****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV **********************

710 Leighton Residence Hall, Harmony University,

After I had finished my workout at the gym I walked back to Eric’s dorm room. By that time it was well past midnight; the morning of Halloween. After an hour or two at the gym the route between the Darcy Street Gym and Eric’s residence hall had all but cleared out. The route was all but deserted except for a few people lingering around in the moon lit night.

For some reason while the walk over to the gym had seemed quick the walk back seemed long and drawn out. The fact that it was still the middle of the night and Halloween morning at that did not help at all. It was actually quite creepy.

As I was walking down one of the streets towards the dorm I turned the corner and I noticed that a person darkened by the shadows was following me. They were far enough away that I could not make out their face or even their gender. At first I simply thought that the person was conveniently headed in the same direction as myself.

That was until I turned the other corner and the mysterious person behind me proceeded to do likewise. When I stopped walking they seemed to stop walking as well as if they were waiting for me to show them the way. This realization caused my heart to beat faster as I started to get worried about what was happening.

“Who’s there?” I called out. I yelled it loud enough so that the person could obviously hear me. But there was no answer.

“Who’s there?” I repeated, my voice breaking.

But still no answer.

“If you don’t stop following me I’m going to make you regret it.” I yelled out. But this threat did not seem to deter the person; apparently it only encourage them to keep up the chase.

The reason that I felt my words had only encourage them is because no sooner had I said that I heard their footsteps get heavier and heavier as if they had picked up the pace. This made me even more nervous so I started to walk faster.

To my horror when I picked up my speed, turning my speed walk into a full on sprint, the person behind me picked up their speed as well. The person chasing after me was practically on my ass and not in a good way as I heard their footsteps getting closer and closer.

I could feel this person on my heels as I took off down the street. I didn’t know why this strange person was following me so I ran like my life depended on it. And I didn’t stop running until I had reached Eric’s dorm room. In fact I ran straight through the residence hall up seven flights of stairs to Eric’s dorm room. I didn’t relax until I was safely inside.

When I entered the room Eric was awake. He was sitting up in his bed with his hands underneath the covers obviously stroking his cock.

“Babe where did you go?” he asked, all while still stroking his cock underneath the covers. I kept glancing at his crotch partly because what he was doing was kind of arousing and partly because I didn’t want to look at his face. Because if I did he would notice the panic and worry on my face after the earlier ordeal.

“Baby what’s wrong? Look at me?” he asked. He could read me like a book, I could hide nothing from him no matter how hard I tried.

“Eric’s nothing wrong I just had a gruelling workout at the gym. That’s all,” I smiled. “Everything is fine.”

“Everything is not fine, baby.” Eric said sitting up in bed. He was no longer stroking his meat at that time. “You look like you just saw a ghost. Something had to have happened. What happened?”

“Nothing really, I just overreacted a little.” I sighed, attempting to fake a smile. Which considering the fact that I always smiled (Something people love telling me) seemed a little hard to do after I had just been running for my life only a few minutes ago.

“Everything is fine now,” I smiled as I turned around to look out the window. In the distance I could have sworn I saw a figure standing in the shadows right below a large oak tree right outside Eric’s window.

“Oh my god!” I gasped.

“Babe what’s wrong?” Eric cried out, popping out of bed and unaware that he was butt naked and the window’s blinds were open. Thankfully it was the middle of the night so no one would have seen Eric standing in the window naked in his birthday suit.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Eric asked as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed up and down my neck making me weak in the knees. “Michael you can tell me anything…”

“When I was walking back from the gym just now I thought…….I-I was being followed.” I replied, even now still out of breath. “I thought nothing of it until the person behind me started to pick up there speed and practically give chase.”

“When they did that I got so afraid that I started running down the street as if my life was in mortal danger.” I continued.

“And just now I swear I saw this figure standing out there by that old oak tree.” I added, as I pointed down at the tree. Conveniently when Eric looked out the window the figure had vanished.

“Baby there’s no one out there.” He smiled as he hugged me close. “I’m sure it was just your imagination…..You were just afraid because it is almost Halloween. Everyone gets a little spooked around this time.”

“No that’s not what it was at all.” I sighed. “I swear this person was following me and I’m pretty sure they followed me here. I swear before you got up there was person standing out there underneath that oak tree gazing up at this room………I swear.”

“Baby relax I believe you,” Eric smiled as he gently kissed my forehead. “If some person was following you I think I have an idea of who it was.”


“That asshole roommate of yours.” I declared.

“Really?” I replied. “He wouldn’t do something like that. As much as he disapproves of my being with you he wouldn’t do something like that. I mean I got to know him for a little bit he’s a nice guy.”

“Baby we really don’t know anything about him.” Eric added. “For all we know he could be a murderous psychopath. You see how mad he got when he found out I was white…..Who’s to say what he might do?”

“But why would he follow me to your dorm room? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I don’t know, I guess he’s trying to get back at me or something.” Eric added. “But I swear if he tries anything to night I’ll kill him.”

****Scene 2: Kayla’s POV **********************

Zeta Phi Mu House, 115 Sorority Court,

In the early morning hours of Halloween Haley, Charlotte, and I all went over to the Zeta Phi Mu house to deliver our pictures that we had taken around the campus of hot guys in their grey sweatpants. The Zeta house was a large neoclassical style mansion that was probably built over a century ago.

