Nick picked Ford up Saturday afternoon. The slave jock had the plug and harness on under his clothes. Nick told Ford about the horrible things he would do in retaliation for Ford's indiscretion at the Chained Rock State Park.

Ford, wearing his butt plug leather briefs, knelt at Nick's feet and begged forgiveness for his misbehavior at Chained Rock Park. Nick forgave him but told him he was still go to pay for it. At the very least, he was not going to allow Ford to cum until Sunday. Meanwhile Ford was sucking his cock as they watched some of their homemade porno...

Neither of them heard the front door open. Nick was sprawled on the coach enjoying his blow job. He threw his head back, about to cum...

And was staring up into Luke's face.


Luke slammed a wet cloth against his face. Nick got a brief whiff of medicinal bitterness and passed out.

Later that night, Nick woke to find himself tied to the bed, buck naked, legs obscenely spread. An older dude he didn't know was standing at the foot of the bed, nude except for a black mask. He was holding a video camera. He smiled pleasantly at Nick.

"Ah, I see you're finally awake. Hi."

Ford cleared his throat, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

"Um. Hi, Nick. This is Luke Cummings. Luke, Nick Taylor."

"It's a great big pleasure to meet you, Nick. All right, Ford, enough chit-chat. Let's get to it."

Nick tried to let out a barrage of cursing, then suddenly choked and sputtered, only then aware that he had been gagged. The material was soaked through, and Nick could taste... oh, no...

Ford laughed as Nick made a face of disgust.

"That's right, Nick. While we were waiting for you to come around, I shot a couple loads fantasizing about this. I think Luke here came a couple times into it too." Ford leaned in close. "They're a pair off your own jock straps. I'm not sure when was the last time you washed them. Tsk, tsk."

Nick tried not to swallow. But with each breath he could smell and taste his own ripe crotch funk as well as the over-riding essence of starchy-musky-vanilla dick syrup. He shuddered as the combined effluent trickled slowly down the back of his throat.

"Remember this? You used it on me last Thanksgiving. It works really well, doesn't it?

Nick watched in horror as Ford held up a turkey baster. It was filled with a thick-looking yellow-green liquid.

Nick struggled, eyes wide, but could only watch helplessly as Ford squirted a bit of the yellow-green goop onto his spread anus and smeared it into the rosy pucker.

Nick felt icy cold, then heat, followed by tingling, burning, and a horrible itching. Finally, there was a soothing sensual relief that was almost orgasmic, and then the sensations started all over again. Each feeling was intense, separate, and randomly changing so that he could never get used to it.

And each sensation added up to sex, sex, SEX.

Nick felt the tip of the baster enter him and begin a slow, unstoppable slide, impaling his rectum, breaching his desperately clenched sphincter muscle...

Nick could only imagine how much worse the terrible lube would feel inside his ass. The hard plastic tube advanced, inexorably, toward his hidden prostate...

Ford squeezed the bulb and withdrew the baster in one fluid motion, filling the bound jock's anal canal.

The spread-eagle blond jock began thrashing in sharp spasms as the goop attacked his ticklish fuck gland. Pearls of pre-cum formed at his gaping piss slit and were whipped off the tip in his frenzy.

Luke looked appreciatively at the unmarked bottle of lube Ford had received from his 'secret admirer'.

"Dude, I don't know what that shit is, or who sent it to you, but, fuck! Look at that!"

Nick remembered vividly how sensitive his love nut had been in the episode in Chained Rock Park, but the strange lube was making it worse now. Much worse. He felt like he was hanging on to his mind with his fingernails. He would not give in to this, he wouldn't...

Ford got out the special robo-fuck vibrator that Luke had designed and tested on Ford the previous Sunday. It was long and black, with strange bulges and ridges, and a metal band about two-thirds the way up, designed to zap the prostate.

Nick's eyes begged Ford to stop, but the other boy ignored him and soon the lewd toy was screwed tightly into his ass and strapped in place.

Ford's eyes were bright with lust as he held the control box up so Nick could see it. Ford was breathing fast in anticipation, his finger hovering over the shiny red button.

