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Kye made dinner that evening. He had gotten fairly good at pasta dishes, and had made a steaming pot of whole wheat linguini that was now ready on the stove as he summoned the men to eat. Next to the pasta was a sauce pan filled with pan-fried shrimp and pieces of chicken, with broccoli, fresh sliced garlic and dried tomatoes in an herbed white sauce.

As Kye prepared to serve up the first plate of food, he hovered over the sauce and took in the aroma, highlighted by the garlic. God, he loved garlic, and this was one of his new favorite dishes to prepare.

Mitch was the first to enter the kitchen to pick up his plate and take it to the dining table. As he approached the stove, he offered, "That smells almost too good to eat, boy!" Then he slapped Kye on the ass. Kye flinched, as his ass still hurt from the brutal fucking it had received only a few hours ago.

"Here's your plate, sir. And hands off the ass. Please." Kye didn't sound angry, or forceful. He just wanted to let Mitch know that he didn't appreciate being....well, being touched in a casually abusive way. He knew Mitch had slapped his ass just to remind him of the incident that took place after returning from the city. Not that he didn't enjoy a good fuck, but Mitch had been almost....impersonal, detached, as he fucked Kye's ass.

Kye loved his new-found interest in fucking and getting fucked by men. There was so much more passion, connection, pleasure when he coupled with the men of the house. It was better than anything he had ever experienced with a woman. Even the anticipation of spending personal sexual time with Trey, or Dom, or Donnie, or....yes.....even Mitch, when he wasn't being an asshole.......Kye came back to the present as he realized that he'd never been fucked by Mitch when he was in a good mood.....oh, now that he was back into reality, he realized that Mitch was whispering into his ear, with his chin resting on Kye's shoulder, and his left hand was pinching his ass as close to his mancunt as Mitch could grab.

"You are living in a house that belongs to Trey and me. A house given to us by Dom. And my lover, Donnie, lives here, too. You have no standing, no right to anything here that we don't offer to you. You WILL accept what any of us has to offer, and you WILL thank us for it. Doesn't matter if it makes you feel like a king or a fucking whore, you will accept anything, ANYTHING, that we.....that I give you. And you will appreciate it, and thank I think you better drop this attitude of 'Mitch is mean to me' and be thankful that I don't tie you up, drive you out of the county, and drop your ass down some ravine. By the time anyone would find you, all they would need to do is go shopping for the pine box."

And with that last comment ringing in Kye's ears, Mitch spun him around so that Kye's eyes could meet his, and said,"If you doubt me, just keep up the attitude and you won't be around much longer. I've forgiven you, but I can never forget, and I am a mean son of a bitch. You don't ever want to cross me."

From down the hallway, sounds of the other men coming to the kitchen could be heard. Mitch's glare broke immediately into a smile, but his eyes still retained that hard edge.

"Kye, the meal smells delicious. I can't wait to eat it. You've outdone yourself," Mitch gushed. But Kye was the only one who could see Mitch's eyes, as Mitch had his back to the others. And Kye knew full well that Mitch was just putting on a show for the others, and if Kye ever told them that Mitch had it out for him, no one would believe it.

"Well, if it smells good to Mitch, who'll eat anything, I'm not sure that means it is fit for anyone else. Guess we'll have to try it for ourselves and take our chances," said Donnie.

Trey was already at the stove, taking in the aroma of the sauce, and he slipped an arm around Kye, who unintentionally stiffened up. He hadn't expected the gentle touch, but reacted strongly as he still considered Mitch's words. Trey felt Kye stiffen, and it immediately registered that the touch had not had its intended positive purpose. Trey reached up to Kye's chin and turned his face. Trey saw the fear that Kye couldn't hide.

"What's wrong, Kye?" Trey whispered so that no one else would hear.

"Nothing. Just bad memories. I'll be okay."

Kye served up plates of steaming pasta and sauce to the other men, then opened the oven and brought out the garlic toast that he'd kept warm there. He carried it to the table where the men were sitting, set it down in the middle of the table, and then went back to the kitchen to place the rest of the pasta and sauce into serving bowls. When he had the chance to cook for the men, he cooked plenty, as he knew the huge appetites each of the men had.

Everyone, that was, except for Dom. He was the only one of the men at the house who wasn't into working out. Dom did have a good body, the gift of good genes, but he didn't have the body that the musclemen did. Even Donnie was putting on muscle in all the right places, under the tutelage of Trey and Mitch.

