Fun & Games

Oh, the fun they had, the Coach and Nick. They loved to invent a new position to try out during their Sunday sessions.

Here's a typical example:


Ford sits on the mat, facing south. His hands are cuffed behind his back, to a ring in the floor.

He is forced to lie backward flat on the mat, arms under him.

His legs are lifted and spread apart, then raised to point northwest and northeast.

His ankles are tied with ropes to posts at the northwest and northeast corners of the mat.

His body forms a "Z" - arms, shoulders and head flat on the mat, torso at a 60° angle to the floor, legs bent back over his head parallel to the floor.

And since his legs are spread apart from each other at a 45° angle, his asshole is totally exposed and pointing straight up.

The Coach likes having Ford in this position. The boy's asshole and cock are totally accessible, and since his torso tilts back, Ford's face is available for Nick to sit on.

Nick puts a rolled towel under Ford's neck, forcing his head to tilt back. At the Coach's suggestion, Nick mount's the other boy's face this way: he faces the floor, splays his legs around Ford's shoulders, and supports his upper body on his hands. Crushing his balls against Ford's nose, he plants his asshole smack on the helpless boy's tilted mouth.

The Coach stands south of Ford and admires the view: Nick's gorgeous buttocks spread, placed so that every lick of Ford's tongue will be visible as he is forced to rim his hunky teammate.

And, in the foreground, Ford's cock and ass, ready for use.

And use them he does. He feels up the boy shamelessly, milking his long boycock, forcing it to lengthen, making Ford moan with pleasure even as his tongue continues to lick Nick's butt hole. Nick squirms with mounting lust as his butt is rimmed, spreading his hunky thighs wider and pressing his hot horny hole hard against Ford's handsome face.

With his other hand the Coach caresses Ford's heavy ball sac, squeezing them playfully, getting the boy's hormones in working order.

As the genital massage continues, Ford squirms and moans, getting horny just the way the Coach intends. The helpless boy knows what's coming next, but can't help himself. His vulnerable asshole quivers with anticipation.

The Coach releases Ford's balls and lightly traces the boy's asscrack, circling the anus slowly. Ford struggles, his powerful thighs pulling against the ropes to no avail. His ass is completely exposed to the Coach's prying fingers.

The Coach spits a big wad onto the exposed anus, rubbing it in as Ford squirms. Slowly pushing and massaging, the Coach works a finger into boy's fuck hole. Slipping it in and out, he gets Ford warmed up. Once he's ready, he adds a finger and heads straight for the boy's prostate. Experienced, he gets the hot spot of the love-nut immediately, making Ford's whole body spasm, cock leaking pre-cum. The Coach collects it on his fingers, then works it into Ford's cock, especially the sensitive glans, making it glisten, driving the boy right to the edge of orgasm. The Coach releases the boy's cock, leaving him frustrated, and continues to work his horny prostate.

Ford goes wild (as usual!) opening his mouth wide, passionately thrusting his tongue deep, slobbering and French-kissing Nick's velvety rectum, chewing on the succulent ass flesh, making Nick writhe in heat.

At this time the Coach orders Nick to turn around, re-seating himself facing the Coach, but leaning back. Now, as Ford continues to slobber helplessly, the Coach feasts his eyes on Nick, writhing with lust, muscles gleaming with sweat, throbbing cock dripping pre-cum on Ford's chest. Nick bucks and squirms, mashing his buttocks against Ford, moaning with lust.

After ogling this lovely scene for another ten minutes, the Coach decides to move on. Nick gets the signal and eagerly responds, lifting his ass and moving back to thrust his cock into Ford's open mouth. Instantly, he releases his pent-up orgasm, pumping wad after wad into the slave-boy's throat.

After Nick recovers, they move on to the next part. Ford is quivering with need, his chest covered with a slick of pre-cum. Nick is given a bag of lewd ass toys, and asked to use them on the bound boy as he pleases. The Coach re-arranges the towel under Ford's head so that he is now tilted toward himself, in order to get a good view of his anal workout. Then Ford is told that he must make up a sexual humiliation fantasy featuring himself and Nick, and keep telling it until Nick is hard again.

