Ford signed off on the work order, and the technicians left his bedroom and made their way downstairs. He heard the front door close and he was alone.

His dad had returned to the office for the afternoon.

Ford’s eyes sparkled. The computer set up was way cool. Two towers. A huge, flat-screen cinema monitor. High-speed cable modem. Color laser printer. Speakers, WITH a subwoofer!

Ford was looking at the icons on the desktop, trying to decide which game to try first, when the screen went black.

Ford tapped it, and hit the restart button. Still black.


Hello, Ford.

He stared at the screen for a moment before he saw the words. He shook his head, confused.

It’s all right Ford. Go ahead and speak normally. It’s okay.

“Um... hello?” He felt like an idiot.

That’s right. It’s nice to be able to speak with you alone, at last.

“This - this is some kind of program? Some kind of computer game?”

No, no, Ford it’s me. I gave you the special ointment for Nick.
 And now I’ve given this computer to you.

Ford’s eyes narrowed. “What do you want?”

I mean you no harm, believe me. Quite the opposite.

“But what do you want?”

Well, I do expect something in return... your gratitude, perhaps.
 But we can discuss that later. You must have many questions.

Ford leaned back, running his fingers through his hair. He wondered if he was hallucinating. He reached in his tee shirt and gave one nipple a hard pinch, then gasped with the pain. At least he was really awake.

It’s all right with me if you want to slip off that shirt to play with your nipples.
 I won’t mind.

“What the—but how—how did you know that I—”

You’re sitting right in front of me, Ford. How could I not see? Here, I’ll show you.

An inset window popped onto the screen. Ford could see himself, sitting in the desk chair, staring back. He jumped back in shock and his screen double followed suit. Looking at the viewing angle, he realized that there must be a camera at the top of the left-hand computer tower. He moved to block the eye with his hand.

Now, now, Ford that won’t do. I am very patient but you must not toy with me.
 Take your hand down so we can continue our conversation. Good.
 Now, why don’t you go ahead and slip off that shirt, and your jeans, as well.

Ford had the shirt off before he realized what he was doing. Gooseflesh formed on his arms, and his nipples hardened.

This was stupid, and probably dangerous. He should stop.

Ford squirmed in the chair as he felt his cock stirring. He realized he was breathing hard. The thought of performing for an unseen voyeur was strangely arousing.

The thought excites you, doesn’t it? It arouses you.

“Well... yeah, kinda. A little. But I don’t think I should...”

Don’t be a prude, Ford. You excite me a great deal.
 You’re safe, alone in your bedroom. We can play some wonderful games together...

Ford’s mouth was dry, he felt himself fumble with the button and zipper, then raised his ass to let the jeans fall about his ankles. A hot, dirty thrill ran across his skin. He felt deliciously sluttish and... well... naughty. Like the first time he beat off in the boys’ toilet...

He pushed back from the desk and stood, stepping back to let the camera get a full view. Panting, he displayed the tented front of his briefs, then turned to show off his white-clad buttocks.

He turned back, and asked breathlessly, “Now what?”

By way of response, the right-hand processor tower opened to reveal velvet-lined nooks and holders, much like a traveling bar case. Inside were nozzles, suction cups, tubes and cables, shiny vibrating eggs, clear bottles of lube.

There is a microphone headset in the box, Ford. This will be easier if you put it on.

Ford found the headset, which had a small silver antenna. He slipped the buds into his ears and placed the microphone stem to one side of his mouth.

“Where does it plug in?”

“It does not plug in. It is wireless.”

Ford jumped as the voice whispered into his ears.

“Jeezus! Was that you?”

“You flatter me. Alas, I am not Jesus.”

“You know what I meant!”

“This is much better, isn’t it? Now we can speak together.”

The voice was melodic, and had a strange, almost tactile quality. It was like having a slightly ticklish brush in his ear canals.

“The box contains some nice toys for us to play with. More of my gift to you.”

