****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV **********************

Room 303, Arlington Residence Hall, Harmony University,

Move-in-day had gotten off to such a great start that I could almost say that I had had the absolute perfect day. I met my new roommate (who seemed to a pretty cool guy), went to my first college party, and even made sweet love to my husband.... What a day it would have been if it had ended there but it didn’t.

Our day went from being amazing to being bad all because Haley decided to follow this random guy upstairs to his room. He was a total hunk (we later learned that his name was Chad and that he was as much a douche as was a stud) but he was a stranger nevertheless. So apparently Haley and this guy were kissing and getting ready to hookup when this guy’s girlfriend walked in on them. Long story short she went bat-shit crazy and then all of us had to leave before anything else happened. What a day indeed.

But enough about that because today I would be starting my first college classes. I had decided to major in Business management and to minor in pre-law because that’s what I wanted to do not because my parents and family wanted me to take a more active role in the family business. Which I was more than happy to do……on my own terms.

Because I was freshman most of my classes for the first semester were general education classes like Math, English and the like. On the day when I had my first classes I was able to sleep in because my first class didn’t start until 9:30 a.m. Thank god. When I did manage to get up I looked over and saw that my roommate was still sound asleep…..either he didn’t have a class or he had overslept. I didn’t know him very well so I decided it was best if I didn’t wake him. So I let him sleep. It looked like he needed it.

My first class English 101 (ENG 101) with Professor Steve Duncan was in Rhodes Hall, which was the main undergraduate hall and where the majority of my Gen-Ed classes were located. It was a class that was required for all incoming freshmen not to mention a prerequisite for several other upper level courses. Unfortunately for me Eric didn’t have the class because he had opted for mostly evening classes so that he could sleep during the day. God I love him… But by a stroke of luck I immediately spotted Kayla and Haley on the other end of the room. At least I would have those two to talk to. With luck I could keep them from ripping each other’s hair out in the course of this semester.

“Kayla, Haley!” I called.

Upon hearing their names they both turned around. When they saw me they smiled and I walked over to wear they were. “Hey I didn’t know you guys would be in this class….”

“Yeah, I wanted to sleep-in and come to this class next time but when I heard that Dr. Hottie would be lecturing this class I decided to come right away.” Haley giggled.

“Who is that?” I asked.

“Professor Duncan, apparently he’s really attractive or something….” Kayla laughed. “But Haley’s right about not wanting to come. At first she didn’t want to get up but when I learned that she had the same class as me I made her come by telling her that Dr. Duncan was our professor. My sister told me all about how gorgeous he was, how sexy, what a total daddy he was. She jumped in the shower and rushed over here so that she could see for herself.

After that Professor Duncan or Dr. Hottie as Kayla and Haley liked to call him, walked into the lecture hall. Upon seeing him I realized that Kayla was absolutely right. This guy was so attractive, he had dark brown almost black hair, piercing green eyes. A light beard covered his well framed face. And he had skin so tanned that he could have been mistaken for an Italian or maybe even Arab… But for all I know he was not. The point being he was a sexy as hell and daddy as fuck. I’m a married man but I would be a liar if I told you my dick didn’t get a little hard when I saw him walk in. This guy was gorgeous and he looked like he had been cut out of a GQ magazine.

“Damn daddy,” Haley giggled. “Damn he’s fine.”

“Wow, you were right,” I replied. “He is a hottie.” While we continue to ogle our new professor he put his equipment on his desk and began preparing for his lecture.

“Mikey is that a hard on I see,” Kayla laughed. “What will Eric think when he sees how hot your new professor is?”

“No,” I stated firmly as I placed my hand over my crotch as a force of habit. It was also partly because this guy was making me kind of hard. “Nothing he’s my professor not my husband. Eric’s my one and only. Besides that guy is old enough to be my father…..”

“Mike he’s only forty-two.” Haley laughed back. “And even if he was sixty I think I still fuck him. He’s so sexy he can get it any day. And I do mean any day.”

