I begged Jock to let me stop at one of the public bathrooms so I could clean my legs before we got back to the Phoenix. We stepped off on level 29 and we walked to the nearest bathroom. "Do I have to go in there with you or can you control yourself for at least a few minutes?" Funny, it was Jock that couldn't control himself a few minutes ago.

"Yes, Sir", I gave him a salute.

"Cut the crap, just hurry up."

I went into the bathroom and using my hands, I washed both of my legs. A couple of the men in the bathroom gave me strange looks, but what should I have expected. Me in the small pair of underwear, bent over, cleaning drying cum off my legs. Just another day. There were some paper towels that I used to dry my legs. I tossed the used towels into a waste receptacle which made a sucking sound and the towel disappeared to God knows where.

Now that I wasn't concerned about my legs, when I left the bathroom Jock thought this was as good a time as any for me to check out level 29. It was filled with men and women in work clothes. Some were pushing pieces of equipment on dollies while others were just walking by with tool boxes. Scattered around were larger people movers that would stop so that equipment could be loaded on before going up.

I really wasn't dressed appropriately for the level and was getting a lot of stares. Jock would scowl back at them and kept me moving. We walked past what looked like storage areas that were guarded. Some seemed to be guarded by men and women in work clothes; some were guarded by men in similar uniforms to the Colonial Fleet men I had spent time with earlier; and some were guarded by men in TerraCorp uniforms. "Hurry up, don't look at them, we don't want them to remember you. Luckily they'll probably just remember a faggot in a pair of tiny underwear that looked ready to get fucked."

"Made you want to fuck me."

"Shut up, come on."

We stepped onto the people mover and got off on the next level up. I hadn't noticed before when Captain Bishop took me to get clothes, but there were quite a few ships in the landing bay and the Phoenix wasn't the largest. It wasn't the smallest either. If the Phoenix carried a crew of 11, then the larger ones probably had crews in the 20s. The smaller ships looked like they only held a few people. I asked Jock about the ships.

"The ships like ours or larger, are mostly independents that travel around the quadrant moving merchandise from planet to planet. Some of it is legal and some isn't, but here on Obama, nobody really cares, that's why we like coming here. TerraCorp has some ships this size but I don't see any here right now, which is a good thing. That one ship over there", Jock pointed to a while and blue ship, "That's a Colonial Fleet ship. I hate those guys, they're always hassling independents like us. I'd guess the crew is only here to have some fun since if they tried to do anything, they'd get spaced." I decided not to tell Jock about my encounter with some of the fleet. "Those smaller ones", he pointed again, "Those belong to rich people, I mean seriously rich people and mostly its credits they inherited, and they probably didn't do a day's work their entire privileged life. They just travel to and from planets and stations just to gamble, get laid and spend money. You know, Cap could have been one of those kind of bastards but instead he wanted to make things better for everyone by fucking with TerraCorp. I'd imagine some of those actually belong to the kids of parents that invested in TerraCorp and now have more credits than they know what to do with." I wondered if any of the cocks that had recently been in me belonged to the rich. "The really big ships are docked on the outside of the station and connected with airlocks." We climbed up the ramp of the Phoenix and Jock tapped his ear, "Cap, we're back."

"Come to the mess so we can all talk. Have Mikey change his clothes first, I put them in your quarters."

Jock touched his ear again, disconnecting his comm. "Son of a bitch, Cap better not expect me to be your babysitter." All the clothes were laid out on Jock's bed, chair, dresser and desk. There was, what I assumed, a conservative suit, at least the two guys at the store told me that it was. With it were a shirt, tie, socks and the nicest pair of shoes I had ever seen. No one wore anything much more than work boots on Greenwood and the crew of the Phoenix all were wearing some sort of boots. I didn't even really recognize the other clothes. The images had been flashing over my body so quick I just told the two sales guys to pick stuff out for me.

Jock looked over the clothes, "You gotta be fucking kidding me. What the hell did you buy?" Jock picked up a pair of pants that were transparent if they were held still but changed colors every time that he moved them. Other pants looked so small, they looked like they were for a little kid, but when Jock pulled on them they stretched. There were several pairs of shorts, one wasn't much bigger than the pair of underwear I had been wearing except that there was a little more coverage of my ass. One of the pair of pants even had a zipper in the back. The shirts were pretty much along the same vein. One wasn't much more than strings that went over each should and didn't meet any other fabric until just above my waist. Another was like the pair of pants that were transparent but changed color when it moved. One was hemmed just below my pecs but was tight and sleeveless. Still another appeared tailored but not so tight but still it had a deep V that went almost all the way to my belly button. There were several pairs of shoes, but none as fancy as the ones with the suit, but no boots. "If you're going to stay on this ship, we've got to get you something else to wear, if not, none of the crew will be thinking about their duties, they'll be thinking with their dicks. Shit, just get dressed and come to the mess when you're ready."