Ford took a closer look inside. There were clearly a few plugs and vibrator bullets for anal play, and a latex sheath with a vibrating tip for his cock. Bottles of lube. The hoses and suction cups mystified him.

“Those are for your nipples, Ford. It feels so good...”

Ford held up a clear glass butt plug, with red and a black wires protruding from the flange.

“Ah, yes, that is a very nice one. The wires plug into that power pack, which you fasten around your waist. Why don’t you lube up that delicious-looking ass of yours and I’ll show you how it works.”

Ford looked at the sexy toy, conflicted. Was he really contemplating on-line sex play with a total stranger? He really shouldn’t take this game any further. He really shouldn’t...

Then his cock gave a big twitch.

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

“Wonderful! Why don’t you pull that bureau over and put a blanket it on it?”

Head spinning, breathing fast with nervousness and anticipation, Ford arranged the bureau to serve as a padded sex bench, making sure that it would be visible to the camera while giving him access to the toy box. He shimmied out of his underwear to appreciative comments from his unseen benefactor.

“Tell me, Ford, do you ever sniff the crotch of your underwear? Smell your own odors?”

Ford felt himself blush. “Sometimes,” he whispered.

“Show me. I would love to watch you do it.”

Ford put the slightly damp cloth against his nose and inhaled deeply. With a moan, he lay back on the bureau and began stroking his cock... lost in the sweet funky smell of his own crotch...

With a jolt, he half sat up, surprised at himself.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what, Ford?”

“Make me so fucking horny.”

The voice chuckled, sending a shiver down his spine. “It’s a gift I have.”

Ford’s eyes traveled to the clear butt plug with its wires. His ass gave a twitch. He grabbed a bottle of clear, slightly salmon-colored, oil.

“That’s it Ford. Spread your ass and use your fingers to lube yourself...”

Ford lay back, raising his thighs in the air, squirted the lube into his hand and began fingering it into his ass. A deep warmth filled him, and he sighed with languorous pleasure.

“Oh, wow... what is this stuff? It feels soooo good...”

“Something I make myself. It enhances pleasure and gives you stamina.”

Ford’s eyes grew sharper.

“And what was that green lube? What did it do to Nick?”

“That is completely different. The green lube is psychotropic.”

“Psycho - what?”

“It means that the ointment contains a drug having mental effects. With prolonged use the drug is addictive and the effects can become permanent.”

“That’s why I had to wear gloves.”

“Yes, Ford. And the prophylactic, as well. Its full effect comes through direct prostate application, but it is not wise not to touch it to the skin.”

“What did it do to Nick?”

“The ointment greatly increases anal sensitivity, alternating pleasure with burning and itching sensations. The distracting pain/pleasure cycle causes the victim to be highly suggestible sexually, especially for someone like Nick with an unusually sensitive prostate...

Ford added a second finger to his anal exploration.

“The mental effects can be even greater for some. Due to a happy contingency of evolution, a single neural complexus in the brain controls two different functions: male sexual arousal and the area that responds to humiliation or social shaming. Social behaviors evolved much later than sexual instincts, and the neural path to vasodilation—blushing—was already occupied in men by the erectile response.

“To some extent, then, these responses are essentially the same and are only differentiated during early social training. For many, if not most, men there remains a deep level of ambivalence. Depending on the individual, humiliation can cause anything from a barely noticeable twitch of arousal to helpless lust...

A third finger...

“The lubricant acts in two ways: a topical hormone acts on the prostate to make it hyper-active, while a receptor block increases the feedback in the arousal/humiliation complexus. In other words, the subject finds that he is intensely turned on to anal stimulation at the same time that his humiliation response is heightened. Since most men find any hint of homosexual arousal to be shameful, this results in a delicious feedback loop... the greater the shame, the greater the arousal...”

Ford was thrusting his fingers in and out with ease, ass totally relaxed, mind reeling.

“But how did you—where did you get—”

“I think it is your turn to answer questions for a while, Ford. Insert the toy and plug it into the power belt, please.”

