Over the next two months, I worked both Big Joe's and the landing area almost every day. The only days I didn't work was when sky hookers were on-planet. As the older woman had advised me, I used those days to relax, do research on my net interface or just watch some entertainment vid. I would exercise extra hard on those days to make sure I was keeping my body and ass hard.

I came to realize that it wasn't always the same group of sky hookers that came to our planet. Sometimes they were independents like the ones who were with the older woman who I now considered my mentor. Most of the time, however, the sky hookers worked for TerraCorp and charged higher prices than the independents. Getting screwed by TerraCorp had new meaning. I noticed that less of Greenwood's male population would go to Big Joe's if it was the TerraCorp sky hookers. I even noticed that TerraCorp sent security guards to Big Joe's to make sure nothing happened to the girls. There was always an undercurrent of animosity toward TerraCorp among the population of Greenwood, not only for abandoning us but for the prices they charged for housing and supplies. More and more rogue ships were landing in Greenwood with supplies and merchandise that we could buy, or barter, for less than TerraCorp charged, including sky hookers.

I soon noticed that I had the best luck at Big Joe's when a rogue ship or two was in port. It was usually crew members that were looking to get laid but found out that there weren't any sky hookers in town. Those were always good for making some credits. I even figured out that if there were several men who wanted me, but didn't have enough credits, I'd convince them to combine their credits and use me as a group. Some credits were better than no credits, and if I'm honest, I enjoy taking care of a group of horny men at the same time. Variety is the spice of life.

When there were no shuttles or rogue ships, I realized that I got little or no business from the locals. I didn't know if it was because the men had seen me around town or if they didn't want to be seen with me now that it was pretty obvious that I was a cum slut and a whore. I learned that on those days I should just head to the landing area where the engineers who did repairs or the men who did refueling were just sitting around waiting for the next ship or shuttle to arrive. I'd make sure that everyone saw me and then I would make my way to the bathroom and wait. I would usually get two or three guys that wanted me to feed off of their cocks and sometimes one or two might even want to fuck me. In an attempt to increase business, I lowered my price, thinking of it as the "local rate", and I did get an extra guy or two.

On one of those kind of days, I went into the john and waited. The guy who had trimmed my miner's shirt and pants came in and went into one of the two stalls. Thinking he was just using the toilet, I leaned against a wall waiting for another man to come in.

"Kid, go into the other stall." It was the man in the stall. I went into the empty stall and noticed that a hole had been cleanly cut in the metal partition. It had to have been this man because he was the one with the torch. While I was looking at the stall, the man stuck his hard dick through the hole. I knew what he wanted. I told him a price and stuck my credit stick through the hole alongside his throbbing cock. "Kid, here's the deal. I'll spread the word that if anyone wants their cock sucked, all they have to do is come in here. There are some guys that don't want you to know who they are so they've stayed away. It's even some of the guys that have wives. They're afraid you're going to talk or even blackmail them."

"I wouldn't do that."

"I know that but they don't. I'll let 'em all know what the cost is, and I'd recommend keeping it low so that they keep coming back. I'll tell them to enter the cost onto their credit sticks and that when the get in here that they should stick their stick in with their other stick (he laughed at his own joke). You touch your stick to theirs and then you get your mouth on their other stick. In return, anytime you see my dick coming through the hole you take care of it for free. Do we have a deal?"

"Yeah." We discussed a price that he thought would work that I was okay with.

"Make sure you get to know my cock really good so you'll remember it next time."

I grabbed the man's cock, at least as much as he had pushed through the hole, and licked the whole thing, making sure that I learned every vein. I paid special attention to the small freckle that was on the right side of his dick. When I was sure I would remember, I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and circled the glans with my tongue. I pulled off his cock and tilted it up and used my tongue to tickle the V on the underside of his head. I could feel his cock actually vibrate in anticipation of more. Again, I sucked the head into my mouth and roughly scraped the bottom of the head with my tongue causing the man to start to squirm. "Come on Kid, I gotta get back out there." I moved my lips down the entire length of the cock until my nose was pressed against the metal partition. Once I was all the way down, I slide all the way back, letting his cock slip from my mouth and then immediately sucked it back in and slide down as far as the partition would let me. I could tell that the man grabbed the top of the partition and started to push and pull his cock through the hole while I moved in the opposite direction. "Aw fuck, you better get ready Kid." I pushed my face all the way to the partition and just let him control the movement of his cock. With a grunt the man filled my mouth with his load of sweet and salty man juice, a flavor I had come to love. Over the past two months I had learned how to get every drop and not let any escape my mouth. All of the men I had serviced seemed to really like that I swallowed all they had to give me.

