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"Kye" Part 16

"I'll rip his fuckin' nuts off, and shove them down his throat till he chokes! Then I'll

shove my foot so far up his ass that he'll........"

"MITCH! Watch the mouth! And keep the volume down! Now!"

Barney knew Jack's kitchen rules very, very well. He's been a chef on Jack's staff for as long as he could remember, and just because Jack wasn't here right now, that didn't mean that the rules had changed one iota. He was in charge tonight, since Jack was at the hospital with his brother, Jerry, and Mitch would toe the line or else. Jack didn't want his customers'

dining experience spoiled by server attitude or noise coming from the kitchen!

Mitch turned back to face Wayne again. "What the fuck...." Mitch stopped, then continued in an exaggerated whisper, "What the fuck is Plan B?"

"I don't know nuthin' about a Plan B, buddy," was all Wayne could offer.

"Shit! Fuckin' shit!" Mitch continued in a loud whisper. "Barney, got anybody who can fill for me? I gotta go!"

Barney rolled his eyes and slapped his own temple. "God, Mitch, what's wrong with you? You know how tightly we're staffed tonight!"

"Fuck it!" Mitch exclaimed, as he pulled of his apron, balled it up, and flung it on the prep table. "I'm outta here. I'll explain to Jack later. Wayne, better get back to the bar. I don't want to get anyone else into trouble." With that, he was out the back door, headed for


Barney stared at the door that Mitch had just exited, and wondered how he was going to

manage cooking all the remaining meals. As he turned to face the grill again, he made a mental

note to call Jack, as soon as time would permit, to inquire about how Jerry was doing, and to

let him know how Mitch had left him high and dry.

"Barney, could I help with anything?" Ben had just returned from filling the salad bar in time to see the whole 'Mitch thing' unloaded on Barney. He was only a kitchen assistant, but he was in charge of the 'salad kingdom' here at Jack's and had been for six months. And being a hungry teen, he knew his way around the kitchen really well. With his dad gone, and his Mom working two jobs, he had been making his own meals for almost 3 years now. He knew that there must be something he could do to help Barney out.

Barney took a few precious seconds to look at the hunky teen athlete. If Ben was about 20 years older, he just might......No, this was not the time to spin dreams. Maybe later.

"Sure, buddy, what can you do?" And Ben proceeded to tell Barney all about his kitchen

experience, while working to clean up the mess left by Mitch, starting with the apron. Barney

breathed a sigh of relief, and began talking Ben through the preparations of the side dishes.

As he drove home at a speed significantly above the posted limit, Mitch wondered what Dom

would do now. He wasn't even sure if Dom even knew that Kye wouldn't be successfully completing

the previously agreed-upon plan. Fuckin' Kye! He'd be feeling Mitch's wrath before the night

was over. Nobody fucks with Mitch Dawson's friends. He thought Kye had realized that months

ago. Seemed like a follow-up lesson was on order.

Shit! Flashing lights were headed toward Mitch at a high rate of speed. He reminded

himself that he really needed to slow down as both a police cruiser and an ambulance roared

past, sirens blaring. He really didn't want his next trip to be in either one of those vehicles.

Mitch picked up his cell phone from the passenger's seat where he had tossed it. He

phoned Dom. He knew he should either slow down, or wait to call. But he couldn't wait.

"Hey Mitch, what's......"

"Kye fucked up, Dom!"

There was silence for a few seconds, and then Dom responded, "What?"

"Where are you right now?"

"Donnie and I were just getting ready to hop in the van with Trey and head on over to the 'Gregerson mansion.'" Dom laughed at his own joke. It was nothing more than a pretentious


"Stay right there. I'll be home in just a few." Mitch ended the call, and tossed the

phone back on the passenger seat. Fucking Kye! He'd pay for this fuck up before the night was over.

As Mitch roared up over the hill and down to his parking spot, Dom came rushing down the porch steps to meet him, with Donnie and Trey close behind.

"What the fuck is going o....." Dom didn't even get the sentence all the way out before

Mitch slammed his fist into the side of his car.

"That miserable fucking slug fucked it up. He let Lucy get away. Then he said something

to Wayne about a Plan B. What the fuck is Plan B?"

