"Don't answer it, Nick."

Nick rolled his eyes.

"What, you must think I'm a moron, Luke."

"No, I think you're a naked butt slave and will do what I tell you."

Nick blushed. He was seated on the sofa in the basement family room with his hands behind his head and his thighs spread, with his ankles tucked under his ass.

Luke, next to him, was fondling Nick's hard cock with one hand and drinking a beer with the other. Ford knelt between Luke's thighs, licking the blond frat dude's freshly-shaved nut sack. Luke had started the evening by giving all three of them a shave in the crotch and ass crack.

They were watching a video of Nick's weekend performance. Luke especially enjoyed forcing Nick to stay hard as a rock while he watched his own complete submission on screen.

Twice he had taken Nick unwillingly to the edge of orgasm, loving it when the frantic jock stud begged him to stop.

Ding!Dong! Ding!Dong! Ding!Dong!

"For god sake! It's almost midnight."

"Better get rid of them, Nick."

Nick eased himself up off the sofa and padded over to the household intercom.

"Hi. Who's there?"




"It's the police. A neighbor called, said the owners here are out of town. That correct?"

"Oh, um, well yeah, but I stayed home, officer."

"And you are?"

"Nick. Nick Taylor."

"Doctor Taylor's son?"

"Yeah. So it's, um, you know, okay."

"I'm sorry, sir, but we have to check. Once a disturbance is called in, I have to see some ID."

Nick released the intercom control and hissed at Luke.

"Shit! Now what?"

"You get dressed, go up and get rid of them. Whatever you do, don't let them come down stairs."

"No shit, Sherlock!"

Nick pressed the intercom again.

"Oh, uh, sure, I mean okay. But I just... got out of the shower, and, I'll be up... I mean down... in a minute. Okay."

Nick got dressed, hopping from foot to foot as he danced into his jeans without underwear and yanked on a tee shirt, then dashed for the stairs.

"Keep the lights off, and keep quiet! I'll tell you when the coast is clear."

Nick ran through the living room to the front door.

"Hi! Um. Hi, officers. There's no problem. It's just, see, I was going to go with my folks but then at the last minute I had to stay, and, uh, our neighbors didn't know I stayed. Home. I mean. So it's okay, thanks."

"ID, please."

Nick patted his pockets and looked sheepishly at the two cops. They were nearly identical, clean-cut, chiseled faces, dark hair. Probably just out of college.

"Um. Sorry. I forgot. It's upstairs. Wait here."

The two cops walked into the living room.

"Nice place your family has."

Nick looked around at the all-white room with its wall-to-wall carpet and leather furniture, and the wood and granite kitchen visible beyond.

"Um. Yeah. I guess. Be right back."

Nick sprinted upstairs, grabbed his wallet, and hurtled back down. The two men were looking around.

"Here," Nick panted, and handed the first cop his license.

The cop looked it over carefully, then stared at Nick.

"Your hair must dry very quickly, Mr. Taylor."

"Wh-why? I mean, what do you mean?"

"Weren't you just taking a shower?"

Nick blushed. That was probably not the best response, but there you were. Done.

"You wouldn't by any chance be having a little party during your parents' absence, would you? No alcohol, for example."

"Oh, no, of course not. Officer."

The second cop took one hand out from behind his back, holding two freshly-emptied beer bottles.

"Then you can explain the presence of a carton of these in the kitchen."

The first officer leaned close to Nick' face and sniffed. His smile was condescending.

"I don't suppose you'd like to take a breathalyzer test?"

The other cop flipped open a pad and started writing, "Nick Taylor, 18, 2358 Deep Ridge Way, Chained Rock. Underage drinking..."

"No! Please, officer, come on, I mean it's New Year's Eve, there's nothing wrong, I mean nothing really serious, please guys."

The cops' eyebrows raised at 'guys'.

"Search the house, Bryant, see if we have any other miscreants to haul in. Better start with the basement."

"Oh, hey, uh, look really it's okay, I mean please, uh -"

Nick eyes bugged as Officer Bryant opened the basement door. Without thinking Nick dashed over and grabbed his arm.

The officer whirled and grabbed him by the collar.

"Oh, uh, gee, huh, I'm really, really sorry, I mean, I know I shouldn't have done that, I'm really sorry. Sorry."

