****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV**********************

What had started out as really great prom had went downhill the moment Eric and I made up. First there was all of our friends walking in on us in the middle of making love. Literally mid-thrust….. Then there was the bomb on the boat and after that Kayla basically killed a guy (he accidently fell into the water) and his deranged wife unleased a bogus curse on us before deserting us on a puny life-boat. And to make matters worse that puny little life-boat got itself wrecked and caused us to be stranded on some island. We didn’t know how far we were from the coast or how close…….but we did know that Charlotte was in labor

“Ok the contractions are coming every three minutes or so.” Charlotte said, breathing heavily. “The baby is on the way.”

“Oh no, don’t do that.” Jake replied. His face bright red. “You can’t do that here…..none of us know how to deliver a baby.”

“I can’t hold the little guy in, any longer.” Charlotte chuckled.

“Wait a minute Kayla can deliver the baby.” Kevin smiled.

“Kayla can do what?” Kayla replied smartly. “You better try again.”

“But you have to!” Eric and I protested. “You have to deliver the baby!”

“What do you mean I’m going to have to deliver the baby?” Kaya cried. “I CAN’T deliver a baby. Mike I’m not a doctor. I can’t do that.”

“But you have to Kayla? You have to.” I protested.

“No Mike you don’t understand…” she declared. “You don’t understand Mike I can’t deliver this baby because I don’t want to put my hands anywhere near Charlotte’s vagina!”

“Kayla, but you have to do this.” Kevin interjected. “You are the only one capable of delivering this baby safely. You have to do it.”

“Yeah Kayla he’s right……” Jake added. “You took Home economics last year; didn’t they teach you stuff like that in that class?”

“Yeah,” Kayla shrugged. But you took that class too.”

“Yeah I never paid attention in that class.” Jake laughed. “To be honest I took it mainly to sleep in and to eat food.”

“True,” Kayla giggled.

“AURGGHH! SHIT!!!” Charlotte blurted. “OH my GOD! IT hurts! Would somebody please get this baby out of me RIGHT NOW!!!”

“Ok fine I’ll do it.” Kayla sighed. “If it will shut her up.”

“Huh, I heard that.” Charlotte growled.

“Yeah, good because you were meant to hear it.” Kayla shot back.

“Arghhhhhhhhh!” Charlotte cried.

“Ok here we go.” Kayla replied. “Ok alright here we go. Now I want you to push now. Can you do that for me?”

“AURGHHHHHHH!!!” Charlotte let out a cry as she simultaneously squeezed Mike’s hand and pushed as well.

“Now don’t go squeezing Mike’s hand off………..his boyfriend would like for him to be in one piece.” Kayla chuckled.

“I can’t!” Charlotte cried. “ARGHHHHHHHH!!!”

“PUSH DAMMIT!” Kayla yelled back. “For the love of god push!”

“I can’t it……….won’t…….it.” Charlotte began.

“Homegirl if you can fuck Mike’s dick then you can push out his baby as well.” Kayla sneered.

“Kayla that was uncalled for.” Kevin blurted.

“Yeah I don’t care.” Kayla giggled. “If you guys want me to deliver this baby we are going to deliver it my way.”

Kayla and Charlotte spent the next few minutes yelling and screaming their heads off. First one would scream at the other only to have the other yell right back. That day was like a war zone for real.

Charlotte continued to breathe heavily……..causing us all to panic because we knew that this baby was ready to come any second.

“Come on…… Charlotte. Come on, one more good shove!” Kayla cried.

“That’s it……come on.” Kayla continued. “You can do it. You got this Charlotte.”

“Keep pushing!” Keep Pushing!”

“Come on three more.”

“Two more,

“One more!” Kayla yelled out.

“Aurghhhhh!!!” Charlotte yelled out; equally loud if not louder than Kayla.

“That’s it, that’s it!” Kayla exclaimed. “It’s a boy!!!!”

