As I glanced up to the sky of the dusty planet and watched the space pilots' ship streak away, I felt the cum drying under the shirt I had recently traded and paid for. I had wiped the cum from my face and got as much out of my hair was possible and had wiped my hands on the front of the shirt and then had donned the new jacket, zipped it up, and headed back to my apartment.

Once the door had closed behind me, I stripped off my clothes and went to use my one minute of water to shower, wash my hair and clean the shirt as much as possible. When the water stopped, I hung up the shirt and dried off. It had been a while since I had washed my towels, so I was going to have to gather water ever hour until I had enough to fill the washer/dryer unit that was built into the wall of my apartment.

Without any clothes, I wandered around my apartment making a list of all the things I wanted or needed, like a new vid screen and net interface. I clicked the small button on my credit stick and saw that I may just have enough to buy a used system that would be good enough for me to do some research and maybe even enough left over to be able to buy some entertainment content. Nothing was free when it came to TerraCorp.

I also started formulating a plan for how I could get off the planet and get back to Earth. I would need to figure out a way to get other space cowboys that were stopping through to do what the crew of the ship had done, buy some time with my ass and mouth. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too long until I had earned enough credits to pay for my passage.

I took some time to do a workout using my own body mass. Naked, I did a series of exercises for each muscle group plus some extra squats. Based on what the men on the ship had said, how my ass looked was important so I had to continue to work on my glutes as often as possible.

It was late and I needed to eat and get some sleep. I made a dinner out of some of the supplies I had bought earlier and then laid down on my bed. I set my wrist comm to wake me every hour so that I could get water to use for washing my towels. Because of gathering the water, I didn't get a great night's sleep but it least I'd have some clean towels. When I woke for the last time, my body was covered in sweat, the air handler wasn't working properly again. Dust started sticking to my skin, so I took another minute shower, got ready as fast as I could, and put on the one of my new outfits, another pair of tight pants and one of the shirts that didn't even make it to my waist. I started the washer/dryer, put on my new jacket, wrapped my head in the scarf and headed out the door to find a used vid and net interface system.

I decided to treat myself to some coffee and something to eat. I stopped into one of the small cafés in Greenwood. After ordering a coffee and a pastry at the counter, I found a table. I removed my jacket and scarf, placing both on the back of my chair. There were several space cowboys in the café who I had seen yesterday at the landing area. Some of them must have recognized me and knew what I had done because they pointed and talked among themselves. I savored the hot coffee and pastry because they were both rare occurrences in my life. As I left the café, one of the space cowboys slapped my ass, I turned and smiled at the guy trying to let him know that I liked it and that I was available but he didn't do anything else.

I went to the small shop where I had sold my Mother's and my vid system. A man who was supposed to be the logistics manager for the mine was behind the counter. I asked if he had a vid system for sale. When I asked how many credits he wanted for it, he laughed saying I wouldn't have enough. I handed my credit stick which he tapped on a small vid screen. He looked up at me with surprised look. "I guess I was wrong. Let me get if for you." He went into the back and came back with a vid screen, it wasn't as big as my old one or my neighbor's but it would do. He placed it on the counter and went into the back again and then came out with the interface.

"Who much for the net service?"

"You don't have enough credits to pay for more than a couple of months."

"That's fine." I was planning to be long gone before the service ran out.

"It pretty much wipes you out."

"I'm ok with that." He tapped my credit stick to his small vid screen and then swiped his hand bringing up a virtual keyboard. He moved his fingers quickly. He told me I should have service in a day or two.

"You're going to need help carrying this back to your place. Hold on a second." He went into the back and returned with a young man who I recognized. He was one of the kids that had made the trip with their parents. He must have been about the same age as I had been when we were put in stasis because he looked to be about my present age. He looked like he exercised like I did because he appeared trim and muscular. Based on what he was wearing it was apparent that he wasn't supposed to be one of the miners. He wore clothes that I remembered from before the trip. He was wearing a one piece that zipped up the front. Just like what happened with me, his family hadn't planned well and the one piece was too small for his frame. It was apparent that he had cut off the sleeves, probably because they didn't fit over his biceps. The zipper was open to below his pecs because it looked like he couldn't' pull it up any farther. The material that covered his thighs looked like it was stretched to the max. It was also so tight that his bulge was very prominent. "You know my son, Joe Jr., we just call him Junior. He's all I've got left anymore. The plan was supposed to be that once we got here, he was going to find some girl and then we would have a Joe the third. Instead his mother and sister died and there aren't any girls his age. You must have the same problem. In a couple of decades it will be like Greenwood never existed."

