After the three men who had followed me back to my small apartment had used my ass and my mouth, I took a second shower while also rinsing off the clothes that I had been wearing. They would dry almost immediately because of how they had been made. I hung them on some hooks and went to put the supplies I had bought away. The air handler was working better because most of the dust had been sucked out and it was moderately cool.

I took stock of myself, in essence I was a 14 year old boy in a 20 year old man's body. I hadn't made any friends in Greenwood since most were either much older than me and what children had survived were much younger. Since my Mom had died, I had pretty much just kept my head low, did odd jobs when I could find them, and just existed. My mother had brought a bunch of tablets with her to teach the colonists' kids but now they were just gathering dust on a shelf in my apartment. After my mother had died, I had read everything that had been loaded on them, but it was mostly stuff I had learned in school before we left for this planet. When I was forced to move and needed some credits, I had sold our net interface to a traveler passing through who was replacing one that had stopped working on his ship. Unless I went and asked someone to borrow theirs' I had no way to access the net where I could find out more about sex, in particular, sex between men. I know I had enjoyed what had happened between me and the three men but I wanted to know more. I had never heard anyone in the colony speak about sex, but I was sure that it must be happening, especially between wives and their one or more husbands, but was it happening between men as well?

There was a knock at the door to my apartment, which is something that never happens. "Just a minute". I grabbed the nearest thing to put on that I could find. It was a pair of shorts that my mother had brought along with me that I wore when I was working out inside the apartment. Just like my pants, they were tight because they had been made for some that weighed less than me. I opened the door and saw that it was my neighbor, the guy who lived on the other side of the container. His eyes got wide when he saw what I was wearing. No one would ever be out and about in just a pair of shorts like I was wearing because they wouldn't provide any protection from the dust and the never ending wind. Even when I went to exercise at the small fitness room that the settlers had built, it was always in pants and a shirt. When you exercised, you always wore a face mask since you didn't want to be sucking in dust when you were breathing heavy.

"Hey Michael, is everything okay?"

"Yes, why?"

"I was concerned about you since I heard so much noise and then I saw the three space cowboys leaving." I hadn't heard that term before but it made sense. They rode into Greenwood and then they rode away unlike the rest of us.

From what little I knew about my neighbor, Raff, he seemed like a good guy. I thought he was maybe 10 years older than me but it was hard to tell the way that the dust and wind aged faces in Greenwood. I know he had come to the planet with us and wasn't one of the original settlers. He had brought a wife with him but she was one of the many women who had succumbed to dust fever.

"Thanks Raff, but I'm fine." He stood there looking at me so I invited him in. Besides the three men who had just left, Raff was the only other person who had been in my apartment. He pulled the door shut behind him and removed his hat and mask. Raff had dark hair which had some dust on it. He had, what I guess you would call, a handsome face. At least I thought it was based on the vids I had watched as a kid and before I sold my net interface. He looked like one of the stars of the vids. He was maybe 1/5 of a meter taller than me and maybe 13 or 14 more kilograms of weight. He took off the long coat he was wearing and I saw that, like me, he must exercise regularly. From what I'd heard, Raff was also supposed to work in the mines but was now involved in the loading and unloading of cargo shuttles from the big transport ships and the smaller trader ships that could land on the surface. Obviously the labor had built the muscle that I could now see through the minor shirt like I had that he was wearing. He must have been able to trade for, or buy, a different kind of pants. They looked like a more rugged material that was a dark blue. They rode low on his hips. His hands, unlike mine, were calloused from the work that he did. Not knowing how to be a host, I asked Raff if he would like anything to drink. He asked if I had anything hard and I gave him an odd look. "Any booze, you know, alcohol?"

"I think my Mom might have had some that I brought with me when I moved here." I rummaged around one of my storage spaces and brought out a bottle of amber liquid. "How about this?"

"Shit kid, this is scotch. I haven't had any of that since we left Earth."

I got a couple of glasses and poured us each some. I had seen one of the guys who tended bar at one of the places I sometimes did odd jobs at, so I poured a similar amount. We each raised our glass, like we used to do when I was a kid at Thanksgiving or Christmas. "Cheers." But back then, I was drinking milk. I took a sip and started coughing.

"Not much of a drinker are you?"

"This is my first."

"Sip it." We sat in silence for a while and sipped our drinks.

"I don't think I every told you how sorry I was about our Mom, she seemed like a nice lady."

