After his intense—but only vaguely remembered—session that MLK weekend, Brian Cross booked two more cum-control sessions the same week. With each session, the mysterious Green Lube had been even more effective.

Brian would have kept coming every day... but Friday the rent was due, which ate up his entire paycheck, and he was unable to pay for more sessions.


Brian showed up at the door of the frat house the following Wednesday without an appointment, looking haggard. He demanded to see Steve.

“I — I need — need — a session. Now. Please.”

“Well... on short notice... it’s gonna cost you extra. A hundred and fifty bucks instead of seventy-five.”

“I only have twenty bucks on me... I get paid Friday, I can pay you then—”

“Sorry, loverboy, no credit. Cash only.”

Steve turned away and Brian grabbed his shirt to make him stop.

“Please! I’m fucking desperate!”

There were sniggers from the living room and Brian seemed to realize for the first time that they were not alone. A half-dozen or so frat brothers were lounging around in various stages of undress.

Brian lowered his voice. “Please,” he hissed.

Steve gave him a long, calculating stare.

“Blow me.”


“I said blow me. Right here. Suck my dick and I’ll give you a free session.”

“No... no I don’t... do that...” Brian realized that he was slowly sinking to his knees.

Inches away, Brian watched Steve pull down his zipper.

“No,” he whispered.

Steve’s hands moved deliberately to open his pants and expose his dark red underwear. Brian caught a whiff of ball starch as it emerged from the open jeans. He moaned.

Steve hooked a thumb under his waistband, scooped his genitals out with the other and tucked the band under his nut sack.

The ball smell was overpowering now.

A wave of fear soured his stomach but all Brian could do was stare at Steve’s penis, mesmerized.

He opened his mouth, said NO, NO WAY but actually he didn't say it and Steve’s dick was between his lips, sliding over his tongue... into his throat...

Silence prevailed in the living room.

Brian felt the cock knob graze the back of his throat and finally the paralysis broke. Jerking his head back he fell backwards on to the floor.

The frat brothers broke into derisive laughter as he crawled on all fours out the door, stumbled to his feet, and ran out into the street, narrowly avoiding being run over.



The well-pierced and accessorized clerk looked up from his magazine. Brian realized with a sinking feeling that they had been classmates at Chained Rock High ten years earlier. Maybe the guy wouldn’t remember, they hadn’t been close.

“Yeah? Oh, hey, wait a minute - we were in school, right? Brian something, am I right?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, hey. Um. And you’re... uh...”

“Zack. Well, what can I do for you, buddy?”

“You um... h-hum... uh...”


“I uh... need to buy... um.. a gift, present... um dildo. Big. Maybe, a little... rough.”

“Vaginal or anal?”


“Ass or pussy, dude? They make ’em different. Pussy dildo won’t do a butt any good.”

“Oh. H-hm. Butt. Anal, I mean. For her. She likes it. Angela. Anally.”


“So, I mean, can you... like... recommend one?”

“Let’s take a tour. Follow me.”

“No, really, I—”

Zack flipped up the counter flap and led the way to the far corner of the store. Brian followed, ignoring the curious looks from the middle-aged guys thumbing through magazines.

“Here we are! Butt Land! Everything you need... this one here is popular, stays in place on its own, leaves your hands free... or this one, made like eight fat golf-balls glued together, little bumps all over, that would get to your deep spots—”

“Not your. I mean my. I mean Angela. I said. Her. Not me... How much?”

“Eighteen bucks.”

“Okay. I’ll take it.”

Back at the desk, the clerk rang it up.

“How about lube?”


“Lube! You’re gonna need it for this big thing.”

Brian could swear he heard quiet laughter from the stacks.

“S-sure,” he said.

“Okay, add tax and the lube, that makes it twenty-six forty.”

“But — I only have twenty bucks. Maybe just the toy. Thing.”

“Dude, this thing’s gonna tear you up. Tell you what I’ll throw in the lube. Take out your dick.”

“Hey — wait a minute—”

The clerk held up a digital camera and nodded at the side wall.

“For my trophy wall. Kind of a tradition.”