Even though Jock had seemed surprised by the clothes, I think I had seen people on the station wearing similar items. I put on the stretchy pair of pants that were much easier to get on that I thought they would be. The front had a mesh bag that I could put my cock and balls in so they just appeared as a large bulge. When I checked in the mirror my ass did look great, just like the salesmen had said. I decided on the cropped shirt. I slipped on a pair of shoes and went to the mess.

When I walked into the mess everyone was there. Turk, Slammer and Diego were all standing up and when they saw me they grabbed their crotches and said a bunch of lewd comments. Captain Bishop turned to look at me and just rolled his eyes. "Everybody sit down."

Jock announced, "You'll never guess where I found him. He was coming out of 'Hole Sale'." Slammer and a couple of the other guys said they had been there once or twice. Captain Bishop called them pigs which resulted in some of them making oinking sounds.

Once everyone was seated, Captain Bishop started talking about plans for the next day. "We've got three main objectives tomorrow. One, fix the screw up with my credit stick", he glanced at me, "Mikey, you and Slammer will go to the TerraCorp financial branch on level 33. According to Babe, that's the branch that only has one person working at any given time since most of the transactions are handled at branches on the higher levels where there are more residents and businesses. Babe wasn't able to determine if it's a man or a woman working in the morning. If it's a woman, Slammer, you use all that charm that you think you have and get her in the back and fuck her for at least 15 minutes. If it's a guy, you two figure out whether he wants to fuck or be fucked and then you decide who's going to get them in back and kept busy for 15 minutes. Diego is going to teach you both how to hack into the financial system and wipe out any record of the purchases at the clothing store on my credit stick. You will then add the expenses to the TerraCorp Chairman's personal account and send an e-message to the Chairman, and copy all TerraCorp employees, asking the Chairman if his boyfriend was happy with the purchase, that's really going to piss him off. We can't close the door to the branch because a message saying the door has been closed will be sent to the other branches on the station. Neither of you will look the part, but convince anyone who stops by that the regular employee caught called away and will be right back. Babe is going to disable any cameras that are aimed at the branch but they can only be off-line for 20 minutes max. Any questions?"

Slammer spoke up, "Cap, neither of us is going to be dressed right to both get whomever hot quickly while still being able to work the front if necessary."

"Figure something out."

"Second, after you are done at the financial branch, Mikey, I'm going to need you again, wearing the conservative suit you got, to go to the TerraCorp supply room on level 29 and speak to the guard. You're going to tell him that your Rhett Sinclair's personal assistant."

"Who's Rhett Sinclair?"

This time Jock spoke up, "He's one of those douche bags I was telling you about with a private ship, the Archer."

"Thanks Jock. Mikey, you're going to go up to the guy and say that you're there to pick up the air cooling equipment that your boss ordered. I've hired a couple of laborers to come with you to bring the equipment back to us. The guard is going to tell you that there isn't an order and you are going to do whatever it takes to get him to give it to us."

"Finally, we are going to modify the ramp system of the TerraCorp ship in the landing bay. The goal is to open the ramp after they leave the station which will result in all of their cargo getting spaced. No one on the ship will be in danger since there are redundant airlocks. The ship is too big to do maneuvers to retrieve the spaced cargo so most, if not all, will get picked up by independents legally as it will be considered salvage. It might not be much, but it will piss the shit out of TerraCorp."

"Everybody knows what they need to do. Mikey and Slammer you spend as much time with Diego as you need to make sure you know how to hack the financial system. I want everybody to get some rest tonight, so no trips into the station looking for booze and pussy. Also, no one messes with Mikey tonight, I want him well rested."

We all ate some dinner before we left the mess and then Slammer and I spent several hours with Diego until we knew exactly what to do when we got to the financial branch. When we were done, Jock came to get me and showed me to a cabin I hadn't seen before. My new clothes were there plus some sheets and towels. "For now, this is your cabin. You heard Cap, don't let any of the crew in, no matter what they say, and don't you go visiting any of their quarters." Then he was gone.

