****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV**********************

My friends and I had been stranded on this little island for the entire weekend. The island actually wasn’t too far away from town…….we could literally see the Harmony harbor in the distance….. But there was just one problem; and that was the fact that our life-boat was wrecked and we couldn’t get off the island without it. Well at least we had each other; Eric and I fell asleep in each other’s arms after a long passionate night of love-making.

“Eric, Mike, wake up!”

“Guys wake up! We’re saved! They found us!” Kayla called. We awoke with startle when we heard Kayla call our names…

“What is it?” Eric said groggily, barely having emerged from his sleep. “Kayla what is it that you want? What do you mean they found us?”

“I mean we can get the hell off this stinking ISLAND!” Kayla cried.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, they came in this police boat and everything.” Kayla laughed. “They’re with the others right now.” My friends and I spent the next few minutes hugging each other and rejoicing in our deliverance from being stranded on that island.

The boat ride back to town was a very interesting one for all of us.

“How is that every time I hang out with you guys, someone ends up almost getting killed or something bad ends up happing? First it was that shooting at the Chandler mansion, then it was that non-birthday party, and now it’s this prom boat bomb thing.” Haley chuckled. “I should really stop hanging around you guys.”

“Well maybe you should wise up and stop hanging around us……..if you’re so worried about something bad happening again.” Kayla giggled.

“You know what?” Kayla continued. “Funny thing is we never invited you to any of those things so what are you even doing here?” Also I do recall that you were the reason why Michael’s birthday party got ruined.”

“You know with the whole thing about you throwing yourself on his boyfriend.” Kayla added. “One more thing you still never told us who put you up to it.”

“Kayla I told you already that I couldn’t tell you who made me do it.” Haley cried. “Isn’t it enough that Michael and Eric are back together?”

“Yeah but who’s to say that the person who put you up to it, and who you refuse to name won’t just send somebody else to break them up. Or worse take drastic matters…..like tie up loose ends.”

“She wouldn’t do that.” Charlotte exclaimed.

“So it is a she! Tell me one more thing…. Is the person who made you ruin Mike and Eric’s relationship on this boat right now?”

“Kayla I know you are not trying to accuse me of trying to sabotage Michael’s relationship with Eric. That’s crazy I’ve been pregnant this whole time.”

“Homegirl that is exactly what I’m doing.” Kayla shot back.

“Guys knock it off.” Jake yelled. “You two are making too much noise right now. I just want to get of this boat and get home.”

“And you would certainly know something about too much noise… What with all the noise you and Brett were making last night.”

“Wait what?” Brett blushed. “You heard that?

“Yep I sure did. We all heard it……screams in all.” Kayla smiled. “And I heard you two as well.” She said turning toward Eric and I.

“Sorry about that,” I laughed. “We tried to keep it down.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me…..I’m not the girl who’s been trying to get with you despite you being most definitely gay.” Kayla continued, as she looked directly at Charlotte; who seemed not to notice.

“Like you two weren’t fucking like animals.” Jake chuckled. “Did you forget we found you two naked in a cave the other day?”

“Don’t ever mention that again.” Kayla smiled. “Or I’ll kill you…..”

After we were taken ashore by the police officers; they took us to the Police station so that we could explain to everyone what had happened to us and so that we could reunite with our families. When we reached the police station Kayla’s mother the Police Commissioner ran up to her and embraced her, tears in her eyes.

“Kayla you scared me half to death…….Last night I cried all night because I though you and your friends were gone. My men told me that that they arrived on the scene just as that damned boat exploded…”

“After I heard about the explosion I was so worried…….But then that’s when I learned that almost everyone who was on that boat that night was accounted for. But my hopes were dashed when I read the report and learned that the whereabouts of you and your friends were not accounted for. I thought I would be mourning a daughter for the rest of my life.” The Commissioner cried.

“Mom don’t cry……Please don’t cry.” Kayla said, breaking down a little. “Everything is just fine…I’m right here, nothing happened to me or any of my friends.”

“But something did happen.” Mrs. Spencer shot back. “You guys were all on a boat that exploded and this whole weekend everyone in this town thought you were dead. How could this happen?”

“It was the DeVilles!” Charlotte blurted out, as she coddled our newborn son. “They did this. They planted a bomb on the boat!”