No, Nick thought. Don't.

Ford pressed the button.

Nick experienced something like a flash of lightning.

Into his mind poured a succession of images of himself being used and humiliated, a spiral whirlpool of perversion, drowning him... drowning...

The other two guys watched in amazement as Nick's eyes rolled back in his head, and his hands, feet and eyelids fluttered. Then, suddenly, the spasms subsided and the muscular jock started to squirm slowly, sensuously, like a cat in the sun.

Ford and Luke looked at each other and then back at the naked quarterback. He was letting out low, purring moans of lust.

Ford turned the controls to low and the vibrator began a gentle, buzzing fuck. Nick smiled around his gag and began to grind his hips with the dildo thrusts.

Ford leaned over him and removed the gag.


"Oh, fuck... yeah... fuck me... oooohhh, yessss, do it..."


"You said it. Untie him, see what happens."

Tentatively at first, Ford undid Nick's ankles, then his wrists.

The naked blond hunk stretched and squirmed. His hands went to his nipples and he began to work them, oohing and aahing.

Ford's cock was achingly hard. He pressed himself down on top of the squirming hot body. Their two cocks slid and danced around each other as they both ground their bodies together, then Nick started pinching Ford's nipples and Ford gabbed his face and thrust his tongue deeply into the other boy's mouth.

He heard the vibrator automatically kick to a higher setting. Nick's sapphire blue eyes opened, glowing with sluttish lust, and his tongue snaked into Ford's mouth, the two strong hot tongues intertwining.

Luke was staring, eyes wide. He propped the video camera on top of the bureau and looked down at the two hot jocks pressed together.

"Holy fuck," he muttered.

The frat boy grinned broadly and hopped on the bed.

Nick dreamt...



Tongues and fingers flickered sexily over his body, his nipples, his cock. Tasty hard dicks filled his mouth and he slurped and sucked, rewarded over and over with sweet-hot-salty spray on the back of his throat.

Sweaty buttocks smothered him and his tongue lapped at the musky ass holes. He had this nagging feeling at the back of his mind, like something was wrong, but it was hard to care.

Hot hard shafts inside him pounded and throbbed, and he wanted more, more, more. Deep in the heart of his ass was a white-hot good spot, the epicenter of a slow-motion explosion that rocked him, tore him apart, filled him with pleasure...

All he could see in his mind's eye now was that glowing love nut, throbbing in deep slow rhythm, each pulse driving a rising column of electric-blue cream building in his balls, waiting to flash from the quivering lightning rod that was his cock. The barest touch would set it off...

Something scratched the tip of his stretched cock knob, and Nick fell into that white-hot light, coming and coming...

He fell deeper, through the blazing explosion into a deep warm place. It was nice there. There were many nice things there. Dirty, hot, forbidden things...

Down in the dark, there was a place where hard-fleshed males slithered against each other, hot, wet, throbbing, using him, taking him. Fitful light from bonfires cast gleams on dark flesh and shining eyes, sparks and streaks of yellow, orange, crimson.

He was buried in the pile of hot male flesh, smothered by deep muscular buttocks, impaled by huge, demanding cocks...

Then he was lifted up and carried to the stone altar. At the side of the circular clearing he saw a rough wooden cage hanging high. He, or at least another version of himself, was bound and gagged in the cage, glaring helplessly with frustrated rage and shame.

Knowing that this other self was watching filled Nick with hot lust, and he gave himself over shamelessly to the primitives on the rough stone slab. Feverish, delirious, Nick was raped with molten lava cocks on the altar, gagging on massive pricks, unable to breathe, but not needing to. The lust of the tribe filled him, centering on his cock, which was thrust aching into the air, huge, throbbing, swollen, majestic.

There was a deep booming pulse, like drums, and his balls contracted in time, and a burning itch formed itself inside his turgid shaft. The orgasm built with exquisite slowness, step by step, in mounting waves, a pounding crescendo of lust.

Time dissolved, and somehow all of them were fucking him at once...

Cum bubbled out the sides of his mouth, trickled from his choked nostrils, he felt geysers of hot male magma spurt deep into his bowels, burning his tormented prostate...