I stripped and laid down in my bunk but couldn't go to sleep. I reflected that over the last several months I had been using my body to earn money to escape Greenwood but that I also enjoyed what I had been doing. Even after all the men I had been with earlier, the Colonial Fleet men plus the men at 'Hole Sale', being around the crew of the Phoenix just made me want more. I was tempted to go to Slammer or Turk's cabins but thought better of it based on what Captain Bishop and Jock had said. Instead I decided, which I'm sure was a big mistake, to sneak off the ship and wander around the other ships, like I used to do in Greenwood, and see if someone wanted their cock taken care of.

I put on one of my new pair of shorts and the shirt that really wasn't much more than string. I looked out of my cabin door and didn't see anyone, so I creeped down the galley way toward the rear of the ship and the ramp. As with almost all ships in the landing area the ramps were left down. Each ship probably had a system like our Babe that would sound an alarm if someone entered the ship not on the ship's roster.

It wasn't really that late, a lot of the men that I saw were headed for the people movers, probably going to look for fun on some other level, however, some men were just standing or sitting near their ships talking to fellow crew or someone from one of the other ships. I was amazed by the difference in ships, both in size but also on how the outer hulls looked. Some were pristine while others were covered with nicks and peeling paint. Some crew were in sharp uniforms while others looked more like the men on the Phoenix, just wearing clothes they were comfortable in.

I walked behind one ship that looked a lot like the Phoenix but smaller. A couple of the crew were sitting on the ramp drinking an amber colored liquid out of a bottle. Both men were shirtless and wearing well-worn pants and boots. The way their ship was oriented, their ramp faced away from all the other ships, providing privacy. Like most of the crew members I had seen on independent ships they were in great shape due to their physical labor. One man was dark with hair covered pecs while the other man was a pale and smooth blonde. Both men appeared tall, maybe just shy of 2 meters, and each were carrying at least 100 kilograms. The dark man had rugged features and looked like his nose had been broken several times. The pale blonde had almost perfect features, he could have been one of the images of the virtual men that had changed outfits in the window of the clothing store. The two men were having an animated conversation until they saw me and then the conversation stopped. I took my time walking past them. I don't know which man said it, but I heard one of them say "Check out that ass." I slowed my pace and listened.

"I see it. I gotta get laid again before we leave tomorrow. It's going to be almost a week before our next landing. I thought I was going to get lucky with that chick at the bar last night but she blew me off for another guy."

"I can't believe we got stuck with watch duty on our last night here. Those lucky sons of bitches are probably getting their knobs polished right now on one of the lower levels."

I turned back around too walk back in front of them. As I did, I realized that they both looked a lot like the guys my Dad and I used to watch on the vid screen when I was a kid. Big guys in skimpy bathing suit like things that would slam each other around while people cheered. The men stopped talking and just watched me walk by. I could feel their eyes follow me when I passed them. I went past the corner of the ship and stopped to listen.

"Whadda ya think man, is the little guy looking to party?" I took a bit of offense, I wasn't that little.


I turned back and began walking in front of them again. The dark haired guy was rubbing a hand over the stubble on his face, "Hey, you, you wanna join us for a drink?" He held up the bottle of amber liquid.

"Sure", I walked over to them.

The blonde guy slapped his hand on the ramp between the two of them. "Take a load off." I sat down, the dark haired guy handed me the bottle and I took a swig and immediately began to cough.

The dark haired guy said, "Not use to the hard stuff, huh?" I coughed a few more times but didn't reply.

Finally I said, "No, I'm very used to hard stuff" and put a hand on each of their crotches.

"Nice, that's what we were hoping." My fingers worked to open the front of their pants, they wiggled around to make sure I was able to pull their cocks free. I started stroking both cocks. "Mmmmmm.....that feels nice, you live here on the Obama?"

Tightening my fingers while I stroked, "Nah, this is my first time here."

"God damn......you do that well. You visiting on one of the private ships?"

"No, I'm on the Phoenix."

Both men tried to get out of the grasp of my fingers but I got them to the point that they didn't try to hard. "No shit......those are some pretty hardcore dudes."

"Yeah, and they have some other pretty hard things too, like the two of you."

The dark haired man leaned back on his elbows and I took that as a clue. While still stroking the blonde guy, I bent at the waist and started to lick the dark guy's cock head. "Fuck......." I sucked on the head of his dick a bit before turning my attention to the blonde guy's cock with my mouth while still stroking the dark haired guy's cock. I continued going back and forth between each dick, taking a bit more into my mouth each time. The dark haired guy was the first to break, "I'm getting close...." I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth, clamped my lips just under his crown and used my tongue to tease him across the finish line. He raised his ass off of the ramp and filled my mouth. I continued to suck to the point that he actually pushed me off his cock he was so sensitive.