“That’s great! That’s fantastic!” everyone exclaimed. I was completely overwhelmed with joy. I have a son. I have a son. I could barely even speak the words. I might have been extremely overwhelmed but I think Jake might have been a little more excited because he passed out literally.

“Michael do you want to hold your son?”

“Yes, yes,” I smiled, tears welling up in my eyes. “Yes I want to hold him.”

“I know he was just born but have you thought of a name for the little guy?” Haley blurted.

“I never really had time to think of a name for him………..Until a few minutes ago I didn’t even know he was a boy or not.” I smiled.

“Don’t worry I already picked out a name for him.” Charlotte smiled.

“You did?” Kayla said, spinning around.

“Yeah I did,” Charlotte replied.

“Ok we would love to hear it.”

“Oh yes, we would love to hear the name you want to give this little boy.” Kayla laughed sarcastically. “Please Charlotte go on.”

“I was thinking since he’s going to be a Chandler and have your last name.” Charlotte began. “I was thinking that since he’s going to be a Chandler that I would give him something from my family……. The Livingston family.”

“What you want him to have my name?” I gasped.

“Of course Mike, whatever our differences you are after all his father.” Charlotte smiled. “I want to name him after my father JR Livingston….. I want his name to be John Ross Livingston Chandler.”

“Wow that’s a mouthful.” Kayla giggled.

“Charlotte we can call him JR or Johnny for short. I’m all for the name.” I replied. “I think it’s a really good name for him. It’s a good strong name.”

“Agree,” Eric replied.

“I really am going to hate saying this…..” Kayla smiled. “But your mother was right.”

“Right about what?”

“Right about you and Charlotte making cute babies….”This baby is adorable, absolutely adorable. He’ a perfect bundle of joy. And if you ask me I don’t think Blue Ivy, North West, or Prince George or none of them have anything on him.”

“Just look at that face…..those cheeks…”

“Awwwww.” Everyone began blushing as they fell over themselves trying to get close up of my little son.”

“Charlotte after seeing this little guy it as caused me to rethink about how I feel about you.”

“It has?” Eric laughed.

“Yeah it has…..” Kayla giggled. “Don’t get me wrong I still hate you Charlotte……but after seeing this precious little guy I’m grateful that you brought him into the world.”

“We all are….”

****Scene 2: Jake’s POV**********************

My friends and I had already spent one night and a full day stranded on this strange little island and now as the sun began to set it looked like we would be spending another day there. Just my luck. The one good thing about being stranded on an island with my friends was that I was stuck on the damn thing with my friends and not with those people….

I was glad to be stuck on that island with my friends and with Brett. I had spent nearly the entire Prom night trying to convince him that everything was under control and that he didn’t have to worry about the blackmailer. But to be honest I was just saying that so that I could get into his pants.

“Baby relax,” I said, holding my finger to Brett’s warm wet lips. “Nobody will ever find out…..especially not that freaking blackmailer.”

“Jake are you sure………. If we start………you know…….having sex.” Brett blurted. “They are bound to hear it.”

“So what if they hear us?” I shrugged. “What do you think that noise we heard coming from Eric and Mike last night was? They weren’t just wrestling…..”

“Yeah I know.” Brett replied, almost in a whisper. “What about that blackmailer? They specifically told you to stay away from me or they would ruin your life. I don’t want to ruin your life. What if they find out?”

“Baby you could never ruin my life……I want to be with you and I want to be with you tonight.” I smiled. “How could that blackmailer find out? It’s not anybody here……first off Kayla’s doesn’t care about my sex life, second Mike’s too nice to blackmail someone, and well Eric and Kevin wouldn’t do something like that either.”

“What about Haley and Charlotte.”

“Dude have you seen Charlotte she’s as big as a house…..there’s no way on God’s green earth that she was able to follow us around Harmony taking videos of us talking and having sex………and as for Haley we don’t have any issues so I don’t see why she would blackmail me.”

