Chapter 3

Trick or Treat

Then, at the end of the first quarter, Ford's humiliation took a new turn.

Halloween fell on a Friday, and as usual school let out early.

Ford, dressed as the Cowardly Lion, reported to the locker room as ordered.

He had had no trouble cringing and whimpering realistically all day. Inside the suit he had a vibrator egg taped to his cock and another inserted deep up his ass against his prostate. Over this he had three pairs of adult diapers on to muffle the humming noise. The Coach had outdone himself with this one!

The freely swinging stiff lion's tail was attached internally to the vibrator controls. Every time it moved, the vibrating speeds changed.

And of course, the tail was an irresistible bit of fun for his pals in the hallways!

The torment was incredible. He could not sit still in class. The worst thing was, the buzzing would drive him to the edge of orgasm. He was terrified that he would cum in public and not be able to conceal that fact. But no. The horrible thing was, much to his amazement, when he got close to cumming, the sensitivity of his cock head abruptly increased tenfold. The pleasure of near-orgasm was suddenly translated into a kind of pain that nearly made him pass out. The first time it happened he only barely managed to talk his English teacher out of sending him to the school nurse.

One further thing added to his erotic torment. By sheer coincidence, Nick had come dressed as the Tin Man, and as a result apparently felt it his duty to scamper around him as much as possible and (of course!) yank on his tail. To cap it all, Nick's costume was made out of a plastic barrel for the torso and loosely-fitted plastic pipes for the arms and legs. The legs were just strapped on, like chaps, and underneath this he was wearing tight-fitting silver lame trunks that left nothing to the imagination. So there he was, ass and basket delectably packaged, prancing around Ford and making the vibrators go crazy. Whatever part of Ford's brain that was responsible for producing wild sexual fantasies was working overtime.

Anyway, Ford entered the locker room in relief, knowing that he would finally get to take off the tormenting costume. He opened the door to Coach's office.

"Okay, Coach, I'm ready to get out of -"

Ford stopped short as he saw that the Tin Man was also present.

"Oh, there you are, Ford. Nick has decided to join the wrestling team, and we could really use him. The first meet is coming up in a week, and we need to get him up to speed. I want the two of you to spend a lot of time working out."

"Um. Uh. Okay, I guess. When did you want?"

"Now, Ford, now! Everyone's cleared out early, and you two can have the wrestling room to yourselves. I have to scram to work the kiddies Halloween parade."

Ford stammered. "Coach - I mean - you know - I mean YOU KNOW - now isn't the best time." Ford gave a meaningful glance to his costume.

"Nick would you excuse us? Why don't you go try to shower off that silver paint while I get this sorted out."

Nick left and Coach dragged Ford into the inner training room. Once in, he grabbed Ford's tail and cranked it around and around, driving a yelp from the jock.

"Okay, Ford, let's get you out of that costume."

Minutes later, Ford moaned in relief as Coach removed the two vibrating eggs. He fondled the jock's nutsack, forcing a groan of pleasure from his captive.

"I bet you have a real nice case of blue balls right about now. Well, they're gonna stay that way. Bend over."

"But Coach!"

"Do as I say. We're just gonna slip this nice thin plug up your hot ass and snap it in place... that's it... and now you're going to put on your uniform and go work out with Nick. That's and order!"

Ford picked up the tight wrestling uniform in resignation, then looked around, puzzled.

"Uh, Coach - you forgot to bring in a strap for me."

"No I didn't. you're going strapless."

"Oh, Coach, please no, I can't it'll look -"

"Shut up, get dressed, and get upstairs. Now."

One look at the Coach's expression told him to do as he was told. He struggled into the skin-tight outfit and shuddered in humiliation. His cock, still traitorously erect, could not have been plainer if he had dipped it in paint.

Ford crossed the darkened locker room and made his way to the door in the far corner, then up the tight spiral staircase to the wrestling room.

This room was actually the attic over the small stage in the gym. It could only be reached by the staircase through the locker room.

Ford entered the large space, with its open-beamed high ceiling and dormer windows filled with dirty frosted glass. A thick climbing rope dangled in the center of the room. Nick was on it.

His face, hair, and hands were still covered in silver paint. His only clothing was the tight silver lame posing trunks from his costume.

Nick dropped to the old red plastic mats.

"Okay, dude, bring it on!"

Nick pounced and they started to wrestle.

Ford, already hot, couldn't get rid of his erection. Making it worse, Nick was using moves that often put his well-endowed basket in the other boy's face, and his hand in Ford's ass crack. There was a pause as Nick grabbed Ford's all-too-exposed cock.

"Glad to see me?"

Ford squirmed out of the hold, blushing furiously.

