Kye stood facing the four men. He looked from Dom to Mitch to see if their facial

expression would give any hint of what they wanted. Trey and Donnie took their seats, and Kye looked at them, too, but could get no more of a clue than Dom or Mitch's faces had given.

"Trey said you had a job for me?" Kye was hoping that it would involve being outside.

He had spent little time outside this past week, and given his love of football, being

outside was always an opportunity he had chosen throughout his life.

Mitch was the first to speak. "I'm not involved in this plan, but I fully expect that if you choose to do this job, you will do it to your best ability for my friends or I'll bury my foot in your ass up to my knee." Then Mitch smiled and said, "Have fun." Then he got up and left.

Donnie scowled at Mitch as he left the room, but it was a wasted effort because Mitch

never saw the scowl. Donnie wanted this plan to work for himself, his friends, and for the good of the house, and as his lover, he expected Mitch to cooperate as much as possible.

But he also realized that Mitch had his own agenda, and even though he'd forgiven Kye,

Mitch had little desire to befriend him. Or even tolerate him, as it appeared.

"I hear that you used to be a lady's man, Kye," Dom stated, as he attempted to gain

everyone's attention back on the purpose of their gathering.

"I don't know. Lately he's been a man's man," snickered Trey.

"Can't get enough cock!" Donnie joined in laughing.

"Enough!" Dom was getting angry, and everyone backed off and let him continue."We need you to wine and dine a certain lady. You up to it?"

"I'm sorry....what did you say?" Kye thought they had a job for him, but taking a woman on a date was more like vacation than a job. Yes, he had bedded more than his share of girls, and a few guys, too, even before Mitch and Trey had intercepted him and brought him here. He had always considered it a challenge, but it was also fun. A smile erupted on Kye's face. This just might be fun. Maybe the guys had really forgiven him.

"You might want to hold off on the smile for a bit until you get more information,"

Donnie warned. "This probably is not your average date."

"What do you want me to do? Embarrass some chick? Break in a virgin? Hey, I don't

kidnap women, and I don't bareback. You know, no chance of pregnancy for me. I'm not going to be saddled with a paternity....."

"Shut your face, bitch!" Mitch yelled from his bedroom. "You are not in charge. You

are not setting the rules." Donnie smiled. Even though Mitch had said that he had little interest, and had gone to his room, he was still listening, still paying attention, and that pleased Donnie.

Kye clammed up and returned his focus to Dom."This is serious, Kye. We need to use your sexual experience to snare a certain

woman for our financial gain." Dom looked at the other guys and said, "That didn't come

out like I had planned. It sounds slutty and illegal."

Dom looked back at Kye. "Let me try again. We need to get the upper hand in a

business deal, and this woman might be the key to gaining that advantage. Here is all you need to know right now......" Dom filled in Kye with a few details, and the plan was in motion.

Over the next dozen days, Trey had Kye hitting the weights to provide a little more

definition in his body. He'd lost some of his muscularity during his time at the house,

but a few days of gut-busting workouts helped to provide some definition.

At the same time, Donnie was responsible for pushing protein shakes into Kye, and watching that no wasted calories were consumed. Dom went shopping for some different

clothes for Kye. And Mitch.......well, Mitch just mostly sat around drinking beer.

Finally, D-day arrived. It was the day when Kye was going down to apply for a job at one of the local grocery stores. But not just any grocery store. He was going to apply at the store where a certain lady, a manager, would be taking applications from noon-4PM. That certain lady was Lucy Gregerson, daughter of the owner of Gregerson's FoodMart Superstores.

Kye looked good. Dom had made him shave, but he hadn't had a haircut, and his mop of curly black hair cascaded down to his shoulders. Dom had gotten him a tan silk shirt, a size too small, so that only a few buttons at the bottom could be buttoned. There was no

way he could button the top four buttons, and his pecs were peeking out from the open shirt.Dom had also gotten a pair of worn slim blue jeans, with a few holes in the legs, for Kye to wear. But the jeans were also a size too small, and Kye swore he couldn't get them on.

"Commando, Kye. You need to go commando," Dom insisted.

"Commando? Why?"

"We need to have your cock on display for Lucy. She's gotta want you. So go get those jeans on."

