Ford glanced around the almost deserted university library. He shifted the duffel bag from one sweaty hand to the other and headed for the basement. It was late Sunday night - the last Sunday before Xmas.

Ford had mixed feelings about this little tryst. It was something his masters knew nothing about, and Ford knew he would catch holy hell if they found out. Of course, that made it even hotter...

Coach was out of town for Xmas break, and Nick had been busy with family obligations, so this was the first Sunday in weeks he had not been putting out at the school. Leaving Ford plenty of time to think about what had happened in the library men's room the previous Wednesday...

Saturday night, the Jock Sex Slave had been mulling over Luke's 'order' to show up on Sunday. He didn't know what to make of the frat dude's threat and whether to take it seriously. If he kept quiet and just failed to appear, maybe Luke would forget about it...

The phone had rung about 9:00pm. His dad was still at the Rotary Club Xmas party.

"I need to talk to Ford."

"That's me."

"Thought so. This is Luke. Can you talk?"

Ford's stomach contracted. "Yeah."

"So... we better be on for tomorrow night."

Apparently Luke was not going to just forget about it. The husky voice sent a shiver of shame and humiliation ran down his spine... but his cock stirred deliciously in his shorts. A mutter of protest died on his lips.

"Yeah," he said. "Yeah, I'll be there. Like last time."

"All right! Just you and me this time - I'd like a little one-on-one time. Oh - and don't forget your bag of toys!"

"Please - please, Luke - can't we meet somewhere else?"

"I like it there, it's hot. And by the way, I think I remember seeing a little video camera hanging in the stall with you last time. Didn't I?"

Ford swallowed and said nothing. He didn't think any of the frats had noticed. Luke chuckled.

"Yeah, I thought so. Bring me a copy of the tape, too."

"Oh, Luke, I can't, I don't have it. I mean - I don't have it at home."

"Get it. I want a copy of that tape, or I will deliver your driver's license to your minister daddy personally and tell him all about how I found it."

Ford closed his eyes. "All right," he whispered.

Anyway, here he was, waiting, having first used his key to sneak into the empty high school to get his bag of toys and steal the video tape from the Coach's office.

The college library was even more deserted than last time, and the grumpy grad student manning the desk had given him an odd look as he passed. Luke made his way through the somewhat creepy basement and entered the sleazy men's room. It was empty. He got in the middle stall, like last time. Stripped naked. The holes in the partitions were already open. Ford shivered nervously. His cock was embarrassingly hard.

The door to the rest room opened. A man entered the first stall. Ford held his breath, hoping it wasn't a stranger.


The naked jock swallowed. "Y-yeah. I'm here, Luke."

"Stand up with your ass against the partition. Hands up, feet apart!"

Like last time, Ford's wrists and ankles were securely fastened, hands to the top rail and feet to the screen posts, his muscular buttocks pressed against the metal opening. He felt Luke's fingers pry at his asshole, lubing it up, then felt the head of some device being pressed against his anus. Slowly, it was inserted, filling him.

A moment later, Luke's grinning face appeared in the other opening across from Ford.

"Oh, man, you are one hot-looking jock slave! I can't wait to see you squirm and moan. And, I made you a new toy for Xmas!" Luke held a control box up to view. "I actually got to apply some of the stuff they teach in Engineering! Let's see if it works!"

Luke adjusted the controls, and Ford felt the dildo in his ass start to hum. Different knobs made it expand, twist, and thrust. Ford began to groan. The thing was pushing all his buttons. Hard.

"How's it feels, stud?"

"Mmf - unh - oh god -"

"Glad you like it! But the best part is this one!"

Luke hit a big red button.

A brief, sweet fire zapped his innards. Ford almost came, convulsing on the edge.

"How about that one? Pretty good, huh!"

Ford certainly felt more than just pretty good. His throbbing cock was dripping pre-cum.

"We'll keep that button for special rewards. Now, since I made you this nice toy, why don't you tell me some stories. I don't mind telling you, I've been hearing the echoes of your hot, dirty talk all week. So, I'm going to work your ass over but good with this joy buzzer, and you're going to do your best to make me so horny I drop everything and get it on with you. Got it?"