The whole house was decorated like all the other houses on the block with Halloween decorations of varying degrees of spookiness. Halloween had always been my favourite holiday growing up and now that I lived in a dorm on a beautiful college campus I couldn’t wait to experience it.

We knocked on the front door of the house and when it was opened we saw Stephanie standing on the other side. Stephanie was the right hand of Brandi Harrington the sorority’s chapter president. She had green eyes, long blonde hair, big boobs, and an even bigger butt. She had been a sweet child who was always so giving………when she became an adult she became even more giving and the guys don’t seem to mind it at all. All in all she’s the unofficial resident slut of Zeta Phi Mu.

“Hello, Ladies!” Stephanie smiled. “I guess you all are here to drop off the pics you took the other day of the guys.”

“That guess would be correct.” Haley giggled, as we walked through the threshold and into the foyer of the house.

Stephanie led us into the house’s living room and then she disappeared into another room. We waited for a few minutes and then we waited for a few more minutes. Finally Brandi and the other girls glided down the staircase and walked into the living room as if we were not even there.

“Ladies I hope you all had happy dick-print hunting the other day.” Brandi smiled. Her smiled was warm and inviting but something about it told me that while it seemed to be warm it was not genuine.

“We had a wonderful time.” Charlotte blurted.

“Yeah this guy the other day let me grab his junk through his sweatpants,” cried Hannah, the freakishly tall girl with the obscenely loud and horridly obnoxious voice. “He was so big…”

“Well that’s not nothing,” Laughed another girl whose name had escaped me. “This guy whose pics I took, took me back to his dorm and we had sex.”

“You didn’t!” Taylor, the hipster-looking girl with the brightly coloured hair cried. “If you did do that what’s his name. And how big was he?”

“That’s none of your business.” The other girl called out. “But I can assure you that this guy was smoking hot and he had a really, really big DICK!”

“I got a pic of it,” the girl smiled as she pulled out her phone and proceeded to scroll through her photo gallery until she came to the picture in question. She showed the dick pic to all of us. It was actually very good-looking……Nice and long with a thickness to it that could have passed for a baby’s arm or maybe even a midget’s arm. It was nearly hairless with shaved balls. It had veins in all the right places but not to many veins. Just the right amount to make your mouth water. Grace had managed to get a little bit of the guy’s treasure trail which was a brownish colour. Damn

“Damn that’s a huge dick!!!” Haley cried as she stared blankly at the phone’s screen. Her eyes were literally glued to the screen that you would have had to pull her away from it with both hands.

“What’s all this talk about some guy’s dick….what are?....” Brandi cried as she walked over to where we girls were standing ogling the dick pic.

“Grace give me the phone!” Brandi ordered.

Brandi glanced down at the phone and her eyes went wide. “My goodness,” she cried.

“Is that thing really that big?” she blushed. “This as to be photo shopped. This thing can’t really be that big. That’s insane.”

“I swear that’s not photo shopped I promise,” Grace smiled. “I took that picture myself. If you looked at the guy or looked at his crotch for that matte you would never know he was packing all that meat.”

Stephanie, Madison, Allison, and Heather the other girls that made up Brandi’s inner circle walked up to where Brandi was standing with us.

“What is the hold up?” uttered Stephanie.

“Yeah what’s going on……?” Allison replied, pausing when she saw what we were all looking at. “Oh my, that’s nice.”

“Hell yeah that’s nice…” Stephanie snorted. “That’s a gorgeous looking dick and the things I would do with that thing would make a Catholic Nun blush. I would love to just have one night with the guy whose dick this is attached to… I would.”

“Oh Stephanie I think we all know what you would do if you met this guy.” Allison laughed.

“Ladies we have to try to set a good example here.” Heather, the goody-girl of the sorority blurted.

“Shut up Allison!” Stephanie giggled. “And stop being such a prude Heather! Don’t think for one second that I can’t see that underneath the innocent act you are really a dirty slut.”

“Stephanie how can I be a slut when I’ve never slept with a guy before?” Heather added. “You’re just saying that because you don’t have anything to nice to say.”

“In any case we have to find out who this guy is because a dick that nice is to good to pass up,” added Madison.

“What are you ladies planning?” Heather asked nervously.

“Nothing we just want to meet the guy in person and congratulate him on having such a wonderful member.” Stephanie grinned as she licked her lips. “What was his name again?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t get it.” Grace sighed. “But if it’s any help he was white.”

“Well duh!” Allison blurted out. “His freaking dick is the pink one-eyed snake of course he’s white if not you better get yourself tested because there’s something wrong with that guy’s dick if his dick is a different race then him.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get the name.” Grace sighed. “He wouldn’t agree to the pictures unless I promised not to ask him his name.”

“Wow that’s very mysterious.” Madison replied in a rather eerily voice.

After we had finished discussing the beauty of this mysterious guy’s dick we all handed in the pics of dick prints through sweatpants we had got and Brandi either smiled in approval or frowned in disapproval.

“Ladies thank you for the time,” Brandi smiled. “I hope to see you all at the Halloween party at Pi Alpha Kappa.”

“You bet,” I laughed as my ‘friends’ (and I use that term very loosely when it comes to Haley and Charlotte) and I started to walk out of the sorority. Brandi stopped us before we could leave.