“Oh we know exactly what that means,” Kayla giggled.

“What?!” Haley replied, slightly offended. “He’s a good-looking man, of course I would want to sleep with him. What girl and guy for that matter wouldn’t?”

“Hey, excuse me,” a voice said from behind me. I turned to see this really cute guy in the process of lightly tapping on my shoulder. This guy had dirty-blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a very cute face. He was also about my height. He was wearing a really tight blue shirt that hugged his skin in a warm embrace. His pecs were nearly about to rip out of his shirt and his biceps were doing their best stretch the limits of his already stretched shirt. This guy was even wearing glasses……but they didn’t seem right on him. Almost as if the glasses were shield to hide how attractive he was. Like he was some kind of blonde Clark Kent. That’s not to mean he didn’t look good in them…..because he did.

“Excuse me is this seat taken?” the hot blonde guy asked, as he pointed to chair right next to my own.

“No its not,”

“Ok cool, you don’t mind if I sit here? Do you?” he added. “I don’t know that many people here but you seem like a cool guy.”

“No not at all,” I smiled.

“Thanks man,” the guy smiled as he shook my hand. The shaking of my hand caused his biceps to flex and tense underneath his shirt. I couldn’t help but look…there was something about this guy. “My name’s Zach…..Zach Wilson. What’s yours?”

“My name is Michael but you can call me Mike if you want……”

“That’s cool, I’m glad you said this seat wasn’t taken. I didn’t want to sit by myself.”

“That’s fine man….no one should sit alone. If I was alone I would want someone to sit next to me.” I smiled at Zach. I knew all too well what it was like to feel out of place. Apparently this attractive guy was also very shy….

“Yeah, you can sit anywhere you like cutie,” Haley smirked.

“What?” the guy smiled.

“Oh nothing…..” Haley giggled. “Were just glad you sat with us.”

“Yeah, we all our.” Kayla added.

****Scene 2: Jake’s POV **********************

401 Darcy Residence Hall, Harmony University,

College had really gotten off to a great start for me. Within a week of arriving on campus I found myself the sexiest fuckbuddy. I hot muscly green-eyed brunette named Bryce with a tight ass. A really tight ass. While I could and often did hook-up with girls I don’t think this guy could. He was completely gay. And I was fine with that. In the first few days of being at college Bryce and I had hooked up nearly every night, multiple times. This guy couldn’t get enough of my dick and I was more than happy to oblige him.

The Pi Alpha Kappa house where he lived was literally crawling with muscle bound homophobic jocks so he decided that it would be best if we hooked up in my dorm room. Part of me was trying to have as much sex as possible so that I could get over Brett and part of me was trying to make him jealous. I made sure that he knew that I had a guy over. I think that this guy…Bryce was trying to get over someone too.

The morning of my first class I invited Bryce over to my dorm for a quick fuck. He didn’t have as much muscle as me but he had a very athletic build, a hard chest, rippling abs. And to top it all of a thick eight inch uncut slab of man meat. The perfect fuck-buddy…..

I had invited him over to my dorm while my suitemates were still fast asleep in the early hours of the morning we had sex and even now we were jerking off in my bed. We were watching a little porno I had brought from home. It was a threesome, two guys and a girl. One of the guys was eating out the girl’s pussy while the other guy was pounding his ass with his cock. All three of them seemed to be having a wonderful time.

While I jerked my cock with one hand I reached around Bryce’s back and started playing with his tight ass. This guy had told me a lot of things about himself. Like the fact that he had always known he was gay and that he had played baseball for years. I guess all of those years of baseball had paid off because Bryce had the tightest ass I’d ever fucked.

Slowly first my hands and then my lips found their way onto Bryce’ thick uncut cock. Taking that thing in my mouth a savoured its musky and manly scent. It was to die for. I stroked it with one hand while I sucked it with my mouth. His cock has a slight curve to it, which becomes noticeable once its’ hanging down your throat.

