“Where’s Hugo? Or that other guy, what’s-his-name?”

“There have been some changes. Hugo’s not here anymore.”

“Hugo’s the owner! We had an appointment for now, Wednesday morning.”

“Not any more. My name’s Thad, you’ll be dealing with me as a representative of JSS Media Productions.”

“I got some shoots here, good ones, I was supposed to get cash...”

Thad drew a thick wad of bills from the drawer. “Not a problem.”

Sam’s eyebrows hit the roof. “Jeez. You must be new, the other guys were always broke—”

“There are, however, stipulations. Exclusive contract. All material you create comes to us, and only to us. This is no longer a print operation, but an exclusive on-line membership business. So you won’t get a by-line anymore. You will, however, receive a cash salary of two thousand dollars per week in return for taking the assignments we give you.”

Sam was speechless.


“Uh—just tell me where to sign!” Sam reached out for the cash. Thad, quick as a cat, grabbed Sam by the wrist.

“Of course, if you leak this material to anyone else—anyone at all—we’ll sue your ass off the face of the earth. Nothing personal. Just business.”

Sam swallowed. “I get it. Deal.”

“Good. Now, here’s your new assignment.”



At 11:40, when he should have been having lunch, Ford got in his car and drove downtown, pulling into the alley behind the Grotto.

Zack met him at the back door, then ushered him into video booth number 4, which had freshly cut, gigantic glory holes the size of basketballs opening into booths 3 and 5 to either side.

Door 3 had a sign reading ‘ORAL’ and door 5 had ‘ANAL.’

Zack watched as Ford reluctantly stripped down and handed him his clothes. Zack took them and closed and locked the door before heading to the front room of the shop.

Next to the register he set up a small sign:
 Special Video Tokens!
 Blow Job: $25.00
 Rim Job: $25.00
 Butt Fuck: $50.00

Zack smiled as he displayed the jock’s musky underwear on the counter.

Ford, forced to whore in the porn shop: Priceless.

Zack added a note to the sign that the underwear was available for ten bucks, then helped himself to a free Rim Job token. He had 15 minutes before it was time to unlock the front door.


“Hey, Luke, if Hemmer keeps to the hourly milking schedule he’ll do it again in a few minutes.”

“Great! I’ll be up in a minute. Thad’s in Chicago, can you send John down to take over? Tony needs more training in verbal self-abuse and customer fantasy interaction.”

“Aren’t you a little scientist. You could just say, begging.”

“Fuck you.”


“So, Matt, you got the timing change on the Jag, Phil, the heater on the Taurus, and Ike can do the Camry alignment when he gets back from lunch.”

“Why can’t Kevin do it? What’s up with him, anyway.”

“Mind your own fucking business. I’ve got him busy in the rear.”

The two mechanics filed out into the garage, and Hemmer slipped into the store room and made his way to the back corner, where they kept the little-used stuff and an old work bench.

Kevin was standing awkwardly, his butt pressed hard against the edge of the bench, his torso bent forward, knees bent, on his toes. He was totally nude, holding his hands over his crotch, cringing in fear.

As he saw that is was only Hemmer the kid was visibly relieved.

“Please—Sir—What if one of the other guys comes back here? Please let me cover up with something—”

“Shut up. And put your hands behind your head like I told you.”

Reluctantly, Kevin drew his hands away, revealing an erection at full mast.

Hemmer cackled and slapped his leg.

“Man, kid, you are one horny piece of ass. Three loads already, and the longer that thing stays up your butt, the harder you get!”

Hemmer pressed close to his side, letting his hands run freely over the kid’s flawless torso and smooth back, raising gooseflesh. The nude boy struggled visibly not to shy away from his touch, gritting his teeth with the effort. He was learning his lesson. Good.

“Good boy, Kevin. Tell me, how does that trailer hitch feel up there, real good I bet, huh, kid?”

Kevin bit his lip and looked away. Hemmer had forced him to fasten the until-now perfectly innocent piece of hardware to the edge of the bench at 9 am, using a metal shim to cock it at a 45-degree angle.