“I almost forgot but there’s one more thing that we need to discuss before you ladies go,” Brandi smiled.

“What?” Haley blurted.

“That would be the matter of what you ladies are going to wear to tonight’s Halloween party.” Allison added. “We only match on certain days and on this particular day we shall not be matching so we just want to make sure there aren’t any mix-ups.”

“Well she’s going to be a nurse,” Haley giggled. “And I am going to be a flapper while Kayla here is going to be that chick from Suicide Squad. So if you guys aren’t going as one of those three things we should be good.”

“Good because I’m going to the best damn Little Red Riding hood that ever lived,” Stephanie laughed. “And by tonight Allison here is going to be the spitting image of Cookie Lyon.”

“Well my costume is going to be surprise but I’ll give you a little hint,” Madison smiled. “I’m one of the few people that actually do look good in orange.”

“Hahaha, well I’m going to be an Angel……halo, white gown, and wings in all.” Heather smiled, trying to lighten the mood. “And I don’t mind if you all dress up like angels. The more angels on this campus the better.”

“Well I’m going to be a cat,” Katie blurted.

“How original,” Taylor said in a voice that sounded awfully sarcastic”

“Well I’d like to know what you are going to be.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Taylor replied, as she rolled her eyes.

“What is Brandi going to be?” I whispered to Heather since she had failed to announce what her Halloween costume was going to be like the other girls.

“She’s going to the Queen from Snow White this year.” Heather replied.

Go figure……





****Scene 3: Mike’s POV **********************

Pi Alpha Kappa House, 720 Fraternity Row,

For the past week now the entire campus, faculty and staff had been preparing for Halloween. The weekend around Halloween on the Harmony University campus was often called Halloweekend because the students would go out in costumes not just one day but for three. When night fell on Harmony the University campus was alive with activity. For three days (this being the third day) now the students had been venturing out after it got dark in costumes. Some people had made it a point to wear a different costume every single night of Halloweekend. The costumes were as varied as they were unique.

As usual there were clowns ranging in all shapes in sizes; creepy, funny and evil looking. Just like an old classic there were vampires, witches, and pirates and the usual crew running all around as well. In homage to the United States pop culture at the time people were dressing up like those children from Stanger Things; several girls were dressed up like Harley Quinn; others like Pokémon’s and Pokémon catchers all trying to catch em all; and there countless Jon Snow’s, Daenerys Targaryen’s, and Trion Lannister’s all running around wielding swords crying out that “winter is coming!” For indeed it was. And as a nod to the political atmosphere surrounding the upcoming presidential election students were donning Donald Trump costumes as well as Hilary Clinton ones. Some of these costumes were not all that flattering to the actual candidates. Finally there were several guys and apparently a girl as well, running around in gorilla masks as if they were Harambe.

And as usual there were girls dressed in the world’s suttiest costumes of all time. There were slutty cats, slutty teachers, slutty schoolgirls, and if you can believe it slutty Nuns made an appearance as well. Talk about the irony. That particular night was a little chilly but the girls and guys in the slutty costumes didn’t seem to mind. One girl in a very short skirt and a ton of makeup absently remarked that Hoes never get cold.

Eric and I as well as the rest of the guys met up in the Student commons so that we could all go over to the Pi Alpha Kappa house together. Eric and I had opted to wear a couple costume; Eric dressing up like Ash and myself dressing up like Pikachu.

Eric had a blue vest left open to expose his abs and hard chest, and he wore some ripped jeans and a hat with the letter ‘A’ spray painted on it. While I wore some Pikachu ears and a pair of Yellow Calvin Klein’s with a Pikachu tail that I had asked Kayla to sew into my underwear the other night. Besides that I didn’t have much else on besides my White Chuck Taylors. I swear that after wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and no shirt all night I was going to be as sick as a dog. But I didn’t care I just wanted to have fun with my husband.

When the guy saws our costume they started laughing and snickering talking about how Eric was going to get something tonight. If you get my drift. I brushed it off; I knew they were right but I wasn’t about to let them know that.

“Mike! Eric! I love your costume.” Kayla smiled. “You guys look so freaking cute. I just want to hug you guys until I can’t hug you no more.”

“Maybe you should pass on that one,” Eric chuckled as he squeezed my ass in full view of our friends. I don’t think he cared if they saw or not. “Nice costume by the way, love the Suicide squad look.”

Kayla and Kevin had recently went to see the movie Suicide Squad and now they could display their love and near obsession with the move by dressing up like Harley Quinn and the Joker. Meanwhile the other guys were dressed up in a variety of costumes. Jake wearing only a pair of Jeans was dressed as Superman, the ‘S’ and the red and blue colours being painted onto his naked flesh right onto of those huge pecs of his; Chris was dressed as Baseball referee; Haley had chosen to look into the past for her costume finding the perfect flapper costume she even had a nice hairdo to pull it off; while Brett took holy vows as a priest and Charlotte was a nurse with the scrubs in all.

When we were all ready we made our way over to Pi Alpha Kappa house for the Halloween party. The large colonial style brick mansion was decorated for the season. Pumpkins (some of which were the creepiest I had ever seen) lined the porch while others were placed in the window adding to the scare effect.