"It's news to me, buddy." Dom responded with a confused look on his face. "What's the thing about losing Lucy?"

"Remember, I was in the kitchen, so I got all the information from Wayne. He said Lucy got up from the table, crying, and headed for the ladies' room. Kye headed out after her, saying something about Plan B, and then no one saw either one of them again. I guess there is an exit to the parking lot near the restrooms. They probably scooted out that door. And God only knows where they are now."

Donnie interrupted Mitch and stated, "Well, we don't know if they are headed to Gregerson's, or somewhere else. We'll need to call him to find out where he is."

Trey was the first to have his cell phone out of his pocket, and he hit Kye's number on

speed dial. Dom took the phone from Trey. "I should be talking to him. It was my idea to use Kye to get the leverage on Gregerson. I hope I didn't fuck up my plan by choosing him to help."

The phone rang several times, then went to voice mail. Dom hung up, and immediately dialed again. Voice mail again. He did the same, hanging up and re-dialing a half dozen times. Now Dom was getting as frustrated as Mitch had been.

"Fucking asshole! Answer your fucking phone!" Dom shouted at the cell phone in his hand. He had been leaning up against the passenger door of Mitch's car, and now he, too, slammed his fist into the door in frustration.

I'm going to give him one more chance to answer, Dom thought as he re-dialed Kye's number. And if he doesn't answer, I'll.........

"Hello? Trey?"

"No, this isn't fucking Trey! It's Dom! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? Where's Lucy? What

happened to our plan? You better have a good fucking reason for blowing off our plans like

this. Oh, and did I ask you, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Dom was screaming so hard he was shaking, and Mitch took the phone from him while Donnie and Trey wrapped their arms around Dom to help him stop shaking.

"Kye, you bastard, where are you? No wait, don't tell me. Just get back here to the house as quick as those little pussy legs will carry you. You've got questions to answer." And Mitch hung up the phone.

The four men waited for over an hour for Kye to arrive home. Donnie, Trey and Mitch got madder by the minute, and Dom just sat, looking out the window, mumbling something about the fact that his chance to get Gregerson at his own game was now over. He'd just have to raise the rent on the FoodMarts so that Gregerson would eventually give up and move. But all the power now shifted to Gregerson, and the man was spiteful enough to make Dom's life miserable for a long, long time.

Trey and Donnie tried to get Dom to see that even if Gregerson remained a tenant, it didn't

mean the end of the world. But both men could see how defeated Dom looked, and try as they might, he remained in his funk.

Mitch, standing out on the porch for a breath of fresh air, saw Kye driving over the hill before anyone else. As the car stopped, Mitch grabbed the driver side door, opened it, and pulled Kye out. Before Kye could say anything, Mitch punched Kye in the head with a powerful right punch, and then grabbed him by the hair and proceeded to slam Kye's head into the door frame.

Kye fell to ground, screaming, and Mitch began to kick him in the ribs, the ass, the crotch, wherever he could land a kick as Kye attempted to roll away. The screams brought the

other men outside, and even though they all felt Kye deserved it, Donnie and Trey grabbed Mitch

to prevent him from hurting Kye further. Dom went over to Kye and stared down at him. Without

offering a hand up, he began shouting at Kye, "How did you fuck it up this time? Huh? How? Can't even fuck a woman and do it right? How did you fuck it up?"

Kye just groaned, holding his stomach and crotch, two vulnerable places where Mitch had

landed particularly hard kicks. Dom turned at walked into the house and sat at the dining room

table, waiting for answers.

Mitch was calming down, and Trey was able to direct him toward the house, also. That left

Donnie, the least emotional of the men, to help Kye up and into the house. But even Donnie was

not feeling sorry for Kye, and did nothing to offer any support after helping him up, other than to direct him toward the house.

Once inside, all the men slumped around the table. Kye's eyes had been staring at the floor, and as he brought them up to scan the faces of the men, he saw anger, frustration, and scorn. He hoped that he would have all the right answers to their questions.

Trey was the first to speak. "Why? Why did you leave the restaurant? And where did you go?"

