****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Emily’s POV **********************

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church,                                                                                                            44 Harbor View Road,

After my talk with my mother I went to go check on my brother to see if he was ready. When I entered the room he smiled at me. I have to admit part of me wanted to tell him exactly what our mother was up to. But I knew that if I did that it would break his heart so I decided to keep my mouth shut. We were discussing the fact that while I was the oldest he had managed to beat me to the alter. We were having a good talk when the wedding planner entered the room in a rather flustered state.

“Excuse me, but we have a serious problem.” She began. “A serious problem.”

“What kind of problem?” I asked, nervously.

“What?” Mike began.

“Most of the guests of arrived and they are waiting for the ceremony to start.” The wedding planner sighed.

“Ok well let’s start the ceremony then.”

“We can’t start the wedding if we wanted to,” the wedding planner replied. “Because we don’t have anyone to officiate the wedding. I’m just a simple wedding planner, I can’t officiate this wedding.”

“Well we have to find someone to officiate the wedding,” I demanded. “There has to be someone who can officiate this wedding.”

“There’s just no time to find someone who can officiate this wedding in such short notice.” The wedding planner sighed. “And besides we had someone to officiate, we had Father Thomas. But nobody has seen him this whole day.”

“Oh no,” Mike sighed. “Were going to have to postpone the wedding. Eric and I have been waiting all week to walk down the aisle.”

“Little bro you’re not postponing anything. You and Eric are getting married today and you best believe that.” I declared. “I’ve got Father Thomas’s cell, I’ll call him and see what’s taking him so long. And I’ll tell him to get his behind here.”

I managed to reach Father Thomas on the phone. When I told him that the wedding was about to start and that people were beginning to worry because he was nowhere in sight he confusingly told me that he had been told the wedding would be the following day and not today. I knew at once that my mother had a hand in confusing the poor cleric.

At that moment my grandparents along with my parents entered the room. They were all wondering the same thing. My mother instead knew exactly what was going on. She had no doubt arranged the whole thing. “What’s wrong?”

“We’re going to have to postpone the wedding,” Mike sighed. “We don’t have anyone to perform the ceremony and Father Thomas thought the wedding was tomorrow and not today so he’ll never make it hear in time.”

“Oh that’s too bad,” my mother sighed. She was clearly trying her hardest to pretend like she was upset while inside she was no doubt jumping for joy.

“Mother don’t worry, I’m sure we can find someone to perform the ceremony. We can call in some of those good ole Chandler connections.”

“We might not have to call in any favors.” My grandmother smiled. “A few months ago I became an ordained minister online. I have the certificate to prove it. I can marry you and Eric.”

“Grandmother you would really do that for us. That would mean the world to Eric and me if you were to perform the ceremony. Thank you, thank you so much!” Michael smiled.

“Darling it would be my pleasure,” my grandmother smiled, as she hugged Mike.

“Oh my god this is amazing,” I cried. “This is actually wonderful…….Woot, woot, woot, woot, let’s get this party started!”

Everyone cleared out of the room leaving Michael alone once more. Once the door was shut I made sure no one could hear me and I leaned over to my mother. “Don’t think I don’t know it was you who told Father Thomas the wrong date.”

“Emily I don’t know what you are talking about.” My mother lied.

“Mother don’t start,” I replied. “This is Michael’s happy day and I’m not going to let you interfere in it. In a few minutes Michael is going to walk out that room. And he’s going to walk down the aisle to his happily ever after and I want you and Dad to escort him down the aisle like the good parent I know you can be.”

“I don’t even want to participate in this charade,” My mother growled.

“Well you’re going to or else I’m going to tell Mike everything.” I whispered.


“Good I can’t wait to see the proud mother giving her son away,” I laughed. “Don’t even think about objecting. Because if you do Michael will be so heartbroken at you. You don’t want to ruin his day do you?”