Brian noticed some bleary shots of various penises, framed by dropped trousers.

“Well... I don’t really have time for this, I’m on my lunch break—”

“Just take a second, sport. Go on, give us a peek!”

Blushing furiously, Brian undid his jeans and let his rock-hard dick spring out.

“Had enough? Okay?”

Zack whistled appreciatively as he snapped away. “Certainly up for it! Just a few more snaps... and pull the jeans a little more out of the way... yeah... Now just a couple butt shots... oh, yeah, nice, that’s good, pull the shirt up a bit... nice...”


Brian stormed into his apartment, furious with himself.

And flat broke.

He couldn’t believe he let the guy talk him into posing like that. What was he thinking? Now the porn shop would have nude photos of Brian Cross posted on the trophy wall for all and sundry to see.

Well.. he wasn’t thinking, was he? That was his problem. His ASS was doing all thinking these days. He hadn’t been able to make love to Angela for a week, and now his ass was on fire all the time and all he could think about was the fucking... the fucking... all of them... making him do it, making him LIKE it...

Jerking away, day and night, and he hadn’t been able to achieve orgasm in four days.


She was coming over again later tonight and he HAD to get this demon out of his system. If Steve wouldn’t do it he would do it himself.

His only chance was to get himself in hand over the lunch hour. And he had just twenty-five minutes before he was due back at the garage.

Minutes later, naked legs in the air, he discovered the kid had been right.

He really did need the lube.

And the toy really did dig deep... deep... DEEP...

Unfortunately for Brian, his lunch hour wound up lasting the whole afternoon...


“Brian? Aren’t you ready? Where are y- JEEZUZ!!!”

Brian looked up, eyes glazed, hands busy with their perverted work. Looking at Angela but not seeing her.

There was total silence for a count of three.






Pounding footsteps.


Brian’s eyes slowly regained focus and he gave a deep moan of utter humiliation and collapsed onto the mattress.

“No... oh god... jeezuz... no... Angela...”

But his hands were still at work. Jerking.


They were making him. Do it.



“Brian! Get your ass out here! Customer!”

Brian’s eyes flew open, finding themselves in the grimy mirror.

“Oh jeezuz,” he whimpered.

He had taken off all of his clothes — didn't really remember that part — and was braced against the sink with one hand, diddling a flanged vibrator up his butt with the other. In his shock he felt his sphincter snap tight around the flange, and his hand was too greasy to get a grip on it — he turned it off, but his butt wouldn’t relax and he couldn’t get it out—


“Cross! You’ve got 10 seconds to get out here or I’m dragging you out by the dick! Hear me?”

Shit! Boss Hemmer meant it.

No time to get dressed. Brian wrestled his nude body into the oil-stained coverall, and shoved his jeans, tee shirt, underwear and socks in the locker. He had just slipped on his shoes when the door burst open.

“You got a customer! Asked specially for you, Cross! And what the hell are you in the john for all the time? Whack your meat at home!”

Brian laughed weakly. “Yeah. Home.”

Brian tried to walk normally with the vibrator up his ass and heard muffled snorts and catcalls. He looked down and turned beet red, then grabbed a clipboard to hold against his all-too-obvious erection tenting out the thin coverall material. He really should have put the underwear on, at least.

He somehow scraped his mind together and went down to his work bay, at the far end of the garage. Stuck out his hand at the blond college dude with the red Mazda.

“Brian Cross.”

“Luke Cummings. They told me to ask for you. Need a brake inspection.”

“Right. Who said?”

“Oh — just asking around.”


Brian hunkered down on the far side of the car, stifling a groan as the toy bit deeper into his ass. He crouched on the far side to keep the other grease monkeys from eyeballing his crotch.

Luke was meanwhile eyeballing the other mechanics. Boss Hemmer sure new how to pick ‘em. The young one at the other end looked like a natural bottom...

Brian pried off the rear wheel cover. “Looks like one of those locking lug deals. You got the key for it?”

“Really? Let me look.”

Luke knelt next to him.

Brian felt a hand slip between his legs, cupping his balls.