Kye slipped on the jeans. It was a challenge to get them over his thighs. He shoved

his cock down the left leg, creating an obvious bulge. The seam in the seat of the jeans

disappeared into the crack between the globes of his ass, nestling up against his puckered hole, making Kye shiver. He struggled to button the buttons of the fly, then went out to show off to the guys. They gave him a hemp belt to wear, just in case the top button popped.

Dom ran his hand over the spot where Kye's cock lay along his leg. The cock began to

stiffen, making the bulge almost obscene.

"Yup, that's the way we want it. You're ready to go apply for that job!"

As Dom gave Kye a ride to the store, he filled him in on more of the details of the

plan. Kye needed to gain Lucy's confidence so that Dom could get the upper hand with old Mr. Gregerson before the lease on the store buildings would come due in a month. Because

Kye had been on the local college football team, his name might be recognized even is his

face wasn't, so he needed an alias, which they agreed upon. And maybe Lucy wouldn't recognize his face, as Kye was now sporting a five day growth of facial hair.

The one thing Dom did not tell Kye was just what Lucy looked like. He figured once he got into the store, it would be too late to back out.

As Kye entered the store, he held the door for a buxom 20-something blonde in short

shorts who was on her way out with her red-headed girlfriend who was wearing a leather miniskirt and a tube top. Kye followed them with his eyes, and he held the door longer than he needed to. As he turned to enter the store, he ran face first into a muscular jock wearing sweatpants with a sizeable bulge, and an UnderArmour shirt drawn tight across his well-developed pecs. Kye apologized profusely, and helped him pick up the case of toilet tissue Kye had made him drop. Before he turned to enter the store, Kye looked over in the direction of Dom and shrugged his shoulders. Dom didn't know whether it was his

close encounter with the girls or the guy, but Kye's cock was plumped up and stretching more than halfway down his pants leg. Ready for Lucy!

Kye walked up to the service counter. He had to wait in line behind a few people to

find out where the applications were being taken. While standing there, he was surprised

by a hand running up the crack of his ass. He jumped a little and turned around quickly, just in time to see a middle-aged woman staring at his ass, and placing her hands back on her shopping cart. She made eye contact with Kye, and winked as she walked off to the bakery aisle, probably to get some fresh buns.

Kye couldn't decide if he felt complimented or violated by the woman's brazen act, but he didn't have much time to think about it as one of the customers ahead of him finished and left the line. As Kye moved up, he felt another hand on his ass cheek. He reached around and grabbed the hand before he turned to face a man who could be best described as a bodybuilder. A shaved head, bulging muscles, and a huge grin stared back at Kye. He probably would have taken the time to get a phone number and name, but the line moved again, and it was Kye's turn at the counter. He asked for Ms. Lucy Gregerson, or whoever was taking applications today, and was given a blank application to fill out. The friendly, grey-haired lady then gave him directions to the office. By the time she was done, Kye turned around, but the guy was gone. Shit! Should he try to find the guy,

who obviously saw something he liked, or should he go immediately to Ms. Gregerson's office? He really wanted to go after the guy, but chose to honor his commitment to Dom.

After finishing the application, Kye walked around to the office, knocked on the door, and was greeted by a pleasant, "Come in." So far so good. Kye opened the door, and walked into an empty office. A voice came from a door, opened to show a small work room. "I'll be right there. Have a seat."

Kye sat down in the only chair available in front of the office desk. Ms. Gregerson came out of the work room with some papers, walked behind Kye, and came into his sight on his right hand side. It was a good thing that he was sitting down.

Lucy Gregerson stood about five foot four, or possibly an inch taller, and tipped the

scales at around three hundred pounds. Her black spandex stretch pants did nothing to hide her ample hips and thick thighs. Her bright lime green blouse made him remember a joke his dad had once told him about large women ordering designer clothes from "Omar the Tentmaker." Her mop of bleach blonde hair erupted from her head, and she had tried to keep it tamed with several large barrettes. But it was hardly noticeable when you looked at the bright red lipstick surrounding her larger than normal mouth, and her eyes, painted

with violet and bright green eye shadow. Even her ample cleavage, spilling from the low-cut top, wasn't going to make this easy.

