****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV**********************

Room 710, Leighton Residence Hall Harmony University,

After Grace stormed off to meet the man that we were certain was responsible for the death of Lance, weeks ago we tried to call her phone several times for what felt like hours but she didn’t answer her phone…..Not even once. And we called her phone an enumerable amount of times but it just kept going straight to voicemail. After a while we decided to go visit her place but her roommate informed us that she was still out so we decided to go over to the Zeta house.

But she wasn’t there either so after what felt like several hours of searching the entire campus and several parts of downtown Harmony we finally decided that we had to rest. So we each decided to go back to our places so that we could have some much needed sleep. But I promise you no one got any sleep that night; all of us knowing that we had practically sent off an innocent girl into the arms of a killer.

I know I didn’t get any sleep that night. All I could think about was what I could have done or what I could have said to make Grace stay with us and avoid that guy. That strange, strange guy with the really big dick.

“I hope Grace is alright.” I sighed, as I plopped down on to Eric’s bed. The bed I had been spending the last several weeks in because my actual place was not a place I could sleep comfortably ever since my roommate had found out Eric and I were married. So I was sleeping here because not only would I be at peace it made Eric happier. Solely because it provided him with easy access as he so elegantly described it.

“I really wish she had listened to us and went home with us.” I cried. “Or at least I wish she had let us meet this guy she was with. Because I would really hate for something to happen to her when I could have done more to help her……I would feel so bad…”

“Babe don’t even,” Eric interrupted. Puffing out his chest as he tried to reassure me. “IF……and I do mean ‘if’ anything happens to Grace it will in no way be your fault.”

“But I could have done something. I could have warned her about this guy. I might have been able to convince her if only I had spoken up.” I continued. “Everything points to this guy that she’s going to go see tonight being the one responsible for the murder of Lance.”

“A pic of the guy’s dick was on Lance’s phone…..You and I both saw the dick it was very same one that Haley showed us on Grace’s phone. Those guys are the same.”

“And if they are?” Eric shrugged, unmoved. “Baby that has nothing to do with you or I. Baby you are a very caring person and that is what I love the most about you. But sometimes you can be too caring especially when it comes to people that you barely know…..”

“Baby, you barely even know Grace but yet you are getting all upset over something that might not even be. We have no idea who the guy Grace is with tonight. We only know that he and the guy who killed Lance have dicks that look alike.”

“But Eric.” I protested. “What if?”

“No buts,” Eric ordered, as he placed a finger over my lip. Then he proceeded to kiss the side of my face……”Baby I don’t want to talk Grace or Lance. They don’t concern us. All I want to do is have some alone time with you.”

“I know you’re worried about Grace but I think you should just relax and let me help you get your mind off of worrying over nothing. Baby I’m not just saying this because I’m horny. Don’t get me wrong, because waking up next to you every night is amazing and seeing you laid across my bed does get me hard.” Eric smiled absentmindedly grasping his cock.

“But I want to help you relax…….ease your mind, and show you how much I love and appreciate every little thing that makes you special.” Eric continued, as he slowly undid his zipper. “All things that a husband should do for the man that he loves.”

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV**********************

Room 710, Leighton Residence Hall Harmony University,

Bending over on my bed I reached around and took Michael’s cock in my hand and started stroking it from behind. I wasn’t ready for that thing to go up my ass. It was an inch shorter than mine, but it was still huge as shit; especially when it’s going up a tight hole. It had been a while since I had had that thing up my ass so I prepared myself by spitting on my fingers and working a few of them, first one, then two and then a third into my asshole. To loosen myself up I also added some lube and after that I was good to go.

I aimed Mike’s huge nine incher at my puckering hole and pushed my ass onto it. “AUGHHHH!” I cried out. It was a force a habit for me really because I knew that after all those weeks of topping only it wasn’t going to hurt like a bitch. But god it felt good….

I mean having Michael’s cock inside me felt so good. I mean I can’t even describe it to you. It made me feel all warm inside and oddly enough it also made me feel safe. Despite the fact that I’m several inches taller than him not to mention bigger and stronger. There’s just something about having my husband’s cock in my ass that makes me feel like I’m in heaven

I gradually pushed myself deeper onto Mike’s pole, forcing him to skewer me with his meat stick. Once he was balls deep in my ass I had certainly been stretched to the limit. “Oh shit OH SHIT!!! YEEAAAAAH!!!” I yelled partly from pain and partly from sheer pleasure out shaking the entire room.

“God your cock hurts!” I cried. “But it feels so fucking good.” Most times when Mike and I made love I topped but every now and then I would bottom. But every time I did it felt so fucking good….pain aside. I mean my husband is definitely a team player and he’s stronger then he looks. Especially when it comes to taking dick like a champ.