Since then, the two-and-a-half-inch chrome-plated steel ball had been buried inside the hapless kid’s ass, with his muscular rectum snapped tight around the narrower one-inch thick metal shaft. Try as he might, he could not get his tight little ass to relax enough so he could get the fat knob out of his butt.

Unfortunately, in the hours between each of Hemmer’s ‘check-ups’ he couldn’t keep from trying, resulting in his constantly grinding the ball in his aching, ever-more-sensitive sphincter.

Every hour on the hour, the old guy had come back and forced Kevin to beat off. To his mortification, he had no trouble shooting a big load each time as the guy ogled his naked body. Hemmer made him take his time, telling him exactly how fast to beat his meat, prolonging the humiliation as he ground his ass on the evil trailer hitch. Afterwards, he had groped him, teasing his post-orgasm sensitive penis and making him squirm like a helpless little slut.

“I said, does that hitch feel good?”

Kevin bit his lip and looked down. “Not really. Sir.”

“Not really? Then why is your cock still so hard, huh? Tell me how hard your cock is, boy.”

“It’s—it’s really hard. Sir.”

“It sure is. So twist around on that thing. Move your ass, twist your hips, come on...”

Kevin bit back a moan and ground his ass in a continuous figure-eight on the immovable knob. His cock gave a mighty lurch and a silver thread of precum drooled out, reaching all the way to the floor before it snapped. Hemmer gave a lewd chuckle of appreciation.

“Yeah, that thing feels fucking FANTASTIC in your ass... you just don’t WANT it to, which is different, right? Let’s squirt a little more lube in there and you can really work it for me.”

Hemmer grabbed a small oil gun and squirted it liberally in Kevin’s ass crack. Clutching the boy’s vulnerable scrotum, he twisted it to make Kevin squirm harder and deeper on the fat steel knob.

The old guy was really getting into his new role as sex master, to the point that he had searched on line to find out more. And the info he turned up indicated that breaking in a sex slave required intense and prolonged anal training, combined with teasing, denial, milking, and verbal abuse.

And it was working like a charm.

He gave himself credit for the trailer hitch idea. All the sites wanted to sell him expensive anal toys and bondage gear, but why spend money when he had all this hardware lying around? Although it might be fun to force Kevin to buy some sex toys.

“Okay, Kevin, jerk your dick for me. Make yourself cum with that knob in your ass.”

“Oh please—Sir—don’t make me—not again—”

“Come on, Kevin, a hot, over-sexed, 18-year-old like you can come six, seven times a day, I bet. It’s only been three so far, and you sure enjoyed each of those. That’s the kind of thing you can’t hide, Kevin. A man’s pleasure is a naked thing when he’s busting a nut. And you squirm and squeal like a pig when shoot that hot, white jizzum-juice of yours.”

Kevin looked with shame at the huge puddle of sticky semen on the floor, extending some three feet from where he stood. Reluctantly, he let Hemmer guide his right hand to his hot, throbbing dick.

“That’s a good boy. Yeah, see how good that feels... twist around, fuck that fat knob inside your hairless little boytwat, make it feel real good... yeah... work your dick, rub one out for me while I watch, show me how much you like it... because you love this, kid, you can’t help it, you’re a natural boy pussy and you’re all mine...”

Kevin’s reluctant masturbation was having its effect, try as he might to fight it. But it was no use. Like the other times, his body took over, and his fist started to fly faster and faster as his thumb worked his piss slit in the way that always got him cooking...

Hemmer groped the jerking, gyrating boy, running his hands all over his torso, upper thighs, and his arched back, pausing to tickle his navel and tweak his perky pink nipples, or scrabble his fingernails in the exposed left armpit, making the kid bounce up and down on the steel ball violating his stretched rectum.

After a few minutes, Kevin started to whimper and a rosy flush spread over his chest... his breathing grew ragged, and his pretty pink cock knob started to turn glassy...