“Charlotte I hope you know that the DeVilles are a very powerful family in this town……involved in some very dangerous activities. So if you guys know anything that can tie them to this act you have to let me know so that I can protect you guys.”

“That’s what I’m saying….” Charlotte cried. “I saw them talking about putting the bomb on the boat. That’s why I went on to the boat to warn Michael……and the others.”

“Wait a minute where did the baby come from?” Hope Spencer chuckled a little. “What did you guys do? Find a baby in the woods?”

“No he’s mine…” I spoke up.

“He’s ours.” Charlotte and I both said simultaneously.

“Wait? What?” The Commissioner gasped. “Wait when did you give birth to him?”

“Last night I went into labor and several painful pushes later this adorable bundle of joy popped out.” Charlotte smiled.

“But how did you manage it?” Mrs. Spencer continued. “You guys were stranded on an island and I know none of these boys know how to deliver a baby.”

“It was actually your daughter who delivered him. She was actually really helpful. I owe my child’s life to your daughter….she helped bring him into this world.”

“And for that we our forever grateful….” I smiled at Kayla. “Like how many people can say that their best friend helped deliver his child?”

“And how many girls can say they had their hands up their enemy’s vagina?” Kayla giggled. “I’m going to have to wash these thoroughly.”

“Oh my god Kayla…TOO much information.” Kayla’s mom cried, her hands firmly planted over her ears. “Kids as much as I would like to put cuffs on all of those damn DeVilles I don’t have any actual proof that the those people are the ones responsible for this bomb.”

“I can’t just take the word of some kids even if I know in my heart that you kids are telling the truth, I need some actual proof that the DeVilles were the ones responsible for putting that bomb on the boat. There’s a guy in custody who can support your story but he doesn’t even know his own name so no court is going to take him seriously.” Commissioner Spencer continued.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Charlotte interrupted. “I recorded the conversation between Alistair and Regina DeVille. There should be more than enough on my phone to send those two away for a long, long time.”

“Look at Charlotte coming in clutch,” Eric chuckled. We all laughed, even Kayla laughed as we well.

****Scene 2: Mike’s POV**********************

After Kayla’s mom had finished lecturing us and grilling on the events that led to a bomb sending the Harmony High Prom boat to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean our families were notified and soon after they began to arrive. My parents were the first to arrive with my grandparents in tow. They hugged and kissed me all over and then the lecture began. Never ever try to stop a bomb! Don’t stay on the boat, don’t do this, don’t do that…….

“Michael Edward Winthrop Chandler don’t you EVER scare me like that again.” My mother cried, as she threw her arms around me squeezing me tightly. “How did this happen? How?!”

“Mom I missed you too.” I tried to speak while my mother tried to smother me with hugs and kisses.

“Honey I think your smothering our son. Let him get some air.” My father chuckled. “The kids been through a lot. Let him breathe a little.”

“Elizabeth leave the boy alone.” My grandfather interjected, as he chuckled to himself. “Porter is right, the kid has been through a lot. He’s a hero after all. He saved hundreds of people.”

“Victor of course I know he’s been through a lot. But he’s my son and if….if that bomb had gone off sooner he would have been dead. Don’t you even care that your grandson almost died!”

“Woman don’t you dare say something like that.” My grandfather yelled back. “Of course I care about my grandson almost dying…..but the point is that he’s not dead. He’s here and were all glad of it!”

“Darling your grandfather is completely right we are all happy and greatly relieved to see you again.” My grandmother cried.

“Katherine dear, don’t cry, don’t worry about a thing. “ My Grandfather said trying to assure everyone in my family. “None of you have to worry because I won’t rest until the person responsible for this is punished severely.”

“Honey what did we say about taking matters into our own hands.” My grandmother smiled sweetly.

“Your grandfather is right…..” My mother blurted. “The person responsible for this explosion needs to be punished. Tell us who did this?”

“It was the DeVilles...” I cried.

“The DeVilles!” My aunt Victoria yelled. “Ever since that vile family came to town they have been nothing but a thorn in the side of this fair city.”

“I’m going to ruin Alistair and that deranged wife of his, if it’s the last thing I do. Nobody threatens my family and lives to tell about it.”

“Honey let the police handle it.” My grandmother smiled.