Kye took as deep a breathe as his aching ribs and tender stomach would allow, and he began

to answer. "Lucy was telling about her life, some of it really heavy, and most of it about her

asshole father. Then she slipped up and began telling about trying to 'off' herself. When she

realized what she had revealed, she got embarrassed and ran to the ladies room. I got there just as she was leaving out a side door to the parking lot. I called for her to come back, but she just took off. I think it was the alcohol that stripped away some of her fa├žade, and she just let her frustration with her life slip out."

Donnie continued, "Where is Lucy now?"

"At the hospital."

"At the hospital?" choked Dom. "What the fuck did you do?"

"It wasn't what I did. It was what Lucy did to herself. She went running for my car, until she realized that I had the keys and she wasn't going anywhere. She turned to head a different direction across the parking lot, and her shoe caught under the edge of the cement parking bumper. She went down like a ton of bricks, literally. I called 911 right away, because she knocked herself out. As she was going down, I heard something snap. I figured something broke, but I had no idea!"

Dom looked intensely at Kye. "Continue."

Kye looked around the table at the men. Mitch was getting more anxious by the minute, but Kye needed to tell them everything.

"The EMTs with the rescue squad loaded her up carefully, but from what I heard them

talking about, she was in bad shape. When I couldn't give them personal information about her next of kin, they asked me to ride to the hospital with them. When they got there, Lucy

was taken into an ER room and they did a full examination. According to what I overheard, she

had snapped her leg bone, just above her ankle, on her right foot, the one that got caught

under the parking bumper. Her right knee cap was smashed, and she hit her right elbow as she

made contact with the ground, breaking the large bone in her upper arm."

"She hit face first, and broke her nose, split open her forehead, and gave herself a

concussion. They were sending her for an MRI and CAT scan when I left. They think she may have swelling in her brain. She was unconscious from the time she hit the ground until I left the hospital."

"Did the hospital contact her father?" Trey asked.

"They said they did, and that was why they said I could leave. He was supposed to show up soon after I left. Knowing what I know about him now, he'll probably check on her, sign the necessary papers, and then head back home." Kye took a minute to share a little of what Lucy had told him about her relationship with her father, and the suicide attempt.

When Kye had finished, he had tears in the corners of his eyes. He looked down at his

folded hands, and waited for the men to continue asking questions. Dom asked the obvious one.

"What is Plan B?"

Kye raised his head. "There was no Plan B, but I had to tell Wayne something. I knew that I could figure out a way to salvage the plan, given enough time. But if we left, with no explanation, you guys would be out of your heads, and mad as hell. I guess that happened anyway."

"Did you really think you could come up with a plan in a few minutes that would be better than the plan cooked up by a guy who knows Gregerson like the back of his hand?" Trey asked mockingly.

"No," Kye answered in almost a monotone, "but the existing plan was DOA, 'dead on arrival,' so I knew some other plan had to be cooked up fast."

"Plan B? Or is it Plan C? Or maybe Plan F, for Fuckup?" Mitch taunted Kye.

Kye slowly looked over at Mitch, then scanned the rest of the table. "But now we do have a Plan B."

"Excuse me, we have a Plan B? I thought you said there was no Plan B?" Dom was losing

his cool again.

Mitch interjected, "Plan B, Plan B, sounds like a lot of BS! I should have finished the

job outside..."

Kye stood up abruptly and slammed his fist down on the table. "We have a plan! Shut the

fuck up and listen!" Kye now had everyone's attention.

"We didn't have any plan at all when Lucy began sharing her history with her dad. Screwing her over, to get to her dad, would only make things worse, and if I read him right, he wouldn't care if she got screwed, or raped, or whatever we wanted to call it. The plan

was flawed from the beginning, but no one, not a single one of us, knew it at the time. But

as I sat in the ER with Lucy, she gave us the plan that would work."

"Wait. I thought you said she was unconscious the whole time." Donnie couldn't believe what Kye was telling them.

"If we want to get at Gregerson, and he only cares about himself, who do we have to target?" Kye asked.

"Well, Gregerson himself." Answered Dom. "But how..."

"He's at the hospital right now. All we have to do is sneak into his house, set up the

cameras, and surprise him when he returns home. Then we fuck him like we were going to fuck Lucy, make him look like a sex whore, and threaten to expose the tape on the Internet unless he closes up shop and leaves town."