Bryce moaned loudly as I sucked him off. I took this this as I an invitation to take more of this dick into my mouth. His cock his warm and just as hard. Pulling the foreskin back I exposed the bulbous head, which I gently licked a couple of times before letting his cock plunge down my throat.

After licking my lips I wrapped them around Bryce’s uncut cock and begin sliding my mouth up and down that shaft of his all while I stroked it with both hands. That’s how thick that thing was!

I can’t believe I managed to fit that whole thing into my mouth but I did. And the exquisite cries that kept coming out of him were telling me that I had him just where I wanted him.

“Damn, Dude!” he groaned, as he pushed down on my heads.

Holding his foreskin down I sucked on the head of his cock letting my tongue swirl around it as I pleasured my new fuck-buddy with my mouth. After a while of sucking his cock dry, Bryce pushed me off and leaned into my ear.

“I think it’s time you fuck me,” he whispered. I didn’t have to ask me twice because within seconds I had popped a condom on. Lubed up his ass and my cock and was ready to fuck. And with one smooth stroke my cock entered his ass and he groaned so loudly I was certain the whole dorm shook.

I thrusted my cock in and out of Bryce’s fine ass, pumping his ass full of my man meat. I was lost in a state of sheer lust that I ignored the world and the fact that time was passing me by. All I was concerned with was getting off inside Bryce’s sweet ass.

As I continued to push my cock in and out of his wondrous ass, Bryce began making laboured and guttural moans with each inward thrust. As his moans and that of my own became more laboured and turned into breathless panting I knew that we were both getting close to cumming.

As I neared orgasm the whole room began to smell like straight up sex. The room was already filled with the sounds of heavy breathing. Before I could cum I pulled my cock out of Bryce’s ass and flipped him over onto his back

I dove head first on to the exposed white slabs of ass flesh. I began eating his ass, letting my tongue dart into his tight hole. I never ate an ass as smooth and utterly hairless as Bryce (save Bryce, but there wasn’t a hair anywhere on that guy). He had as sweet tasting ass and as I licked up and down the crack of his ass I savoured the manly smell, and the sweet aroma of Bryce’s perfect white ass.

“Dude you need to go out into the sun a little.” I laughed. “You got a really whit ass!”

“I do go out into the sun……” Bryce laughed. “Just not butt-naked.”

“Well you need to start because your ass is too white!” I laughed. I wasn’t joking about Bryce’s ass being too white. His arms and legs were tanned but his ass was as white as snow. Don’t get me wrong I love tanned lines on a guy especially around the ass area. But this guy had a butt that looked as if it had never seen daylight.

After a while he was begging me to stop playing games and to get back to fucking him. “Come on dude! Enough talking about my ass just fuck me already.”

I slapped his ass lewdly and slammed my cock back into just so I could shut him up. After a while I was ploughing his ass just like before. The sight of my dick sliding in and out of Bryce’s beautiful, fat, almost hairless, snow-white ass was a truly incredible sight. I worked his ass over nice and slow.

As if by impulse Bryce arched his back and pushed his ass backwards…..letting his ass tunnels swallow my dick whole. Clearly he had been with many guys before. After that he began grinding his ass on my dick moving and gyrating his sexy hips and firm thighs. It seemed like he was frantic to get as much of my cock inside of him as possible. With each passing minute I was getting closer and closer to blowing my load.

Finally I came and that’s when I realized I was late for class.


“I’m going to be late for class!” I cried, as I pulled my still wet cock from Bryce’s ass. I wiped my cock clean with a discarded pair of underwear. Put on some jeans and a T-shirt and was ready to go. I didn’t have time to shower. I just hoped no one would smell the sex on me.

“I’ll just clean myself up while you’re gone,” Bryce laughed, still laying butt naked on my bed stroking his cock. Which was still hard as a rock.