As we approached the PAK house we heard the sounds of loud music and people having a good time radiate from it. We walked up to the door and knocked. Once it was determined that we did in fact know someone there we were allowed entrance. And the fun began….


****Scene 4: Eric’s POV **********************

Pi Alpha Kappa House, 720 Fraternity Row,

Once we were inside we walked around mingling with the people at the party and shaking hands and getting to know the people that we didn’t already know. From the onlooker the party would have seemed like a big orgy; with all those half-naked men and women dancing around in a very enclosed space.

Almost immediately we ran into the other PAK brothers…… Ryan was dressed as a shirtless Fire Fighter; Bryce who was dressed as a Chippendale dancer; Brody who was dressed like Mark Anthony his Cleopatra apparently off somewhere; Tripp was a vampire; Corey was Aqua Man; Tucker was a caveman but it looked like he had just wrapped his mother’s old fur coat around his waist; Jeremy and Gabe were in matching Musketeer costumes while Spencer the neighbourhood druggie was dressed as himself….a druggie.

“Are you guys supposed to be the three Musketeers or something?” Jake laughed. “Where’s the third one?”

“It was supposed to be Spence,” Jeremy sighed. “But he lost his costume last minute and he had to improvise and find a new costume.”

“Okay cool, what is he supposed to be?” Mike asked.

“I’m a dealer but don’t tell anyone,” he whispered. We couldn’t tell if he was joking or if he was being serious. We did however know that he did in fact sell drugs.

After a while Mike and I were talking about something…..I can’t remember what it was, but suddenly I felt someone grab me and hug me from behind. At first I thought it might be Kayla but it couldn’t be the arms were too big and muscly. So then I thought it was Chris but when I turned around to see who it was I saw that it was Chad……Chad Reeves the fraternity President and he was completely and utterly wasted.

“Hey dude,” he said, slurring his words. “I’m so glad you guys came. Because you guys seem like real good people.”

“Thanks man,” I replied, as I gently removed Chad’s arms from around my side. At the same time trying to hold him up since he was so freaking drunk.

“Thanks Chad!” Mike smiled, that warm inviting smile of his. “What is wrong and why are you so……so?”

“Dude why are you freaking wasted?” Chris blurted. “What happened? You’re fucking drunk as hell.”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong!” Chad yelled. “My freaking girlfriend was cheating on me and now she just dumped me. So that she can be with that fucking guy she cheated on me with. The guy’s supposed to be my friend.”

“Who?” I replied.

“Lance,” Chad added. “I’m so fucking mad at that guy……I-I could kill him right now.”

“I know it is Halloween tonight but let’s not resort to actions that could land us in prison,” Kayla giggled. “How about we just relax a little.”

“Why is this guy getting so upset?” Charlotte whispered. “Wasn’t he about to cheat on his girlfriend a few weeks ago?”

“I heard that,” Chad growled.

“Sorry but we all know it’s the truth.” Charlotte replied.

“I kissed Haley the other night in a moment of weakness.” Chad cried.” It didn’t mean anything to me. I only want Brandi….She is the one I want.”

“Oh gee thanks,” Haley laughed. “So glad that kissing me means nothing to yet another guy.”

“Sorry that’s not what I meant.” Chad sighed.

“Where is Lance at?” Chad added, still slurring his words and managing to fall over onto the floor. He was dressed as the Greek God Zeus and was wearing a very skimpy Toga. Apparently he had forgotten the memo about wearing underwear because he mooned us when he fell. “I promise I won’t beat him too bad.”

“Damn that’s a nice ass,” Jake chuckled.

“What was that?” Chad shot back.

“It was nothing,” Brett replied, in Jake’s defence. “Jake don’t even think about it. He’s too drunk to even know what the hell he’s doing.”

“I’m not doing anything I’m just stating a fact……the guy’s got a nice ass.”

“Thanks man,” Chad smiled.

“Shut up,” Brett whispered, as he nudged Jake.

“Dude relax it’s not like he’s going to remember any of this.” Jake laughed.” He’s more wasted then the town drunk.”

“So are you guys going to find Lance for me or what? I just want to get few licks. I won’t even hit him too hard. Just one to the face and then a few in his gut. A real fair fight.” Chad continued.

“Dude how would that be a fair fight?” Jake spoke up. “Your drunk and that guy is either sober or partly sober he would kick your ass before you said two.”

“Just let me beat him,” Chad whined.

“How about we hold off on the beatings,” Mike replied as he helped me lift Chad up on to his feet. “I think we should get you up to your room and lay you in your bed so that you can sleep this off until morning.”

“I think that’s a good idea,” Kayla added….”I think this whole party could be a bust if people start fighting. The police would see to that.”

“Yeah I think you’re right.” I smiled as I practically pushed Chad towards the staircase. As if by luck or by bad luck just as we were walking up the stairs we ran into Lance who was dressed up like one of those guys from Baywatch.

“You fucker!!!” Chad cried, as he lunged at Lance attempting to land a fist on to the guy’s chiseled jaw. “HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS!!!”

“Chad what the hell are you talking about?” Lance laughed.

“What am I talking about?” Chad growled. “What I’m talking about is what I saw when I went over to Brandi’s this evening and I saw you and her in her bed. You two were having sex and I saw you!”

“She told me!!!” Chad cried. “How could you do this dude?!”