****Scene 2: Kayla’s POV **********************

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church,                                                                                                           44 Harbor View Road,

Some of the guests were getting a little antsy because the ceremony was supposed to start minutes ago and to be honest with you I was a part of the procession and I was a little antsy myself. We had no idea what to expect at a gay wedding……..we were in fact gay wedding virgins. I think that’s why Eric and Mike decided that they would both walk down the aisle. The musicians in the church’s gallery began to play a light tune, letting all the guests know that the ceremony was about to start. First to make an entrance was myself as best person, I was followed by Jake and Kevin respectively best men for Mike

After this Eric’s best-man Chris entered on the arm of Haley Macy. Don’t even get me started on how Haley Macy became a part of this wedding………..it will make your head hurt as it does mine. They were followed by Adam Causey a close friend of Eric’s. As surveyed the assemblage I noticed that Brett was nowhere in sight. He must surely be on the way I thought, the hospital wasn’t too far away from the church.

The next thing I knew the band had struck up the wedding march. A few seconds later Eric entered the hall and all the guests stood up. Eric escorted his mother down the aisle to her seat. Everyone remained standing as Michael entered the room, being escorted by both his parents. He was smiling from ear to ear. And I swear his smile only got bigger the closer he got to Eric. And the way they were looking at each other it was like a dream come true. It’s so romantic.

I guess they couldn’t get a priest on such short notice because Michael’s grandmother was officiating the ceremony and doing a fabulous job I might add.

“Wait is Mike’s grandmother going to officiate?” I whispered to Jake. “Can she even do that? What happened to the priest? Father Thomas?”

“He couldn’t make it, something about the dates,” Jake sighed. “But apparently Mike’s grandmother became an ordained minister online. She even as the certificate to prove it.”

“Ladies and gentleman you are all gathered here today to witness the union of these two men in the bonds of marriage. You will all bear witness to their commitment, their love, and you will all lend your support as they began their journey on the path of marriage.” Katherine Chandler smiled.

“If any of you have any objections or any reasons of any kind why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Mrs Chandler continued. Nobody said a word and we all took it as a good sign.

“Ok great, now that we’ve gotten that formality out of the way we can continue.” Mike’s grandmother chuckled. I guess she spoke too soon because no sooner had Michael’s grandmother finished speaking the doors to the church were thrown open and in walked Brett Barrett. He looked terrible, his hair was a mess, his clothes was torn, and he had a few cuts on his face.

“Brett!!” What are you doing?!” Jake yelled. Apparently he like the others thought that Brett was about to make an objection to the wedding. “Don’t tell me you’re trying to stop this wedding!”

“Oh god no! I love Eric and Mike, these two guys are meant for each other.” Brett laughed. “I had no idea I came in at that part, I just had to stop him!”

“Stop who?” Jake cried as he ran over to Brett. “Baby what happened to you? How did you get all these scars? Your clothes are a mess!”

“I had to stop him!” Brett yelled as he pointed at Paul Hayes, who was sitting in one of the nearer pews. Paul looked shocked to see Brett.

“Stop him from doing what?” Jake laughed.

“Stop him from ruining your life and from trying to kill me again.” Brett cried. “Jake I have to tell you something. Paul is the blackmailer. He’s the one who’s been making your life a living hell for months.”

“What? How? Brett you can say something like that?” Jake chuckled. “Paul is a good friend of mine, he would never do something like that.”

“But he did……” Brett sighed as he handed Jake a manila folder. “Jake I have the proof right here. The DNA tests you ran on the blackmailer were a match for Paul Hayes. He’s been behind the whole thing. When I found out that it was him he tried to run me off the road that’s why my clothes look like this.”

Jake took a few minutes to look over the papers inside the manila folder. When he looked up his face changed bright red like a fresh tomato. Anybody with a brain could tell that Jake was angry and I don’t mean a little angry. He was freaking pissed.

“You fucker!” Jake yelled, as he ran over to Paul.

“Man, calm down.” Paul cried. “Whatever he told you, it was a lie. Man we’ve been friends forever, are you really going to believe him over me? I’m your friend”

“Yes,” Jake cried, right before he decked Paul in the face. “It was you the whole time?! How can you claim to be my friend when you have been lying to me, you’ve ruined my life. My parents are separating because of what you did! You know what? I should kick your ass! I should kick your fucking ass right here!!!”

“Jake beating this guy up isn’t going to make your parents magically get back together.” Brett sighed. “It won’t change anything. Besides Michael and Eric should be getting ready right now not witnessing you beat some guy to a pulp.”