Abruptly Hemmer grabbed his hand and tore it away from his spasming dick. He raised the kid’s wrists and held them both together in one hand overhead, watching as Kevin bucked and jerked his body in near-but-not-quite orgasm. As his breathing slowed, Kevin groaned in frustration, he had been almost ready to cum...

“I decide when you cum, boy. Your dick belongs to me now. An over-sexed 18-year-old like you, you need to be controlled. You need someone to decide when you cum, or if you cum. If I want you to jerk your dick six times a day, you will. If I want you to cum with a steel ball up your butt, or my cock up your butt, or on your knees with my dick in your mouth, then that’s how you cum, got it?”

“Sir,” he said, hoarsely.

Hemmer wrapped his fingers around the throbbing shaft, very lightly, and began a slow, short stroke on the helpless cock. Kevin shuddered.

“Tell me, kid... you have a lot of sex before?”

“No. Sir. My family is strict Catholic.”

“Which means, only sex with priests, huh? Hmf. But seriously, you never fucked pussy?”

“No! Never! My parents are real strict, I have to sleep with the door open and my girlfriends can only come over if the folks are at home with us.”

“So, no pussy. But you jerk off, right?”

Kevin was squirming, trying to evade the light, ticklish strokes.

“Not—not supposed—to—”

“But you do. Everyone does. I bet you even beat off at work here, right?”

“Um—yeah,” he mumbled.

“How many times a day?”

Kevin looked miserable. “Three. At break times, and lunch time. In the can.”

“But how many, total, a day? You’re Catholic, you should confess. Tell me.”

“Please, sir, I shouldn’t.... oooohh, fuck sir, please, that feels so.... Okay, maybe, like, four. I jerk off late at night, after my parents are asleep. And... sometimes in the shower in the morning, too.”

“So maybe, like, five. Or maybe you’re beating off more often after that little party we all had with Brian last week?” Hemmer asked, a shrewd twinkle in his eye.

Kevin gave a start. Actually, he was sure it had nothing to do with it... but he had been whacking his meat at least six times a day this week, and been hornier than usual for some reason...

Hemmer gave a double take and whistled. “Oh, hey kid, that wasn’t your first blow job, was it?”

Kevin nodded.

“So, that explains all the beating off... never had sex before, your engine must be running hot enough to blow a gasket... Let’s try for seven today, huh? This one will make four. And meanwhile, you tell me all about how you jerk your dick, every detail, right? I bet you jerk in the shower pretty much every day, not just sometimes. Tell me about Monday. How many times did you cum? I mean, up to the time you and Brian and I had our little playtime.”

Kevin hung his head for a minute, biting his lip as Hemmer’s hand continued its insidious, slow hand job. But, being a good Catholic boy, full confession came naturally, and once he started talking, he couldn’t stop himself from revealing each tiny detail under Hemmer’s persistent questioning...


Meanwhile, down the street at The Grotto...

At 12:20, Zack opened door number 4. Ford sat on the vinyl chair, still naked, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. He looked at Zack, who had one hand behind his back.


“Hey good job, dude, 5 blow jobs, a butt fuck and a rim job. 200 bucks. Don’t forget, you come here every Wednesday lunch.”

“There were two rim jobs, if you’re counting.”

“Oh that’s right! It felt real good, too!”

Ford stared at him suspiciously. “What’s behind your back?”

Zack revealed a CB-9900 box.

“I don’t know why I didn't think of this earlier! We had one in stock.” He opened it up and retrieved the key. “I bet they’re all the same. Try it!” He tossed it to Ford.

The key worked.

As the casing fell away, Ford’s cock sprang instantly to attention. He started to get up but Zack pushed him back into the booth.

“Hey—come on, Zack—I’m going to be late to my next class—no—please, Zack... oh god... don’t... oh, ffffuuuuckkkk...”

“Yeah, that’s it, you love it, you need to cum, don’t you slutboy.”

“Ohhh... goddddd... faster... please...”

Ford started to reach for his dick but Zack slapped his hand away.

