Ford woke in a tumble of nude bodies and tangled blankets. The three other men were only semi-conscious, purring softly and grinding their morning hard-ons against the cushions and each other. He felt a hand in his hair and let it guide him to a warm firm dick. He licked the knob and shaft to slick it up and then swallowed the cock whole and began to suck gently.

He was pretty sure the dick was Luke's.

Luke stretched and ground his ass against the sheets, stroking Ford's hair and the back of his neck. He came with a deep sigh, then fell asleep.

Another cock nuzzled his sticky lips and he opened his mouth.

Ford had to think for a moment before retrieving the names Steve and John. He sucked on the warm flesh and remembered that John was the big-dicked one. So this must be Steve.

"Mm. Mnh. Yeah. Oohhh... baby, yeah, oohh, that's it..."

Steve whimpered and cooed as Ford suckled his cock, weaving his fingers in the jock's thick dark hair. He came in silence, stomach hunched up, clutching Ford's head as he pumped his throat full of musky spunk.

Ford waited until Steve's fingers relaxed and slid out of his hair before moving.

Two down, one to go.

There was no doubt that the last cock belonged to John. Oh yeah. Big. Thick.

Ford stretched his mouth and tried to swallow the thing but it just wasn't comfortable. He settled for doing the best tongue job he could on the fat wide knob and about half the shaft.

As he went to work, John jerked awake, then settled back. After a couple minutes Ford felt the fat cock rotate slowly in his mouth as John repositioned himself.

Then Ford felt a mouth on his own cock.

His entire shaft was engulfed in wet warmth, while his knob was gently milked by John's skilled throat muscles.

Ford had never had a real 69 and he was overwhelmed as well as shocked that John was being so tender. He gave little whimpering cries of pleasure around John's knob as the other guy tickled his asshole with a fingertip, then slid it easily inside and began to rub his prostate very lightly.

Ford quivered and began shaking, a huge orgasm getting ready in his balls, and sucked hard on John's cock, whipping his tongue in a frenzy...

John quickly did something with his throat that held Ford's cock completely immobile. Ford groaned as the need to cum slowly passed, leaving him feeling deeply sexy and hot.

John rolled on top of him, pinning Ford's arms with his knees. He resumed the slow throat and prostate massage, and Ford sighed with pleasure before taking John's knob back into his mouth.

Even though he was pinned, he felt more like John just wanted him to sit back and enjoy, not that the older guy was forcing him to submit.

Ford clutched the sheets and whimpered with ecstasy as John took him through one slow cresting wave after another. When Ford got too excited, John cooled him off before continuing.

Ford had never imagined anything like this. He had been driven to wild orgasms many times by the Coach and Nick, but it was always a little - sometimes a lot! - like rape. It was fucking hot, but this was... sexy. Sensual. Awesome.

Ford surrendered to John, floated in warmth, bathed in light, suspended in sweet frustration, knowing that he would finally receive release only when John was ready to give it to him.

When the orgasm came, it was more like slipping into deeper water, or maybe like taking a piss when you really needed to go badly. The cum was just drawn out of him, not in spurts but in one long gentle stream that lasted and lasted and lasted.

As he came, he felt John give a little strangled cry and cream started to flow into Ford's mouth, salty, sweet. He lapped it up, sucking just the very tip of John's cock.

When finally, they were both finished, Ford used his pointed tongue to get inside the gaping slit for the last drop of semen, and he felt John shudder deeply before withdrawing.

As John rolled off of him, Ford saw that Steve and Luke were propped on their elbows on either side, watching. They started to applaud and Ford blushed.

John grinned, tongue wagging, and tipped his head in acknowledgment.

Ford settled deeper into the cushions, aglow in the aftercum.

Steve chuckled.

"Good at it, isn't he? I've seen him keep guys going for hours."

Steve smiled at Ford's look of surprise.

"Last night? Oh, yes, John here can top with the best of them, but he's really just a big, horse-dicked bottom, aren't you, John?"

John laughed and kissed Steve's feet before falling onto his back and sighing with contentment.

Steve cocked an eye at Luke.

"Maybe later John can use your boy here to demonstrate his dance of a thousand fucks. What do you say, Luke?"

"Sounds interesting."

"John? Would you like to give Ford your full treatment?"

