"You're fired."

I stood there, not being able to comprehend what I had just heard. My mind was fuzzy

anyway, based on all the sexual activity from last evening. But I never expected to hear news

like was being delivered to me this morning. A simple sentence, but a complex message. I

really needed to hear it again, so that I could understand it.

"Sir, could you please repeat what you....."

"You're fired. What's the matter, Christopher, do you have shit in your ears? You are

done with Gregerson foods, so clean out your desk, RFN!

"RFN, sir?"

"Right fucking now!" Gregerson bellowed.

"Mr. Gregerson, sir, your store managers don't have desks. We just have a corner of the

office to throw.....

"Shut up, already. You are done! I don't want to hear another thing. Get out of my

store." Gregerson turned to leave.

"Don't I at least deserve an explanation of WHY I'm getting fired?" I asked.

"I expect my managers to watch the entire store, not just where the action is taking place.

There is no way on earth that someone should have been able to waltz in and steal the store

blind. You're just lucky that they didn't kill Sarah, or any of the customers, or anyone else."

Gregerson was getting red in the face, and the veins in his neck began to stick out. "I don't

pay my managers to clean up the floor. I expect them to pay attention; to manage the store."

"I came in on my off time to handle a problem. Why am I being blamed for what happened?"

Gregerson moved menacingly toward me, pointing an accusing finger into my face. "Get the

fuck out of my store!" Then he turned again to leave. I couldn't resist asking two more


"And whose idea was it to have cheap-ass safes in your grocery stores?" I shouted in his

direction. "You know, the kind a kid could walk off with?" He continued toward the door,

acting as though he hadn't heard me. Now, for the question I really wanted answered.

"Would you be treating me this way, firing my ass, if I was married to that ugly dog you

call your daughter?"

If you can imagine being rushed by a rabid St. Bernard, minus the fur, then you know how

I felt right about then. Gregerson, even though he'd turned sixty-five this year, threw his

shoulder into my gut and knocked me against the wall. As I bounced off it, he brought up his

knee into my groin, crushing my nuts. I crumpled to the floor in pain. Then he kicked me in

the side, turned me over with his foot, and proceeded to rain down blows onto my face. If his

bodyguard hadn't pulled him off of me, he could have done permanent damage. As he turned to

leave, he spit on me and added just one more piece of information.

"In case you think that my goodbye hug will be on the store security footage, think again.

I turned the cameras off when I arrived, just in case something like this happened. I never

trusted you, and for the record, my daughter is too good for you!" Then he left.

I was alone in the office. Gregerson and his bodyguard had closed the door as they left.

I struggled to my feet. My entire body hurt, but when I looked in the small mirror above the

tiny worktable in the dinky office, I discovered that my face should probably hurt the most—it

hurt me just to look at it! Skin was split in various places, and I would have at least one

shiner, maybe two. My nose was swelling, but I don't think it was broke. For an old guy, he

still was a bull.

I stumbled over to the store security system, and removed the false front that I had

installed. Sure enough, the remote control had done its job. I had turned the store cameras

back on when I had arrived at work at seven o'clock this morning to see old man Gregerson's car

in my parking space at the side of the store. He never, ever visits a store that early in the

morning unless it is bad news. I had originally installed the remote device to turn the

security cameras off or on from outside the store, but today it had finally paid off. On my

way in, I hit the remote, and it told me the cameras were off, which they should never be. So

I turned them back on; Gregerson would be seeing this footage again, in court. Good thing,

too, that the upgrade had included audio!

I began to drive home, but realized that I didn't want to be alone today, so I swung the

Jeep onto the Interstate, taking a cross-town shortcut to Trey and Mitch's house. They wouldn't

be expecting me—hell, they might not even be up yet. Or they might be up, but not out of bed.

That third option caused my dress slacks to tent as I drove. Maybe I could join them in a

little pre-breakfast workout!

I knocked on the door, but got no response. I tried the door, and it opened. I guess big

guys like these don't worry as much about home invasion. Someone stumbling in on these guys

would most certainly get the worst of the bargain.

I walked down the hallway to the family room and peeked in. Kye was still there, shackled

in place, but sleeping. Or passed out. Doesn't look like they did anything to clean him up

from last evening. I wondered what else they had in store for him. I was tempted to take

another go at him, but chose instead to continue looking for my guys.

I backtracked down the hallway to the door I thought might lead to their bedroom. I opened

it slowly so as not to startle them. All I saw was boxes of stuff. Storage. I closed the

door, and tried another.