Mitch. There he was again in Kye's thoughts. He wondered if Mitch would take up residence in his head for the rest of his life.

After placing the serving dishes on the table, Kye turned to return to the kitchen.

"Have you eaten yet, Kye? Trey inquired.

"Not yet, sir. I'll eat when all of you are finished."

"What if we eat it all? Donnie asked, with a twinkle in his eye. "It looks, smells and tastes so great that I might just eat too much!"

"Don't worry, sir, I'm not feeling my best, and my appetite isn't very strong right now." Kye worked hard to not look in the direction of Mitch, who he knew had to be staring at him right now. "I might just have a little chicken broth. That should settle easily enough on my stomach."

"Kye, are you getting sick?" Dom asked. "We've got a heavy date for you for tomorrow evening, and you need to be on your game for the plan to work."

"Heavy date?" Trey moaned. "Dom, are you trying to scare Kye off before the tryst with Lucy?" He broke out into a full laugh.

Donnie offered, "I don't think Kye needs to be too good looking or too nice to Lucy. She's desperate, and what we've got planned isn't going to fit her idea of a 'dream date'."

Kye managed a small smile to let the guys know he appreciated their attempt at disgusting humor, then he turned and walked back to the kitchen. When he had finished the broth, he returned to the dining room to gather the used dishes to wash them. The one thing this house didn't have was a dishwasher, but as long as the men had a slave, they didn't need one.

A slave? No, that was wrong. Kye was here by choice. He'd been offered the chance to leave, to go free. But he'd refused, choosing instead to remain in the company of these men.

Once Kye had come to an understanding of his own past and how he'd treated people, he realized that these men had standards that were higher than his. Friendship, fairness, and love were high on their list, and they would go to great lengths to make sure that wrongs were righted. He wanted to be around that. He wanted to learn from these men how to do the right thing, even if, in society's eyes, it didn't seem like the right thing. He, Kye, had paid for his past, and even now, the plan to make Mr. Gregerson pay for his past was underway. He needed to be ready for his date tomorrow night with Lucy, Mr. Gregerson's immense daughter.

Just the thought of putting the move on Lucy, even though it was just part of the plan, sent shivers up his spine. He needed to be on his best game to make it all seem plausible to Lucy. He needed a good night's sleep.

Kye quickly finished the dishes, set them to dry in the dish drainer, covered them with a fresh towel, and left the kitchen, headed for his bedroom and an early bedtime. As he walked past Trey and Dom's bedroom, the door opened and an arm reached out, grabbed onto him and dragged him just inside the bedroom. The lights were off and the shades were drawn, so the room was pitch black, with only the light coming from the hallway to illuminate the faces of the two men.

"Hey buddy, can you do me a favor?" Trey was dressed in his hospital scrubs, and it took him by surprise. Trey looked from Kye's eyes to his scrubs and then back.

"Yeah, I just got called by the hospital. They know that today is my day off, and I usually only work days, but they're short one orderly in the ER, so I said I would come in. I usually don't get to work the ER, and it's a chance to add to my resume, and put a few extra bucks in my pocket."

Kye looked at him in disbelief. "But Dom's fucking rich! You don't even have to work. He'd give you anything you wanted, or needed. Why?"

"Every man wants to feel that he's pulling his weight, and here in the house, it isn't any different. Donnie puts in a lot of time managing Dom's assets, and Mitch still tends bar down at Jack's-hell, he's even talked about going to school to become a chef, and he'd been spending extra time in the kitchen at Jack's to pick up pointers. None of us, Kye, wants to take advantage of Dom. Except, well, a sexual sort of way!"

Kye blushed, thinking about the number of times he's offered up his body within these walls, being fucked by all the men, but one fuck he'd been denied was the chance to fuck Dom. Trey and Donnie, and even Mitch, seemed to watch over Dom in a special, protective way, and fucking Dom was.......well, he seemed off limits.

Kye thought of that first night that he'd met Dom, and raped his mouth, bringing Kye's own irresponsible behavior to a head and beginning his descent into the hell that these last few months had become. Kye had lewdly commented that Dom probably had a very fuckable mancunt, but he'd told Dom that night that he was too busy to bother. Since that night, fucking Dom had been one of the things that he'd never had the chance to do. He perseverated on that ass. And probably would continue to.......