John's eyes glowed as he looked up the length of Ford's nude body.

"Oh, yeah, Steven. Fuck yeah."

Luke kicked off the remaining blankets and got up, stretching his arms, cock swinging free. The four guys had slept on a pile of cushions in the basement recreation room.

"Okay, lazy guys, the Rose Bowl Parade starts soon. Time for breakfast."

"Shall I check on our host?"

Luke gave an evil smile.

"Yeah, Steve, you do that. Give him my best."

Steve chuckled and headed for the stairs.


"Good, morning, Mr. Taylor. You look... arresting!"

Nick glared at him. Whatever response he made was lost in the thick gag of old gym socks. The blond stud was tied spread-eagled to his own bed with soft restraints made from sheets.

Steve slid up next to him on the bed, head propped on one hand. With the other, he plucked delicately at Nick's exposed nipples. He was rewarded with a deep moan and a couple of twitches from Nick's half-hard dick.

"It's nice to see you up and about. Since you slept through the rest of the festivities last night, Luke kindly offered to let me have you for the day."

Nick was shaking his head NO.

Steve smiled and twiddled with Nick's exposed navel.

"Are you familiar with cum control and milking, Nick? No? Then let me explain. Cum control is a fun game where you take a helpless guy - preferably a well-built athlete like yourself - and see how long you can keep him on the edge of orgasm before you let him cum. It's great."

He leaned closer to Nick's face, which had beads of sweat forming.

"Milking comes afterwards. That's when you force the hot stud to cum over and over whether he wants to or not, until he can't shoot anymore. I usually go for at least two dry cums to be sure."

Nick felt Steve's hand rub his inner thigh, working higher.

"This is my hobby. Almost a job, really. Amazingly enough, there are a sizable number of straight guys who are absolutely addicted to cum control. Have to have it. They would gladly have a girl do it, of course, but there are very few women who are into it. Takes a man's touch. So it isn't unusual for straight young guys to seek out a gay expert who is safe for them to get their rocks off the way they need.

"I get about ten guys a month. Most of them regulars. I used to advertise, stall graffiti mostly, but word gets around and the guys know they can trust me. I keep my clothes on and they get what they want without any tricks."

Steve put his mouth right against Nick's ear.

"And I get what I want, Nick. Hunky jock dicks squirming with helpless lust, coming only when I let them."

Steve began licking the inside of Nick's ear at the same moment that he started tickling the jock's ass pucker with one fingertip.

Nick vented his rage into the gag, but was helpless to prevent it as his cock inflated to full sail.

Meanwhile, Steve let his thumb run up and down the sensitive ridge of flesh between Nick's legs. The freshly shaved skin felt wonderful. Nick shuddered as Steve also continued the slow tease of his pucker and began sucking on one of his erect nipples.

Ten minutes later, Nick was drenched with sweat, and his cock was leaking pre-cum. Steve had not changed or increased his movements at all. Gently teasing the clenched pucker. Rubbing his thumb slowly back and forth. Sucking gently at one nipple.

After another ten minutes, Nick was clearly begging into his gag. Begging to come.

Steve took his hand and mouth away. Nick's cock remained untouched.

"That's just a little taste, Nick. After I watch the parade I'll come back for some serious fun."

As Nick yelled into the gag, Steve wheeled Nick's bedroom TV over and plugged the video camera into the auxiliary inputs. He then put two pillows under Nick's head so he could see the screen.

"But I won't leave you with nothing to do. Luke made a hidden camera tape of our 'Bad Cops and Naughty Jock Boy' improvisation last night. It went pretty well. We had a great time watching it last night."

He pressed the remote, and the screen showed Nick being thrown onto the couch.

Nick, gagged, shook his head NO over and over as Steve left the room. He didn't want to watch, but he couldn't not look, either...

On screen, Nick started to slowly strip off his clothes.

Staring down the length of his bound naked body, Nick watched the homemade porn through the silhouette of his throbbing, untouched cock.


Over an hour later, they burst into the room to find Nick still watching the degrading movie. Steve had set it to repeat automatically.

There was a big sticky patch of semi-dried pre-cum on his belly.

Steve, John, and Luke held him down while they untied him, then forced him to his knees with his face on the mattress and his butt in the air.