"Yeah, I miss her. I'm sorry about your wife."

"Thanks. So who's been looking out for you since your Mom passed?"

"No one, just me."

"Christ almighty, you were just a kid when we left Earth." I thought about what happened earlier and could tell that I was blushing.

"I'm not a kid anymore."

Raff must have picked up on my vibe that something had happened. "What was going on with you and those three space cowboys? Did they steal something from you."



I had never had this long of a conversation with anyone in Greenwood. "I let them put their dicks in my mouth and in my butt. I guess that makes me a faggot."

"Did they call you that?"

"Yeah, but I had heard what a faggot was back on Earth before we left."

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah, I liked it a lot." I turned my eyes down toward the floor.

"Kid, you don't need to be embarrassed. You like cock, then you like cock. I played around a little in high school with some guys, but I really didn't get into sucking a guy's cock."

"So how... you do since your wife died?"

He stuck out his right hand, "It's pretty much just this, or when one of the sky hookers come visit, I usually spend some time and credits with one or two. I also watch some of the porn vids I can pull from the net."

"I remember one of my friends back on Earth saying he watched his Dad's porn."

"You've never seen porn? Wow. Let's go over to my place and you can see some."

I went toward where I had hung my pants and shirt since they should be dry by now but Raff said just come with him. He took his long coat and wrapped it around me and we left my place and walked the few yards to the door to his side of the container.

His apartment was much less Spartan than mine. He and his wife must have brought more things with them than my parents had. He had a big vid screen. He waved his hand in front of it and a menu of options appeared between him and the screen. He put his finger on one of the options and the screen filled with a close up of a man and a woman. Raff told me to sit down in one of the two chairs that he had.

The woman on the screen was taking the man's dick into her mouth, just like I had done. She was holding it by its base and was licking the head and the shaft. It was a lot different than what had happened to me. Pretty soon she was sliding her lips up and down the guy's cock while he talked to her about how much she wanted his big cock and how she was going to get a mouthful of his cum. While it was interesting watching what she did, I was fascinated by the size of the man's dick, it was bigger than any of the three guys who had stuck there dicks in my mouth. I noticed that the guy never really held the woman's head like they had done to me.

When I glanced over at Raff, he had a hand down the front of his pants and was moving it as he watched the vid screen. When the scene was over, he pulled his hand from his pants and waved his hand again bringing back the menu. "Why don't we try something you might find interesting.'

Two very muscled men appeared on the screen. One guy was stroking the other guy's cock while the other man moaned. The man who had been doing the stroking, lowered his head and started to lick the other guy's dick like I had just seen the woman do. Pretty soon the one guy had the other guy's cock all the way in his mouth and was bobbing his head. At one point, the guy who was having his cock sucked, put a hand on the other guy's head, put didn't force his friend's head down like the space cowboys had done to me. The guy who was getting sucked, reached over his friend's back and started to play with his ass. I glanced over at Raff and he had his hand in his pants again.

"That's what's called a blow job or giving head." Raff's hand movements got more pronounced.

The guy whose dick was getting sucked pulled it from the other guy's mouth and started beating it, like I did to myself sometimes. Not long after he shot a load of his sperm all over her face. "That's called a facial."

"Did you and your wife do that?"

"Whenever she would let me."

"Would you like to do it now?"

Raff looked from me, down to his crotch, and then back to me. "You sure kid?"

I stood up from my chair and kneeled between his legs. He turned off the vid. Since he already had his hand in his pants, when I opened the front of his work pants, he pulled out his cock. Raff, too, was bigger than any of the space cowboys. I did what I had just seen in both vids, I put my hand around the base of Raff's dick and started to lick from the base to the tip and back down again. Raff wrapped his hand around mine and started making me do a stroking motion while I focused my tongue on the head of his cock.

"That feels so fucking good. You're a quick learner kid. Now put your lips over the head of my cock and just let it sit inside your mouth while you use your tongue to explore every centimeter of it. Yeah, just like that." I started bobbing my head, just like I'd seen, and it felt like Raff's dick was getting even harder than it was before. From how I remembered how the space cowboys had stopped moving so much just before they filled my mouth, I pulled off of Raff's cock and just stroked it. "Why'd you stop?"

