Slammer had his eyes closed and seemed to be focused on one thing, and one thing alone, fucking skinny assed Jack. The security guard just stood there watching. From the angle of the door to the back office, anyone that was walking by the financial branch could see exactly what Slammer was doing. The guard had blocked the door to the back office and wouldn't move when I nudged him, he was engrossed in what he was seeing. My only thought was to close the main door blocking the view. When I heard the door lock click, I knew I had made a mistake, Captain Bishop had told us the upper level branches would be notified that the door was closed.

While the guard watched Slammer ram his cock into Jack and listened to Jack cry out for more, I silently went back to the desk, swiped my hand bringing up the virtual keyboard and the heads up of accounts. I finished the hack that Diego had taught me and had just finished when I heard the guard say, "I'm on site, there are no problems, it must be faulty wiring. I'll wait here until maintenance arrives, just have them give me a call when they are on the way", a pause, "Just to be safe, I'm going to stay inside to make sure the employee is safe", another pause, "Yeah, just want to make sure that this didn't happen because someone is trying to rob the place", a third pause, "Okay, I'll be here." I had turned and watched the guard tap his ear, he must have been talking to bank security somewhere in the station.

Slammer must have heard him talking too because he turned his head and saw the TerraCorp guard. He stopped fucking but didn't pull his cock out of Jack. Jack in turn pleaded for Slammer to continue. Slammer raised his eyebrows asking a silent question, I shrugged my shoulders in response. Slammer resumed his assault on Jack. The guard spoke up, "I knew it, I always thought Jack liked cock, I just never had the chance to slip him any."

Slammer decided to go with a 'let's be buds approach', "His mouth is pretty good too, why don't you feed this faggot while I finish him off?"

The guard looked toward me but aimed his question at Slammer, "What about this guy?"

"He's cool, you might even be able to get his ass after your bust your nut in this guy's mouth."

The guard walked around the table as he was unzipping his uniform pants. He pulled out an average sized cock, maybe it looked smaller because he had a bit of a belly hanging over his belt. Overall, he really wasn't much to look at. If he had muscles under his uniform, they weren't obvious to me. I also thought that he must not be too bright either, he hadn't asked us why were in the financial branch and why Slammer was fucking Jack. Maybe that was why he was working on the lower levels of the station. It didn't seem to bother Jack though, he had his mouth open just waiting for the guard to feed him his cock. Slammer was thrusting at the same time that the guard thrusted. I was surprised that Jack didn't break in half but he seemed to be enjoying the attention that his mouth and ass were getting.

While Jack was moaning in ecstasy, I was starting to worry that we needed to get going. Babe was only able to turn the cameras off for 20 minutes, Slammer and I needed to get out before they came back on. I kept tipping my head toward the door when Slammer would look my way. He finally got was I was saying without words. "Hey Bud, why don't you use his ass for a while, we can switch places." The guard pulled his cock out quickly and was beside Slammer in under a second. Slammer pulled out put kept a hand on Jack's ass, so that the guard just had to aim and dive in.

As the guard started a rhythmic fucking, Slammer pulled his leather pants up but struggled because his dick was still hard. As he continued to struggle, we made our way to the front door of the branch. Jack was pleading to Slammer not to leave but the guard didn't say a word. As we went out on the public part of the level, we saw a couple men who looked like TerraCorp engineers getting close to the branch. They gave us strange looks before they pulled open the door. Since they hadn't called ahead, they were just about to see the guard with his cock up Jack's ass.

Slammer's erection was so noticeable he was getting looks from men and women as made our way to the people mover.

"Shit, shit, shit....."

"What's wrong?"

"When I saw that guy's flat, skinny ass, I took hit of something I carry with me when I want to stay hard for a long time. It was stupid, I should have known my dick wouldn't go down in such a short time, but I just couldn't get it up, so while he was sucking my cock I took a sniff." I wanted to laugh but I controlled myself. "I can't walk onto the landing pad and have those other fly guys see me like this, they'll think I can't get laid."

Slammer grabbed my arm and pulled me with him into a dimly lit alcove off the main walkway. With one hand he pushed me down on my knees and with the other he almost ripped the front of his leather pants trying to get his cock out. I knew what he needed me to do and I did it. Holding my hand just above his balls, I pulled his dick into my mouth. He wasn't looking for a blow job, he was looking to fuck my face. Just with the force of his pelvis pushing forward my head ended up against the wall. He drove his cock in as deep as it could go. He braced himself against the wall with his hands and used the leverage to keep driving his cock, over and over, deep into my throat. His movements had caused his leather pants to slide off his ass. I grabbed his hard, muscled ass and tried to pull him in even deeper.

