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The five of us stepped off the people mover. As it glided back down, the five of us stood in a small, white room. There were no doors or windows. Rhett but his hand against the wall in front of us, it shimmered and then disappeared. We were in a large space that had floor to ceiling windows on three sides. From our vantage point, it looked as if we were at the highest point in Bagnio. Even though it was light out, three moons of different sizes were clearly visible. I didn't think that I had ever seen a vista such as what was in front of me. I remember a moon on Earth. Greenwood was pretty much flat except where trees had taken root during the terraforming, but they were few and far between. Even the view from the screen on the bridge of the Phoenix as we had approached the space station hadn't prepared me for what I was looking at now. I could see buildings, I could see vast amounts of green spaces, and there were small vessels filling the sky moving between different buildings or the landing area. Neither Rhett nor the three men he had chosen to join us seemed impressed. I assumed that they had seen it all before.

When I could finally move my eyes from the view, I glanced around the space we were in. It was like the main space in Rhett's private ship, the Archer. Large, comfortable looking pieces of furniture in various shades of white and cream. Statues of naked men that would change position every few minutes. Several tables covered with, what I assumed was, a variety of foods like I had never seen before. There was so much of it, more than the five of us would ever be able to eat.

From out of nowhere, an incredibly handsome, shirtless man, who looked like he could be a vid star, appeared with a tray. "It's good to see you again, Mr. Sinclair, it's been too long." There was a touch of sarcasm in his voice.

"You know how it is, all the God damn social events and charity functions I have to attend. They really cut into my time having to fly between planets."

"I'm sure they do." The man lowered the tray in front of Rhett, "I have some of your favorite Earth scotch."

Taking the glass, "Not much of this left anymore, I'm going to be annoyed if I have to find a new favorite drink. I'm going to have to talk to my father about trying to produce a decent scotch on one of the colonies. Such a bother."

"I'm sure. Is there anything else you need?"

"Just make sure the halo system is on. I'll let you know if I need you or anything else."

"Of course."

Rhett took his scotch and sat down in a large, comfortable looking chair. "You", he pointed to the guy, who like me, was wearing an article of clothing that didn't cover his ass, "Get over here." The man walked over to Rhett and was instructed to sit between Rhett's legs.

"You two", he was directing his comment to the two men whose cocks were on display, "Show me how large you both are."

"Mr. Cartwright, before the night is over, I'm going to fuck you for lying about being my assistant. It's not about the money, or whatever you're planning to do with the cooling equipment you in essence stole from my father, but it's because I never hire an assistant without knowing how they are going to take care of me."

The other two male hookers each had been stroking their cocks until both stood large and proud. While the smaller of the two men had a slightly smaller cock than the bigger guy, his looked bigger because of him being shorter.

Rhett had some sort of control panel in the chair in which he was sitting. He touched something and the images of the two men's cocks, and only their cocks, appeared in the center of the room while Rhett had them swirling around. "You choose Mr. Cartwright, which cock is going to be the first to enter your ass?" The images were amazing, somehow, the cameras or other technology was showing each dick in minute detail, the veins, the skin, the glans. Rhett also kept changing the size of them images as they moved around making it difficult to figure out which cock belonged to which man. When I attempted to look at the men, Rhett stopped me and said I couldn't look at them, just at the images.

"Maybe this will help", Rhett brought one of the images within in inches of my face and then even slower and closer so that the image of the dick was touching my lips even though nothing was there. He did the same with the other image. All this time, Rhett hand been rubbing a hand over the large bulge in his leather pants. The boy between his legs, kept looking from the bulge, up to Rhett's face, and then the images. "So which will it be, Mr. Cartwright, it's time to choose." I pointed at the one that had a small freckle on the underside of the head. "You", Rhett pointed to the taller of the two men, "Go sit in one of the chairs behind me and watch the show." The images disappeared.

Rhett started to unbutton the snaps of his cod piece and then told the boy to finish the job. Snap by snap the boy undid Rhett's pants until he had completely removed it. The bulge hadn't been caused by the piece of leather but by a rather large cock that had been hidden beneath. "Cartwright", Rhett bellowed, "I want you to do whatever I have the boy do to me to the man next to you."

An image of Rhett's dick and the boy's face appeared in the center of the room. Rhett whispered something to the boy and on the image I saw the boy start to lick Rhett's balls. When I did the same to man with the freckle our image appeared alongside the other image. If it wasn't for the freckle on my man's cock, no one would be able to tell whose tongue was in what image. I don't know how Rhett was able to do it, but the perspective of both images kept changing so that we saw them both from multiple angles.

I wasn't sure if it was the boy's ability to use his tongue or the result or Rhett watching the two images but his cock grew. In the image, it looked like it was 5 feet long. The dick that I was working was still mostly limp and the image was sort of sad. "Cartwright, you better be able to do better than that, I'll even give you a hand. Jeeves, or whatever your name is, get out here."