"That doesn't solve the problem with the rent from the stores. I go from some rent to

no rent." Dom had no idea where this was going, but he didn't like it.

"Old man Gregerson is old enough to retire. We 'convince' him to sign his corporation over to Lucy, making her the CEO, for the cost of $1.00. He leaves town, never bothers Lucy again, she takes over the corporation, and you re-negotiate the rental lease with Lucy, who will give you fair market value. And if he doesn't go along, we release the video to the internet."

"What video?" inquired Trey.

"The one where you, Trey, and I and Wayne, and Mitch if he wants to, gangbang Gregerson

on camera. We can edit the video to make it look like he's enjoying it, a regular little slutty pig. Who knows, maybe he will enjoy a little abuse. He likes dishing it out to everyone else, including his daughter."

"Just one thing, shit-for-brains," Mitch tossed in sarcastically. "I doubt old moneybags

left the door to the mansion open when he headed to the hospital. And if we break in, he'll be

spooked when he gets back and there goes Plan B."

"And that's where Lucy helped out, " stated Kye. "Looking in her purse for identification,

I found the magic key." And Kye reached into his pocket, and lifted out the house key to the

Gregerson's place. Even though he hurt all over, Kye couldn't help breaking into a smile.

"Now, we need to get on the road. Gregerson won't stay at the hospital all night." Smiles spread around the table as the men got busy.

Soon the van was rolling back into town, making just one stop at Jack's at closing time

to pick up Wayne. All the guys were dressed in black, and they brought along a black hoodie

for Wayne to go with the black dress slacks her had been wearing to tend bar. Video equipment

was ready, and Mitch had even thought to grab the workbench from the family room so that they

could truss up Gregerson properly.

When all was set to go in a spare bedroom in the Gregerson house, Kye made a call to the

hospital, to check on Lucy and to find out where the old man was. Lucy was still unconscious,

but her brain had not swelled much, and Gregerson had just left for the 20 minute drive home.

Trey and Mitch met Gregerson just inside the kitchen door to the garage. All the men had

heard the garage door open and close, so they easily got the jump on the old man. He was strong for his age, but no match for the two former Marines.

Wayne and Kye stripped him of clothes while Trey and Mitch bound him to the workbench, in much the way that Kye had once been bound there less than 6 months ago. When secured, face up, Trey went and adjusted the cameras. Originally they were only going to use one, from the

side, but Donnie had thought that one stationary camera on the face, and another hand held to

allow flexibility in taking close-ups shots of the raw, hard sex, would better suit their needs.

Wayne would man the hand-held camera, while the other three took turns with Gregerson.

Kye was first, and almost began before the cameras were turned on. He knew he'd need to

be quiet, as Gregerson had met him just a few hours before, so he motioned for Trey to come

over, and he asked Trey to provide commentary for the tape. Then unceremoniously, with no

lube except spit, Kye slammed his fuck tool into Gregerson's ass, balls deep!

"Oh, God, take it out. You are killing me!" Gregerson shouted in between screams and sobbing. No one had remembered to bring a ball gag, and they wanted to tape his "enjoyment" of the event, but this screaming was going to get old fast.

Kye just continued to hammer away at Gregerson's ass, while Mitch approached Gregerson

and attempted to stick his big tool in the old man's mouth.

"You put that in my mouth, and I'll bite it off!" He shouted in between involuntary grunts that accompanied Kye hitting bottom in his guts.

"Well, lucky for you, I don't have my big knife or I'd cut off the family jewels and

force feed them to you. But I do have a new little gadget here that we'll try on your dirty

mouth." With that comment, Mitch dug into his little black bag and drew out a brand new,

custom made spider gag. As Mitch strapped it into place over the man's mouth, he explained,

"This ring holds your mouth open, and the legs hold your lips back. No biting, and no closing

your mouth. Usually they are only an inch and a half across, but none of us is that small, and

it would be useless. So we had one custom made at two inches in diameter. That will

accommodate all of us, and you're the lucky bastard who gets to try it first."