“If Haley wanted to hurt anyone she would hurt Eric or Mike.” I continued. “Brett right now I want to pound your ass and I want to pound it hard….. All night long. And when we get back to civilization I want to find out who this blackmailer is and I want to pulverize them for what they are doing to us....”

“What about the others? What if they hear us?” Brett laughed. “Who am I kidding…..they WILL hear us, sorry to say it Jake but you are loud as fuck!”

“What can I say I’m vocal….” I chuckled. “But if you are so worried about the noise there’s a clearing in the woods over there. The grass is soft and I need to get my dick wet now.”

“Damn it’s already leaking,” Brett smiled, as he slipped his hand down my pants and grasped the length of my cock with his cold hand. “Come on let’s go.”

“Damn baby, your hand is cold as fuck!” I tensed. “I need your mouth to warm my cock up a little.”

“It would be a pleasure,” Brett replied, as he licked his lips. He kissed me hard and slowly he kissed his way down my body. Starting his way down to my nipples he worked his way down until he reached my hardening cock and balls. I was completely hard when he reached my cock and balls. I felt his warm wet tongue run over my sack before he took my balls in his mouth. He sucked and slurped on my balls hard like it was a delicious snack before releasing them. After that he grabbed my shaft and sucked hard on the bulbous head, taking the thing in his mouth.

Within seconds Brett was on his knees with his lips wrapped around the base of my cock. Looking down at him I knew right then in there that I wouldn’t rest until I found out who this blackmailer was. I just couldn’t give him up; I was developing real feelings for him and not just sexual feelings. You can’t fuck a guy this long and not develop some type of feelings for the guy. My cock, sure as hell developed feelings for him and now my heart does too.

I leaned my head back in supreme pleasure from Brett’s mouth and the wondrous things it was doing to my throbbing cock. He ran his tongue along the length of my shaft, before taking my dick between his lips. I placed my hands on his head, as he bobbed his head up and down on my cock.

Before long Brett and I were rolling around in the grass passionately kissing. As he sucked on my neck hard I whispered something in ear…….something I only rarely asked. “Brett I want you to fuck me.”

“Really?” Brett said, his eyes lighting up.

“Yes,” I groaned. Without a second word Brett pushed me down onto the ground and lifted my legs up high; spreading them to give himself more access to my puckering hole. He lightly kissed my butt cheeks, before he started squeezing them and putting his face between them as he licked my hole dry.

He pulled me closer to him so that he could jerk my cock while he still had his tongue between my ass. I moaned so loudly from all the pleasure that I was sure the others heard us. He licked up my crack, before tonguing my balls and covering my shaft with his saliva.

 Completely naked we straddled each other. His cock was still only semi-hard; but I knew just how to make that thing stand to attention. I opened my mouth so that I could take his dick into my mouth. Once my lips touched the tip of his cock, Brett grabbed the back of my head and held me there.

It was long before he was thrusting forward so that he was fucking my mouth. He took it easy on me at first. Brett going slow didn’t stop me from gagging a little. With gagging came slobber; I put it to good use coating his hardening dick with a mixture of saliva and slobber. Soon his dick was nice, wet, hard, and ready to fuck my ass. He moved back to my waiting ass, where he gave me a few more sweet kisses before positioning his hard cock at my entrance.

 Before he penetrated my waiting hole Brett rubbed the head of his leaking cock against my puckering hole and up and down my crack; causing me to groan with anticipation. With my legs spread apart and our eyes locked on each other's, Brett slowly entered me.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I groaned as he slid inside me. He stayed there inside me without thrusting as he leaned his head down to kiss me. Our tongues met as we kissed passionately. Our lips separated and he rested his head on my chest as he returned to the task at hand; fucking my ass.

Raising himself up, he grabbed his cock barely pulling it out before thrusting it all the way back inside me. When he slammed back inside me I let out a sound that was more like a scream then anything.