“See you later,” I smiled.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV **********************

Student Commons, Harmony University,

Once Mike had finished up with his morning classes he and I met up with Kayla and the others. We met up at the Student Commons for a quick bite and to chat about our first official day of college. The Commons was where most of the student body hung out between classes and were they went to see friends. It was a big three story brick building with long glass windows. It had three levels, the first level had a big lounge, little shops or student run stands, the basement level had an arcade, gaming room, a few lounges; while the third level had multiple ballrooms for large scale functions as well as the bridge (as the student body liked to call it.) that connected it to the neighbouring food court.

Mike and I met Kayla and the rest of our friends met in the food court. We found a table that we claimed as our own. We had a lot to talk about.

“So your hubby’s got himself a secret admirer,” Kayla laughed.


“What do you mean?” Mike replied. “You’re not talking about that guy who sat next to me this morning?”

“Yeah she’s talking about the sexy guy with the glasses.” Haley giggled. “I think that guy definitely has a crush on Mike.”

“He does not!” Mike protested.

“He does too,” Haley retorted.

“We don’t even know if he’s gay……and even if he is I’m already married.” Mike added. “I’m happily married.”

“Gay or not that guy was staring at you like he want to fuck the hell out of you,” Haley replied. “Even if he’s not gay he definitely wants you.”

“Stop talking Haley before you make Eric jealous.” Kayla ordered.

“Kayla it’s just some random guy….I’m not going to get jealous.” I laughed. “As long as he doesn’t try anything with my husband I’m cool.”

“If you saw the way this guy was looking at Michael you would be singing a different tune. He was devouring Mike with his eyes.” Haley continued.

“Guys stop it,” Mike protested. “He probably didn’t even know he was doing it. He’s a really shy guy.”

“Yeah he might be shy but he’s also hot as shit.” Haley giggled.

“Ok guys can we stop talking about this random guy who may or may not have been staring at Mike.” Jake cried. “Who gives a fuck?”

“I’ve got great news,” Jake smiled. “My new friend Bryce told me that Pi Alpha Kappa is having rush events this week and he wants us all to come.”

“Thanks man, but isn’t that douchebag Chad in that fraternity?” Eric grumbled.

“Yeah, but all of his rushing that fraternity would be so great because we could make it better.” Mike assured. “Besides Eric you’ve always wanted to rush PAK. You know just like your father”

“Yeah I know, but that was before he tried to kill you.” I replied.

“Baby do it for me,” Mike begged. “It will be fun...Think of all the connections and new male friends that we will meet.”

“A hum…” Jake began.

“Not that our old friends aren’t great…” Mike laughed. “This will give us the opportunity to get our foot in the door. And Eric you can’t always judge a book by its cover. People kept telling me you were bad news but I didn’t listen because I knew you had a good heart. This Chad guy is probably just misunderstood.”

“That or he’s as big a jerk as we think…” Chris laughed. He had before now been silent, simply taking in the conversation.

“Ok fine, I’ll do it.” I grumbled as Mike threw his arms around me and pulled me in for a hug.

“That’s so great because we are going to some Zeta Phi Mu events this week.” Haley giggled. “Wouldn’t it be so cool if we all got into the two top tier fraternity and sorority on campus?”

“That would be awesome sauce.” Kayla smiled.


****Scene 4: Mike’s POV **********************

Room 303, Arlington Hall, Harmony University,

After having lunch with our friends in the student commons Eric and I made a bee-line back to my dorm-room. My roommate had his classes posted on a board hanging from his bed so I knew he would be out. Had completed all of my classes for the day while Eric had a few evening classes to get to. But this time in between them was the perfect time for us to be together and to be alone.

Once inside I turned on the light. Did a quick sweep of the room to make sure my roommate was gone and once I was sure James wasn’t there I pushed Eric down onto my bed. Dropping to my knees I undid the zipper in his jeans and pulled them down exposing his cock. He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Taking Eric’s cock in my hands I started stroking it lightly. It was warm and throbbing but because of the cold air my hands were not as warm.

“Sorry for the cold hands, man.” I sighed.

“Baby its fine,” Eric groaned. “My cock is warm enough to warm both of us up.”

“I know.” I laughed.