Steve slipped the ankle & wrist manacled spreader between his legs and fastened Nick's ankles into the end cuffs before drawing the jock's wrists back between his legs and locking them into the two center cuffs.

Nick's ass was high in the air, with his torso pressed against the tops of his thighs. His hard cock and shaved nut sack dangled between his legs. They hauled him to one corner of the bed, with his feet hanging off the side and his face turned so he could see off the end of the bed.

They had found two dressing mirrors, which were set up so that Nick could see his own ass and cock.

Steve pulled Nick's desk chair over so that he was seated between Nick's feet within easy reach of Nick's ass and crotch.

Nick's eyes were wide open and very blue. John and Luke made their leave, snickering, and Steve locked the door behind them before removing Nick's gag.

Ignoring the jock's yells, cursing, pleading, and whining, he spread out his equipment on the bed next to Nick. Lube. An old, soft toothbrush. Several vibrators in assorted shapes and sizes. A lamb's-wool duster.

Steve waited until Nick had talked himself to a stop.

Steve held up a few different objects so Nick could see them.

"What shall we start with Nick? Any of these?"

Nick, speechless, could only shake his head a little.

"You know, you're right. Fingers are almost always the best."

Nick watched the reflection in horrified silence as Steve lubed up his middle finger and slid it into his spread hole.

Steve carefully placed his fingertip against Nick's prostate and began to massage it with the barest pressure.

He then placed the fingertip of the middle finger of his other hand against Nick's dangling dick tip. Placing his thumb against the scar ridge just under the dick helmet, he began pinching his finger and thumb together, massaging the super-tender flesh between Nick's piss slit and scar.

Nick struggled to control his breathing. The delicate teasing in his most vulnerable spots was going to drive him crazy. The finger up his ass was so gentle he could only barely feel it. He kept waiting for it to push harder, but it never did.

He wanted to make the finger do him harder, get it over with...

"Please," he muttered.

"Did you want something, Nick?"

"No. No."

"Are you sure? It's all right to tell me what you want."

"I - I oh, fuck... I - I want you to do it - harder."

"Be specific, Nick."

"In my ass," he whispered. "Rub harder."

"You're going to have to do something for me first. Tell me everything you felt during the scene last night. Tell me the things that humiliated you the most."

"Oh, god."

Nick was silent for several minutes. Steve worked him patiently, not changing his strokes. The helpless blond jock was breathing hard, flexing his toes.

Then Nick began to talk.


"Ready, Ford?"

"Um. I guess. I mean, I don't know what we're going to do, yet."

"I'll tell you when we're all set. No just get on the bed, and I'll get you ready."

Ford crawled up on the huge king-size bed. They were in the master bedroom, and Ford had a weird feeling doing this where Nick's parents slept. Although it also felt hotter, kind of dirty...

John carefully tied him face up on the bed, leaving him enough room to thrash about some, but not enough to bring his hands and feet to his body. Then he gagged him.

Ford was completely nude. John was still fully dressed. John moved slowly around the room, closing the blinds and drapes so that the room was mostly dark, then set several candles on the nightstands flanking the bed and lit them.

John kept his voice low and hypnotic as he began to slowly undress at the foot of the bed.

He explained to Ford that he was going to strip and put on a show for Ford, before straddling him and letting the jock fuck his ass. He would ride on top with Ford's dick up his butt.

Ford's cock sprang to full erection just listening. John laughed.

"The only thing is, we do it all at my speed. You will come once, at the end. I will come as many times as I want. Both players have to remain silent for the whole time. Only experienced guys can usually manage it without the gag."

Ford watched as John continued to strip, movements fluid and controlled. He left his white briefs on and began to feel up his own chest and nipples.

His movements were almost hypnotic, and Ford watched in fascination as the muscular stud groped himself lewdly. John looked like he really enjoyed it a lot. His huge cock was erect, peeking over the waistband of the tight white briefs.

He turned around and bent over, slipping a hand into his shorts, and clearly fingering his own butt hole under the fabric. His other hand frigged his dick, and John's breathing got louder. Very slowly, he let the underwear slip down, until he was finally naked.

He crawled sinuously onto the bed, giving Ford's cock the briefest lick, then kissing his way up his chest while rubbing their two cocks together.

