Captain Bishop still had his hand gripped tightly on my arm as we stepped off the people mover. The level wasn't as bright and colorful as the level where the clothes store had been but neither was it as dark and foreboding as the level we had just left. He took me into what looked like the bar on Greenwood but much nicer. An attractive server with big boobs came up to the table. With a flip of her hair, she said, "Well hello Ty, it's been quite a while, I thought you'd forgotten me."

"How could I ever forget you Dawn, but you're right, it has been a couple of months since our last visit to Obama."

Dawn raked her eyes over my body and the small, sheer underwear I had on. "You into boys now too? Well, at least you picked a pretty one, I don't feel so bad."

"Dawn, that's really none of your concern, you and I just hook-up when I'm here, we have nothing beyond that. Could you please bring us a couple of the station's beers?" Wow, he didn't say that he wasn't into boys.

"What did you mean by station beer?"

"Obama station imports some hops and barley from a nearby independent terraformed planet and brew their own beer. It's not bad but not as good as you can get on some of the colonies." I remember getting beer for my Dad out of the refrigerator in our kitchen back on Earth. I had never tasted it, even though I was tempted.

Dawn brought two chilled glass mugs and set them down in front of us. When she had, she put her hand on the Captain's shoulder. "Later?"

"Maybe, I'll let you know." Dawn walked away again and she didn't seem too happy the way she glared at me when she left.

I took a taste of the beer, I had never had anything like it before. I decided that I liked it. "How do they get the water to make it?"

"All liquids are recycled and purified. Condensation from the hydroponic gardens on the upper levels is even captured. The station still needs extra water. A water tanker comes about once a month. Most of the time it's a TerraCorp tanker. I've been tempted to sabotage it but that would only hurt the people here more than it would TerraCorp, it would be just a drop in the bucket for them." I could hear the anger in the Captain's voice. I finished my beer and asked for another. The Captain waved at Dawn and she brought us two more beers.

"Why didn't you wait for me at the store?"

"I waited a while but when you didn't come back I tried to find my way back to the landing bay."

"Don't ever go below level 27, got it?"


"How did you pay for the clothes and where are they?"

"The two men who helped me thought they recognized you. They pulled up some video from their cameras and confirmed it was you. They both seemed really excited."

"Fucking queens, I'm sure they were." I wondered what he meant.

"They said they would charge them to you and deliver them to the Phoenix."

"God damn it, I was going to use my non-traceable credit stick. The store probably uses one of the financial systems that TerraCorp operates and now they'll know that we are here. While this station is independent there are always informants, I've learned who they are and pay them off to keep it quiet when we are here but there's nothing I can do about that financial transaction."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, my fault for not telling you. I'm going to have to rethink how we can get the parts we need. Your role might become more important."

The two beers I had drank caused me to have to take a leak. The Captain told me that there were several bathrooms per non-residential level to minimize plumbing. He told me the nearest one was about four stores away from where we were. "Don't wander away."

As I was leaving the bar, I noticed a group of boisterous men sitting at a table. They were all wearing the same type of military uniform but I didn't know what kind. One man in particular kept his eyes on me as I passed their table. I glanced back and he was still looking at me. I went to the bathroom, did what I had to do, and came back to the bar. The same man and his friends stared at me again.

When I got back to our table, Captain Bishop gave me a credit stick. "This is one of the non-traceable sticks. I've got some more people to talk to. I really don't want to deal with Dawn right now, so pay for our beers and make your way back to the Phoenix, it's on level 30. We'll talk some more when I get back." The Captain got up from the table and left quickly.

I sat at the table thinking about how much had happened in the last 24 hours. Dawn approached the table and I got the credit stick ready to pay. "Ty left?"


"Looks like we are both of out luck, hon. Well, since he's gone, the men over at that table", she pointed to the uniformed men, "wanted you to have this." She placed another beer on the table and walked away. Not quite sure what I was supposed to do, I waved and smiled.