People always talk about how I got such a great ass……I think that all the sports and gym-time I did in high school definitely had something to do with giving me a bubble-butt. And my butt certainly has a lot of toned muscles in it. Muscles that I used to squeezed and massage Mike’s cock buried inside of me in an effort to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me.

“Oh god Oh GOD! OH GOD!!!” Mike cried. “God your ass it’s sucking on my cock like a freaking vacuum!”

Once he said this I smiled. And then I started opening up a little more, it was if I was taking shit only the shit was nice long dick that wasn’t coming out but it was instead going up my ass.

“YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” I cried out, as he drilled me.

“Baby are you alright? Do you want me to slow down?” Mike asked. “Does it hurt?”

“No I want you go faster.” I cried hoarsely

"YEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!" I screamed again. “Babe it hurts………but the pain doesn’t even compare to how wonderful it feels to have you inside me. Hell it hurts like crazy!”

The pain was getting so intense for me that I was keeping my eyes closed so that I could focus on how pleasurable it was for me. Bottom line (excuse the pun) I need to bottom more. Like pronto.

A few seconds later Mike pulled his cock out of my ass and flipped me over onto my side so that we could face each other as we made love. He loved making love as we gazed into each other’s eyes. It was so hot…… But for that split second when his cock wasn’t inside me I felt so empty.

Looking up at him I saw that he was smiling down at me. He looked at me with so much love that I couldn’t help but grab hold of his head and pull him in for a quick peck on the lips. “I love you babe!”

Pushing myself up and down on his dick I started humping upwards as Mike fucked me. It was partly to get off and partly to loosen my ass a little…….because after a few minutes of that meat stick I was still in pain. If I would have known my ass would have gotten this tight again I would have been bottoming every single night. Because the pleasure feels so fucking good.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” I moaned as I really started to hump myself on Mike’s big dick. The gyrations added to Mike’s downward thrusts into my ass caused me reach orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh Fuuuuuuccck!!!” I screamed from the top of my lungs as my cock exploded spewing cum all over my abs and all over Michael’s stomach. “OHHHH FUCK! I’m cummmmmmming!!!”

Some of my load managed to hit Mike in the chin. “Damn that was hot as hell!” I cried, as I continued to fire shoot round after round of cum all over both our sweaty naked bodies. Even after I had emptied my balls all over the place my cock was still hard and throbbing. This had something do with the fact that there was nice long dick still wedged in my ass. In the midst of my own wonderful ejaculation I had failed to realize that Mike had not shot his load yet. Believe I would have known if he had came. Because when he orgasms he gets this look on his face and he makes this sound that is almost animalistic. Its so fucking hot not to mention super cute.

Once I had shot my load the excruciating pain that I had been feeling all but went away…..giving way to the intense pleasure. So I once that happened I really started to fuck myself on his dick and he was loving every minute judging from the looks on his face.

Finally after pushing up and down on his cock…… I saw that look on his face and I knew he was about to cum. That made me start to hump even faster.

"HOLY SHHHIIIIT!!!” he screamed as his whole body shuddered as he started to shoot his load deep into my waiting ass. “HOT DAMN!”

“SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” he roared loudly as he continued to ram his cock up my tight hole. He was firing so much cum into my ass that some of it was leaking out onto my bed. As he came I looked up at his face and saw the wondrous looks on his face. The facial expressions that turned me on when he was on other of this thing called sex and taking my cock.

Grabbing my cock I started jerking it and soon enough I shot my load for the second time that night. I had already cum about five minutes ago and now I was cumming again. I yelled out from sheer pleasure as I shot about three or four times all over Michael’s rippling abs, coating them once more cum.

“Damn you made me cum twice!” I laughed….”That was so fucking hot!”

“Oh baby you can say that again.” He smiled. He had a pretty big grin on his face that made him look like a sexy little devil. My sexy little devil.

****Scene 3: Kayla’s POV**********************

Student Commons, Harmony University,

The night we found out that Grace was seeing the man possibly responsible for the murder of Lance we couldn’t sleep. Because no sooner had we told Grace of our suspensions of her friend with benefits she rushed over to see him. We called her and she never responded so we went to sleep wondering what had happened to her. And I woke up the following morning with an uncertain feeling…..The feeling like something bad was about to happen. I knew it was something serious but it was something that I could not even put my foot on.

The next morning as Haley, Charlotte and I got ready for our classes we each left a different voicemail on Grace’s phone. All of them stressing just how urgent and important it was for her to contact as soon as possible. So that we could at least hear her voice and know that she was alright.

“Anything?” Haley said, glancing up from her phone and looking in my direction. “All I could do was leave a voicemail for her….because every time I call her phone it just keeps going to voicemail.”

“I already know.” I replied. “I tried calling her phone several times last night and then several more times this morning before you two got up. But still no answer…..”