"Yes, Sir." The man just appeared out of nowhere and didn't seem at all surprised to see the images of two huge cocks floating in the center of the room.

"I obviously over paid for the man who is being serviced by Mr. Cartwright, he can't even get it up. Give him something or send him on his way."

"Right away." The man disappeared again and they came back and handed the man with the freckle I was with a small glass of some liquid. Freckled man drank it down and I watched his real cock and the image of his cock start to grow as I continued to lick his balls. While his dick was growing back to the impressive size I had seen before, his breathing became labored and he started to sweat. Without any warning both his dick and his body went limp.

"Get him out of here and let your boss know that I expect a full refund for that man, worthless, absolutely worthless." As "Jeeves" pulled the freckled man away, Rhett pointed to the other man he had purchased and waved him over to me. "I hope that you can do better than your colleague." He obviously could because his large cock was hard as rock as I began to lick his balls. "Now that's much better."

Rhett continued to manipulate the images to the point that it looked like two dicks in front of us. The images, although freakishly large, were so clear I felt like I could reach out and touch both of them. Rhett whispered something to the boy who then began to just barely lick the vein on the underside of Rhett's cock. I followed suit and soon the images showed both cocks and our tongues.

Rhett took a drink of his scotch and announced, "Isn't the sight of two cocks, hard and ready to release the seeds of life simply majestic." Rhett whispered something to the boy and in the image I saw that he had taken the head of Rhett's dick into his mouth so I did the same with the large cock I was servicing. It was disconcerting to see myself give a blow job to the guy while I was also watching the image of Rhett and the boy. To watch both cocks enter our mouths while feeling the cock within my mouth was surreal.

The scene continued for several minutes with the images of our mouths bobbing on the giant cocks. The actual dick in my mouth felt good. The man knew how to fuck someone's face and I was doing my best in return. When I glanced at the image, I could see a hand on top of the boy's head holding it down on Rhett's dick. The guy I was servicing did the same and I felt his dick enter my throat. The kid had started to gag but Rhett wouldn't let him pull off. On the image I could see the kid's saliva ooze out of his mouth as he started to struggle for breath. "Well Mr. Cartwright, it seems that you can do much better than this waste of space kneeling in front of me." Rhett pulled the kid's head from his cock and must have told him to stroke it since it was now covered in saliva. I pulled off the cock I was working and started to stroke it. Rhett manipulated the images again so that it looked like the tips of both cocks were touching, I could even see that both dicks were starting to leak precum.

"Let's see our cum shoot." The kid and I both picked up our stroking speed. "You getting close big boy?"

"I can cum on cue Mister, just tell me when."


I watched the image of the two giant cocks send geysers of spunk into the air and then felt the big guy's fall back onto both him and me.

"Don't waste a drop boys." The kid starting licking the cum off of Rhett and his own hand and arm and I did the same. Rhett leaned back into his chair. "Jeeves, Jeeves!"

"Sir, my name is Jax."

"Whatever, bring me and the big guy over there some of my special stash. We both need to be really hard when we fuck these two." Jax disappeared and came back with a small container that Rhett inhaled from and then waved him away. The big guy I was with declined saying that he didn't need any help getting and staying hard. Rhett did not seem too pleased with the statement.

Rhett's cock started getting hard again as did the big guy's. "Mr. Cartwright, how would you like to be fucked by the big guy? It's your choice. I'll fuck this boy here the same way and we can all watch both happening. Then I'll decide how I want to fuck you and the big guy can do the same to the boy. Now doesn't that sound fun?" I just stared at him. "Decide!" I put my arms against the chair that the big man had been sitting, exposing my ass. Rhett nudged the boy with his foot and told him to do what I had done. Images of our asses started swirling around the center of the room. Soon the images included the cock heads of both Rhett and the big guy brushing against our holes. "Fucking awesome!"

We all must have heard a noise at the same time and turned to the wall of the room we had entered when we got off the people mover. Jock and Slammer were standing there. "Sinclair, step away from the kid."

"Gentlemen, why the hell would I do that? I was just getting ready to slide my dick deep inside this kid and fuck him like he's never been fucked before and then I'm going to do the same to this other piece of ass. Now get the fuck out of here." Neither Slammer nor Jock moved. The images faded away and Rhett stepped away from the kid and stood naked in the center of the room. "Jeeves, get out here."

Jax appeared as if by magic again. "I told you my name was Jax." There was no sir this time.

"How did these two get in here?"

"I let them in."

"God damn it, I'm going to get you fired."

"It's too late for that, I've already resigned."


"And I informed the captain of the Archer that you were planning to stay a few weeks with us and that you requested they go to the colony where your father is currently is visiting. I sent the same message to your father. It's a long FTL jump, so even when they get there it will be a while before they come back."

"You son of a bitch."

"I've also arranged for some of my former colleagues that you've had fired to make sure you are well taken care of. They should be here shortly."