Jackpot! There was Trey, long-dicking Mitch from behind. Mitch's tool stood at

attention, but was getting no attention. They were entangled in a passionate kiss, Mitch's

body twisted back so that he could place his lips on Trey's lips, his tongue in Trey's mouth.

They were moaning loudly enough that they heard nothing as I tiptoed into the bedroom and knelt

down on Mitch's side of the bed. I wanted to deepthroat Mitch's luscious cock, but thought it

might interrupt the show that they were putting on for me. So I just stayed there and watched,

and listened. And got harder than steel!

The light green sheets on the bed were twisted into a tangle around the bodies of

both men. Sweat glistened off both of the gorgeous bodies, and the room continued to resound

with the sounds of joy and the smells of ecstatic sex.

The fucking, the kissing, the groaning began to pick up speed. I could hear the

slap-slap-slap of skin on skin. Trey must be slamming his cock into Mitch's willing hole and

Mitch's body seemed to rebound each time to slam back onto Trey's manmeat. Trey reached

around with his free right hand and twisted Mitch's nips, first the right one which was closer,

then the left. As he strained to reach across Mitch's body to reach the left tit, he squeezed

Mitch tight against his body, as though he was trying to force the air out of Mitch's lungs.

Mitch reached back with his right arm, grabbed the back of Trey's head, and pulled it harder

onto his mouth. I could imagine that he was trying to stick his tongue as far into Trey's mouth

as he could, trying to reach his throat to tickle the opening.

Again the moaning ramped up to a higher, faster rate, maybe even reaching a 'fever pitch'

as stories sometimes describe. Nothing against stories, but being here, experiencing the real

thing, could not be topped. Suddenly Mitch began a high pitched squeal, and I knew I'd be

getting my treat soon!

Sure enough, within a few seconds, a huge blast of steaming hot spooge escaped his cock at

launch velocity. Good thing that I knew it was coming, so its trip was short, landing on my

tongue not three inches away from Mitch's cock. As he continued to shoot blast after blast of

cum, he began to writhe all over the bed, and I couldn't keep up with him. Most of the cock

honey, after the first blast, landed on my face and neck, but a little still landed in my mouth.

I wanted to hold it there till they noticed me, then make a show of swallowing it. But it

tasted too good, and I couldn't resist gulping it down my throat. Mitch had the sweetest baby

batter I had ever tasted, and I'd been to the adult video booths many times—it is probably one

of the few things a closeted gay man can do without giving himself away.

Trey and Mitch finally broke the kiss. Trey was telling Mitch that each day, the fucks got

better, so both must have cum.

Trey noticed me first, as he caught a glance of me out of the corner of his eye. He

looked past Mitch, and swore, "Holy fuck! What happened to you?" Mitch jerked his head around

to see what Trey was looking at, and horror shown on his face. "My God, who did this?" What a

bunch of drama queens!

"All I did was catch some of Mitch's cum on my face. He was shootin' all over, and I

didn't want to interrupt anything by taking his cock in my mouth. Might have scared both of

you shitless!"

"No, that's not what I mean," Mitch choked out as tears came to his eyes. "Who beat the

crap out of your face?

"You didn't total your jeep, or kill somebody, did you?" Trey asked seriously.

Oh, that," I said way too calmly. "I lost my job, and what you see is my former boss's

idea of a pink slip."

"He fired you, then beat you up? Do you want us to get even with him for you? We could

make room for him in the family room," Mitch asked.

"He'd be real sorry real soon," Trey added.

"No, I had it coming. Not losing my job; he was way out of line firing me. But I did ask

for the beatdown. I asked if he would have fired me if I had married his ugly dog of a daughter.

Seems I struck a sensitive spot, and then so did he—he kneed me in the balls."

"My god, is there any part of you that he didn't attack?" Trey had disbelief written all

over his face. "The man is an animal."

"And that might explain why he had an ugly dog for a daughter!" I laughed, then groaned

because it hurt to laugh.

Everyone was quiet for just a moment, and then I added, "You guys want to kiss the parts

that hurt?"

Trey smiled a little, then asked, "Can you get up here on the bed, or should I lift you


"Yes, I definitely need you to lift my body, and caress me close to your chest as you

gently lay me between the two of you. Will you both be able to reach all my body parts if I am

between you?"

"Fuck you!" Mitch squealed with a broad grin on his face. "Get your ass up here, now!" I

don't think you're hurt that bad."

