“And where the hell were you, Sunday? Huh? And you’re ten minutes late this morning, Ford. You are going to pay for that, boy. Now strip!”

Ford glanced out the office window at the guys getting dressed for first hour P.E.

“Please Coach, what are you going to do, there are guys in the locker room, I—”

Coach MacAnally grabbed Ford’s crotch, started to yell, and stopped as he felt the hard case of Ford’s CB-9900 through the jeans.

“What the fuck?” Pushing the hapless jock against the wall of his office, he undid his fly and pushed Ford’s jeans and briefs down around his knees.

Ford’s dick was encased in a clear plastic chastity device, fastened with a small lock.

“What the—”

The office door opened and Ryan entered, dressed in a suit and carrying a metal briefcase.

The Coach managed to look like having a naked jock pushed up against the wall of his office was perfectly normal.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Beat it!”

Ryan set the briefcase on the desk and opened it, cool as a cucumber. He took out a piece of paper and held it out to the Coach.

“It’s called the CB-9900. A male chastity device which locks around the penis, allowing normal urination but preventing erection or ejaculation. I put it on Ford Saturday afternoon.”

The Coach stared at him like he was crazy.

“You... what?”

“The Reverend Spencer has given me explicit orders to keep Ford in line, as he is prone to sexual sin. With his approval, I ordered the device and locked it in place with this key.” He held up a small key ring.

“Ford requires constant discipline and rigorous punishment. Allow me to demonstrate. Take off your clothes, Ford. Bend over and hold your buttocks in the proper position.”

“Ryan—wait a minute, you can’t—not here!”

“Then I will have to give your father a negative report. And a ... COMPLETE... report of your activities.”

The Coach turned to Ford with a stern expression, a smile fighting at the corners of his mouth. Little did he know that a full report from Ryan would include revelation of his own perverse activities.

“Sounds like you better do what he says, kid. Your father’s orders, after all.”

Humiliated, Ford took off his shirt, shoes, socks, and shucked off his jeans and underwear. With the utmost reluctance he turned around, bent over, and used his hands to spread his butt cheeks as wide as he could, aware that he was now displaying his asshole to the entire locker room through the office window.

Ryan kicked his feet further apart as he took off his thin leather tie. The Coach looked on in amazed approval as Ryan flicked the leather whip expertly, landing brief, stinging snaps against Ford’s exposed anus and dangling ball sack.

Without missing a beat, Ryan said, “There is a report in the yellow folder, sir, which I believe you will find interesting. I have been doing research for a Chastity Project we will host at the new Baptist Youth Center when it opens at the end of April. The research shows great success in sports win-loss improvement, as well.”

The Coach picked up the folder and glanced at the top sheet. It listed test results from several major universities, with titles such as ‘Male Orgasm Denial and Improved Championship Stats,’ ‘Penis Locks, Team Bonding, and Morale,’ ‘Prolonged Abstinence and Increased Muscle Mass.’

“Coach! Please, the guys are staring at me! At least close the curtain to your office! Ouch! OUCH! Please Ryan, that’s enough, I—Ouch!!!”

The Coach ignored Ford and turned the page.

Abstinence: A Way to Improve Chained Rock High Basketball Results in the Finals.
 by Ryan Van Dyne

The Coach read for a moment, then picked up the phone and dialed an extension.

“Dean Flagely, I think you’d better come to my office on a disciplinary matter. At once, if possible.”

“Please Coach—please, no—make him stop—”

The Coach smiled, and kept reading.


The Dean was happy to accede to the Coach’s request that they hire Ryan as the new Assistant Athletic Director for Discipline (Part-Time)—especially after he witnessed the lad’s impressive anal whipping technique! Fortunately, they were sitting on a federal Abstinence Education grant they hadn’t figured out how to spend, and the Dean was confident the school board would allocate it to cover the expense.

Chortling in anticipation, the Dean cracked his knuckles and started typing up a Chastity Enforcement Consent Form. He planned to deliver them personally to the parents of every member of the Chained Rock High School basketball team.


Ford was shoveling the sidewalk after school when a rusty pick-up truck with mag wheels pulled up to the curb. The driver kicked open the passenger door and Ford found himself looking up at Zack, the clerk from the porn shop.

