I hadn't eaten all day, so when Trey suggested we stop for some food, I readily agreed. I

wanted Chinese, but he suggested we just drive through a burger place and keep moving. He

seemed to be in a great hurry, and that bothered me a little. I still wasn't sure exactly what

was waiting for me.

He looked good behind the wheel of my Jeep. I briefly wondered how he had gotten to my

house, since he didn't indicate leaving a vehicle there. Did Kye drop him off?

"Penny for your thoughts," Trey said quietly as he munched his fries.

"Why does Kye want to see me?"

"Well, I never said Kye wanted to see you, exactly. We're kinda throwing a party for him.

Well, actually, the party is more about him than for him. He's.......well, he's the entertainment."

"What the fuck?"

"Mitch will explain it all in about 20 minutes."

"You keep saying that Mitch will explain it to me. Who the hell is Mitch?"

"Mitch Dawson. I met him in the Marines when we both ended up at special ops training."

"Wait a minute. Your last name is Dawson. Are you guys related, like maybe brothers or


Trey broke out in loud laughter. I thought he might drive off the road.

"Nobody has ever accused us of being related before. He is as white as I am black. But we

do have a lot in common. We both ended up as trainers for the Marines. They realized that we

were both too smart to risk overseas, and two of the senior officers were mustering out, so they

kept us stateside. We ended up as roommates, workout buddies, even fuck buddies. He's built

like a brick shithouse, and he's a size queen to boot. That's why he likes this," Trey said

proudly as he smiled and squeezed his crotch. "Just can't get enough of me.

"Are you lovers?" When I realized what I had asked, I blushed, then added, "If it's too

personal, you don't have to answer."

"That's okay. He's like by best buddy, brother, counselor, and sex fiend all rolled up

into one. Lover? Maybe. Could he be my lifetime partner? I don't know. Love is such a

complex emotion. Sometimes it's just easier to deal with the wild, lustful sex!" Trey laughed

out loud again. I slugged him in the arm. It was like hitting concrete.

"Come on. Is that the best you can do?"

I hauled back and slugged him as hard as I could. All I succeeded in doing was hurting my

hand. His arm never moved. His body began to convulse in laughter. He reached over, put his

strong arm around my neck, and pulled me into his chest. His vest was flapping in the breeze

since we had the top down on the Jeep, so my cheek ended up laying on his right pec, with his

nip almost going up my nose. I could easily have reached out with my tongue and sucked it into

my mouth, but visions of a car wreck flashed through my brain, so I resisted.

"Hey buddy, I really like how you're holding me, but I still have my lap belt on, and it

is cutting off the circulation in my legs."

"All three of them?" he asked, and he began to laugh all over again as he let me go. I

wondered if Trey was ever serious.

I thought it was time for me to get to know more about Trey, so that I would know if I

could trust him once I was face to face with Kye again. "Did you always have this much fun as

a kid? You know, before you joined the Marines?"

Now it was Trey's turn to remain quiet.

"Penny for your thoughts?" I tried his line, hoping that it might open him up.


"No, not this much fun? No, not any fun at all? Or somewhere in between."

Trey was slow to answer. "I was raised in foster homes. Never knew either of my parents.

Just went from house to house, placement to placement. I never, ever felt like I was ever home.

Never had anyone ever say they loved me. Maybe that's why I'm a little leery of what people

call love. Hell, I'm scared of it. I'm not sure if I'd recognize it if it smacked me upside

my head. What I've got with Mitch is as good as I've ever had it. In the Marines, I would

have taken a bullet for him, and him for me, I know it. I think we still would. I don't think

its love; more like a once-in-a-lifetime friendship. I have so much fun being around him.

It's like I get to finally have a happy childhood, only as a grownup." With that last comment,

he turned away, focusing only on where he was driving. I could see a tear rolling down his


We drove for a few more minutes, then drove just outside of the city and turned into what

appeared to be a long driveway snaking up a rise. As we topped the rise, I could see an older

ranch-style house, surrounded by mature trees and a well manicured lawn. Nothing frilly.

Actually, very masculine. As Trey pulled my Jeep up to an open spot in front of the detached

garage, he quietly stated, "Home. Finally." Then he turned to look at me. "Mitch is going

to be anxious to meet you."

We both hopped out of the Jeep and headed up to what appeared to be the front door. Not

bothering to knock, Trey stuck his head in the door and hollered, "Hey, dumbfuck, I'm home!

