The heat from Jock's dick woke me up. Sometime during the night we had ended up spooning with his chest against my back and an arm draped over me. Although over the last several months, I had been in bed with more men than I could remember, it was never to sleep. It was a new sensation and I wasn't sure that I liked it. I pulled away from Jock's body but he pulled me back with his arm, "Where do you think you're going? Did you forget what I said?" Jock started to rub his cock against my back and I could feet it getting harder and larger. I was curious to see if it was as large as he had inferred last night, he had said he had never found a jock strap that was big enough, but as I tried to turn, he held me tight. "Don't move. I'm going to raise my arm now and you're going to stay right where you are."

Now that his arm was free, he brought his hand to my ass and explored my cheeks. "Hard but soft at the same time." Since he chest was against my back, I could feel his heart rate start to quicken even through his massive, hard pectoral muscles. His fingers started to explore the crack of my ass. His fingers finally found my hole. "Good, you're still lubed up from the rest of the crew, which will make this easier for you."

He put his hand between my thighs and pushed the upper one up slightly, giving him just enough room to slide his cock between them. Moving his hips he started to move his cock between my legs. His dick definitely felt big. Was it really as big as it felt or was it just my imagination since I hadn't seen it hard when I came into his quarters a few hours earlier. "Hold your leg up like I'm doing."

I took hold of my leg and kept it at the same height that Jock at been holding it. He must have used his hand to line up the head of his cock with my hole. I felt pressure but he didn't break through. I felt more pressure but still nothing. He pushed a little harder and the head of his dick broke through my ass lips. It was definitely big. Now that his hand was free, he draped it over my chest again and moved it around, "Just relax."

Like a slow motion vid, his cock started to push forward. The whole time Jock kept rubbing my chest and abs. "Feels really nice kid." He took my leg again and pushed forward with his hips while he pulled me back, "Nice and slow." Again, it was probably my imagination but his dick never seemed to end and he just kept pushing forward.

We laid there for a little while as he applied more pressure. He must have known when he hit my prostate because he started to jab it. Now that he was deep enough, he let go of my leg so when I lowered it, his cock was trapped in my body. As he continued to jab my prostate, he put his hand around me and started to stroke my cock. This again was something new, no guy had ever touched my dick before while I was servicing him. "Nice cock Mikey, you must like what I'm doing to your ass because you are hard and leaking", which I was.

While he continued to slowly move within me, he quickened the pace at which he was stroking my cock. I knew I was getting close and I tried to push his hand away but he kept his grip tight. When I couldn't take it anymore, I came while at the same time clamping my ass muscles tighter around Jock's cock. "Fuck, that's it." With one fluid movement he rolled me onto my stomach while he stayed deep inside me. With my ass muscles still clenched, he drove his cock as far as my body would allow. It was no longer gentle movements, instead he began rapidly increasing the pace of his thrusts. I wanted more, so I raised my ass just enough so that another small amount of his cock touched me deep inside.

Jock did a complete 180, instead of the gentle movement of his cock he became a mad man focused on just his pleasure. It wasn't rapid strokes of pushing in and then pulling back, he was just trying to go deeper, he would pull back maybe an inch and then push hard. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" I felt the warmth of his cum deeper than I had ever felt before, or again that might have been my imagination. When he was finished, he pulled out, jumped off the bed and went into his small bathroom before I had the chance to see his dick. I heard him take a piss and then heard what I thought was his shower. It wasn't long before he stepped back into the sleeping quarters already wearing a pair of briefs. Was he purposely not letting me see his cock? His briefs did look well packed. Maybe he never let anyone see his dick so that he could keep the ruse of his nickname. "Take a shower and then take those sheets to the laundry room and give them a wash."

"You just used the shower. Don't we need to wait another hour before more water is available?"

"This isn't Greenwood kid. Since you're the newbie, while you're in the laundry room, make yourself useful and wash the clothes that are there. The rest of the crew is probably already up and have already had some breakfast, so while the clothes are in the dryer, go to the mess and get yourself something to eat. You should be able to figure it out." Jock stepped out his quarters and headed to the bridge.

I got off the bed and went into Jock's bathroom. For the first time in over two years I was able to take a long shower and then get out and not have dust start to settle on my skin. There was only one towel, the one that Jock had used, so I dried off as best as I could. My body must have acclimated to the temperature because I no longer felt overheated.