“Get in.”

Ford opened his mouth with the intent to tell Zack to go fuck himself, but one look at the dude’s face convinced him otherwise. He got in.


Zack explained that Ford was going to be helping out at the porn shop. Every Wednesday, Ford would work during his lunch hour.

They were parked a few miles out of town on the old two-lane highway near the rest stop. The toilet shack had long ago been shuttered by the highway department, but trucks still pulled off for a few winks at night, and it was rumored to be a gay hotspot in the summer.

On a Tuesday afternoon in January, it was empty.

Ford’s jeans and underwear were in a heap on the floor, and he had one leg raised so Zack could see his ass. The porn store clerk had conveniently brought a vibrator from the shop and Ford was sliding it in and out of his hot little hole.

The well-pierced dude took a professional interest in Ford’s new penis hardware.

“CB-9900! Cool!”

Zack mentioned that he had found a couple more Bound & Slagged magazines featuring Ford. “Oops, sorry, but these last issues are really gonna cost ya!”

A few photos of Ford’s ‘Preacher Kid Rape’ taken at the porn shop sealed the deal.

Zack wanted ongoing sexual favors from Ford. Preferably ones that made money.

So, Zack explained that Ford would spend Wednesday lunch locked in one of the store’s video cubicles, putting out through glory holes, having anonymous sex with whatever random citizens of Chained Rock happened by.

Ford would have protested, but by this point his face was in Zack’s lap and his mouth was full.


“Ford! Where the hell have you been?”

“Sorry, Luke, I - uh - had to shovel the walk after school.”

“For two hours? Nevermind. What the hell happened with Ryan at school today? Did he confront the Coach?”

Ford grumpily recounted what had happened, and that Dean Flagely had signed on enthusiastically. Not only had Ryan kept the news of the Coach’s sexual predation to himself, he had gotten hired as Assistant Coach.

Luke whistled. “Turns out you were right, John. Ryan didn’t spill the beans after all. I still don't know how you figured it out.”

John gave a small smile. “I could just tell, that’s all.”

“Hm. Are we ready with the tax sale form, Thad?”

“Almost. Once it’s done, you take it to the Cook County Building with the cashier’s check, and you own it.”

“And all because Bound & Slagged didn't pay their taxes on time. I almost feel sorry for them.”



Much to his chagrin, Brian did indeed get re-hired at Hemmer’s Garage, but with a new position: part-time night janitor. Hemmer said he would call when he wanted him to... clean. But Brian suspected that in reality his new position would be: on his knees; on his back; on all fours; bent over and spread; basically whatever Hemmer wanted.

Brian was now a minimum wage male whore, in addition to his porn work for Luke. Hemmer hadn’t called yet, which just left Brian on edge. Waiting.

Hemmer had explained all this to him on Monday, after fucking the bejeezus out of his ass as well as the kid’s. The guy had amazing stamina for his age and shot four loads—one in each of their two orifices—before his dick conked out. But even then, he wasn’t ready to let them go, and forced Brian and Kevin to continue the make-out session that he had interrupted.

So he could watch.

He had made them French-kiss, and make out, and rub their cocks together before getting them on the floor in a tight 69. Hemmer laughed and teased them, calling them his ‘girls,’ and handed them the tool handles again. As they had sucked each other’s dicks, they were forced to rape each other with the steel shafts.

Poor Kevin had cum first, groaning with shame as he shot a massive load down Brian’s throat. Brian was made to diddle the tool in the kid’s hole for several minutes afterwards, just so Hemmer could watch Kevin twitch and squirm as the handle tormented his post-orgasmic, super-sensitive prostate.

At that time on Monday it had been almost 48 hours since Brian’s last fix of Green Lube, and the withdrawal symptoms were not quite fully established, which meant he would just barely be able to achieve orgasm, but only as a result of vigorous and prolonged anal stimulation. But Kevin, reluctant to hurt him with the steel rod, was fucking him gingerly and Brian was finally forced to ask Kevin to fuck him harder and deeper with the tool in order to cum, much to Hemmer’s amusement. Kevin choked and gagged as Brian’s hot load filled his mouth 20 minutes later.

