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I woke up coughing from the dust. My paper mask that covers my nose and mouth had moved during the night. Dust was everywhere even though my door and window were shut tight. The air handler in my small apartment had been working only intermittently lately due to the increasing number of brown outs.

My body was covered in sweat and felt gritty due to the dust. I went to my small bathroom which was really just a wet room with a shower, sink and toilet. Water was in scarce supply so I brushed my teeth and pissed while I showered. We were only allowed 1 minute of water per hour so I had to multitask. You only flushed the toilet when the stench was too much to bare. My apartment was one half of a shipping container that had arrived with the first settlers. They had used the containers to build shelters until better housing could be built, but that had never happened.


Before I continue, I need to share why I am in the situation I am in.

The planet I was on had been developed by the Terra Corporation or TerraCorp. Before the first settlers had arrived, the planet had been terraformed to meet the needs of a human population. The pictures I had seen when I was younger showed a planet that was lush with greenery and had huge bodies of water like I'd never seen on Earth. While TerraCorp had done the terraforming, their real goal was to retrieve the natural resources below the surface, various precious metals, uranium, plutonium, abundant oil and natural gas. Earth had run out of most of those resources and what planets had them in the solar system were rapidly being depleted. My father had been recruited to manage one of the many mining operations that were being developed and my mother was recruited to help develop an education program for the anticipated children that the first wave of colonists would either bring with them or have once they arrived.

Everyone who had been selected to be a colonist was either married with children or were spouses that planned to have children once they arrived. Besides the children, like myself, there were no single colonists and none that weren't prepared to procreate.

The ship we had taken was, at the time, the most technologically advanced interplanetary transport. Even though it traveled just below the speed of light, the trip took six years. Even though most people have heard of stasis, it really isn't what they believe it to be. You're not frozen or put into some artificial hibernation. How it works is that tubes are attached to your body to provide nutrition, water and to remove waste products. Electrodes were also placed over your entire body so that muscles could be stimulated to avoid atrophy and for someone like me, actually help build muscle. You are then placed in an induced coma. Your body continues to age throughout the flight. During the flight, crew members would cut your hair and nails which had continued to grow during the flight.

After I had been taken out of my induced coma, my Mom was sitting beside the bed I was in. It looked like she had been crying and that she had something to tell me about my father. Even though very stringent physical exams were required before the flight, somehow the medical experts had missed a small cancerous growth in my father's lung. By the time we arrived, he had already died. When I had begun the journey I had been a 12 year old boy but I woke an 18 year old man. My mother had wrinkles and a smattering of gray hair that I didn't remember. I was numb, I didn't cry and I didn't even know how to comfort my mother other than to hold her hand. It wasn't long until a med staff told me that it was time for my examination.

I followed the med to another room and soon I found myself on an examination table. A man, some sort of medical professional was doing an examination of my body. He kept speaking in a way that led me to believe he was recording his findings. He seemed very pleased about how my body had developed in stasis and how there were no apparent issues. As his hands had moved all over my body and checked for muscle development, I was embarrassed to realize that I had a growing erection. Before we had left Earth, I had experienced a couple of wet dreams and my friends and I had talked about our dicks. There was even one time that my best friend and I had actually beaten off together, but that was pretty much the extent of my sexual experiences. As I looked down at my dick, I was surprised to see that it was much larger than it had been when I entered stasis.

The med became aware of my embarrassment and told me not to worry about it, that it happened with almost every man when they were brought back to consciousness. He jokingly told me that a lot of sperm had built up over the six year flight. He continued to conduct the exam and at one point asked me to raise my legs and hold them back. He put on a pair of gloves and told me that he had to check my prostate, I didn't even know what that meant. He squirted something on his fingers and I felt him rub some around my asshole, something that no one besides myself had ever touched. He told me that it might hurt a bit but that I'd be ok. As he pushed his finger into me, I jumped, he told me to take some deep breathes and to try to stay calm. After the initial shock and pain, I started to enjoy the feeling of something inside me. He touched something inside of me and my dick moved all on its own. Whether it was my cock moving, how I was moving my butt, or some of the soft moans I made, the med asked if I was doing okay. I replied that I was and he began tuning his finger and sliding it back and forth in my ass. When he pulled his finger out, I had felt empty but almost immediately I felt two fingers enter my ass and he began turning them and pushing them as deep as he could. He asked me if I was still okay and I said that I was. He pulled his two fingers out and then I felt three begin to explore my ass. I noticed that my cock was leaking especially when he touched a certain spot. He pulled his fingers out and told me that my prostate healthy, while I didn't know what he was talking about, all I wanted was for him to put his fingers back inside me.