Letting out a little moan, Ford pushed the Pyrex plug into his ass, feeling his rectum snap shut around the flange, keeping it in place. He put on the belt, then snapped the wires into the terminals on the power pack.

“So, how do I—eeAAAHHHHH!”

Ford cried out as the plug lurched to life. His ass muscles clutched and rolled, making the toy fuck him slowly. He had never felt anything like it.


“I control all the toys, Ford. Through our computer connection. Do you like it?”

Ford arched his back as the toy fucked in and out with a wave-like motion.

“Oh my god... oh fuck...”

“Oh, Ford, you are delicious. This is going to be such fun! Now, here is how the vibrating nipple cups work...”


The sky was darkening early with clouds promising deep snow. The figure huddled in his grease-stained brown parka looked either way to make sure the street was empty—a needless precaution, surely, but a sign of his breathless, guilty lust—before unlocking the front door and slipping in quietly.

Sometimes coming home early... unexpectedly... he had seen the boy at his perverse exercises... images that had inflamed his mind... that he could not erase...

He made his stealthy way up the shadowy stairway, avoiding the creaky step near the top. A line of light was visible under Ford’s bedroom door and he paused. Holding his breath, he reached out and carefully turned the door knob...


Ford was writhing on the bureau, holding his ankles with his hands, whispering into the microphone. With his head facing away, he did not see the door open, did not see the beady eyes of the voyeur, did not hear the quickly-controlled gasp.

“Oh, yessss... yesss... please... more... more...”

The jock’s nipples were covered by quivering suction cups with tubes running to the power belt. A latex sheath covered his long, hard dick, ending in a shiny vibrator egg on the knob.

His unseen sex partner controlled all of them. For two hours his on-line mystery master had experimented, using the toys in sequence, varying intensity and pulse.

The man had made him cum, twice, without Ford touching his dick.

And Ford was not spent, not by a long shot. Even after two hours, he felt focused, exhilarated. And he wanted more...

“You want it, don’t you? You want me, don’t you? You want me to do it to you, take you, over and over, don’t you, sweet Ford?”

“Oh yesss... yesss...”

“I have a special thing I can do for you now. I know your wonderful body, know your secrets. This time, I can prolong your pleasure beyond your imagining. I can make you cum for many long minutes... But this will leave you utterly spent for several hours. Do you want it? Total pleasure?”

“Do it oh do it oh yes yes yessss....”

Complicated pulses of sensation flowed through his cock, ass, nipples, all combining in a heaving ocean-storm of sex, each cresting wave tossing his body up higher. Higher, impossibly higher, above the world... there was no air, he couldn’t breathe. He didn’t care.

High, high, up, he was utterly impaled on an infinite shaft, and flashing lightning surrounded him and he came...

He came.

Spinning on the pole raping his gut, his orgasm flew out in all directions, golden like the sun, and each time he thought it was over, he came again, and then again, each ejaculation sweeter and more intense than the last...



On the bureau, Ford’s hands and feet shook in seizure, his eyes rolled back, mouth slack. He made no sound as his penis quivered in its sheath, heaving in continual orgasm, long after his balls were drained and empty.




After endless, exquisite minutes, his movements stilled. His limbs fell limp over the edges of the bureau and he lay there like a dead thing.

Slowly, the bedroom door swung open, and the stocky voyeur in his ratty brown parka tip-toed into the room. Shaking, he stretched out one meaty hand toward the naked youth spread out before him... the boy was passed out... so tempting... so tempting...

Suddenly he jerked his hand away as if burned, and backed out of the room, wheezing.

Oh god. He had to find relief. But not here. He had to leave. Now.

The door closed with a soft snick, and the bundled figure crept quietly downstairs and out of the house. On the porch, he sagged, grabbing a handrail for support. After a moment, he straightened and trudged out into the freshly falling snow, tugging his parka down to cover the bulge at his crotch.