The cock retreated through the hole and I heard the man leave his stall. I didn't have to wait too long for the next cock to come through the hole, but I didn't do anything until the credit stick also came through the hole. I came to know most of the cocks by the way they looked, filled my mouth and throat, and the taste of their cum. I never knew what cock went with what man but it really didn't matter, we both got what we wanted.

My routine became pretty regular. No ships or shuttles in port, I was in the bathroom sucking cock. When shuttles and ships were in port, I would be at Big Joe's. When the sky hookers were in town, I pretty much stayed in my apartment or went shopping for supplies.

Every couple of days, Junior would stop by. Sometimes he just wanted to watch a vid and beat off. Other times he wanted to watch a vid while I sucked his cock. Still other times we just fucked. It actually was a good thing, I got to try out new positions that I had found on my net interface. There wasn't a position I didn't like. Junior's visits also turned into us become confidants. I would tell him of my plans to buy a spot on an FTL TerraCorp ship to go back to Earth. He would tell me that he was afraid that he would never be able to leave. I tried, on a couple of occasions, to get him to work with me. He told me that he wouldn't ever suck a guy's cock or take it up his ass. I told him that based on some of the vids, that there had to be guys other than me that liked to suck and get fucked. I told him that there probably were some space cowboys that would want him to fill their holes with his cock but he was too concerned about what would happen if his father heard about it. I felt sorry for Junior. I also was worried about what would happen to him when I did leave. As much as I liked him, it was not going to stop me from leaving.

On one of my down days, when the sky hookers were in town, I started looking at what the price would be to get a spot on one the TerraCorp FTL transports. While I had amassed a pretty large sum of credits, more than I ever thought I would have, it was nowhere close to what I needed. TerraCorp based their price on what the potential revenue for the amount of cubic meters would be needed for a passenger to take space away from transporting resources. Since we were just a refueling or repair stop along the way, the space I would need to reserve would have to be kept empty from whatever moon or planet they had come from, which drastically increased the price. I researched ships that would be having stopovers in Greenwood and finally came to realize that it would take years for me to have enough credits to get back to Earth. Even if I couldn't get back to Earth quickly, I was determined to get off of the hell hole I had lived on for over two years.

When rogue ships, that I had learned were called "independents", were at port, and I was working Big Joe's, I would occasionally ask a crew member I had serviced if it was possible to get a ride to a moon, planet, or even a space station that was better than Greenwood. I was told over and over that TerraCorp or the other mega corporations went after any non-corporate ships that transported human cargo unless the passenger had the appropriate visas and travel documents, of which I had neither. When I asked if could join the crew, it usually resulted in a hearty laugh. The usual response was that I didn't have what it took to be a crew member on a rogue ship. I had to admit that I didn't look like most of the independent ships' crew members. They were usually big and burly, with highly muscled bodies from the hard work that they did both on and off their ships. They all had to be at least 1.85 meters and weigh a minimum of 99 kilograms. If some of them had been more handsome, they could have been the guys on the vids I had been watching that were plugging another guy's ass or feeding him their cocks.

I finally decided that the only way I was going to get off the dusty plant was as a stowaway on one of the independent ships. I figured that when they found out I was on the ship that they wouldn't want to waste fuel by returning to Greenwood. The worst they could do, and I doubted (hoped) they would, was throw me in an airlock and send me into space, but that would even be better than Greenwood.

On a day when there were a lot of independents at the port, which happened to be a day when the sky hookers weren't in town, I spent the better part of the day servicing one cock after another. As some of the space cowboys were in line, I listened to what they were saying about when they were planning to leave. I heard that one ship, the Phoenix, was leaving the next day at 1700 hours. That was going to be my ship. I thought it appropriate because I would rise out of the ashes that was Greenwood.

When the last of the men had stuck their cocks through the hole in the stall partition, I went out onto the landing area to find the Phoenix. It was a relatively small ship in comparison to most of the others and even the TerraCorp shuttles. As I watched, I counted 10 men working around the ship either loading or unloading cargo. Even with the dust, the men were shirtless. The dust covered their sweaty bodies and hair. It was just the paper face masks that covered their mouths and noses that acknowledged the every swirling dust in Greenwood.