“Chad relax I didn’t mean to hurt you…..It just happened by accident.” Lance cried, trying to explain himself. “We were just talking about being hurt and one thing led to another and she kissed me and then I kissed her and before we knew it we had gone too far……Dude I’m sorry.”

“Shut UP!!!” Chad yelled, as we pushed him up the stairs to his room. Eventually we found his room and after we had placed him personally in the bed we shut the door and we all walked back down the staircase.

For some reason Lance hadn’t realized the severity of his actions and he was still down stairs acting like Chad hadn’t just threatened to fight him.

“Guys what is he still doing here?” Haley gasped. “Doesn’t he know that if Chad comes back down here he’s going to kill him?”

“Haley relax I’ll handle it,” I smiled, as I walked over to where Lance was talking to some girls.

“Eric let me help you,” Haley giggled as she and I walked over to where Lance was.

“Dude I think you should leave right now.” I ordered, using my most demanding voice.

“Hey I’m not your dude!” Lance shot back. “I know you’re trying to be a friend for Chad but trust me he doesn’t need any. Just ask him about all the things he’s done to me and to other people. Just ask.”

“But let’s be clear I’m not going anywhere. So FUCK OFF FAGGOT!!!”

“Opps,” Haley frowned, as she ‘accidently’ bumped into Lance spilling her drink that before coming over to where we were she didn’t have, all over Lance’s costume.”

“YOU FREAKING BITCH!!!” Lance yelled out. “You ruined my costume! Now I have to clean this shit out! Thanks a lot.”

“You’re very welcome…..now you can take Eric’s advice and leave.” Haley giggled.

“What the hell did you say? You cunt?” Lance growled, gritting his teeth.

“I know you called me that name in an attempt to insult or embarrass me but unfortunately for you I know what I am. I’m a proud cunt just like you should be proud to be a pencil dick!” Haley retorted.

Haley’s words only increased Lance’s anger, so I kind of pushed Haley to the side to protect her from his rage. “You heard her man, just leave.”

“Yeah man, just go.” Michael added as he and the others walked up to where Haley wand I were confronting Lance.

“FINE!” Lance growled. Before he stormed off pushing through the crowds of people in the room.

After that Brandi dressed as the evil queen from Snow White and a few other girls walked up to where we were. One of them were dressed up in an orange prison jumpsuit; another like a really slutty fat cat; one like a slutty Red Riding Hood; another had on a yellow dress with black stripes on it in an attempt to look like a Bee; one was dressed like a slutty student; another one was even dressed like that Alexis Colby-like character from Empire named Cookie. The other two costumes were unfamiliar to me.

“Well what was that all about?” Brandi asked.

“Nothing,” Kayla shot back.

“Haley, Kayla aren’t you going to introduce us to your hot friends?” the one in the orange prison suit smiled. Apparently her name was Madison.

“Yeah, I’m just dying to know their names,” Stephanie, the girl in the really, really slutty Red Riding hood costume smiled as she licked her lips. She reached out and placed her hands on my abs. Her hands tickled not to mention it was very uncomfortable to have this girl touching me right in front of my husband.

Before I could react Kayla grabbed the girl’s hand and pushed it away roughly. It must have hurt because the girl cried out. “Oww what was that for? I was just being playful….I’m sure he doesn’t mind.”

“We he does,” Kayla replied. “And besides he doesn’t play for that team anyway.”

“Well I’m sure I can change that,” Stephanie giggled.

“You won’t.” Haley added.

“Ok well what about him.” Stephanie smiled, as she pointed at Michael.

“No,” Kayla replied. “He’s gay too. Didn’t you see their costumes? They couldn’t be wearing a more couple-like costume if they were glued to the hip. Ash and Pikachu? Duh.”

“Oh my bad, what about him?” the girl asked. This time pointing at Jake, then at Brett.

“Bi but more on the gay side……and he’s gay too.” Haley replied.

“Ok what about him?” Stephanie replied as she pointed at Kevin, in a last ditch effort to find the one straight guy among us.”

“He’s mine.” Kayla declared.

“I’m not gay and I’m not taken.” Chris blurted.

“Good,” Stephanie smiled.

“If you get with her Chris I’d advise you get tested as soon as possible.” Haley whispered. “She’s slept with over the half the male population.”

“I’ll be cool,” Chris smirked as he caught Stephanie’s hand and they walked off somewhere most likely to get more acquainted with each other. Code for random sex.

“What are you supposed to be?” Jake asked, pointing at the girl wearing the pilot clothing. “Are you supposed to be pilot or something?

“No I’m Amelia Earhart!” she replied. We later learned that her name was Christina.

“Who the hell is that?” Haley giggled.

“She’s the one person I can be for Halloween and not get sexually objectified by men like you. She was a female aviator and one of the greatest female trendsetters of all time.”

“Oh so your one of those feminazis.” Eric laughed.

“Just like a man to insult a woman for standing up for her rights.” Christina added. “It’s men like you that make it hard for women to feel important in this country. I bet you want us all to be pregnant and barefoot too and cooking for you.”

“Calm down chick I’m married to a guy.” Eric chuckled. “The thought of a girl being pregnant and cooking food for me as never crossed my mind. Sorry.”