Ford closed his eyes and swallowed hard. Opened his mouth. Slowly, he began to speak, the words coming faster and faster as he warmed up.

"Yes... master... please. Make me... make me writhe, make me do it... yes... make me tell you my fantasies, make me love it, yes... work it... work my jock ass oh yes work it work it fuck me use your dildo on my tight squirming butthole, make me beg, make me beg as you work me, as you sit on my face, yes make me beg for each lick, yes make me lick it, lick your ass, kiss it and lick it and chew it, make me go deeper and deeper, make me worship your hot male hole while you work my slut ass, take me, make me do it, oh yesss..."

Luke watched avidly as his slave responded to the robot dildo, tossing and writhing and straining at the ropes which bound him to the metal partition. Every few minutes he gave Ford a taste of the electrode shock which took him to the brink of ejaculation. After a few of these, the jock stud was raving, begging, telling preposterous stories of sexual slavery in Chained Rock High School. Hot stuff. Almost real.


"Wh- what?"

"Who's this Nick you keep talking about? Some guy you have the hots for?"

"No. I mean - yes. Not like you mean it. He's one of my masters."

"ONE of them??!!"

"Yeah - him and Coach."

Luke, shocked, turned off the robo-fuck. Ford groaned in frustration as the anal stimulation ceased. Luke looked intently at the spread-eagled jock.

"You mean - for real? This isn't just your fantasy?"

Ford swallowed and nodded. Luke's eyes glowed.

"Tell me. Everything!"

Ford told him.

Much later, as Luke finished pumping a load into Ford's ass, and jerking his slave off to his third orgasm, he hugged the sweaty jock against him and turned the boy's chin to look him in the eyes.

"That was all true? What you told me?"

"Yeah. Oh yeah. All of it."

Luke mused for a moment. A strange gleam darkened his green eyes.

"I think I'm getting an idea."


One a.m. on Xmas Eve. Most people were cozily at home. It was freakishly warm, still in the upper 50's, with record-breaking temperatures forecast for Xmas day.

Limestone walls loomed as the headlights twisted this way and that. Theirs was the only car negotiating the road to the state park, even though it was also the main highway north.

Following the Illinois River, the road had been cut through the limestone bluffs in the 1930's and never widened. For the few miles either way of the park the speed limit was only 30mph due to the tight curves and hills.

The two young men in the car were quiet, their handsome faces glowing in the blue light of the dashboard indicators. Each had a brilliant triangle on his chest where his white dress shirt was not covered by a suit coat.

Nick's teeth occasionally flashed in an anticipatory smile. Ford's face was sullen, his arms crossed against his chest. Finally, he broke the silence.

"I can't believe you did that."

Nick turned and gave him a full grin. "Did what?"

"You know! Turning up at my dad's church tonight. That sucks. And going up for the altar call, looking all full of it, and I know you were just acting. Dad ate it up!"

Nick grinned wider.

"The look on your face Ford... while your precious preacher daddy was telling me what a fine, upstanding young man I was... and him not knowing that in an hour his son's mouth was going to be sucking my cock..."

Ford turned toward him, fists balled.

"Now, now! Temper, temper. Wouldn't want daddy to see pictures of what you've been up to lately, would we?"

Nick turned the car off the highway into one of the park's gravel access roads. A silver chain shone brightly in the headlights. Nick got out of the car and lifted the chain hook off of one post and they continued on into the deserted park.

Ford's palms were sweating.

"I don't think we should be doing this, Nick. What if the cops patrol the park?"

"Then they'll get a good show."

"Please, Nick, I don't -"

"Shut up." Ford gulped at the implied 'or else' in Nick's voice.

Gravel crunched quietly under the wheels as the car wound around up the steep hill, the naked oak trees leaning over them menacingly. After a few minutes they emerged into the open area at the top of the hill. Nick pulled to the middle of the clearing, then turned off the engine and the lights.

The park was suddenly aglow in the light of the full moon.