But now it was Tuesday, and withdrawal was completely re-established, leaving his cock swollen but unable to cum, and his ass itching and craving constant friction. The symptoms would get worse each day until Saturday night, when he would be given another fix of the Green Lube. He was forcing himself not to take one of his many sex toys out of the cupboard and frig his hole to soothe the itching. Because, whether he wanted to or not, he was due for his next live-cam dildo performance in about an hour, when some horny, anonymous stranger would pay several hundred dollars to tell him exactly what to do... while thousands of other men watched, getting themselves off while he fucked himself and begged, the cum building up in his aching nut sack...

A knock on the door roused Brian from his reverie.

As Brian opened it he realized that it was funny—the frat guys never knocked, they just came in and did whatever they wanted to him.

But it wasn’t one of the frat guys.

It was his old pal Tony, the one who had set him up with Steve in the first place. Big campus jock. Brian, wearing his official uniform—jock strap only—was aware that his traitorous dick was shamefully erect, and blushed. But then he belatedly took in Tony’s condition.

The big, butch, Italian-American dude, the one who looked like Superman—complete with curled forelock—was stark naked.

His hard cock stood at attention, and precum oozed from his swollen, crusted piss slit. His right hand was rubbing the shaft in a frenzy, trying to pump out a load that was so close, to no avail. His head was down and he bit his lips to try to suppress his heated moans.

Brian looked at him in horror.

Steve appeared behind the muscular straight dude and grasped his shoulders, slowly forcing him to turn around in the doorway. Tony raised his eyes in one mortified glance at Brian before complying.

His other hand was deep in his ass crack, with three strong fingers thrusting eagerly into his burning asshole.

Another Lube Addict had been admitted to the frat.


Steve pushed him roughly into the room and Tony stumbled and fell to his knees, both hands continuing their frenzied but fruitless masturbation.

“Brian, Tony here has a problem. He has to suck off every guy in the frat before we’ll give him the anal relief he craves. But he’s crap at it. He bit two of the guys already. So your job is to teach him to suck cock properly.”


“Tony, suck Brian’s dick until you get it right. Brian, tell him how.”

“Hey, come on, we’re friends, I don’t want him to—”

“Then no fix for you, either. Put both hands behind your head and put your dick in his mouth. Now.”

“Oh, god.” Reluctantly, Brian approached the kneeling straight hunk and let his cock be fed into the slavering mouth.

He was terrible at it, and Brian twitched helplessly as he felt Tony’s teeth scrape his sensitive shaft over and over. To keep him in place, the diabolical Steve put two fingers up Brian’s ass, forcing him to grind his crotch in Tony’s face and making him moan with sluttish pleasure.

Brian breathlessly told Tony what to do, and after fifteen minutes the guy was beginning to get the hang of it, holding his jaws apart and his lips together while swirling his powerful tongue all over Brian’s throbbing shaft.

“Okay,” Brian said breathlessly, “He’s okay now. We can stop.”

Tony, totally zoned out, continued to slurp on his dick.

Steve leaned close and whispered, his breath hot on Brian’s ear.

“Oh, I think we’d better make sure. Besides, look how turned on you are, your old friend sucking on your dick. It would be a shame to stop.”

“Please—no—I don't want to enjoy it—”

“But you do. And I know you enjoy this...” Steve began using his other hand to work Brian’s nipples expertly. His weeks of cum control games with the butch mechanic had told Steve everything he needed to know about Brian’s body. And psyche...

“We watched the tape of your work at the garage. Hot stuff. Not high enough resolution for us to post online, unfortunately... not a great camera angle... but the guys watched it twice, getting their rocks off watching you perform like a slut.”

“I didn't want to do it—he made me—”

“But you were so good Brian, each humiliating act just made you more and more aroused... it must be embarrassing, huh? Forced to be a whore for your old boss... forced to make out with that cute kid... and, when you begged him to fuck you harder and harder so you could cum, almost in tears but needing it soooo bad... that was hot...

“...too bad he didn't make you eat out each other’s butts before he fucked you... or even after... that would have been hot... I bet he will, next time... the old goat’s got a lewd imagination...”