"Earth to Kye. You there?"

"Yeah, just thinking. Old memories again."

"Buddy, you can't live your life looking backward. You will probably fall into a pile of shit if you do!"

"Too late, Trey. Been there, done that."

"Well, anyway, since I'm leaving for work in a minute, and Dom was looking forward to a little entertainment tonight, can you fill in for me?"

Kye stood there with his mouth hanging open. He didn't know what to say.

"Good. No objections. You'll need this new toy I promised Dom." Trey handed Kye a brand new black riding crop. "Know how to use one of these?"

"What's to know. You smack things with it. I assume you were going to 'tease' Dom with it?"

"Tease, or maybe make his skin sting a little."

"But isn't Dom listening to everything we're saying right now? He's in this bedroom, right? Maybe he doesn't want me to do what you promised to do. Dom? How about it, buddy? Is it okay for me to use the crop?"

Trey grabbed Kye by the arm and dragged him further into the room. "He can't hear you. He's wearing earplugs.......and a few other adornments."

Trey reached to turn on the lamp on the nightstand next to the bed. When the lamp shed its light onto the bed, and his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Kye gasped. He thought a scene from a pornographic fuckbook had jumped out and manifested itself on the bed.

Dom lay there spread-eagled on his back, with arms and legs tied to the four corner bedposts. He had a leather hood covering his entire head and snapped at the neck. His eyes were covered by a mask which had been snapped into place. Bulges where his ears should be indicated some sort of earplug, but Kye couldn't tell what had been used. There were openings for his nostrils and his mouth, but he couldn't breathe through his mouth because in it was a big red ball gag, and it was secured behind his head.

Looking further down Dom's body, Kye was again shocked. After inheriting his millions, Dom had treated himself to a few piercings, getting rings in each nipple and a Prince Albert piercing in his dickhead. Kye had not been privy to any showing of the piercings until now,and he again was speechless. The three rings were attached by a Y-shaped chain, pullingdown on the nipples and holding Dom's cock up against his body. As it throbbed, and stretched away from Dom's chest, it put more pressure on all the attached body parts. From Dom's groaning, he seemed to be enjoying it.

Trey noticed Kye staring at the chain, and he took Kye's hand and placed it on the small links just above the PA. Trey wrapped his hand around Kye's, and then pulled lightly on the chain. Dom groaned. Trey, his hand still wrapped around Kye's, applied more effort to the pull, until Dom started thrashing back and forth on the bed, his groans turning into screams. Then Trey let go, and Kye did likewise.

"The chain is a new toy, too. Think he likes it?"

Kye looked at Trey and shook his head. "Sorry, can't help you out buddy. I can't do that your lover."

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear. Dom is tied up, and I'm going to work. If you choose to let him lay there until my shift is done, well, that's your choice. But I think he'll have a better time if you entertain him a little. Your choice. He'd probably like a little of this, too," said Trey, as he grabbed the crotch of the man standing by the bed, and then he turned and left.

Kye stood in the doorway, weighing his choices. A few months ago, he'd purposely followed Dom into the restroom at Jack's, and raped his mouth and throat, and left him lying on the floor after taking most of his money and his charge card. How much he had changed in those few months. Now he wasn't sure he wanted to inflict a little pain, even though Dom might enjoy it.

He pulled up a chair, and sat. He stared at Dom for a long time. Trey must have been gone for almost an hour already when Dom seemed to become active. He moved his head from side to side, as though trying to see or hear where Trey might be. Dom had no idea that Trey was gone. And now he was acting as though he'd been abandoned or neglected by Trey. Dom's body began to shiver, ever so slightly, as though he was beginning to cry.

At that moment, Kye got to his feet and he decided to give Dom the attention he seemed to be craving. He took the riding crop and ran it up Dom's leg, toward his groin. Dom jumped, then groaned as though his prayers had been answered. And that groan caused Kye's cock to stir. He used the riding crop to slap lightly at the other leg, and each arm in turn. He slid it under the Y-shaped chain, and pulled it away from Dom's body, eliciting more groans from Dom. And those were topped by the groans escaping around the ball gag when Kye rubbed the crop roughly up and down Dom's stiff prick.