"You asshole! What took you so long?" Trey was tackled by a man best described just as

he had told me - a brick shithouse. The man had muscles, and his muscles had muscles. Clad in

only a jockstrap, he writhed about on top of Trey, grinding his crotch into Trey's hip. Then

he jumped up, offered a hand to help Trey up, and then jumped into his arms, wrapping his legs

around Trey's narrow waist. Trey twirled him around and around, and they came to a stop with

Trey facing me, smirking at me over the shoulder of the young man, whose spread cheeks revealed

a delicate pink rosebud which seemed to be quivering with delight. That rosebud was framed by

two of the most beautiful round ass cheeks I'd ever seen, even counting ones on the Internet.

The whole package was framed by that well-worn jockstrap.

Trey turned about half way around, and I was treated to a scene of this young man

alternating between burrowing his tongue into Trey's ear and then biting and sucking his neck.

"I fuckin' missed you so much! How long has it been? 12 hours? How do you expect me to live

without that big ol' cock of yours feeding me protein by injection?"

"Mitch, we've got company."

"They can wait."

"Mitch, this is Dom. Dominic Bartolo. Dom, this horny bastard is Mitch."

"Glad to finally meet you," Mitch said as he jumped down from his perch on Trey, and he

pulled me in for what I thought would be a big hug. But he pushed his lips up against mine,

and his tongue pushed between my lips to force open my mouth. He proceeded to suck my tongue

into his mouth, like he was making love to my tongue. He finally broke the kiss, stepped back,

and stated, "Yep, really glad to see you."

Trey was doubled over with laughter. "Dom, you should have seen your face! I thought

your eyes were going to fall out."

"Hey, did you guys stop for burgers and fries?"

"How could you tell, Mitch?"

"I can taste it on both of you. Did you bring me any?"

"Is that all you think about, food and fuckin'?" Trey looked at him with his best fake


"What did the Marines teach us? If you can't eat it or fuck it, then piss on it and keep

moving!" And Mitch broke out in a 24-carat smile. I thought I was going to need sun glasses.

"We don't have time for any watersports right now," Trey said with a grin. "How's the

party going?"

Mitch grinned back, then turned to lead us into the house. Good thing that they didn't

have any neighbors close by. Mitch didn't seem a bit fazed that he'd just been out on the

front lawn in a jock that didn't hide much. He probably gave Trey a run for his money in the

manhood department. And that ass, that beautiful ass!

We walked down a narrow hallway, past closed doors. I guess I wasn't going to get the

tour of the house till later. Mitch and Trey were headed for a door at the end of the hall.

"Family room," Trey said to me as he pointed to the door. Mitch opened it up, and we were

blasted by the sounds and smells of sex. We walked in, and I immediately realized there were

no windows. Must have been rebuilt, and soundproofed. All the walls were painted black, and

black lights shown alongside several dim overhead lights, which provided just enough light to

see around the room. There were a few small tables, but no chairs. I poked Trey. "Not like

any family room I've ever been in before," I said loudly, to be heard above the noise.

"Wait till you see the centerpiece on the workbench."


Just then, one of the dozen or so naked guys gathered in the center of the room began to

groan wildly, screaming, "I'm gonna breed your ass. Here it comes, fucker. All for you,

motherfucker, every last inch! Aaaaaauughhhh!"

Mitch put his hand on the shoulder of one of the guys, and pushed him to the right. Now

we could see the guy who was pulling out of one sorry looking ass. He skinned the condom off

his softening cock, held it up in the air, and shouted, "Yee-haw!"

He dropped the condom filled with manseed onto a table, and said, "Anyone still have to

nut? Or was I the last one?"

I looked at Trey. "Last one?"

Trey smiled one of his sly smiles, put his hand on my shoulder, and guided me to follow

Mitch through the crowd. There was a big guy, trussed up and tied to a low workbench, a

blindfold covering his eyes and a mouth gag in place. His ears had earplugs in them. Both

arms and legs were shackled to the table, with his torso being held off the table by a frame of

pipes. His balls were tied and secured to the table, and his cock was jammed into a chastity

cage. Down his legs ran a mixture of lube and blood. And on his back, someone had used duct

tape to secure a plastic flower.

Mitch turned to me, smiled, and said, "Centerpiece."

Even with all the additions, I could tell that this man was no centerpiece. It was Kye.

.....to be continued.....



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