"Oh, it hurts all right, but a little kissing and licking will make things much better.

By the way, my ass is probably the only part that didn't get beat, but if you want to kiss and

lick it, I won't mind."

No more words were spoken, for quite a while. Trey and Mitch began on my face, bathing it

with their tongues, cleaning away the manmilk and blood, but also taking away the pain. They

bathed my ears, my neck and proceeded down to my chest, where they cleaned away the spooge and

blood that had dripped down from my face. They massaged and cleaned around my nips, and down to

my navel. They took the time to lift both my arms over my head, and licked my pits. We all

knew that there was no pain or blood there, but hey, why waste the opportunity. They alternated

between my pits and my nips until I was wriggling around between them, barely able to stay in

place. I was beginning to moan and groan, and a barely audible "fuck me" escaped from my lips.

Trey and Mitch each whispered, one in each ear, "I will."

They worked their way down again, with Trey working his tongue into the crack between my

ass cheeks, and Mitch reaching down past my throbbing cock to pop both of my nuts into his

mouth. He was careful to lick and chew on them without causing much discomfort, just enough to

package a little pain with the pleasure.

Then Mitch got busy, deep-throating my cock and then slowly dragging his mouth off of it,

just to turn around and go down again. He may have been dragging his teeth along the bottom of

my mantool, but it was so hard that I wasn't sure of any sensation that it was relaying to my


Trey had finished cleaning my crack, and then he dug his fingers into the edges of my butt

cheeks, pulling my asshole apart so that he could pack some spit into the opening. Then he

jammed one, two, three, four fingers into my hole. Two fingers from each hand wiggled in, and

he proceeded to pull my hole open. His tongue poked its way into the depths of my velvety canal,

massaging the sides vigorously. Then, Trey quickly pulled out his tongue, shifted his body

upwards, and positioned his sextool at the door to my cave. He leaned in to whisper in my ear,

"I'm going to fuck you long, and deep, and hard, again and again and again. I'm going to fuck

you until you want me to stop, but I won't. You'll beg me not to stop, and I won't.

You'll beg me to make you cum, but I won't. You'll beg me to fuck you forever, and I will."

Then he stuck his tongue in my ear, just like I'd seen Mitch do to him yesterday, and he bathed

it in spit. Next, he grabbed onto my earlobe with his teeth, and as he held my head in place

with that small hold, he buried his cock, all nine and a half inches, into my ass with one jab.

He took away my breath, and he slammed my cock into Mitch's throat. For his part, Mitch reached

behind me, slipping his hands between my ass and Trey's body. He cupped the globes of my ass

and pulling me into his face, held my cock deep in his throat. And it wasn't going to go

anywhere for a while.

Trey continued to piston into me, deep and long and hard as he had promised. Mitch bobbed

up and down on my sausage, licking, sucking, kissing all along the shaft. They would bring me

to the edge, and then as they sensed me begin to just go past the edge, they'd back off and slow

down, then begin all over again.

Suddenly, Trey began to jackhammer at my ass. He hit bottom repeatedly, then pulled almost

all the way out. Mitch joined him in sucking my cock into a frenzy. Every nerve in my body was

on overload, and I had to reach up and cross my arms over my head because it felt like my head

was going to come off, or explode. It took only a few seconds, and I began blasting hot

scalding semen down Mitch's throat. He didn't back off, taking the whole load directly into his

throat. My ass muscles clamped down on Trey huge pole, and it responded by coating the walls of

my shit chute with thick whitewash, shot after shot after shot.

It took a few minutes for my brain to begin to clear. Mitch pulled off my cock, and Trey

withdrew his fuckstick from my hole. I was just about to tell them just how great they had

made me feel, and how they had removed the pain from beating I had taken. But Trey reached up

and placed a finger across my lips. He didn't want me to say anything.

Then he and Mitch rolled me over between them, so I was facing Trey, with my back to Mitch.

Mitch wiggled down till his tongue was able to lick around my well-used hole, and he began to

lick and suck around it, even nipping at it with his teeth, begging for admittance. While he

worked to get into my hole to retrieve the present deposited there by his good friend, Trey

leaned in again to whisper in my other ear. He spoke for Mitch when he told me, "My buddy is

going to suck my load out of your ass. Then he's going to pass it to me, and I'm going to pass

it to you for you to savor. Then he's going to replace that missing load with one of his own.

He's going to fuck you deep, and long, and hard, again and again and again. He's going to fuck

you until you want him to stop, but he won't. You'll beg him not to stop, and he won't.