Kye let Dom settle down for a minute, and then began slapping the crop down on Dom's cock, causing massive throbbing and forcing the PA to pull the chain down, stretching the nipple rings and Dom's sensitive nipples. The more he slapped, the more Dom groaned. The harder he slapped, the more Dom tried to free his arms and legs.

Kye suddenly noticed something he had missed before. Dom's ball sack was wrapped with a two-inch ball stretcher, forcing the balls into the bottom of his sack. Kye grabbed the ball sack and squeezed, not too hard, but just enough to push Dom over the edge. Long ropes of cum were ejected out of his cock and landed on his chest and the leather hood. He looked a mess, and Kye was more tham ready to clean it up.

Kye knew that Dom would know he was not Trey if he got up and straddled Dom. They had similar body size, but Trey weighed more. So Kye leaned over from first one side of the bed, then the other, as he licked all of Dom's cock snot off his chest and the leather hood. He saved a little in his mouth, then headed for the end of the bed.

Kye knelt on the end of the bed, between Dom's outstretched legs. There was no way he'd be able to fuck this cute ass without releasing one or both legs. He looked more carefully at how Trey had secured Dom, and discovered that the rope tied to the ankle cuffs actually had a clip on the end, allowing the rope to be unclipped with minimal effort. That should work.

Kye used the riding crop on Dom's tender nuts, smacking them hard enough to make Dom jump and thrash about. Then, undoing one cuff allowed Kye to roll Dom over, just enough, to slip his cock in Dom's mancunt, but not before depositing the cum onto the area around the pucker and sliding it into the hole with a finger.

Kye thought about loosening things up, but decided to just tough it out. Dom wouldn't be able to scream too much through the ball gag, anyway. Kye nestled the bulbous head of his cock against the waiting pucker, and leaned forward slowly. Dom groaned, but laid there as though expecting much more, so Kye began to increase his pressure. Soon, his cockhead slipped through the clutching sphincter, and he pushed slowly deeper. Dom groaned in pleasure as Kye speared him with a cock reasonably close in size to Trey's.

Soon, Kye set up a slow rhythm of long-dicking Dom's receptive ass. Each time, Kye bumped up against the inner sphincter, Dom gasped around the ball gag. Before long, Dom was moaning with each thrust of the thick fucktool, as it scraped over his prostate. Kye could sense that Dom was close to his second cum, and he reached up to grab the chain and pulled down, adding pain to each tit. With a scream, Dom came for the second time. But Kye hadn't come yet, and he had no intention of stopping now.

Kye unclipped Dom's other ankle, and then rolled both legs up over Dom's head. As he did this, Dom's ass raised up off the bed, and Kye had to work carefully to keep his cock embedded in Dom's ass. He thought of something he wanted to try, but it would take a little moving around, and he'd have to pull his dick out of one fuck of a hot ass!

But life is full of disappointments, so he pulled out to reposition Dom. There were a few extra pieces of rope with clips on the end, near the top of the headboard, and Kye wondered if he was the first to come up with this idea, or if this was a move Trey had done to Dom previously.

After clipping the ankle cuffs to the bedpost, Kye stepped back to admire his work, and to determine the best place to stand. Kye placed one foot next to Dom's chest, and then stepped over Dom's ass so that he was straddling the fuckhole and his cock was kissing the puckered opening. By squatting down, he could push his cock into Dom's waiting ass. He also discovered that he could apply as much downward pressure as he wanted without applying too much pressure on Dom's shoulders and neck, because the legs were clipped high enough on the bedpost to hold Dom's weight, and a lot of Kye's, up off the bed.

Kye set up a slow rhythm to begin, but increased the speed and pressure. He also discovered that using this position, he could get more depth, and he realized that he was breaching Dom's second sphincter on many of the downward plunges. Dom was letting him know, with vigorous groans, each time he was successful.

When Dom seemed to be approaching a third orgasm, Kye slowed down, then pulled out. As he waited, Kye realized that Dom's cock was aimed at his own mouth, so he reached down and undid the ball gag from behind Dom's head so that when he came, he could be treated to his own cock snot. As the ball gag popped from his mouth, Dom exclaimed,

"Fuck, Trey, take my ass. Make it yours."

Kye chuckled to himself but remained quiet. Dom still couldn't see him or hear him, but he didn't want to take a chance on the hearing part. He resumed pistoning in and out of Dom's willing chute, and Dom began to groan again vigorously. This time, when Dom indicated he was getting ready to cum, Kye was ready, too, and they both screamed as they jettisoned their semen shots, Kye coating the insides to Dom's ass all the way past the second sphincter, and Dom straight into his own waiting mouth.