Panting and groaning, grunting as Nick thrusts a dildo into his asshole, Ford tells the following story:

...One day Nick gets a pass from Coach for the two of them to get the gym during a free period. In the deserted gym, Nick forces him to strip naked and kneel in the middle of the floor, then ties his hands behind his back. For 20 minutes Nick forces him to suck his cock and asshole. After this, Nick gets out a ladder and forces Ford to climb up and put his ass in the basketball hoop. Helpless, he is wedged jack-knifed in the basket, with his asshole exposed. Nick gets some toys, then climbs up the ladder. He greases up a huge vibrating butt plug and forces it in Ford's asshole, then pull's Fords hard cock through the net so that it sticks straight out. Over the exposed member Nick slips a heavy duty electric robo-sucker. Both of these toys have extra-long remote control cords that reach the floor. Ford struggles in panic as Nick takes the ladder away and turns on the toys, working the controls to get him nice and hot. Ford can see the clock and realizes that the next class is coming up. He pleads with Nick to let him down, but the boy ignores him, ordering him to beg for sexual gratification. Nick, grinning with glee, leaves him there and goes up to the press box to watch the fun. The bell rings, and it will be a matter of minutes before the boys change and come to the gym. Ford struggles wildly, but it is no use - he is trapped. Nick turns on the video camera to record the event from the glass booth, then watches from the press box as the freshmen enter the gymnasium. The boys are thrilled when they discover the remote controls, and start working them. They watch gleefully as the hunky upper classman is relentlessly driven closer and closer to orgasm. Writhing with shame, Ford finally cannot hold off any longer and comes in total humiliation just as the Principal storms in...

By the end of this hot fantasy Nick is indeed sporting a hard-on again. At the Coach's urging, Nick inserts it into Ford's well-greased ass and fucks him. When he gets close, Nick grabs Ford's swollen dick and strokes him to climax. As the helpless jock comes convulsively, Nick aims the spurting member so that the thick ropes of semen hit Ford in the face. The spasms of orgasm make his asshole clutch at Nick's thrusting penis, and just as Ford is finished Nick pumps his own load into the butch asshole of his helpless butt-slave.

And so, week by week, Ford's perverse slavery continued as Fall turned to Winter...

The Stall

A week before Xmas, Nick and the Coach devised a devilishly ingenious humiliation for their jock sex slave.

Holidays seemed to bring out the best - or maybe worst! - in his masters. Ford was still smarting over the Halloween costume episode, and for Thanksgiving, he had spent another overnight at Nick's where the jock discovered new uses for a bulb baster...

They picked him up at 9:30pm the Wednesday before the beginning of the long school holiday break, and drove to the local university campus. En route they gave him a duffel bag tied with a shiny red bow, which he was told not to open until he reached his destination. In the bag were written instructions which he was to follow verbatim.

Twenty minutes later Ford found himself standing at the curb as the van roared away. A few tiny snowflakes settled on the silly velvet elf hat they had made him put on before getting out. He closed his eyes and sighed in resignation, shifted the duffel to his other hand and crossed the street toward the depressing-looking university library building.

He had been told to find the men's restroom at the back of the old library basement, and go into the middle stall. Unfortunately, Ford didn't know that this was a notorious 'hot spot'. Anyway, he made his way downstairs, feeling like a fool in his cheesy elf cap. The poorly-lit basement was a bit creepy, being a largely deserted section housing infrequently used materials. Once in, he locked the metal stall door and opened the bag. It contained several a small video camera, several gift packages wrapped in cheery holiday paper, and two sealed envelopes, labeled "A" and "B".

Opening "A", he read his instructions with mounting anxiety:

1. Get out camcorder. Using strap provided, hang it from hook on stall door, facing toilet. Turn it on.

2. Strip naked. Put clothes in duffel. Keep elf cap on.

3. Lube ass. Insert vibrator.

4. Sit on toilet; spread legs; turn on vibrator and fuck for the camera. Read graffiti on stall partition.

5. After performing the above, open envelope "B".

One of the gifts bore a tag saying, Open Me First. Tearing off the shiny paper, he opened his 'gift' to find a vibrator, and bottle of industrial-strength lube.