Nick had parked in the second-highest place in the park, Bald Hill, a broad clearing in the old oak forest ending in a 60-foot bluff. There were three uneven benches near the edge and a ramshackle picnic pavilion by the trees.

The area was an infamous trysting spot during the warm months. Tonight it was abandoned.

Across from the clearing on Bald Hill, standing alone in the river was an 80-foot-tall columnar island with sheer limestone sides, crowned with an irregular thicket of twisted trees and shrubs. A series of much smaller mini-islands led from the bank like giant's stepping stones or a huge necklace to the free-standing rock column.

Chained Rock.

The icy-hot blue-white moonlight gave the setting a primeval, magical quality, as though druids lurked just out of sight.

Chained Rock, the town, was visible as a glow in the night sky a few miles down river. Originally called Chained Rock Ferry, the town took its name from this unique limestone formation.

"All right, Ford. Strip."

Ford took off his tie and then his belt and tossed them in the back seat. He started to unbutton his shirt and Nick grabbed his wrist.

"Not in here. Out there."

"No way, Nick."

Nick leaned against him and whispered close into his ear.

"Maybe I'll just tie you up naked in the pavilion and call the cops. With vibrators stuffing your mouth and ass."

"You wouldn't."

"Try me."

Ford got out of the car reluctantly, blushing in the near dark, experiencing both of his responses to getting caught. Heart-pounding terror.

And sexual heat.

Nick rolled down the window and gave him instructions, making him do a slow strip-tease to his tight briefs, then forcing him to finger his ass in the shorts and play with his nipples until he was ragingly hard.

Ford bit his lip and did as he was told, turning slowly in the moonlight as he worked himself. Then he was ordered to slip off the briefs with his back to the car, spread his legs, and give himself a good hard finger fuck while stroking his cock. His feeling of utter exposure was increasing, and he looked around, panting with pleasure and fear.

Ford froze and spun about. There was someone near one of the benches! He was about to dash for the car when he realized that it must be a broken tree trunk. It looked spookily like a tall man in a long cloak. He shifted from foot to foot on the cold, ticklish gravel, skin prickling, and he shuddered.

"All right, Ford. Turn around and make yourself cum while I watch."

Breathing hard, he turned around, eyes wide and glancing from side to side as he was sure that he heard a twig snap.

"Please, Nick, I think there might be someone out there -"

Nick turned on the headlights, illuminating him from head to toe.

"Then make it good, slave!"

Eyes were wide with fear, he beat his dick, imagining that any second there would be flashlights... men's voices... uniforms... handcuffs...

Nightsticks. Long. Black. Hard.

He worked his index finger deeper and harder in his ass, lost in terror and wild fantasy, certain that he was catching glimpses of a man in a cloak...

Like flashes of lightening, he saw vivid shots of himself, cuffed, helpless, raped by muscular cops with long fat dicks... he began to whimper, rising up on his toes as the climax started to build in his balls...

"Stop. Right now. Get in the back seat."

Ford's back began to arch. He was almost there -

"I said stop, dammit!"

Nick honked the car horn, breaking the spell.

Ford flung his hands to the sides, doubling over, body jerking in dry spasms as he came down from the edge of orgasm. Slowly, catching his breath, he walked toward the driver's window as Nick beckoned him with a finger. He saw that Nick had his shirt unbuttoned and was now naked from the waist down. Ragingly hard. His clothes were tossed in the back, next to the duffel bag full of ass toys.

"Hands on your head, Ford."

He smirked at Ford's throbbing erection, glistening with pre-cum, then cupped Ford's tight nutsack, massaging and tickling. Ford let out a little moan of need.

"Looks like somebody's a little frustrated. Don't worry. I plan to milk you dry tonight... eventually. But first you are gonna eat my ass and suck my dick. And you are not going to touch your cock, understand? Now get in the back seat."

Ford got in, glad for the relative privacy of the car. He saw Nick's jacket, tie, pants and underwear. As well as the duffel bag full of ass toys. Just waiting.

Nick flipped his naked legs over the top of the seat. Turning over, he supported his upper body on the front seat, while his spread legs were in the back and his groin pressed against the top of the bench seat. His ass was pointed right at Ford's face.