Strapped into place, the spider gag held Gregerson's mouth wide open for Mitch, and

couldn't wait to demonstrate for the old man how well it worked to train a pussy like him to

take a man's cock. Mitch started off slowly, triggering Gregerson's gag reflex each time he

shoved it in a little farther. Finally, he inched his rock hard cock into Gregerson's mouth,

and when he began to gag, he pushed until his cock slid into the man's throat. He choked as

his throat spasmed, and it felt good on Mitch's cock. But it was his turn to fuck the man's

ass, so he pulled out and waved Trey over to get his dick sucked.

Kye slammed into Gregerson's recently christened pussy, and unladed the first of many

loads of man spooge up into the man's gut. He pulled out rather quickly, and Mitch immediately

took over, slamming repeatedly into the reddening hole. Kye's slime served to lubricate Mitch's

dick, so he set up a healthy rhythm to fucking to bring himself off rather quickly. Trey had

been cautiously plugging the man's mouth, and stepped aside to have Gregerson clean Kye's cock. Trey noticed a few streaks of shit on Kye's fucktool, and made a mental note for the men to shower before leaving.

It only took a few minutes for Mitch to increase his pace and soon he was sweating and

slamming his dick home, balls deep into the newly trained manpussy. Trey knew it would only be a few moments and Mitch would be done, so he withdrew from Gregerson's mouth and took up a

position next to Mitch so that as Mitch pulled out, he could slam into the old man's ass without

skipping a beat. But Gregerson would know, because of the length and thickness of Trey's


When Mitch withdrew, he walked around front to get his cock cleaned. Kye withdrew, and

went to Mitch's black bag. Kye had thrown something in there that Mitch hadn't seen. It was a "seed pod," a chastity device to keep Gregerson from getting an erection. It had a lock on it. Mitch knew exactly why Kye had chosen to bring it along. To get it removed, Gregerson would have to cut it off himself, or go to a locksmith to have it removed, and in the process, experience embarrassment all over again.

With Trey slamming balls deep into Gregerson, Kye knelt down next to Gregerson's body, bound to the workbench, and fished out his cock. He proceeded to jack off the old man, as

there was no way the chastity device would fit over his roaring hard-on. He milked the old

man until he saw his ball begin to rise up next to his cock, and then Kye took a break. He

edged the man for about 20 minutes, causing tremendous groaning from the man. Of course, it

really was hard to tell if the groaning was from the edging or from the fuck being administered

by Trey and Mitch.

All the while, Wayne was circling the scene, taking video from various angles, careful to

not get the faces of Trey, Mitch or Kye on tape. A lot of the sounds coming from Gregerson sounded like he was moving from pain to pleasure, and some of that fit well into the plan.

Trey took a turn on the camera so that Wayne could have a go at Gregerson's ass. Only

Mitch had been aware of Wayne's cock size and technique, and the other men nodded approvingly

as Wayne produced a slim, 10 inch cock with a plum sized head. His technique of pulling all

the way out, and then slamming back in to bottom out just beyond the second sphincter, brought

new moans, groans and squeals from Gregerson. Occasionally, Wayne would leave it embedded, and

then stir it around, touch all new parts of Gregerson's guts. Then back to long-dicking.

Mitch took over jacking off the old man so that Kye could climb back on Gregerson's ass.

But Kye decided a different tactic was ready to be used. He grabbed lube, and began inserting

his fingers in the man's anus, circling around the asslips, and teasing the hole. As he worked

up to 4 fingers in the hole, he licked and bit at the man's asscheeks, definitely leaving marks

and coming close to drawing blood.

As Mitch jacked the man off, and Kye attended to his fuckhole, Wayne was touching new

depths in the man's throat and Trey was getting it all on tape. Gregerson was becoming

increasingly frustrated with not being able to cum. He was getting frustrated with the teasing

of his asshole, and now wanted to get his ass packed full of manmeat. He couldn't get loose,

and couldn't make the guys finish him off. So he did the only thing he could do. He began to

whimper. Wayne removed the spider gag. Gregerson began to beg.

"Please let me cum. My balls and cock are going to explode if I don't cum. Please let me cum."

"I don't think we can do that, " Mitch lamented, "because we don't seem to be able to get the right rhythm for jacking you off. Hey, guys, can we help him out here by getting serious

with his ass? That should help him bust a nut."

"Nope, sorry. We all came already, and I don't think we could do enough back here to help

him out. Sorry."