Junior went over to the door and put on a long coat that looked like it had been sewn together from a bunch of different garments. It also had a hood that he could pull over his head and piece of material that he could pull over his mouth and nose. He picked up the vid screen, which was the heavier of the two components, and I grabbed the interface. We didn't talk the whole way to my apartment which, with the dust and wind, would be difficult to do.

Holding the interface using one arm and my knee, I opened the door to my apartment and we both stepped in. I placed the interface on the table and he put the vid monitor on a small set of shelves that was built into the wall. Junior pulled his hood back and released the material around his face. It must work very well because he didn't have any dust covering his dark hair. I removed the scarf that I had rewrapped my head with and I took off my jacket and hung both up on one of the hooks by my door. Junior sort of gapped at what I was wearing but then caught himself.

"Wow, do you have this whole place to yourself? I'm sharing a place a little bigger than this with my father but it is still just one big room. I never have any privacy, my Dad is always around." I nodded and suggested that Junior take of his coat, which he did. "Do you need any help setting this system up?" I didn't but I told him yes, I liked being near him and having someone to talk to.

As we started setting things up, I asked, "How old were you when we left Earth."

"Fifteen, it sucked. I was in high school and had just become one of the youngest players on our football team. Dad and Mom didn't tell me or my sister that we were coming here until a week before we left. All I did that last week was have a bunch of medical tests along with that test we all took about what kind of job we would be good for. I didn't even have the chance to say goodbye to my friends." I agreed with him that really was shitty.

Junior was a talker and while we finished setting things up he told me about his high school, his friends and this cheerleader he was trying to get to home base with but that leaving screwed that all up. He returned to the topic of me having an apartment all to myself. "I'm hardly ever not with my Father. We are either at the shop or at our apartment. Even when I go out to get just talk to other people, he always comes with me, it's making me fucking nuts. I wish I had my own place, but my Dad's shop doesn't really make any credits and he saves all his hardship compensation credits so that we can go home one day. We end up using just my credits for rent. Before we came here, I had my own bedroom and bathroom. You're so damn lucky, you can beat off whenever you want to. Just like your apartment, ours doesn't have a door on the bathroom, so I can't even go in there. Before we left, I beat off a couple times a day, now I sometimes go weeks. I sneak into the bathroom in the shop if my Dad is busy with a customer but that doesn't happen very much. I can't even save enough credits to visit one of the sky hookers when they are here but my Dad probably wouldn't let me out of his sight long enough for me to do that. I'm actually surprised he let me help you. Maybe he thinks I need to have a friend." Junior finally took a breathe.

"You know, if you ever need a place to beat off, you can always come here, I wouldn't mind and your Dad will just think we've become friends."

"Yeah, right, like I'm gonna beat off in front of another guy."

"You never did that with your friends?"

"Hell no, I didn't hang out with fags. Only one who was ever going to see my dick was a girl."

I could see that Junior's one piece suit was getting tighter around his crotch. I decided to try out my new skills. I stepped closer and put my hand over the bulge. He pushed my hand away and stepped back. I stepped closer again and put my hand on his bulge again and started to rub it. He pushed my hand away again. "What the fuck?" I knew since he was a lot bigger than me that he could punch me or something but I didn't think he would. I put my hand on his bulge again and this time he didn't pull away. I grabbed the zipper of his one piece and lowered it until it was open all the way down. Junior just stared into my eyes as I stuck my hand in and pulled his hardening cock from his pants. Still holding onto his dick, I used my free hand to pull the upper part of his one piece off of his broad shoulders. He shrugged his arms so that he freed them from the arm holes.

I got down on my knees in front of Junior and took the head of his cock into my mouth. His dick was as big as one of the guys I had seen in the vid the day before. His head was so big that I had to open my mouth so wide my jaws hurt, but I wasn't going to stop. I started bobbing my head and with each movement down I got a little more of Junior's meat into my mouth.