Kye wasn't ready yet to disclosed who had provided the entertainment for Dom, so he unclipped the ankle cuffs but left the arm cuffs clipped and the hood in place. As he lowered Dom's ass and legs back onto the bed, Kye leaned over and cleaned Dom's cock, then lowered his lips to Dom's ass and soothed the puffy ass lips with his tongue.

There was one other thing that Kye wanted to try for the first time. He locked his lips into a circle, pressed against the puckered hole, and began to suck. He reached in with his tongue while sucking, and retrieved some of the load he had deposited in Dom's ass. This appeared to be something that Dom had done previously, because Dom began to push down, moving the load of cum closer to Kye's tongue.

"That's it, Trey, stick that tongue up my ass and sweep it clean. Suck out that load. I want that load in my mouth. Come on, baby, suck that baby batter out of my ass and give it to me. I need it, Trey. Give it to me, NOW!"

Well, if that was the way Dom was going to be, Kye knew he'd better hurry up. Dom was a dirty littke fucker!

He sucked one more glob of cum out of the warm, velvety fuckhole, then climbed up the bed until his chest slid in place over Dom's and he deposited the load of used cum into Dom's waiting mouth, just like a mother bird delivers dinner to her babies. Kye knew it would only be a matter of seconds before Dom would realize that this was not Trey's cum, unless Dom's taste buds were defective. Kye had tasted the cum of everyone in the house, including himself, and they all tasted great, but different.

Dom was savoring the taste when he stopped in mid gulp and tried to raise his arm. He wanted to check out who this was. "Trey?"

It was time to release the hood. Kye reached in back of Dom's neck, unsnapping the hood, and pulling it off Dom's head. It took Dom a second or two to realize who was staring down into his eyes.

When Dom realized that it was Kye, he could only ask, "Why?"

"Trey got called to work, and he didn't want you to go without your entertainment for the evening. I guess I went too far, didn't I? I was enjoying the intimacy and touch a lot, and guess I overstepped my bounds. Sorry."

"No, don't be sorry. I've never cum three times for Trey. I guess you brought out the best in me." Then, as though remembering something, Dom's eyes lit up and a huge smile broke across his face from ear to ear.

"What?" Kye inquired.

"Nothing. Really, it's nothing."

But it wasn't. Right after eating, Trey had dragged Dom into the bedroom. He began to lay out to Dom a plan to help Kye to settle in and become more comfortable being a member of the house. But Trey had been interrupted by a phone call from the hospital while he was talking to Dom. He stepped out into the yard to take the call, and when he returned, he outlined a few ideas about how to make Kye more comfortable. They couldn't decide on a plan, or a time to carry it out. Then, as they continued to mull over the ideas, and formulate a few additional twists, Trey had talked Dom into trying out the new toys. It would be the first time they had attached anything to Dom's piercings, so the Y-shaped chain would be fun to try out, and the riding crop was still in the box, so Trey might get that out, too. But first, Trey wanted to tie Dom down, and Dom agreed that it could be fun.

Once he was tied down, Dom was pretty much at Trey's mercy, and he decided to place the hood on Dom, after providing earplugs to increase Dom's "experience." Dom didn't know about the ball gag until he felt it being placed in his mouth, and then it was too late to object.

Trey had never gone to this extent to set up a sexual adventure, and Dom couldn't decide if he was nervous, excited, or fearful. Trey had never done anything to hurt him, but the lack of control concerned Dom, and he hoped that Trey would demonstrate caution in creating an "over the top" fantasy. As he thought it over, Dom shivered with excitement. Yes, he was definitely excited now!

Then it seemed like a long time, a very long time, until Trey began with light usage of the riding crop. Of course, it wasn't Trey at all, but rather Kye, and both Dom and Kye were treated to an unexpected pleasure.

Dom ran these ideas through his head in an instant, and kept smiling at Kye as he unclipped Dom's wrists and released them from being attached to the bedposts. Trey had purposely prepared Dom for Kye's pleasure. And if Dom had anything to say about it, Kye would be joining the two of them for more sexual encounters. Kye's next words brought Dom back to reality.

"Guess it's time for me to hit the sack. That's where I was headed when Trey hijacked me. I need a good night's sleep in preparation for the big date tomorrow."