A shaft of yellow-green light burst out of his cock.




Nick awoke.

Still coming.

Yelling in ecstasy.

Inches from his face, Luke's cock was firing rope after rope of white juice, splattering his cheeks, lashing thick gobs into his open mouth.

Ford's face was next to his own, the jock was laying on top of him, and he was humping like mad, their two cocks pressed together in a frantic dance and blasting in alternate spurts, filling the space between their sweating stomachs with hot sticky cum.

Several minutes later, Nick lay in paralyzed torpor as the other guys slid away from him. He felt the raping robo-toy pulled from his hole, leaving it empty, wanting. His hair was dark with sweat, pasted against his skull. Slowly he caught his breath.

Nick struggled inside, ready to lash out at the two studs who had tied him up and raped him. But that part of Nick was not in charge at the moment.

He watched himself grope in the bag of toys and pull out two flesh-colored latex dongs.

He slid one dildo into his hungry ass and the other into his mouth and started sucking.

Luke rolled off the bed, still recovering from the intense orgasm, grabbed the video camera, and moved to the side of the bed for a close-up. He nodded at Ford, and the other jock knelt next to the self-abusing Nick and lowered one hand to the blond stud's still-hard cock while his mouth clamped over one sharp, erect nipple...

Much later, Ford was standing at the foot of the bed, stroking his cock with one hand while aiming the video camera with the other. Nick was face-down on the bed, fingers twisted in the rumpled sheets, a look of sheer ecstasy on his face. Luke was one top of him, shuddering as he pumped the last few spurts into Nick's ass. Ford moved the camera to show Luke's ass hole clutch with each orgasmic spasm. The frat boy's tight pucker was still wet, the pale blond curls pasted down from the long rim-job Nick had given him earlier.

Luke rolled away and carefully pulled off the condom fill of jizz, then dumped the contents into a cup that was already half full of semen collected from Nick.

"Okay, Ford. Your turn!"

"Oh yeah! Man, I've been waiting for this!"

Luke took the baster, which had been thoroughly washed, and poured the cup of slimy cum into it. Ford quivered as the cold liquid was squirted into his tight ass hole.

They gave Nick a slim vibrator and the ass-hungry jock slid it into himself and began to jerk his cock.

Ford hopped up on the bed, standing on the pillows over Nick's head, facing the foot of the bed. Slowly, he lowered himself, spreading his legs wide, squatting lower and lower until his spread ass crack touched the handsome blond athlete's pink-lipped mouth...

Ford gasped as the shiny red tongue entered him, whisking out gobs of his own cold cum. The bound boy lapped eagerly at his own sauce, working his tongue vigorously into Ford's asshole.

Ford was exultant. The rim job was as fantastic as he had dreamed. God, how he had wanted this! It was so good, so hot, shit, he knew he couldn't hold off for long and he didn't care, he was pumping his cock and felt so good, he just wanted to shoot -

Ford snapped to as Luke slapped his hand away from his dick.

"I didn't ask you to do that, Ford."

Ford caught the glint in Luke's eye and swallowed. "S-sorry, Luke, I was just looking forward to -"

"Well you can keep looking forward. I've been waiting to watch Nick eat your ass all day, and I want a good show."

Reaching into the bag at the foot of the bed, Luke took out two pairs of handcuffs.

"We wouldn't want you to come too soon, now, would we?"


Sometime later.

Ford: arms stretched out and back, cuffed to the tall posts at the head of the bed. His body glistens with sweat. He is begging to come...

Nick: visible from the chin down, slavering and slurping at Ford's ass, humping his hips in time as he thrusts the vibrator in and out of his own ass and jerks himself, his taut abdomen shiny with his own cum...

Luke: seated in a comfortable chair at the foot of the bed, finishing his second beer, one leg up, idly pulling on his dick. Smiling.


Nick woke again.

"Morning, Nick."


Nick blinked and tried to stretch. It took him a moment to realize that he was tied face down on the bed.

Spread-eagled. Naked.

There were several pillows under his hips, raising his ass high. His cock, morning-hard, pointed down at the mattress.