The cop had been walking him backward slowly and Nick gave a little eek as he ran into the other cop.

The two men stayed menacingly close as Nick babbled.

"Oh! Hey. Please, I swear, I SWEAR TO GOD that there's nothing serious, please, just a little beer you don't have to write me up for that, do you?"

"You want to get off with a warning, that it?"

"Oh yes, please, I would be really, really grateful..."

Officer Bryant took another step and he was pressed between their uniformed bodies.

"How grateful?"

Nick could feel their belts and holsters pressing into him.

And other things. Long, hard, things.

His eyes widened. This could not be happening.

The square-jawed cop gave him a cold smile.

"I think we could let Mr. Taylor here get off with a very... firm... warning this time, don't you officer Kelly?"

"Why, yes, Officer Bryant. Get off. With a warning..."

Nick felt Kelly's heavy hands on his shoulders, then felt them slide down to hold his elbows. Bryant slid his night stick behind Nick's neck, and pulled him forward. To Nick's total surprise, the butch-looking cop slammed his mouth against Nick's and French-kissed him.

Nick squirmed in the men's arms, eyes bugging out, as the man raped his mouth with his rough tongue before pulling away.

Suddenly they threw him onto the couch.

"Okay, kid. Strip."

"Please, officers, I can't do this, please -"

"Fine. Then we go to the station. Your choice kid."

Nick closed his eyes in misery, and began to unzip his jeans.

"That's right, kid, do everything just like we say and everybody will be just fine."

Eyes still closed, Nick pulled off his tee and then slid out of his jeans. He had never felt less like having sex and his cock was limp with fear.

The men whistled.

"Shaved smooth, look at that!"

Nick opened his eyes in shock. In the heat of the moment, he had forgotten that Luke had shaved their crotches and asses to begin the festivities, leaving only a small patch of hair at the base of each cock. Nick looked down at his shriveled cock and shiny shaved scrotum, still showing traces of baby powder.

"Stand up, give us a look. That's it, turn around... nice, very nice... great body, kid, you must work out a lot. Okay, now get yourself nice and hard for us."

Nick swallowed and started to work his flaccid cock, face red with embarrassment. He didn't know which would be worse, getting hard in front of these men... or not being able to.

The cops circled him like sharks, rubbing their bulging crotches, ogling his body. He felt the cold tip of a night stick nudge his shaved scrotum, then trace his butt crack.

"Please, no, I can't -"

"Shut up, kid. I mean it."

Bryant pressed the blunt wooden stick into the crack and put it directly on his pucker, making him shudder. Then he felt a tingling in his balls.

Oh no, he thought. Please, not now...

But his sensitive anal flesh kept tingling, and Nick had a memory flash of Ford's tongue, licking him expertly...

Nick's cock started to stiffen in his hand.

"Yeah, that's it, seems young Mr. Taylor likes his ass worked, huh, kid."

Nick looked away but Kelly grabbed his chin. The cop looked into his eyes and smiled, showing even white teeth.

"I said, you like it. Don't you. Tell the truth."

"Yeah," Nick whispered.

"So finger your ass hole and jerk off. Give us a good show."

"Please, I can't take it, I can't - "

Kelly squeezed his chin harder.

"You have 10 seconds to get a finger up your butt hole to the hilt. Got it?"

Ever since the weekend, even without the insidious green lube, his ass had been more sensitive and - well - hungry. But he had not allowed himself to pleasure it. That would be too humiliating.

Now he was finger-fucking his ass in front of two total strangers. He tried hard to keep some kind of dignity, working in vain to keep his traitor cock soft. He would not let them force him to enjoy this humiliation.

But within minutes Nick's cock was on display at full mast.

The perverted cops taunted him, circling around and groping him, cupping his balls, tweaking his nipples, watching as he was forced to pleasure himself for their amusement.

Unfortunately, Nick's ass loved the finger play whether he wanted it to or not, and it showed. He was being careful not to touch his prostate, but even so his cock was drooling.

Kelly was right in front of him, pinching both his nipples. They were both erect and he rubbed the tips with his thumbs. He leaned in close and whispered lewdly in Nick's face.

"Yeah, you like that finger up your ass, don't you? But I bet you'd like it even more if we helped you out, showed you how good it could feel. A man's hand working that bad-boy cock of yours, yeah, and fingers up your clutching boy cunt, making you squeal, yeah, I bet you'd like that a lot..."