“You do it my way or I lock you back up. You want to cum? Then you’re gonna be real late to class. If not, I’ll put the lock back on.”

“Ohhhh... ffffffuckkkkk... yesss...”


Ford slid down in the molded vinyl seat, the latest of who knew how many naked male butts to occupy the chair, and flung his arms over his face.

“That’s it, dude. Settle back for the ride. Spread your legs for me...”

“Oh, god, I shouldn’t be doing this, I’m going to be so late—and it’s a make-up class with Bunsen, he’ll give me detention for sure...”

Ford slid down so his ass was off the seat, spreading his long, lean thighs as wide as he could.

Zack smiled and continued his sexy, leisurely hand job. Ford’s torso was now horizontal in the chair, his dick pointing straight up like the mast of a racing yacht.

In the dark cleft of the jock’s ass, Zack could see the hungry hole, waiting... for whatever it was he wanted to do. Zack sucked on his middle finger to get it nice and wet, watching the hole wink and clutch.

He kept Ford in suspense for a few minutes, then slid his slick digit smoothly into Ford’s buttery ass.

“Ooooohh—shouldn’t—nooo—gonna be in trouble—ohhh shitttt...”

Ford ground his ass onto Zack’s strong finger, trying to make himself cum faster...

“That’s it, slutboy, show me how bad you want it... dude, you are totally horny and ready to cum... but not yet... not yet...”

Ford whimpered with frustrated pleasure and squirmed in heat, knowing that this humiliating response was exactly what Zack was trying to provoke but unable to help himself.


Ford had figured out that every time he asked Zack to speed up, he slowed down, so now he kept his mouth shut. Well—mostly shut. Zack’s teasing ass-and-cock play was making him whimper and moan in frustrated sexual heat. And the knowledge that every passing moment was an increasing disaster distracted him and made it harder to cum.

“It’s 12:58, Ford... when did your class start?”

“Ohh—ooooooooh! Twelve—tw-twelve-thirty.”

“Mmm. How long’s the class?”

“F-fifty... minute... periods...”

“You’re pretty late, then.”


“Hey, Ford, help me out here... reach around and use your hands to spread your crack wider, I want to use two fingers up your butt...”

Ford took his hands away from his face and did as he was told. Zack gave him a wide smile as he inserted another finger up his ass and picked up his pace the barest bit.

Ford could only stare back, knowing that Zack was gloating over him, knowing that he should just get up and drive away, but unable to make himself do it while Zack’s hands continued to pleasure him. The jock groaned in resignation and spread his ass even wider, sighing as Zack fingered his horny prostate.

“That’s it, kid, sit back and enjoy... don't forget, you agreed to work here every Wednesday lunch... I’m sure I’ll have a longer line of guys next week... sure is a shame about your class, though... hee-hee...”

Sixteen minutes later, he finally let Ford cum.


To the basketball players’ horror, every form was signed and returned to the Dean’s office, with many parents expressing thanks the school would be keeping their adolescent son’s gonads under strict control.

The Dean immediately told the new Assistant Coach Ryan Van Dyne to order twelve CB-9900’s.



Here are the details of each of Kevin’s orgasms from the previous Monday, recited to Hemmer as he squirmed on the trailer hitch knob:

2:00am. President’s Day.

Kevin had woken up in the middle of the night and beat off quietly, biting his pillow to keep from making any noise that might wake his parents. And in order not to leave any incriminating stains in his bedding, Kevin’s routine was to slip three athletic socks over his raging boner and hump the mattress until he came in the socks. He kept the cum-filled sock assembly in a zippered side-pouch of his YMCA gym bag. Once a week he took his gym gear to a coin-op and washed it. He had told his mom that the Y included laundry service so she never messed with his gym bag.

The thing was, he had to hump real slow because otherwise his bed would squeak. Sometimes it would anyway, and he would freeze for long minutes, listening for footfalls in the hallway, legs spread wide, feeling the draft tickle his asshole, before he knew it was safe to continue his stealthy pleasure. It took a long time, usually half an hour or so, before his cock, chafed and abraded deliciously in the dried-cum crust of his makeshift jerk sleeve, would unleash its load. Kevin would force his body to freeze as his cock pumped out its juice, his toes curling and butt cheeks pinched tight as he fought to remain still.