He told me we were done with the exam and that he was turning off the recorder. He asked me if I liked what he had done with his fingers and I told him that I had. I started to sit up but he told me to lie back down. He put his fingers around my still hard dick and started to stroke it. While it was a nice feeling, it wasn't near as nice as when he had his fingers in my. Without warning, the med put his mouth over my dick and started to suck and lick it. I remember my friends saying that there were guys that would do that to other guys but I hadn't believed them. They called them faggots and cocksuckers. It didn't take long for me to start shooting my sperm, I had learned the word from the same friends, into the mouth of the med and that he swallowed it. It felt really good but all I could think about was doing what he had done to find out what it felt like to have a dick in my mouth and to taste sperm. The med wiped off my dick and told me to go ahead and put on one of what looked like pajamas. He asked that I not tell anyone about what we had just done because we both would get in trouble, I told him okay. As I walked back toward my quarters to get my clothes, I had wondered if I was a faggot.

As my Mom and I took a shuttle down to the planet's surface we were informed that something had gone awry with the terraforming. There was a micro-organism that had decimated most of plant life which in turn had impacted the entire ecosystem of the planet. The planet had a decent supply of water below the surface and there was enough nitrogen and oxygen in planet's original atmosphere so that the planet could still sustain human life. We were also told that TerraCorp had pretty much abandoned the planet and were just using it as a way station for their vessels and other ships. There would be no other colonists coming.

Unfortunately, the ship that had brought us was only a one way ship. It had neither the fuel nor adequate supplies for a return trip. It had always been planned that the components of the ship would be used to continue to build the colony's infrastructure.

We were also informed that during our induced comas that there had been great advancements in FTL, faster than light, technology and the trip back to earth took mere days. When asked if we could return to Earth on one of those ships, we were told it was an option but that TerraCorp was charging a very high premium for passengers since the ships were primarily transporting resources. In essence, TerraCorp had abandoned us and the planet, we were just a giant rest stop circling a red sun.

From what my Mom and I heard, Earth was in worse shape than when we had departed. Between overpopulation and diminishing resources, TerrraCorp and other multi-planet mega corporations were making huge profits by terraforming habitable planets and then harvesting the resources. Their new ships with FTL drives transported colonists around the quadrant and then returned with resources for the Earth and the colonies on the other moons and planets in our former solar system.

The result of all of this was that our new home only had the materials that had come with the original settlers and from our ship. When we had arrived, the entire planet only had about 500 residents, the original 100 settlers and the 400 colonists we had arrived with. The colony ships that were supposed to have followed us in a year or two weren't coming so the colony's population wasn't going to increase.

The micro-organism that had decimated the terraforming was carried in the dust. As more of the inhabitants fell ill, we started to call it "dust fever". There was a 20% mortality rate, but most of the deaths were among the females and the younger children. As a result the colony was down to about 400, 300 men and 100 women and children who both kept dying, my mother included. I also heard that the med that had examined me before we left the ship also had died.

The economy of our small world was pretty much a barter system with some use of interplanetary credits. Transport ships would stop for refueling or repairs and the inhabitants would do the work in exchange for various supplies the ships would be carrying. The one thing that TerraCorp did do for us, was to provide a monthly stipend of credits for all of the surviving settlers and colonists as part of, what they called, hardship compensation. It was just a bunch of bullshit.

While no real houses had ever been completed, my Mom and I had been able to afford a small apartment built from the original settlers' ships because we were able to combine our credits to afford the rent. When my Mom passed away from dust fever, I couldn't afford the apartment on my own and had found the one room unit in a storage container where I currently live. I was considered lucky because most of the unmarried men lived in the dormitories that had been erected by the settlers while they did the terraforming.

