When my eyes opened it felt like my head was going to explode. I looked over to where Mooch had been seated but he was gone. I undid the various belts that had held me in the seat when we entered FTL. Though painful, I got up from the seat and looked for my bag that Mooch had secured in some netting on the wall of the inner hull but it was gone. I must have been out for a while because Mooch's cum had dried on my shirt.

I started walking toward the front of the ship, at least what I thought was the front of the ship. I walked through a galley way that had a series of doors on each side. None of the doors were closed and I could tell that they were individual rooms for the crew. Each appeared to be the same size but were very different at the same time. Some of the room appeared clean with beds made and personal items attached to the walls or secured to the built in furniture. Other rooms looked like a windstorm and passed through. Clothes, towels and other personal effects were strewn everywhere. At the end of the galley way was a larger cabin that was neat and tidy. Attached to the walls were a number of, what I assumed, were family pictures. Captain Bishop, looking younger, was with an older couple and a girl that looked younger than Captain Bishop appeared. There were even a few pictures of just the girl. It was obvious that Captain Bishop and the girl were related, their coloring and features were so similar.

Before I kept heading to the bridge, I needed a bathroom and I needed it fast. I couldn't' bring myself to use the bathroom in the Captain's quarters so I went into one of the messy ones, hoping that no one would be able to tell I had used it. I went into the small bathroom and immediately began throwing up, my stomach and head were reeling, and I assumed it was a combination of fear and the jump into FTL. When I was finished, I splashed water on my face and cupped my hands to bring some water to my lips.

When I stepped out of the bathroom another member of the crew was in the cabin. Like his fellow crew members he was tall, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He was reclining on his bed. Just like the other crew, he didn't have a shirt on but he also didn't have any briefs on. He was slowly stroking his very thick cock.

"You must be the 'guest' that Mooch and the Cap told us about. I went to get you from the cargo bay but you weren't there. I figured out you were in my cabin when I heard retching followed by running water, I hope you cleaned up after yourself," he waved his free arm around his cabin, "You can see I like to keep my cabin tidy." He waved me closer. "Let me get a better look at you." I moved so I was a few feet from the man. "Cap told us that your name is Mikey. What the hell kind of name is that for a man?"

"It's what my parents called me when I was younger."

"Awwww, isn't that precious." He pointed at the cum stains on my shirt. "What are those? Did Mooch make a mess again?" Still slowly stroking his cock, the man got up from his bed and walked around me. He ran his hand over my ass as he did. When he was back in front of me, he ran a finger around my lips. "Well, since I know your name, you should probably know mine, it's Slammer. Cap thought it fit because I did some time in on a prison planet but I liked it too because I like nothing better than slamming a nice piece of ass. When I was in prison I found out that a piece of ass is just as good whether it's a man or a woman. Shit, my cock doesn't know one hole from another as long as it's getting taken care of, know what I mean?"

He got back into his reclining position on his bed and tapped it with his free hand since the other one was still occupied. "Sit." I sat down next to him. "Take off your shirt. I have to smell Mooch enough as it is, I don't need to be smelling his jizz on you." I pulled the shirt over my head, while I did he ran his hand over my abs, pecs, shoulders and biceps. "Jeez, for a little guy, well at least little compared to me, you've done a good job with your body." The touch of his fingers made my skin tingle. "Why don't you find out how my skin feels?" He took one of my hands and placed it on his chest and then let it go. At first I just left it there feeling the heat from his skin, the beat of his heart, and the sweat that covered it. Our eyes locked and I started to let my hand roam across his granite like pecs. His nipples were hard when my hand passed over them. Slammer was obviously proud of his body and liked the attention. He tightened his pecs for me. Still slowly fingering his cock with one hand, he put his other hand behind his head and watched as I continued to explore his body. I traced the outline of his bicep with my finger that was now slick with sweat, I brought my finger to my mouth to taste his saltiness.

He finally released his cock and put that hand behind his head along with is other hand. He looked down at his cock and then back into my eyes. I looked at it and he made it bounce. I tried to wrap my fingers around it but it was just too thick. As my hands explored his dick and balls, Slammer but a hand on my head and ruffled my hair before guiding me to his cock. As I licked the head, Slammer groaned, "That feels good kid, Cap didn't give us much time to get away from the ship while we were in Greenwood. When we heard that the sky hookers weren't there, most of us just stayed on the ship. Mooch and one of the other guys went to the dive bar in town and that's where he thinks he saw you. From how your tongue is working the head of my cock, I think it was you, it's obvious that you enjoy it."