Slammer started a mantra of "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...." He started getting louder and I was sure someone was going to hear us but he didn't seem to care. His ass felt unbelievable in my hands, with each thrust, his cheeks would contract. Slammer did one final thrust and I could feel his seed line the walls of my throat as he let out one final, "fuck, yeah!" He took his cock from my mouth and wiped the last few drops on my lips. His dick was still hard as steel. "God damn it."

"Hold on, I have an idea." I pulled my cropped shirt off. It wasn't like my miner's clothes, I could tear the material. Luckily my chest was bigger than Slammer's massive thigh. I took his rock hard cock in my hand and pushed it down until it was pressed against his thigh. As much as I wanted to take the rigid dick back into my mouth, I held off. I told Slammer to hold it there. I wrapped the material around his thigh and his cock. I tied it just enough to hold his cock against his thigh. "Pull your pants up."

The thickness of his cock made it difficult for Slammer to pull the leather over it. "Shit man, it hurts."

"Get over it, we need to get back to the Phoenix."

We made an odd sight on the way to the people mover. Me with no shirt and pants that would become transparent as soon as I stopped moving. Slammer, limping beside me with what looked like a tube down his inner thigh.

When we got to the landing pad level, Slammer did his best not to limp but he wasn't walking as fast as me. Whenever I stopped to let him catch up, my pants would turn transparent which brought actually more attention to us. I was surprised that Slammer was so upset about how he looked, I thought he would have taken pride in showing off the outline of his cock. He mumbled, "Fuck, these guys are going to think that I'm all horned up because of you. We may all fuck fags, but we don't walk around with them. Hold still, let me grab your ass when they see me, maybe they'll think I'm waiting to get back to the ship before I fuck you senseless with my club."

I don't know if his plan worked because we both had guys following us. Slammer, because they wanted what was hiding behind the leather and me, because they wanted what they saw every time I stopped. When we got to the ramp of the Phoenix, Slammer turned around and grabbed the outline of his cock. "Maybe next time bitches", then he pushed me up the ramp, I'm sure sending a signal to both groups of men.

Captain Bishop and the rest of the crew were standing at the top of the ramp laughing. "You got out of the branch just before the camera came back on, but quite a few other cameras caught you on your way back, including that little alcove. We haven't stopped laughing since we saw Mikey tie your dick down and then watching you limp back here. I'm sure we can get Babe to play it back for you."

"Fuck you Cap."

"Good job both of you. Diego has confirmed that the charges against my credit stick have been removed and has sent the e-message to the TerraCorp Chairman and of their employees. I love it when I stick it to that asshole."

We all went to the mess, ordered food and ate when the bot dropped everything off. Captain Bishop knocked his hand on the table to get everyone's attention, "Okay, we've got to keep moving. Mikey get out of those pants." Was Captain Bishop going to fuck me finally? "Get into your suit and meet me on the ramp." Damn!

I went to my cabin and took off the pants that changed from color to transparent. I laid them out carefully, they were a keeper. I put on the white shirt, the two salesmen had done an excellent job, or their scanner had, because it fit perfectly. Unfortunately, the shirt was made in such a way that front sealed itself when you put it on and sealed all the way to my neck. I put the pants on next, of course without underwear, and they fit perfectly as well. They rode just above my hips and when I pulled the waist together, they self-sealed as well. To open them, I only had to pull the waist away from my skin and the fly opened. Next were the socks and shoes. The socks had to be the softest material I had ever felt. The fancy shoes were so light and comfortable, it was like I didn't have anything on my feet. They were so different from the shoes and boots that I had been wearing for the last two years. Like the shirt and the pants, the suit jacket fit perfectly. Unlike the shirt and pants, it didn't close, so I assumed it was supposed to be worn open. The bottom of the jacket hit the top of the pants exacly. I stood in front of the mirror and checked myself out. The jacket tapered just like my body. The way the pants were made, the shape of my ass looked perfect.

Now that I was dressed, I went to the ramp to meet Captain Bishop. He and Turk were waiting for me. "Hmmmm, I wouldn't necessarily call that a conservative suit, but at least you're not showing any skin."

"Gee Cap, I think he looks pretty good in it. So good, I'd like to get him out of it." Captain Bishop rolled his eyes.