Brian squirmed at the perverse images Steve was conjuring up. Without realizing it, he began to fuck Tony’s mouth a little faster.

“Yeah—old man Hemmer’s got you by the short hairs—he thinks you’re a total slut, so now you actually have to be one—imagine, you’ll be on your knees, under his desk, sucking his randy dick while the kid watches your humiliation—watches you bend over and beg to be fucked—watches you tongue out Hemmer’s smelly butt—did Luke tell you, we figured out a way to sneak cameras in so we can broadcast everything you do there?”

Brian gasped in horror and squirmed, impaling his ass deeper on Steve’s probing digits.

“No! No!!! Please, no! You can’t, you don’t have any way to get in...”

Digging his fingers deeply into Brian’s clutching butt, twisting his nipples, and licking his ear, Steve drove him wild, causing him to fuck Tony’s mouth like a bull in rut. Tony gagged and slurped, grimacing as Brian’s bitter precum dripped down his throat.

Tony was beating himself off with abandon, needing so badly to cum... but never quite able to...


As part of Tony’s training, Steve forced him to watch Brian’s scheduled web performance. Steve trussed the dude’s hands behind his back and his ankles to a short spreader bar, then made him squat out of sight in the corner. Taking a pecker gag, he first rubbed the knob of the toy into Tony’s rectum, getting it well covered with the guy’s intense anal musk before jamming it into his mouth and fastening it in place.

Diddling a couple fingers in the guy’s vulnerable ass hole, he grabbed Tony by the hair and forced him to watch as Brian received his orders and went to work, displaying himself in a series of obscene poses on the bed while using increasingly devilish toys on his ass, cock, and nipples.

The mortified mechanic tried not to look at his friend, but couldn’t help glancing over occasionally to see Tony, wide eyed, cock dripping precum, moaning around his gag as he ogled Brian’s nude, spread, body and squirmed his ass on Steve’s relentless fingers.

An hour later, it was Brian’s turn to watch as the freshly-trained Tony sucked off each and every one the frat brothers—except, of course, Thad, who would get Tony for his private pleasures later. Brian’s hands were tied behind his back and Steve made him kneel next to Tony for a close-up view of each blow job.

Steve kept his face pressed to each frat boy’s hip, so he was eye to eye with the frat’s newest sex slave. He was so close his lips brushed Tony’s a bit as he got to the nadir of each head bob. The worst was when the frat dude came, Tony’s eyes locked to his as he choked and gagged on each massive load, forced to swallow it all.

But finally it was time for Tony’s reward.

They tied him to a table, flat on his back, and pumped his ass full of Green Lube before screwing a thick, bristly, vibrating dildo into his hairy hole, and turning it to high speed.

Tony bucked and writhed like a madman, finally getting the Lube his ass craved, but unable to touch his cock.

Brian was lifted on to the table, hands still tied behind his back, and forced to stand straddled over his friend, his mouth gagged with several sweat-and-cum encrusted jock straps thoughtfully provided by a few of the more hygiene-challenged brothers.

They told Tony would only be able to cum if he ordered Brian to ride his cock, fucking himself to give Tony the friction he needed to get off. Tony could cum as many times as he wanted, as long as he told Brian to keep fucking himself.

But first, he would have to lick Brian’s ass and get it all wet and slick. Brian would be forced to squat over his friend’s face and sit on it for a thorough rim job.

Tony was appalled, the idea of sticking his tongue up another dude’s butt was revolting.

But it was the only way he would get to cum...

Struggling against his restraints as the dildo buzzed his ass, nearly insane with orgasmic need, Tony whimpered piteously and stuck out his tongue.


Upstairs, in the monitor room:

“This is awesome. How’s our new membership rate?”

“Practically off the charts. I think we should keep him rimming Brian’s ass a little longer, really make him work for it. The expression on Brian’s face is priceless! Intense discomfort having a friend tongue his hole, but grinding his ass on Tony’s face as his itching anus gets temporary relief, unable to help himself and ashamed of the sexual pleasure.”