I had no idea where my shorts were, I'm sure they were in Turk's quarters but when I looked, the place was as tidy as the first time I saw it and my shorts were nowhere in sight. I went back to Jock's room and wrapped the wet towel around my waist, maybe he had taken them to the laundry room. Wearing only the towel, I made my way back to the mess hall because I remembered where it was. I waved my hand in front of the sensor, the virtual screen appeared and I ordered some breakfast. After I ate and cleaned up after myself, I heard Babe's voice, "Mikey, please come to the med bay, I need to get your vitals and other information for the ship's manifest."

"I don't know where the med bay is."

"Follow the green lights along the galley way that I've turned on, it's not far from where you are currently located." I followed the lights and ended up in a room very much like the doctor's office I had gone to for medical tests before my parents and I left for Greenwood. "Please tell me your date of birth." I did. "Please lay down on the bed." I did as Babe requested. Out of nowhere, my body was enclosed in some sort of device. I was poked, prodded and stuck as a pale blue light passed over me. "Thank you Mikey, you may get off the bed now. Most everything is within acceptable human norms for someone your age and height. You do have some nutritional deficiencies. I'll update the mess equipment to rectify the situation. Thank you."


"Yes, Mikey."

"Where's the laundry room?"

"Follow the new set of green lights."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

It was odd talking to something that wasn't really there. Well, I guess she was not there but she was everywhere.

I followed the lights to the laundry room. The place was a mess. There were dirty, smelly clothes and linens everywhere. Since all of the crew were large men and I had only seen them in the outfits that they had been wearing while loading the ship or in just their briefs, I had no way of knowing what laundry belonged to what man. I divided the piles into clothes and linens. I remembered that we had a washer and dryer back on Earth but I had never done laundry, my Mom always had. In Greenwood, the clothes just needed to be rinsed and hung to dry due to the material they were made of. There was only one machine, so I opened it and put some clothes in. When I shut the door, the machine just came to life. There didn't seem to be any water entering the machine but there was a definite smell of ozone. It couldn't have been more than five minutes and the machine stopped. I opened the door. The clothes were dry, appeared clean and no longer smelled. While a second load was being cleaned, I folded up shirts, pants and underwear, which there was surprisingly little of. I did the same routine two more times. My shorts were nowhere in the laundry. When I removed the last load of clothes, I loaded the machine with towels, removing the one around my waist and adding it to the load. While I was folding the last load of clothes, I came across a pair of very sheer, very small underwear. It couldn't possible fit any of the men on ship. I decided to put them on. The front barely contained my cock and balls and the back was hardly more than a string that went between my ass cheeks.

"I wondered where the hell those had gone." I turned around and Diego, one of the crew, was standing in the doorway to the laundry room. "Damn if you don't look almost as good in them as the bitch I took them from back on New Los Angeles." Diego walked all the way around me checking them out. "I'm glad that Jock asked me to come check on you to make sure you were doing the laundry. This used to be my job since I was the newest crew member before you came along. I can't believe how good you look in those. I'm getting hard just thinking about what a hot piece of ass she was." Diego, like the rest of the crew, was pretty hot himself. He was one of the shorter men but that still put him at almost 2 meters. While he had the same labor produced muscles, he was more lithe, if that's even possible for someone in excess of 90 kilograms. Like Turk his skin was on the brown side with dark hair and eyes. The briefs he was wearing were white, so they contrasted with his skin drawing my attention to his package. He obviously was getting excited by seeing me in the almost not there underwear. Diego and I hadn't spent that much time in his quarters when it was his turn. While not quick, it was a fuck like I'd had hundreds of time. He put my legs over his shoulders, rammed his cock into me and went to town. I think the minute after he took me to the next cabin, he was back in his fast asleep.

Diego now had his hand down the front of his briefs. "She was a great fuck but she sucked at giving head. Seeing you like this, it makes me wonder if you could do better." He pulled his dick out and stroked it until it was rigid. He stepped closer. "Come on, show me if you're better." I stepped closer and took his cock out of his hand and started to stroke it for him. I could feel his pulse through the vein on the underside of his cock. I decided to have a little fun.

"What did you want her to do that she didn't?"

"She never acted like she enjoyed it. She would just open her mouth and make me do all the work."

I got down on my knees. "She never did this?" I held on to the base of his cock and licked the stalk up and down but never let my tongue touch his head.


"Or this?" I sucked one ball into my mouth, swirled it around and then let it pop from my lips. I turned my attention to the other ball. When I also let it pop out of my mouth, I started to lap Diego's balls until they were soaked with my spit.

"Fuck no."