Back in the bedroom, the computer monitor swirled with color. The disembodied voice of the on-line master spoke to no one.

“Well, well, well. How very interesting...”



“It’s okay, Brian, everybody’s nervous the first time.”

“I’m not queer, okay? I’m totally straight, I just - you know - I have special needs and - my girlfriend...”

“Believe me, it’s okay. I know you’re straight, no big deal. Who recommended me?”


“He’s been coming to me for a year, he gets what he needs, no funny business. I’m totally confidential. You can trust me.”

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s what he said.”

Steve sized up his customer. Medium height, dark chestnut hair and brown eyes, cleft chin, heavy five o’clock shadow. Fit, but not ripped. Jeans, old tee shirt, worn sneakers. Steve had a hunch that Brian was ticklish. He hoped so. That was always more fun.

Brian shifted from foot to foot, looking scared... but Steve got a whiff of excited anticipation underneath the fear.

Steve moved close to the dude. Brian’s eyes widened. Steve stared him in the eyes as he let his hand move to the guy’s crotch. Already hard. Good.

Brian flinched and started to pull away. Steve grabbed his basket, hard.

“Get this, Brian. If you want to play, when you’re in this room I’m in charge. If not, you can leave right now. What’s the choice, Brian?”

“Yeah - yeah. Okay. Let’s do it.”

“What’s your scene, guy? Milking? Or control?”

“C - control,” he whispered.

“Yeah, I thought so. Now strip, and put this on.” Steve held out a clean jock strap, still in its original packaging.

“Wh - why do I have to wear that?”

“Because for the first hour or two, I won’t be touching your cock.”

Brian’s eyes glazed over and he started to whimper in the back of his throat. Hastily, he undressed with trembling fingers and pulled on the white strap. He still had on his grimy gym socks.

“Socks, too, my man.”

“You sure? I mean - you aren’t going to - like - do anything to my feet, are you?”

Steve smiled. “I am now.”

Brian moaned and gave a deep shudder. His cock gave a lurch in the white pouch as he stripped off the socks.

Steve steered the trembling straight boy onto the bed, and fastened his wrists to the head posts with comfortable padded restraints. He saw raw panic in Brian’s eyes as he began to raise his ankles and slip on the cuffs hanging from the ceiling.

“Hey—wait—I don’t know about this...”

“Just tell me to stop, Brian, and we won’t do it. Your choice.”

Steve let one fingernail scratch the guy’s inner thigh.”

“Oh fuck—yeah—do it.”

Steve soon had the dude’s legs lashed up, spread wide overhead. He put a thick pillow under Brian’s tense buttocks and got out a padded leather blindfold.

“Okay, Brian, I usually find that it’s better for first-timers to be blindfolded. Then you can pretend - whatever you like.”

Brian gave a nervous nod and Steve fastened the strap across his eyes.

The bound stud bit his lip as Steve began to drag his fingers lightly over his quivering flesh, feeling him everywhere—except his trapped cock! Steve spent a while letting his hands grope the tender backs of his thighs, then started to zero in on his spread crotch.

With one hand, he began to tease the sensitive ridge of flesh leading from the scrotum to his asshole, while with the other he reached under Brian and tickled the top of his crack where it met his tail bone. Slowly, slowly, he let the two fingers move toward each other...

Brian was breathing in fast gasps, squirming his hips helplessly as the fingernails approached his anus.

“Oh - please - oh - you aren’t going to - no - you’re not going to make me - not like that - please - oh!”

Steve’s fingernail scratched at Brian’s nether portal. The boy’s musky pucker was clenched tighter than a bull’s ass at fly time.

With one foot, Steve opened the bedside cabinet, revealing his toys, all ready to go. Continuing to scratch with one hand, he reached down into a plastic bin...

Brian nearly shrieked as he felt the ice cube press against his erect nipples. He bucked, trying to get the horrible cube off his chest, then caught his breath as he realized that Steve had slid the finger up his butt while he struggled!