Helplessly, Ford got even hotter as the intimate contact continued. Images of Nick from his many lewd fantasies distracted him. He kept imagining Nick naked. Nick on the massage table. Nick cumming wildly in the shower...

Ford was so distracted that Nick was able to pin him. Ford was rolled onto his back and they were face to face, groin to groin, with Nick's hands on his shoulders. Nick's face, weird in its silver paint, grinned in triumph.

"Trick or treat, dude!"

Ford tried to escape, but Nick pressed harder, grinding their groins together. All of a sudden, he felt that Nick's cock was also hard. The two cocks pressed together. His head spun. Too late, he realized that he was about one second away from an unstoppable orgasm. He struggled violently, managing to topple Nick for a moment, he was almost free but as the other boy clawed at him to maintain his balance, he pulled off both shoulder straps. The tight costume tangled his arms, giving Nick time to reverse and swing his legs around, planting his silver-clad buttocks right on Ford's face and pinning his shoulders as he leaned forward and grabbed Ford's inner thighs to pin his legs. This was too much and Ford convulsed, cumming in his shorts as Nick held him down.

It seemed that the orgasm went on forever. Ford had never been so humiliated in his life. Or so he thought.

He lay there, moaning as his orgasm subsided. Nick didn't move. Ford was conscious of the fact the Nick's butt crack was pressed to his face. Only the thin stretchy fabric of his shorts separated them. Ford squirmed a little and tried to speak, but his mouth was covered. This was getting way weird.

Then it got weirder. He felt Nick's hands fumble with the top straps of his single-piece uniform which had slid down around his arms. Nick yanked the top half of the uniform down to his waist, then used his knees to clamp Ford's arms uselessly to his sides. Then he slid his hands into the tights... Ford kicked out, but Nick grabbed his legs and tucked them under one arm. Now completely pinned, there was nothing Ford could do as Nick peeled the tight costume down onto his legs and tied them into a knot around his ankles. Then something happened as he felt something else being pulled between his ankles and didn't know what it was since he couldn't see. Then he realized: it was the gym rope, which dangled from the ceiling. They must have been nearly under it. Nick took it and looped it between his ankles and tied it off somehow. With his ankles tied together, Ford's legs were now strung up, leaving Nick's hands free. Ford froze as Nick started to fondle his still-hard - and sticky - cock. His other hand tickled his balls for a bit, then groped between Ford's thighs to reach for his ass...

Ford tried to clamp his buttocks together, but Nick easily pried them apart until his fingers touched the flange of the ass toy. There was a long pause and he heard Nick giggle.

Ford's mind was reeling. This was so like many of the lewd fantasies he had dreamed about. But now that it was happening, he was only aware of a crushing humiliation. He would truly have given anything - anything - to make this whole thing not have happened. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes.

Nick began, very gently, to play with the ass toy. Ford choked back a sob as the other guy started to twist and tweak the plug. At the same time, he began to let his fingertips graze up and down Ford's sensitive cock shaft, enough to feel really, really, good, but not enough to make him cum...

And he slowly began to tease the plug out, pulling against the clutched sphincter, until the muscle just began to dilate and release the toy. But then Nick kept it right there, not letting it out, not letting it snap back in, just wiggling it to and fro.

The light stroking of his cock continued.

He realized that Nick was playing high stakes. There would be no pretense afterward - 'gee I was so horny, you know how it is!' - or just laughing it off as a prank. Nick was stripping him to his core. His mind shrank within his skull, desperate to hide from this humiliation. But there was nowhere to hide.

It was like being skinned alive in front of the entire universe, his deepest, filthiest secrets revealed...

And meanwhile, his traitorous cock and ass were buzzing with a terrible, undeniable excitement.

Ford felt the tears begin to flow freely at the same time that he began to moan with helpless pleasure. Nick started to grind his ass crack against Ford's moaning mouth.

Somehow, Nick's strong fingers knew just what to do to maximize his excitement without quite letting him cum. The pleasure was exquisite, and Ford, broken, gave up all pretense at resistance. He spread his knees to give Nick better access and ground his pelvis in obvious lust.

Nick was panting, now. His voice was husky.

"I see you like this, huh? A lot, yeah? Well, now it's time for you to do a little for me. Yeah."

Before Ford realized what was happening, Nick leaned forward, yanked down his silver shorts, and planted his naked butt crack right smack on Ford's mouth. He also grabbed Ford's balls and gave them a twist.

"Eat me, dude. Eat me real good. Or your balls are hamburger."

Ford struggled, but Nick gave his balls a good hard twist. The pinned jock opened his mouth to yell and got a good mouthful of Nick's ass. As his tongue grazed the other boy's anus, he was overwhelmed with the thought that he was actually living out one of his hottest fantasies. The other boy was giving him no choice.