You'll beg him to make you cum, but he won't. You'll beg him to fuck you forever, and he will."

Then he looked deep into my eyes, and didn't move. I couldn't look away, couldn't breathe,

couldn't swallow. My body seemed paralyzed by his look. He broke the look only to turn his

head to lock lips with Mitch, who had finished sucking at my ass. He'd gotten every bit of cum

from my hole, and was now sharing it with his buddy. Trey then brought the offering to my lips,

holding his head just a little above mine, and he let it drip from his lips into my waiting

mouth. When he had delivered all that would transfer, he smashed his lips into mine, and

proceeded to sweep his tongue through my mouth, stirring up the mixture there, and his tongue

fought mine for the golden gift. When we swallowed, I was taken by the feeling of being as

close to heaven as I thought I would ever come.

Mitch sucked at my ear and neck, then licked his way back down to my ass. He deposited a

load of spit there, then repositioned himself and drove his cock into my tender ass. I flinched

and groaned a little from the pain of Trey's previous fuck, but Mitch never wavered as he set

up a rhythm of slow, deep fucking.

As Mitch stroked my tender hole, Trey began a road trip over my body, chewing on parts that

were already tender from the beating, but bringing pleasure again with the pain. He chewed on

both tits, pulling them away from my body with his teeth. That hurt, but it didn't stop him

from trying just a little harder. I yelped in pain, but when I did, Mitch ratcheted up the

speed and depth of his plunging into my hole. As he picked up speed, he shifted his dick so

that it hit my prostate each time it entered my hole. Having just cum, the battering hurt, but

that didn't bother Mitch. He continued to ram my love button, time and time again.

"Guys, it's hurting now. Please stop." They ignored me. I began to beg them to stop, and

then the begging turned to pleading. Mitch just continued filling my ass with his tool. Trey

chewed on my nuts, providing me with another source of pain. It made me jump several times, and

I groaned and pleaded for him to stop, too. He just responded by grabbing my cock with his two

hands, not using any lube, and jacking it. He squeezed it with both hands, and the jacking

began to hurt. I begged him to stop, but all he did was continue, while adjusting his position

so that he could again kiss me. But it wasn't really a kiss; he was raping my mouth. He bit

my lips with his teeth, and shoved his tongue so far into my mouth that he set off my gag reflex.

That hadn't happened in forever, but it happened today. I wasn't having any fun anymore, and

I wanted the two of them to stop. I told them to stop, begged them to stop. But true to their

word, they would not.

Trey began to jack my cock even harder, and tears began to roll down my cheeks as I cried

from the pain. Mitch continued to shove his man meat into my ass, harder and harder, faster and

faster. He got me up on my knees, and then positioned himself just a little below me, so that

each time he shoved in and bottomed out in my ass, he literally lifted my knees off the bed.

Trey went back to chewing on my nips, and then my balls.

Mitch pulled out abruptly, got up and grabbed me by the legs, pulling me off the bed onto

the floor. Trey didn't let go right away, and my balls felt like they were being ripped from

my body as Trey continued to chew on then. He finally let go, allowing my sore aching body to

fall onto the floor. Mitch dragged me to the wall and Trey followed. He positioned my

shoulders near the base of the wall, and leaned my ass against the wall above my head. Trey

came over, dropped to the floor with his knees spread wide, and sunk his cock deep into my

throat. He reached for my legs and pulled them toward him, to hold them stretched out to

expose my hole.

Mitch straddled my body, with his face to the wall, and he slammed his cock down into my

waiting hole. He steadied himself against the wall with his hands, and he stuck his ass back,

opening his ass cheeks to Trey so that he could sink his tongue into Mitch's hole. Then he

proceeded to ram his cock down into my hole, over and over again. All my weight was now on my

shoulders, but Mitch slammed down onto my ass with abandon. Trey was sucking Mitch's ass while

pistoning his cock into my throat. They were certainly enjoying themselves, and would probably

cum quickly, unless they chose to occasionally slow down to prolong the pleasure.

Me, I was still sobbing because it hurt, but at some point, the pain turned to pleasure

again. I began to shift and wiggle my body, inviting Mitch to go deeper. I reached around

behind Trey, and pulled him into my throat with my hands pulling on his ass. I pulled him deep

in my throat and held him there as I swallowed continually, stroking and jacking his cock deep

within my throat. I worked hard, and forced him to begin exploding into my throat. As he came,

he dug deeper into Mitch's ass with his tongue. My ass muscles grabbed onto Mitch's meat, and

wouldn't let go. He pulled up hard, until I thought he was going to pull my rectum to the

outside of my ass. But instead, he gave up, pushing back into my body and filling it with his

cum. I held him there long enough until he began to soften, and then he gave me another gift---

his piss. He filled me to overflowing.