The next orgasm of the day occurred in the shower, before heading to help Boss Hemmer with the special ‘inventory.’

With a towel slung over his shoulders, wearing his boxers and holding a book over his crotch so his mom wouldn’t see his morning woody, he let himself in to the tiny shared bath. Once under the hot water, he spent time soaping up his eager shaft, breathing hard as he jerked himself in the sexy foam. Legs spread wide, he faced away from the shower head on tip toe while the hot water cascaded deliciously down his ass crack, leaning against the tile wall on one hand while the other pleasured his dick, rubbing his thumb back and forth on his sensitive piss slit. He bit down on his extended forearm as he came, shooting his spunk down the drain as the hot water rushed over his heaving body.

Once at work, he stowed his gym bag in his locker and normally would have changed into his coveralls, putting on the jock strap from his gym kit since it helped hide his frequent erections better than regular underwear. But it was not a regular work day, and Kevin was feeling particularly horny. On this occasion he took off his underwear and stuffed them in the locker, then put his tight, low-rider jeans back on, letting his cock and ass rub delightfully in the rough denim.

This got him so horny that after only an hour inventorying the storage room, he excused himself to go to the can, where he had run the water at full blast to mask the sounds of his intense jack-off session. Stripping off his jeans, he stood facing the toilet and jerked himself hard. As he got closer and closer to orgasm, he spread his knees and squatted lower, jutting out his ass and humping the air. For some reason this position always intensified his orgasms, and by the time he came, at...


...he was whacking his dick against the hard porcelain rim of the toilet bowl, squealing.

Afterwards, his post-cum dick was so sensitive that he had to wait a few minutes to zip it back into his pants, and he found it hard to walk normally as he went back to work.

But it had been really hot in the store room (Kevin didn't know it was because Hemmer had intentionally jacked the heat up) and he had taken off his shirt at Hemmer’s urging. But that meant his sweat ran in little rivulets down his back and they all funneled into his ass crack because of the tight jeans. (Kevin also didn't know that Hemmer had been getting horny watch the top inch and half of his crack bob in and out of his waistband every time he bent over.)

Kevin was surprised to find that the constant, tickling trickle of sweat against his asshole was a massive turn-on, and his decision not to wear underwear nearly resulted in his cumming in his pants several times, to the point where he would have to freeze and bite his tongue until the near orgasm subsided and his knob throbbed against the rough denim or, even worse, grazed the sharp seam on the inside of his fly.


He had dashed to the toilet again, just in time, the tickling of his anus pushing him to the edge. He pulled down his jeans, and, without really thinking about it, reached back with his left hand to scratch the hell out of his itching ass crack. A jolt went through him as his fingers scrabbled against his tightly-clenched pucker. He had never touched his anus while masturbating before, and was shocked to discover how good it felt. Trying to ignore the wave of Catholic guilt, he continued to scratch his fingernails on his sweaty asshole while beating his dick.

Even though he was intensely horny and close to the edge, the unfamiliar ass play was both exciting and distracting, making it hard to cum, but when he finally did shoot at 10:02, it was spectacular, an eager outpouring of seed that shot up over the toilet tank and splattered all over the wall. He knew he was making a terrible mess but he couldn’t stop, and he was pretty sure his yells would be audible if Hemmer happened to be out in the main part of the garage, but he was out of control.


“So—that’s it—four times, I beat off four times Monday.”

“But you came three more times, didn't, you, Kevin. Tell me all about those.”

“Oh, but—Sir—you were there—don’t make me talk about it—”

Hemmer put his mouth so his breath was hot against Kevin’s ear.

“You’re gonna tell me what it was like for you... What was it like, Kevin? Cumming like a helpless slut... you were so ready for it... and there was nothing you could do about it... Confess it, kid, all the details...”