“Whatever,” Christina replied as she walked away. After Christina had left someone asked about the costume that the other girl was wearing. The girl had a ton of makeup……dark makeup, lots of piercings, and a few tattoos as well.

“I’m not wearing a costume,” she frowned.

“My bad….”

“Um……Awkward,” Charlotte giggled

After looking at Mike’s sexy little ass in that tight little Pikachu costume all night I couldn’t resist not fucking him. So he and I snuck off to one of the upstairs bedrooms so that we could get busy.

Once upstairs we found a free room. We made sure to lock the door and then the fun began. My cock had been hard since we first got to that party. All those half-naked tanned men running around in skimpy costumes were really turning me on.

Once inside the room we lay on the bed lightly kissing each other. We kissed each other for felt like an eternity. A wonderful eternity I loved kissing those soft wet lips of his. And I was very thankful to have him and my life and I was thankful he had such a handy costume on that made it so easy to fuck him. All I had to do was just pull the Calvin’s down and go to work.

After a few quick kisses on the cheek, Mike hopped off the bed and dropped to his knees and took my cock in his hands. I let him kiss the head of my cock a few times before I took control and gently slapped my dick across his face in a playful manner.

I had been leaking precum and some of it got on his lips and if by instinct he stuck out his tongue and lapped up the precum. That shit turned me on too. After that he returned back to the task at hand kissing my dick. He was kissing my dick better than he kissed me, making me a little jealous.

He licked around the head of my cock, swirling his tongue around and spitting on it before he kissed up and down the shaft with his tongue. His tongue was taking me to another world. A world of sheer pleasure.

“Holy fuck!” I moaned. “Shit”

Pausing just long enough so that I could pull him up off the floor. I laid him down on the bed and crawled up behind him resting when my cock was spread across his face. Before I could even blink an eye he had stuck out a tongue and was licking the sweat from my balls slurping on them like it was the best damn meal of his life.

Kneeling down I took his cock and my hands and I started sucking on it so that we were both sucking on each other’s cocks at the same time. The sound of cock-sucking filled the room.

He wold suck on my cock and I would return the favour by sucking on his. When he would gag on my dick it would be followed by me gagging on his until we both finished sucking and I was ready for the fucking.

Now I’m not going to lie to you and say that we used a condom when we didn’t. Why should we, when we only have sex with each other? Don’t follow our example always use a condom because while we are exclusive many others are not. Well anyway once I had my cock nice and lubed up I pulled Mike up which wasn’t too hard to do since he only weighed 155 pounds to my 201 pounds. And that was on a good day his weight fluctuated between 145 and 160 depending on what he ate. Tonight he would be eating dick

Anyways it was like lifting up a toy……an incredibly sexy toy that I get to fuck whenever I want. P.s. whenever he lets me fuck him. Wrapping his legs around my waist I grabbed my throbbing prick and lined it up with Mike’s pretty tight ass

Holding him by the waist with both hands I lowered him onto the head of my cock. When the head popped into his ass he cried out. “SHIT!!!”

“Damn baby,” I grunted as my sword fitted itself into his sheath. After the first thrust was over I allowed him to grind his ass on my prick allowing his ass to open up ever so slightly. Because just like clockwork his ass was still tight. I could fuck him nonstop for a week and he still have the tightest ass ever.

“Oh god! Oh God!” Mike cried in pleasure. “Go slow for a little bit. I’m still a little sore from this morning.”

“Sorry babe,” I grinned as I embraced him. After comforting him and sliding my cock nice and slow out of his ass I turned to getting as much pleasure as I could out of having my cock buried in so tight an ass as the one my husband possessed. Forcing a few more inches inside he groaned loudly into my ears

"Oh FUCK yeah" I groaned in pleasure as I just held him there on my lap with my cock buried inside his ass and trying to press onwards

After a while I pulled my cock all the way out of his ass and then after waiting for what felt like way to long I shoved my hard prick back up his waiting ass. Mike let out a low drawn out sound that was almost animalistic in its nature.

Gently lowering him onto my dick I allowed a few more precious inches slide into his butt. “Damn you’re so tight!” He was nice and smooth and my cock was sliding in like it always did but he was so tight. That was something I loved about that sweet ass of his.

Finally I lowered Michael all the way onto my lap so that all ten inches of my cock were impaled inside of him all the way to his stomach. I stood up (still holding Mike around the waist and my cock still buried inside him) and walked over to the mirror and flexed my bicep. Mike laughed a little when I did this but I ignored it.

Next I walked over to the window. Looking out the window I could see people running around on the street below in their Halloween costumes.

Stepping away from the window I continued to bounce Mike up and down on my dick. I lifted him up a couple times and then I would lower him back down onto my prick. The whole while he moaned and groaned softly into my ear. Turning me on and on.

Wrapping my arms around him and holding him close to my chest I gently started to thrust my cock in and out of his ass. If there’s one thing that really gets my dick hard it’s fucking somebody while standing up and when it comes to Michael he’s a lightweight, he’s so tiny in comparison to me so that I can fuck him standing up for hours. I can even walk around the room while I fuck him, which I did.

Holding him with arm that I had wrapped around his back I used my free hand to grab hold of that sweet ass of his. Once I had done this I started bouncing him and up and down on my prick. The sensual looks and the high pitched screams coming from his mouth proved to me he was loving every minute of it.