With the exception of one man, they all seemed to be wearing pants that had the look of being part of a uniform. It made me wonder if they had either worked on TerraCorp ships or on a military ship before joining the crew of the Phoenix. The one man that was different was wearing a pair of brown leather pants. They must have cost a small fortune since there were very few cows either on Earth or the colonies. He appeared to be in charge even though he did his fair share of handling cargo. He was also the only one of the men who had covered his head. He had tied a bandana over his head, but I could tell that his hair was brown and wavy because it was on the long side. It looked like it had been a couple of days since he had shaved. I couldn't help but stare as his biceps flexed whenever he lifted cargo.

I finally broke away and returned to my apartment. I washed out my clothes and showered. While I was waiting for my clothes to dry, I fixed some food. I ate it while I did some research on the Phoenix on my net interface. From what I read, the Phoenix, and its crew, had been involved in several run-ins with TerraCorp and some of the other mega corporations. The ship had been banned from several of TerraCorp's colonies. The captain had been cited multiple times for transporting stolen items, liquor, sky hookers and other illegal items. The captain seemed to always pay any fines, but he had never served any time for his crimes, he and the Phoenix were just banned from the planets. I guessed Greenwood didn't have a problem with the various cargo he brought to us.

I did a little more research on the captain, Ty Bishop, and found lots of information. He was Earth born but had immigrated to one of the older, non-TerraCorp colonies. His family appeared to be pretty wealthy with homes on several planets and multiple companies that weren't affiliated with either TerraCorp or any of the other mega corporations. I was surprised to read that he was only 27. That seemed young for a captain. There were several stories that implied that he had won the Phoenix in a card game. I also came across some copies of receipts that seemed to indicate that Ty had modified the Phoenix including an FTL drive. The man definitely had access to money. Based on a picture I found, I didn't believe that Captain Bishop had ever been a customer of mine.

When my clothes were dry, I got dressed and went to Big Joe's for what I hoped would be my last loads of cum on Greenwood. When I arrived, I ran into Junior and his father. His father seemed a little taken aback by my outfit but I didn't care. I told Junior to be at my place at 1200 hours. With that accomplished I started working the room until I had my first customer, one of my regulars. He liked to fuck me hard. He never wanted a blow job, he just wanted to slam his cock into me. When we got up to the room, we tapped our credit sticks and got right down to business. He liked to watch me take off my clothes and then help him with his. When we were both naked, he pushed me on the small bed on my back. He pushed my legs back until my ass was off of the bed. He spit at my hole and rubbed the saliva around with his cock until he thought I was ready. He pushed against my hole until his head popped through my ring. With his hands on the back of my knees he pushed until he was all the way deep in me. He slowly pulled back until his cock popped from my ass followed by plunging it back in. He gradually increased the speed of his actions until he was a pile driver. His cock never missed my hole and always hit my sweet spot. I was going to miss this customer. As always, when he knew he was going to come, he wouldn't let his dick pop out of my ass, he would keep the head just inside and fill my ass with his spunk. He would follow that by slowly sliding his cock back and forth in my ass until he couldn't take the friction any longer on the head of his cock. He pull out, used one of the towels that Big Joe supplied to me and the sky hookers, and put his clothes back on. I took the towel he used and wrapped it around my waist. When he left the room, I followed him out on the balcony and stood against the rail and watched my next customer come up the steps.

It must have been about 0500 when I went out on the balcony and there were no more customers. I put my clothes back on and went back to my apartment. I wanted to say goodbye to Big Joe, but I didn't want word to get out that I was leaving Greenwood. There was some small part of me that was going to miss him and my customers. They had all helped me make enough credits that I thought I could get a good start at whatever planet or moon I found myself.

Back at my apartment, I washed my clothes as I showered and got some sleep before Junior arrived at 1200. He was the only person that I told that I was leaving. I also told him that I had paid the rent on my apartment for the next year and gave him the key. At least he would have somewhere to get away from his father and beat off whenever he could. I also told him that I was leaving everything, including the vid screen and net interface, and he could do whatever he wanted to with the stuff. Besides my clothes, the only thing I was going to take with me was a holocube that was a picture of me and my parents just before we left Earth.

Before I left, I gave Junior head one last time and followed it with a fuck. It must have been the combination of the skills I had acquired plus what we saw on vids, but Junior had become a very good fuck and worked hard to make sure I enjoyed it.

I left the apartment, it wasn't mine anymore, with a bag filled with my clothes and toiletries and didn't look back. I stopped by one of the small stores that I heard sold stolen tech and paid a hefty amount for a personal pad with a net interface embedded in the device. I stuffed the pad into my bag and went to the Phoenix.