With a flick of the switch, the dome light was on, lighting his ass like a beacon.

"Eat me. And don't touch your cock!"

With a terrified glance either side, Ford put one hand one each strong buttock, spread them apart, and lowered his face to the waiting ass crack.

He could feel Nick start to quiver as he ran his tongue over the surface of the sweaty pucker. He licked round and round, working in slow teasing circles, before wriggling the tip into the tight hole.

Nick began breathing in gasps and writhing as Ford's strong, velvety tongue did its work. Nick loved having his ass licked, but his hole was really ticklish and the sensation sometimes went beyond intense pleasure to a ticklish kind of torture. Every few minutes he would have to make Ford stop to let him catch his breath.

"Oh god eat me, do it, oh fuck yeah do it, oh yesss..."

Nick slumped down so his face was on the seat and reached back with both hands to grab the two head rests. His legs and feet curled with the intense pleasure.

Ford licked and slobbered at the tasty jock butt, kneading the hard-muscled cheeks with his hands, tonguing harder and deeper...

Nick grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face away.

"Oh, fuck... yeah... take a little break there... yeah..."

Ford stared at the hole, glistening with saliva in the bright incandescent light. He glanced outside, but the interior reflection made it hard to see. At first he thought he saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes, and gave a start, but looking again he realized that it must have been his own reflection. Probably.

Ford gasped with fear. Simultaneously, his frustrated cock let out a burp of pre-cum and he moaned.

"Okay, butt boy, back to my ass!"

Ford felt a flash of temper, and instead of his tongue, he began to trace Nick's pucker with one wet finger. He played with the hole gently before starting to push the digit into Nick's ass...

There was a brief moment before Nick realized what was happening. He gave a full-body jerk and reached back, slapping Ford's hand away and grabbing the other jock by the hair.

"I told you! Never - EVER - finger my ass! Got it?"

Ford was about to answer when he thought he saw the eyes again. Then he blinked and they were gone.

"I said, never finger my ass again. Got it?"

Ford swallowed, mouth dry. "Yeah. I got it."

"Now eat my ass out, bitch!"

Ford lashed out with his tongue, and soon Nick was squirming and whimpering with mindless pleasure.

Still, Ford had the most intense feeling that he was being watched. His hair stood on end, his scrotum tightened and his cock grew harder than ever. But now the fear was amplified into anger. And a sudden plan occurred to him...

Rolling his eyes, he could see that Nick had one hand one each headrest, hanging on as he humped the seat back.

Ford felt strangely focused and alert, flushed with warmth in the cooling car. In his mind he could see the two neckties on the back seat. He found them and then with the blind efficiency of his Eagle Scout status, fashioned a slip-noose in each.

Stealthily, without missing a lick, he tied one necktie to the steel post supporting each headrest. The nooses dangled, ready.

Quick as a cat, Ford slipped the nooses over Nick's wrists and cinched them tight. The blond jock took a moment to realize what had happened before struggling to free his hands.

Meanwhile Ford grabbed the two leather belts and used them to secure Nick's ankles up to the headrests also, strapping them around Nick's wrists in the process so that no amount of wiggling would let him get free.

"Ford! What the fuck do you think you're doing? Untie me!"

Ford started to rub his fingertip up and down the vulnerable ass crack.

Nick froze for a second, then started to struggle even harder.

"Goddammit Ford! Fucking untie me! Now!!!"

Nick gasped as the finger began to scratch at his anal pucker. The over-sensitive nerve endings in his tender ass flesh were tingling.

"Ford - don't - Ford, dammit you bastard, you'll pay for this!"

Ford had a dreamy but intent look on his face as he gently and methodically began to work the finger into Nick's butt.

Nick was unable to control his reaction as the digit penetrated him. He bucked his hips as the stimulation continued to build, past tickling to something worse.

He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. He was damned if he was going to beg. But Ford would pay dearly as soon as he got free...

The finger slid deeper into Nick's spit-slicked rectum making him squirm and grind his hips.