One of the men got up from his table and came over to mine. "Mind if I join you?" He didn't wait for an answer, he just sat down. He had an air of authority about him similar to Captain Bishop which was made even stronger by the uniform. The uniform was a beige pair of pants and a short sleeved shirt. On his thick belt he was carrying some sort of weapon. There was a hint of stubble showing through his open collar. The entire uniform seemed to be molded to his body which enhanced his broad shoulders and narrow waist. The sleeves rode above his biceps. "I'm Rick."


"Let me get you another beer." The one I had was still half full but I didn't say anything. I drank the one I had before the new one was dropped off by some guy, it wasn't Dawn. He waved the other men over. They all looked just as good in their uniforms as Rick did. I took a sip of the new beer and it tasted different.

"What kind of soldiers are you?" I was feeling a bit disoriented and figured it was the beer since I wasn't used to drinking alcohol.

"It doesn't really matter, let's just say we are part of the Colonial Fleet and we go to colonies that are having problems and resolve them."


"Yeah, we just got here from our last mission. We have couple days of liberty so we thought we'd find out what kind of trouble we could get in on this old station."

One of Rick's friends chimed in, "We just didn't realize how much everything costs here."

I stood up and swayed, "Guys, I'll be right back, I need to use the john."

"You okay? I'll help you." Rick held my arm as we left to go down to the bathroom. It looked like he winked at his friends. When we got to the john, Rick steered me to one of the stalls, came in with me and closed and latched the door. I didn't really care, I lowered the front of my small, sheer underwear and started to pee. Before I finished, Rick's hand cupped my ass. I put my cock back into my underwear and turned. Rick was standing there with his cock out. It was flaccid but still had an impressive appearance. "Maybe you should sit down." He gently pushed me back until I was seated on the toilet. He put a hand on the back of my head and pulled me toward his cock which had started to fill with blood. "Open up." His politeness seemed to have changed tone. I did what I always did lately, I opened my mouth and he guided his dick between my lips. He pulled my head farther onto his cock. When I tried to pull back he wouldn't let me, instead he kept pulling me farther onto his now hard as steel dick. "Fuck yeah, that's it." Without warning, he pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled me back onto my feet. "Turn around and end over." I didn't have a choice since he was pushing my back. He pulled the string of material from between my ass cheeks, found my hole and pressed the head of his cock against it until it entered me. He didn't stop pushing until I felt his pubes brush my ass. When it had, he pulled out and stuffed his still hard cock back into his uniform pants. "You're going to do just fine." Rick unlatched the door and held onto my arm as we left the stall. A man was standing at one of the sinks and gave us a questioning look. "My friend isn't feeling too well, I'll make sure he gets back to his room."

With his fingers digging into my upper arm, Rick led me through the corridor to the people mover. I slurred, "Wait, I need to pay the bill."

"We got it." Rick and I rode the people mover up many levels before we got off. Instead of a corridor filled with music and vendors, this level was just a hallway with doors on either side. We stopped at one of the doors and Rick put his thumb on a small scanner and the door lock clicked and he pushed the door open. His three friends were already in the room. "Men, we lucked out on our first try. This faggot's mouth and ass was able to take all of me, seriously, all of me." In some corner of my mind I thought that Rick might have a higher opinion of his dick than he should have.

While I glanced around the room through a fog, one of the other guys said, "I still wish we had found a sky hooker that we could afford."

"With all the credits we lost in the casino, the best we could have afforded was some hag on one of the lower levels whose pussy would be so stretched out none of us would even feel it. Shit, we couldn't even afford a Synth." Rick slapped my ass. "Now this is a good piece of pussy."