“Kay you can’t be serious, the police in this town aren’t worth my tax dollars. They couldn’t get a conviction if it waltzed right up to them.” My grandfather roared.

My grandfather was almost completely focused on making the DeVille family pay for what they almost did to me, but soon his focus changed to something else…..and that something else was his new great-grandson.

“Michael I have to use the restroom, I need you to hold the baby.” Charlotte said, handing me our son.

“What baby?” My grandfather cried. “You don’t mean the baby this girl was carrying that happened to be yours.”

“Yes that’s the very same baby…..only now he’s here in the flesh.” I smiled. “Isn’t he adorable?”

“Yes he is, yes he is,” My mother said making baby noises at my little son. “He’s absolutely precious. We have to think of a name for the little guy.”

“My son already has a name….” I replied. “His name is John Ross…………Chandler.”

“Yes we choose to name him after my father.” Charlotte blurted.

“What? Why would you name the next generation of Chandlers after the father of the girl who assaulted you?” My grandfather sneered.

“Because grandfather I wanted to name my son that. John Ross is a good name.” I smiled.

“It’s a very good name.” Charlotte interjected. “He’ll have a Livingston first name and a Chandler last name.”

“Yes and that is all that he will ever have from you.” My grandfather sneered. “Because don’t you dare think that I’m going to let this beautiful little bundle be raised by someone like you.”

“What? You’re going to try to take my son away from me?” Charlotte cried.

“No I’m not going to try…….I’m going to take him away from you.” My grandfather chuckled. “I’ll be damned before I let you raise my great-grandson after what you did to my grandson.”

“Mr. Chandler I have apologized to Michael and to Eric for what I did all those months ago. I really am sorry for that but I’m not going to let you take my son away from me. I will fight you with every bone in my body and you can put all of your money and power into it but as long as I’m alive I will fight to be with my son.”

“Let’s see how hard you fight behind bars.” My grandfather laughed coldly. “You won’t get anywhere near my great-grandson.”

“It’s better for the baby to be raised among a wholesome family like ours than by a single mother.” My grandfather continued. “Honestly you will all see that it’s really for the best.”

“Victor for once I agree with you.” My mother added. “It really is for the best.”

“Grandfather stop it! All of you just stop it!!!” I yelled. “Despite what Charlotte did to me, she is still the mother of my child. She deserves to have a place in his life. And to be completely honest we are not exactly the Partridge Family with all of our dysfunction.”

“Besides that if it wasn’t for Charlotte this little guy would have grown up without a father and you all would have lost a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew. But you didn’t……And that is because Charlotte warned us and saved us.”

“Victor our grandson is right leave the poor girl alone.” My grandmother smiled. She was always good at calming my grandfather even when his temper at gotten the best of him. She was the string that held our family together. “Victor can’t we just be happy that our grandson is safe and well, and that we have a little great-grandson to spoil rotten.”

“He is cute isn’t he?” My grandfather replied, his heart melting as he gazed into the eyes of my son. I couldn’t blame him, I felt the same thing when I looked into the little guy’s eyes. I felt an instant urge to want to protect him from all the dangers of this world. An urge to hug him and never, ever let him go. It left me wondering if this was what all fathers feel when they have their first kid. Oh my god I’m actually a father. I knew that I was but I could barely believe it.

****Scene 3: Haley’s POV**********************

When we reached the Police station I already knew that no one would be waiting for me. My father had skipped town when I was younger and my mother was in no condition to be traveling all around town looking for me. So after the interrogations were over with, I immediately went home. I found my mother on the couch with tissues in her hand. She didn’t hear me come in, but when she turned around and saw me her eyes lit up.

“Haley! Haley is that you?” my mother cried. “When I got the call that the prom boat exploded and that you were missing I feared the worse. I thought for sure you were gone.”

“I cried all weekend…..I would have traded my life for yours. My only child lost.” My mother cried.

“Mom don’t cry I’m right here…..I alive and I’m healthy.” I smiled. “You didn’t think I was going to let some little bomb stop me from doing everything I set out to do.”

“Girl don’t play….” My mother laughed, coughing a little as she wrapped her arms around me. “I’m just so glad to see your beautiful face. I’m so happy you’re here.” I felt so loved and so protected in my mother’s arms.