“What the f—”

“Actually, Steve sent me... you know STEVE... at the frat house...”

Brian broke out in a flop sweat.

“I have some pictures for you to look at. And a business deal. So I suggest we just stay down here out of sight and keep quiet. No sense making a big... fuss... in front of the other guys. Right?”

Brian clenched his teeth.


Keeping one hand on Brian’s balls, Luke produced a stack of glossy photos and fanned them on the soiled concrete floor.

Brian. Fucking himself.

Brian. Cumming all over himself.

Brian. Grinning, sex-crazed face covered with loads of cum. Other guys’ cum.

Brian didn't remember doing any of it. But there was no doubt. It was him. Performing like a whore in Steve’s ‘work room’ with a gang of guys watching and beating off.

Luke slipped his other hand around to slide into the front of Brian’s coverall. The mechanic started to pull away.

“Tch -tch -tch! We’re going to have ourselves a nice cozy chat. Or I’ve got another few dozen photos to give to all your buddies out there. That’s right. Now, where’s our little friend... there he is... nice and hard... feels good, having a hand help out, doesn’t it? Bet you wish you could cum... yeah, that’s it, guy, spread those legs for me, give me some room...

Brian gritted his teeth and did as he was told. The guy’s hand was driving him crazy, he was so close to orgasm, almost on the edge, and he couldn’t cum...

“Now, I bet you’ve been wondering what’s wrong with you. It seems that weird ass lube Steve uses is addictive. Like a drug. Who knew? And unless you get it every few days, it really fucks you up. Makes you horny all the time... makes your ass itch... and the worst thing is, you can’t cum unless you get a fresh fix.

“So I have a deal for you. I’m starting a new porn business and I need models. You need your lube fix. So I figure you come work for me making porn — getting fucked, you’ll like that — and sucking dick, and that kind of stuff — which helps me out, and I pay you a good salary and keep you fixed up with the lube. How ‘bout it?”

Brian was staring at his own reflection in the car paint, slack-jawed.

“Are — you — in — SANE?”

“No. But you will be soon if you don’t agree. Why would a straight guy like you be squatting here, letting me diddle his cock and balls, desperate to get off? Wake up.”

“No. Oh no. it can’t be true, I won’t do it, I won’t...”

Brian was breathing harder now, as Luke’s expert fingers made his dick feel SOO good...

He felt a draft of cold air as Luke ripped open the butt seam of the flimsy coverall.

Luke reached into the hole and giggled as his fingers made contact with the end of vibrator, still clutched tight up Brian’s butt.

“Well, well, well, what have we here... let’s turn it on, shall we?”

“No... please...”


Brian began bucking his hips, desperate for that good hard fucking that might actually make him cum this time...

In the week since Angela walked out he had hardly gotten any sleep, fucking himself every which way, buying one toy after another, hoping the next one would do the trick, spending his whole paycheck in three days...

He had been afraid to go back to Steve after the blow job encounter.

And he was getting a deal on the toys. The clerk gave him a break if he let the kid grope him up and jerk him off a little in the dark corners of Butt Land... yesterday, he had been flat broke, not a dime... the store was empty. He got the flanged vibrator (currently buzzing up his ass) for free by virtue of letting the kid give him a ‘lesson’ with it in one of the video booths for 20 minutes.

Brian blushed as he remembered how he started to beg for the kid to do it harder...

And here he was, letting some frat dude use him like a sex puppet in public!


“No way! Get off me!”

Brian spun around, knocking Luke to the floor.

“Find some other porn slut! Get away from me!”

Luke gave him a long stare.

“All right. You asked for it.”

Luke grabbed Brian’s right hand and forced the big class ring right down the door of the Mazda.


Brian stared at the gouge in horror, then felt Luke jump up, jerking Brian with him.

“Goddammit! You idiot! You goddam MORON! Look what you DID to my CAR!”

Brian stared at him, aghast.

He found himself dragged by the arm down the length of the garage toward the office, trying to hold his coverall together with one hand.

And there was the Boss. At his desk.

“What’s going on! Cross?”

Brian could only stare in terror as Luke gave his body a shake.