“Roger that!” Luke pressed a mic button. “Hey guys, tell Tony that he isn’t slurping hard enough, we want to see deeper tongue thrusts and louder sucking. Or no cum for him.”

Luke glanced at the clock. “I wonder where Ford is.”

“Oh hey, Luke, while Brian’s busy this would be a good time to install some hidden cameras at the garage. John said he found the garage key in Brian’s room. Apparently Hemmer gave him one after the phone battery gave out, and the little shit was holding out on us.”

“Go for it.”


Tony’s voice was comically high and girlish when he was close to orgasm.

Like now.

“Yeah—yeah—fuck that dick—faster—oh god, dude, you got my nut fuck yourself faster oh GOD your ass feels so good why does it have to feel so good oh shit oh shit OH SHIT OHSHITSHITSHITSHIT—”

The frat brothers applauded as Tony pumped a massive load into Brian’s guts. After the first few shots, they pulled the gagged and handcuffed mechanic off his friend’s dick so they could see the cum shooting up like a fountain.

It was Tony’s first cum after 10 days spent in a state of helpless arousal, and it showed, splashing all the way up Brian’s back to coat the nape of his neck. The big, butch guy was letting our high, girly squeals as he watched his massive load spray all over his friend, who had just been forced to fuck himself so he could get off. Tony felt terrible about it, but he couldn’t help it, the need was overwhelming and he had had to cum...

Brian had been forced to ride Tony’s cock facing away from him, so that Tony could now see his cock sliding up and down in Brian’s ass crack, still pumping out the last few dribbles of spunk.

“Okay, Brian, turn around, show your friend how hard your cock got while he was fucking your slut ass. Come on, do it...”

Tony jerked and twitched as Brian’s low-hanging balls grazed his sensitive dick head. Then he stared in disbelief. It was true—Brian’s cock was rock hard after getting fucked up the ass. The frat brothers played with his body, making him writhe and moan into his gag as they pinched his erect nipples and stroked his cock.

Tony realized that his friend had a nice bod—not as muscular as his own, of course, but he had well defined pecs and abs, with a thin straight treasure trail of red-brown hair leading from his tight navel to his jutting cock.

As he came down from the orgasmic high, the buzzing, bristling dildo buried in his ass regained his attention, and he squirmed in his restraints, trying to eject the thick, long, anal invader.

But his ass was pumped full of Green Lube, and the high quickly faded to nothing, leaving in its wake a new need to have his cock rubbed and stimulated, the need to release the next load of cum already starting to churn in his balls.

He moaned as one of the frat guys took hold of the dildo base and twisted it roughly in his tight, muscular butt.

“Ready to shoot another load, big guy? You know what you have to do.”

“Aw geez—yeah—I need it—sorry, buddy, I gotta make you do it again—ya gotta fuck yourself on my dick—anyway, it looks like you liked it last time, huh?”

Brian glared at him and yelled into his gag. It took four of the frat guys to force him down on the fat dick again. Once it was all the way in, Brian let out a deep moan and begin to hump up and down.

“That’s it, buddy, fuck yourself for me... up and down... oh god, that feels so good oh yeah, twist around like that, that’s even better... fuck, look at you, you’re hard as a hammer... keep doing it... faster... faster... oh FUCK yeah, buddy, here we go...”


After taking four of Tony’s loads up his ass, Brian felt himself lifted off Tony’s still-hard dick and laid on the sofa. They took out his gag but left his hands cuffed behind him. Cocks poked at his mouth and butt, entered him, quickly pumped a load, withdrew.

Across the room, Tony was untied from the table and lifted to the floor. He was now completely blissed out, in thrall to the Lube, and anybody’s plaything. Brian watched with a mixture of schadenfreude and concern as they used him. Tony eagerly performed any sex act they wanted, munching on butt holes, sucking down buckets of cum, and bending over and holding his ass cheeks apart as they mounted him.

Someone thought it would be funny if they were forced to 69 each other while getting fucked, so they put them both back on the table crosswise, Brian on top, with both their asses hanging off the edge for easy access.

Tony’s dick was still slimy from fucking his ass, but they forced it into his mouth anyway, and Brian had a close-up view as one of the frat guys pushed his dick into Tony’s eager rectum and began to fuck.