He followed the instructions hurriedly, praying that no one would come in. To his horror, he found that the vibrator was a very loud one, resonating throughout small tiled the room. Even so, the anal stimulation had its usual effect and he was sporting a healthy hard-on in seconds. The small camera was hanging on the coat hook, recording every move.

Trying to breathe quietly, he started to read the graffiti scrawled on the partition: so-and-so sucks cock, so-and-so takes it up the ass, miscellaneous telephone numbers, etc.

Then he saw it: "barefoot, will suck cock, lick ass Wed. 10pm".

Ford almost squirted the vibrator out in shock. He grabbed envelope "B".

He read: 'That's right, slave boy! It's showtime! See the toilet paper holder assembly? It pulls off the wall if you push it straight up. Do it now!'

Ford, trembling, tried it. Grasping the stainless steel two-roll dispenser he shoved up and it came off. Revealed was a 4" x 8" slot, looking into the back of another dispenser in the next stall.

He read again: 'Good! Your assignment is to perform oral sex on any body part put in the opening, by anyone who comes in. You must do it! We will know from the video if you don't obey completely - and the next punishment will be far, far worse! Oh, and you must use the ass toy on yourself whenever your mouth isn't busy. Fuck pretty for the camera! We know you like that! And keep the toy in your ass while you service the college studs. That should keep your engine running.'

'P.S. All of the ass toys make lots of noise. So everyone will know.'

'P.P.S. Some guys might like to watch you fuck yourself. Put on a good show. If they reach through to help, let them! Enjoy the humiliation. We know you will!'

Ford sat on the toilet, stunned. He couldn't stand this embarrassment - although what they wrote was true. His cock was rock-hard just thinking about it. Hoping desperately that no one would come in, and simultaneously wondering what it would be like if someone did, he fucked his butt as per the instructions.

About five minutes later he heard the door open. The vibrator sounded like a truck, and even the softer sucking noises made as the device slid in and out of his tight asshole also sounded loud and clear: the guy would know exactly what Ford was doing. Ford's face burned with shame. He held his breath as the guy stood near the door, his legs moving a little, turning in place. Ford knew he was peeking below the door. Seeing his bare feet.

The student got in the next stall. There were noises as he unzipped and pulled his pants down, then a minute or two as he obviously started to beat off. Ford, heart in his throat, wondered what else would happen.

Suddenly, the dispenser filling the slot in the other stall slid slowly up and was removed. At first he could see nothing as the man was out of view. Then he heard the guy stand up. Ford swallowed nervously as the man's midsection came into view. Slim hips, tight stomach. Blond bush. Big dick.

The man backed up a bit, and even though he could only see the man's midsection, he realized that the guy could look down at an angle and see what Ford was doing to himself. Mortified, he wanted to stop the self fuck, but knew the tape would show this lapse to his masters. Resigned, he continued to fuck his hole. The guy moved to a different angle, obviously to get a good view, and started to jerk off again.

Intensely embarrassed, Ford fucked his ass with the noisy dildo, putting on a lewd show as the stranger watched him for a couple of minutes. Then the man turned, slowly, posing for him. He showed off his cock and balls, then his well-rounded buttocks. Moving closer, he spread the cheeks so Ford could see his anus. The man's ass crack was shaved smooth and squeaky clean.

Then he heard the guy whisper. "I hear you do both sides. That right?"

Ford, terrified, nodded - then realized the guy couldn't see him. He squeezed out a nervous assent: "mm-hmm".

"Then I want full service," the guy whispered in a breathy baritone, and pressed his spread ass against the slot.

Little Rimmer Boy

As if in a dream, Ford got on his knees and put his face in the guy's beautiful butt, and started to lick.