As I jerked my husband’s cock in my hands I could feel every ridge, every bump and if I had a piece of paper and a pen I could it draw every detail of it to perfection…..even down to the vein that ran down the side of it. I used both hands to jerk his cock and he was loving every minute of it…

After a while, he started moaning and making sounds that filled the room. His cries of passion were like sweet music to my ears. So the more he groaned the more I jerked his cock so that it became almost rhythmic.

"Jesus I love every inch of this thing." I gasped as I held Eric’s cock in my hand. “Actually I love every inch of your whole body. I’m so happy you came into my life.”

“Babe you don’t have to say that,” Eric sighed. “Because I’m the lucky one to have found such a great guy like you. You are the best husband a guy could ever ask for.”

“No Eric I’m the lucky one you’re the catch,” I replied as I held onto Eric’s cock and gazed up at me. “People might not know how great you are but I do. And I want to be able to tell you that every single day for the rest of our lives.”

“Baby you don’t have to stroke my ego when you’re already stroking my dick too.” Eric laughed, his face was red from embarrassment.

“But I want to,” I smiled as I squeezed Eric’s dick in my hands. After that I turned my attention back to Eric’s beautiful dick. A dick that was all mine. With lighting speed I sucked on his cock; the breathless moans that Eric was making told me that my lips were driving him to the edge.

“Baby if you keep going like that, I’m going to blow my load down your throat before I even get a chance to fuck you,” he panted. His eyes were close

Slowing down just a little I started playing with his big balls. Taking each one in my mouth, swirling my tongue around them and coating them with my saliva. He must have shaved recently because his cock and balls were smooth save the light blondish hairs dotting the gorgeous slab of meat in my hands.

During this whole time his cock was leaking precum like there was no tomorrow. Leaning downwards I took his cock and started to lick the head, cleaning up every drop of precum.

After coating the head of his gorgeous cock with my saliva I took it into my mouth and started to deep throat it. With my hands I stroked his cock and with my mouth I massaged Eric’s love muscle. Flicking my tongue up and down his long shaft I lightly kissed his cock as he moaned into my ears.

“Oh shit!!!” he groaned as he grabbed onto my hair as I continued to stroke his cock.

“Oh shit, oh shit………” Eric screamed as he pushed my head down onto his crotch. His cock was so far up my throat my nose was nearly in his balls. It felt so good to be making love to my husband and knowing that he was all mine. And he looked good enough to eat too. Hard muscles, rippling abs, and sharp V-line muscle that was honestly one of the sexiest things about him

After a while I climbed onto the bed and Eric and I got into a 69 position so that we could both get off. Once my crotch was lined up to his mouth, Eric dove on to it. After he had ripped my boxers off of course. This was the second pair this week he’s done that too. Taking my cock in his mouth Eric started to gently lick the shaft before he started to deep throat it. If you don’t know by now my husband is a cock-sucking god. He was sucking my dick so good that all I could do was moan on his.

His wet tongue, his warm lips, his entire mouth felt so good on my dick. And I didn’t even have to tell him to relax on the teeth because it was like he was reading my mind. He would slow down when I got close to cumming and then he would turn around and pick up the pace once he had carried my dick away from the edge. Hot damn...

After a while I flipped him around so that he was on top and I was on the bottom. With that big ass of his in my face I took that as the perfect time to eat his ass out. As he continued to suck on my cock I started to lick his sweet ass. It smelled of soap and sweat. With every tongue fuck of his ass, Eric’s moans and groans only became louder.

“Oh fuck, I love when you eat my ass,” he cried. Soft whimpers left his mouth every time I dug my tongue into Eric’s ass. I dove into Eric’s tight asshole like it was a delicious pink pastry. Almost at once he cried out in passion. I could feel the tight hole of his contracting and relaxing trying to make room for my tongue.