While my mother had been alive, she did teach the few children on the planet to earn some credits or obtain supplies. I did odd jobs when I could find them.


As I was drying myself off and already feeling the dust start to accumulate on my body, I reflected over the two years since landfall. It had been almost a year since my Mom had died. So here I was, having just turned 20. Originally the plan had been that I would work with my father at one of the mines but that never happened. I was living week to week by using my credits plus whatever I could barter for or earn from odd jobs. I was a good looking young man, some would say I verge on almost being pretty. I'm not tall but I'm not short, I was just shy of 1.8 meters (5'10" if your using the old system of measurement) and my weight fluctuates between 71 and 73 kilograms (or 155 to 165 pounds) depending on the amount of food I earn or sometimes steal. In anticipation, every colonist was allowed to bring some clothes on the trip, but not much. Using some standard measurement calculations, my mother had brought clothes for me that matched my projected height but for someone that weighed 5 kilograms less. They were made from very durable material that had a lot of give and could be cleaned with very little water. They were meant to last a long time, which was good. My hair was a dirty beige color that closely matched the dust. I was lucky, most of the men and women with darker hair looked like their hair was always dirty. I tried to avoid paying to get my hair cut or cutting it myself, so sometimes it was a bit long and always had a messy look to it. My eyes were a mix of blue and green that my Mom said I inherited from a distant relative whose name, if I was remembering correctly, was Chad Cartwright. When I was younger and back on Earth, my Dad instilled in me the value of exercise which my Mom reinforced after landfall. A day didn't go by that I didn't do some amount of cardio and/or weight training, even if it was just using my own body mass. In my opinion, my body looked better than most of my fellow colonists.

As I started to get dressed for the day, I was worried because the cost for basic necessities had been rising lately. I was almost out of soap, deodorant and toilet paper. I also needed to buy my weekly food supplies. I was concerned that I may not have enough credits to use at the general store, which of course was owned and operated by TerraCorp, they may have given up on the planet for resources but they still found ways to turn a profit. A freighter had entered orbit yesterday and what supplies it may have brought would be gone soon. I was going to have to try and find some more odd jobs so that I could earn some more credits or get paid in food.

I pulled on one of my three pairs of pants. They were black and besides the slight flair at the bottom so I could put on my boots, they were snug, very snug. The pouch at the front almost looked like a cod piece the way it held my cock and balls in place. The seam down the back was so tight that it actually separated my ass cheeks making them more prominent and rounded. The shirt was more of a pullover made out of a silvery material that resisted staining, it was supposed to be for use in the mines. It was supposed to make you more visible while at the same time not letting any bits and pieces of whatever was being mined stick to, or pierce, the material. The shirt was so tight that it fit like a second skin. Every muscle and even my nipples were clearly visible. The sleeves were long, so when you had work gloves on, your entire arm was protected. Since I didn't need it for the mines, I had gotten in the habit of rolling the sleeves up as far as I could even though the dust would settle on my exposed forearms and biceps. The collar was tight around my neck so that the skin of my upper body was also protected. Since the sun was so intense and the dust so thick, most people wore a hat and a face mask. One of the things my Mom had brought with her as an extravagance was a scarf covered in a geometric pattern of all different colors of a rainbow, including a color that matched the color of my eyes. I had gotten into the habit of putting the scarf over my head and then wrapping it around my face to cover my nose and my mouth so just my eyes were showing and due to the color in the scarf made my eyes and eyelashes even more noticeable.

Somehow the name for our little town had become Greenwood, as a joke, since we were within a few kilometers of one of the few areas of terraforming that had survived. It wasn't very big, but there was enough fertile soil and water that there was some crops and fruit trees that had survived. We didn't rely on the small oasis for any of our food, the grains and fruits were primarily for making alcohol, which was in high demand from both the inhabitants of Greenwood as well as the crews from the TerraCorp ships and those of other ships that would stop by with merchandise: fuel and repairs; or just for a chance to get out of the hulks of metal that they were flying around the quadrant in.