"What about this?" I pushed his cock up so it was pressed against his abs. Starting at his balls, I slowly guided my tongue up his vein and then back down. This time Diego didn't say anything, he was just staring down at me. After I had done it a few times, I began licking around the underside of his crown. Diego's legs started quivering. I looked up into his eyes as I engulfed his head with my mouth. I could taste the beginnings of his precum. He instinctively put a hand on the top of my head in an attempt to control my motions. I pushed his hand off my head while at the same time pushing him back against the laundry machine. I put a hand on his stomach, holding him still. He could have pushed me back, he was obviously stronger than me, but he didn't, he let me take control. For the next 10 minutes I brought him to the edge three times and then let up. When I knew he couldn't take it anymore, I held onto his cock and just let it rest on my tongue with my mouth wide open. Using my hand and small movements of my tongue I brought him across the finish line. He watched as his cum shot over my tongue and down my throat, then I clamped my lips over his head and sucked out the rest of his cum. He finally pushed me away and I let him.

"Jesus, fucking, Christ!" As I stood up, I crammed his cock back into his briefs while he looked at me in disbelief. I learned an important lesson in that quarter hour, I had more power than I thought I had.

As if nothing had happened, I asked, "How can I tell whose clothes are whose?"

"With the exception of Cap's leather jacket, we all share the clothes, makes it easier that way. Just lay them out on the table in the mess and we'll all grab some. Uh, thanks....for the laundry I mean." He turned and walked out of the laundry room.

When I had finished with the towels and sheets, I took everything to the mess and laid it all out on the table. Babe's voice filled the air, "Mikey, Captain Bishop has asked you to join him and the rest of the crew on the bridge. The green lights will lead you."

"Thanks Babe."

"You're welcome Mikey." It was still strange.

The door to the bridge slid open and I stepped through. Captain Bishop turned his attention to me from his command chair and his eyes got big. "What the fuck are you wearing?"

"These are the only thing I could find that would fit."

"What happened to your clothes?"

"I couldn't find them."

Jock coughed, "Cap, I may have mistakenly spaced them with some waste this morning."

"You guys can be such pigs sometimes." Even as he said it, there was a brief glimpse of his crooked smile. "Kid, we're going to have to get you some clothes when we dock at Obama. While what you are wearing is, uh, quite fetching, it really won't work with what I've got planned." I had no idea what he was talking about, except for new clothes.

Looking through the view screen, I could see that we were approaching the space station and it looked huge, I mean like the biggest thing I had ever seen, even larger than our TerraCorp colony ship.

"Captain Bishop, the Obama Station has scanned us and verified the crew but have some questions about our cargo, they say it doesn't appear to match our manifest. How would you like me to respond?"

"Babe, tell them that one of our electrical systems has been interfering with scans and that they are more than welcome to verify the manifest once we have docked."

"They have agreed, but have said that they won't allow any crew to disembark until the verification has been completed."

"That's fine Babe."

Jock looked up from the controls he was watching, "Cap, Obama's tractor beams have locked on and they have initiated docking procedures." I watched in fascination as the Phoenix looked like it was going to collide with the space station but instead we smoothly entered a large bay and slowly lowered onto a landing pad.

Turk said, "Opening the ramp Cap."

"You guys stay on the ship until you hear from me. Come on Kid, you're coming with me." Captain Bishop put an arm over my shoulder and led me toward the back of the ship and the ramp. As we walked, Captain Bishop said, "This isn't a TerraCorp station, it's an independent but TerraCorp uses it occasionally when they are transporting supplies to one of their colonies. We've got to get some of their life support equipment so that we can fix the ship. Their security won't know who you are. The only pictures they have of you were when you left Earth when you were 12, they won't be able to identify you quickly by facial recognition. For now, just follow my lead."

We walked down the ramp and some station security were waiting. What I was wearing didn't even get a second look by the man and woman who were waiting. The male spoke, "Hey Bishop, it's been a while, how's it hanging?"

"Long and thick as usual." The female rolled her eyes.

"We were sent to verify your cargo, it didn't jive with your manifest."

Captain Bishop pulled a credit stick out of his leather jacket. "Maybe this will clear it up."

The male security guard pulled out his stick and tapped it to Captain Bishop's, the female guard did the same. "Yep, looks like everything is verified." The two guards walked away.

"Can't they trace that?"

"Kid, there are always ways around the system. Come on."

We left the landing bay and walked down some hallways. We walked through a door and the sight stopped me dead in my tracks. There were people everywhere. There were bright colored lights, music playing and the smell of food cooking. I was mortified that I was only wearing the small pair of underwear but nobody seemed to pay any attention.

As we continued to walk through the station, I was overwhelmed by not only the number of people but all of the different ages, how many women there were, their brightly colored clothes and the many accents and dialects that I heard. It reminded me of the time my Mom and Dad had taken me to, what my Dad called, the last theme park on Earth. He told us that it was closing since the land was needed for crops and housing. We spent a couple of days in the heat and humidity of central Florida, but it was a good memory.