John then stood over Ford's head, facing the foot of the bed, spread his legs and carried on with his hot finger fuck of his own ass while lazily stroking his monster cock. He looked down between his legs at Ford, who could see that John had a hot, almost orgasmic expression on his face, loving it as he fingered himself.

Ford stared up at John's crotch, fascinated by the show. John ground his hips in a sexy circle as his finger twisted in his butt hole. Slowly, the hot stud squatted lower, until he was kneeling right over Ford's face, giving him an obscene close-up view of the action.

John was stroking himself faster, and squirming in that special way that meant he was close to coming, but trying to hold off. The guy fingered himself harder, quivering on the brink of orgasm but not coming, humping the air like a slut...

Ford realized he was whimpering into his gag. His own cock was painfully hard, straining...

John crawled further down Ford's body, then turned around so that he was kneeling between Ford's legs. His face was a twisted mask of frustrated lust. Still fingering his hole, he was only using one finger to lightly stroke his cock, barely touching it.

John tossed his head from side to side, as he yearned to cum but would not allow himself to do so.

Ford stared at the lewd spectacle, barely breathing.

For long minutes, John tormented himself, his whole body quivering on the verge of orgasm, as Ford stared in lust.

At last, John grasped his cock firmly and began to shoot.

He came carefully, aiming his cock directly at Ford's own prick, controlling the spurts so that they did not shoot wild.

Methodically, he coated the bound jock's dick with a thick coating of slimy cream. His head was tilted back, mouth wide open, but he did not make a sound as he came.

Ford's chest was heaving. Each spurt that hit his cock made him want to cum, but he couldn't.

John recovered quickly, standing over Ford's hips, facing him. Slowly, he began to squat. Lower. Lower...

Ford realized what was about to happen and began bouncing in his restraints. As the tip of Ford's cum-lubed cock neared his spread ass, John leaned back and put his hands at the top of Ford's thighs to keep him completely still.

John stopped when Ford's knob was barely touching his wet pucker. He stayed still for almost a minute. Then he lowered himself a tiny bit, so that Ford's cock tip was barely poking through. Ford thought he might cum again, but John remained very, very still until it passed.

In fractional inches, John let himself be impaled on Ford's cock. The feeling was sensational, but the movements were too slow to make him cum.

Finally, he was seated, fully fucked by the captive dick.

Ford gasped. Using only his ass muscles, John was milking his cock, very, very gently!

Ford squirmed and moaned into his gag. After several minutes, he felt the cum begin to move from his balls.

Instantly, John became perfectly still.

Ford banged his head on the pillow, unable to vent his frustration as the orgasm slowly backed off.

After a minute or two, the ass-milking continued...


Nick was breathing very hard. Steve's finger was twisting and ramming into his ass, hitting the bull's eye every time. He was using the lamb's-wool duster on Nick's dick, whisking it lightly all over the straining cock.

"The humiliation made you hot, didn't it?"

"Oh. Uh. Ungh! I didn't want it to. I couldn't help it."

"So cumming like that last night, that is the most humiliating thing you can ever remember."


"And it was the best orgasm you ever had, wasn't it?"

Whispered. "Yes."

"Can you imagine anything more humiliating?"

"No. I can't."

"Hmm. Well, try this. Imagine that whole scene with a difference. You were having a party here, a party of all your football teammates. The cops catch you, maybe with some drugs, too. They will let everyone go if one of you becomes a faggot slave for the night.

"Your teammates vote to make you the slave. You beg, to no avail. You are stripped. Cuffed and helpless. The cops find a dildo in your book bag and slowly fuck you with it. Helplessly, your cock gets hard. All your teammates see it, that your cock gets dripping hard when your ass is fucked. They are disgusted and turned on by it. They know you are a true faggot slut. You try to tell them you can't help it, but they do not believe you.

"You are given a choice. Either to fuck yourself and jack off, putting on a show for half an hour, and make yourself cum at the end, or else you must offer to eat each of your teammates asses.

"Of course, you give in and decide to put on the lewd fuck show. You do it, fucking yourself like a whore while they all watch, but you have no choice and it makes you horny, you enjoy the dildo in your ass even though you don't want to and at the end you have a huge, humiliating orgasm while they call you pussy boy, butt lover, cock sucker.

"But of course, they only tricked you to make you humiliate yourself. They tie you up and make you eat everyone's ass anyway!

