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Part 17

"Damn lights are still sticking," Trey thought to himself. He wondered if Mitch would call an electrician in the morning. Wait, it was morning! He'd lost all sense of time as he edited the video and burned it onto multiple disks. It had taken him much longer than he had expected to create the edited video. It had been about three hours since they had gotten home, and he was exhausted. Just as soon as he put all of these in a safe place, he needed to get some sleep.

He looked down at the discs in his hand. One for Gregerson, for motivation. One for Dom; this was mostly for him, and Lucy. One for each of the participants: Kye, Mitch, Wayne, and himself. For their own personal enjoyment! And of course, two copies to be kept at the lawyer's office. Double insurance for the future. Redundancy can be good sometimes.

Trey thought about their lawyer, Jerry, still in the hospital. He would need to get up there to visit soon. No one really knew what was going on. His brother, Jack, and Jerry's lover, Jordan, were being tight-lipped about his current condition, and no one was pressing for details, out of respect for the men. Yes, a trip to the hospital, right after some sleep.

Trey opened the wall safe that Dom had installed after inheriting his millions. He placed the discs under all the other important papers, and closed it, spinning the dial. That would keep them safe until later.

Trey slept fitfully, as though the events of the previous day were keeping him ramped up, not able to relax. When he climbed out of bed, he determined that he'd been trying to sleep for about six hours. So it didn't surprise him that everyone in the house was up. Donnie and Dom were making breakfast, even though it was early afternoon. Mitch was in the shower, probably jacking off. The guy had no "off switch" for his sexual desires. Trey decided to join him.

He quietly opened the bathroom door, and tiptoed across the room until he could reach the shower curtain. He'd fling it open, and surprise Mitch. But Mitch surprised him first.

"Come on in. The water's great!"

"Shit! How did you hear me?"

"Duh! We were trained as Marines, remember? We've got skills that no one would believe, and although we don't get a chance to use them every day, we still have the skills. By the way, buddy, you need to work on your "stealth" moves. You are getting noisier every day!"

"How about this stealth move." Trey asked as he nestled his cock head up against Mitch's ass lips and slowly pressed his way inside. "And I promise not to be too noisy. Can you promise the same?"

Mitch was about to answer when Trey snapped his hips forward and sank balls deep into Mitch's furnace. Mitch gasped as the breath was knocked from his lungs, but when he recovered, he responded with a deep, guttural groan.

Trey smiled. "I thought so. You never pass up the opportunity to let your men know how much you enjoy a good fuck."

"Well, right now all I'm getting is a good talk. Why don't you shut the fuck up, and do some damage on that hole. Can you, or do I need to ask for a replacement from the kitchen," Mitch stated as a sly grin spread across his face.

Trey didn't need any more motivation. He set up a fucking pattern that guaranteed both men would be coming soon. He reached around, grabbed Mitch's face, and proceeded to stick his tongue down Mitch's throat. He grabbed Mitch's left nip with his left hand and twisted, hard. Mitch gave in to his oldest friend, and let his body slump up against the shower wall, trapping Trey's hand as he molested Mitch's nip. Trey was slamming into Mitch's love chute fiercely now, and he could feel his nuts climbing toward his fuck tool. Just before he unloaded, Mitch began screaming into his mouth.

"Godddddd! Fuuuccckkk! Slam that hole. Fill me up, stud! Aaaauuuggggghhhhhhh..... and Mitch exploded a thick load onto the shower wall and Trey coated his guts with a sweet load of spooge. He let his body collapse against Mitch, and both men shared the warmth that comes with fulfillment.

"You guys okay in there? Sounds like someone is getting killed!" Dom shouted through the door.

"Killing him with kindness," Trey responded.

"Well, not so loud, please! The neighbors are going to be sending the cops soon if you don't quiet down!"

"What we do is none of the neighbor's business. Unless a new hunky guy moved in next door."

Mitch turned to trey with mock indignation. "Moving on to new territory already? I'm just like yesterday's garbage, kicked to the curb! Really?!"