Everyone in town knew almost everyone else. We had bonded over our shared hell. Our group kept getting smaller, some of the settlers and colonists were lucky enough to have relatives on Earth or other planets that were willing to cover the cost of place on a ship. Women were still dying from dust fever for which no cure had been discovered, but the current thought was somehow the micro-organism attached itself to ovaries and then spread a cancer like disease throughout the body. Many women of Greenwood had their ovaries removed as a precaution but unfortunately, our medical facilities were pretty limited, and many women died during the surgery. There were very few women in Greenwood anymore.

What women remained were spoken for by a man, sometimes even a group of men, but that meant there were many men that didn't have access to women. Every once in a while a group of female prostitutes would be brought in by one of the non-TerraCorp ships that stopped through. They would stay for a while, make some credits, and then leave before they got sick. Even if I had the credits, I had no desire to be with a woman.

Most of the remaining men had come to this hell hole to be miners. Without the mines they had turned to ship repairs, refueling or had developed some sort of business or service. The one thing we had a lot of was places where you could get alcohol. I even had worked at a few doing odd jobs or cleaning up but it never turned into a regular job.

It became apparent to some of the men in town that I wasn't involved with any of the women that were still around nor did I take advantage of the opportunity to be with one when the prostitutes came through. Over time some of the men started to say that I must be a faggot or a cocksucker. Sometimes it was in jest but other times it was said in a derogatory tone. There were even times when some of the men would ask me to have sex with them because they were so horny. Even though I remembered the experience I had with the med who had examined me, I had never done anything again, even though I thought about having a cock in my mouth or fingers in my ass while I beat off in my little one room apartment.

After I went to the general store and got what I could afford, I headed back to my apartment. I walked by one of the places that catered to both locals and men that were just stopping through on their way to another planet. From what I knew, the place was known for having some good alcohol, both locally made and from rogue ships that would stop by on occasion. This place appealed to space rogues that were just passing through.

Three boisterous men we leaving the place as I walked by. They must have been from off-planet since I had never seen them before. They were all rugged looking, as were most men who wandered from planet to planet making money were they could by trading goods, selling some of their cargo or sometimes even stealing. The guys looked like they weren't a whole lot older than me, though it was hard to tell. All were at least a 10th of a meter taller than me with much more muscle on their body. All three were in work pants and were wearing jackets that looked like they were made from animal hides. They each were wearing a bandana over their noses and mouths to keep the dust at bay. I could tell by their eyes that they all were drunk. They ended up following me. I could hear them talking.

"What the fuck man, where were all the whores the Captain said we would find. The only woman I saw was that old hag behind the bar." The old hag probably wasn't much older than they were, it was just the result of the hard life on this rock.

"I was so looking to get me some ass. It's gotta be almost a month since our last stop."

"Shit, I'd fuck you I'm so horny."

"No way in hell is that going to happen, asshole."

"Check out that ass in front of us. Looks like a pair of melons in those tight pants he's got on."

"If he hadn't walked by as we were leaving the bar and saw that he didn't have boobs, he could be woman in that thing he's got wrapped around his head."

"Ya know, when it comes right down to it, an ass is and ass and a mouth is a mouth and I would be happy with either right now."

As I listened to them talk, I started to imagine what it would be like to have one of them in my mouth. I heard them turn down the alley way to my apartment. They were still talking but I couldn't make out their words.

I reached my apartment and unlocked the door. I pushed the door open and entered still holding onto my purchases. I let the door close behind me as I laid my stuff on the little table just inside the door. Before the door closed it was pushed back open. I turned back around, the three men had entered and then let the door close.

"What a shit hole, this is worse than our quarters back on the ship."

The three men removed the bandanas from their faces. All three men looked like they hadn't shaved in a couple of days. In the close quarters I could smell the alcohol on their breath. I removed the scarf from around my head. "Well look at that, not only a hot ass but a pretty face."

The largest of the three men moved quickly and grabbed my hand and brought it to his crotch. "You know what to do with this?" He didn't let me pull my hand away. After a couple beats of my heart, I started to move my hand and I felt the man's crotch start to grow. "Yeah, we were right, we found ourselves a faggot. Any port in a storm, right?" The other men stepped closer. One man started fondling my ass while the other ran a finger across my lips. The big man let go of my hand but I didn't move my hand from his crotch. He undid his pants and then moved my hand inside of them. He wasn't wearing any underwear and my hand touched another man's cock for the first time. It was amazing to feel it continue to grow against my fingers. One of the other men had pushed the back of my pants down and was roughly feeling the skin of my ass.