"I want to find out what a facial feels like." Raff pushed my hand away and started beating his cock. He stood up from his chair and aimed his cock at my face just as he shot his load. There was cum in my hair, dripping off of my eyebrows, sliding down my nose and sticking to my lips. I used my tongue to lick up the cum I could from around my mouth and then wiped the rest from my face and brought it to my lips and licked every one of my fingers. "Shit kid, that was as good as any head I've ever gotten." He slumped back onto his chair.

"Would you show me some more of the vid, please?"

Raff waved his hand and pressed a button that appeared before him and the vid resumed. The guy who had just gotten a facial took some of the cum from his face and smeared all over his friend's still rigid dick. After spreading the cum, the man straddled the other man and reached behind his back and lined up the man's cock with his ass. He began to lower himself and I watched in fascination as the man's cock disappeared into the other man, who by then had thrown his head back in obvious pleasure.

The man on the vid who had a dick up his ass put his hands on the other man's shoulders and began to raise and lower himself on the dick increasing the pace with each movement. Both men seemed to be writhing in pleasure, pain or both. The man who was sitting down told the other man to get off his dick, which he did. He leaned into the man so that their chests were touching, the seated man started to beat his cock until he shot and I could see his cum fly up into the air.

"Why did he get off the man's cock?"

"That was more for show than anything else, the people watching wanted to see him cum."

"Is that what you'd do?"

"No, that is unless someone was watching."

"So, if I got on your dick, you wouldn't pull out like that?"

"Probably not."

I straddled Raff's waist and started to lower myself on his, once again, stiff member. "Hold on." Raff spit into his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He placed his hands on my hips and pushed me down on his cock. It went in deeper into my ass than the med or the three space cowboys had been. I had never felt anything like it and I really, really liked it. Just like the guy in the vid, I placed my hands on Raff's shoulders and rode his cock like I used to ride my rocking horse when I was a kid, and I enjoyed it so much more. As I was starting to raise my ass again, Raff pushed me down with his rough hands and I felt my insides flooded. Unlike earlier that day, I felt Raff's cum ooze from my ass while he continued to hold himself deep within me. I shot my own load on Raff's stomach.

Raff was breathing hard but after a minute he calmed down and I felt his cock go soft and slide from my ass. I stood up, dripping cum onto his thighs. "Come on." Raff grabbed my hand and led me to his shower. Using the one minute of water we both cleaned ourselves the best we could and then went back out into his living space.

"Kid, that was awesome. You're not expecting me to do the same for you, are you? Like I said before, I don't like sucking cock and I've never been fucked before and I'm not going to start now."

"No sir, I can't imagine anything better than what we just did."

"Well, I think you just proved to me that you're a faggot, and a pretty damn good one."

"Can I watch some more vids?"

"Sure kid, but I'm going to go lay down."

As I heard Raff start to quietly snore, I watched several more hours of vids before putting my shorts back on and going back to my apartment.

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up, used my one minute of water. Got dressed in one of my miner's outfits, ate some of the food supplies I had purchased yesterday, left my apartment and headed to the center of Greenwood.

My first stop was one of the places that sold alcohol where I had done some odd jobs before. I asked Big Joe, the owner who also poured drinks, if he knew when the next sky hookers would be in town. "What's up Michael, feeling horny?"

"Something like that?"

"I haven't heard about any coming soon, you'll just have to use your hand like most of us."

"Do you charge them for the rooms they use that I clean when they leave?"

"Well, yeah, why?"

"Just wanted to know how much it would cost me to get one of those rooms." A light went off in Big Joe's eyes.

"Ten percent, you want one?"

"Maybe, I'll let you know."

I went back to my apartment and put the two miner's outfits that I wasn't wearing into bag and headed back to the center of the city. I entered one of the little shops that traded different kind of clothes. I put my bag down on the counter and the man behind the counter asked what I wanted. "I want to trade these."

He rifled through my bag, "These are miner's clothes, not much use for them, but they are made of good materials. What are you looking for? We might be able to work something out."

"I don't know yet, I'm going to look around." I started to look around for anything that was similar to what I had seen guys wearing in the vids I had watched the previous night, basically anything that would show off my body and not look like I was a miner. There wasn't a whole lot to choose from but I did find a couple of pair of pants that were tight like some of the guys in the vids wore. I also found some shirts which were snug like my miner's shirt but weren't long enough to reach my pants that also had lower necks and short sleeves. I also found a coat that was a lot like the jackets I had seen some ship's pilots wear that zipped up the front and were tight around the waist. I brought them back up to the counter.

"Are you sure you want these Michael, besides the jacket, they really aren't much use to anyone?"