When Trey saw what Mitch and I were doing, he took control and began to fill my mouth with

his piss. Because of my position, I couldn't take or swallow much. He seemed to know that, and

only fed me a little, but he winked at me and I knew he'd give me the rest later.

Mitch stepped off my ass, and Trey reached down and picked me up, holding me mostly

horizontal. He took me into the bathroom and lowered me into the shower. Without waiting for

permission, he began to shower me with the rest of his piss, from head to foot. Mitch came in

behind him, unloading what little piss he had left onto my head. I leaned back, and caught the

last of it in my mouth and swallowed it while I looked into his eyes. Trey was just about done,

too, so I shifted my head to catch the last of his piss. And I swallowed it just like I did for

Mitch. I basked in the warmth of their golden shower, then let my ass lips go, and I flooded

the floor of the shower with Mitch's cum and piss. As it drained away, both men crouched over

me, licking my body from one end to the other. They didn't stop till I was clean.

"You want to take a shower before breakfast?" Trey asked me with all seriousness.

"I thought you just gave me a tongue bath. Why would I need a shower?" I said laughing.

Mitch chimed in, "If we were going to stay home, I say that you should stay the way you are.

But we are going out to celebrate your freedom—--freedom from that asshole Gregerson—and we'll

be in public. I'm not sure everyone wants to sit near someone who smells like sex and piss!"

"Well, if you're going to take me out.....wait, is this a date? And if it is, is it fair for

two of you to date me at the same time? Doesn't that make me kinda like a cheap date?

"First of all, you are not cheap. You are priceless!" Trey said straight-faced. "And

you've always seemed like a bargain to me! Fuck, I didn't have to pay a thing to get you to

fuck me."

I looked past Trey and saw Mitch ready to bust a gut. He was trying so hard not to laugh.

Then he spoke. "This is NOT a date; it's just guys, friends going out for lunch and a few

beers, to celebrate your lucky turn of events. You have more talent than to be a grocery store

manager. With a little coaching, you could be a porn star. In less than a week, you've taken

cock like the best of them. Give us a few more weeks, and bring in the cameras!"

"Let's leave the cameras out of this. The idea of going out for lunch and a few beers

sounds good. Fuck, it sounds great! Let's get to it!

I showered while Mitch and Trey made coffee and put out Danish. Nothing fancy; just enough

to hold us until we got to wherever we were going.

I asked them what they were wearing; I didn't know how to dress for casual events before

noon. Mitch winked at Trey and said he was going to wear a studded leather jock, and he was

going to ask Trey to wear a see-through lime green thong. Trey said that Mitch looked better in

the lime green thong, since he had really bought it for himself, and that the studded leather

jock strap belonged to him, so that would be the preferred clothing for the day. I frowned at

them, rolled my eyes, and asked them to get serious with me.

"Jeans and a shirt! Jeez, how hard is it to get dressed to go drinking? Fuck, no wonder

Gregerson dumped your ass; you make a big job out of nothing!" It sounded like Mitch was being

rough on me, but his face held a smile from ear to ear. His teeth shown so brightly through

that smile that I just wanted to ........well, I really wanted to get a beer. Nine o'clock in the

morning, and I wanted a beer. For some strange reason, that sounded irresistible!

Trey crammed a Danish in his mouth, grabbed another with his right hand (his left held a

steaming mug of black coffee), and headed for the door. As he walked away, I marveled at how

he was able to stuff his bubble butt into skinny jeans with probably a size thirty waist, and

make it all fit. His ass cheeks gyrated against each other as he walked. I just stood there

and stared.

Mitch came up beside me, leaned in, and whispered, "That has got to be the most beautiful

sight ever seen by a gay man, but if we keep looking at it, he's going to be in your Jeep and

half way down the driveway before we get out the door." I nodded in agreement with him and

each of us grabbed a Danish and a steaming mug of coffee, and we took off running for the Jeep.

We were careful to not spill the coffee. Right after 'Fuck it hard," the most important rule

to single men is 'Don't spill the coffee!'

Trey drove down to the road, and turned toward the city. Even though it began a little

rocky, the prospects for today becoming a good day were beginning to rise.

....to be continued....



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