I wrapped my fingers around the large man's dick and pulled it out of his pants. I was staring at it. "Just don't stand there looking at it fag, do something." I remembered how the med had put his mouth over my cock but I had been lying down, so instead I got down on my knees, opened my mouth and put it over the man's cock. I tried to remember what the med had done, so I started to use my tongue and rubbed on the underside of the big man's dick. "What's wrong, too much for you?" The man put one of his hands on the back of my head and forced me all the way down on his cock. I was gagging and spit was dripping from the corners of my mouth. The three men laughed as the big guy held me in place. After about a minute, the man loosened his grip on my head and let me slide back and gulp for air. "That's enough," he rammed his cock back in and held me in place. I noticed, through the tears, that the two other men had pulled out their cocks and were slowly stroking them while they watched their friend. After another minute, the man pulled his dick from my mouth, "whose next?"

Over the next 30 minutes or so, the men rotated having their dicks in my mouth. I got used to having each deep in my throat and the gagging eventually stopped. When it did, they each started moving my head back and forth on their dicks. I kept waiting for one of them to shoot their sperm as I had done with the med but they must have had more control than I had.

By now, the men had removed their coats and were each wearing what I remembered from my youth as t-shirts that stretched across their chests. Their arms were roped with muscles and all of them had tattoos on their arms like I had seen on some of the other visitors to our planet. At one point, the big man told one of his friends to hold my head while he began ramming his dick in and out of my mouth. In the not too distant future, I would find out that this was called skull fucking. It wasn't long before the man filled my mouth with his thick and creamy sperm. It tasted different than my own, which I had tried on a couple of occasions, but to me it tasted like nectar. I swallowed it all, just as the med had. The two other men took their turn's skull fucking me and rewarded me with their own sperm.

After the third man had finished, I leaned back on my heels and took several deep breathes. "We ain't done yet, fag. Take your pants off and get down on your bed." Each of the men took of their pants and their t-shirts and I saw that it wasn't just their arms that had tattoos. When the big man told me to hold my legs back, I thought he was going to stick his fingers in my ass like the med had done but instead he spit in his hand and wiped it all over his cock. He got down on my bed and began to push his cock into my ass. "Shit, he's as tight as the first virgin I had when I was a kid." I wanted to scream but I bit my tongue and endured the incredible pressure as he pushed his dick deep into me. He found the same spot that the med had found and it felt so good that my own dick started leaking. The big man pulled his cock back and then drove it back in. His eyes were tightly shut and I sensed that his whole being was in his dick. Although I had never experienced fucking in anyway, I instinctively knew that I was getting fucked. I also knew in the deepest part of my soul that I liked getting fucked.

At one point the big man stopped moving and I felt warm liquid fill my ass. When he had finished filling me with his load, another word I would come to know soon, he pushed and pulled his cock a few more times until he pulled out with a big sigh. "God that felt good. Which of your dickheads is taking him for round two."

The two other men took their turns with me, but they were nothing like the big man. Maybe it was because he was my first or because he knew how to fuck better but I will never forget it. With each man I shot my own cum, another word I'd learn, over my chest, some even hit me in the face.

When all three had finished, I laid on the bed covered in sweat, dust and my own cum. I watched the men dress. As they were getting ready to leave, the big man asked where my credit stick was. I got out of my bed and pulled it from the pocket of my pants. He took his own credit stick, did a few clicks of the buttons and touched it to mine. "We expected to pay some skank to service us, but I think you were better than anyone we have found on this crappy planet, so you might as well get paid too. I'll get the word out that there is a hot piece of ass on this rock, so you might get some more customers. What's your name?"

In Greenwood I was known by my given name, Michael, but I decided to give the big man the name my parents had always called me, "Mikey"

"I'll spread the word about Mikey, the cum slut. See you the next time we're in this galaxy."

After they left, I checked my credit stick, the big man had given me more than 2 months' worth of hardship compensation. I might be able to get out of Greenwood after all.


Be Well,





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