Kelly gave his nipples a hard pinch and let go.

"Hands behind your head, kid. Right now."

Trembling, Nick did as he was told. Kelly grabbed the exposed cock and started to stroke it. His palm was rough and the cop knew just how to use it on him. Nick shuddered as his cock lurched with lust. The cop laughed and used his booted foot to force Nick's legs apart.

"This is what we call a body cavity search, Mr. Taylor."

Behind him, Bryant forced not one but two blunt fingers into his rectum. Nick started to raise on tiptoe but the cop grabbed his balls to keep him still as he pushed the fingers all the way in... right to Nick's horny prostate.

Nick gave a little involuntary cry and started to double up. Kelly gave his cock a painful jerk.

"No, you don't. Keep those hands up. You do just what we want and then we won't tell Doctor Taylor what his naughty son was up to while he was gone. Okay?"

Nick nodded and then gasped as Bryant scratched his love nut with his fingernails. "No. Oh god - stop - please..."

"It's all right to beg, kid. We like it when the strong jock types beg us to stop, don't we, Bryant."

"Oh yeah. Fuck yeah."

Nick bit his lip and silenced himself, unwilling to give them the satisfaction of hearing him beg. Kelly smiled and began doing wonderful things to his cock with his rough fingers.

Nick shifted from foot to foot as the two men worked his ass and cock. His resolve began to disintegrate as he felt the first trickle of sweet cum head for the base of his cock...

"Shit-shit-Shit! Okay. Stop. Please. I'm begging. Please. Don't make me. Don't make me do it. Please."

"Most of the teen jocks I know want to come every chance they get. Or is it just that you don't want to come like this?"

"Ooohh, please, you gotta stop... Please, don't. Don't make me come like this. Please..."

"Some other way, then. Maybe with a cock in your throat?"

"Unngh... no - please - not that way - no -"

"Or maybe you'd love it if I sat on your face, made you kiss my butt hole with that pretty little mouth of yours?"

Nick paled, eyes wide, shaking his head. Then he realized that he had just made a mistake.

The cop gave a wicked little smile. "Well, well. Seems you might have to start begging... harder."

"Oh please, not that, I don't like to eat ass, please, don't make me, I'll do what you want..."

"Yeah, I can feel your pink tongue up there, eating me out. I can feel you struggling as Bryant works your hot fuck hole, forces wad after wad of fuck juice out of your boy cock..."

Nick squirmed on tiptoe, as Kelly's hand stroked him to the edge of orgasm. His voice was high and breathy as he begged.

"Please - Please! Don't. You can't do this to me please, please, PLEASE STOP -"

Kelly took his hand away, leaving Nick's frustrated cock bobbing in mid-air. The jock was breathing in little gasps.

"Tell you what. Suck my cock, make it real good for five minutes, and I won't make you eat my ass. Deal?"

Nick closed his eyes, resigned. "Uh - uh - okay. Yeah."

Kelly unzipped his uniform and fished his cock and balls out of his white briefs. The warm smell of unwashed cock filled the air. Nick suspected that Kelly had not showered recently.

"You can start by sucking on my balls, I like that."

Kelly laid a hand on the back of his head and forced him to his knees, guiding his mouth to the waiting nut sack. The smell was strong, like beef broth. He imagined the cop sitting in his squad car for hours, horny balls trapped in his tight briefs, sweating.

Kelly took Nick's hands and drew them up, forcing him to lean his face against Kelly's crotch for support, while also thrusting his ass back so Bryant could continue his rough finger play.

Nick opened his lips and sucked the salty nut sack into his mouth, moving his tongue all over the tight thin skin, washing it. His nostrils were pressed against Kelly's cock shaft, and the smell made his head spin.

Kelly hissed with pleasure as the jock sucked his ball sack squeaky clean, then sighed as he plopped them back out.

The cop pulled him up, raising his face until Nick was staring at the plum-colored cock knob. A pearl of pre-cum dangled from the very tip.

"Okay kid - open wide, here it comes!"

Nick dropped his jaw and Kelly's cock disappeared into his throat.

Five slurping minutes later, Nick was wiping the last of the Kelly's cum from his chin with the back of his hand. His rectum twitched with relief as Bryant withdrew his probing fingers.