"Never, babe. I will always love you. You know that.

"Same here, Trey. Lovers forever."

"So let's get dried off and get some grub!"

"Always the romantic, aren't you," Mitch said again with indignation.

Trey smiled. "I just said it before you had the chance...."

A voice came through the door again, but this time it was Donnie. "Hey, guys, cut the crap. Breakfast is getting cold, and with all that noise, you've got two leaking cocks out here for you to clean up." Drying off was never done so quickly.

After breakfast, the men discussed what needed to be done for the day. Trey had to figure out a way to get Gregerson's disc to him.

"You did call the security company to have Gregerson let out of his closet......Out of the closet! That is too funny! But you called, right?" Trey looked at Mitch for an affirmative answer.

"Ooops!" Mitch grinned as he responded. "Guess I forgot."

"Forgot? Forgot? I think you did that on purpose!"

"So what if I did. He deserves everything he gets!"

Trey thought a moment, and then responded. "Actually, it makes things easier. I can slip over to Gregerson's, use the key for entry, slip the disc under the closet door, and then be out with no one except Gregerson knowing. I'll call the security company when I get back. Then he'll have a little motivation to keep on the plan."

As Trey drove into the city, he passed Kye's car on the way. Kye had spent the night, again, at the hospital. Trey wondered how Lucy was doing. He'd have to get the lowdown when he returned.

After he had parked, Kye immediately went to seek out the men.

"If you guys hurry, you can get up to the hospital to see Jerry. I was up with Lucy, and I ran into Jack in the hallway. He said that Jerry had come out of his coma, and was talking to Jordan. I didn't even know that Jerry had been in a coma. Anyway, if you hurry, they might let you guys talk with him. I'm going to catch a few hours of sleep. Lucy is still unconscious, but her brain didn't swell, so it is just a matter of time before she wakes up. Good, afternoon.

As Kye headed toward the bedrooms, he absently reached to switch off the dining room lights.

"What's wrong with the lights?"

"How about you call an electrician and get him out here to find out," Mitch asked with a sneer.

"Fucking Mitch," Kye thought to himself. "Can't do anything!"

Dom, Donnie, and Mitch got dressed and hurried to town. They didn't find what they expected when they got to the hospital. Hospital personnel were rushing in and out of Jerry's room. Jack and Jordan sat on a couch, just outside the room. Jordan had his hands in his face, sobbing. Jack was holding him in a bear hug, crying just as hard as Jordan.

"What the fuck...." Mitch blurted out. An orderly asked them to move to the side of the hallway.

With much more tact, Dom asked about the commotion. The orderly responded, "Mr. Stirling just had another heart attack. We need to get him down to the OR."

Just then, a doctor came out of the room and walked over to Jordan and Jack. He leaned over, whispered to the men, and they both began shaking. The doctor stood, turned, and asked, "Is there anyone here with these men?"

"We are," Dom replied. "We're like family."

"Mr. Stirling has just passed. These men need you very much right now." The doctor explained that Jerry had experienced a severe heart attack, even at his young age of 50. Even at the hospital, there was no way of saving him. The men gathered around Jordan and Jack, and all five men cried until there were no more tears.

Mitch spoke first. "We need to take these men home with us to rest." The other three men agreed. Mitch left a phone number at the desk where they could be reached, and they all headed for home. It was a tight squeeze, but all fit. Jordan sat in back between Dom and Donnie, hanging on to them like a drowning man. Mitch drove, with the muscular Jack riding shotgun.

When they arrived home, Donnie fixed a quick lunch for the two hungry men, who hadn't eaten well for at least 36 hours. With a glass of wine included, they were soon ready to sleep.

Dom and Donnie put Jordan between them, and held him close as he began to cry again. Mitch sacked out with Jack, but he needed to work out his frustration and anger in another way. Mitch surrendered his ass to the magnificent stud, who was soon snoring as he fell into fitful sleep. Donnie, in the other room, wondered why Jack was still single, and Mitch thanked his lucky stars that Jack WAS still single.