Ford felt Nick's swollen prostate at the tip of his finger. Nick suddenly stopped moving. Stopped breathing, even.

Nick's eyes flew open. He knew if he tried to breathe he would start yelling. Ford's fingernail was just barely touching him in a place he had never been touched before. The sensation was far stronger than the wild pleasure he got from having his hole licked. This felt dangerous. He knew that if Ford started to work his finger, there was simply no way he would be able to stand it.

Ford twisted his finger a tiny bit and Nick let out a strangled cry, his face pressed into the leather seat. He wouldn't beg. He wouldn't...

Ford smiled. It was not a nice smile.

"Looks like someone's a little sensitive."

The fingernail began to scratch.

Nick's body jerked and tossed in its bondage, wriggling like a fish on a hook. He struggled to control his voice.

"P-please. Oh. Uh. Please. God - ungh! - oh - please - no..."

Nick let out a loud yell as he felt Ford's fingernail scrape harder on the hyperactive gland. Back. And forth. Over. And over...

Nick felt a scream building at the back of his throat. He was unable to speak as Ford's wicked finger violated his helpless love nut.

Within a few seconds Ford saw that Nick's cock was practically pissing pre-cum. He held the wad of Nick's discarded underwear to the tip of his penis to absorb it.

The fingernail continued its wicked work.

Scratching. Harder. And. Faster.

Nick let out a wordless, high-pitched girlish squeal and began banging his head on the seat.

The horrible, tormenting fingernail went faster and faster as Nick's fingers and toes curled in helpless spasms.

Suddenly Nick's eyes flew open and he opened his mouth in a silent scream. Pulsing shots of semen erupted from his untouched cock, blasting into the wadded underwear.

He shuddered uncontrollably as the scratching finger forced surge after surge of white-hot boy juice out of his gaping piss-slit.

Eventually Nick's ecstatic cries gave way to labored breathing.

Ford withdrew his finger and wiped it in the cum-soaked underwear. He leaned over the seat to look down at Nick. The handsome football jock's blond hair was matted and curled with sweat, his blue eyes glazed over. Drool pooled on the leather seat cover next to his slack mouth.

He stuffed the slimy briefs into Nick's mouth, tying them in place with a shirt sleeve as the captive jock's eyes widened in shock.

"You were going to milk me dry tonight, Nick. I think I will return the thought."

Nick started to yell into the gag, but Ford ignored his muffled cries and settled back into the rear seat. Nick heard a click and then the buzz of a vibrator. He struggled mightily but there was nothing he could do to free himself.

Ford still had that tingling, being-watched sensation, but he didn't care. He held the buzzing toy up to the window in a kind of salute, then pushed it deep into Nick's quivering rectum while simultaneously swallowing his cock whole.


To say that Nick had been pissed about his violation in Chained Rock Park on Xmas Eve was an understatement. Ford still couldn't quite believe what he had done, but he felt kind of pleased with himself. During the ride home from the park, Nick gave him looks of loathing but could barely speak, hoarse from two hours of screaming, helpless orgasms. Ford had had to drive, Nick had been in no condition to do it.

As Ford had gotten out of the car in front of his house, Nick had slid into the driver's seat. He hissed 'You will pay for this, faggot. Pay big.' Nick drove off unsteadily, and Ford headed into the dark house, trying to think of some excuse to tell his father.

Surprisingly, his preacher daddy bought the line that he and Nick had lost track of time, talking about Nick's religious experience at the Xmas Eve service.

Xmas Day passed quietly. The next day, Friday, Ford was just starting to fix lunch when the doorbell rang.

Nick stood at the door with a deceptively pleasant grin, holding a wrapped gift.

Nick said hello to Ford's dad and they went up to Ford's bedroom.

"I thought you and your folks were going to Aspen for the next week, Nick."

"I told them we had a big wrestling meet this weekend and I had to stay."

"But - we don't have a meet. Coach isn't even in town."

"I know that. But they don't."

"And they let you stay by yourself?"

Nick shrugged. "Sure. They don't care. So. Here's a present."

Ford took the box and looked at him suspiciously.

"What is it?"