“This guy — supposedly your top mechanic — put a gouge two feet long in my car. Look!” he held up Brian’s hand, with the bulky class ring covered in red paint peelings.

“I — I — please sir, I can explain, I—”

“And then he offered to blow me if I kept quiet about it.”

“WHAT!!!? CROSS!!!”

“I — I never, I—”

“Just LOOK at this faggot!”

Luke grabbed Brian’s lapels and ripped the front of the coverall apart, scattering buttons and exposing Brian’s naked torso... and his very erect penis.

Boss Hemmer stood open-mouthed.

Luke jerked back on the sleeves, tugging them backwards off Brian’s arms, and yanking the coverall down to his knees. Before Brian knew what had happened, Luke had pushed him face down on the desk, scattering papers and a row of bowling trophies.

“And look at THIS!”

Brian felt Luke’s fingers pluck at the ass toy.

Pulling it all the way out.

Brian heard it hit the floor. It was still on. Buzzing.

There was a pause.

“So, I figure — in addition to re-painting the door — this asshole owes me a blow job.”

Another pause. Some shuffling.

Hemmer cleared his throat. Eyed the perfect curve of the white butt cheeks bent over his desk.

“Yeah. I’d say he owes both of us!”

Brian froze in place on the desk. His ass was pointed away from the garage, thank god, but through the inner office window he could see the other mechanics putting down their tools and coming closer to see what was going on.

Suddenly his view was restricted to Luke’s denim-covered crotch.

It didn't stay covered for long.

As the thick pungent cock pushed into his mouth, Brian heard another zipper behind him. Then he heard Boss Hemmer spit.

Boss Hemmer’s beady eyes glinted darkly as he rubbed spit on his massive, fat-knobbed cock. Ripping his tie off and letting his suit trousers fall as they may, he bent his knees, lined himself up at the hole, and pushed.

Pushed deep.

Oh yeah.

He grabbed Brian by the hips and rammed home, splitting the tight crack wide open and slamming his balls against Brian’s hard-muscled buttocks.

Fuck, it felt good. Yeah. Slamming away as hard as he wanted, no ‘being careful’ like he had to with the wife... besides, Maggie had been a bitch with the whole menopause thing, hadn’t been giving him any for a while... hadn’t had sex in weeks...

Brian closed his eyes but couldn’t tune out the smell of Luke’s dick, the pounding pain/pleasure of Hemmer’s fat cock raping his hole, the sound of Hemmer’s satisfied grunts.

After a few minutes, Brian heard another sound. Zippers. Lots of them.

The other mechanics were all in the room now, eyeing the scene with animal lust, watching the cocks slide in and out of Brian at both ends, getting their own pricks primed and ready to join in the fun as soon as any hole came available. Coveralls were unbuttoned, jeans were unzipped, cocks were in hand.

Hemmer hammered away, pounding out his frustrations in the sweet, tight ass, grinning back at his guys, who were lining up for their turn. Well he was going to take his sweet time, he deserved it, putting up with all the crap lately. Brian disappearing for lunch and not coming back, late every morning, hours spent in the can... well, he was going to fire the kid’s ass as soon as they were through fucking it!

He noticed that the new kid, Kevin, was playing with his nipples as well as his cock. Licking his pink lips. Looking sideways at the other guys’ dicks...

Hemmer smiled to himself as he thrust away. With Cross gone there wouldn’t be any more butt sex in the shop... and this whole butt-fuck thing was damn fun. It might be time to make some changes... take a sterner hand with the new employee... let him know that pleasing the boss was part of his job... jobs were tight, after all.

And some, he thought, eyeing Kevin’s ass, were going to be tighter than others...


Luke pumped a quick, hot load down Brian’s throat and made way for the next guy. Brian barely got out a “No — plea-mmff” before the next cock was in place.

Luke zipped up and gave the guys a wave. They barely noticed, having clustered tight around the desk. One sadistic-looking fellow was holding one of the bowling trophies in his hand, polishing the tip...

As Luke entered the garage, he saw a pouting strawberry blonde coming in from the street, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the dim interior.