Weeks of practice had made Ford a very good little rimmer indeed, and had also given him a real taste for ass. He went to work, slurping and reaming as he had been taught, savoring the succulent butt. Soon his anonymous user was moaning and squirming, loving it as the high school stud worshiped his ass. This made Ford even more aggressive, nibbling and chewing to give the stranger even greater pleasure. Every so often he reached back to work the vibrator back into place in his own horny ass.

His trick was getting pretty hot, and pulled away to present his dick, now drooling pre-cum. Ford licked it clean, then took it all the way in. The man groaned louder now as Ford used his tongue and throat on the guy's hot tool. In only a minute or two he came, pumping a hot musky load into Ford's gullet.

Abruptly, he pulled out and got dressed. As the door slammed shut, the noise of the vibrator was the only sound afterward in the suddenly still room. Ford licked the jism off his lips. God, he felt cheap and humiliated. However, he groaned as he clutched his throbbing cock. No doubt about it - the encounter had made him incredibly horny, as well. As his masters would see on the tape.

He stood up, jacking his dick into the lens of the camcorder. "Fuck you!" he said, then tore open all the other gift-wrapped packages. He was in the process of inserting the (even noisier) vibrating jumbo ass beads when the door opened again. This time the dispenser was already gone, so when whoever it was got into his stall he had a clear view of Ford's ass play, first thing. The guy watched for several minutes as Ford inserted and removed the large red balls and jacked off. Then it was another "full service" request.

After him, a muscular hairy guy came in, and without even looking in at Ford, slapped his cock through the hole and growled "suck it, faggot" which Ford promptly did, until the guy came down his throat a few minutes later. But then, instead of leaving, the dude looked down and noticed the bag of ass toys. "Like to get your hole reamed too, huh? Well I'll give you a helping hand, buddy. Gimme that big black thing."

Trembling, Ford got the large black dildo (with handle) and passed it through.

"Now get your butt in the hole." Ford hesitated. "I said now, butt boy!" He glanced helplessly at the camera, grimaced and obeyed. The man proceeded to ram the dildo forcefully into him. Ford gasped and had to grab his elf cap to keep it from falling off. Writhing under the rape-like onslaught, Ford moaned and gasped as the man put it to him, pushing his horny prostate like mad. He wondered how much more of this he could take before he came. Again.

During this he heard the door open, and several other people entered the room. His partner never paused, pushing the dildo in and out. Ford knew that the others would certainly hear what was happening, but couldn't stop moaning as the big tool slammed against his sensitive prostate each time. He could hear the room of guys snickering.

"Sounds like Roy's giving him a good time," someone said.

Then his dildo-fucker, Roy apparently, opened his stall door so the other guys could see him thrusting the dildo through the slot. "Get a load of this." The guys crowded in, whistling, as Roy pulled the full 12" of black latex in and out. "He loves getting porked up the butt. Don't you, butt boy?"

Ford said nothing, terrified. The glory hole humiliation had been turning him on. But with a room full of horny college students he belatedly began to fear for his safety.

"Well, I guess the fag's shy. Why doesn't one of you guys go over and take a peek."

Ford heard someone get in the other stall to the side, then realized that there was a removable dispenser in there, too, although this one did not have a mate on his side, just an opening. To his horror he saw the slot opened, and then a pair of vivid green eyes leering through at him.

"Hell yeah, Roy, he loves it! He's throwing a big one and whacking it off."

"All right, kid, none of that, put your hands up over the partition so I can see ‘em."

Tentatively, Ford did as he was told. Immediately he felt hands grasp his wrists, and two other hands grab his ankles. He was helpless! His hands and feet were spread wide apart, and he was pulled back against the metal partition as Roy continued the dildo assault. The guy across from him was clearly enjoying Ford's struggles, and raping him with his eyes, gloating.

"Oh, man you guys gotta come over here and see this!"

"We got our hands full hanging on to him."

"And hey, there's a gym bag full of sex toys in there!"

Ford watched helplessly as the guy reached under the partition and pulled the bag over to his side, and then carried it to the other stall.

"You won't believe the stuff in here, Roy! Real kinky stuff, and some of them are greased up! Looks like this Naughty Elf knows how to show himself a good time!"

