I was pleasantly surprised when Trey drove us into the parking lot at Jack's. I hadn't

been looking forward to never returning, but now that the situation between Kye and I had taken

a different turn, I was happy to be here. Trey parked the Jeep, and we all exited and strode to

the front door. When we got in, Mitch flagged down the closest server and asked them to open up

the patio seating.

The server seemed very friendly with Mitch, and it suddenly made sense: this is where I had

seen Mitch before. The night that Kye raped my mouth in the restroom, Mitch was tending bar.

When Kye's party first arrived, they'd all gone to the bar to order drinks. I remembered seeing

Mitch behind the bar. I could only see him from the waist up, and with clothes on, he didn't

grab my attention like Kye had. By the time Kye had sat down at the table, facing me, I had

already forgotten anyone else in the bar. But Mitch had been there.

The server was gone for only a minute, and Mitch had excused himself to the restroom while

we were waiting, so I had to wait until we were seated to ask Mitch about that night. I wasn't

sure that I wanted to hear all the details about Kye and his forty-eight fucks; so much of it

must have taken place long before Kye and I met, and I wasn't sure I really wanted to know.

Just hearing Mitch last evening recalling his humiliation in high school had shaken and

infuriated me. I didn't know how I would be affected by finding out even more.

Mitch joined us at the table, and he brought three beers with him. We toasted to being

unemployed, and almost drained those beers. I was going to need to slow down quickly. I was

pretty sure that being older, and not being a Marine, that these guys could probably drink me

under the table and back up the other side!

"So Mitch," I began, "how did all those other guys get involved in the party? I mean, you

didn't just pick 47 other guys off the streets, did you?"

"No. Actually, every one of those guys has been screwed over by Kye. Some physically,

some financially, some emotionally. They are quite the eclectic group. About a dozen of them

are on the football team that Kye is on right now. Guys who are bi or gay, and are fed up with

the way Kye is constantly running down gays, lesbians, transgender people. He's constantly

telling everyone on the team how he fucked over some "stupid queer" or "fag freak." Given the

chance to get him back and remain anonymous, they were more than happy to join in. They are

also helping out with Kye's classes. They're signing him in at class so that he's not marked

absent. That also gives us some leverage with Kye—the record shows he was at class, but he

won't be getting the material and instruction, so he'll be at a disadvantage. He'll need us to

fill in his lack of understanding so that he can pass his tests and keep his scholarship. And

the price he'll have to pay will undoubtedly be steep, if you know what I mean." Kye finished

with a sly smile beaming across his face.

"That's only about a dozen. What about everyone else?"

"Some are old acquaintances of mine from high school, who remember how Kye treated people

on the high school football team. Several were Marine buddies of Trey and I, ready to make

things even for us. A bunch, probably about twenty, are classmates of Kye's at the university

or residents of the dormitory where he lives. None of them are athletes, so their only

experience was away from the practice field and locker room. All hated his bragging, his

verbal abuse of gays, and all jumped at the chance to give some crap back to him."

"So that's everybody?"

"No. Three of them were guys who had their girlfriends stolen away by Kye. He took a

liking to each of the girls, and made up some story about the guys being gay. Funny thing is,

they aren't gay, but they sure enjoyed fucking Kye's ass! One of the guys was engaged to his

girl, and Kye convinced her to not give the ring back, but rather, pawn it to buy him a new iPad

and iPhone. And then Kye went back and told the guy exactly what happened to the ring. He was

the guy that was the last to fuck Kye before you took your turn. He was there with his

ex-fiance's brother, who also took his turn."

"And me? How exactly did you find out about me?" I asked.

"Kye is a lousy drunk. When he was waving your credit card around the bar, he told

everyone exactly how he got it, and then he proceeded to run up a big bill, paying for

everyone's dinner and drinks. Even bought drinks for a bunch of girls in the bar that evening.

I was going to ask Jack about it before accepting it to pay the bill, but I changed my mind in

hopes that we could add theft to his string of crimes. I saved all the slips from the

transaction; he was too drunk to know that I never gave him back his signed receipt. So when

we're done with him, he'll be going to court."