“I’m so sorry Jake,” Paul pleaded. “But you have to understand I did what I did because I care about you and I couldn’t bear to see you with Brett.”

“I’m so sorry Jake,” Paul pleaded. “But you have to understand I did what I did because I care about you and I couldn’t bear to see you with Brett. Especially after what he did in Connecticut.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jake yelled. “What about Connecticut?”

“Well your precious little Brett used to live there and there’s a very good reason why he moved. And I’ll give you a little hint it’s not because of the reason he told you about. You look at me as if I’m some short of monster but the man you love as a dirty little secret.”

“SHUT UP!!!!” Jake yelled.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Paul laughed. “You think you’ve found the prefect guy, but when you learn what he’s done you will be singing a different tune.”

“Paul I think you need to leave, now.” Michael spoke up.

After Paul walked out of the church the intense tension in the room magically evaporated. We tried to get on with the ceremony.

“Mike I’m so sorry about that,” Jake mumbled. “I never meant to lose my cool like that, but I’m just so upset. I feel so betrayed. That he would claim to be my friend and then stab me in the back like that.”

“Guys I think we have a wedding to get back to.” I smiled.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV **********************

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church,                                                                                                   44 Harbor View Road,

“Ok now that we have gotten all the interruptions out of the way we can get back to the matter at hand.” Mike’s grandmother smiled. “These two wonderful men have each written their own vows as a testament to their love.”

“Eric has chosen to go first.” She added.

“Michael you are the most amazing man that I have ever met. And I can’t wait to spend every single day of the rest of my life with you. Before I met you I was just wandering this earth, I had no idea a part of me was missing……But now I know that part was you. You make me whole babe. Day after day I’m confronted with your kindness, your generosity, your devotion to your loved ones. I’ve never met a person with a bigger heart then you. You have a smile that can light up a whole room and it can brighten up my day any day. Dude I’m completely and totally in love with you.” I smiled.

“In front of God and all of our family and friends I promise to be loving, patient, and faithful. I promise to be the best husband that ever lived, and the very best father to our future children, all of them including little Johnny. In case you didn’t already know I really want to create a family with you. But not only do I promise to be there for the good times, but the bad times as well. When you’re feeling down I’ll be your shoulder to cry on and when you’re happy I want to share your joy. And I will do all this with your until the end of time. Michael Edward Winthrop Chandler I love you with every fiber in my being.”

“Wow that was very romantic, very heartfelt. This guy, he’s really wearing his heart on his sleeve.” Mike’s grandmother cooed. “His vows are going to be a tough act to follow but I’m sure my grandson can manage he’s very resourceful.

Michael breathed heavily and then he began to speak. I stared intently at him, counting down the minutes until we could say I do and he would be my husband.

“Ok where do I start?” Mike began. “There’s so much I want to say, but I guess I’ll start from the beginning. Eric you are my very best friend, but when I first saw you I didn’t know who you were. But I knew there was something special about. To me you weren’t just another hot jock with a nice butt, there was something about you. Something special, something that kept drawing you too me. I didn’t know what it was but now I know that it was because you are and always will be my soulmate. First we started out as friends but came over my house and you kissed me and then the romance began.”

“Eric the moment we got together our lives have been nothing but a never ending rollercoaster and I don’t want to get off. You’ve managed to not only stick by me with all the drama going on in my life. You’ve also managed to steal my heart. A passion burns inside of me for you that is so strong I cannot contain it. I love you Eric. And I know people are always saying that you’re so lucky, but in reality I’m the lucky one to have such a wonderful man in my life. I promise to be your lover, companion, and friend. Your partner in crime. Your ally in conflict. Your greatest fan and your toughest critic. Your student and your teacher. Your student and your teacher. Your accomplice in mischief. Your supporter in all things. This is my sacred vow to you, my equal, my love, my Eric.” Mike said, I could see his eyes welling up. I tried to ignore it because I knew that if I didn’t I would be doing the same thing and I didn’t want to ball my eyes out.

“Eric I’m so happy that you want to be my partner on all of life’s adventures. And I can’t wait to grow old with you. Through hard times and good times, through sickness and health, for rich or poor I’ll always be at your side…. Because I will love you for all the days of our lives.” Mike finished.