Rick pushed me down on my knees and pulled out his dick which was still hard, "Check this out." Rick grabbed my face until I opened my mouth and shoved his cock in. Just like he had done in the bathroom he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled until he was embedded in my throat. "See, he's so much better than those civvies on our ship that can't take in more than the heads of our cocks." Rick must have really needed to get off, because he pulled and shoved his dick just a few times before he blew his load. His friends were just as bad, less than a minute in my mouth and they filled me with cum. At least that's how I thought it went. "Now we can take our time." Rick told me to take off the underwear I had on and to get on my hand and knees. He knelt behind me and pushed his cock in with one fluid motion and then began to thrust. He and his friends were almost as quick in my ass as they were in my mouth.

I stood up and looked around the room. The four men were naked and passing around a bottle of green liquid. The looked more out of it than I felt. I went into the bathroom, showered and cleaned myself, and then put on my underwear. There was a small bottle of mouthwash on the vanity, I picked it up and read the label, Hilton, and used the whole bottle to rinse the taste of their cum from my mouth. The four men were passed out when I came back out into the bedroom. One of the men had left a credit stick lying on the dresser, I picked it up and left the room.

My head was still foggy when I got out into the hallway. I followed the hallway until I came to the people mover. I stepped on a platform that was going down. I had a hard time remembering whether Captain Bishop had said level 27 or level 30 for the Phoenix's location.

I stepped off the platform on level 27 and was once again surprised how different this level was from the other one's I had been on. I realized that I had gone to the wrong level and turned to get on the people mover that was going up. Just before I stepped on I heard a man yell, "Hey you." By reflex I turned to see a man waving me over. "You look like someone who would appreciate what we have to offer here." Curious, I walked over to where he was standing. "I bet you came down here to find something big and hard, right?"

As I stepped closer to the man, I saw that behind him was a man, or what I thought at first was a man, standing on a platform behind some plexiglass. It wasn't a man, it was something that looked like a man but was obviously not. "You won't find a better Synth anywhere on Obama." I shook my head trying to make sure that I was actually seeing what was in front of me. What looked like a man was about 1.9 meters. It had the shape of a finely sculpted man but its features were frozen and its eyes were dead. The color of its skin was off. It was wearing something that was a cross between briefs and shorts that showed something large behind them. "Whadda ya think? He's something isn't he?" He told me I could have a half hour with it for a certain amount of credits. I told him no thanks and started back toward the people mover. "Wait, I'll give you a preview." The man was holding a small pad in his hand and touched the screen several times. The man-like thing in the window removed his shorts. The cock that was behind the shorts was huge, seriously huge, seriously. "So, it's something isn't it? Still not enough?" He touched his pad again and the thing's dick began to grow. "Come on, you know you want to give it a try. Women and men have cried when they tried it out." If I'm going to have a cock in my ass as big as the one on the fake man, I wanted it to be real. "I can even make it cum if you want." A wad of white liquid hit the plexiglass. I walked away, the man shouting at me the whole time.

I had been so rattled, I had gone the wrong direction. Every store either had real men or women, fake men or women, or vids showing. Some of the people walking around the level would make eye contact with me, mostly men. While some of the people were fully dressed, there were quite a few that were wearing almost as little as I was, and some wearing less. My cock was getting hard just seeing what was in the windows or the men that walked past me. I knew I should be making my way back to the ship but I had never seen anything like this before.

Outside some of the stores were men that looked a lot like me. As men would walk by they would lick their lips or show their asses. At other stores, muscular men would be grabbing their crotches as both men and women walked by. There were other stores where women stood outside and showed their breasts or fingered themselves trying to get the attention of the men and women that walked past.

I stopped in front of one store that was showing one of the vids that I had watched back in Greenwood. The man at the door was well dressed and wasn't yelling at people as they walked by. He stepped up to me, "You think this vid is good, you should see some of the ones we're showing inside." Curiosity got the better of me and I started toward the door. The man told me how many credits the admission was. I handed his the credit stick that I had taken from the Fleet men, he tapped it to his pad, handed it back and said, "I think you're really going to enjoy yourself cutie."

