An hour later, Mitch appeared at the bedroom door, looking like the cat that swallowed the

canary. "Hey, Trey, got any more magnums? We only had two, and that means we each got to fuck

only once. I think we've got a few more in us. Got any?"

Trey rolled his eyes in mock frustration. "You should have joined the Boy Scouts. Then

you would have learned to 'be prepared.' No, wait, strike that thought. If you had joined the

Boy Scouts, they'd all be pregnant!" Trey began a hearty belly laugh.

"Quit fucking around and get the magnums, asshole! Please?"

As he said that, he made a sound like the air being forced out of his lungs, and he moved

forward just a little out into the hallway. If he had not been holding on to the door with one

hand, and the door frame with the other, he would have fallen into the hallway. When Trey

retrieved the condoms and handed them to Mitch, he grabbed on to the door and flung it open.

There, behind Mitch, was Donnie, burying his bone in Mitch's ass.

"Boy, how big is that thing, anyway?"

"Eleven and a half inches, and six inches around, sir!" Donnie replied with great pride.

Trey shoved the two men back into the bedroom, and pulled the door shut. The he walked in

my direction, and when he had my attention, he said quietly, "No wonder Mitch is in love. He's

a size queen, and that dong even beats mine!"

I smiled at him, and his face lit up. He walked over to me, bent down so that he could

lick my ear, and then he said quietly, "I gave them a dozen. That should keep them busy for a

few hours. Wanna fuck?"

"Do I? Absolutely, positively, YES!" I exclaimed. Trey led me to the door of the family

room. He opened it, and I was greeted by the sight of Kye. He was still there, still shackled,

but sleeping in a crumpled sort of position. Trey threw a couple of pillows down onto the floor

in front of Kye, and then lay down, pulling me into an embrace. From my position, I couldn't

see Kye, but I knew that when he woke up, maybe from hearing our groaning, that he would be able

to view the sight of two horny gay men enjoying what he bashed them for. The thought was so

erotic that I thought I might cum right there.

Trey must have seen it in my eyes, because he pulled me into a deep kiss to get my mind off

of Kye. It worked. I didn't cum then, but rather much later in the afternoon. We spent what

seemed like hours, luxuriating in the arms of each other, kissing slowly and erotically.

Massaging each other's pecs and nips. Sucking the taste out of each other's pits. Licking and

eating and licking and eating each other's ass over and over and over again. Trey sucked my

toes, one at a time, then did the same with my fingers. I gave every inch of his face a bath

with my tongue, and left several spots of bite marks on his shoulders after I was done with his

face. Then we fucked. No, it wasn't fucking. We made love.

Trey massaged the inner walls of my velvety fuckchute with loving tenderness. I rubbed my

manmeat in and out of his sphincter, repeatedly stroking his prostate, when it was my turn.

Taking turns, we each stroked shallow, then deep. Slow, then fast. But never hard. Just soft,

luxurious,loving touches deep within our beings. When Trey came, it was not with sweat and

speed, but it was rather like pouring warm oil out of a carafe, and it oozed throughout my

insides. He moaned and groaned, as did I, and he engaged me in a kiss that was so soft and

sensual that I thought I was going to shoot right then.

But I didn't. I willed myself not to cum. I didn't want to deny myself or Trey the

opportunity to repay his act with one of my own. I began with tenderly eating out his ass

again. When I had packed enough spit in his hole to lube my entry, I eased my way in, and

bottomed out. I took exactly four long strokes, then pulled out and licked and ate his ass some

more. Four long, deep strokes, then four minutes of licking, sucking and touching the entry to

his love canal. Four strokes, four minutes of licking. Four strokes, four minutes of licking.

I could have gone on for days, but Trey couldn't. He anticipated the strokes, and his groaning

would increase. He anticipated the ass eating, and moans would begin deep in his throat and

find their way to my ears. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, with his body having worked

up to thrashing around on the bed, Trey shouted with all his strength, "PLEASE! FUCK ME!

"All you had to do was ask!" I said, smiling into his exasperated face. He threw his head

back on the pillow and began humping his ass up to impale himself on my cock. He didn't need to

do that, as I was fully capable of nailing his ass to the floor, and that's exactly what I did.

And this time it wasn't slow and tender. I fucked him hard, deep and repeatedly. By the time I

emptied a good sized load into his ass, he had already creamed all over his abs. I pulled out,

and went down to suck out my load so that I could share it with him. And share I did!

As we lay there, I suddenly felt something warm and wet between us. Trey was pissing on

us! I enjoyed it so much that I joined in, and soon we lay in a puddle of piss. Trey began to

tickle me, and we rolled back and forth, spreading the piss over a wide area.

"You have to clean that up!" I said to him, laughing loudly.

"I will, if you wear my choice of leather." He replied. I wondered what it would be.