"Do you have to go?" asked Dom.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Trey's at work, and there's a lot of room here in this big bed. I just don't know how much sleep you'll get."

"But Trey is your lover. Won't he.....I mean, what if....

"Kye, he was the one who asked you to fuck me. Do you think he's going to be surprised or angry if he comes home and you are still entertaining?"

A broad smile spread across Kye's face. He crawled back onto the bed and crawled behind Dom to spoon with him. As Kye settle in, Dom reached back with his hand and guided Kye's spongy dick back towards the puckered hole he had fucked earlier. He stroked it a few times until it began to stiffen, then pushed it up again his ass lips.

"You sure?" Kye inquired.

"Damn sure. And by the way, you were right, back there in the restroom at Jack's restaurant. This boy has one great mancunt, and that's where I expect your cock to stay all night, unless of course, you want my cock nudging at your backdoor."

"Maybe later."

When Trey got home from his eight hour shift, he tiptoed into the bedroom, but it was too dark to see anything, so he quietly turned on the lamp on the nightstand.

"Surprise" erupted from the bed.

Trey's eyes were wide open, and he couldn't believe what he saw. "What the fuck....."

Bed sheets were strewn across the floor and puddles of cum were on the bed and the adjoining floor and nightstand. Both Dom and Kye had cum splashed across their faces and chests. Upon further examination, cum was dripping out of the pussies of both men. And there, on the end of the bed, was Donnie, on his back and trying to catch his breath. He too was smothered in cum.

"We were bad boys, Trey. We didn't get any sleep," said Kye. And Dom added, "I think we need to be spanked, Trey. Are you up to spanking the three of us?"

"I'm afraid you guys just might enjoy that too much. Hey, where's Mitch? He didn't want to play?"

The three men on the bed looked at each other, grinning. Donnie replied, "He was a little tied up."

"Oh, fuck, no, you didn't...." but the rest of whatever Trey was going to say never made it out of his mouth as he rushed to Mitch and Donnie's room. There, on the bed, was Mitch, tied to the four bedposts just like Dom had been previously in the other bedroom, and he had cum splattered all over himself, from head to foot. Trey expected Mitch to be furious, but as Trey entered the room, Mitch broke into a belly laugh that shook the bed.

"Those fuckers took advantage of me." He could barely speak between the laughing and choking. "Donnie tied me up, but before we finished, those other two dickheads came in and hijacked our fantasy. Now I've got cum everywhere but in my ass, where I wanted it." And he began to laugh again.

"Well, buddy, if you had agreed to join the kids in the other bed, you probably would have had more dick up your ass that you could handle. So if you expect me to feel sorry for you...." And Trey began to leave the room.

"No, buddy, don't leave me here. I need to get fucked!" Mitch's laughing turned to pathetic pleading.

Trey raised his voice to yell, "Dom. Donnie. Kye. Mitch needs some dick up his ass." From the other room, the noise was of feet hitting the floor and the sound of a herd of elephants.

"No, Trey! You! I want you!"

Trey smiled his brightest smile. "But you didn't say whose cock, until it was too late. So I'll make an agreement with you. I'll fuck that sweet ass of yours, right after the other three guys are done. And.........Kye gets to go first."

"No fucking way," screamed Mitch, his eyes bugging out as he struggled against the ropes that held him down.

Trey picked up a pair of Mitch's own bikini briefs that were lying on the floor, and as the others gathered next to the bed, he wiped some cum off each man's chest onto the briefs, then shoved them in Mitch's mouth so that he couldn't make any loud noises. As he turned and walked towards the door, he leaned into Kye and whispered, "Make sweet, slow love to him. He needs to calm down." And he chuckled with Kye. Trey's advice to Dom was to fuck Mitch hard and fast, and to Donnie, he suggested that he try to see if he could fuck him real deep, going past the second sphincter as many times as possible.

"I'll be back later to finish up, Mitch. I've always wanted to fuck you on my pole while I walked around the room." And he laughed as he turned to walk out. He'd seen Mitch's cock leaking precum like a faucet, but never this much, and he hadn't even been touched yet. He was fucking turned on just by what they were planning to do to him.

Jeez, we may never get to sleep, today. And we have such an important date coming up tonight. Oh, well, thought Trey, there's always room for sex. be continued.....



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