As Kye proceeded through the interview, Lucy smiled at him continually. She called him by the alias "Roy" and "Mr. Morris" several times without any problem, so that part of the plan seemed to be working. Kye noticed that she was staring at his chest, displayed so well by the shirt Dom had bought for him, during much of the interview. He wondered what she would do when he stood up. He'd had his share of attention from girls he really didn't want to be seen with, and had gracefully let them know he wasn't available. But this was different. He was available; in fact, he had to leave this interview with a date. He imagined what Mitch would do to him if he failed. He mentioned putting his foot up Kye's ass, and even though that was just a figure of speech, he imagined what Mitch might shove up his ass. Just at that moment, Lucy was telling him that she could use him in the maintenance department, with some assistance stocking the shelves. The job sounded

like a done deal. Now, how to get the date.

Lucy rose and extended her hand. Kye was going to have to stand up to shake her hand.

As Kye stood up, Lucy's eyes were drawn to his crotch, and then to his cock as it snaked down his leg and plumped up. It was hard as steel, and longer than he could remember it ever being. Lucy just stared. Kye stared back. The silence was deafening. Kye broke the silence.

"It's real. It's not fake, honestly." Dumb, dumb, dumb, thought Kye.

"It can't be real," Lucy stammered. "No one has....they don't come.....well I guess they do....Really, it's not fake? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare....."

Kye, not knowing what to do next, asked the obvious. "Want me to prove it that it is real?"

Lucy blushed. "I'm sorry, Mr. Morris, this is a business, and that would be highly

unprofessional...." But looking at her, Kye could see that Lucy had no real interest in

being professional, just this once.

"I was just kidding, Ms. Gregerson But if you're interested in..... maybe finding

out at a later date, maybe you'd like to go out for dinner and we'll see if we have any chemistry. Then maybe..... your curiosity will be satisfied....... some day."

"I'm sorry, I don't date employees, Mr. Morris."

So who the hell do you date, Kye thought. Employees might be able to stomach a date with someone so unappealing if they were trying to brown nose their way into a promotion,

but someone without a connection to the company---why would they even bother to try for a date? Kye had to think quickly or this plan was over.

"Well, how about we hold off on my employment and go for dinner first. If things

click, I'll look for a job somewhere else and we can make plans for another dinner. If things don't click, we'll be done and I can start my job whenever you want me to start, and I'll never bring it up again."

"Well, I don't want you to think I'm easy......"

No chance of that, thought Kye. You're just desperate!

"....but I guess one dinner won't hurt. Any place in particular that you'd like to go, Roy?

"Do you like surf and turf? Jack's has the best. How about tomorrow night? I can pick you up at whatever time works for you."

"Can you wear the same shirt and jeans?"

"Sure thing. Where should I pick you up?"

"Here's my address," Lucy gushed as she shoved a scrap of paper into Kye's hand. She

lingered, drawing her fingers slowly over the rough surface of his hand. "I'd like to introduce you to my dad before we go."

Kye wasn't sure about that last part. He didn't know if he was supposed to meet

"the dad" or not. He'd have to ask Dom if that part needed to change.

Kye walked around the desk and offered a hug to Lucy. The look that came over her

face was as though Lucy had been invited into the candy store. She accepted the embrace and brought Kye in close, squeezing her body against his body, his chest, and his hardon. She reached down and grabbed one of Kye's buns, encased in the tight jeans, and squeezed just a little. She looked up into Kye's eyes, smiled, and said, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow night."

Kye smiled back. But he was thinking he should be winning an Oscar for this performance!

On his way out of the office, he turned the corner and ran into a young female employee carrying an open Coke, which spilled onto Kye. The front of his jeans was now wet. It looked suspicious, and pornographic. He garnered more than his share of attention on the way out to the parking lot. He smiled shyly and shrugged his shoulders as both women and men pointed. He hurried to Dom's car and climbed in. Dom immediately saw the wet spot.

"Really? You had to cum in your pants to impress her and get a date?"

"No, it's soda. But I did get a date for tomorrow evening. At Jack's. We need to

make sure that I get a table out of the way so that no one recognizes me and ruins our


"Our plans? Are you taking over?"