Oh, for God's sake, just fuck me!" Gregerson bellowed. "You guys are experts at fucking.

That's obvious. Just fuck me and let me cum."

"Well," said Trey from behind the camera, "I don't think we could get it up any more without a little sucking help. Can you help us get hard again?" Trey sounded like a school boy, asking for help.

"Get the fuck over here," said Gregerson, and as Trey moved toward his head, focusing in

on Gregerson's mouth, the old man opened up and took the black man's cock to the balls, and

Wayne, who had just resumed holding the camera, got it all on close-up.

It only took a minute for Trey's meat to harden, and he immediately went around to

Gregerson's back door and slammed his fuckstick into the waiting hole. Kye's fingering of

the hole had made it much looser, and Kye kept two fingers inside the asslips as Trey fucked

the man savagely. Mitch had taken his turn at the old man's throat, and Wayne was stimulating

the man's cock with soft, light touches, running up and down the shaft.

When Mitch was ready he approached Gregerson's ass. From the look in Mitch's eyes,

Gregerson was about to get brutally fucked, and he would be cumming! Mitch mounted the man,

and took him for a wild ride. Wayne got the seed pod ready to install as soon as the man lost

his erection. Kye was now on camera, and Trey was giving a blow by blow description, as much

to get Gregerson off as it was to embellish the video.

Gregerson tossed his head back and let out a loud, guttural moan. His cock erupted all

over the carpeted floor beneath him, but he didn't lose his erection.

Wayne looked at Trey and whispered, "What do we do now?" Trey thought about it for a

moment, and then as a devilish grin crossed his face, he winked at Wayne and Kye and approached

Gregerson's ass. Trey knew that Kye would remember this one. Mitch was still pistoning in and out of Gregerson's ass, and Trey gently bent him over so that he was laying on the old man's

back. Trey reached between Mitch's legs and lifted his nutsack, there, hidden below, was the

hole Mitch was filling. Kye had loosened the hole up enough for Trey to try a double

penetration. Boy, was this a lot of experience for the virgin formerly known as Gregerson!

Trey applied some lube from the black bag, and positioned his cock to slide in under

Mitch's. He nodded at Wayne to be prepared to lock on the chastity device when the erection

was lost, and he motioned for Kye to bring the camera in for a close-up. When all was ready,

he tapped Mitch on the ass, and Mitch stopped long-dicking the old man. Trey nudged his

cockhead right up to the asslips of his intended target. Gregerson must have just figured out

what was about to happen, because as he screamed for the men to stop, Trey shoved his thick

monster cock into the tight hole and didn't stop until he hit bottom.

The sound was not unlike that of a hurt animal, and as Gregerson continued to scream, he

finally lost his erection and Wayne snapped the chastity device in place. Trey encouraged

Mitch to begin fucking in earnest, and Mitch responded with a dialogue of smutty, filthy sex

talk that soon had everyone's meat hard and dripping. In just a few minutes, Trey was coating the old man's shitchute with his second load of the evening. Or was it his third? Mitch was not far behind him, dumping what he thought might be his fourth load. Just for good measure, Wayne and Kye shot several strings of cocksnot over Gregerson's head and face. All was caught

on camera.

Now it was time to get to business. The cameras were turned off, and Kye began to take

equipment to the van. They had been successful in getting a lot of good "blackmail" scenes

on tape, and only Mitch and Trey's voices could be heard. Gregerson had given no indication

that he had recognized either of the voices, or the faces of any of the four men. This just might work.

"Okay, Mr. Gergerson," Trey began, "we have a proposition for you."

"You know my name?"

"Yes sir. This was not a random act. We meant to prepare you for a life-changing experience."


"Yes, Mr. Gregerson, your life in the grocery business is over. You are getting ready

to retire, far away from here."

"What the fuck?"

Mitch spoke up. "Did you say you want to get fucked some more? I thing we could probably arrange...."

"You animals need to get the fuck out of my house and off my property right now!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gregerson," Trey continued, " but you are in no position to demand

anything. We will tell you how this is going to play out. That whole scene that just

finished has been videotaped, and will be edited within the hour. It will make you look like a prime, piggy, gay fucker, and what little reputation that you still have in this city

and this state will be gone. The only way to keep that video off the Internet is to agree

with everything I am about to lay out for you. If you don't, you will choose to destroy

everything you have worked for.