“May I help you?”

“I’m Brian’s girlfriend, I just wanted to see him and say I’m sorry... is he here?”

Luke smiled helpfully and put his thumb over his shoulder.

“Office. In the rear.”


Luke had just made it down to his car when he heard a thump.

Angela had fainted.



Word of his Friday afternoon humiliation at the garage had already spread by Saturday morning. Brian awoke to the sound of someone pounding at his door. It was the landlord.

Make that: conservative, fundamentalist, uptight asshole, landlord.

Who had heard all about the garage episode and somehow also found out about his multiple trips to buy ass toys at the sex shop.

And who told him to get his perverted homo ass out of the apartment before sundown or he would have him thrown out.

Brian started to protest but stopped dead. The landlord would welcome all too much the opportunity to tell the police about Brian’s all-male orgy and shopping habits. Besides, old man Hemmer had fired his ass - right after fucking it - and he wouldn’t be able to pay the rent anyway.

The landlord looked down in disgust and stomped off. Brian looked down and realized that his robe did nothing to conceal the raging hard-on he had woken up with.

He closed the door slowly and leaned back against it, unable to help himself as his hands wandered down to his cock and around to his greasy ass crack. He moaned as they went to work with a mind of their own.

The itch was back.

Weirdly, it had been soothed by all the fucking... load after load of semen up his ass, down his throat... he had even been able to cum, right all over Hemmer’s desk. His face burned with the memory of it, the shame of cumming while he was being raped, but the truth was he had been so fucking desperate for so long that the orgasm was the most intense release he had ever experienced.

He knew it was the biggest load of his life, because afterwards the sadistic fucks had pushed his face down and forced him to lick up the whole slimy mess.

As a last humiliation one of the other mechanics jammed the bowling trophy up his fucked-out asshole while he did it. His poor cock stayed rock hard the whole time before they kicked him - literally - out of the building. The work coverall had been completely shredding away during his ordeal, and the rest of his clothes were in the restroom locker, but they just kicked him out nude.

Crouching down, trying unsuccessfully to hide himself from passing vehicles, he begged for 10 minutes before they tossed his car keys out to him. He scrambled into the car, shuddering as his ass hit the ice-cold vinyl seat, and started it up.

It was then he noticed the note on his windshield.

There was just a phone number and the words ‘You know you have to have it.’ He knew the number all too well. It was Steve’s.

In denial, Brian had driven home and fallen deeply asleep.

Now, he waddled away from the door and made his way to the galley kitchen, hands still busy. Leaving a finger up his ass, he used his other hand to punch Steve’s number into the phone.


Brian bit his lip and whimpered as he signed on the bottom line, surrounded by a bunch of grinning frat boys. Luke’s breath was hot on his neck, and his hands were thrust into Brian’s jeans, groping his ass and dick, making him squirm with lewd pleasure.

The porn modeling contract had 20 pages, and they had made him read page 13 aloud. Twice. The page detailed all the services he was expected to provide to Luke’s modeling company. The sexual acts were explicitly and lengthily laid out.

Steve and John were holding the clipboard for him to sign, and he tried unsuccessfully to control his shaking hand. The papers were quickly passed to Thad, who stamped them with his Notary seal and went upstairs to lock them up.

The dazed mechanic stud sank to his knees to the sound of 8 zippers being drawn. He gave a despairing glance at one of the three video cameras aimed at him and opened his mouth.

His official new life as a full-time porn slave had begun.


An hour later, in the control room, Thad and Luke were inaugurating the new web site. Brian was their first model for the new site, where members could bid to direct the action.

For real. Luke’s brainstorm was to really let guys tell the models what to do, and the models would really do it. None of this tease-the-customer-along shit. The real deal.

General members would be able to watch films of the action posted the next day. Elite members at $100 a month could watch the action live, and had the privilege to bid to control the on-screen slave every 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, some of the frat brothers had been dispatched to clear out Brian’s old apartment. Somehow, they would manage to leave used, greasy ass toys all over.