“Ok ladies why don’t we just head on over to class.” Charlotte suggested. “Grace is in one of my classes, I’m sure she’s just getting ready for class so that’s why she can’t answer our call.”

“I’m certain that’s what it is.” Charlotte added. I don’t know if she was trying to convince us or herself, her voice not sounding at all as reassuring as she would have liked it to be.

“Ok let’s go,” Haley sighed. “We can meet up with the guys on the way to class. And we can ask them if they had any luck in making contact with Grace.”

We learned much to our worry that they had also failed to make contact with Grace. This caused us to worry. We had hoped that with all these people trying to get in contact with her, one of us would have been able to reach her but sadly no luck. No luck at all…..

“Guys I think we should go over to the police station and report Grace missing.” I suggested…..”If the police get involved they might be able to actually find her. Because we haven’t been able to have any luck…

“We can’t do that it hasn’t been twenty-four hours yet. The police wouldn’t even take us serious they would just say that were worrying for nothing or that our suspensions were unfounded.” Haley scoffed. “You know how the police are? One of them is your mother…..”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I shot back.

“Nothing…..” Haley replied. “I’m just as worried as the rest of you but we can’t just go around blowing this out of proportion when there might not even be anything wrong….She might just be laying low…….because…..she.” Haley started to say something but then she let out as cry as she tripped over something sticking out of the bushes in the Quad.

“Oh MY GOD!!!” Haley yelled as she looked down at her feet. “Guy what colour was the dress that Grace was wearing the other night!?!”

“What do you mean?” Kevin blurted.

“Yeah Haley you’re starting to scare me.” Charlotte added. “What does Grace’s dress have anything to do with her whereabouts?”

“Everything….” Haley declared, as she pointed down at her feet.” Look isn’t that the dress that Grace was wearing last night?”

“Yeah, I think it is.”

“And look.” Haley continued, pulling the bush back to show that there was definitely something concealed in the bush. From the shape of it, it appeared to be body.

“Oh my god it can’t be!” I cried.

“It is….” Haley replied solemnly, a calm and serious expression plastered on her face. “It is her. I know it is.”

“Oh my god!!” I cried, slowly breaking down. “Why!? Why!? Why would someone do this to her? I know she could be annoying and obnoxious at times but that was no reason to hurt her.

“That monster hurt her because of us!” Charlotte. “He did this because of us. He did this because we were getting too close. He wanted to teach us a lesson. We have to let this go before one of us is next.”

“Charlotte are you crazy we can’t just let this go!” Haley yelled. “We owe it to Grace and to Lance to stop this mad man before he harms another person on this campus.”

After that all of our phones started to vibrate. We all glanced down at our phones and we all read the same threatening message that was sent to us. ‘Listen to your friend or else one of you might just be next on the chopping block!’

“Oh my god he’s watching us!!!” Charlotte cried. “I told you guys it was a bad idea to get involved but you guys wouldn’t listen…..You just wouldn’t listen.”

“Charlotte calm down, I have an idea that could be very beneficial to all of us.” I replied.

“What are you doing?” Charlotte asked uneasily looking directly at my phone.

“I’m calling the police. So that they can come and find out who the hell did this to Grace.” I replied.

“You can’t do that!” Charlotte cried out. “What if that guy overhears you and he decides to kill one of us. You guys might like having near death experiences but I don’t. I for one like being alive...”

“Oh it’s too late.” I replied. “Because I already called them and they’re on the way over there right now.

A few minutes later and the Quad was swarming with police officers and campus security (which evidently were not making the campus to safe). The police officers that arrived on the scene were the same two that had answered the call on Halloween night when Lance was called.

“We were called about a body? Being found somewhere around this area? Do you kids know anything about that?” the man asked. His name was Officer Harris I think.

“Yes,” I spoke up. “Yes I’m the one who called you guys. My friend Haley, that’s her right over there. She and I were walking to class with our friends when we almost tripped over something that sticking out of the bushes. She looked and then that’s when to our horror we discovered the body.”

“Where is it?” Officer Harris asked.

“Over there.” Jake pointed.

“My God!” Officer Ramirez blurted as she walked over to where we were standing mid-way between a bench and the bush where we had found Grace. She was the sassy African-American police officer that we had met almost a week or two ago when her and her partner had come to the PAK house.

“How is that every time Officer Harris and I get a call about a disturbance or a potential homicide you kids always happen to have something to do with it? And I’ve seen you’re face in the interrogation room more than a couple times.” She said as she pointed at Haley, who was framed for the attempted murder of Michael’s grandfather last year.

“All of you listen carefully. Because what I need is for all of you to come to down to the station with Officer Harris and I. Because my partner and I are going to have to ask you kids a few questions seeing as you just became involved in another homicide….