He closed his eyes to steady his head a bit. Dim flashes of memory slithered across his brain. Fucked. Raped.

He groaned. It was a dream. Just a dream...

Suddenly he felt Ford's tongue thrust deep into his ass and he gasped with pleasure. Ford worked Nick's tasty butt hole for a while, then began licking a cool wet trail up his crack, up his spine, to the back of his neck.

Nick felt the tip of Ford's cock graze his spread hole.

His whole body jerked to attention.

"You are NOT fucking me! You ARE NOT! I order you to untie me!"

"Luke says all I have to do is get something in your ass, and you'll beg for it. Think he's right?"

"Luke! Who the fuck is Luke?"

Ford held a half-empty bottle of green liquid up so Nick could see it.

Nick's mind flashed to a scene, him on the bed, a masked dude with a camera, Ford pumping the horrible green goop into his ass...

"No! It was a dream!"

"No dream, Nick. It was real. Very. Real."

Nick bucked against his restraints. "You cunt! You've had your fun! Now by god you are going to pay! Big time! Now let me go so I can whip your slave ass!"

"Now, Nick, really I haven't finished having my fun yet. But Luke said if I was a good boy last night, he'd let me have you all to myself this morning."

Ford's cock knob pressed against his vulnerable pucker. Hard. Hot. Ready.

Nick pulled frantically at his ropes. "Stop it! I'll tell the Coach! I'll -"

"Shut up, Nick. You told my dad we were going to church in Chicago this morning, remember? Well, it's time for you to get some real religion!"

Nick heard a snapping sound and turned his head. Ford had put on latex examining gloves. He was holding the glass jar and the turkey baster. He began to fill the baster with lube.

Nick remembered.

"Oh, no. No, please! Please! Ford, I'm begging you, don't do this, I can't take it I really can't no please AAAHHHH!"

The baster slid smoothly into his spit-slicked asshole to the hilt, and Nick felt the goop invade him as Ford squeezed the bulb and slowly withdrew the baster, leaving his entire butt canal lubed.

A million ants were eating his prostate alive.

"Oh god, oh please, oh fuck - fuck -" Nick buried his face in the mattress. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck..."

Ford got into position between Nick's legs as he rolled a condom onto his cock.

"You know, I've never fucked anyone."

"Oh shit." Nick clenched his teeth, trying to stop the wave of sluttish lust trying to wash over his brain.

The latex-clad cock pushed into him, deeper and deeper, violating him, heading straight for his burning prostate...

He pounded his head into the pillow. "No! No! No! Ungh! Ummf! Oh. Fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuckfuckFUCK..."

Ford was letting out high-pitched gasps of pleasure as he felt Nick's ass lining conform to his shaft like warm, wet, velvet. Tight, but silky and yielding...

Nick tried to resist but he knew it would be impossible. Ford's knob pressed against his burning, itching, throbbing, over-sexed fuck gland. Nick let out one last cry of protest before his mind fled to the warm, dark place again.

Ford pressed himself against Nick's back, luxuriating in the feel of Nick's warm, golden skin, the strong muscles writhing underneath him, trapped, quivering, the strong buttocks rising to meet his deep thrusts...

Ford groaned deeply and froze, clutching the bed spread. Clenching his teeth, he forced back the orgasm that had almost gotten away from him.

He wanted this first fuck to last.

When he had himself under control again, he began to work his hips in a circle. Gently. He lowered his face to the strong neck and began nibbling and biting at the sweet, salty flesh, and his hands dove under Nick's body, fondling the rippled abs then stroking up to find the hard, rubbery nipples. He massaged them, every so often letting a sharp fingernail scratch the sensitive teats.

After months of complete submission, Ford basked in his hard-earned dominance...

In the dark place, Nick found himself on the stone altar. He was alone. Four torches stood at the corners of the altar. Nick was sitting on his ankles, nude, his thighs lashed tightly to his calves, his ankles tied together, his hands cinched up high behind his back.

He was helpless. All he could do was rock a little bit onto his knees.

His cock was utterly, achingly hard, thrusting obscenely from his spread groin.