"Let's go over this again, you're going to go down to level 29. The two laborers I hired are from the lower decks and will not only get the cooling equipment but they'll keep their mouths shut. It was credits well spent. Once you and the laborers have connected, Babe sent them a face pic, you go directly to the TerraCorp supply room. No stopping along the way, that means you don't stop to give anyone a BJ or get out of your suit to get fucked, no matter how tempted you are or how hard they hit on you. You tell them that you're Rhett Sinclair's personal assistant and that you've come to pick up his equipment order. The TerraCorp lackey will say he doesn't have an order for Rhett Sinclair and that's when you start pouring it on thick, does he know who Rhett Sinclair is; how Sinclair is the son on one of TerraCorp's Board of Directors; you don't want to lose your job; even offer him a bribe, I'll give you the untraceable credit sticks; shit, if you need to, tell him you'll come back and blow him; just get the equipment. Turk will be nearby if things go sideways.

I took the credit stick from Captain Bishop and rode the people mover down to level 29. When I stepped off, I saw two laborers with robo dollies. They nodded at me, I assumed because they recognized my face. I nodded back and headed toward the TerraCorp storage area. I had expected a person to be at the entrance but the large door was open and no one was standing there. Not quite sure what I do, I walked through the doorway but actually I didn't, it felt like I walked into a wall. Holding my nose I stepped back and saw a shimmer where I had hit whatever it was. The laborers were laughing hysterically. I looked around to see if I could see Turk because I had no idea what to do, but I couldn't find him. The entrance shimmered again and a large face appeared. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, can you let me in so I can talk to you?"

"Only TerraCorp personnel are allowed access. If you had TerraCorp authorization the field would have let you pass."

I assumed that the man behind the face could see me, but I didn't know for sure. "I'm Rhett Sinclair's assistant and he sent me to pick up some cooling equipment that he had ordered."

"I have no record of an order for anyone named Sinclair. Perhaps it's in your name."

I knew it wasn't but I needed to say something, "My name is Michael Cartwright." Stupid, stupid, stupid. I had used my own name, I was so rattled.

"Nothing for Cartwright either."

"Do you know who Rhett Sinclair is?"

"No, and I really don't care."

"Well, he's important and he's going to be pissed if I don't come back with the equipment. I'll probably end up losing my job."

"That's not my problem."

I looked around again for Turk but still didn't see him. There was no way I could tell the giant face that I would give him a blow job if he let me in. It might just be an AI like Babe but with a face.

"Hold on." The face disappeared. Still no Turk. It was several minutes before the face reappeared. "Please show me your ID."

The only ID I ever had was from Greenwood and it had gotten spaced with my other stuff. I made a show of looking through my pockets, after I figured out how to open the seals. "I must have left it back on the ship."

"Maybe the order is under the ship's name."

I know Jock had told me the name of the ship, I thought for a minute, "The Archer, the name of the ship is the Archer."

Someone touched my shoulder, thinking it was Turk ready to help I turned, it wasn't Turk. The man who touched me was handsome. He was a little taller than me, maybe 1.8 meters and maybe 8 more kilograms. His coloring wasn't much different than mine, dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes. He was only a few years older than me. He could have been my older brother. It looked like he had just been working out. He had a shirt with no sleeves that was stretched taut across his shoulders and chest. It was so tight, I could even make out his abs. The shirt was tucked into a pair of loose shorts. Even though they were loose, the size of his cock was obvious and it was just barely covered by his shorts. He leaned toward me until his mouth was next to my ear, "So Michael Cartwright, I understand that you're my assistant. How did I not know that I had such a cute assistant?" The way he said it was sarcastic and a touch mean. "I also didn't know that I had ordered cooling equipment for the Archer." Shit, it was Rhett Sinclair. "I must say, I am a bit intrigued."

The face on the screen spoke, "Facial recognition has confirmed that you are Rhett Sinclair. Did you place an order for cooling equipment?"

Still next to my ear, Rhett whispered, "I'll go along with whatever you've got going on. I don't give a shit, it's just credits. But then, you're going along with whatever I say." Rhett pulled back from my ear, "Yes, I did."

"I don't have a record of an order."

"Then you fucked up. Get the equipment out here right now."

"I see from my records that you are James Sinclair's son, is that correct."

"Yes you dipshit, you're on very thin ice right now." I had no clue what that meant.