Every time his ass would slam into my crotch I would meet it with a hard thrust practically sending him into the air.

Leaning him up against the wall I just closed my eyes, threw my head back and stated slamming my dick into Michael’s ass as hard and as fast as I could. At this point I was practically throwing him into the air with each thrust and letting him fall back onto my dick.

“God thank you so much for this wonderful man,” I groaned as I walked away from the wall and started walking around the room, posing and strutting my stuff. If there is a heaven it’s a place where you can walk around with your dick buried in your husband’s ass. He was the perfect dick warmer.

The whole time Mike was still moaning into my ear. His moans and sounds of pleasure were like sweet music to my ears. I didn’t want this wonderful night to end so I continued walking and fucking, fucking and walking. I wanted to fuck the hell out of him until there wasn’t no cum left to fuck out.

When I felt myself getting close I grabbed hold of his neck, just wrapping my hands around his throat so that he could feel but not so that he would be hurt; and I started slamming my dick into his tight ass as hard as I could.



“OH YEAH! OH YEAH Oh FUCK!” I cried as I slammed my cock into his ass and exploded a hot stream of warm sticky cum into my husband’s ass. While I did this his own cock was spewing out cum all over the place coating my abs for instance.

“God that was hot,” I cried. “I need to go use the restroom real quick.”

“Hurry back!” Mike smiled, my cum still coating his backside.

****Scene 5: Jake’s POV **********************

Basement of Pi Alpha Kappa House 720 Fraternity Row,

While the other guys were talking and having a good time I managed to sneak off. Bryce had texted me telling me that he wanted me to meet him. I found him standing at the other end of the room and we walked to where the door to the basement and the laundry room was located.

I followed Bryce down to the basement. The whole time I was following him all I could think about was how hot he looked in his Chippendale costume. And about how I wanted to fuck him in ever different position.

If I haven’t said it enough Bryce is a fucking stud……a fucking gorgeous stud. He’s very handsome and he has a body to die for. While most of the guys I have fucked have been significantly smaller (like Brett for example) Bryce is bigger than them……….that’s all muscle though.

Now let me tell you holding onto those big muscles of his while I fuck him is such a fucking turn on and looking down and seeing that beautiful face wince and twist from the fucking is too good to pass up.

“Damn you look so fucking sexy in that bowtie,” I grinned, as I pulled Bryce close to me. I slowly undid the zipper of his pants and pulled them down.

“Come on Jake fuck me on here,” Bryce laughed as he jumped up on to the nearby dryer. “I’ve been waiting all day for this…”

“Bryce what if someone walks in?” I asked uneasily, fiddling around with the zipper to my own pants, trying to find the latch so that I could undo them.

“No one’s going to come down here…” Bryce assured me, gently rubbing my pecs with his hands. I knew that I was a big guy but this guy was big too. He looked fucking huge sitting on the dryer; his huge bulging biceps; and his pecs would have been almost a double D if he was a girl……….All I wanted to do was worship that sexy hunk body of his.

I pulled Bryce’s pants off and his cock was already getting hard through his underwear. The underwear already had a wet spot where his cock had been leaking precum. After I had done this I took my own cock out of my pants. It was ready to go but first I had to get something.

“Eat my ass,” I smiled, as I bent over on to the floor.

I didn’t even have to repeat myself before Bryce had dropped to his knees. He crawled up behind me and pushed his face into my ass and started liking my ass. I could feel the light hairs and stubble on his chin rub up against my flesh. It was such a turn on.

Having your ass get eaten by some sexy hunk is so fucking hot…. He jammed his nose into my ass and stated spitting and slobbering around the crack of my ass. He went from spitting into my ass to sucking on my hole. And it felt so good.

Slapping my ass a few times he dove back in between my warm backside. His licks weren’t soft they were hard and forceful almost like he was fucking me. Only it was with his tongue and not his dick.

Pretty soon he was ramming his tongue up my ass so forcefully that I swear I felt him hit my prostate with his tongue. Pulling my ass cheeks apart he pushed his face further between my cheeks. He must have a really big tongue I thought because it felt so strong…

“Oh fuck! Bryce your tongue feels so freaking good.” I groaned. When I said this he must have taken it as I Blank cheque to fuck the hell out of my ass with my tongue forcing it in and out of my ass with such force and such intensity.

I had had some nice assplay and of course I had guys lick my ass before but never had I had a guy fuck my ass with his tongue the way Bryce fucked me with his god-like tongue.”

“Damn that was hot,” I smiled as I stood up…..

“Ok it’s my turn…..Turn around, baby and flex those muscles of yours” I grinned, as I stroked my cock. “I want to see those big muscles and that tight little ass of yours.”

Bryce climbed off the dryer and began flexing his muscles for me to admire. He turned around a few time; striking a couple poses for me. He turned around bending over and he stuck out his ass…. His butt cheeks doing a little dance for me and inviting me inside them.

“Oh shit! Baby you got really beautiful body.” I smiled, as I reached down and lewdly slapped Bryce’ ass…his underwear being the only thing that saved his ass from the full force of my hand. Since he was already bent over it wasn’t too hard to push him back over onto the dryer and prepare him for what was coming next.

I grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down his legs until they fell to the floor. When I gazed down at his ass I swooned. “Hot damn. Bryce you’ve got a really sweet ass.”