The exhaustion of all the men had caught up with them. No one heard Trey as he returned from his successful foray. Gregerson had his disc, and Trey had been sure to tell him that there were multiple copies under lock and key, so he shouldn't get any brave ideas. Trey called the security company as he drove home, and he was ready now for some more sleep. He was surprised to find Jack in his bed, and he touched Mitch's arm to wake him.

"Jerry's gone," was all Mitch could say before tears filled his eyes and his throat choked with emotion. Trey climbed in next to Mitch and he enveloped the sobbing man in his arms. Soon they were all asleep again.

When Kye awoke, he was also surprised to see Jack and Jordan at their house, and he put together the clues to figure out what had happened. He was just trying to figure out what to do next when his phone rang. It was the hospital, and Lucy was awake!

For the next few hours, Kye tried to determine what Lucy knew of the evening's events. He filled her in on her father's sudden decision to retire and leave. Lucy did not appear to have any negative feelings toward her old man's decision, and seemed pleasantly surprised that she was to become the head of the corporation. Kye left out the information of the sex video; there were just some things that Lucy didn't need to know. But he did need to come clean on one thing.

"Lucy, our friendship started off on a lie. My name is Kye Ramos, not Roy Morris. I gave you a fake name so that I could take you out to for dinner, and get closer to your dad. The plan was to get him to retire. I was doing all of this for Dom and Donnie. Mr. Bartolo and Donnie. You know them; they used to work for your dad. I know that you are probably pretty disgusted with me, using you to get to your dad. I wouldn't be surprised if you asked me to leave right now."

Kye, Roy, whoever you are, you are the first guy who has ever shown me any interest. I know we can be friends. And you helped get rid of that disgusting man who calls himself my father. Why would I throw you out? Besides, I might just have to give you that job anyway, just to keep you around. Not enough eye candy around the store!

"Lucy, I think I prefer men. I've bedded both, but I think I prefer playing for the other team. Sorry."

"Does that mean that you had something special with the football team? Do they all prefer men, too?"

"The football team? You know about the football team?"

"Kye, I recognized you the minute you walked into my office to apply for work. When you gave me an alias, I was surprised, and I wondered what was up. It was really nice to play along with your game. Made me feel like a real woman, being "romanced" by a real man. I don't care which team you bat for, as long as I get to see you around. I've resigned myself to being alone, but maybe I can surround myself with "pretty things."

Kye stood up and walked over to Lucy's bed. He bent over, and gave her a light kiss on the lips. Then he whispered in her ear, "It would give me great pleasure to rock your world, Ms. Gregerson. When you get out of this hospital room, and get back home, I want to fuck you all night long!"

As he stood up again, he looked into Lucy's eyes, which were clouding over with tears. She couldn't say anything. Nothing needed to be said. Kye Ramos strikes again.

When Jordan awoke, he had no idea where he was. He looked to one side, and saw Donnie, who he did not recognize. Then he turned to Dom, and found a friendly face. He snuggled up against Dom, and fell back asleep.

In the other bedroom, Jack was waking up with Mitch backed up against his crotch. He wiggled, embedding his cock in Mitch's ass crack. He looked past Mitch, and made eye contact with Trey. He remembered Trey, but didn't realize that he was in bed with them. A sly smile crept across Trey's face, and he softly pushed Mitch back into Jack's erection.

Jack got the idea, and lined up his rigid fuckpole with Mitch's asslips. Trey bent in to kiss Mitch on the lips, and when Mitch responded to the kiss, trying to suck Trey's tongue into his mouth, Trey pushed hard on Mitch as Jack slammed into Mitch's ass. He was only able to get half of his twelve inches in before Mitch's eyes flew open and he clamped down with his ass muscles on the invading cock. Mitch screamed into Trey's mouth. His ass was still sore from last evening, and Jack had gotten only three quarters of his cock into Mitch then. Now he was determined to bottom out, and Trey looked like he was willing to help.