“You know what I don’t think I could have said it any better,” Mike’s grandmother smiled. “It’s now time for the exchanging of rings. Repeat after me. I (state your name), take you (state name) to be my husband. To share all that I am and all that I have, for all time to come. And I promise to do all in my power to keep my love as deep and as strong as it is today.” We said in unison

“Michael With this ring, I give you my promise that from this day forward you shall not walk alone. I have no greater gift to give. May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home. May we walk together through all things. May you feel deeply loved, for indeed you are. May you always see the innocence in my eyes. May we feel this joy forever.” I added before slipping my ring on Mike’s finger.

“Eric let this ring be symbol of my commitment to you. I will share my joy with you, so that it might be multiplied. And I will share my pain with you so that it might be divided. During the day I will walk by your side as we travel together through life’s journey. And at night I will sleep in your arms for your love shall be my home.”

“With that being said I would like to happily conclude this ceremony by saying that it is my very great honor with the power vested in me by the state of New York to pronounce you Eric Daniel Smith and Michael Edward Winthrop Chandler husbands for life. You may now kiss your husband!” Mrs. Chandler smiled.

She didn’t have to tell me twice, I grabbed Mike and pulled him in for a warm kiss. I had wanted to do that ever since I first saw him walk down the aisle, but I had held it in. We kissed as the very jubilant assemblage cheered as on and congratulated us. While we kissed in front of all of our friends and family I really wanted to do something else with my new husband. But for now a kiss would have to do. “I love you,” I whispered, right after we unlocked lips.

“I love you too,” he whispered back.

****Scene 4: Mike’s POV **********************

Chandler Mansion,                                                                                                                               Raven Hill Island,

After Eric, myself and the rest of the guests had arrived at the mansion for the reception, my grandfather offered to give a toast. Who was I to stop him, it was his house after all.

“Thank you all so much,” my grandfather Victor began. “I have to tell you it is really a joy to be standing here in front of you all at my grandson’s wedding. I’m so amazed that this day as finally come, because it truly is such wonderful occasion to see Mike and Eric be married. Many of us, myself included had our doubts that these two would ever get married. But after several breakups and makeups these two have finally managed to tie the knot and I couldn’t be happier but we should also be take note that now in the entire country people may marry the person they love regardless of their sex.”

“Now I’m not one for the mushy lovey dovey stuff but I’m going to try to make this as heartfelt as it can be because this even is truly a joy. The country is changing and I think it is changing for the better. I might add. Before a few years ago gay marriage was only legal in a few places and finally the government has decided that gay marriage is alright. But many of us have known that for many years…..myself included. People might disagree with that statement. But do you know what I have to say to them? I don’t give a damn…..”

The assembled guests erupted with laughter at my grandfather’s words. He was never one to mince his words. I was reading in the papers the other day about a mid-western pastor preaching fire and brimstone claiming that gay marriage would be the destruction of America. If that’s the case I know a few gay men who would do an absolute marvellous restoration of the damage. Now people like to say that our ancestors would be appalled by gay marriage and the like but honestly what those people don’t know is that history is a lot gayer then they like to believe. I mean democracy was founded by the Greeks, a bunch men who when they weren’t strutting around naked were wearing dresses. I mean our country was founded by a bunch of men in wigs wearing satin pantaloons. You can’t tell me those guys weren’t a little gay.” My grandfather chuckled.

“Don’t get me wrong I’m a faithful Christian and lover of God, but for all you bible thumping Christians out there condemning gay people you must have mean the part in the Bible where Jesus preferred to live with twelve men then to start a family. I mean the guy had a prostitute as a friend but he loved his disciple John the best. Take that however you like. To tell you the truth this really is a momentous and extraordinary day, Katherine and I our truly blessed to be here to see this day. We’re a little older than most of you all and we haven’t really kept up with what’s hip. There is one thing that we do know and that’s marriage. You see Katherine and I have been married for forty-five years and every single day with this woman had been an absolute adventure, because when you marry your soulmate your life will be filled with adventure as you get to spend your life with this person that God made for you. God bless you both. Michael your Nana and I love you very much and we wish you nothing but the very best on your happy day. Love always.”

STAY TUNED…………………..



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