After the intense cum at 10:02, feeling dirty, Kevin washed his fingers in soap and hot water repeatedly, but no matter how hard he scrubbed they still seemed to reek of ass. Giving up, he grabbed some paper towels and spent several minutes cleaning his cum off the wall.

He paused for a long moment, jeans still around his ankles, looking in the grimy mirror and debating with himself, then pulled his jeans up without putting his underwear back on.

He crept out of the lavatory fearing—and hoping—that the trickles of sweat would tease his naked hole again...

And they had. His post-cum sensitive body was aroused even more by each drip than before.

The knowledge that he would have to wait until lunchtime to take another ‘break’ made it even sexier... all he could do was quiver every time it happened, and his naked cock rubbed helplessly in his jeans... fuck...

He had never felt quite like this. It was like having a high fever, he couldn’t concentrate on his work, he was up on the ladder thinking about what it might be like to slip his hand down the back of his jeans, right there on the ladder, and rub his sweaty asshole until he came in his jeans...

A brief shudder took him as he imagined the humiliation of Hemmer coming back to check on him and finding him... like that...

And he realized all of a sudden that this was a secret part of what made him so horny every time he beat off... every time, it was the unspoken fear of being caught that made his skin tingle with heat... frozen in the dark with his legs spread, ass pointing at the open door of his bedroom, listening... or squatting low over the toilet, almost ready to shoot, when someone tried the handle to the wash room and he experienced a momentary panic that maybe he had forgotten to lock the door this time, that one of the guys would just walk right in and catch him shooting his load, unable to stop...

Kevin realized that he had just unbuttoned the waistband of his jeans. That his left hand was rubbing his naked side, working its way toward his lower back...

Oh, jeezus... was he going to do it... fuck, he couldn’t... but what if he actually did? He could do it right here on the ladder if he really wanted to... it made him dizzy to think about it... he couldn’t possibly... oh, fuck, his hand was poised at the rear waistband of his jeans... slipping in... oh, fuck...

But that was when he heard Hemmer yelling at him to come to the office.

He doubled over in a sharp pang of nausea at what had almost happened, paralyzed in fear and relief. Fortunately, this made his erection wilt, and he made his way slowly down the ladder, relieved that he had snapped out of this weird sexual trance.

He had another weird feeling when Hemmer put him in charge of Brian, telling him to ‘work his ass hard.’ The other guy was a several years older than Kevin, in his mid twenties, and it felt so weird to order him around. All he could think about were images from the office orgy, Brian bent over, fucked, opening his mouth as they made Kevin put his dick in...

And then, with the muscular stud begging him to help get his job back, all but coming right out and offering to suck his dick, the weird sexy feeling came back...

What if...

Right out in the middle of the store room...

And then, a long bead of sweat suddenly trickled deep into his ass crack. Unable to help himself, he spread his thighs and arched his back to make sure it ran smack into his anus... His cock sprang to immediate hardness and he turned around so Brian wouldn’t see.

He felt Brian press up against him and his control snapped.

He didn't really remember what he said, what he did, next, but then he was straddling Brian’s chest, pinning him to the floor, fucking his mouth, when Hemmer stormed in.

The desperation. The shame of what he had done to Brian, of getting caught. The fear of losing his job, because his parents had warned him that if he lost the job at the garage, they would kick him out.

Then, the horrible realization of what Hemmer expected him to do.

And suddenly, there he was: on his knees, hands tied to the shelves, a steel tool handle up his ass and Hemmer’s smelly dick in his mouth.

And Brian’s hand on his dick. It was surprisingly gentle and Kevin couldn’t get over how weird it was to have another hand touch him like that.

The way he touched himself.

Then a bead of sweat tickled his upper ass crack, and he felt his cock give a lurch, and a deep tingle began in his balls.

Kevin’s mind had been absorbed only in the deep disgust and humiliation he was experiencing at being forced to suck dick. But then he came to the even more horrible realization that he was very likely about to blow a huge load while he was doing it, that in some perverted way he would be forced to enjoy what was being done to him against his will.