"When you're done with him? What does that mean?" I inquired.

Mitch was just about to answer when my phone rang. Mitch was thinking about what to tell

me, so he encouraged me to take the call so that he had time to think. I looked at the phone,

and saw that the call was from Donnie, my former assistant manager.

"Hey Donnie, what's up?" I tried to sound as happy as the circumstances would allow.

"I heard about you getting canned, Dom...er, Mr. Bartolo. I wanted to tell you I'm really

sorry for you. You didn't deserve to get fired."

"That's not the half of it, Donnie. Gregerson beat the fuck out of me."

"No, he didn't!"

"Yeah, he did." We're sitting here toasting to my job loss, and me possibly suing his ass."

"Can I come down and join you?"

"Aren't you due to be at work in less than an hour?"

"Actually, I'm not working for Gregerson any more either....." Donnie's voice trailed off.

"Donnie, don't bullshit me."

I could hear Donnie take a deep breath, and then he poured out his guts. "Old man

Gregerson called me at home and told me to come down to his office downtown right away. When I

got there, he filled me in on how he had to fire you because of the robbery. He gave me some

line of bullshit, and I interrupted him to tell him I didn't buy it, and you shouldn't be fired.

He offered me your job, managing the store, at less money than you made. I told him to shove

it up his ass. He told me that I was on thin ice, and might not keep a job with the company if

I didn't take the job. I figured they were pretty desperate to get someone on the job right

away, so I asked for more money. He said no. I asked if I could hand pick my assistant

manager, and he said no. I asked him if he offered the job to that sleazeball Furman from the

Jackson St. store, you know, the one he's always telling everybody is a real company guy. Well,

Gregerson started to squirm, and I knew right then that he had offered it to Furman. That made

me mad. I've been your right-hand man for four years, since I graduated from college, and I

know that store and the employees in and out, but he offered it to that fuckhead Furman before

me. So I told him to shove it up his ass again. He told me to get out; I was fired. On my

way out the door, I turned and told him I was really lucky; if he really wanted to make me

sorry, he could have told me I had to marry that ugly-ass bitch of his. That's when he threw

his computer monitor at me. Lucky that I'm fast, and he's got a bad arm! So I'm not working

there anymore."

I had listened to his story, and could hardly believe that Gregerson had fired us both.

That store would surely miss us; there were lots of things that we handled that no one ever

knew about, but they would now.

"So can I join you for a beer?"

"Let me ask the guys. Hey, Trey and Mitch, can an old friend of mine come and join us for

a beer?"

Both Mitch and Trey nodded their approval. I told Donnie where we were, and he promised to

be down shortly. "And Donnie, it's Dom from now on, okay?"

"Yes, sir....I mean, Dom!"

As I ended the call, Trey made a comment about how it was heating up outside, and asked if

we should move indoors. I was inclined to say no; it was nice having a warm, almost hot, fall

day for a change. Too often, the weather would turn cold too soon in the fall, and I loved

these warm days. Mitch didn't answer, but rather stood up and peeled his shirt off. Then he

sat down and said, "Problem solved."

Trey followed suit, and then I did, too. We were all stripped to the waist, and it felt

good to have the late morning sun warming our flesh. The bare skin didn't go unnoticed in the

restaurant, as a new waitress came out to take our drink orders. She walked behind Trey, and

ran her hand across his chest. She walked past me and did the same. When she got to Mitch, he

put up his hand to stop her. "Just send out the other server, Wayne. He's been getting us our

drinks, and I'd rather have him wait on us." This new girl obviously didn't know Mitch because

she began to argue with him, saying something about this was her table to serve. Mitch just

argued right back. It looked like a stand-off until Mitch stood up to make his final argument.

"Honey, I don't like girls, and I don't want girls stroking my body for free and thinking

that turning on the charm will get them a big tip. Truth is, you've got the wrong plumbing. I

like guys! And you ain't one!

With that, Mitch pulled back my chair from the table, with me in it, and straddled my lap.