Obediently, Ford began to lick the other boy's asshole.

Nick gasped and began to wriggle like an eel. Within seconds he was squealing and bouncing on Ford's face.

After just a few minutes, Nick pulled his ass up and leaned forward, gasping for air.

"Oh - oh - oh... FUCKING hell! God! That tickles, its so intense... mannnn... whew!"

Nick spent a moment catching his breath.

Ford stared up at the butt inches above his face. The bright pink pucker was shiny with his spit.

"Jeezus FUCK that was hot! Okay. Now stick your tongue way out. As far as you can."

Ford did as he was told. Nick lowered himself and began gingerly to rub his asshole against the tip of Ford's strong tongue.

The blond quarterback could hardly believe the sensations in his butt. Every nerve in his pucker was quivering. His hole had always been super-sensitive - he always through a huge bone wiping his ass in the morning - and he never let the girls he had sex with touch him there.

The feeling of Ford's wet, velvety tongue on his rectum was almost more than he could take. And at that same time he wanted more. Much more!

Giving himself time to get used to the intense stimulation, he slowly pressed himself against Ford's mouth, letting the thrashing tongue work its magic.

Below, Ford was being torn in two. The taste of Nick's ass was both disgusting and delicious. He found himself wanting to eat this hot jock's ass forever while at the same time praying the utter humiliation would stop. The pain/pleasure ping pong ball ricocheted in his skull, now one way, now the other. Yes. No. Don't. Stop.

Meanwhile, Nick's mind was really coming together. Nick was really getting off on the feeling of utter domination over the other boy. He was actually sitting on the face of one of the top jocks in the school. PureBoy no less! He realized that his drive to competition, his sometimes cruel teasing of other jocks, was reaching fulfillment in making the muscular stud under him to into an utter cuntboy.

A massive tingle was building deep in his balls... Yeah, he thought, you're my cuntboy now. My ass-licking cuntboy. I can make you do anything I want, yeah anything... yeah, that's it, stick that faggot tongue deep up my shit hole, oh yeah, eat me, eat me, oooooohh... lick me lick me lick me LICK ME -

Abruptly, Nick started to cum convulsively. He pumped a fist on his gushing cock, and the spurts rushed up and out like an oil geyser. With his other hand he grabbed Ford by the hair and dragged his face deep into his smothering butt cleft.

Ford felt Nick's sphincter tighten like a vise on his tongue, clamping down in rhythm as the blond jock sitting on his face shot his load. He felt many of the wads strike his stomach with a thud. When the long, intense orgasm was finally over, Nick started lazily rubbing his slicked ass crack all over his face. He felt the guy scoop up cum from his stomach and moaned as Nick rubbed it into his own aching cock.

Using the cum for lube, Nick began to beat him off. Ford gasped as he felt Nick grab the plug and fuck him with it in rhythm.

The total shame and humiliation of the scene came crashing back down on him, stronger than ever, and he felt fresh tears coming. And the tears weren't the ONLY things he felt coming...

"P-please. Please," he whispered.

"What's that?"

Ford's voice broke. "Please don't. Not like this. Please."

"Don't what, PureBoy?"

"Don't... please... don't make me - don’t make me... Cum. Please. Not this way..."

Nick's only response was to work his thumb against Ford's piss slit, making him gasp in shock.

The hands continued their work as Ford continued whimpering pathetically for Nick to stop. Nick's only response was to press his butt back over Ford's mouth, making him shut up.

Ford willed with all his might to block the impending orgasm.

Instead he came at once.

Tears and semen flowed freely.

Afterwards Ford turned his head to the side in shame, unable to look at his sex idol as Nick untied him, leaving him nude and cum-splattered on the floor mat.

Nick grabbed his chin and Ford was forced to look up into Nick's face. Silver paint was starting to run off in patches.

"I saw you. That day in the concession stand."

It took Ford a moment to place what he meant. As realization dawned, he looked at Nick in horror.

"That's right. I hid under the bleachers. You never saw me and I waited. You put on quite a show. With your pervert ass toys, like a fag whore. At the end you were so into your little scene that I was able to come right up to the door with the window in it. I saw you cum, moaning like a bitch."

Nick leaned even closer.

"And I also heard everything you said."

Ford froze solid. Ford hadn't realized that he was talking in the concession stand. But he had been so desperate to cum for his 'assignment' that he had fantasized heavily. He must have been talking aloud without knowing it.

His face burned. He wished he could die.

Nick smiled. Suddenly Ford felt a finger flick against his dick. It bounced, still hard as ever.

"Good!" Nick abruptly got up, leaving Ford lying on the floor. "It looks like Mr. PureBoy has at least one more cum shot in him."