Bryant sat down on the white leather sofa, pants unzipped, cock hard, eyes bright. Bryant's manhood was massive, bigger than Kelly's.

"My turn, blondie."

Nick began to protest but Kelly pushed his open mouth neatly onto Bryant's dick. Nick's eyes got bigger and bigger as the huge tool stretched his throat.

Kelly grabbed Nick's hands, forcing them behind his back, and slipped cold cuffs onto the jock's wrists. Kelly knelt, using his knees to immobilize Nick's legs and keep them spread.

Bryant grabbed his head and fucked his face, driving the big cock deep into his gagging throat like a piston. The blond jock choked and spluttered on the massive prick.

Kelly inserted several inches of the black night stick up his ass, twisting it deep inside the helpless jock. He reached between the boy's thighs and tickled the hard cock with his expert fingers.

Nick grunted around Bryant's thrusting meat, unable to do anything but squirm as Kelly took full control of his ass and cock. Somehow the cop knew just what to do to make him afraid he would come any second, without actually letting him get off. Nick was so distracted by the prolonged near-ejaculation that his throat relaxed, and Bryant fucked his mouth like it was a sloppy cunt, ramming in to the hilt.

Nick's head was reeling from the powerful masculine aroma of Bryant's sweaty pubic hair. He smelled salty but slightly sweet, like smoked bacon.

Bryant must have had a case of blue balls too, because it was only a few more minutes before the big dick disgorged a rushing river of hot thick cream into Nick's bobbing throat.

Bryant pulled out and Nick gasped for air, panting, almost coming but not quite...

Kelly flipped him over and laid him face up on the sofa, ass hanging off the edge. His cuffed hands were trapped beneath him and his hard cock jutted up obscenely.

Kelly diddled the nightstick hard against his swollen prostate and Nick jerked, almost coming... but not quite.

"You are fucking hot, kid. So hot, I think I have to make you eat my ass anyway."

"No! NO! You promised, we had a deal!"

"I know, but... well... maybe instead if you show us how much you love getting your ass worked... moan and beg... really do it, fuck yourself on the stick... then maybe I won't."

Bryant used his cuffs to secure the stick handle to the coffee table leg so they could step back and enjoy the show.

Nick bit his lip, closed his eyes, and began to move his ass on the stick. Fucking himself.

The prolonged anal stimulation had taken its toll, and Nick was so turned on in spite of himself that he used the stick to give himself maximum pleasure. The humiliation of being forced to do it for someone else's amusement just made him even hornier, but he couldn't help it. His ass had betrayed him, and it wanted a good hard fucking.

The cops stripped, leaving on their holster belts. Both of them obviously spent a lot of time at the gym, and the belts rode high on their muscular jutting buttocks.

Whimpering, writhing, moaning, Nick squealed in heat as he slammed the hard wooden stick into his throbbing prostate. He spread his knees and jerked his hips, head back, eyes closed.

Each cop played with his own balls while reaching over to stroke his buddy's cock, eyes glued to Nick's lewd self-fuck.

"Shit," Kelly whispered. "have you ever seen such a slut?"

"Jeezus. Like a fucking whore in heat."

"Too good to waste."

"I know what you mean."

"Ready for another piece?"

"Oh yeah. Fuck yeah."

Nick felt the stick slide out of his ass and looked up just in time to see Kelly's butt descending upon him. His cry was muffled by the cop's deep, sweaty crack. Each breath filled his head with ripe anal musk. The cop squirmed, positioning himself better, and Nick felt the man's moist pucker press against his lips in a perverse kiss.

Suddenly, alarms went off in Nick's ass as he felt Bryant push his fat knob into his vulnerable rectum. The shaft followed, stretching his tight hole, and Nick started to writhe like a demon. His lips opened, his tongue shot out, and he was rimming Kelly hard almost by accident. The giant cock filled him, putting immense pressure on his already overworked love gland.

Then Nick remembered the dream, where the cloaked man had forced him to fantasize about sexual humiliation. Being raped while forced to eat ass was one of the top ten.

But this was no dream.

This was his nightmare - and his fantasy - for real.

Nimble fingers started to play wickedly with his cock and he whimpered helplessly into the ripe musky ass crack. Kelly could make him come anytime he wanted. The final humiliation.