Steve had spent the previous night converting his work room into a bedroom-cum-studio in anticipation of Brian’s eventual caving-in. There were 8 hidden cameras, 3 of which could zoom, pan and focus from computers in the control room. There were two more cameras in the shower.

The wall of monitors showed Brian settling into his new room. One closet was filled with his porn costumes: grease-stained coveralls (modified to make his ass accessible), jock straps, work boots & heavy socks.

The other closet opened up to reveal a fake ‘tool wall’ covered with a multitude of ass toys as well as cleverly modified mechanic’s tools to make them sex friendly. Brian undressed shyly, looking around for the cameras he knew were there but couldn’t see.

The chestnut-haired mechanic’s cock was ragingly hard, and he was shuddering with the effort to resist sticking a finger up his butt and jerking off.

Slowly, he put on the tight jock strap, wincing as it compressed his throbbing boner, then put on the socks, coverall, and boots. Sitting down at his new laptop, Brian put on the discrete bluetooth headset and logged on.

“Hey Brian, it’s Luke, can you hear me?”

Brian nodded.

“Great. I’m connecting you to the new web site... should be on your screen... now.”

Brian’s mouth opened in shock as he saw lewd pics of himself from his prior sessions with Steve. The title read BUTCH MECHANIC CUM CONTROL SLAVE.

There was a portfolio of stills that members could peruse before deciding to bid for a private session.

“Okay, Brian, you see the AudioBlog link? We have the portfolio ready to go but I want an audio file from you, describing the whole deal at the garage. Fucking yourself with toys, your encounter with me, the orgy in the office... everything!”

Luke started asking him questions, and Brian muttered his answers, starting with buying the ass toys and fucking himself in the toilet. He tried not to get into it, but he was so fucking horny, he couldn’t help rubbing himself through the overall and grinding his ass in the chair as Luke forced him to describe the whole sordid episode.

“And after I left, Brian, the other guys all had a turn, right?”

“Oh. Yeah. They made me. All of them. My mouth, my ass... they all... did it...”

“What about that young guy, the pretty one, what was his name?”


“Did you suck his dick? What did it taste like?”

“Oh - please, I - yeah. Yeah I sucked his dick, the other guys made him do it, he was kind of hanging back, they held him, put his dick in my mouth. He tasted... different. From the other guys. Not bitter. Kind of... sweeter... a little.”

“Did he cum in your mouth, Brian?”

“Um. Mm. Yeah. He, um, yeah. He did.”

“Good. So here’s what you going to do now, Brian. I want you to tell a story. You go back to the garage to try to get your job back. But Hemmer says you have to put on a show. A sex show. With Kevin, on his desk. You have to kiss each other, make out, suck each other’s dicks, and finger each other’s butts while you 69.”



“I. Um.”

“Brian, remember, if I am not completely satisfied with you this week, you won’t get your bonus. You won’t get a fix of that Green Lube you want so much. You’ll have to wait another week. So you want to do what I say, Brian.”

Brian imagined going two weeks without relief. Groaned. Opened his mouth.

And did as he was told.


The new web site went active 20 minutes later, and 40 minutes after that the first members started joining. The bidding began at $50 for 20 minutes.

Three minutes later the bidding ended at $480.00.

Brian gave a start as a gravel-voiced guy whispered in his head set. A total stranger. Telling him what to do, how to do it.

Brian unzipped his coverall, revealing his chest and the waistband of his jock strap. Using both hands, he slowly rolled and twisted his nipples, just as the voice directed. The sensation made him groan and twist his hips, trying to get some relief for his aching cock. After a while the voice directed him to unzip the coveralls further, pull his arms free, and let the upper part of the suit fall to expose his back and buttocks. Then he was ordered to continue the nipple play while grinding his hips and displaying his butt and jock pouch, which barely covered his raging hard-on.

The coveralls clung to the tops of his thighs as he turned and displayed himself, forced to perform like a slut for this total stranger’s pleasure.

After a few minutes he was told to approach the tool cupboard, and he waddled over awkwardly, trying to keep the coveralls from falling all the way to his ankles.

Once there, the voice told him to select the dildo-tipped socket wrench.

And a jar of grease.




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