Seconds later, his own cock was guided into Tony’s mouth and he felt a knob slip into his well-fucked asshole.

Tony was by now quite good at giving head and he slurped feverishly at Brian’s dick, making him moan in frustrated lust.

“Oh-oh-getting close guys-okay, get his head out of the way, hold tight... oh jeez here I go—”

Hands grabbed Brian's head roughly and pulled his mouth off of Tony's dick. The guy fucking him pulled out and sprayed semen like a garden hose all over Tony's throbbing erection, coating it completely in thick dick snot.

Then the hands forced him back down on Tony’s dick. Choking and gagging, Brian had no choice but to slurp up all the thick cream and eat it. The extra stimulation put Tony over the edge, and he came, squealing around Brian’s thrusting dick. They held his head and forced him to swallow every drop of his buddy’s big load, laughing at him as he struggled.

The guy fucking him came, and Brian felt the semen splash his insides, joining the many loads already there.

But then Brian felt a strange tingle, starting in his well-fucked prostate, and traveling to his balls... it was a tiny tingle, and it might take a while, but Brian realized that an orgasm was starting to build, even though it shouldn’t be possible this far into withdrawal.

He started to eagerly pump his dick into Tony’s mouth, then realized what he was doing. He shook his head free of Tony’s dick.

“No—I can’t—Don’t make me cum in his mouth, please—”

“Geez—look at his balls—I think he might be able to cum!”

“Pull him out, let’s check...” Brian felt an expert hand caress his cock and balls.

“I don’t know why, but I think he’s right. We can make this dude cum in a few minutes.”

“Make him cum in his buddy’s mouth!”


“Hey, I’ve got another idea—flip him over.”

Hands lifted him and sat him up. He gave a start as a tongue shot into his ass, and realized he was sitting on Tony’s face!

“Hey—please, guys—don't make him do this—oh fuck... oh shit... oooohhhh mannnn...”

Tony slurped with abandon, pulling out copious curds of semen from his ass and gobbling them up. The hot, dirty sensation of his friend’s powerful tongue rooting around in his ass was driving him closer to orgasm, but with his hands cuffed behind him, he couldn’t jack himself off.

Brian groaned in frustration.

“Hey Brian, if you don’t want to make Tony eat your hole, you can get up anytime... but we won’t let you come. Or you can enjoy the ride and we’ll jerk you off. Eventually. Your choice.”

Brian moaned and lifted himself up a little, but Tony took hold of his hips and pulled Brian’s buttocks down around his face. Brian squirmed with lust and closed his eyes in shame... but stayed put.

Then he felt a hand on his cock, stroking him to heaven, and he sighed in relief and arched his back, ready to blow his pent-up load—

The hand withdrew at the last second, leaving him unfulfilled.

Brian opened his eyes to see a cluster of grinning faces.

“Oh, come on, guys, please... one of you... please!”

“I might, in a few minutes—but only if you watch me fuck your buddy first.”

Brian watched as they lifted Tony’s legs and the guy slowly slid his impressive tool in to the hilt. He fucked slowly and lasciviously, taking his time, smirking at Brian.

“Eyes on the prize, dude, eyes on the prize!”

Tony’s response to the hot fuck was to lick even harder. Frat dudes tickled Brian’s nut sack and gave his cock the occasional stroke or two to keep him on edge. About the only thing Brian could do with his cuffed hands was spread his cheeks to let Tony lick deeper. And he did.


The next morning, Brian and Tony made the ‘wake-up calls’ together. It was obvious from the first that the frat guys had cooked up a new scenario for the two of them.

Since Tony just had a lube fix the night before, he was able—and more than ready—to cum repeatedly after his prolonged dry spell.

So poor Tony was ordered to give each guy his wake-up blow job, while Brian knelt behind him and was forced to fuck his buddy while jerking his cock to orgasm. Poor Brian, of course, couldn’t cum, but his cock was ragingly hard and he was unable to keep himself from fucking like mad in hopes of getting off.

Brian was surprised—and relieved—to find that Thad was already gone for the day.

Important business in Chicago.




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