"We do have the equipment in stock. Should I bill it to the Archer?"

"No, bill my father." He leaned in toward my ear, "I assume these two lowlifes with you know what to do once the equipment is brought up." I nodded yes. Rhett turned to the face again, "Make sure these two, ugh, gentlemen get the equipment, they will take it from here."

"Yes, sir."

I looked at the two guys to see if they understood what to do, luckily they had heard the conversation and nodded. I nodded back.

Putting an arm over my shoulder, "Excuse us gentlemen, I need to have a word with my assistant back on the Archer." He guided me toward the people mover. Finally Turk appeared and approached me and Rhett. As he got closer, a man in a TerraCorp guard's uniform stepped in front of Turk putting up a hand stopping him from coming closer. "My assistant and I are busy right now, I'll make sure he gets back to the Obama later today." What? My eyes were wide when I looked into Turk's face.

Rhett and I stepped on the people mover and went up to the next level, where we walked across the landing pad toward a sleek ship. It wasn't as large as the Phoenix but it was bigger than all of the other private ships. Even though there was a ramp that was open in the back, we went up a flight of stairs and entered the ship from the side, near the front of the ship.

A man in a uniform that was different than any I had seen met us at the door, "Welcome back Sir."

"Dirk, I want to go on a little fly around, take us out and head to Bagnio." [Author's note - look it up]

"Yes Sir. I get cleared for departure, I'll let you know when we are ready." Rhett didn't even respond.

Rhett led me into the first area of the ship, I had never seen anything like it on Earth, Greenwood or on the Obama Station. There were white leather chairs and couches, paintings affixed to the walls that kept changing, and plush carpet. Rhett swiped his hand against a part of the wall and a panel rose revealing glasses and bottles of different colored liquids. "Funny, I should know what my assistant likes to drink, don't you think?"

"Nothing, thanks." Rhett didn't make himself a drink, instead he opened a small container, put his finger it and then brought it to his nose and breathed in. He repeated the action but with his other nostril.

"Well, all of my assistants drink something that I have to offer. Get out of that suit and get into that chair." He pointed to a large leather chair that had a very high back. I took my suit off while he walked around me. He dragged his hand across my ass when my pants were down. "I had this chair made specifically for the Archer." When I was naked, I got into the chair. It was both long and wide. Rhett strapped me into the chair and then I watched as he removed his tight shirt and his loose shorts. My impression of his cock was correct, it was long and thick with a large head.

Over the intercom, "Sir, we are leaving the Obama. We will engage the FTL when we've cleared Obama controlled space."

Rhett straddled my waist and put his knees in two indents on either side of me. He took another belt that went around his back and over his shoulder. He pressed something on the side of the chair and the places where his knees were slowly started to rise, as did the back of the chair behind me. I looked up and saw that there was are small indented area there as well. Once Rhett had gotten the chair situated, his cock was right in front of my mouth and was already hardening. Rhett tipped his head back and started to breath quickly.

I opened my lips and his dick head passed them and then just rested on my tongue, I could feel his rapid heartbeat through his cock, he had to have taken some kind of drug. I felt thrusters raising the Archer from the landing pad followed by forward movement. "Shit, your tongue feels so good", it was said in an almost dreamlike voice. I began using my tongue to explore the head of Rhett's cock and felt like it hardened even more. "That's good", I didn't know if he was talking about me or the drug. His dick seem to get even bigger in my mouth as he slide in more. The skin on the stalk of his cock felt different than any I had experienced before, it felt like it was being stretched. He began moving his hips so that his cock was sliding back and forth across my tongue and lips and it continued to seem to grow. Rhett slurred, "You have a nice mouth, Michael Cartwright." I was having difficulty breathing he had gotten so large. It felt and tasted like he was already leaking precum.

The ship must have finished its maneuvers to exit the Obama because I could feel the speed of the ship pick up at the same time that the speed of Rhett's thrusts also increased.

"Sir, we've cleared Obama controlled space. Course has been set for Bagnio. Engaging the FTL in 10, 9, 8......"

"You're going to love this Michael Cartwright." Rhett tightened the straps holding him in and leaned his head into the back of the seat.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, engaged"

The ship shot forward and I was pressed back against the chair while Rhett was pressed into me. While I struggled to breath, Rhett filled my throat with a torrent of cum while he screamed "Fuck!"