He slowly quickened his pace; looking up at his face I could see that he was enjoying every minute of it. He was groaning and moaning just as loudly as me; and I couldn’t deny the fact that his dick felt so good inside me.

In no time, Brett was pounding my ass hard; thrusting in and out of my ass, his balls slapping lewdly against my own. I closed my eyes and moaned as I jerked my cock for all that it was worth. Reaching down he pushed my hand out of the way and grabbed my cock and stroked it hard.

 “Oh Shit! I’m close,” I moaned, as he pumped his cock into my ass even harder. As he continued to fuck me I could feel myself getting close. I knew I was only seconds away from cumming as his dick throbbed inside me. What sent me over the edge was Brett jerking my cock while his cock was still buried inside my ass. He yanked my cock and I released a heavy stream of cum that covered my stomach and chest just as he exploded inside my ass.

Almost simultaneously he squeezed the last few drops from my leaking dick, just as his cock spilled the last drops of his seed into my butt. I lay on the ground panting in heat; I never felt so amazing but Brett wasn’t done yet. He pulled his leaking cock out of my ass and then he began to lick my hole clean……of sweat, and of course his cum.

Once he was finished licking my hole, he licked the cum off my chest and abs, before coming up to give me the sloppiest cum filled kiss I had ever received. I could still taste my cum and his own on his lips. It was so fucking hot. Then I returned the favor and cleaned his dick off with my mouth.

Heavily exhausted we laid down next to each other. Wrapping my arms and legs around him we held close to each other as we fell asleep. This was by far the best sex I’d ever had……..and I knew one thing my ass would surely be sore in the morning.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV**********************

Ever since Mike and I had gotten back together we had been fucking like animals. Literally. We made love for hours the night after we got stranded on that island. I just couldn’t keep my hands off him. I missed everything about him. I missed his smell (even after spending hours in the gym he still managed to smell good), his face, his touch, and don’t even get me started on that ass of his… It’s a fucking dick magnet.

It’s definitely a dick magnet for my dick…..Like I can’t keep my cock away from that thing. Not that I was really trying to keep it away.

“God, babe your ass feels great.” I groaned, as I slowly slid my cock into my boyfriend’s waiting ass. He had one hand over his mouth; but you never would have known it from the loud animalistic squeal he made as the thick head of my meat missile launched itself into his muscly ass tunnel.

I just held the head of my thick cock in there for maybe a full minute, letting him adjust to it because one night of sex didn’t make up for months of being apart. Months that had made his ass tighter than ever. But I knew when the night was over I was going to open his tight little ass like never before.

I missed him so much but I damn sure I was going to make sure everyone, guy or girl knew his ass was mine. Hands off. After giving him a full minute to adjust I pushed my cock further into his ass. This was no easy thing to do; I had almost forgotten how tight his ass was.

He had been loose the previous night only because he had taken precautions to lubricate my cock and his ass. But this time around we had no lube so I went in their dry. His ass muscles squeezed and massaged my dick so exquisitely that I was sure I was going to explode right then and there. But I didn’t.

Mike was incredibly tight, but there was no holding me back as I started to fuck his ass. First I forced three and four inches into him. After a brief pause I pushed the full ten inside him and he screamed. It was like music to my ears. Hearing him moan and groan and knowing that it was my dick that making him do that always put as smile on my face. The whole time he was moaning loudly as I plowed him with my oversized dick.

I didn’t know when we would ever see our families again but I did know that I was going spend every waking moment of my life making up for lost time with Mike. I was certain that I would spend just as much time with my cock buried in his sweet ass.

At this point I was really enjoying fucking Mike’s bubble butt and I wasn’t going to let anyone or anything keep me from him. Hesitating for only a few seconds, I really started to fuck. Pulling back an inch or two I pushed back in with full force.

I repeated the process over and over again; letting my throbbing cock go deeper and deeper with each time. The feeling Mike’s ass was doing to my cock was fabulous; it was like sparks shooting from my cock to the rest of my aching body.