Jack spit onto his sex tool as he pulled most of the way out, then slid it back into Mitch's warm hole. At the same time, Trey ravaged Mitch's mouth with a deep, wet kiss, and he grabbed onto both nips, twisting fiercely. Mitch jerked back, embedding Jack's cock into his quivering hole. Almost there, thought Jack. He pulled halfway out, then slammed across Mitch's inner sphincter and came to rest, balls deep, well inside of Mitch's tight inner muscle. Mitch squealed, but Trey couldn't tell if it was from pain or delight. He pulled off Mitch's mouth, and repositioned himself so that he could take the man's hard cock into his mouth. He's never felt Mitch's cock so hard, and it sent shivers down Trey's back as he engulfed it to the root.

This was not going to take long. Mitch only lasted three strokes of Trey's mouth, and he exploded down his friend's throat. His ass muscles closed on Jack's engorged cock with a death grip so that Jack could not even pull out for another long slam into Mitch's tight manpussy. With a tremendous, earth-shattering groan, Jack exploded up into Mitch, coating his love chute with a long overdue load of spooge. All three men sank into the bed, trying to gather their thoughts, and gasping for air.

"How about some breakfast, guys?" Trey inquired.

Jack smiled. "I thought you would never ask! Mitch?"

With a smirk on his face, Mitch relied, No, thanks, I'm full!" And he burst out laughing.

"We meant food, asshole!" Trey laughed back in response.

"And my asshole is full....was full, with a thick, beautiful sausage. But I guess my stomach could use some sustenance!"

"Such big words for such a little guy!" Now it was Jack's turn to laugh. After all he had just been through, it was good for the men to hear him laugh.

Mitch looked at the two guys, both of whom were more muscular than he, and with bigger cocks, and he whined, "What do you mean, little guy? I can fuck with the best of them!"

Trey looked at Jack, then at Mitch, and remembered back to the day they had rolled into town, and how Jack had given them jobs, and then taken them to bed that evening. Trey realized how much he had to thank these two guys for. But he couldn't let Mitch get too out of hand.

"Yeah, you can fuck with the best of them, and now we're just playing with you. You, buddy, are right up there with the best.

Jordan and Jack stayed at the house while funeral plans were made. There were very few family members to contact, and most of the people at the funeral would be business friends and acquaintances, so they decided to put the funeral off for only a few days.

The day of the funeral was overcast, as though nature was in mourning, too. Jerry was well loved in the community, and no one cared if he was gay. He hadn't flaunted it, but hadn't hid it either.

Jordan was a wreck, and Trey took him home after the funeral to get a little sleep. He hadn't slept well since Jerry's passing, except for the night that Donnie and Dom had cuddled on either side of him. He'd been a little distant to the guys since then, as though if he got too close, or relaxed too much, he would be dishonoring Jerry's memory. He needed rest now, and Trey had volunteered to be the one to hold him as he slept. Trey had a calming effect, most of the time, on people around him, so all the men agreed that it would be a good choice.

Kye missed the funeral, as he had been up at the hospital all day and night again with Lucy. Since she had come out of her "coma," the doctor's did the necessary surgery on her broken leg and arm, and she had another restless night. The pain drugs only went so far to help her sleep, and Kye spent much of the night stroking her good arm. He dozed off a few times, and when the doctors came in later in the morning, they sent Kye home to get some sleep. He assured them, and Lucy, that he would be back that evening.

After the funeral, most of the attendees went back to Jack's restaurant for a light lunch, drinks, and stories about Jerry's life and how he had been such a positive influence on everyone he touched. No one was ready for the phone call that came just a little later.

Trey had just fallen asleep, holding Jordan who had finally lapsed into a deep sleep for the first time in ages. The hum of the air conditioner unit had lulled both men to sleep.

Kye was almost home. He turned into the driveway, drove up the hill, and as he crested over the top, he suddenly saw the house being engulfed in flames. He dialed 911 as he screeched to a stop, next to Trey's truck, and rushed in the house to see if anyone was inside. be continued.......



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