For the first time since we had entered the room, I noticed Kye. He was looking at me. He

still had the ball gag in his mouth so he couldn't say anything, but in his eyes I read hatred.

And below him was a puddle of cum. He'd watched us, and he was turned on enough to cum, even

though his cock was still jammed into a chastity device. Maybe he didn't cum as much as drip

his cock honey onto the workbench below him. So I wondered, was he maybe hating us, or hating

himself for enjoying the show we had put on for him? I wasn't about to ask, not right now.

I turned my focus back to Trey, and discovered that he'd been watching me. "What's next

for Kye?" I asked.

"I don't know, Dom. Mitch never shared with me anything beyond the point of getting his

initial revenge. Actually, he made a point of not calling it revenge. He told me that revenge

is not necessarily related to the original actions, but what Kye had coming was the direct

result of "seeds" that Kye had planted. So he called it "a harvest," and Kye was going to

harvest exactly what he sewed. But beyond this point, I don't know. Maybe.......maybe the full

harvest hasn't been realized yet either, Dom.

'He's beginning to stink!" I hadn't realized it until then......I guess when you are in lust,

little things elude you......but Kye had pissed all over himself, probably repeatedly. A little

scat, but not much. Must have been cleaned out real good prior to the first fuck, and I'm sure

that his solid foods were limited in the last two and a half days. He must be starved.

Just then, another thought struck me. After all Kye had done to me, and to others, I was

still concerned about his physical needs. I guess, deep down, I really liked people, even

those who deserved so little consideration. Dominic Christopher Bartolo is a good guy.

"Jeez, are you deaf?" Trey raised his voice to get my attention, and his face showed

bewilderment. "I guess a penny doesn't do it anymore. How much do I have to offer to get a

glimpse of your thoughts? Asking you twice isn't any good anymore?"

"Sorry, Trey. I was a million miles away, or maybe it was a place that existed only a

week ago. I was thinking about the restroom at Jack's, and what Kye did there, and I was just

thinking about him getting cleaned up and fed."

"You are either a male relative of Mother Teresa or the most gullible person on Earth, Dom.

After raping your mouth, you want to cater in food for him?"

"Trey, don't put words in my mouth...."

"Babe, there is only one thing I want to put in that mouth, between those juicy lips...."

"Later, Trey, later. Many times, I hope. But aren't you at all concerned that he's

stinking up the house? And Mitch didn't want any permanent damage, right? Isn't starving to

death kind of permanent?"

Okay, girlfriend, you win. Mitch and Donnie are busy, anyway. As long as he remains

shackled, and the two of us stay with him, I suppose we can walk him outside to do his job, and

then open a can of dog food to feed him."

"Dog food?" That seemed awfully cold for Trey.

"Mitch's orders. Generic dog food at that. As little appealing taste as possible. He's

actually eaten a little, when he was hungry enough."

I was getting upset because Trey seemed to be talking in circles. I wanted to know what

was going to happen to Kye, and wasn't getting any answers, but it seemed that he could be held

indefinitely. Trey must have been able to read my emotion on my face. He walked to the family

room door, opened it, and yelled for Mitch. He only had to wait a minute.

"What?" Mitch limped in, naked, and full of sweat and cum. Behind him, he pulled Donnie.

Mitch moved to the center of the room, right in front of the workbench and Kye, then dropped to

his knees. He pulled Donnie down in back of him, and barked an order, "Mount!"

Donnie lined up his gigantic cock with Mitch's well-used hole, and sank it into Mitch's

shit chute in one thrust. Mitch groaned, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He groaned in

pain and in pleasure as he closed his eyes, then he cleared his voice as he opened his eyes

again. "Okay, what do you want?"

"Don't you think you could have stopped the fucking for a few minutes? Dom has some

important questions." Trey seemed a little put off by his buddy's actions.

"Right now, nothing is as important at Donnie fucking my ass, unless it is me fucking his

ass. You're just lucky I came in here at all. Tell me what you want to know."

I had never seen this kind of attitude coming from Mitch. He seemed to be so happy-go-

lucky, even though I had known him for only a little while, and even when he was relating some

of his personal misery regarding his parent's death, he hadn't copped an attitude with anyone.

I was almost afraid to ask what had been on my mind.

Mitch asked, with more than a little annoyance in his voice, "Why did I come in here, if

no one wants to talk?"

"Kinda hard to talk to you while you're getting your ass split open," Trey stated.

"No, its kinda hard getting my ass reamed out while people are playing games with my head,"

Mitch responded with an unpleasant tone of voice.

"Stop. Just stop. Mitch, what's going to happen to Kye now?"

"Do you think that is a subject to discuss in front of him?" Mitch wagged his head in

Kye's direction.

