Trey pulled out a little farther, and

each thrust got harder. Soon, he was pulling all the way out, then waiting. When he thrust, he

bottomed out and slammed his groin into my ass. He was slamming me so hard that he was shaking

the tree.

I was becoming like a bowl of Jello. I was groaning and babbling, barely able to hold onto

the tree branch. Trey pulled all the way out, walked around in back of me, pulled my legs apart

and slammed his cock into my ass from behind. He hit my prostate hard, and knowing that he'd

found the sweet spot, he set up a torrid pace of fucking into my hole. He continued to hold my

legs apart, my asshole open. All I could do was groan and hold on. Soon, I was watering the

grass below the tree with my man milk, and Trey was depositing his scum so deep into my ass that

I swear I could taste it.

He grabbed me around my waist again, and I released my hold on the tree branch. He carried

me back to the comforter, and laid me down. Then he spooned with me, him in front and me with

my cock in his ass crack. He pushed back into me, and began moving up and down, sliding my

fuckstick up and down his crack. His valley was slick with jizz from earlier, and when he moved

a little too high, my dick caught on his ass lips, and slid in.

"Oh!" he moaned. "Fuck me!"

"Are you trying to kill me, Trey? We just finished fucking each other, and you want more?

Remember, compared to you, I'm an old man. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying

to kill me for my inheritance."

"I don't want any inheritance. I just want another load of your spooge in my ass!

Besides, you're broke."

"We'll talk about it at dinner. I'm taking everyone out to Jack's."

"What do you mean, we'll talk about it at dinner?"

"Go take a shower and change. I've got to get the other guys going. And I'm calling Jack.

I want him to close the restaurant. I want it for just us tonight."

I could tell by the look on his face that Trey had no idea what was going on. That was

okay. There would be time to explain it all.

"Donnie! Mitch! Get dressed. The steak is on me!"

Both came bounding out of their bedroom, cum streaked across Mitch's chest, and leaking out

of his ass. "Good thing you didn't call for us a minute sooner!" Mitch said with a huge grin on

his face.

"Yeah, we would have had to say, 'We're cumming!'" Donnie said with a laugh.

We piled into my Jeep, and Donnie promised to be our designated driver for the evening. I

figured that I would probably celebrate myself into a stupor, and I trusted Donnie to not drink

too much. We needed to get home tonight in one piece.

Driving up to Jack's, with no cars in the parking lot, seemed odd. Lights on, but no

customers. Just the way I wanted it.

We sat down, and Jack himself came out to wait on us. I asked him if he had given the

staff the night off with pay, per my request, and he nodded affirmatively. I told him that I

would leave a generous tip to be split between the employees so that they would not lose any

money by taking the night off.

We all placed our orders, and Jack also opened the bar for us. Mitch did the honors with

the drinks, making sure that he did not skimp on the alcohol. When he brought the drinks to the

table for us, he asked abruptly, "Who's paying for all this?" I guess he had the balls to ask

what everyone was thinking.

"I am," I said confidently.

"Did you get a job today? A good paying job?"


"Pardon me for asking, but where the fuck are you going to get the money from? Out of your

ass? Jack is a good friend of mine, and my boss, and I don't want anybody taking advantage of

him." He looked directly at me. "I don't care who they are."

"Lay off, Mitch," Trey broke in. "Dom has never been anything but honest with us. If he

says he's paying, then he's paying."


"Drop it, buddy."

I didn't want to share my news until the food came, as I wanted Jack to be there, too. I

know that he was keenly involved in helping Trey and Mitch get established when they'd gotten to

town, and he'd provided me with good food for years. I wanted him there.

After a second round of drinks, the food arrived. Each person had ordered steak, and I'd

ordered a second entrée of braised scallops, which I passed around for everyone to try. As the

food disappeared, I asked Jack to return from the kitchen, and began a short presentation to my

friends regarding the celebration.

"Jack, everyone else knows that I was summoned to the law office of your brother, Jerry,

today. It seems that the woman who raised me after my parents died made some good investments.

Do you remember Leonora Matson?"

"Leo was one of the finest ladies I ever knew. Great leader in the lesbian community. And

a great businessperson, too. I miss her a lot."

Well, it seems that she took a small fortune amassed by my parents, and invested it well.

Your brother, Jerry, turned those investments over to me today, and they are worth a lot, so

don't worry about the meal. Jerry will cut you a check for it tomorrow. By the way, he's my

lawyer now, too."

"Good choice, Dom."

"Jack, how long have you been renting this location?"

"Seems like forever. Most people can't even remember anything else being here."

"Well, you're all done paying rent here."

"What," exclaimed Mitch. "Why! What's happening?"

"Chill, Mitch," I said as I pulled a paper out of my shirt pocket. "No more rent, cause

now it belongs to you."

Silence greeted my pronouncement. Jack took the paper from my hand, unfolded it, and read

the top of the paper. Tears formed in his eyes. "Why?"

"Because I can, and because you deserve it. Leo made some shrewd investments, and

purchased some great properties. Jack's is one of those properties. I think she knew that I

was gay, many years before I knew it, and she wanted to do some good for gay-friendly businesses.

And if that wasn't her motivation, then maybe it was because you are a nice guy, and you deserve

it. The property belonged to me, and now it's yours, free and clear."

Mitch and Trey got up from the table and went over to embrace Jack, as Donnie approached me.

"You are a great person, Dominic Bartolo."

"And you are a great business manager, Donnie. That's why I'm hiring you to manage my

investments. And to start with, we have to decide what we're going to do with eight properties

rented by a certain Foodmart."

"You are fucking kidding, right?"

"Not kidding. Tomorrow morning, Jack's brother Jerry is talking to a judge, and the

following day, you and I are sitting down with Jerry to discuss our options. And we have quite

a few, whereas Gregerson has none."

"Holy fuck!" Donnie shouted. "Guys, I got a job. I got a job!"

Trey approached me with a sly smile on his face. "Well, Santa, what have you got for a guy

who has been very, very good?"

"Do I look like an old, white-haired man?"

"No, but you're passing our happiness like there's no tomorrow!"

"Well, I do have something for you, and Mitch. Mitch, can you come over here."

Mitch looked up from where he had been having a fun conversation with Jack. He began to

resume his grouchy demeanor as he walked closer to me. I had no idea what his problem was, but

tonight, it didn't matter.

"Trey, Mitch, how long have you been paying rent on that house we live in?"

"Oh, fuck, you are kidding, right?" Trey exclaimed. Mitch just stared at me, not


"From the moment I arrived with Trey on that first day just a few weeks ago, your house

felt like home. Little did I know that it was the house I was born in, and where my family

lived until I was one. It's another of the properties that Leo managed, and then Jerry managed.

It belonged to me, but now if belongs in a fifty-fifty partnership to Trey Barlow and Mitch

Barlow. I hope that you will continue to let Donnie and I live there."

Trey nuzzled in to my neck. "Did my performance this afternoon have anything to do with

your generosity this evening?"

"Well, the papers were already drawn up when I got home, but the sex didn't hurt."

"I can make it hurt!"

"No, that's not what I meant. Wait, where's Mitch?"

Everyone stopped and looked around, but no Mitch. Where could he gave gone? And what was

bugging him? be continued....



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