The entire time I was sucking the dark haired guy's dick dry, I continued to stroke the blonde's cock. Watching his friend shoot his load into my mouth was just enough to bring him to the point of no return. I moved my mouth and rammed my mouth over his cock until it was deep in my throat just in time. I could feel several strong strings of cum hit the back of my throat and slide down. I slowly raised my lips up his shaft and squeezed the last few drops on to my tongue.

When I pulled off the blonde's cock, someone spoke up, "Well, it looks like you two did the most with your duty time." I looked up from the two cocks and saw a man standing over us with his arms crossed. He could have been the dark haired guy's twin. Nobody said a word as the new man pulled out his cock, "They say the third time is a charm." I couldn't resist.

At some point, drunk on cum, I snuck back onto the Phoenix, went to cabin and went to sleep. The next thing I remember is Babe's voice, "Mikey, it's time to get up." She kept repeating herself until I got out of my bunk. I took a shower, shaved and get dressed. I chose the pants that changed from transparent to color and the cropped shirt, hoping that it would work. I had just finished when someone filled my doorway, it was Slammer. He looked hot in a pair of brown leather pants and a loose white shirt that was unbuttoned. The pants left no doubt about what he was packing, besides the stunner I'm sure he had stuffed in the back of his pants.

"You ready Pretty Boy? Let's rock and roll." We left the ship and headed to the people mover to get up to level 33. We stepped on the people mover and when I stood still my pants became transparent. "Shit, if the pencil pusher at the financial place doesn't want your ass, I'll take it again."

It wasn't that far from the people mover to the TerraCorp branch. As soon as we walked through the door I could tell that the guy behind the desk wasn't going to be interested in me, he couldn't take his eyes off of Slammer, especially since from where he was sitting he had almost a direct line of site to what was behind Slammer's leather pants. Slammer had to cough to get the guy to look up.

"Sorry, how can I help you gentlemen?" I had no idea how Slammer was going to play this.

"I'd like to make a deposit."

"Um...okay, I just need your credit stick to access your account and how the deposit is going to be made."

Slammer brushed his hand across the obvious outline of his cock. "It's not my credit stick that you want and you know exactly what kind of deposit I'm talking about."

"Uh...sir, I don't think I can help you."

Slammer put both hands on the desk that man was sitting behind and got right into the man's face. "I disagree, I think you do want to help me and that you will do everything you can do to help me. Who knows, if you're really good at helping me, I might have to make two deposits. Do I have your attention now? Can you help me?"

The man behind the desk, who was a gangly man that I wouldn't look twice at, said, "Ugh, I would love, I mean really love, to help you, but I can't leave my desk."

Slammer put an arm around my shoulders, "That's why I brought my friend here. He'll be more than happy to sit behind your desk while we go in back and handle my deposits."

"Sir, I don't think that's possible."

I couldn't believe it when Slammer hauled his cock out of his pants and bounced it off the desk. "Is that still your answer?"

The guy behind the desk looked around, back at Slammer's dick and then at me. "Anyone comes in, you tell them know I'll be right back. Don't try to do any transactions and most importantly, don't close the door, if you do, the other branches higher up will be notified and will know something is wrong." The guy got up from his desk and turned to the door that was behind him. He placed his hand on a scanner and opened the door. I almost laughed out loud when Slammer saw the guy's flat ass and gave a silent moan. Slammer followed him through the door and I got behind the desk. Slammer was going to take one for the team.

When the door behind me closed I waved my hand over the top of the desk and the virtual keyboard appeared below my hands. I started typing in the key strokes that Diego had taught Slammer and me. Images appeared before me and I manipulated the accounts. From behind the door I started to hear gagging sounds and Slammer saying "Take it cocksucker!" I knew that the clock was ticking down so I let my fingers fly between the virtual keyboard and the images in front of me. From behind me I heard, "You better swallow it all bitch".

I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I didn't notice that someone was standing in front of me. I swiped my hand making the two virtual screens disappear. "Can I help you?" It was a TerraCorp security guard.

"I thought Jack was working today."

"He is, he just needed to step away for a minute so I'm covering the desk."

"I've never seen you before." At that moment from behind the door, we both heard, "Oh yeah, fuck me...fuck me harder." The guard went behind me and opened the door, I turned and we both saw Jack bent over a table while Slammer slammed.



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