"I want you to do yourself while I watch. Like you did in the concession booth. Legs in the air, working your asscunt, jerking your prick till you spray a load. And while you do it, you're gonna tell a dirty story like you did. All about how you're begging me to use you like a faggot cunt whore."

Ford was utterly unable to make himself move. Nick picked up his ankles and spread them up in the air. He let go and they stayed. Moving in a slow-motion dream, Ford felt for the plug in his ass while letting the other hand find his cock.

Nick went and got his duffel bag, and sat cross-legged on the mat next to him for a close-up view of the action. Ford's eyes widened as he saw Nick remove rolling papers and a plastic bag of pot from his duffel and expertly roll a joint.

"Oh, and one other thing." He took a deep drag, let it out, and leaned close to Ford's ear, reeking of burnt hemp.

"After you cum I'm gonna rub my dick in it. And make you suck it off. Now talk dirty while I watch, cuntboy."

Ford opened his mouth, and a steady stream of filthy fantasies came tumbling out...

That Sunday

Ford, naked, knelt on the Coach's desk as the man played with a vibrator up his ass. His hands were bound behind his back and his mouth was stuffed full of soiled jock straps. As the Coach often did, he worked the boy while making him watch one of their homemade sex videos.

But this was different. The star on the screen was Nick.

He didn't know if he should cry or cum. His traitor cock voted for the latter.

The revelation that the whole deal with Nick had been a set up stunned him beyond belief. Speechless, he had listened as the Coach took great pleasure in telling him that Nick had known all about Ford's crush on him, and that the Coach had even let Nick read Ford' fantasy notebook. The arrogant quarterback had intentionally flaunted himself in the locker room, knowing full well that it was driving Ford insane with lust. Even his masturbation performance for the secret spycams had been part of the plan.

Finally, the stunned jock had managed to find his voice, asking how Nick had gotten involved with the Coach.

Ford's jaw dropped as he heard the story. In the football camps before school started, the ambitious would-be quarterback brazenly demanded to be made the starter for the team. In return, he offered to let the Coach fool around with him a little. His shrewd gamble paid off.

It turned out that Nick's twice-weekly 'rub-downs' were in fact his payments. The built blond jock put on a little strip & jerk show for the Coach, who then got to fondle him and bring him off.

And now the Coach was showing him highlights of the many jerk-off sessions he had had with Nick. In each one the built blond stud would strip off his sweaty workout clothes and slowly get himself hard while playing with his nipples. Then the Coach would give him a lewd rub-down ending in masturbation and climax. A few times Nick had allowed himself to be tied up for this, but he never let the Coach touch his asshole. Typically, Nick came as the Coach gave his oiled shaft a high-speed polish with his calloused palm while gently tickling his balls with the other.

Watching Nick strain every muscle, arching his back and lifting his ass high off the table as long white ropes of semen flew out the tight piss slit, made Ford incredibly hot.

But all he could do was moan into the disgusting gag as the coach diddled the vibrator in his ass, leaving his dick untouched.

As the two of them watched the tape, the Coach told him his plans for a new dimension to the hunky jock's sexual degradation: that he had given Nick permission to have Ford as his sex slave, to make him do anything he wanted - as long as the Coach got to watch, or as long as it was filmed for later.

And of course, Ford would still be required to serve the Coach as before.

When the tape was over, he led the boy, hands still bound, up to the wrestling room.

There he saw Nick, wearing a black jock strap and boots. The only other thing the guy was wearing was very a lewd smirk.

On a table was a wide assortment of sex toys.

Ford noticed another new twist: three video cameras. He supposed the Coach would do a fancier video since he had someone else to take care of working Ford over.

The experienced sex toy jock also noticed that several of the workout machines had straps and manacles on them in interesting places. His mind filled in the positions as his cock throbbed in anticipation.

The jock slave boy watched as his new master slowly turned around and put one leg up on the table to spread his cheeks. Ford noted in surprise that both his ass crack and scrotum had been shaved. The Coach pushed Ford to his knees. Without the use of his hands, he crawled awkwardly closer, dick bobbing, and saw Nick's buttocks get bigger and bigger until they were the only thing he could see. For quite a while.

Chapter 4

The Sleepover

The next Friday, Nick invited Ford to spend the weekend at his house. Nick made it clear that accepting the invitation was mandatory - or else.

Friday was his usual 'movie night' with Coach. This time, the after school session was joined by Nick as a prep to Ford's spending the night. The three of them were seated side-by-side on a grungy old sofa the Coach had added for the occasion.