"You must eat each guy's ass for as long as he wants while they all watch. You will be tied and helpless as you wiggle your tongue in each guy's horny butt, and they will be free to use the dildo on you, yes, they will fuck you with it so that you are forced to enjoy it, and they will make you cum as many times as they can, it becomes a game with them, and if they make you cum while your tongue is in someone's ass, then that guy will win the rights to have you lick his ass in the locker room anytime.

Anytime he wants, for the rest of the year, you must kneel and worship his ass with your mouth. He can do it in front of everyone if he wants, you must kneel and eat his hot butt while fingering your own ass hole and showing everyone how hard your cock is how much you enjoy having him use you like a whore. They will even hold you down on the bench and force you to cum over and over as the lucky ones take turns riding your face, and the other jocks all laugh at you, taunt you, humiliate you, but still you cum, over and over and over."

Steve stopped speaking.

"Well, Nick? Would that be more humiliating?"

Nick's voice was hoarse. "Jeezus. Fuck."

Steve lubed up a thin vibrator and slid it into Nick's defenseless rectum, placing the tip in exactly the right spot, and turned it all the way to high.

Nick let out a wordless squeal and humped the air. Steve played with his balls and gave his cock shaft light teasing strokes. After several minutes Steve turned it off, leaving it in his ass.

Nick was gasping for breath. Steve began to pull the vibrator in and out, gently.

"Now. Why don't we start with this new story, and see what you can add to it. You will tell the story over and over, each time adding more humiliating things that you think of, topping it each time.


"No. No, I can't, I won't -"

Steve turned on the vibrator and used it expertly to torment Nick's swollen gland. He started to stroke Nick's cock, proper firm strokes, and the manacled stud squirmed with pleasure as orgasm approached. He was ready to cum, and Steve kept stroking, he was actually going to let him cum...

To his horror, Nick discovered that just when he was ready to cum, his love nut got wildly sensitive, and the vibrator buzz went from extreme sexual stimulation to burning pain, so intense, he could not cum, stuck on the edge, ass on fire, until finally the orgasm subsided and the vibrator became sexy again.

But then the orgasm would build, and the cycle started all over again.

Nick begged and pleaded with Steve. Finally, he offered to humiliate himself the way Steve wanted.

"Oh, but I like this better. Maybe in another 20 minutes or so, I'll give you another chance to talk dirty for me."

"No! No! NOOOO!!!!"



He was coming. Gloriously. Hugely.

Generous wads of hot semen flew out with powerful blasts, each one landing accurately on Ford's face and neck.

John's head was tossed back in utter ecstasy, his ass muscles clamped hard on Ford's captive cock.

Ford watched, nearly in tears, as he saw John's exquisite orgasm. His own cum remained trapped in his balls, aching with need.

Here he was, fucking this incredibly hot college, stud, and he could not cum.

The cooling cum dripped down the sides of his face and neck.

John gave him a dirty smile and began to slide up and down on his cock again, fucking himself.

It was the third time John had gotten off so far. He skillfully managed to force Ford to stop coming whenever he got too close, which was often.

Not only was John able to do amazing things with his ass, an almost greater turn-on for Ford was the way the guy moved. Every twist, every squirm, every facial gesture somehow dripped with lust, and promises of intimate pleasure.

For several minutes after Ford experienced a near-ejaculation, John could give him much more stimulation. It was like there was a temporary hold after each dashed hope.

This was one of those moments, and John slid up and down hard, gripping Ford's cock with his sphincter for maximum effect. The sensation was mind-blowing, but unfortunately Ford just couldn't cum.

Finally, Ford's breathing quickened, and his balls began to churn...

John pinched both his nipples, hard, then dug his fingers in Ford's navel, tickling him. Ford bucked, unable to sort out the tickling from the sex, and when John stopped, Ford's orgasm had faded.


The tight, soft, warm, caressing ass muscle began to slide up and down his rigid shaft...


Nick's fingers and toes were curling helplessly. He was rocking slightly back and forth in his bondage, fucking himself on a prickle-knobbed prostate wand, but not quite hard enough to be able to get off.

Steve was using the soft toothbrush on his knob while blowing a stream of cool air on the jock's shaved balls. Nick's glans was swollen and the skin was stretched painfully tight, the piss slit puckered and gaping.