Then he sat down, giving me a lap dance, and sucking my lips and tongue into his mouth for a

good, long, wet, deep kiss. By the time he was done, she was long gone, and Wayne was back with

another round of drinks. After he placed them on our table, Mitch pulled a twenty out of his

pocket, stuffed it in Wayne's vest pocket, and gave him a wet kiss, too. Wayne said something

about the kiss being every bit as good as the ones Mitch gave him when he was tending bar.

"Wayne's gay?"

"Damn near everyone who works here is. Well, the guys are. I don't know about the girls,

but I think they like guys, too. That's how I got the bartending job here at Jake's. Wayne

and I fucked each other at a party one weekend, and I started working the next week."

I looked at Trey to see how he reacted to Mitch's admission of having sex with other men.

Trey just winked at me and shrugged his shoulders, as if to say 'that's the way Mitch is.' But

I thought I saw a little sorrow in his eyes when he gave me those gestures, and then he turned

away, as if looking toward the parking lot.

Just then, Donnie arrived, and he was waving his arms as he approached us to get our

attention. Most people would go through the restaurant to get to the patio, as it is surrounded

by a low brick wall, but Donnie just hopped over it.

It seemed as though I was looking at Donnie for the first time. Instead of the dark

framed glasses and store uniform (light blue dress shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes),

Donnie was wearing a bright red Underarmor shirt, khaki cargo shorts, sandals and contact

lenses. The shirt clung to his upper body, and showed off a torso that I didn't know existed.

Under the shirt, he had taut pecs with perky nipples; huge delts, biceps and triceps and six-pack

abs. The sleeves looked like they were about to rip. His abs led to an extremely thin waist,

probably size twenty-nine or thirty; for a guy about two inches taller than me, that was a thin

waist! The khaki shorts extended to just below the knee, but they were snug enough to show

rippling thighs moving under the fabric. His calves were huge, with knotted muscle around back.

His strawberry blonde hair was about shoulder length, but gel helped keep it back off his face

to show off his beautiful deep brown eyes. Long lustrous lashes flared out from his face,

giving him eyes that could only be classified as 'bedroom eyes.' I'd never noticed how

beautiful this guy was before today, and I wondered how I could have missed all this beauty.

I was brought back to my senses by two guys clearing their throats. Trey was the first to


"Dom, have you forgotten your manners? You need to introduce us."

Mitch was more to the point. "Yeah, fuckhead, tell us who the Norse god is here. I need

a name before I can proposition him."

Donnie blushed at Mitch's comment. That blush really set Mitch's motor to humming. He

jumped up, walked over to Donnie, and pulled him into a deep kiss. I don't know if Donnie

voluntarily opened his lips to Mitch, or if Mitch just pushed his way in, but they held that

deep kiss for quite a while, with both seeming to enjoy it tremendously. Apparently, beauty

wasn't the only thing about Donnie that I had missed.

When they broke the kiss, Mitch stepped back and muttered in a low, husky voice, "God,

you are beautiful!" And he looked at Donnie with a look I had not seen on Mitch's face before,

declaring, "Skins are the order of the day," Mitch grabbed Donnie's shirt and lifted it up and

off his body. When he beheld the flawless pale skin, the tight pecs and abs, and the big pink

areolas around Donnie's nips, he gasped audibly and immediately dove in to suck on the tits he

had exposed.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me to carry on the conversation," Trey said, pointing

over to Donnie and Mitch entangled in an embrace.

"Do you think they'll ask us to leave, with the way these two are carrying on?" I asked.

"I doubt it," Trey replied. "Jack's is a gay-friendly place, and Mitch is just trying to

be friendly. As a matter of fact, Jack is one of the first gay men I met when Mitch and I moved

here. When we mustered out of the Marines, Mitch was determined to track down Kye and make

things right. I just followed along. When we got to town, we asked for the name of the best

restaurant, and we ended up here. We met Jack, and that night, we had a three-way. Jack can

really fuck, let me tell you. I thought he was going to nail my ass permanently to the floor of

his bedroom.