Ford, sandwiched between the two naked guys, had his hands pulled up and tied to a dangling chain. The others' hands were otherwise occupied. Nick had slid his left hand underneath Ford's buttocks and was frigging the jock slave's hot little hole while the Coach's right hand was engaged in a long, slow, gentle tease of Ford's dripping boy stick.

Ford's knees were tied to a hockey stick as a spreader bar. His toes were curling helplessly as the two guys worked his pleasure spots.

On the screen was a film of last Sunday's three-way. Ford's hot body had been draped over the weight machines in a variety of degrading positions, bound in place as the two jocks violated him over and over. They had taken turns sitting on his face and fucking his mouth as the other teased his hole with one lewd toy after another. They had made him cum three times. The last time, he had been bound while the Coach fucked his ass and Nick watched, talking filth. Ford had discovered that the anal violation was even more humiliating with Nick watching. At the end, the blond stud had slowly jerked him off while Ford begged him pathetically not to make him cum like this. Of course, he had.

When the movie was over, Ford was forced to kneel between the Coach's legs and suck him off while Nick watched.

It was dark when the two boys went to the parking lot, where only Nick's and the Coach's cars were left. Both boys were still sporting raging hard-ons, neither of them having cum during the movie. Nick threw the car into gear and roared off into the night.

"Take off your shoes, jeans and underwear and throw them in the back seat."

"Here? No way, Nick, someone will see us!"

"Too bad. Do it. Now!"

Reluctantly, Ford obeyed. The leather seat was ice-cold on his buttocks and his cock waved at attention in the chill air.

"Put your hands behind your head and keep them there."

Nick drove them all over town, and a number of school friends passed them and waved. Ford was pretty certain no one could actually see his lap, but he was nevertheless mortified.

Nick's house was a big new one out in the country, and the highway went past a closed old-fashioned rest stop. Nick pulled into the weed-covered pull-off, turned on the reading light and unzipped his pants.

"Blow me."

"Here? Are you crazy? I could never- mmf!!!"

Nick grabbed him by the neck and forced his face into his crotch. He jammed his cock into Ford's throat, silencing his objections.

"If you don't want someone to drive by and see, you'd better make me cum fast."

Ford began sucking for all he was worth.

Nick as so horned up from watching the porno video that he knew he would blast soon. Panting and gasping, he told Ford how to suck him.

"Ooh, yeah, more tongue on the tip, oh YEAH that's it now suck harder and go up and down, oh yeah, suck it, suck that dick fagboy, oh YEAH... HERE I CUM!!!"

Ford choked and spluttered as the huge load of white cream erupted in his mouth, a lot of it leaking out. Nick made him lick the leather seat clean before turning off the map light and pulling back onto the highway.

Ford was certainly not surprised to discover that Nick's parents were away for the weekend. Nick allowed him to wear only his socks as he walked from the car to the house, which was fortunately a fair distance from the closest neighbor. He remained nude as they shared a frozen pizza chased down with a couple beers. Nick kept a finger up Ford's ass the whole time, using it to guide him around the house. Ford was desperately hard from all the stimulation but Nick refused to let him get off.

They wound up in Nick's bedroom, and the randy blond got down to business. Ford was tied spread-eagle face up on the four-poster canopy bed using silk ties rummaged from Nick's closet. Another tie was used to keep a pair of dirty socks in Ford's mouth. Then Nick opened his gym bag and took out a slim blue vibrator, courtesy of the Coach. This he screwed into Ford's ass and turned on. In seconds the dark-haired jock was squirming in heat.

Meanwhile Nick set up a video camera and turned it on, then got up on the bed, standing over his captive butt slave. He did a slow strip tease, enjoying the look of helpless lust in Ford's eyes. He rubbed himself all over Ford's body, but never touching his cock. He hunkered down over his head, waving his cock and balls an inch from his face as Ford looked at him pleadingly. Then he put one sweaty, moist armpit tightly over Ford's nose, forcing him to breathe that way. Nick was amused to see that Ford was bouncing his hips up and down in heat as the vibrator continued to buzz away. The smell of Nick's armpit was making him even hornier.

Nick got another silk tie and got back on the bed, squatting with his spread ass over Ford's face. Holding the tie stretched between his hands, he began to rub it ever so slightly on Ford's shaft, using a slow sawing motion. The jock slave quivered and jerked, but there was not enough stimulation to let him come. Nick then lowered his buttocks on to Ford's face, making sure that Ford's nose was buried in the deepest part of the crack. Every breath was ripe with Nick's anal musk and butt sweat. Ford's deep moans of humiliation sent a pleasant sensation through Nick's ass. Meanwhile, he continued to tease Ford's cock with the silk tie.