When I passed through the door, I was enveloped by darkness. As I tentatively stepped forward I started to see images above me and on either side. They were of men, men doing all the things I had been doing for the last several months with other men. Men on their knees sucking cock. Men with their legs almost pulled back to their ears with dicks deep in their asses. Men beating off and shooting copious amounts of cum. Men gagging other men with the cocks. Men blindfolded while multiple men rotated through their mouths. Men on their knees while groups of men shot cum all over them. Men sucking cock through holes. Men being fucked my two cocks at a time while another was down their throats. The images floated all around me. I finally realized that they were holographs that looked so real that I thought I could reach out and touch them.

When I finally realized what I was seeing, I started to notice that there were real men all around me. Some were standing against walls or pillars cupping their crotches, some even had their dicks out and were stroking them. Some men were down on their knees servicing one, two and sometimes three cocks while other men watched. The farther I went the less holographs there and the more real men increased. I started to feel hands on my ass, my legs, my chest and abs, and even my face, but I didn't stop moving, I needed to see what was up ahead. I came to a point where there was a flight of stairs in front of me and a hallway to my left and a hallway to my right. I went to the right ant then had to make a quick left. All along the wall to my left were cocks. Cocks at all different heights. Cocks of all different sizes. Some were hanging down, some were sticking straight out and some were pointing up. There were men along the wall sucking some of the dicks. Occasionally they would move from one cock to another. It finally got to the point that I couldn't resist, just at the height of my mouth there was a thick, not overly long, dick that was sticking straight out. I put my hand around it and couldn't touch my fingers. I stroked it a few times and a drop of precum appeared, I leaned in and licked it off the cock. I opened my mouth and suckled the head, it was so big that I had to adjust my jaw a few times to get more of it in my mouth. Once I had, I slide my head forward until my nose touched the wall. The dick just barely touched the back of my throat but I didn't care, my need to feed took over. Using my tongue and my lips I worked the anonymous cock like it might be my last and I was rewarded with several strings of sweet and salty nectar. The man pulled his dick back through the hole. The man who was to my right pulled off of a cock and walked away, the cock was still dripping cum so I moved over to it and licked the head until the cum had ceased. I fed on several more faceless cocks before I went back to see what was down the other hallway.

As soon as I turned down the new hallway someone grabbed my ass hard with both hands. Another hand joined the first two. I don't know if it was one of the two men or not, but someone was fingering my asshole which had been ready for a while after all the cock I had just sucked. It was so dark in the hallway that I couldn't see anything or anyone. Two strong arms picked me up and placed me in some sort of thing that held me above the floor. The same person, or someone new, raised my legs, pulled off my underwear and placed them in my hand and then I felt the pressure of a cock against my hole. My head hung backwards and I felt the head of a dick rub across my lips. I wasn't sure how many different cocks used my ass and my mouth during the time I was in whatever was holding me but it was a lot. I heard someone say, "Time for someone new", and I was lifted up and allowed to stand back up. Even though cum was sliding down my thighs, I pulled on the underwear. I thought it was time to head back to the ship and made my way back through the holograms occasionally trying to reach out and touch a nice looking cock. When I left the store, the man who had admitted me said, "I told you that you were going to enjoy yourself, a lot of our customers are always looking for someone like you."

Jock was standing outside of the store, "Christ, you stink of sex. You've got to stop wandering around, there aren't a whole lot of cameras down on these levels and it took us a shitload of time to use facial rec to find you." As was now becoming common, Jock gripped my upper arm and started walking back toward where the people movers are. "I've been in that place a couple of times. Did you like it?" I didn't respond. "I bet you didn't find a dick as big as mine, right?" I still didn't respond. "Maybe you need to feel it again." He pushed me down a small hallway, pulled my underwear down and fucked the hell out of me. "Well?"

I told him what he wanted to hear, "You wouldn't have fit in any of those guys' jock straps."

"Damn straight."

We took the people mover to level 30 and headed toward the Phoenix. Now I had another load of cum dripping down my legs.


Be Well,


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