Nothing happened for what seemed to be a long time.

Then Nick heard movement in the underbrush. Dimly, he saw a man emerge from the inky darkness. He approached directly to the altar with slow, measure steps, wearing a dark, long cloak that shimmered in the orange torchlight.

Nick tried to say something, and realized that there was a big wooden stick in his mouth, tied in place like a bit. He could cry out, but not speak.

The figure approached closer, standing before him, but Nick still could not see his face clearly. Just a pair of glowing eyes...

A black-clad hand stretched forth from the cloak and grasped Nick's cock firmly. Nick felt his cock throb against the tight leather glove holding him.

The man began to stroke him, with long, deliberate strokes that made him shudder and whimper around the stick gag. All he could do was stare into the strange eyes. He knew that the mysterious man could make him cum whenever he wanted.

And not before...

In some way Nick could not describe, this slow, forced masturbation seemed like a more profound violation than any gang rape. A thick feeling of humiliation and shame built inside him, and he found himself reliving memories of past embarrassments, things that even now could bring a blush to his cheeks, years later.

The mounting humiliation combined with his increasing lust into a bubbling, dirty stew, and slowly, he found himself fantasizing. The man's hot eyes bored into him, and he found himself wondering what kind of sex would humiliate him the most...

Nick shifted from knee to knee, feeling his exposed ass pucker clenching and opening in rhythm as the man continued to pleasure his aching member. He whimpered and imagined one depravity after another. A burning, itching orgasm built in his balls and began to make its way slowly into the base of his cock... higher... higher...

The yellow eyes seemed to eat him up, and he knew that the man was very pleased with him...

Abruptly Nick's eyes opened and he was back in his bedroom.

Ford was pounding, hammering his rigid prick into his butt, slamming the frantic love gland, twisting Nick's sensitive nipples hard.

The dominant part of Nick was off-line, unavailable. He opened his mouth and begged Ford to...

Fuck him. Harder. Deeper.

The two jocks bucked, wild with lust, galloping to the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm...

The strong athlete's ass constricted, milking Ford's cock, and he came, his mind filled with dizzying pictures of Nick, totally his, doing everything, anything he wanted, and more.

After the yells and heaving sobs of ecstasy subsided, the whirring sound of several video cameras could be heard...


That next Tuesday afternoon found Ford sitting on Luke's lap, staring in horror at the computer monitor.

Luke's room at the frat house was a mess, soiled athletic gear mixing with disassembled computer kits, small motors, tools, and crumpled fast-food wrappers.

Actually, Ford was not so much sitting on Luke's lap as tethered there. He was wearing white socks, an old grey workout shirt and an athletic supporter. Nothing else. His jeans lay tangled in the general mess on the floor.

His wrists were tied together behind the back of the desk chair, and his ankles were suspended from his wrists, keeping his feet off the floor.

Luke's cock, firmly implanted up his asshole, kept him from sliding off. There was a small spot of pre-cum staining the captive jock's pouch.

On the screen was a sheet of thumbnails. Close scrutiny showed that they contained scenes from the wild weekend at Nick's house. There was a pop-up menu reading "Final confirmation: Send to server?" with two buttons that said CANCEL and UPLOAD.

The mouse hovered over the UPLOAD button.

Luke whispered tenderly in his ear.

"What do you think, Ford? Upload?"

Ford shook his head desperately, unable to speak due to the thick wad of used underwear balled in his mouth.

"I thought you would agree. Off they go!"

Luke clicked UPLOAD, and another sheet of thumbnails appeared. These were captures from the video Ford had been forced to make of himself getting gang-banged in the library toilet. Luke had fuzzed out his own face and those of the other frat boys, but Ford was clearly recognizable as he fucked himself with dildos, then serviced cocks and asses through the glory holes.

There were great shots of Ford's cock spewing geysers of cum as the boys worked him.

He felt Luke's other hand creep into his shirt and begin to twist his nipple, making him squirm on the dick impaling his stretched hole. He could only watch helplessly as Luke clicked the UPLOAD button again.

More photos of his sexual degradation appeared.