"Just tell me." I insisted. "You said yesterday that this whole party kicked into gear

when you found me, and I filled a key part in your plan—forth eight fucks in forty-eight hours.

If I started the fucking plan in motion, then I deserve to know the fucking plan."

"We're waiting for responses."

"What the fuck does that mean?" I was getting impatient. Mitch realized that he'd met

his match.

"Donnie, we'll have to finish this later. Go take a shower."

"Fuck! I was getting close again. I've never cum five times in one day. Mitch, your ass

is so hot and tight!" Donnie got up off his knees, and slapped Mitch's ass. "Don't go

anywhere!" Then he turned to leave the family room, but turned to address me. "Sorry, Dom, I

didn't mean any disrespect to you. But that ass is intoxicating. I hope you understand."

This argument was not between Donnie and me. I really liked him. That was one of the

endearing qualities that I saw in Donnie when I had hired him as my assistant manager at

Gregerson's FoodMart; he was personable, intelligent and caring, and it showed through

everything he did. No, this argument was with Mitch.

When Donnie had exited the room, closing the door behind him, I turned to Mitch and

repeated my question, "What the fuck does 'waiting for responses' mean, Mitch?"

"We put a picture of Kye out on the Internet. A picture of his shackled, with someone

fucking his ass. We added a few clues, and asked anyone who had been victimized by 'this guy'

to contact us for a little payback. We didn't include his name, so responses have to indicate

some knowledge of Kye or they don't get invited."


"More fucking. Here. More payback for what Kye has done to people. If we didn't get at

least a dozen replies, we wouldn't go any further. But Kye really deserves what he gets; he

started all this."

I was almost afraid to ask the obvious question. "Any responses so far?"

"The picture has only been out on the Internet for less than twenty four hours. But that

picture of you fucking him...."

"ME?" I screamed. "You fucking put a picture of me reaming out Kye's ass on the Internet?"

"If anyone can identify you from the navel down, yes, you're out there on the Internet with

Kye's ass swinging on your cock. But I doubt anyone will recognize you. What they might

recognize is the scared, painful look on Kye's face. You definitely got the best reaction out

of him, even if you didn't plant the biggest cock in his pussy." Mitch seemed pretty proud of

himself right now. Time to bring him back to Earth.

"So, how many responses, so far?" I asked again.

Mitch seemed to hesitate, then responded quietly, "Thirty two." Kye, who must have been

listening to us, responded with a painful cry. He finally realized that his ordeal was not

nearly over.

That number of responses surprised me. I knew Kye was a cocky bastard, but to have that

many people respond so quickly meant he had done a lot more damage to a lot more people than

even I had assumed.

"How many were you expecting?"

"No more than a two dozen."

"And how many are you expecting now?"

"At this rate, probably over one hundred." Again, Kye wailed loudly from behind the ball


"And how do you intend to manage this circus. I mean, as long as we're going to invite

half the city in to fuck Kye, why don't we charge admission, sell cupcakes out on the porch,

and set up a hot tub out back for the fuckers to relax a bit after fucking Kye and before they

get their manicure?" I was hoping that Mitch would catch my sarcasm; I tried to make it

really obvious.

"Mitch isn't totally at fault here." Trey was coming to the rescue of his long-time

buddy, and that just might rub me the wrong way, too. "I went along with everything he did.

He's right when he said Kye had it coming. And once we set the "forty eight in forty eight"

party going, we talked about all the other people Kye had victimized along the way, and how

they would never get to pay him back. The idea of the pic on the Internet seemed reasonable.

We had no idea just how many people felt Kye's wrath over the years......" Trey trailed off at the

end, when he realized the enormity of the impact Kye, or any other bully, could have.

"So what part of pimping him out on the Internet seemed reasonable?" The tone of my

voice told Trey that no answer was necessary; I didn't find any part of this plan reasonable.

Neither Mitch nor Trey had anything more to say. Kye was in no position to talk. It was

up to me to break the silence.

"It only seems fair for Kye to make everything right. So let's begin by unshackling Kye

from this workbench and getting him cleaned up."

Kye swung his head up in my direction. Even though he looked exhausted and sleepy, I

thought I sensed a smile from behind the gag. He probably thought my mind was going in a

different direction than it really was.

"Yup, I want him clean before he cleans up this room. God, it stinks in here. Kye, do

you want to use water and soap to clean the floor, or are you going to use your tongue to lick

this mess up?"

"He gets a choice?" Trey and Mitch asked in unison.

"Of course not. Don't want him to get sick. He uses soap and water. He saves his tongue

for our asses, later." I smiled a sly smile at both Mitch and Trey. I think they liked my

decision. And I was feeling a whole new attitude toward Kye. I could see him meeting my

every need....our every need... for the rest of our lives. I just wondered how long it was going

to take, and how much it was going to take, to take to have him agree to my point of view. be continued....



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