"Oh, just something I picked up at the Grotto."

Ford froze. The Grotto was Chained Rock's one and only adult book shop. Hands trembling, he tore off the paper and opened the box. Inside was something that looked like black leather underwear... a hose... some clamps... a butt plug...

"Strip. I'll show you how to put it on."

Nick was smiling, but not with his eyes. Ford swallowed and started to slip out of his jeans and briefs, painfully aware that his father was just downstairs...

It turned out that the butt plug was built into the skintight leather briefs. There was a hole for his dick, and some snaps and rings that Nick fastened onto his cock and balls. Ford instantly felt his cock begin to swell. Then Nick took out a light chain with clamps and put one on each of Ford's nipples. The brown-haired wrestler gasped as he felt the rubber clamps pinch his exposed nips.

Then Nick took out a length of hose with a squeeze bulb, and attached the hose to a fitting in Ford's ass crack. Nick began pumping and Ford's eyes widened as he felt the plug begin to inflate. His cock went totally hard and began to seep pre-cum.

Ford stared down at himself as his body responded to the complex stimulations in his cock, balls, ass, and nipples.

Nick smiled at him.

"You wear this under your clothes, see? I'll show you."

He disconnected the hose. The plug stayed fully inflated. Ford was whispering to Nick in a panic that his father might come up any second as he stepped into his jeans and Nick zipped him up.

The novelty briefs felt even more perverse under his street clothes. The rough inside of his jeans rubbed his naked dick like sandpaper. He was just slipping a tee shirt on over the nipple clamps when there was a knock on his bedroom door.

His father came in, nodding at Nick.

"Hello Nick. Ford, you need to finish making lunch. I have to be back at the church office in a few minutes."

Nick smiled winningly at Ford's dad.

"Hi, Reverend Spencer. Gee, I was just inviting Ford to come with my folks and me to Chicago for the weekend. Can he come?"

Ford stared at Nick, speechless.

"Well, I expect him to be at church Sunday, so I'm afraid -"

"Oh, gosh, well, you see, Reverend, I was telling my folks about your great service on Xmas Eve and we decided to go to State Street Baptist this Sunday."

"Oh, really? Well, well. Then I suppose it's fine. Ford can go."

Ford looked daggers at Nick.

"Um, dad, thanks, but, um, maybe you should check with Mrs. Taylor first."

Nick grinned even wider and fished an envelope out of his pocket.

"Oh, yeah I forgot, Mom gave me a note for you."

He handed it to the preacher, with a look of pure innocence.

Reverend Spencer read it with satisfaction.

"Well now, you tell your mother, uh," he glanced at the note, "Lucinda, that she is most kind. Now Ford, I expect you to set a good example this weekend. Nick, why don't you stay for lunch?"

"Sure, that'd be great! After you, Ford."

Nick held the door and Ford stepped gingerly out, glaring at Nick's wide grin. Each move he made pushed him closer to orgasm. He clenched his teeth and started down the stairs.

"Whatever is wrong with you, boy? You're walking funny."

"Uh. Um. I just pinched my back a little."

"You should be more careful with all the meets coming up. Maybe Nick can help you work it out."

"Sure thing, Reverend!"

* * *

Lunch seemed to last forever. When Nick and his father had both gone, Ford was just easing himself out of his chair when the doorbell rang. He groaned and waddled to the door.

"Delivery for... Mr. Fordham Spencer."

Ford signed the clipboard in a daze. The handsome, clean-cut guy gave him a professional smile and then stopped, staring. Ford looked down and saw that the crotch of his jeans was soaked. The starchy smell of boy juice was noticeable.

Ford blushed to the roots of his hair and took the plain-wrapped package. The man's hand brushed his and he bit his lips, then met the man's knowing gaze.

The delivery guy gave a small smile and said, "Enjoy."

Ford stared speechlessly at the man's twinkling dark eyes and then gasped as he felt an orgasm building in his tethered balls.