Brian held himself very, very still, barely even breathing, as his virgin male ass got its first frigging.

Tony had warned him that the dude would finger his prostate to make him cum. The thought both repelled and excited him. A deep thrill went through him and he felt his cock knob pop past the waist band of the jock strap.

Steve saw the pearl of pre-cum on Brian’s exposed knob and collected it with a finger. He painted the sticky sap on Brian’s pink lips and watched the dude lick it off, tasting his juice.

Steve twisted and worked his other arm slowly, letting his fuck finger rotate in the dude’s squeaky-tight rectum.

Without warning, he dug a finger into Brian’s navel. The stud convulsed, gasping and shrieking, trying to evade the belly-button tickle but helpless to save himself.

As the guy tossed and writhed, Steve worked his finger in the clenched butt, forcing it to relax so he could dig in deep to find the throbbing love nut...

Brian bounced helplessly on the bed, the two fingers working him to a lather, cock burping love sap.

Steve glanced at the clock. He figured after about 20 minutes of this, he would slip a vibrator up the dude’s virgin butt and go to work on those pale, sweaty feet...


Down the hall, Luke was feverishly adding up the take on his web site. The pics of the New Years’ party had been a big success. In addition, Luke had lucked into an even more lucrative find: while Nick had been ‘entertaining’ the cops, Luke had discovered a cache of videos Nick had copied from the Coach’s collection. There were a dozen or so tapes showing Ford doing his special ‘workouts’ as well as scenes of Nick using Ford in the locker room and weight room.

Luke had spent the weekend digitizing over 20 hours of film, and creating a ‘platinum level’ pay-per-minute area linked to his web site. It was one week to the day since the site had gone on line... and he had grossed over $8,000! After the server and hosting fees, he had cleared thousands.

His head was buzzing with possibilities. If only he could have more access to the jocks, he could turn out dozens of hours of film a week...

He shook his head, momentarily distracted by the muffled shrieks and thumping sounds emanating from Steve’s room.

All of a sudden he looked up, green eyes gleaming in the light from the computer monitor.


Across town, Ford’s brown eyes shown bright, and his face and chest glinted with bright blue light. He was nude, seated before his fancy new computer in the dark bedroom, typing feverishly. The rough fabric of the desk chair felt delicious against his naked buttocks.

It was 8pm Tuesday, the night before school started up again. His father was at the monthly trustees meeting, which usually ran till 10 o’clock.

Next to the computer was a spiral notebook, containing dozens of Ford’s hand-written secret sex fantasies. Well - at least, they had been secret before the Coach had found them in Ford’s locker, starting a chain reaction of slavery and degradation...

The fantasies were about to become even less secret.

After the mind-blowing cybersex at the unseen hands of his ‘secret admirer,’ Ford had logged on and begged him to take him to that ultimate ecstasy again. But Ford was finding out that the man had his price. He had a feeling that even more was going to be demanded over time...

Instead, the man had directed him to dozens of porn sites. Ford surfed for hours every time his dad was at the office, beating off to filthy hot gay pics and videos. Somehow the computer had all the passwords necessary for access...

And now, he was typing out his fantasies for any and all to read. The mysterious man was posting them on a special porno blog site... with links to Ford’s email. Any pervert stumbling across his most private thoughts would be able to read them... and write to him with suggestions for future entries.

If he finished typing them all before tomorrow, his benefactor would send him more of the evil green ass lube... as well as use the remote toys to put him in multiple orgasm paradise...

Ford’s fingers flew over the keyboard as he felt a drip of pre-cum trickle down the erect spike of his dick.


Steve was just lubing up the slim butt plug when there was a knock on the door. He stiffened. Everyone knew he was never to be disturbed when he had his sign on the door knob.

Steve put his mouth against the door and hissed.

“Go away! I’m busy!”

“Steve! It’s Luke. We need to talk. Right now.”

“Later, Luke.”

“I mean it. Now.”