****Scene 4: Jake’s POV**********************

Interrogation Room, Harmony Police Station,

When the police officers arrived and questioned us about the body that we reported finding (which coincidently was Grace, a girl that we all knew) they eventually determined that we all needed to come down to the station so that we could be further questioned. Just my luck because all of us were sitting on a certain fact that could tie two recent homicides to each other.

So as a result we were all crammed into the two police squad cars we were driven to the police station. The ride to the police station was alright to say the least even if I was practically squished in the back with several other people squished right beside me.

Once we reached the police station Officer Ramirez and Officer Harris led all eight of us Mike, Eric, Kayla, Kevin, Haley, Charlotte, Brett, and myself included into the interrogation room. The room only had a few chairs so it was impossible for all of us to sit down. Which I was alright with, but Haley and Charlotte had a few objections about standing up while the police interrogated us about the body.

“So you all were just walking around in you happened to stumble on a body? Officer Harris asked. “The body of a girl you all knew. How is that?”

“We didn’t have anything to do with Grace’s death! We all had nothing to do with it!” Charlotte cried, breaking under pressure. “But we know who did it!”

“You do? Why didn’t you say that from the beginning?” Officer Ramirez sneered. “That seems rather strange don’t you think?”

“We don’t actually know.” Charlotte added.

“What? But you just said that you did?” Officer Ramirez corrected.

“Were sorry officer…..What she really meant is that we don’t know per se who killed Grace.” Kayla spoke up. “But we do have an idea about who was responsible for her murder…”

“And who might that be?” Officer Ramirez replied.

“It was the guy she was seeing.” Haley added. “She had only been seeing him for a few days and she was headed to meet up with him the other night before she…..before she….died.”

“Ok what’s this guy’s name?”

“We don’t know.” Haley added.

“Ok well, how does that help us?”

“Because the first time Grace slept with this guy she took a picture of his….um……” Kayla began, trying to find the right way to tell the officers that Grace had been in in the business of taking dick pics….

“She took a pic of this guy’s junk!” Haley blurted. “Before Grace died she had sex with this guy and she took a pic of this guy’s dick and she showed all of us. You guys recovered he phone didn’t you, it’s probably still on it.

“I’m sorry miss but we didn’t recover any phones. We didn’t even find a phone on her person when we recovered the body.” Officer Harris replied. “But how does a picture of some guy’s private parts have anything to do with this murder.”

“Because it has something to do with the other one.” I spoke up, pulling Lance’s phone (that I had been carrying in my pocket for nearly a week now).

“Jake, don’t tell them…….you could get in trouble.” Brett whispered. Even after the way I had treated him in the last couple of months, basically ignoring him and acting as if he was invisible he still cared for me. It hurt me that I could be so hurtful to the person who loved me as much as Brett did.

“Son what are you talking about?”

“I found this the night that guy died at the PAK house,” I replied, as I handed over Lance’s phone to the police officers.

“You mean the Lance Stewart case….” Officer Harris continued. “What does this phone or this particular case have anything to do with the other?”

“Because the person who killed Lance was the person who killed Grace.” I continued. “I found this phone the night Lance died because when I discovered Lance’s body I found his phone as well. And there is a pic on it of this guy’s penis with a threatening message saying ‘payback is a bitch’.

“You obstructed justice? You are aware that it is illegal to withhold information from the police?”

“He didn’t mean too.” Mike spoke up. “We all knew about it as well. If you are going to punish Jake you have to punish all of us as well.”

“Nope!” Charlotte cried. “I didn’t have anything to do with it!”

“We tried to warn her about not going over to see this guy but she would not listen.” I added. “We tried everything.”

“So if you knew that the guy this girl was seeing was responsible for the death of someone why didn’t you contact the proper authorities instead of letting an innocent girl go off to her eminent death?”

“Because we didn’t know…..” Haley cried. “We had no facts to go off only what we believed to be the truth. And we believed that that guy who Grace was seeing whoever he was bad news. We couldn’t involve the police.”

“So you kids decided to obstruct justice instead?!” Officer Ramirez laughed. “I’m going to give you all ten seconds to explain to me why I shouldn’t have you all charged with obstruction of justice for concealing this phone. A phone that could mean the solving of a major homicide case?”

“Because were the only ones that can help you solve this case.” Haley blurted.

“Girl how in the hell do you think I’m going to let a bunch of kids have anything to do with murder investigation?” Officer Ramirez sneered. “Especially when the investigation involves a would-be-serial killer?”

“Because the killer sent us this.” Haley added, showing the officer her phone which had an almost identical dick pic on it with the underlying threatening message we had all received earlier before we had called the police.”

“That could be from anybody.” Officer Harris scoffed.

“Yes it very well could be……” Haley replied. “But if it isn’t are you really going to take that chance? This guy is going to kill again I know it. But we have to stop him before he does.”




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