"Jack took you home with him?" I said, surprised by the admission. "He didn't know you."

"Yeah, but he felt guilty because he held us so long at the restaurant, and then the bar,

that we never got checked in at the hotel and they gave away our rooms. Something about a

football game in town."

So Jack was gay. Surprising that he never said anything to me about the cum on my lip last

Saturday after Kye met me in the restroom.

"Was Jack one of the guys who....you know.....had fun with Kye?"

"Oh, I don't think Kye was having any fun. And yes, Jack was there, early on the first day.

He was the one wearing the Magnum condom. His tool is bigger than mine!"

"Holy fuck! How big?"

"I don't like to go around telling other people's business, but it has got to be at least

twelve inches. And thick. It felt like I was getting fucked by a horse that night we arrived

in town. And of course, Jack loved it. He loves a big cock!"

That last comment made me focus back on Donnie and Mitch, who were still making out. I

wondered how big Donnie was. Maybe I'd get the chance to find out.

"Guys, are we going to order food, or just eat each other's faces?" Trey asked with fake

seriousness. He aimed the comment at Mitch, but it was Donnie who broke the kiss. "Sorry," he


"No need to apologize; I just want to feed my stomach before it starts growling." Just

then, his stomach did growl. "Oops! Too late." Trey added.

"So what are we going to order?" I asked.

"I want a big sausage; a huge sausage!" Mitch exclaimed. "And I've got just the buns where

Donnie can put it!"

Donnie blushed again. When Mitch saw that, a low, guttural groan emerged from his throat,

and he dove in to start a deep, wet kiss again.

"Hold on, hold on, Mitch. Do we need to get a straight jacket?" Trey said with a laugh.

"Let's just get some food, and then get home. I think we have some unfinished business

there," I added.

Mitch dragged Donnie over to a chair, sat him down hard and climbed on his lap, facing him

like he had done to me earlier. But as that had been done for fun, to repulse the waitress,

this was being done seriously. Mitch attacked Donnie's mouth like he had orders to rearrange

its contents. I looked at Trey, and he just shrugged again.

"Mitch gets like this," was his only explanation.

"Let's just order some food to go. They can always nuke theirs at home."

Trey and I decided upon Rueben sandwiches for all, and with my insistence, the sauce would

be on the side so that the sandwiches wouldn't get soggy. We decided not to get fries (they can

be so nasty when warmed up) but asked instead for chips and extra dill pickles. Jack, in the

kitchen, was more than happy to oblige.

When Wayne brought the food to the table, Trey gave him a big kiss and another twenty for

a tip. We shook the other two, telling them that we were going someplace even more comfortable.

They never let up on the kiss, so we just grabbed each of them by an arm and walked them

carefully to the Jeep. I considered putting on the top, but that wasn't going to keep anyone

from seeing them carrying on.

Mitch broke the kiss and pushed Donnie onto his back in the back seat, but not before

removing his shorts. He had gone commando, making things easier. Mitch skinned off his own

jeans and crawled in on top of Donnie in a sixty-nine position.

"I thought you said this would be more comfortable......" was all Donnie had time to say before

Mitch inserted his sizeable cock into Donnie's eager mouth. Mitch engulfed Donnie's huge

manmeat with his mouth, sinking to the root. That brought groans of pleasure from both men,

Mitch with his throat stuffed full of throbbing cock, and Donnie enjoying the feel of Mitch's

throat constricting his aching prick. And he was doing his best to take Mitch's meat into his

throat, but my guess was that Mitch had considerably more practice, so it would take Donnie

some time to work up to that.

Trey headed out for home, driving faster than he had when we had driven in to town in the

morning. Sensing what I was thinking, he offered, "We got to get these two horn dogs back to

the house before the cops stop us!" He took a few less travel streets in hopes of passing less


To pass the time, I opened the bag containing the food to check on our order. I trusted

Jake to get it right; he always did. Bur force of habit made me check anyway. There, nestled

between the containers of sandwiches, were two Magnum condoms. Jake must have seen the goings

on from the kitchen. I laughed out loud, and Trey looked at me with a question on his face. I

dug out the Magnums, showed them to him, and then tossed them in the back seat while Trey tok

his turn laughing.