Mike’s tight muscle ass was once again all mine and it was once again wrapped around my cock. The feeling of his ass squeezing and massaging my dick was sending signals of sheer ecstasy throughout my whole body. I felt like I was in heaven. Mike has everything, a good heart, great personality, great body, not to mention a big ole booty that I could just fuck for days. He was truly the prefect catch I mean, damn, what more could a guy ask for when a guy like that takes a seat on your dick?

When I was balls deep inside of Mike, I just flopped down on top of him; causing him to groan a little. "Oh fuck dude" I gasped, trying to catch my breath as I struggled to regain my wits. "Damn Mike all those months, I’d forgotten how tight your ass was.”

“Babe I could stay in your tight hole all day.” I chuckled. I wasn’t just joking a part of me really did want to keep my cock in him all day; but that was unrealistic.

But I knew deep down that all good things must come to an end…….even sex with Mike. Besides I was getting really close to shooting my load. So getting back on my knees and pulling his ass upwards so that I could get at it better I really started to pound him……pound him hard.

Gripping his shoulders with both hands, I started slamming in and out of him; hard and fast. I could hear a muffled grunt of pleasure each time I slammed into him. Now, I have incredible control when it comes to fucking a guy; sometimes I can fuck for hours. But right now I was reaching the edge much too fast.

But can you really blame me? How often does a guy reunite with their former boyfriend only to be stranded on an island with him and their friends……………allowing him to fuck said boyfriend’s hunky ass all night long? Like that doesn’t even happen on the wildest dramas.

“Auugggggghhh,” Mike groaned loudly……“Eric, slow down a little. Why don’t you?”

I did as I my boyfriend asked and started to gently push in and out of his ass. Don’t get me wrong I was still balls deep in that perfect little rump of his; but now I wasn’t going at it with full force like it was the last ass on earth. I made slow, smooth movements going in and out of Mike’s beautiful ass. His ass continued to squeezed and massage my cock wonderfully as I plunged it and out of tight hole

"Oh man, baby.” I grunted. “I can’t believe I let you go. I was such a fool……such a stupid fool.”

“No Eric, I was the fool…..” Mike replied. “I was the fool to think that you would ever do something like that and with Haley Macy of all people.”

We spent the next few minutes kissing passionately. I whispered sweet nothings into his ear I continued to slow fuck him. Slowly I moved down to his neck where I gave him a good solid love bite that the others would surely notice in the morning. But I didn’t care I wanted the whole world to know he was mine again…..mine and mine alone.

"Yeeeaaaoh. Man, you're cock feels so fucking GOOD!”

“OH FUCK!!!”


The continuous pressure on my cock as I continued the slow fuck was fucking incredible, and I began to think that maybe I could go like this forever; a guy can dream. There is no greater feeling than that of feeling my entire ten inches smoothly sliding in and out Mike’s muscly ass

I scooted my knees in and pulled Mike’s ass up to me and started to fuck the shit out of him. Holding onto his shoulder with one hand, I grabbed a handful of his hair with the other and started slamming my cock into him hard and fast; like a real pile driver. Mike was screaming so loudly so passionately I was worried I might split him in two. But he assured me that he was fine; actually he said that it was so fucking amazing. His exact words.

I had been holding myself from exploding for good twenty minutes; but after nearly half an hour I was quickly losing control.

Slamming into Mike one last time and giving his hair a hard yank; and causing him to yelp, I blasted my first shot into his ass. We were both dripping with sweat (soon after cum) as I fired round after round into his butt. He was groaning and so was I, as I kept shooting my load into hi, after time into his butt. He was groaning and

Catching my breath I pulled my cock out of Mike’s ass and we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. It felt like we hadn’t been asleep for very long when we were being woken up by Kayla.

“Guys wake up!” she cried. “They found us! They found us!”

“Were saved!!!”

STAY TUNED……………………….



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