Ford slammed the door so hard it just bounced open again and dashed upstairs as quickly as he could, still blushing furiously. The embarrassment combined with the punishing pressure on his throbbing prostate made it nearly impossible for him to pinch off the impending orgasm. As he waddled into his room, the rough seam of his jeans scratched his naked prick and he convulsed, dropping the box on the mattress and grabbing the bed post with one hand and his denim-clad groin with the other.

Whimpering in humiliation, he felt spurt after spurt of semen fill his pants. He tore off his tee shirt and yanked off the tit clamps, eyes widening in shock as pain flooded back into his hard nipples. Meanwhile the post-cum sensitivity of his prostate went off the charts and he convulsed again as a few more bursts of cum were wrung from his tender dick. He twitched as the denim scratched his sensitive knob, already rubbed raw.

Ford slid slowly to his knees as he recovered, moaning as the fat plug shifted in his tight butt hole, hands scrabbling at his zipper, tearing the down the jeans from his hips to expose his cock, still hard, covered with cooling cum. His breath had just started to slow in relief when he heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled.

His eyes jerked up and he was staring at a hard, naked, cock.

A man's cock.

The delivery man stood over him, eyes hot, lips parted slightly with lust. All Ford could do was stare back, breath caught in his throat.

The man's voice was low, husky. Ford felt strong fingers weave themselves into his hair, drawing him closer.

"You forgot my tip."


Ten minutes later, Ford sat on the edge of his bed, steadying himself as he heard the delivery truck drive off.

Fortunately, the guy turned out to be quite knowledgeable about Ford's kinky underwear, and showed him how to deflate the butt plug and get his cock and balls free. The man made a yummy noise as he saw Ford's butt, then gave one cheek a squeeze before saying "See ya around, kid!" and letting himself out.

Ford groaned and lay back on the bed, tasting the man's salty cum on his lips. He couldn't believe that he had just allowed himself to be used by a total stranger. He shuddered as he thought about what the man had seen, him cumming like a slut in his own pants.

His jeans lay on the floor, soaked with semen and pre-cum. He would have to get them in the washer before his dad got home. He had no idea where he should hide the perverted leather briefs and accessories. He kept his duffel of ass toys in his school locker, which was risky, but not as risky as keeping them at home.

And to top it all off his room smelled like a cross between a gym and a whore's bedroom.

He flung out an arm to get up and his hand touched the box.

He had forgotten all about it in the interval. He tore away the plain brown paper and opened the cardboard container. Inside was a rough wooden box, about 6 inches on a side, like a miniature crate. It was stamped simply 'The Abbey' on the lid. It took him a few minutes to pry it off.

Inside was a packing of fine cedar wood shavings cradling an old-fashioned apothecary jar filled with a viscous, yellow-green liquid. It looked like unusually colorful olive oil. The top was corked and dipped in black wax.

Then he saw an envelope. It was addressed, by hand, 'Mr. F. Spencer' and sealed on the back with more black wax.

He opened it and realized that it was not an envelope, but a heavy piece of paper folded into one. The other side was the note. The thick paper felt smooth and cool under his fingers. The writing was old-looking, a kind of italic, and Ford could see where the pen had scratched the surface of the parchment.

'My Dear Ford,

'You do not know me, but you might say that recently I have become - shall we say - an admirer of yours.

'Please do not be alarmed. I mean you no harm, but your personal - activities - of late, have aroused my interest.

'Enclosed is a small gift which you might find useful with your blond footballing friend. It is an ointment of my own devising with unusual properties. I am sure I do not need to say more, except to say that it would be best if you did not touch it with your bare skin as you apply it to young Mister Nicholas. You will find some common latex gloves at the bottom of the box for your convenience.'

Warmest Regards,


PS 'Oh, by the way, you look really lovely in moonlight'.

Ford turned the bottle about and the liquid oozed lazily inside, catching the light.

This day just couldn't get any weirder, he thought.

Then the telephone rang, and it was Luke. Ford told him all about Nick's demand to spend the weekend.

Luke chuckled and Ford could almost hear the frat boy's eyes lighting up over the phone.

"Totally excellent! Meet me at the library in an hour and we'll discuss plans. If you have any new toys you might want to bring them along!"

You have no idea, Ford thought.



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