The utter shame of shooting his spunk all over the place while two men watched, the humiliation of being forced to experience intense pleasure in this completely degraded way, and above all the betrayal of his own body—the smooth, hot, private parts he had thought were his own to use as he wished—overwhelmed his mind, and he realized with despair that this was his punishment for all his secret, sinful crimes of the flesh.

The Sin of Lust was his crime... and now it was going to be his punishment, too.

He struggled, knowing it was no good, feeling the massive orgasm building deep inside him.

He concentrated on the disgusting taste of Hemmer’s dick sliding in and out of his mouth, but nothing could distract his dick from the firm strokes it always craved. Kevin was shocked that his dick didn't seem to care that it was someone else’s hand doing the stroking... or that he had ten inches of hard steel rammed up his butt... to the contrary, his dick reacted eagerly to all of it, ignoring Kevin’s mental orders to desist.

It was Brian’s thumb that did it. Whether by coincidence, or some evil guiding spirit, Brian began to work it roughly over Kevin’s swollen piss slit, the same way he did it himself when he was getting close to shooting his load.


Kevin’s fourth orgasm of the day occurred at as Hemmer jammed his cock all the way back in his throat and sprayed it full of hot, bitter spunk.

Somehow the wave of disgust intensified his own orgasm, and Kevin continued to shoot several loads after Hemmer had withdrawn from his mouth. His whole body burned with shame, knowing that Hemmer enjoyed watching him cum against his will, like a slut, or some kind of sex toy.

And then there was the fifth orgasm...

Kevin didn't think that Hemmer would try to make him cum again, now that he had cum himself. But, as he found out, the old man had plenty of spunk in him.

Kneeling was a humiliatingly submissive position, but the next one was worse.

Standing up, his lithe, muscular body was stretched in a taut X, wrists and ankles strapped to the shelves at either side of the aisle.

He cringed as Hemmer groped and fondled his helpless body, humiliated to be handled like a piece of meat, but even more humiliated that his cock was still fully erect.

His treasonous dick stayed that way even when Hemmer informed him that he had been tied in this position so that he could rape his virgin ass.

But first, he was going to get to watch Brian get what he deserved.

He watched as Hemmer wheeled the ladder down the aisle until it was practically touching Kevin’s chest and as Hemmer mounted a few steps until Kevin was staring at his hard dick and hairy balls.

He looked away as Brian was told to get between Hemmer’s legs and blow his dick, but Hemmer grabbed him by the hair and ordered him to watch.

Meanwhile Kevin’s position—and the fact that he had broken out in a flop sweat upon hearing that he was going to be fucked up the ass—meant that now there was not so much a ticklish trickle as a constant stream of perspiration flowing down his crack and dripping off his balls.

It felt like a line of ants marching across his butt hole, and it soon made him whimper in shameful heat. Unable to help himself, he was fucking the air with his dripping dick while being forced to witness every second of Brian’s violation, at first oral, and then—switching places on the ladder—anal. He knew that it made him look like he was turned on by Brian’s humiliation, but he couldn’t stop himself.

It was degrading to watch Brian squirm and moan like a whore while his muscular ass was raped by Hemmer’s fat old boner. Kevin kept glancing at Brian’s face, unable to help himself, where streaks of cum from Hemmer’s load extended from the corners of his mouth. Clearly the butch stud was utterly humiliated by having Kevin witness his abuse close-up, and that he was unable to conceal the fact that his body was in a state of hopeless arousal the whole time.

Afterwards, Kevin watched in dirty fascination as Brian was forced to spread his butt so Kevin could see the semen leaking from the ravaged hole.

Then it was Brian’s turn to watch as Kevin got his cherry popped.

To Kevin’s shame he begged like a girl as Hemmer got into position, begged to do anything Hemmer wanted, but not this... not this...

Hemmer had Brian stand nose to nose with his fellow victim, and hold Kevin’s hips still while he got fucked.