I started to lick the head of his dick like I remembered doing with ice cream cones when I was younger. I'd start at the edge of the ice cream where it met the cone and I would lick up, flicking my tongue at the tip and then repeat. I hadn't wanted to lose any of the ice cream then and I didn't want to miss any of Slammer either. When I had made sure that the head was thoroughly explored, I dragged my tongue down the sides of his thick piece of meat going all the way to his balls. I continued this while he moved my head around making sure I licked all that could be licked. Precum started leaking from his tip and I lapped it up which sent a shiver through his body and into his cock. I pulled back, opened my mouth and attempted to get the head of Slammer's dick into my mouth. My lips finally ended up just barely closing around the head. His cock was so thick I was afraid I was going to hurt him with my teeth. I kept expecting him to push down on my head trying to get more of his thick dick into my mouth, but he didn't.

"Shit Mikey, you got more of me in your mouth than almost anyone else has. I seem to have a lot more luck when I'm sticking little Slammer here in other holes. Why don't you climb up here and we'll see if he likes your other hole."

Over the ship's intercom I heard, "Slammer, where the fuck are you? How long does it take to bring our stowaway to the bridge?"

Slammer touched his ear, "On our way Cap." He started to stand up, "God damn it, we'll finish this later." He pulled his shorts back on while I got dressed. It wasn't possible for him to cover his hard on with his shorts. As he towered over me, he put a hand on my shoulder and led me out of his cabin toward the bridge.

When we got to the bridge one of the other men took a look at Slammer, laughed and announced, "Cap, looks like you may have interrupted Slammer from slamming!"

"Shut up asshole."

Up close the men looked even more beefy and masculine than when I had watched them from a distance. You could cut the testosterone with a knife in the overly hot bridge. Whether it was the malfunctioning life support system or just the heat generated by each man was debatable. Virtual screens and controls floated in front of each of the men. I knew nothing about space flight and FTL drives, but they all seemed to be monitoring some function or another. At the front of the bridge there was a large monitor that gave the impression of a window, which I knew it couldn't be. Flashes of light shot by us. My eyes must have been wide because the Captain said, "What you are seeing is the star systems we are traveling through, something to see isn't it?"

Captain Bishop wasn't as big as most of his crew but he had an air about him that just commanded respect. His shoulders seemed wider and his muscles bigger even though in reality they weren't. There was a mischievous glint in his eyes and he had a crooked smile. He was probably one of the handsomest, if not the most handsome, man I had ever seen, even in the vids. His skin was a golden bronze, probably from the suns of the many planets he had visited.

The Captain turned to one of his men, "Jock, you've got the comm, we'll be in my office. Come on kid." The Captain led me to a small room that was just off of the bridge. To call it an office was being kind, it was more like a large closet with a built in desk and some chairs bolted to the floor.

"Okay Kid, tell me what's going on. We looked through your stuff and you don't really have much but some clothes and shit. I did check your credit stick, you've got quite a hefty amount for someone your age. I also found this", he held up the holocube of my family. "Start talking." The Captain leaned back into his chair causing the bulge in his briefs to be even more prominent than it already was.

When I finally looked away, I told Captain Bishop everything, from how I ended up in Greenwood, losing my parents, doing odd jobs, how I ended up making credits using my mouth and ass, and how I found out I probably would never be able to afford a seat on a TerraCorp ship to get back to Earth.

"Fucking TerraCorp." Holding up the holocube, "Are these your folks?" I nodded. "And you were on your own for almost 2 years on that cesspool?" I nodded again. "You got balls Kid. Not just for making it for two years without your parents in Greenwood but for taking a chance stowing away on a ship. We could have been some bad asses that might have just spaced you for doing that." He gave me another crooked smile, "We'll we are pretty bad ass but we won't be spacing you." By spacing, I assumed he meant sticking me in an airlock and opening the outer hull. "Regardless, it was a pretty fucking stupid thing to do. So what do you think we should do?"