Steve sighed and returned to the bed, where Brian lay trying to catch his breath. His naked skin gleamed with sweat.

The plug slid into the straight boy’s slicked rectum without much resistance, and snapped into place. The plug was slim and designed for comfort. It also contained a wireless, powerful, remote-controlled vibrating bullet. The control was off at the moment.

Brian’s lips pursed and he let out little cooing sounds as he felt his ass adapt to the latex intruder.

Steve leaned close and put his mouth against Brian’s ear. He whispered something for a few seconds and suddenly the bound stud began to struggle.

“No! No, please. Please!”

“I’m going to give you a few minutes alone to think about what’s coming next, Brian. When I get back, I’ll start with your left foot.”

Steve let himself out the door and closed it on Brian’s pleadings. Luke was smirking.

“What the hell do you mean, interrupting me like this? You know they only trust me because I keep it professional!”

“I have a business proposition for you. Its time related. Hear me out before you refuse.”


Ten minutes later they emerged from Luke’s room. Steve had a dazed expression as dollar-signs danced through his head. Luke was carrying a small digi-cam.

Outside Steve’s room, Luke slipped off his shoes, then crept stocking-footed into the room behind Steve as the cum-control expert closed the door and locked it behind them.


“Very good, Ford. I suspect quite a few people will enjoy reading all your dirty little secrets. Lift your legs a little higher... yes... good.”

Ford had rearranged his bedroom so that the desk was facing the foot of the bed with a clear view of the mattress. Other than the wireless head set, he was naked. One hand was teasing his nipples. The other was between his raised thighs, pleasuring his hairless butt hole.

“So - so I did it. I got all the stories typed in, like you said. So now, we’re going to do it again, right? Like we did last Friday?”

“What a delicious slut you have become, boy. Yes, we will do it... and I will send another supply of the ointment for you to use on the hapless Nick... but there is one more thing...”

“Wh - what do you want?”

“I have connected your blog to an audio chat room... there is already someone waiting to talk to you... the site indicates that you like to have phone sex. I will connect you and you will perform for this total stranger while I listen and watch. If you perform well, I will reward you.”

“Oh, please - I’m not sure - I don’t think I can—”

“Your web name is JockSlave. I am connecting you now.”

“Please! No!”

Ford’s ears were suddenly filled with the sound of wheezing breath.

“This - is this JockSlave? Huh?”

Ford bit his lip. The voice was an older man, spooky sounding. He glanced at the monitor and saw large block letters on the screen.


“Y - yeah. This is... this is... JockSlave.”

Ford could hear the wet slapping sounds of the man masturbating himself.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck. Tell me what you’re doing, slave boy.”

“I - I - I’m playing with my nipples. And - and - fingering my ass hole.”

“Fuck. Yeah, boy, that’s hot, work your fingers harder, tell me how much you like it, moan like a whore while you fuck your little boytwat, yeah...”

Fighting back tears of humiliation, Ford obeyed the pervert, pleasuring his lithe young body exactly as directed under the watchful eye of his ‘admirer’.

The screen bore a steady message:


Unfortunately, the man in the chat room did not seem to be in a hurry.


Steve and Luke sprawled on Luke’s bed, shorts around their ankles, beating off. Steve had one hand tugging his balls. Luke lazily pinched his nipples with his free hand. Their eyes were glued to Luke’s monitor.

“Brian Cross! 618 Cherry Street, Apt. B!”

“How old are you, Brian?”

“Tw - twenty-eight. Please. Please stop, I can’t take it, hah-hah-HAIEEEEE!”

On the screen, Brian bounced helplessly as Steve dug his fingers into the stud’s upturned feet. The flange of the butt plug was visible in his spread ass crack. Snippets of the jock strap were on the bed around him, where it had been cut away. The bound stud’s hyper-hard cock flailed in the air, whipping small drops of pre-cum from the lividly engorged knob.

“Tell me to turn the vibrator on again and I will leave your feet alone.”