I had observed that crews from a lot of the independent ships would go into town for one last meal and probably a couple of drinks before they lifted from the planet. Even though most of the independents were probably thieves, the old saying about honor among thieves held true, none of the ships secured their loading ramps when they went into town. From what I had found out about the Phoenix, it was especially true, Caption Bishop had quite a reputation for retribution.

I waited until no one appeared to be looking toward the Phoenix and I ran up the ramp. I found a place that was hidden by cargo that had been lashed down. When I heard the crew return, I held my breath as they walked by my hiding place. I heard the ramp raise and lock into place while I felt the engines engaging. While I didn't know for sure, I thought the Phoenix had begun rising from the ground based on the noise and vibrations. It wasn't long after that the Phoenix accelerated out of orbit with such force that I got thrown into some of the cargo boxes and must have been knocked out.

The next thing I remembered was someone's booted foot tapping against my side. I opened my eyes and saw one of the crew looking down at me. From where I was lying on the deck, the man looked even bigger and taller than he was. The man was only wearing a pair of very tight underwear that showed off his manhood. The lack of clothes made sense because it was hotter than Greenwood inside the ship. The man touched his ear and said, "Hey Cap, I think you need to come down to the cargo area, there's something you need to see."

"Be there in a few."

The guy that was standing over me leaned back against one of the cargo containers and crossed his muscled arms across his massive chest. Neither of us said a word. I heard footfalls and turned my head to see Captain Bishop standing over me as well. He didn't have the bandana on anymore and his wavy hair was covering his right eye and he pushed it away. He, too, was wearing a pair of briefs. Sweat was sliding off his pecs and running down his defined abs.

"Who the hell is this?"

"Don't know Cap, but it does explain why our weight was slightly off compared to what we on loaded."

Captain Bishop wiped some of the sweat from his chest and then from his forehead. He wiped his hands on his briefs. The bulge in his briefs was as impressive, if not more, than his crew member. The way that his cock was hanging in the right leg, it was causing the elastic around his thigh to actually be pulling away.

"Christ, like we don't have enough problems with the life support systems going crazy. We couldn't get the part we needed at Greenwood but we ended up with another problem."

The big crew member had picked up my bag and was rifling through it. He pulled out my cut off miner's shirt and pants. "I'll be damned, I think I know who this is."


"I think he's the pretty pussy boy that was working at the dive in Greenwood."

"No shit. What's your name kid?"

"Michael.....I mean Mikey."

"Okay Mikey, you're lucky to be alive, if we had jumped already, you would just a smear of blood and guts. I'm going to have to deal with you later, it's almost time to engage the FTL and I need to get back to the bridge. Mooch, take him to one of the jump couches and make sure he's strapped in. You've got about 10 or 15 minutes before the countdown starts." Captain Bishop walked away.

Mooch picked me up by putting his hand in my underarm with enough force that I wasn't even touching the ground. He dragged me along with one hand while he carried my bag in his other hand. We ended up in an area that was empty except for about four chairs that looked something like recliners. Mooch dropped me in one and shoved my bag into some netting that lined the walls of the room. He buckled a belt around my waist and then crossed some other belts across my shoulders and pecs. He pulled belts over each of my feet and then tilted the chair back so I was almost lying down.

Mooch moved around until he was behind my head. I watched as he pushed the front of his underwear down exposing what had been making such an impressive bulge. He stroked it above my head until it was hard. He pushed a button and the chair reclined even more. He rubbed the head of his cock along my lips. It was sweaty like the rest of his body. "Open up, pussy boy, we don't have much time." I opened my mouth and he pressed his cock into my mouth. At the angle I was seated, his cock easily entered my throat. I couldn't do anything since I was belted in, so Mooch used my mouth and throat as he wanted.

An alarm sounded, I heard Captain Bishop's voice, "On my mark, in 30." Mooch started rocking his hips and then leaned over and put his hands on the arms of my chair and started plunging his cock faster and faster. "20". Mooch was grunting. "15". Mooch pulled his cock from my mouth and shot multiple strings of cum over my body before jumping into the chair to the right of me and strapping himself in. "In 10. Mooch where are you?"

"I'm good."

"5, 4, 3, 2, engage."

I felt like the insides of my body were trying to escape through the top of my head. To my right I heard, "Yee Ha!" I passed out again.


Be Well,


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