Nick couldn't beg him to stop with his voice. He could only beg with his tongue.

He begged... and begged...

Kelly squirmed with lust as the jock's tongue plunged into his ass, twisting deeply into his rectum. He gave a hoarse moan while his fingers danced and fluttered on Nick's cock.

Bryant had a glazed look of ecstasy as he pumped away. Nick's legs were up over his shoulders, bouncing in time with the deep raping thrusts. The cop's well-muscled chest heaved, and his wide pink nipples were hard as tacks.

Kelly's fingers danced faster and faster on the shining wet cock knob.

The tongue thrashed harder. Deeper.

Faster. Harder. Deeper. Faster.

He could feel Nick's whole body quivering beneath him, like a stretched wire. He used his fingers to keep Nick cresting right at the top of the wave as long as he could...

Nick's cock and balls were ablaze as the jock made one last desperate silent effort to fend off the inevitable...

Don't make me. No. Please. Don't make me come like this...

Nick's cock exploded. The first shot whipped out of the gaping piss slit, flew high into the air, slowed, stopped...

Then the shining wet ribbon reversed and fell, twisting, to land with a splat on Nick's chest.





Arc after arc shot out, covering Nick's upper body, trails of sex slime crisscrossing his heaving chest and abs.

Nick's spasming ass muscles took Bryant over the edge and he came, head back, bellowing, gigantic cock thrust like a spear into the raped jock.

Kelly came without touching his cock, his hands polishing his own nipples in a frenzy, bouncing his hard ass on the blond jock's handsome, masculine face. The first shot took Bryant square in the chest, but the remaining gobs of hot white sauce wound up slathered all over Nick's shaved groin.

After a few minutes the two men slid slowly away, leaving Nick exposed on the sofa. His eyes wet with tears, cheeks wet with saliva...

Chest, crotch, and ass dripping with cum.

The men got dressed quickly, professionally, zipping up, brushing the lint off their dark blue uniforms, slipping on their shiny caps.

They turned toward the door. Nick gasped and struggled to sit up.

"Hey. Hey! The handcuffs!"

"Keep 'em, kid. A little souvenir."

"No! Wait! You can't leave me like this, please -"

Kelly held up a shiny key, then threw it clear across the living room through the open basement door where it disappeared.

Nick stared at the dark basement in horror as he heard the front door close with a bang.

Pause. Tentative footsteps on the basement stairs.

"Nick? Nick? Are they gone? You okay?"

It was Luke.

"No - no - don't come up, please -"

Luke paused on the top step, staring.

He walked around the room, ogling Nick's naked, cum-splattered body. The cuffed jock wanted to crawl under the carpet and die of shame.

"Well, well, looks like the real party was up here. Slut."

Nick eyes flashed.

"Fuck you, they made me do it, I didn't want to -"

"Don't tell me you didn't contribute to the quart of cum all over your tummy."

Nick blushed and looked away.

"They made me. They made me like it." He looked at Luke, hoping for understanding.

"They were going to arrest me for drinking, and then they were going to look downstairs and I couldn't let them find out what we... you know..."

"What a butt slut you are? Looks like they found out anyway, doesn't it?”

Nick closed his eyes, clenching his teeth. "All right. You win. I'm a slut. Whatever." He opened his eyes and glared at Luke. "Now just go find that goddam key AND UNCUFF ME!"

Nick stomped his feet on the floor and bellowed with rage.

"Oh that won't be necessary, they have a spare key."

Luke walked to the front door and opened it.

"Steve, John, we need the other key."

The two cops came back in, grinning broadly.

"Steve and John are friends of mine on campus. Theater majors. Hey, guys."

Luke smirked at Nick's suddenly blank face.

"I believe you've already met Nick Taylor."

"Oh, yeah."

"In spades."

Nick shook his head, struggling to understand what was happening. There was a buzzing in his ears, and dark red lights flickered in his peripheral vision.

Luke reached into the book case, pulled a digital video camera out from between two books, and kissed it.

"I can't wait to watch this tape! Happy New Year's, Nick!"

Nick's eyelids fluttered briefly before his eyes rolled up and he slumped back on the sofa, out cold.

Steve and John looked at each other.

"Damn! We were ready to party some more."

Luke smiled.

"Not to worry, guys! There's another jock waiting for us downstairs!"



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