Luke kissed the side of his neck.

"Oh yeah, this is so fucking hot. My own porno web site. I'll get $39.95 a month from each member. And you and Nick will be XXX stars. Men all over the world will cream themselves looking at you..."

Ford choked into his gag, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.

"Hey, not to sweat, it's a pay site, people need passwords. I'm sure nobody you know will see it. Chill, dude."

Ford was forced to watch as page after page of breathtakingly lewd photos were sent into cyberspace. There were even a few video clips, and an audio file you could listen to while browsing the site. It featured Ford begging to be used every which way... it ended with his grunts and shuddering moans as he came.

"There we go. All ready for business. Time for the money to start rolling in."

Luke reached over and hit the speakerphone button and dialed a number. Ford's eyes widened as he heard Nick answer.

"Hey, Nick, it's Luke. Don't even think about hanging up, dude, because you need to listen very, very carefully to what I'm going to say, okay?"

There was a long, sullen silence.

"Yeah. Whatever. I'm listening."

"I just sent you an email with a URL link. Get your mail and click the link. Stay on the phone and then we'll talk."

"I can only check my email. I can't go on-line, my folks have it blocked while they're away. With a zillion site controls."

"Not anymore. While you were showing Ford such a good time Sunday morning I fixed that little problem for you. By the way, your password for full access is b-u-t-t-s-l-a-v-e."

Another silence. Then: "Bastard."

"Do what I told you and then we'll talk. I'll hold."

They could hear Nick carry the cordless phone into the den and then the chime of a computer starting up.

Meanwhile, Luke had both hands free and was enjoying his tethered jock slave's body. He reached into the stretched jock pouch and grasped Ford's cock, stroking him, while letting the other hand roam freely over his muscled torso, giving special attention to his nipples. All Ford could do was whimper and squirm as Luke played him like a guitar.

Ford started emitting a series of sharp grunts as Luke bounced on the chair, forcing him to ride up and down on the long hard cock up his ass. His hands and toes curled as Luke forced him toward a helpless orgasm.

Nick was back on the phone.

"You - fucking - BASTARD!"

"It's a hot web site, isn't it, Nick? You make a great cock slut, don't you think?"

"Fucking - god - DAMMIT! You can't DO this!"

"Already done, buttslave. Don't worry, it's password protected, I don't think mommy and daddy will find it. Unless I give it to them, of course."

Nick's voice was suddenly quiet.

"What do you mean?"

Luke's breath was coming in gasps as he bounced faster in the chair, taking Ford along for the ride.

"I mean - unless you are - a good little boy - I can send - that URL - to all your nice - jock friends. Family. Teachers."

"You goddam fuck."

"Yeah - you - got it! Now - you're gonna - host a little - New Year's Eve. Party. At. Your. Place."

"No way! No! Do you hear me? NO!"

Ford cried and whimpered on the edge of orgasm, as his balls slapped up and down on Luke's thighs.

"What's that noise? What the hell are you doing?"

Luke's only answer was an especially deep thrust and Ford felt his cum start to surge forward...

Luke tore out the sodden gag and forced Ford's head down near the phone speaker while jerking his spurting cock. Ford babbled helplessly into the microphone.

"Oh - ah - god - cumming - can't stop - oh-oh-oh-ohOOHHH!!!"

Ford could only writhe, grunt and yell as Luke milked his cock. Luke leaned back, letting out a long sigh as he emptied his own load into Ford's tight ass. Soon there was only the sound of heavy breathing.

Nick sounded freaked.

"Jeezus. Luke, you are a fucking nut case, you know that?"

"Ten o'clock, tomorrow night, Nick. Be ready to party, dude!"

Nick hung up. Luke took his hand out of Ford's jock and held the semen-coated fingers to Ford's mouth. The dark-haired athlete shuddered and began to lick his own jizz from the frat boy's hand.

Luke nodded at a small, see-you-see-me camera perched on the top of the monitor. Ford glanced at it as Luke whispered into his ear.

"By the way, Ford - we're on the air. Live."

Ford's eyes bugged out as he blew spattered semen onto the screen.



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