After some time, Nick decided he would finally let Ford come. He turned around and put his spread ass over Ford's groin, facing Ford. Ford looked on disbelievingly as Nick lowered his asshole towards Ford's raging erection. The blond hunk carefully positioned himself so that Ford's throbbing knob was just pressed against his anus, but not quite inside. He then clamped his powerful buttocks shut, holding Ford's cock exactly in place.

Ford's eyes bugged out. The sensation of having his cock almost inside Nick's ass was freaking him out. And the blond stud was putting on a show for him, playing with his own nipples and squirming erotically, letting Ford's cock twist in its tight buttock embrace. Ford felt the gritty stubble of Nick's ass hair, coming back in after it had been shaved a week ago, rubbing like sandpaper on his dick.

He strained and arched his back, but try as he might, he was not able to press his cock head any deeper. Nick rode him expertly, always keeping Ford's knob pressed at - but not in - his rectum.

Nick gyrated faster, his tight butt cleft polishing its captive cock. A riot of hot scenes flashed through Ford's mind, as he imagined he was fucking Nick...

Ford's eyes rolled back and he came, body locked in a rigid arch. The powerful spurts of pent-up semen blasted into Nick's pucker and through it, flooding his rectum.

Eventually Ford's orgasm came to a shuddering end. The dark-haired jock's sculpted torso was heaving. He shuddered again, then whimpered slightly into his gag as the vibrator continued to buzz away inside him. Nick lifted himself off of Ford's dick and turned it off. Ford looked at him in relief.

Nick leaned over his face, which was slicked with sweat. He began to untie the gag, then leaned to whisper on Ford's ear.

"I have a special treat for you. Dessert."

"Wha - what do you mean," Ford croaked.

Nick suddenly swung around so his ass was over Ford's face.

"Cream of Faggot a la Butt Hole!"

"No! Nick, no, please, I can't oh no please PLEASE! Don't make me do this no-mmm-MMMPF-!!!"

Nick lifted his balls aside so he could look down and see Ford's wide eyes staring back.

"You're going to suck all of your own cum out of my ass and eat it, or I am going to leave you tied up with the vibrator on full speed all night. Got it?"

When there was no response, Nick reached back and switched the vibrator on high. Ford squealed as it buzzed his post-orgasm sensitive gland, then moaned in resignation as he pushed his strong tongue into Nick's anus and began sucking out his own slimy dick snot.

By the time Ford finished his cleaning job, Nick was raging hard and ready for the main act. He untied Ford and forced him to put on a heavily soiled jock strap that Nick had been wearing to football practice for weeks. He had even cum in several times, and it was heavily crusted. He then had Ford lie face down on the bed, but facing the foot. He tied Ford's ankles to the head posts, spreading him wide, but left his hands free. Nick then got out a bottle of lube and a three-ring binder.

He squirted a generous amount of oil in Ford's ass crack, then rubbed his cock in it.

"Oh, no, Nick you aren’t going to... you know... are you?"

Nick merely set the binder on the bed so Ford could see it and opened it.

Inside he had photocopies of many of Ford's secret dirty fantasies. He had pasted in may photos given to him by the Coach, showing Ford in many lewd and perverted positions, many of them I the throes of orgasm.

"You're going to read this book to me while I fuck you. Make it good, I want you to sound real sexy. Like a whore in heat."

Nick got his cock in place and began to push in as Ford pleaded with him to stop. But as Nick's sturdy cock breached his sphincter and began to rub on his swollen prostate, the helpless jock let out a deep guttural moan.

Ford's body went limp as Nick began a slow, sexy fuck, and he squirmed gently as he was raped.

Nick picked up Ford's head and made him look at the open binder.

"Read it."

Ford shuddered and began to read. "The sweaty football players lined up as Nick, the hunky, gorgeous quarterback, pushed me to my knees..."

Ford read, forced to share his most private dirty thoughts, as Nick fucked him hard and slow. He could feel Nick's erect nipples scraping his back as Nick hugged him close, letting his hands roam all over Ford's torso before allowing one hand to cup his cock where it was encased in the soiled jock. He kneaded the captive dick, the sharp crusty spots on the pouch scratching his tender prick knob.

The two sweaty jocks were writhing together. Nick let his other hand tweak Ford's rubbery nipples while he massaged Ford's dick and kept fucking.

Ford kept reading as the heat was building, Nick fucking him, taking him completely, and increasingly he had to stop reading for a moment as he whimpered in forced pleasure.

Nick humped harder and faster, biting him on the back of the neck, and Ford felt himself carried along by the two hands pleasuring his cock and nipples.

Gasping, Ford was reaching the end of one of the stories...

"And the whole team made me cum, over and over, and there was nothing I could do as they made me cum... made me cum while they all watched... over and over... over and over... AAAH!"

Ford twitched in helpless spasms as Nick clutched him tight and fucked him hard. Bucking, he blew load after load into the crusty jock strap.