Rhett grabbed his clothes and started walking toward the people mover but Jock and Slammer stood in his way.

"Get out of my way."

Slammer showed Rhett that he had a stunner in his hand. "You're not going anywhere, you self-important prick. In fact you're going to stay in this suite for a while taking care of any man that comes up here. It didn't take our Captain hardly any time at all to get a long list of customers. It seems like there are quite a few men that dislike you enough that they are willing to pay quite a few credits for a shot at your ass and mouth. We're splitting the proceeds 50/50 with the proprietors of this establishment, so don't expect any help from them. They are pretty sick and tired of you as well. Oh, Jax here has made arrangements for vids of all the fun you're going to have over the next couple of weeks to be put on the net for all to enjoy. I'm sure you're going to make your father and TerraCorp very proud."

Rhett just stood staring at Slammer.

Jock turned to Jax, "Didn't you tell us that this suite has a special piece of furniture?" Jax went to a panel on the wall and touched a few buttons and a hammock like thing lowered from the ceiling of the suite. "We understand that you enjoy this particular item but this time you get to be in it."

"There is no......", Slammer raised the stunner again and Rhett got into the hammock. He was on is back. His put his feet into two small stirrups which rose causing his legs to rise and spread. His head hung off of the other end with his neck held in place.

Jax put on hand on my shoulder and the his other on the shoulder of the kid and moved us away from the center of the room, the big dude joined us. Slammer and Jock each went to one end of the hammock and undid the front of their pants. "Before we let the other men in, we just want to make sure that you're worth what we're charging."

Jock had pulled out his cock and was slapping it across Rhett's face. Slammer was between Rhett's legs and was rubbing the head of his cock against Rhett's hole. Rhett tried to struggle but it was no use, Jock grabbed Rhett's cheeks and told him to open up. Slammer held Rhett's legs still and started to push.

Slammer locked eyes with Jock and said, "And we don't even need anything to make our cocks hard." They both shoved their dicks deep into Rhett's openings. For at least 15 minutes, Slammer slammed and Jock tried to make his way into Rhett's lungs. Slammer asked Jock if he was ready, Jock said yes, and Slammer pulled out of Rhett's ass and walked to the other end of the hammock. Slammer turned to the big dude whose cock had hardened as he watched Rhett get spit roasted. "Hey Buddy, do you want to join us?" The big guy moved so he was close to Rhett's face at the same time that Jock pulled out of Rhett's mouth. Slammer asked Jax if he wanted to join them. Jax walked over pulling out his dick as he did. All four men started to furiously stroke. Jock was the first to let loose with several strong strings of cum which covered Rhett's face. That was all that was needed for the big guy, Jax and Slammer to let loose with their own loads, making the coating of spunk on Rhett's face thick. The poor rent boy looked like he didn't know what to do, grab one of the four cocks that were hanging out or lick off the cum on Rhett's face. Slammer crammed his still engorged cock back into his pants, "Come on guys, there's a line waiting to get in here." When we left the suite, there were already several men waiting to go in.

Before we got on the people mover, Jock asked the boy and the big guy what Rhett had paid them. They both stuck out their hands showing the figure on their palms. "Double the amount." Both men did and Jock placed a credit stick against their palms. "You guys deserve a lot more for having to deal with that dick." The two men left before us on the people mover.

I turned to Slammer and Jock, "What? How?"

"When Turk got back to the ship, he told us what happened. Cap was able to grease a few palms and find out that the Archer had come here so we followed. Even though this is a TerraCorp operation, there are enough employees that dislike them that we were able to do what we needed."

"But why?"

"Shit Mikey, you're a part of the Phoenix now. No man left behind. Especially a kid with the mouth and ass you have." I think I blushed, I couldn't remember when I had been a part of something before, not when I was on Earth or when I had been on Greenwood.

I turned to Jax, "What are you going to do?"

"Captain Bishop asked me to join your crew, he thinks I can civilize them."

Slammer laughed, "Like that's going to happen."

As we rode the people mover down to the lobby level, Jax ran his hand over my still exposed ass. "You know, you've got the best looking ass of anyone that the asshole ever brought to the suite." I blushed again.

Of course, Slammer had to add, "Wait until you try his mouth."

The four of us finally made it back to the Phoenix and walked up the ramp. No sooner were we at the top that it rose and secured and the ship lifted off the ground. When we reached the bridge, Captain Bishop told us to buckle in. When we had he gave Babe some coordinates and then said, "On my mark....3, 2, 1, engage." For a second we were all thrown against the back of our seats.

The coordinates were for a colony that was several days away by FTL. During that time, Jax did his best to clean and organize the common spaces on the ship but he didn't even try to straighten up anyone's cabin. Each night I would spend time with at least two crew members, including Jax, letting them know how much I appreciated what they were doing for me. Even though my ass and mouth were raw from the cocks they had serviced, one morning I stood in front of Captain Bishop's cabin door and knocked. "Come on in Mikey, we've waited long enough."


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