“Please - please - anything - turn it on, turn it on, TURN-IT-ON!”

“Here goes!”

Brian’s shrieks subsided to quiet sobbing breaths as he recovered from the tickle torture. Then he began to whimper and writhe in slow motion as the wicked vibrator tormented his over-heated fuck gland.

“I have a few more questions, Brian. When is your birthday?”

“I can’t tell you. Please!”

Luke and Steve continued to slap away at their horny dicks as they watched the tape and remembered the hot scene they had created earlier.

When they had returned to Steve’s room, Steve had told his captive that they would play an interrogation game. Steve would ask questions and try to make Brian answer. However, Brian was supposed to keep his birthday secret no matter what. The horny straight stud with the cum-control fetish ate it up, writhing in frustrated ecstasy as Steve drove him to the edge of orgasm over and over but never let him cum. The steady combination of tickle torture and intense anal stimulation proved to be just the thing for the horny dick boy.

The questioning continued. Brian was forced to divulge all of his personal information - except his birthday - and then Steve forced him to tell all about his girlfriend, how often he screwed her, her name and number, and made him describe in embarrassingly intimate detail their last several fucks.

Luke had caught it all on film, tip-toeing around the room for juicy close-ups as Steve lay down next to the trembling straight guy and sucked on his nipples while finally stroking his cock ever-so-lightly with one finger. The butt plug had been replaced with a long thin dildo, which Steve slid deeply in and out of the tight hot hole while the hunk ground his hips and tried to make Steve stroke him harder.

When Brian came, it was still with just the one finger driving him mad, and he raised his hips and sobbed as the cum surged in a constant river from his wide-open piss slit.

But just as the poor stud was coming down from it, Steve grasped his cock in an iron grip and pumped like crazy, rubbing his rough thumb against the burping cock tip as fast as he could. Brian let out a high-pitched squeal, like a rabbit, and then began to bounce as Steve used the dildo to ram-fuck the straight male ass.

Eight minutes later, Brian was forced to a second, excruciating cum. Ropes of musky-smelling jism flew everywhere as the hypersensitive cock was stroked to a massive explosion.

Steve untied the guy’s legs and slipped the dildo out of the well-fucked butt. Brian twitched and shuddered and finally lay still.

“Oh - FUCK -jeezuz - dude, you are fan-fucking-tastic. God, you got me going. Tony was so not shitting me!”

Luke backed silently out of the room as Brian set up an appointment for the following week.

Watching the tape replay, the two scheming frat boys were breathing faster and faster, feeling the cum rise in their balls as they watched the unsuspecting Brian approach orgasm.

When they came, it was with the thrilling knowledge that the humpy straight dude was about to become a gay internet porn star.


Ford tip-toed to his door and looked down the hall toward his father’s room. It was 2am and the sound of Reverend Spencer’s snores could be heard. There was no light under his door.

Trembling with anticipation, Ford closed the door, wishing it had a lock. He had been waiting on tenterhooks for hours. The episode with the chat room guy had just finished when Ford’s dad returned home, ruling out his ‘reward’ from the mysterious admirer.

Now it was time.

Ford turned on his desk lamp and aimed it at the bed, then opened the high-tech toy chest and got ready...

Minutes later he was on his back, arching his spine, fingers twined in the sheets, whispering filth into his headset microphone, as his unseen master worked the controls from afar, playing sweet melodies on his sex organs.


At 3am, there was no longer any snoring from his father’s room.

Ford might have noticed this sudden change, except that he was a bit distracted. In fact, he was barely conscious, eyes rolled back in mindless bliss, thighs spread wide, the fat Pyrex plug buried in his butt, his ass muscles convulsively fucking themselves on it with each electrical impulse.

He certainly did not hear his bedroom door open a tiny crack, since the hinges and lock were kept well-oiled at all times.

Neither did he hear the quiet, raspy breathing, nor the sound of a robe furtively untied.




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