Nick felt the delicious spasms clutch his cock, but managed to hold his cumming off. He wanted this to last.

"Yeah, that was great, PureBoy! Do it again!"

Ford whimpered as the rigid prick continued to pummel his sensitive love nut.

He turned the page and started to read a story about being gang-raped at the state wrestling meet, while Nick's wonderful hands did all the little dirty things just right to set him on the road to another forced orgasm...


Why We Love Shop Class

Ford woke slowly and spent several disorienting minutes trying to figure out where he was. He rolled over and his hand felt naked buttocks.

He sat up, remembering. The room reeked of stale sweat and multiple orgasms. In the wintry sunlight the scene was tawdry: open bottles of lube and beer, discarded clothes, ties still hanging from the four posts, a slimy vibrator on the desk next to the video camera, still aimed at the bed.

Nick yawned, stretched, and sat up also, sporting a good-sized piss hard-on. As he lowered his arms, he grabbed Ford by the neck and pushed his face into his crotch, impaling the jock's mouth on his smelly dick. Nick lay back with a satisfied sigh as Ford started to suck. The blond jock spread his legs wide and ground his butt into the bed, playing with his own nipples as Ford's tongue made him squirm with pleasure.

Afterwards, in the shower, Nick had Ford tongue his asshole squeaky clean. Then he made Ford keep his hands behind his head as he soaped him up sexily, groping the hunky wrestler all over before slipping a soapy finger up his ass and scratching his prostate while soaping up the jock's cock and balls. The poor stud was dancing from foot to foot as Nick drove him to the edge of orgasm and stopped.

Clean and dry, the boys went downstairs to get breakfast, Nick in a warm robe, Ford in nothing at all.

Nick told Ford to clean up the kitchen, then go up and clean the bedroom and wait for him there.

Meanwhile, Nick headed to the garage to make some of his own preparations. Last night, he had had an idea as Ford read a dirty fantasy that involved do-it-yourself sex equipment.

First he took the seat with its short pole attachment off his bicycle and clamped it securely into the Christmas tree stand, which was already screwed down to a 36" circular plywood base for stability. Into the plywood base were also four heavy screw eyes, used to attach guy-wires.

Then for the good part. He found the trowel his mother used for hand-gardening. It had a shaped wooden handle about 12" long and 1-1/2" thick and a typical hoe-like blade. Taking the seat cover and pad off the bicycle seat he fixed the hoe blade down to the metal seat with fiber tape so that the handle pointed straight up. Then he cut an X in the seat cover and forced it down over the handle and snapped it back on. Stepping back, he admired his handiwork. The bicycle seat was now sporting a large wooden dildo. He clamped the seat into the Xmas tree stand and smiled. The homemade dildo was just the right height to impale a kneeling jock up the ass...

Smirking to himself, he wondered what the shop teacher would think of his engineering genius. If they had more shop projects like this, class would be interesting!

Next he stopped in the kitchen, rummaging in the pantry to find a can of Crisco.

He continued back to the bedroom with his equipment. The nude wrestler had finally managed to get his raging cock to subside to normal.

He then proceeded to tell Ford in lewd detail what he was about to do.

Ford protested, but Nick could see that the boy was throwing a rod just thinking about it. He pointed this out to Ford and laughed when the boy blushed.

Ford knelt on the plywood base and applied a heavy coat of Crisco to the wood dildo as ordered, then stuffed his ass full of grease as well. He wiped his hands on a towel and then held them behind his back as Nick tied them together.

Nick then ordered the hapless jock to impale himself on the bicycle seat. Ford spread his legs and hunkered down slowly, wriggling his hips to try to accommodate the lewd shaft.

Nick giggled with glee as Ford whimpered and struggled to force the rigid tool deeper and deeper into his rectum. Finally, it was in all the way. Ford's eyes were closed and he was moaning deeply. Nick looped some rope through the hook eye behind Ford and used it to cinch his bound wrists back, forcing him to lean back sharply. This had the stick pushing hard on Ford's prostate, as well as forcing his cock to jut out in an obscene display. Ford tried to ease the pressure, tried to rise up on the handle, but his bound wrists would only let him raise his hips a couple inches. The position was impossible to hold and he slid back down hard. As he felt the pressure again on his love-nut, he groaned loudly.

Meanwhile Nick went to his desk drawer, and removed a sealed plastic bag in which he had kept the dirty jock strap, still soaked with Ford's two huge loads.

When Ford saw it he opened his mouth in horror and before he could react, Nick had shoved it in his mouth. He tied it firmly in place with another silk tie and roared with laughter at the face Ford made as he felt the cold sperm slime coat his mouth. The helpless boy started to writhe in revulsion, but the writhing made him squirm on the handle up his ass, and finally he stopped resisting.