“Mom I don’t want to talk about nearly dying anymore.” I smiled. “Let’s talk about something else. When do you start chemo?”

“Tomorrow, but you know I can’t keep going to the hospital. You know that. You know we don’t have the money for that.” My mother cried.

“Mom don’t worry about that. I want you to keep going.” I declared. “I recently came into some money and I’m going to use it to help you beat this cancer.”

“Where did you get this money from?” My mother cried. “Haley Renee Macy you haven’t been scheming again have you? Have you?!”

“Mom don’t worry about that. Just let me help you.”

“Haley don’t you understand I’m fifty years old I have had a nice long life. If god wants to take me there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it. I’m ready to go.”

“Mom don’t say that! You are fifty and I’m going to make sure that you get to live fifty more wonderful years. Mom I love you.”

“I love you too Haley.” My mom replied. We hugged for the next few minutes but then my phone began to vibrate and I realized I had a message. It was a message from the one person I never wanted to see again. It was Elizabeth Chandler. Michael Chandler’s mother and in a few months Eric’s mother-in-law.

An hour later Mrs. Chandler and I were meeting each other at the docks. “What is this about?”

“Girl you damn well know what this is about!” Mrs. Chandler yelled, clutching her purse.

“As I recall I gave you several thousands of dollars so that you would break up my son and Eric Smith. I was so ecstatic, so grateful when I found out that my son was alive. Just imagine my surprise when I found Eric Smith all over him, like they had never been broken up.”

“And that’s when I learn that my son is back with Eric and that they are once more planning to get married. Do you know how enraged that makes me? You were supposed to fix this. So fix it!”

“What do you mean fix it!?” I yelled back. “You paid me to break Mike and Eric up……That’s what I did. They were broken up before prom, if they got back together after that it’s out of my control.”

“Well it might be out of your control, but it certainly isn’t out of mine.” Mike mother replied. I knew she had something up her sleeve but I didn’t know what it was…..and I didn’t want to.

“I don’t know what you are going to do…..but leave me the hell out of it!”

****Scene 4: Jake’s POV**********************

Once my friends and I came ashore; I opted to ditch the interrogations by the police. I knew Kayla would give me an ear full the next day for leaving her and the others to be grilled by the police, but I just couldn’t take it. I had to devote every waking second getting to the bottom of who this blackmailer was and stopping them once and for all. I snuck away with Brett and I even took him home to make sure that he reached his house safely. It was also partly because I wanted to kiss him goodbye. Brett’s parents burst into tears when they opened the front door…….and it almost made me cry.

I knew that I would get an ear full from my own parents once I reached my own house, so for the time being I simply savored the reunion between Brett and his own parents. It was so heartwarming.

After what felt like a really, really long embrace Brett’s parents went inside, leaving me enough time to plant a sweet wet kiss on Brett’s lips. A kiss goodbye, a kiss that would be returned again and again.

After a little while I went to my home and knocked on the door. My mother answered the door and she nearly dropped to the floor. “Jake we thought you were dead.”

“You scared the hell out of us!” My mother yelled, actually slapping me lightly on the face.

“Ow MOM that hurt!!!” I cried. “What was that for?”

“That was for nearly giving your father and I, a heart attack!” my mother cried, tears in her eyes. “I don’t know what I would have done if you had really died.”

“Your mother’s right son,” My father replied. He wasn’t actually my father……he wasn’t my biological father. But that didn’t mean shit to me he was more than a father to me that that criminal Joe Smith would ever be.

“Mom I’m not going anywhere.” I replied, as we all hugged it out right in the middle of our living room. “I’m here, I’m home.”

After my very own heartwarming welcome home I went upstairs to my bedroom so that I could get some clothes and shower. I had after all been wearing the same itchy suit for the last two days. When I got to me room I got some clothes, underwear, and a towel and climbed into the shower.

The shower felt so great, so fucking amazing. It was the best shower I had ever had really. And I really do mean that. The warm water felt so good on my naked skin…….almost as good as it felt to have Brett’s lips on my skin. When I climbed out of the shower and went into my room to dry off…….I found a neat little letter waiting for me on the bed. At first I thought it was from my parents or maybe even one of my friends…….. But it wasn’t it was from my wonderful secret admirer. And I do mean that with the severest sarcasm.