"Now that's what I call full service!" Trey responded.

"Hey, you two in the back seat," I shouted. "Play safe, okay." Mitch pulled off of

Donnie's cock just long enough to say, "Fuck off!" The look on his face didn't look like

someone playing. It looked like he was going at it for real!

Trey looked at me, then leaned over so that I could hear what he was whispering. "I've

never seen him like this before. It's a little scary. Usually his sexual appetite is matched

with fun and humor. I don't know...."

"Hey, buddy, don't forget to keep your eyes on the road!"

For the rest of the trip home, Trey and I were silent. Good thing, because we wouldn't

have been able to hear each other over the moanings from the back seat. The level of intensity

of the groaning was matched by an increase in the physical action between Donnie and Mitch.

Both sucked harder, up and down, on the shaft in their oral holes. Both shoved their cocks into

the matching hole with greater intensity. When Donnie increased his speed of stroking, so did

Mitch. When Mitch sucked down harder, creating more vacuum in his mouth, so did Donnie.

When we were only about a mile from home, Donnie began to slap Mitch's ass to get his

attention. Mitch ignored it, and was quickly rewarded with an explosive load of spooge from

Donnie's cock. Mitch went into overdrive to catch it all, swallowing all he could. At the

same time, he willed himself to christen Donnie's mouth with his own load, and very soon it

happened. As Mitch came, he gave one last stroke deep into Donnie's mouth, and slid into

Donnie's throat, the way greased by Mitch's own cocksnot. I don't think Donnie realized Mitch

had finally gained that deep perch....Donnie didn't have any clue where he was, or what he was

doing....his head was reeling from all the sensations, and all he knew at that moment was sex:

raw, unbridled, man-to-man lustful sex. And from the sounds he was producing from deep within,

he wanted to stay there for a while.

Mitch was having none of that. Donnie had finished shooting first, so with his last shot,

Mitch stood up in the Jeep as best as he could. I thought we were going to lose him out of the

Jeep, but he'd held onto the roll bar, and didn't lose his balance. He quickly turned around

and threw his body down on top of Donnie's, and attacked his mouth, straining to share whatever

cum he could find there. He attacked Donnie's mouth for that last mile till we got home.

When Trey parked the Jeep, he jumped out and grabbed Mitch's body, pulling him off of Donnie's

body and out of the Jeep.

Donnie looked a mess, cum streaked all over his head and neck. I guess he didn't do as

good of a job swallowing as Mitch had. He also looked a little shell-shocked, like he wasn't

sure exactly what had just taken place.

Trey turned Mitch around to get in his face. "Stop acting like a god-damn animal, buddy.

Give him a chance to breathe, will ya? Do you realize that you two never did introduce

yourselves, and you've already fucked each other's brains out?" Trey seemed more than a little

upset by Mitch's lack of manners.

From the back seat of the Jeep, Donnie spoke timidly, "I'm Donnie, Dom's friend from work.

And I liked what we just did."

Having regained his manners, Mitch held out his hand to assist Donnie in getting up and

out of the Jeep, and added, "I'm Mitchell Dawson, and I think I love you." Now it was my turn

to blush. With Mitch's admission, I felt dirty for intruding on a personal moment like this.

I turned to Trey, and saw my feelings mirrored in his face. It isn't easy to see an

ebony-skinned man blush, but I could today. And I knew that trey felt as dirty as I did.

"Let's go into the house and eat, okay?" Trey asked. I agreed and picked up the bag of

food before hopping out of the Jeep. Mitch and Donnie followed us in, with Mitch holding

Donnie's hand and the two Magnums. Trey and I stopped at the kitchen, but Mitch led Donnie to

the bedroom he shared with Trey, and closed the door hard.

"It's going to be a long afternoon for that young man," Trey announced in my general

direction. "Yup, a long, hard afternoon."

.....to be continued....



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