"I'll say! And he's got all his clothes in here, too! That's really convenient."

Ford gasped. "Please - please give me my clothes back!"

"Not so fast, Butt Boy! And what's this! Clothesline! All right! Gimme your knife, Luke."

Before you could say Homosexual Eagle Scout, Ford's ankles and wrists were tied to the partition legs and top rail.

"Now listen up, Stud Puppy! I'm gonna use this sex toy stuff on your horny ass while my friends here take turns watching through the peep hole. Be a good little boyslut and put on a nice show."

"Then - then can I have my clothes back?"

"You're gonna earn them back. One piece at a time. While the guys are watching you're gonna offer to suck them off like you did me. Then afterwards you're gonna do it. And each load you swallow, you get back a piece."

"I met Jason outside - he said the kid eats ass, too, Roy."

"All right, Luke, you pervert, he'll offer to eat your asses, too, if you're into it. Got it, fag boy?"

"No, no, please, just let me go -"

"Listen, we can do this nice - or not. Your choice, Butt Bait."

Ford glanced at the video camera (which fortunately was not visible to his audience through the slot!) Roy gave a little twist to the dildo, making him squirm. Oh, god, being forced to take it while they watched being forced to beg while they all listened - it was like one of the fantasies he was always coming up with. And there was the fact that his masters had ordered him to obey. "Uh - okay. I'll do it - as long as you promise to give me everything back."

"Oh, we're gonna give it to you. That's for sure! Okay, guys - let's party with this dude!" Roy withdrew the big dildo and grabbed another toy - the Prostate Pleasure Probe - a flexible wand with a prickly round knob and a powerful vibrator. He flipped it on and chortled as the loud buzz filled the room.

"Watch this!" Roy shoved the thing deep into Ford's well-lubed rectum. As the knob hit its intended target, Ford started to writhe spastically.

"Oh, yeah, man, he's really getting off on it!" said Luke, who was taking the first turn at the glory hole. "Give it to him!"

Ford squirmed helplessly as Roy worked his ass to a lather, putting on a show for the frat boy ogling him. Luke feasted his eyes on the slim hips, tapered torso and thighs, good pecs, broad shoulders. Jutting cock.

"Hey kid, nice looking bod you got there. You play sports? Football?"

"Uhhh!" Ford grunted as Roy got in a good thrust. "Uh - uh - no - I mean yeah, but - varsity - wrestling -"

"All right! We got ourselves a High School Jock Sex Slave! I bet you really like wrestling - all that sweaty contact -"

"I bet he TRIES to get pinned!"

"Yeah, I bet he loves it when they grind against his ass!"

Ford flushed deep crimson.

"Yeah, or like when they sit on the guys’ chest to pin him - I bet he buries his face in their butts!"

"Yeah," Luke said, "you like ass, don't you? Beg to eat my hot ass, faggot."

"Uh - uh - oh yes - please - I want to lick your ass - please - make me kiss it, lick, stick my tongue in deep, please -"

"Wow, you really get off on this, don't you?" Luke's eyes were wide. "Keep begging, it's hot!"

Ford continued to beg to eat the guy's hot ass. After all the training with Coach, he was good at it.

"Hey, Luke," one of the unseen companions said, "why don't you show him what he's asking for?"

"Sure! Good idea!" Luke stood, dropped his pants and stuck his firmly-muscled ass in the slot, spreading it wide open. "Beg to eat this, Butt Mouth!"

"Oh, yeah," Ford groaned, putting a sexy growl in his voice, "I want to bury my face in your hot ass, I want to worship it, oh baby make me do it, make me eat it, sit on my face, grind it in, oh yeah -"

Jeez, the kid is good, Luke thought. I can almost feel his tongue!

After a minute, Luke turned around and Ford could see that the guy was hard as a rock. Luke knelt to peer in and his face was flushed.

"Boy, you are one hot number. If you lick as well as you talk, I'm gonna sit on your face for an hour!"

"Hey, Luke, give us a turn!"