Nick's voice was high, breathy, girlish.

"I can't stand it, god, they are forcing me over and over, over and over to do it, they tell me how good it feels, how good it feels to have my tongue so deep inside their smelly, sweaty butt holes, and they lie to the class, they tell them that I am so good at it, that I love it, that I beg to eat their asses all the time, but I can't tell them, I can't tell them I hate it, how humiliated I am, I can only eat the sweaty jock asses, one by one, and they prove how much I like it, they spread my ass to the whole class, and they force me to get hard, they force me they make me and they do my asshole and I can't help it I love it they fuck me and I love it and I slurp like a whore at their dirty ass holes and they force me to like it and they work my cock and they're laughing they're all laughing and they force me to like it and they see me need to cum and they force me and I don't want to cum I don't I don't but they make me they make me cum and I can't stop and they make me cum over and over and over...

"Oh my god - you are going to do it - you ARE going to make me cum - OH GOD YES - oh please stop oh please don't oh please do it oh please make me oh pleasepleaseplease don't do it stop don't stop don't stop don't make me oh god I can see them all watching they're all here and I'm really going to have to do it they are going to take me and make me do it the licking the fucking everything and I'm coming I'm coming I'MMM...COMINGGGGG......UNGH! KHA! UFFT! UNGH! AHHH!!!!"

Steve spun the handle of the prickly wand expertly while making Nick cum only by scratching his fingernail on the babbling jock's shaft.

The sweat-soaked blond stud screamed and came and came, eyes unfocused, seeing one butt after another approach his slavering mouth...

When Nick was finally shuddering with the very last spurt, Steve flipped him over onto his back. The manacle spreader kept his feet and hands in the air and his ass spread.

Before he knew what was happening, Nick had an 8" vibrator up his ass and Steve's mouth sucking his dick. His prick head, freshly sensitive from its massive orgasm, squealed in protest... just as his cum-sensitive prostate exploded with the first shock of the powerful vibrator tip.

Nick's brain registered one word before he started to shriek.



John was bowing, acknowledging Luke's applause, while cleaning the cum off his body with a towel.

Ford lay on the bed, semi-conscious.

Luke leaned over him, grinning.

"Looked like you really enjoyed that."

"Gaa-aa..." Ford said. His eyes were slightly crossed.

Luke had gotten to see the last hour of John's 'Dance of a Thousand Fucks'. Ford had been so out of it by then he hadn't even noticed.

Luke had watched the naked college guy ride Ford to one false cum after another until the bound jock could barely see straight.

For the finale, John had let each orgasm just start to subside before picking up again just enough to make it surge forward. For over two minutes, Ford's jism surged up and down, never cumming but never subsiding, until John pulled his ass up off of Ford's cock, and milked Ford dry using his sweaty ass crack like a glove.

Ford's whole body had arched and then stayed motionless as a torrent of cum practically flew from his dick.

Ford had a streak of cum that pointed straight north across his navel before spreading out... everywhere. His entire chest, face, and neck were covered, as well as the satin headboard and a goodly portion of the wall above.

John untied the delirious dark-haired stud and wiped him off, then spooned up next to him.

Within minutes they were both sound asleep.

Luke shook his head, with a lopsided grin, and wondered how the hell they were going to get the cum stains off of the Taylor's satin head board.


The next day, Ford looked out of his window to see a red minivan pull up to the curb in front of his house. The side of the van read:

Acme Computer Specialists

Ford opened the door before the technician in winter overalls could knock.

"Are you Fordham Spencer? Congratulations, you have been selected Promising Senior Athlete of the Year by the Illinois State Grappler's Association!"

"What's all this about, Ford?"

"I don't know, dad."

"And your prize is a state-of-the-art computer system, with 6 months free high-speed internet access."

"Good grief."

Reverend Spencer was looking over the award certificate, impressed.

"Well, I'll be. You might turn out all right after all, son."

"But, dad, I didn't enter the -"

"There's a note from the donor, sir, here it is."

Ford took the folded note. Stiff, thick, creamy paper...


He opened it and read:

Dear Ford,

Don't be an ass. Take the prize. It's a gift, and a way for us to keep in touch occasionally.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Your devoted Admirer,




[email protected]


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