"I can pay you to take me someplace, anyplace, that's better than Greenwood."

"I don't need your credits Kid, I've got more than I can spend in a lifetime." That fit with what I read about him and his family. As he told me that, he slide a bit farther down the chair and stared at a picture on his office wall. It was similar to the one I had seen in his quarters. It was a nice picture that I assumed was him, his parents and his sister.

"Who are they?"

"That's my family, my Mom and Dad, and my sister Tam." He got quiet.

"Where do they live?"

"My Mom and Dad just travel from planet to planet. They keep buying new houses but then they just keep moving. They say none of them feel like home."

"What about Tam?"

Captain Bishop remained quiet with his eyes downcast, "My sister Tam......she's not with us anymore just like your Mom and Dad."

"What happened?"

He brushed a hand across his eyes, "TerraCorp had just launched their first, and ultimately only, FTL cruise liner. Over the course of a couple of weeks it was supposed to take passengers from planet to planet just as a vacation. It carried a couple of thousand people. It had restaurants with foods and entertainment from all over the galaxy. It was supposed to be the newest type of space vacation for the people who could afford it. Tam and a group of her friends signed up to take the maiden voyage. When the ship jumped into FTL it disintegrated. An investigation of the ships plans found that substandard materials were used on the drive. TerraCorp was in such a hurry to make money they didn't give the ship any tests with the additional weight that the passengers would add to the ship. By paying off various investigative agencies and the courts, TerraCorp didn't pay a penny to any of the families of the passengers. Ever since, it's been my one goal to screw TerraCorp anyway that I can." He brushed a hand across his eyes again. "Shit, I'm tired of hearing myself talk." He cleared his throat, "Okay, I've got to think about what we are going to do about you." I wanted to show some sort of empathy but I didn't know how. Giving a blow job I could do easily but showing emotional support wasn't in my repertoire. "Let's go back to the bridge so I can check on some things." I followed Captain Bishop through the door onto the bridge. "Report."

Jock reported that there wasn't any issues. One of the men informed the Captain that it did not appear that we were being followed. Another reported that the FTL was operating within acceptable norms. A third man said we should be to the Obama Space Station as scheduled the following day. Mooch reported that all weapons were ready to use if necessary. That freaked me out a bit. Slammer reported that with the exception of temperature control the life support systems were all functioning. I had to ask a question, "Why aren't we freezing if the temperature control isn't working, we're in space."

Captain Bishop chuckled, "Good question kid, we can pull in some of the heat produced by the FTL drive but it's not that easy to regulate so we tend to keep it on the hot side to make sure we don't expose any critical systems to the outer temperature of -270 centigrade. Better to be uncomfortable for a while than have any more system problems. I'd suggest you lose your shirt and pants until we get things back up and running before you get heat stroke." I pulled my shirt off and a couple of the men whistled. "Knock it off." I stood there. "Ditch the pants."

"I don't have anything on underneath them."

"Cap, we wouldn't mind seeing his cute ass, right guys?" The boisterous response was positive.

"Go back in my office and get those short-like things I saw in your bag." I went into the small office removed my pants and put on the shorts and returned to the bridge.

"Damn Cap, you don't let us have any fun."

"The way I look at it, you miscreants have too much fun."

"There he goes using his big words again." It was said with the affection that these men obviously had for Captain Bishop.

The Captain turned his attention to one of the other men, "Wrench, what have you found out about the parts we need?"

"My contact on Obama says that the parts are available but only what TerraCorp stores on the station for their ships."

"Shit. We'll figure something out, we always do." The last couple of men gave the Captain their reports. Not looking at anyone, the Captain said, "Babe, we're going to go to the mess for dinner and a meeting, let us know if anything needs our attention."

A distinctive and sexy female voice came through the intercom, "Of course Ty, My sensors have picked up an additional male life form, is he a new crew member. I should get all his vital information and add him to the roster in preparation for docking with the Obama."

"You can take care of that after we eat."

"Understood. For the time being I need some basic information and classification in the event that we are scanned by any military or law enforcement ships."

"Earth born male, 20", The Captain looked at me and I nodded, "Designate him as crew. Name is Mikey....", the Captain looked at me again with a question in his eye and I added, "Cartwright."