"Yes, do we have a trade?"

"This jacket is worth more than the clothes you brought in."

"How much will it take to make up the difference?" He gave me a figure and I handed him my credit stick. He tapped it against a reader on the counter. He looked up at me with a question in his eye. I took my credit stick back, put the clothes I had selected in my bag and headed back to my apartment.

It had been enough time that I had the opportunity to take another shower to get rid of some of the dust I had gathered on my shopping trip. I changed into one of my new pair of pants and one of the new shirts and put on the jacket then headed out the door. I went to the edge of town where the shuttles and other off-world ships would land to refuel, get repairs and just stop for a while. I wandered around looking at the ships and glancing at the men that were standing around.

After observing for a while, I noticed that some of the men just stayed by their ship as they watched them being refueled. Others went into one of the nearby buildings and played cards with fellow space cowboys or locals. Still others went into town and came back a while later obviously having consumed alcohol from one of the several establishments in the center of town. More than once I heard some of the men complain that there weren't any sky hookers in town like they had heard. It was those men that I focused on.

It took me a while but I finally got up the nerve to approach one of those men. I unwrapped the scarf from around my face and head and just let it hang across my shoulders. I unzipped the jacket just low enough that it showed off some of the skin at my waist and made sure it was pulled up high enough in the back to show off the shape of my ass.

Some of the men I approached just ignored me like they did most of the locals. Some of the men made rude comments but then glanced back at me. A few of the men stopped to chat. I probably was taking a risk, but if the man was attractive and he was talking with me and no one was watching, I'd put my hand on the bulge in his pants or flight suit. There were a few men who pushed my hand away and left but there were a few who stayed. One of the men told me to follow him and we went into the bathroom in one of the nearby buildings. Once we were in, he locked the door and pulled out his cock, "You think you can handle this, faggot?" I soon learned that most men think they've got the biggest cock I've ever seen.

"What's it worth to you?"

"Bitch, 20 credits I guess."

I handed him my credit stick, he pulled his out, clicked a few buttons and touched it to mine. I then proceeded to give him the best blow job of his life, or at least I thought so. After I drained him, I would go back out onto the tarmac and soon men started to approach me, saying that a friend had told them I would blow them for 20 credits. For the next several hours I spent a lot of time in the bathroom enjoying every dick that entered my mouth.

Toward the end of the afternoon, a space cowboy approached me, "Hey, you have any interest in seeing the inside of this ship?" He pointed to a rust bucket of a space craft, I was surprised that it even could leave orbit let alone make it to another planet. "We'll make it worth it for you."

Intrigued, I boarded the ship. It was as bad inside as it was outside. There were wires hanging everywhere and it smelled of stale air and burnt electrical connections. The man led me through some tight corridors. When I look back, I probably should have been nervous but at that point I was cum hungry and was taking the risk.

We finally entered what must have been the crews' mess hall slash common space. Altogether there was 15 men standing around, some guys were in their underwear while others were in full flight gear. The ones that really caught my eye were the guys in flight suits that had them opened and had pulled the upper part off and were letting it hang from their waists. The guy who had brought me onboard asked, "Think you can handle us all?"

"That depends", I handed him my credit stick. He clicked his and tapped it to mine and handed it back to me.


I took off all of my clothes and got down on my knees. The guy who brought me on board was the first to step up and pull out his cock. Just like the vid, I grabbed the base of his cock and brought it toward my mouth, I licked all around the head and then slowly dragged my tongue down to the base and then started to lick his balls. After I had, I sucked one, then the other, and then both into my mouth before slowly gliding my tongue back up to his head and engulfing it in my mouth. I slowly lowered my mouth over his cock until I reached his pubes, I pretended to gag since that seemed to excite the men I had seen in the vids. I worked the man's cock over until he was leaking mass amounts of precum. He yanked his cock from my mouth and turned my head to a waiting cock. Each dick was different and for each man I did something just for them. I worked my way around the room twice but no one came. There came a point when all 15 men gathered close around me beating their meat. It dawned on me what was going to happen, this was going to be like the vid I saw that was about something calle bukkake. Fifteen loads landed on my face and I made sure to bring as much of it as possible to my mouth.

As I watched the bucket of bolts I had just been on rise from the tarmac and then fly up into the sky, I decided I had found my way to get off of this dusty, shithole of a planet one way, or one cock, or another.


Be Well,


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