Junior was just staring down at me not moving and not saying anything. I got up from my knees, stood and bent at the waist so that I could get more of Junior in my mouth. His head was so big I didn't know if I could get any more of him in my throat but I kept pushing farther onto his dick. I started to gag and Junior tried to pull out but I shook my head and worked though the gagging sensation. Finally, the head of his cock was in my throat and I figured out how to breathe through my nose. While I had to hold onto the base of his cock to keep my balance, I used my other hand to explore his pecs and upper arms. They felt like rock. Whether it was my attention to his dick or the way my hand felt, but Junior started to flex his muscles as my hand passed over them.

"I never felt nothing like this before." When I really concentrated I was able to take more and more of his cock. "I'm getting close." Junior tried to pull me off his cock but I struggled against him to stay on. He was so much stronger than me that he should have been able to but he stopped short. I slide my mouth back up his cock so that just the fat head was in my mouth. Weeks, maybe months, of built up cum flooded my mouth. I wondered if this is what it felt like when you were drowning. I gulped as fast as I could put streams of cum were leaving my mouth. I put my hand below my mouth and caught the excess cum from getting on Junior's one piece. Just what ended up in my hand was more than I usually shot when I beat off. "I can't take anymore", Junior pulled his cock from my mouth, as he did I flicked my tongue to catch the last of his spunk causing him to jump. I raised my cum filled hand to my face and slurped and licked it clean.

Junior tried to calm his breathing but was having difficulty. "How did you learn how to do that? You were more of kid than I was when we left Earth."

"My neighbor showed me a vid of two guys having sex. I gave it a try and I liked it."

"You liked drinking my jizz?"

"Yeah. Do you want to try something else?"

"What?" Junior fucked me twice before he left my apartment. He asked when he could come back. I told him I'd let him know.

The washer/dryer had finished cleaning my towels. I took a quick shower, got dressed and headed back to the spot where the shuttles and independent ships landed. When I got there, I walked around like I had done the previous day seeing if I could find anyone who was interested in my services but the area was pretty empty except for a few men who were working on some of the ships. I went into the bathroom and waited but no men came in. When I was pretty sure no one was going to come use me, I went back out on the landing field. I went up to one of the men who was working on a ship, "Hey, where is everyone?"

"Have you been under a rock or something? Some sky hookers got here a little while ago and everyone went over to Big Joe's to get a place in line."

I went to Big Joe's to see what was going on. When I walked in I was surprised to see so many men. The whole time I had been on the planet, I had never seen so many people in one place. The way they were acting I assumed that they much have all had a lot to drink. They were speaking loud and laughing, something you didn't see very often in Greenwood.

I took off my jacket and scarf and stood in my new outfit and waited for someone to notice me, but the men just kept talking among themselves and kept looking up toward the balcony that ringed the room. Every once in a while a woman and a man would leave one of the rooms that were on the balcony level. The men would cheer as the man came down the stairs. The woman on the balcony would call out a number and a man would head for the stairs as the other men slapped him on the back and told him to "fuck the hell out of her!"

An older woman was working the crowd, talking to the men and laughing. They treated her with respect as she moved around the room. She finally ended up next to me holding two glasses. She handed me one, "Sweetie, have we cut in to your business?"


"Well, looking at you, I'd say that you get some of these guys to pay you to get their rocks of, right?"

She seemed like a nice lady, "Only the last couple of days."

"Just getting started, huh? It's a tough business, you sure you're up to it?"

"I think I'd do it even if they didn't pay me."

"Well, that could be good or bad."

"What do you mean?"

"Until you find that one guy you want to travel the universe with, don't be given what you have away."

"I don't really know what I'm doing."

She grabbed my arm and took me to a table. She made the guys who were sitting there to go away and we sat down. She knocked back her drink and held up her glass and Big Joe was there in seconds with another. "You mean you don't know how to take care of a man?"

"No, from what I've been told, I seem to know what I'm doing. I mean, how to I get guys to look at me and want to pay me?"

"Well, first, when you're on a rock like this planet, you don't even try when me and my girls are here. They'll only be interested in that cute ass of yours when we haven't been around for a while. TerraCorp wanted to make sure that this planet got populated quickly so they only cleared straight men to be colonists."

"Straight men?"

"Men who were primarily attracted to women. But when a woman isn't around, a straight man will use any hot hole that they can find. The kind of holes you've got to offer. I'm guessing, based on how old you look, that you were a kid when the trip started. They probably wanted your Mom or Dad so bad that they didn't care that your genes indicated that you would be attracted to men. Unfortunately you ended up in this shithole, but you can use that to your advantage."