"Understood. Have a good dinner Ty."

Mooch spoke up, "Have you guys noticed how she talks so sweet to Cap?"

All of us left the bridge and made our way to what was obviously the mess hall, and mess was too good of a word for it. "God damn it Mooch, you were supposed to clean this up before we jumped. Now there's broken shit everywhere." The Captain turned to me, "You're part of the crew, for now at least, so you clean this place up after we eat and talk."

"Yes, sir."

One by one, each of the men went up to a sensor in the wall and waved their hand, a virtual screen appeared and they made selections for something to eat. I had never seen anything like it before so the Captain made some selections for me, "We're short on supplies, so you eat what you get."

A service bot rose from the floor and made its way around the table where we were now seated and each crew member grabbed the plate of food that they had ordered. The bot also dispensed what I assumed was water but in fact turned out to be a beverage with various amino acids and nutrients based on each man's needs. They explained to me that since Babe didn't have any medical information for me yet, that I just got a general mix. It tasted awful.

As everyone ate, Jock spoke up, "Okay, what are we going to do about our boy toy here?" Everyone started speaking at once, some were saying that should just leave me at the Obama station while others were saying that they should take me to one of the colonies that they would be stopping at in the near future.

Mooch whistled and then grabbed his crotch, "I know what this pretty boy can do, we can finish what we started earlier."

That was followed quickly by Slammer, "No fucking way man, I saw your cum on his shirt, you already had your shot, bad aim by the way. He can finish what he started with me before Cap ordered me to bring him to the bridge. He got my whole fucking head in my mouth and was just getting ready to sit on my cock." A couple of the other guys chimed in about what they would like to do to my mouth and my ass.

The Captain stood up, "Mikey is going to stay with us a while. I've got an idea about something he might be useful for and I'm not talking about your dicks. I'm going to go get in my rack for a while. Jock you take first watch with Babe on the bridge. The rest of you miscreants can figure out what to do with Mikey for the rest of the night, just make sure he's alive in the morning." I watched the Captain walk out of the mess hall, I couldn't take my eyes off of his broad shoulders, narrow waist and an ass that looked hard enough to break wood. I wanted to follow him. After the Captain left, Jock stood up and reminded me that Captain Bishop wanted me to clean up the mess and then he left.

While I cleaned, the rest of the crew started arm wrestling. Every once in a while I would look their way and see their bulging biceps as they tried to win a match. It was so hot, not just them but the temperature, that I could feel the sweat sliding down my ass crack.

One by one the crew left the mess. The last two remaining were Slammer and a guy named Turk. Turk looked like he was from, or his family was originally from, the Middle Eastern area of Earth. His skin was a darker tone than most of the crew, except for Wrench, who must have been of African descent. Along with his darker skin, he also had black hair and eyes as black as obsidian. They were well matched. I had finished cleaning and they both were still straining to take the other man down. Their eyes were locked and they each had a grimace on their face. No words were spoken. I wanted to lick the sweat that was glistening on each of their biceps. With a final push, Turk rammed Slammer's arm to the table.

"Son of a bitch! Remember, we all agreed, when you're done with pussy boy here, you make sure he makes it to the next cabin. When I'm done I'll take him to Wrench's quarters all the way down to the first guy who lost. Even though Jock didn't join us, let's make sure that Mikey here makes it to his cabin as well." Slammer stormed out.

Turk stood up from the table and told me to follow him. We ended up at a cabin I had noticed earlier. Large sections of fabric were draped from the walls and the ceilings. The multitude of colors reminded me of my mother's scarf.

"You may not know this, but in my culture, most men only fuck boys and unmarried men until they themselves got married. When I got married, after I graduated from fleet officer's training, I found out that I liked fucking boys more than I liked fucking my wife. She never liked it sex as much as I did and she really didn't like it when I wanted to be in control. I don't like to be controlled, so I left my wife and I left the fleet and joined up with this crazy group. Now take off those shorts and let me see what I have in store." I slid out of my shorts and stood in front of Turk. "Turn around." I turned. "Now bend over." I bent over and Turk dragged a couple of his fingers down my sweaty ass crack. When his fingers found my hole, he circled it and then stuck a finger just barely inside of me. "There isn't anything better than a pretty, pink man pussy. Most of the places we go to, it's hard to find more than a quick blow job before we take to the sky again."