I wasn’t just trying to stroke his ego I meant every word. He had a beautiful backside, and the kind of ass that only an athletic jock can have. Two beautiful slabs of white muscle in the shape of a bubble. I massaged those two beautiful cheeks for a few seconds and then I placed my hand on the crack of his ass and slowly pushed a finger into his ass. After one finger was inside I put another finger and then another. I spent the next few seconds fucking his ass with my finger; the sounds of him moaning made my dick hard.

Once I had placed the condom on my cock I held it to Bryce’s ass and simply gazed at it for a few seconds. Giving his ass a few light slaps I pulled them apart and prepared to enter that warm hole. When he pushed backwards my cock gained entrance into his ass. For the first few minutes I let him fuck himself on my dick. He followed a rhythm as he fucked himself on my dick. First he would push his ass back until my balls would slap against his ass and after that he would move upwards until my cock was at the point of popping out of his ass. Then he would push backwards until my balls slammed into his ass once more.

The whole time while he was doing this his ass muscles were squeezing and massaging my ass and sending intensely pleasurable feelings throughout my body. “Ah my dick!”

“Damn, fuck my dick!” I cried.

“Fuck my dick! Fuck my DICK!”

Grabbing him by the shoulders I started to meet his movements, thrusting my crotch into his gorgeous ass and humping his backside.


“Oh yeah baby, oh yeah!!!”

“Ohhhh….” He moaned…… “Oh Jake! FUCK me JAKE!!!”

“OH yeah, fuck me!”

“Please fuck me!”

I wanted nothing more than to fuck him so I did just that and I started fucking him. Pulling my cock out I rammed it back into him over and over again until he was screaming his head off. Thankfully the music was so loud upstairs no one heard us.

Bryce kept moaning and grunting every time I slammed my cock into his ass. While I was more the silent fucker he was a whole other story. You would have thought he was being killed the way he was screaming.

Grabbing onto Bryce’s hips, I started slamming my cock into his ass with full force. The whole time I was laying pipe in his ass, Bryce was stroking his cock underneath himself. All this thrusting must have really got him off because soon he started breathing very heavy……barely able to catch his breath.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh". He gasped. “Uh, I’m cumming!!!!”

AS he started to twitch and groan from his orgasm I continued to fuck him, slamming my dick in and out. In out of that sweet ass of his until I reached my peak.

Reaching up, I grabbed hold of his shoulders and slammed my cock into his ass as hard as I could for one final time. “Shhhiiittt!!!" I screamed as I exploded a healthy load of cum into his ass.

"Shit, shit, shit! Holy FUCK!!!!" I went on, as I continued to shoot my seed into Bryce’s hot muscular bubble butt.

Now that’s what I call a real good fucking…..

“Fuck! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” we both groaned as we orgasmed.

“Oh FUCK! Oh YEAH!!!”

“Oh fuck!”

“Oh FUCK! Oh FUCK! Oh Fuck!

“Holy Fuck! HOLY FUCK!” Bryce cried, leaning back as he threw his head back. “HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THAT?”

“WHAT the FUCK! IS that a body?” Bryce cried.

“Dude what the fuck are you talking about?” I laughed.

“Look right there!” Bryce cried as he popped up and pointed to the side of the room where the shape of something could be seen underneath what appeared to be a stained sheet. “There’s something over there and it looks like a body. What if someone was watching us?!”

I walked over to where Bryce had pointed and when I got there I could see that there was definitely something underneath the sheet. Whether it was a body or something else was yet to be determined.

I pulled the sheet up and looked down at what was underneath it. What I saw startled me. Actually it scared the hell out of me. “What the fuck?!”

“OH my god!” Bryce cried, running over to where I was standing. “That’s……that’s. It can’t be him. I can’t even say his name.”

“It is him…….” I sighed.

“Is he breathing,” Bryce asked. “Please tell me he’s breathing and that he had too much to drink so he walked down here and he fell asleep.”

“Dude he doesn’t have a pulse and I think he might be dead.” I replied. Besides nobody sleeps with their eyes open.”

“Oh my god,” I cried, breaking down. “Who would do this?”

“What do you mean who would do this? Bryce replied. “Who wouldn’t? He was such an asshole. You saw the way he was acting tonight. It’s like he had a deathwish.”

Just then we heard a vibrating sound and we looked down on the floor and we saw that the guy’s phone was on the floor. Luckily it wasn’t unlocked so we looked through it absentmindedly. When we looked through it we found this really strange text message from an unknown number that read……

“Payback is a bitch!

Creepier still there was file attached to the message. When we opened the file we found that it was a pic. It wasn’t just any pic, it was a dick pic of this really big dick. It was a really nice dick I might add.

“We have to tell them what happened.” I replied.

“We don’t even know what happened.” Bryce sighed. “There’s no blood maybe he just died.

“Someone killed him, this text message proves that.”

“What’s that on his shirt?” Bryce gasped, as he pointed his finger over the dead guy’s chest

“Dude don’t’ laugh but….I-I think it might be cum.” I replied.

“It sure as hell looks like it.” I added

“What the hell? This is staring to get weird.” Bryce replied. “Let’s go NOW… We have to find the others and tell them what happened”

STAY TUNED……………………..



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