He was turning me on even more to hear him scream his head off as I fucked his ass with my tongue. Filling his warm asshole with my spit I gliding my tongue across the tender pink flesh faster and faster. I did nearly every letter of the alphabet with my tongue on Eric’s tight ass, swirling it around and around and trying to tongue-fuck his sweet ass with all my might. Every time I flicked my tongue across his ass Eric would push against me trying to force my tongue further up his ass.

"Oh fuck. Ohhh fuuuuck!!!!..." he cried breathing heavily, his cries were almost desperate.

After a while we decided it was time to get down to business if you get my drift. I reached over to my desk and pulled out a new bottle of lube. Squirting some of it on my hands I rubbed it into my asshole and onto his cock. He squirted some more onto his hands and started to finger my asshole making it nice and wet.

Lining his cock up to my hole he pressed it against my puckering hole. He waited for the okay, and once I gave it he pressed his cock inside my ass tunnel.

“FUCCCCK, that feels so good,” I groaned as he slowly pushed his cock into me. Once I felt the cock head pop into my hole I let out a hoarse cry.

Lifting himself over me he allowed more and more of his cock to plunge into my waiting hole. Looking up at him he had the biggest smile on his face as I watched him bury his cock in my ass. His abs tensed and tightened as he started to thrust in and out.

“Damn, you’re always so tight,” he grunted.

I swear to god I knew every inch of Eric’s cock as if it was my own. Every ridge, every vein, every pubic hair. I could feel it all as he slid his shaft inside of me. Once he was balls deep in my ass I relaxed my hole, loosened my ass muscles and let Eric take over.

Pretty soon my ass was impaled on that thick ten inch cock of his. His dick felt so good, so fucking good as he plowed his way to orgasm. It felt like there was no end to his dick.

“Oh baby, you feel so good,” I groaned, my nails digging into Eric’s back. The breathless noises coming out of my mouth were partly the result of lust as well as pain. Because while we had fucked numerous times you never really get over having your ass stretched by a dick as thick as Eric’s. The pain simply turns to pleasure.

As he continued to fuck me my cock bounced and twitched uncontrollably as it was wedged between our stomachs. Reaching around I placed my hands on his ass so that I had something to hold onto. He started to slide in and out of me; each and every thrust seemed to hit a new nerve. Holy shit he was hitting my prostate every time. It was like I was in heaven.

As I watched Eric fuck me I let my hands glide across his abs. I felt the ridge in his amazing six-pack flex and tense with each thrust into my ass. Next my hands moved onto his pecs, I gently squeezed the frim round slabs of flesh. Once my fingers had found their way to his broad shoulders I was mesmerized as I gazed at the handsome face above me.

If a person had told me four years ago that the captain of my high school Lacrosse team would be making love to me and have his cock buried in my ass I would have laughed. And if they had told me he would be my husband too I would have died.

As Eric continued to fuck me his breathing became more labored. And that’s when he started talking dirty to me. That shit never failed to turn me on.

“Damn babe your ass feels so good.” He cried. “I want the whole world to know my hubby’s got the greatest as on the planet.”

“You got a pretty great one too,” I smirked, as I reached around and gave his ass a light slap.

“You like when I fuck you hard? You like when I fuck you with my big dick!?” he laughed.

“Hell yeah! Come on fuck me harder!!!” I cried, my legs up in the air and my balls bouncing around. Eric’s dick was hitting my prostate with rapid speed and sending intense pleasurable feelings throughout my entire body.

Leaning in my wonderful husband started jerking my cock as he continued pounding my ass.

“Oh. GOD. FUCK MY ASS! Fuck my ASS!!!”

“Fuck it so good!”

“Shit I’m going to cum,” he growled. “Oh god I’m going to cum.”

“Oh shit! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!!!” Eric cried as he shot his load into my ass. I let my eyes roll to the back of my head and that’s when I saw him out of the corner of my eye. My roommate James was standing there in doorway his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open… We were caught!

“Fuck!” I groaned. This moan was partly because we had been caught in the act and partly because Eric’s cock was still buried in my ass and even then it felt so good.

“What the hell!?!” James yelled….

STAY TUNED……………………… …………………………………………..



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