Turk told me to stand up straight again and got behind me. He put an arm around my chest and yanked me back against his chest. His rock hard cock was against my back. He twisted each of my nipples until they hurt and I tried to move my chest to get away from his fingers. His other hand was between my legs from behind, he was dragging one of his nails back and forth across my hole making it more sensitive with each movement. He whispered in my ear, "Do you like that? What about this?" He had pulled three fingers together and was pushing them in and out of my asshole. "Do you know what will feel even better?" He grabbed one of my hands and brought it to his sweaty cock. "You're going to be begging for it."

Turk pushed me face forward onto his bunk. He knelt behind me, pushed my ass cheeks apart, and started to swirl his tongue around my hole that he had made so sensitive with his finger nail. I had seen this in vids but no one had ever done it to me before. I arched my back and pushed back against his warm tongue. He pushed me back down, "Did I say you could move?" The assault with his tongue continued. Every time I tried to move, he would push me back.

He finally removed his tongue from my hole. With one hand he kept me down on the mattress while I could hear him rummaging through one of his storage units. Turk pushed something round and smooth into my ass and kept pushing it deeper. Whatever it was, he started to rotate it in my ass while pushing it forward and pulling it back. He did this for a while before pulling it out with a pop. Next I heard what sounding like pieces of metal hitting each other. When I tried to look over my shoulder, Turk pushed me back down. Again, something round and smooth was pushed into my, now even more sensitive, hole. This time however, once it was in my ass lips, they closed over whatever it was. Then I had the sensation of another round object being pushed into my ass, and then another, and then another, and then another. When there were six of whatever they were in my ass, he must have pulled on something, and one by one that round objects popped from my ass. As each one left, I felt more and more empty. No sooner were they out that Turk started the whole process again but with an extra round object. After pulling them all out again, he started pushing them back in until there was yet another one. He slowly pulled them out one last time.

"Your pussy looks like it wants more." He jammed three fingers in again and turned them roughly inside of me. It wasn't enough, I wanted more, I squirmed on the bed and pushed back against his fingers, this time he didn't push me back down. He yanked his fingers free and I could tell that he stood up. "Turn over." I rolled onto my back and watched as Turk stroked his cock. I reached between my legs and started to finger my hole while never taking my eyes off of his cock. It was darker than the rest of his skin. The head of his cock wasn't as big as Slammer's but it was still large with a stalk that got bigger the closer it got to his body. "You want this?"


"Where do you want this?"

"Inside me." Even I was surprised to hear the need in my voice.


"In my ass."


"I want you to fuck me."


"I need you to fuck me."


"Any way that you want to, just fuck me."

And fuck me he did. On my back, on my stomach, on my hands and knees, against the wall of his cabin, straddled over him, and probably ways that I can't remember I was so focused on his cock. Turk's stamina was incredible. I wouldn't have been surprised if he fucked me for an hour before finally filling me with a large load of his seed. At that point I was back on my stomach and I felt the whole weight of his body on top of me while his dick slowly reduced in size. He finally pulled out. "Not bad pussy boy." He tossed me a towel and then told me to follow him. He brought me to Slammer's quarters.

"Jesus Turk, what the hell took you so long? Hearing you fuck Mikey here, almost made me cum just using my hand."

"Enjoy." Turk was gone.

"Now where were we? Oh yeah, come here and get your ass on my cock."

The rest of the night was me going from cabin to cabin. Each man had their own approach and style, but none of them disappointed, either in size, or exuberance. Finally, I ended up at Jock's quarters. He was lying in his bunk and he slapped his hand on the mattress a few times, "Come here and lie down." Instead of having me give him head or fucking me, he put an arm around me and pulled me close. "After that crew, you probably need some rest. Try to get some sleep." I couldn't remember the last time someone had held me, it was probably back on Earth.

Before I fell asleep, Jock gave me a little shove. "Kid, do you know why these guys call me Jock?"

"No why?"

"Because I'm always looking for one."

"What, you want a jock you can fuck?"

"No, I want an actual jock strap that will fit. You'll find out in the morning when I fuck the hell out of you. Now get some sleep."


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