"No sir, Dom. I'm sorry. I know you're just using me, but I'm okay with that. I'd do anything for you guys."

"Anything? Okay, how about you strip naked, right here in my car, and jack off for

me as I drive home."

"Want me to jack you off at the same time?"

"No, I just want you to entertain me. And you need to be out of those wet jeans, anyway. Did they cut off your circulation?" Dom laughed.

"No, but when I started to get hard, I thought that the inseam along the left pant leg was going to split." Just the thought of it started Kye's cock plumping again.

As Dom left the parking lot and headed home, Kye slid off his sneakers and socks,

followed by his shirt and then the jeans. Now he was naked, and he began to work his hands up and down his cock.

"I have to remember to wash those jeans. Lucy wants me to wear the same clothes."

"Lucy? Are we getting real familiar?"

"Really, Dom? You think she's my type?"

"Anything breathing, male or female, who stands in one place long enough, is your type!"

"That means you must be my type, too! So here!" Kye turned in his seat to aim his ass at Dom as he drove. Dom slicked up a finger from his right hand with his spit, and slid it into Kye's ass as he continued to jack his manmeat. After jamming that finger in a few times, he inserted another, then a third as Kye wiggled and gasped. Then, splat! Kye shot several long ribbons of cum onto the windshield and coating the dashboard and the passenger side door with his cock honey.

"And when we get home, you have to clean my car, you pig!" Dom was laughing so hard

that Kye needed to reach over to steady the steering wheel.

They were both still laughing when they arrived at the driveway. Mitch was waiting

for them when they drove up to the house. He was standing on the porch, naked, stroking his ample cock, already erect and stiff. Dom jumped out of the car, walked leisurely to the steps and gave Mitch a nibble on the ear when he got to the top. Mitch never even acknowledged the nuzzle, his gaze not wavering from the car where Kye was gathering his clothes. Kye thought for a moment about slipping on his jeans for the walk across the yard, but when he spied Mitch, he dismissed that idea. Kye's heart sank. Was Mitch going

to punish him, regardless of the trip's outcome? From all that he knew about Mitch, he was mean. Period. His display the day that he told Kye that he was free to go seemed totally out of character. Kye wasn't sure if he felt sorry for Mitch or hated him, but he certainly feared him. And he certainly feared him right now.

Kye walked slowly to the bottom step of the porch. Mitch had never stopped looking

at him since he had exited the vehicle.

"Successful?" That was all Mitch asked. Kye wasn't sure what Mitch's definition

of success was, so he remained quiet, but dropped his gaze to look at the ground. Dom stepped back out onto the porch, having heard Mitch's question.

"Yes, he was. Big date tomorrow night with Lucy at Jack's. Can you arrange a quiet corner for them to do their business? And ask Jack to cook their meal personally, doing his best, please?"

"Sure." Mitch seemed a man of few words today. He began moving down the steps

toward Kye. When he got to the bottom, he stepped onto the grass and walked around behind Kye and put his hand on Kye's upper back.


"Bend?" Kye responded.

"Bend over, fuckhead. Forehead on the steps, and use those hands to pull your cheeks open."

Kye hesitated, and Mitch applied a stinging slap to his ass. "Now!"Kye bent over as Mitch had directed. Mitch grabbed a tube of lube from the porch, applied some to his cock and Kye's hole, and then speared Kye's hole with his manmeat, not stopping till his wiry pubes were kissing Kye's bum. Mitch reached around with both hands to grab Kye's cock, more to steady or anchor himself rather than to provide any pleasure to Kye. Then he delivered a vigorous fuck to the bent over athlete. He thrust his thick cock into Kye's spasming pussy, bottoming out each time. It didn't take Mitch very long

to cum, and Kye was left with blue balls. Mitch pushed Kye off his cock, and Kye landed

awkwardly on the steps of the porch. Mitch mounted the steps to go back indoors.

Kye shouted after him, "Was that my reward for being successful, huh? How would you

have treated me if I had failed?"

Mitch turned to Kye with a sly smile working its way across his face. His response

was as much of a slap to Kye's face as Mitch had delivered to his ass previously.

"No lube." be continued.....



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