Nick thought the scene looked hot: the dark-haired wrestling stud, nude, bound and gagged, his ass impaled on 12" of hard wood, back arched with his chest and abdominal muscles in high relief, and his throbbing boner jutting out from his writhing hips. Hot.

Nick played with his slave, twisting his nipples and stroking his cock until the helpless boy was dripping pre-cum.

Then he stopped. Ford was squirming with lust.

Nick put the TV where Ford could see it and turned it on. He rewound last night's video and hit the play button.

The sights and sounds of Ford's rape filled the room.

At the time, Ford had been too into it to really know what he was saying as he had babbled lewdly the night before. Now he heard every word. Begging to be used. Begging to be raped.

It was totally fucking humiliating.

But it was also totally fucking HOT.

"Have a good time watching the movie, Ford. I'm going out for a while. But it's a two-hour tape and should keep you entertained all afternoon. Enjoy!"

Ford yelled into his gag and tried to wriggle free. His cock throbbed in vain as Nick shut the door.

Unable to tear his eyes from the screen, Ford watched with mingled shame and lust the tape of his violation. He ached for release. After a while, more or less for something to do, he started to slide up and down on the wooden dildo.

The semen in the gag mingled with the saliva in his mouth and trickled down his throat. Slowly.


When Nick returned, the image on the video screen was that of Ford getting fucked up the ass by Nick.

Meanwhile, the real Ford was fucking himself on a wooden dildo. His penis was drooling.

Nick laughed. "I see you missed me! Shall I take out your gag?"

Ford nodded.

"There you go! Now, how about I do something about that cock of yours? What do you say?"

"Oh please - please -"

"But first, how about a nice kiss to welcome me home?"

Nick turned around and dropped his pants.

"A nice, FRENCH kiss!"

Obediently, Ford stuck out his tongue and welcomed his master home.

"Oh, yeah, eat that ass, yeah, get that tongue in deeper, yeah, that's it, work it boy, eat that ass, oh yeah..."

Nick watched the tape as Ford serviced him with his tongue. The tape was hot. He really got off watching himself in homemade porno.

And tonight would be even better. He had given thought to some really hot scenes that he could film.

And he had plenty of blank cassettes.

As much as he was enjoying the ass job, it was probably time to let Ford get some rest before tonight's festivities. He pulled away and hunkered down next to the bound boy.

"Time to freshen up your gag, slave boy!" Holding the sodden jock strap against the tip of Ford's penis, he stroked the boy's cock shaft with his other hand. Almost instantly, Ford cried out loudly and came, his body writhing in spasms as he sprayed a huge load into the wad of cloth, saturating it completely with gobs of thick, sticky semen.

When his orgasm subsided, Nick put the soaked jock strap to the tip of his own penis and beat off, rapidly releasing a load of his own. Afterwards he put the gooey wad in a zip-lock bag to keep it moist, and then wiped his messy hand off on Ford's chest.

Releasing Ford from his bondage, he forced the boy off the wooden handle. It came out with a plop. Ford, exhausted from his two hours in bondage, collapsed moaning. Nick half carried him to the bed.

"Get a good nap, Ford. Need to have you good and rested for tonight!"

"Nick - please - I don't think I should do this anymore-"

"Listen, sleaze boy! You know what the Coach and I have on you. What do you think the guys at school will think when we show it to them? Or, better yet, your Dad! Huh? HUH?"

"Oh no! No, please..."

"So I figure you're my permanent little faggot now. Whenever I want you to suck my dick, or eat my ass, or anything else, you're gonna DO IT! In fact, you're going to let me do ANYTHING I WANT!"

Nick slid his fingers into Ford's greasy rectum. Ford shuddered.

"And if I stick something up your ass, you will not resist. If I tell you I want to fuck you up the ass, you're gonna spread your legs, bend over and let me! I've got you right where I want you! You’re my whore-boy slave, and don't you forget it!"

Ford said nothing. But as Nick continued to slide his fingers around in his ass, Ford silently lifted his legs and spread them, his face turned away. His cock was hard.

"Yeah. That's a good boy. A good slave boy!"

Nick leaned down and turned Ford's face toward him.

"And you like it! You like being a slave, don't you?"

Ford was silent, not looking him in the eye. Then he whispered thickly.

"Yeah. Yeah, I like it."

Nick surprised him by kissing him hard on the mouth. Then he withdrew his fingers and slapped him on the ass. "Now get some rest! After your nap hit the shower and clean up! Then after that we'll chow down some burgers and beers, and after THAT," he leered, "you're gonna star in America's Horniest Home Videos!"



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