It was only seconds before we dropped out of FTL, it must have been a short trip to Bagnio. Rhett released the restraints holding him and he pulled his now limp dick from my mouth. Looking at it, I couldn't believe that it was the large thing that had just been in my mouth and throat. Altogether, he couldn't have been in my mouth more than 30 second. He got up from the chair, "God, that is always a rush." Rhett started walking toward the back of the ship. "We'll be landing in a few minutes. Come back this way and go into the first door on your right, you'll find something more appropriate to wear on Bagnio. I'll be back shortly, you better be ready when I do."

He disappeared and I went to the door he indicated. The room was maybe four times as large as the quarters back on Phoenix. There were a variety of straps on the walls as well as other items that I assumed were for sex. In the center of the room was a platform that was covered in some sort of sturdy and easy to clean material. Hanging from the walls were also an assortment of very small shorts. When I looked closer, they were nothing more than some material to cover a dick and balls. The back was completely open, not even a string that went between ass cheeks. I picked a pair of colorful ones and pulled them on and went back out into the larger area of the ship.

Rhett came back out. He was in pair of tight pants and the area covering his crotch was held on by some snaps and bulged forward. His shirt was also black. It didn't have sleeves and the front looked like it had been ripped open. Around each bicep he had a band of black leather with studs similar to those on his pants.

By the time he had come out, the pilot had opened the door and the stairs had reappeared. Rhett led the way down the stairs as the pilot wished us a good time and also said that the floater was ready. Unlike the Obama, we were in the open air. It smelled of ozone and fuel but on the edges I saw buildings.

At the bottom of the stairs was a circle that was hovering just above the ground. Rhett stepped on it and I followed. An image of a joy stick appeared in front of Rhett. It looked something like what I used to use with vid games back on Earth. He grabbed the image and floater began to move forward. Rhett steered us through a maze of other private ships. I only saw a few ships that weren't and I assumed they were some sort of cargo ships because floaters and robo dollies with boxes were leaving the ships headed somewhere.

When we entered the area with buildings we were assaulted with flashing colored lights and music. We passed what looked like casinos and places to eat. There were people walking and on floaters. After a short distance we started passing buildings with windows. Behind the windows were men and women, sometimes alone, sometimes in different pairs of opposite genders and same genders. There were even some windows where 3 or more people were engaged in various sexual acts. There also seemed to be stores that showed vids of all types with images floating above the doors of what could be seen inside.

Rhett moved his hand and we turned into the entrance of a building. The open area that we floated into was massive. There were people everywhere drinking and talking. We floated up to a large counter where very attractive men and women were working. One of the men said, "Ah, Mr. Sinclair, glad to see you again. We've arranged for your usual suite. Please go make your choices and the suite will be ready when you arrive. I hope you and your guest have an enjoyable time."

Next we floated into another large area filled with half and sometime fully naked men and women. They appeared to be in clusters. Rhett must have understood the set-up because he immediately floated us to an area of men. They were of all different ages, sizes and colors. The one thing they all had in common was that they all were wearing clothing similar to what I had on, briefs with no backs. We floated among the men and it seemed like they were all trying to get Rhett's attention. Rhett stopped in front of someone that was very similar in size and age as me. His skin was olive colored and he had black hair. His eyes were almost as black as his hair. He was smooth all over, not a speck of hair anywhere but on his head. "How much", Rhett asked. The man raised his hand and number appeared on the palm of his hand. "Not bad, step on." The man stepped up onto the floater, he smiled at Rhett but didn't even acknowledge me.

We floated over to another area of men. Again, all different sizes, colors and ages. In this group, the one thing they all had in common was that their cocks were out and they were as different as the men themselves. We floated by several men that were all tall and muscular but Rhett kept looking. He stopped in front of a man that not only was tall and muscular but also was displaying a large cock, even in its resting state. "What do you think Mr. Cartwright, is this the guy that I can watch fuck you while he gets you ready for me?" He didn't wait for an answer. "How much?" Just like the other man, this man held up his hand and a much larger number appeared on his palm. "Are you worth that much?"

"Yes, if you're not completely satisfied, I won't charge you, but that hasn't ever happened."

"Join us." The man stepped up on the floater. I wanted to drop down on my knees right there.

"You know Mr. Cartwright, I think I may just need to get another one to watch." We stopped at another man that was not much taller than me but was broad and muscular. Like Rhett he had two arm bands of leather. His dick looked out of proportion with his height. "How much?" The man put out his hand and a number appeared. "Hop on."

We floated to a large people mover and started up.


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