Over the next hour, the woman told me that when she and her girls were on planet, that I should just take advantage of the time to relax. She did tell me, however, that when they weren't around I needed to make sure that I made sure that men knew that I wanted to service them. She told me that men, like the men on this planet, wanted to be the hunter and that I needed to be sure to let them know that I was the prey. She pointed to some of her girls on the balcony when they left their rooms and pointed out how little they were wearing and how they made sure that they showed off their best assets, whether that be their boobs, asses, or legs. She also told me how much she thought I should be paid for what I did for a man. I asked her if there was more than just sucking dicks and getting fucked. She told me that while that was basically it, that there were a variety of ways to do both and recommended that I do some research. As she got up from the table, she grabbed my drink, which I hadn't touched, and knocked it back. In parting she told me that she and her girls would be leaving in the morning before they inhaled too much dust and told me that if I showed up tomorrow night that there would be a lot of guys that her girls wouldn't have had to the time to take care of. She patted my face and walked away.

I went back to my apartment and thought about what the woman had told me. The next morning I got up and got dressed in some of my new clothes and jacket. I grabbed my last miner's outfit and headed to the landing area. I approached one of the men that was doing repairs on one of the TerraCorp shuttles.

"Excuse me, I was wondering if you could do some work for me?"

The man gave me the once over, "What kid, you got a ship that needs some work done?" I knew he was being sarcastic.

"No, I need some work done on these." I held up the miner's pants and shirt.

"What are you talking about?"

"I need both of them cut. I know that the only way to cut this material is with one of the torches like you have."

He gave me a strange look, "I guess, but it'll cost you."

"I don't have any credits right now."

"Then fuck off kid."

I grabbed his crotch, "I know that you had to work last night and that you didn't have the chance to go to Big Joe's." With my other hand I grabbed his upper arm, "Follow me." I led him to the bathroom where I proceeded to give him a blow job and let him fuck me against the wall. When we were done, he cut both my shirt and my pants with his torch. I took them back with me to my apartment.

I was glad to find out that my net interface service was working when I got back to my apartment. For the next 6 hours I watched every vid about sex between men. I learned about the many positions and toys that men could use.

I ate some dinner and then showered and used some of the water I had saved during the day to clean up. I put on my modified shirt and pants and then pulled on one of my new pair of pants, my jacket and my Mom's scarf and headed out the door of my apartment.

When I got to Big Joe's, I found that it wasn't as crowded as it had been the night before. I took off my jacket, scarf and extra pair of pants and laid them on the table. First one man and then several more looked my way. The miner's shirt was cut just below my pecs. The material still stretched across my pecs but my abs were uncovered. My pants were cut so short that the lower portion of my ass cheeks were visible.

I walked up to the bar and the man standing next to me offered to buy me a drink. I winked at Big Joe just like the woman from the previous night had told me. He brought me a glass of amber liquid which was just colored water but charged the man for a regular drink. The man on the other side of me ordered me another drink and before it even arrived, I felt his hand on my ass. Soon I had more drinks in front of me that I could ever drink and Big Joe had a smile on his face.

I leaned toward the man who had bought me the first drink and asked if he wanted to go upstairs with me. Big Joe must have heard me because he showed up with a room key. When he did, Big Joe whispered, "Remember, 10%." I nodded and then led the man up the stairs. The other men in the bar watched as we entered the room. I asked him exactly what he wanted, when he told me, I informed him of the price. He clicked some buttons on his credit stick and then touched it to mine. I put my credit stick away, dropped down to my knees, undid the zipper of his pants and brought his 'stick' to my mouth. His was the first of many loads I took that night both in my mouth and up my ass. There were some men, that while I was sucking their dicks, I stuck my finger up their asses making them squirm and moan while they filled my mouth. There were other men that I let fuck me while I was on my knees, others on my back, and still others on my stomach, but I made sure they all had a good time. Whether the cock was big or small, thick or thin, black or white, I made sure to make them feel that their cock was the best that had ever entered me.

When, what could jokingly be called sunrise, illuminated the window to the room I had been using, I finally left, even though there were still men waiting. As I left Big Joe's, I pulled out my credit stick and touched some buttons and held it out to Big Joe, he touched his with mine. I pulled on my pants, jacket and scarf and headed back to my apartment.