I opened the damn thing and read it to see what the damn blackmailer wanted from me this time. It read like this:

“What a heartwarming reunion you and your parents had. It really brought tears to my eyes. Not….. I’m just glad that the hunky piece of man meat that you are is safe and sound. I saw you walk Brett home, and as much as I love for you to be gentlemanly I can’t stress it enough that I really need for you to stay away from Brett. I already warned you once before to stay away from him. I meant what I said when I told you I would destroy your life if you crossed me and if you continued to mess with Brett. Stay away from him or else. You will receive a text message in a few minutes from me, follow the instructions to the letter and Brett won’t meet an unfortunate accident. Cross me and I can’t make any promises………..

Love, your secret admirer.”

A few minutes later I received a text message from my so-called fucking secret admirer.

“Hey Jake, How was the shower? I hope you got your dick nice and clean for me.”

“IT WAS GOOD!” I responded back in all caps. “What the FUCK do you want?!?!”

“Man there’s no need to get butt hurt……I’m going to be doing you a solid. Just you wait, you are going to love every minute of it.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t worry about it just go to the address that I’m about to text you and I’ll handle the rest.” The blackmailer replied.

Moments later the blackmailer texted me the address and after my parents fell asleep I snuck out of the house and proceeded to the address that the mysterious person had given me. I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t worried that I might be running into some axe-wielding Jack the ripper or some freaky Jason shit.

The address was a rundown warehouse not far from the docks in the seedier part of the town. I’m a big guy but not even the bravest man wants to be caught alone at night in the bad part of town. Not even me, so I wanted to find out what this fucker wanted and be done with it. So that I could get back to my warm bed.

The blackmailer messaged me telling me to go into one of the bathrooms in the warehouse. The bathroom looked like nobody had cleaned it in years. It wasn’t covered in shit, but it was covered in dust and cobwebs.

I went into the stall that they told me to go into. The stall had dick-sized hole in one of the walls. God dammit a freaking glory hole. He wants me to suck his dick!

“Pull down your pants!” a voice said from behind the other wall. He had somehow altered his voice so that I could not recognize it.

I hesitated for a little but finally I pulled my pants, underwear and all down. I let my pants and boxers fall down to my knees. Before I could realize the gravity of the situation he was yelling at me again……yes I could tell that it was definitely a guy. Even in the disguised voice.

“Put your dick through this damn hole or I’ll pull it through!” he yelled.

I let my dick slide into that hole in the wall…….and almost immediately I felt a sensation that I couldn’t even describe. First he started to lick the head of my cock and then he licked the shaft up and down before taking the full thing into his mouth.

His teeth on my dick felt good, but it hurt like hell. He sensed my pain so he relaxed his mouth a little, letting his tongue do all the work. And it felt so fucking good……but you know what would feel even better. That’s finding out who he is and kicking that motherfucker’s ass.

Yes I knew for sure that the person blackmailing me was a guy. Because no person can suck a dick that good and not have one. I’ve met girls that can suck dick so good that they can make you cum in their mouths on command, but I’ve met guys that can do that and so much more.

As the blackmailer continued to suck on my cock, I kept trying to force myself not to enjoy the wonderful dick sucking. He was devouring my dick with his lips that I thought I would surely burst. Soon my brain stopped working and my dick took over. I was completely warn out by the wonderful sensations.

“Don’t try to deny it. You like it. Don’t you?” The blackmailer replied. “You love having me suck on your dick. Admit it. Your hard dick tells me so.”

Sweet Jesus I wanted to not enjoy it. I wanted to not enjoy it so much…….but it felt so damn good. Damn that bastard. Damn him for sucking my dick so good. So fucking good. Finally after what felt like forever I finally found release. Release inside of that blackmailer’s warm mouth when I exploded a huge load of cum into.

“I wanted to taste your cum for so long.” He laughed. “And believe me your cock tastes even better than I imagined in my wildest dreams…..I hope you enjoyed the blowjob, but tonight’s not over, because now you are going to suck my cock until I cum in that mouth of yours.”

“No I’m not!” I yelled back.

“Yes you are……or else!” the Blackmailer said seriously.

STAY TUNED…………………………………………..



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