"Fuckers! Get out of my house!" Gregerson screamed.

"Okay, if that's the way you want it. It was nice doing business with you. I'm going to

take one of these business cards out of your wallet so we can embed your phone number on the

video. Once people begin to see the video, someone will be by to untie you. That is, if

anyone cares if you are alive or not."

As Trey headed for the door, Mitch stopped by Gregerson's head, and addressed him. "We're

going up to the hospital now to see how your daughter is doing. If you were any kind of

father, you'd be up there now, and none of this would have happened to you."

"So, Lucy put you up to this! That ungrateful bitch won't see a penny!"

"'That ungrateful bitch,' as you call her, has no idea what is happening here. But I

have an idea that when the Gregerson family loses everything, it won't bother Lucy one bit. How can she miss something she never had. She was never going to see a penny of the store's profits, and she knew that. It would be yours until the day you die, and after that, you'd

still find a way to fuck everything up. The saddest part is that the thing she wanted most,

a father who cared, was even farther from her reach than the family fortune." With that, Mitch walked to the door to join Trey and Wayne. All three men embraced, and began the trip

out the door to tell Dom that they had not been successful.


Mitch turned towards the old man. "Why? Why should we waste another second on a piece

of shit like you?"

"Because you were right. All of you were right. I'll agree to whatever you want."

As they walked out the door 20 minutes later, Trey, Mitch Wayne and Kye had written and

signed statements from Gregerson, outlining all the changes that would take place. The old

man would retire, and sell his corporation to Lucy for $1.00. He'd leave town, and never

bother Lucy. It would be Lucy's choice if she wanted to contact him. All the changes would

take place as soon as Gregerson could have the documents drawn up. It is possible that the

entire transaction for Gregerson FoodMart Superstores would take place before Lucy got out of the hospital.

It was almost sunrise when the four men left the Gregerson residence. They untied him

from the workbench, so that they could take that back home. Mitch had been particularly worried about leaving the workbench behind, which may have been the motivation for the last "pep talk" he had given Gregerson. They locked Gregerson in a closet, and told him that they would call his store security company to have someone come to his house and release him. They would mail the key for the chastity device to a hotel 250 miles out of town, where he would stay for the next week as he made plans to move across country to retire. Before he left, it was Gregerson's job to get the legal work for the corporation started. And the guys would be monitoring him, so that if he went back on any of the agreements, the video would be broadcast on the Internet.

Kye, Donnie and Dom went up to the hospital to see about Lucy's condition. Trey and Mitch

took Wayne home, after thanking him for saving their skin twice in one day. They promised to

repay him in a way that he would appreciate. Wayne said that he hoped all the guys could

partake in the repayment.

When Mitch and Trey go home, they discovered the dining room light on. They looked at each other and shrugged. "I swear we turned it off before we left," Trey mumbled, not really caring if they had or hadn't. He just wanted to get some sleep. It had been a long, eventful evening. But not until that shower they never got at Gregerson's house.

Mitch looked around the house to be sure that they hadn't been burglarized, and he even

walked around the outside of the house. Nothing. He came back into the dining room and

flicked the lights on and off. They seemed to "stick" a little, sometimes not turning off and sometimes not turning on. They'd need to talk to an electrician to find out how they could

fix the problem.

Mitch was not yet asleep when Donnie and Dom got home. Kye decided to stay at the hospital to keep Lucy company if she woke up.

"Hey, lover, everything okay?" Mitch asked Donnie. Both he and Dom nodded in the affirmative, but then Dom seriously looked Mitch in the eyes, and said, "You are not done with therapy, bud. You've got way too much anger inside, especially when it comes to Kye. You would have killed him tonight, just because he was trying to do the right thing by Lucy. So, therapy begins again next week."

"Agreed," added Donnie. "Too much anger, too quickly. No way that you are getting out of going to therapy. And I'm going to be joining you. We need to tackle this together."

Mitch got a sly smile on his face. "I've got something we could tackle together!"

"Jeez," sighed Dom. 'The man is an incurable horn dog!" be continued.......



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