"Keep your pants on!" Luke looked Ford in the face as he squirmed with the anal thrusts Roy was delivering, then reached through the slot to grasp the helpless boy's cock, stroking him.

"No - no, please -"

Luke stroked him firmly, looking on with lust. After all the stimulation, Ford knew he wouldn't last long.

"No - please - don't make me come - please - ah - ah - oh god - oh please - oh - oh -"

And then he cried out, erupting in a series of white jets that splashed against the partition.

Luke watched every squirt and squirm, grinning. "You sure do have a horny little boytwat, don't you?" He gave Ford's cock an affectionate squeeze. "Don't forget - my ass, and your face!"

With a lewd grin, Luke moved aside. Ford moaned with shame, watching his come drip down the wall. He was still hard.

The next guy got in place and it was pretty much the same deal, only no jack-off this time. Meanwhile Luke took over from Roy, inserting a squirming thruster that always got him hot and bothered.

And so it went - one guy working his ass while another watched and made him beg.

Finally, it was time to put out. They untied his hands so he could bend over, putting his face in the other slot. Roy fucked him from behind as Luke got the rim job he'd been waiting for. The blond, green-eyed frat boy was writhing with ecstasy as Ford used his tongue expertly on the tasty Greek butt. Luke held off as long as he could but the ass eating made him so hot that in just a few minutes he turned around, stuck his cock in Ford's mouth, and came.

It was the same with the others. The foreplay had made them so horny that they didn't take long. The last one came, grunting and thrusting his slim hips, pumping yet another load into him. Finally, the ordeal was over.

As the well-satisfied college studs got dressed, snickering and sighing, one of them jammed the duffel back into Ford's stall. Ford heard the bathroom door slam as they departed. Ford slumped to the floor in shame. He couldn't believe what he'd done! Toilet whore for a bunch of total strangers! Oh, well, at least they didn't know who he was...

As Ford untied his ankles and started to dress, he looked over to see the blond guy called Luke peeking in the hole, white teeth flashing in a delighted grin.

"Thought you might want this back." He flashed a piece of plastic between two fingers, like a magic trick, and it took a beat for Ford to realize that it was his own driver's license! Ford's mouth fell open in horror. He grabbed for it but the frat pulled it out of reach, his wide smile turning predatory. "You can pick this up Sunday night, Ford. Ten o'clock. The two of us can get to know each other better."

"I - I don't think I can -"

"Or maybe I'll come to your house, if you prefer!" Ford's face fell. "I thought not. See you in a few days, kid! And don't forget your bag of toys!"

The frat hunk disappeared.

Stunned, Ford finished dressing, gathered up the toys, and packed up the video camera. He shuddered to think what the recording would show, although fortunately the tape had run out before the end. He knew his masters would make him watch it. He didn't want to admit it, but thinking about it was starting to make him hard again. He adjusted his cock in his shorts and slunk out of the restroom.

Around the corner was a table with 6 guys sitting around it, including Roy, Luke, and the others, and a blond he guessed to be the first 'full service' guy. They whistled and waved as he hurried past, face burning. Furious, he tore off the elf cap and stuffed it on the bag.

He got outside the nearly deserted building and several minutes later the van pulled up for him. As he got in to the welcome warmth, the Coach took the duffel bag, leering. "Were you an obedient slave boy? Hmm?" Ford nodded. "Good. I'll be checking out the tape to see if any punishment is in order. Report to my office after practice tomorrow. We'll have a review session."

Ford nodded. "Yes, sir." He knew what they would be ‘reviewing'. His cock twitched in anticipation.

As he clambered to the back of the van, he found Nick on the floor, nude. The hunky jock lifted his legs, exposing his tight asshole.

"It's a 20 minute ride home, slave. Just enough time for a nice rim job!"

Soon the van was filled with the sounds of slurping and moaning. The Coach drove slowly through the increasing snow fall, smiling and rubbing the bulge in his pants. Flipping the rear-view mirror to the night setting gave him a nice view of the boys' writhing, muscular bodies. The Coach unzipped his jeans and started to stroke his cock. Maybe he'd take the back roads for a while...



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