Captain Bishop and I reached an area of the station where I could look up and down. There were so many levels to the station that I couldn't count them all. Every level seemed to have as much activity as the one we were on. There were tubes with people traveling up and down the levels. Every couple of seconds a platform would move past and people would just step on and go up or down. We rode up maybe a dozen levels and then stepped off. We stopped at a store that had mannequins in the windows whose outfits changed every couple of seconds. "Go in and pick out enough clothes for a week. I also want you to get a suit, do you know what that is?"

"Not really."

"The salesperson will know, just tell them something conservative. I'll be back in a little while, I need to go talk to some people." He walked away leaving me in front of the store.

As I walked into the store, a red light passed over me. Two men about my age and size appeared out of nowhere. "How can we help you?"

"I need to get some clothes."

"Similar to what you are wearing?"

I looked down at my little underwear. "No, I need some regular clothes, maybe six or seven full outfits plus a suit, a conservative suit."

"How unfortunate, you look good in what you are wearing. Step up on this platform and let us know what you think." I stepped on the platform and as I looked in the mirror, images of clothes appeared on my body. "Based on what you're wearing, let us make some suggestions." One of the men touched his fingers to a pad he was carrying and new images appeared. Everything that appeared on my image in the mirror was tight fitting. One of the man asked me to turn to the side. "Look how this one shows off your ass, it's fabulous." I was so overwhelmed by the colors and the looks that I just finally told them to make some selections for me. The man kept pushing buttons on his pad.

"Was any of those a suit?"

"That's right, you did ask for a suit, conservative you said, right?" New images appeared. The two men conversed as the images flew by. "Yes, this is the perfect one. Anything else?"

I hadn't seen any in the images, "I'll need some underwear too." The two men conversed again.

"Okay, step over here and we'll have everything ready in a few minutes."

"Don't I need to try them on?"

"What? Of course not, what kind of store do you think we are? We got your measurements when you came in the store and we just fabricate them."

I stepped over to where he had indicated and watched as item after item of clothing magically appeared in front of me. It was like they just started growing from the ground up. The two men put the items in boxes and bags. One of the men tapped his pad again and gave me the number of credits for all of the items. I realized I didn't have my credit stick and actually doubted that I would have had enough anyway. They stared at me, "We just need your credit stick or wristband."

"Sorry, I don't have it with me." Both men huffed.

"Well, we already made them, so someone is going to have to pay for them. What about that hot guy who was with you? Are you his? If you are, I'd love to change places with you."

"You mean Captain Bishop?"

"Ty Bishop?"


"Oh, my God!!!!" The guy turned to his colleague, "Run facial rec from the camera, was that really Ty Bishop?" After a second the second guy confirmed that it was Captain Bishop. "You're one lucky girl ass is just twitching thinking about him." I had no idea what to say. "Did you come on the Phoenix?"


The man touched his pad again, "Okay, we charged the purchase to the Phoenix and it will be delivered there shortly. Please bring Ty by if he has the time."

I walked out of the store bewildered. I waited for Captain Bishop but he never showed up so I decided to head back to the Phoenix. I got on one of the people movers but didn't remember what level I should get off at. When I did step off the platform, the level didn't look like the other one's I had seen. This level wasn't as colorful, vibrant or joyful. It actually reminded me of Greenwood.

I turned to get back on the people mover when someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me toward a dark corner. "Did you get lost sweetheart or did you just come down here to have some fun?" I got spun around and was looking at three men. They looked like the crew from the Phoenix only they were ugly and rough looking. They looked like some the settlers from Greenwood that had lost everything. "We never see someone as pretty as you down here." The three men stepped close enough so that I could smell their unwashed bodies. I was spun again and was pushed up against a wall. Three pair of hands were feeling my ass. One of the hands pulled the back of my underwear down. "Look at that ass, it's just begging for some cock, right guys?" One of the men got behind me, his cock was out and he was rubbing it against my ass. "I think his mouth could use some cock too." I was pulled away from the wall and one of the men made me bend over and a dick appeared in front of me and was slapped against my face. I felt another cock push against my asshole.

In quick succession I heard three electrical charges and the three men dropped to the ground. Someone grabbed my arm and spun me around, it was Captain Bishop. He touched his ear, "I found him. Good job on the facial rec Jock." He hit me with a hard stare, "What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you come down to this level?" He didn't wait for an answer, he pulled me to the people mover and we rode up to a different level.


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