I don't know if I was cum drunk or just tired but I didn't hear anyone behind me. When I turned down the alley way to my apartment, a hand covered my mouth. Someone whispered in my ear, "I waited all fucking night and then you just leave? I don't think so." My scarf was ripped from my head and I felt a hand unzip my jacket and pull it from my body. "Don't make a sound or I'm going to have to hurt you." The man pulled his hand from my mouth and started to push my pants down.

"What do you want?" I whispered.

"I want the same thing my friends got, I want a piece of your ass, what do you think?"

"Okay, let's just go into my apartment." He kept a tight grip on my shoulder as we moved toward my apartment, I opened the door and we went inside. The woman had told me that stuff like this happened sometimes and that I had to be prepared.

When he kicked the door to my apartment closed, I turned to face the man ready to kick him in the balls and push him out the door, but ended up just staring at the man who stood in front of me. I had never seen him before, so I knew he was a space cowboy, but he looked just like the older brother of a friend of mine from back on Earth. Back then I didn't know that I was attracted to him but now I did. He had perfect features except for a slightly crooked nose that he probably got in a fight. His eyes were steel blue and I could see that his hair was jet black under the hat he was wearing. He was taller, wider, and heavier than me. He must have been a pilot because he was wearing a flight suit. I never saw my friend's brother without clothes but I imagined this is how he would look when the pilot opened the front of the suit and shrugged it off. He had a light dusting of black hair on his chest that matched the whiskers on his face that hadn't seen a razor in a couple of days.

He stepped closer to me making me step back until I fell backwards onto my bed. He immediately crawled on top of me. As he got to the point that he was straddling my chest, he had freed his cock from his flight suit and was waving it above my mouth. "You're going to take care of this NOW." He rubbed his dick against my lips and I couldn't control myself, I stuck out my tongue to get a taste. "That's a good little bitch." Using his fingers he aimed his cock toward my mouth and pushed it against my lips, "Open up." I opened my mouth and he rammed his cock into my mouth. He leaned forward and put his hands behind my head so that his upper body was just inches from my head as he began driving his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. It was my sense that his whole being was in his dick. He didn't care if I could take it, he was going to get off no matter what. I started to wonder if my friend's brother would have done the same. The back of my throat, which was already raw, was being pummeled again and again. The man stiffened up, he grabbed my hair and pulled me as far as possible onto his cock as possible, "Swallow bitch, and swallow all of it." I had lost track of the number of loads I had swallowed that night but I was going to remember this one. Multiple strings of cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed as fast as I could. The man pulled out of my mouth, leaned back and used his hands to close my mouth, "I said all of it."

When I had finished swallowing his load, the man leaned back on his heels still towering over me.
"We're not done yet." I don't know how, but he used his strong arms and flipped me over on my stomach. He slid farther back and pulled both my pants and my custom cut minor's pants down to my ankles. "Get up on your knees but keep your head down." When I had done what he had said, I felt his cum slick cock rub along the crack of my ass. "Gonna fuck you like shoulda happened back at Big Joe's." I felt the head of his cock press against my hole. It was good that my ass had gotten loosened up earlier because he slammed his dick as deep as he could with one movement. While I have to admit that I hadn't had much experience, this was the roughest fuck I had ever had.

As he plowed my ass, he kept saying things like "fuck yeah", "you won't forget me", "take it" between growls. His sweat was pooling on my back as he continued to drive as deep as he could. After what seemed like an eternity and only a few minutes at the same time, he grabbed ahold of my hips and pulled me on to his cock as far as I could take it. I screamed in ecstasy as he filled my ass with his seed. I collapsed on my bed and he collapsed on top of me as we both tried to bring our breathing back to normal. His kept moving his still hard dick back and forth in my ass until he finally pulled it out and wiped it on my ass.

When he stood up and got back into his flight suit, he slapped my ass and said, "Next time I talk to my little brother I'll be sure to say hi for you. Who would have thought you're little 12 year old ass would turn into this." Another slap. "Next time I'm on this rock, don't ignore me." He left my apartment and I just laid on my bed thinking what a small universe it was.

It wasn't going to be long before I could leave Greenwood for good.


Be Well,


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