Hemmer put his own head around Kevin’s shoulder, so he could gloat as the two straight guys were forced to stare into each other’s eyes the whole time.

Kevin cried out in pain as the knob pushed its way into his guts, humiliated at the flicker of pleasure he saw in Brian’s eyes.

Then Kevin experienced his biggest shock of the day. After a few minutes, as the thrusts settled into a steady rhythm, the pain subsided, and he realized that there was something in his ass—a swollen knot—that ached with fierce pleasure every time Hemmer’s cock scraped it.

He gasped as the pleasure surged into his dick and balls, making his scrotum rise and his prick cough up a gob of sap. Brian’s eyes reflected that he saw the change, and was gloating over Kevin’s utter humiliation. He was forced to stare back as Brian’s eyes bored into his: it was like being raped in his eye sockets as well as his ass.

Kevin felt Hemmer’s hand fumble between them, then gasped as he collected both their dicks in his calloused hand, holding them together in a common sleeve. Kevin realized that Hemmer wanted to make his next cum as humiliating as possible.

It got even worse, as Hemmer used his other hand to pull their heads together, forcing the two straight guys to kiss each other for his perverse pleasure.

Kevin shuddered as Hemmer’s hot breath hissed in his ear, telling him what to do next, forcing him to do it as he pounded his dick in and out of his aching hole, so Kevin had to open his mouth wide as Brian was ordered to ‘tongue-rape the little slut’s mouth pussy.’

So that was how his fifth orgasm happened: fucked up the ass, lips wide open and glued to Brian’s as the tongue violated his mouth, Kevin had been unable to control his traitor body, and had made himself cum, humping his dick in Hemmer’s rough fist, sliding his cock obscenely against Brian’s, helplessly turned on by the degrading scene. The intense ejaculation spasms made his ass squeeze Hemmer’s dick like a vise clamp, driving the horny old bastard to his own orgasm.


Sandwiched between the two sweaty men, Kevin had experienced wave after wave of hot shame as the semen flowed into his ass and out of his knob. The sticky mess oozed between their bellies as Kevin bounced up and down, unable to stop coming in load after nasty hot load.


“That’s good Kevin, real good, that was a good confession... you’re good at that, I wonder what else we can make you confess, hm? But now, I’ll tell you about your sixth orgasm Monday... you remember, on the floor with that faggot Brian, sucking each other’s nasty dicks, while you fucked each other with those steel ratchet handles in a race to see who could make the other guy cum first... and you lost... at 3:15pm...

“That’s why you need training, kid... that steel knob up your butt hole... a rough fist to take you to slut heaven... whenever I want... like now... gonna make you blow your fourth load of the day... we’ll try for a total of seven today, I bet you can, the way you grind your ass on that hitch... you’re getting close kid, yeah, I can see it in your eyes you don't want to cum but you know you are... you know it’s coming...

He suddenly picked up the pace of his strokes, gripping tighter. Kevin ground his hips in deep, hard circles against the bench, whimpering like a wounded puppy.

“That’s it, kid, give it up, give it all up, yeah... fuck, what a hot pussy toy you are... I’m gonna train you to cum with my dick up your ass, over and over, train you to cum without touching your dick... just my dick fucking in and out to drive fountains of cum from your helpless cock...”

Kevin gasped and cum started to fly from his gaping piss lips. Hemmer clamped a hand over the kid’s mouth so the mechanics out in the garage wouldn’t hear his orgasmic squeals.


Luke and Steve watched on the monitors as Hemmer helped Kevin get himself off the fat trailer hitch. The kid’s legs were wobbly, and he sank to the floor in his own spooge.

“Fuck. That was hot. Good guess, putting most of the cameras in the far back corner. Let’s send it out. Little Kevin’s about to become a hot porn star.”

“We don’t have a consent form.”

“Killjoy. We can always say they’re Hemmer’s cameras, and he broadcast it accidentally. Third-party pick-ups aren’t actionable.”

“Aren’t you clever. Okay. Upload away.”




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