****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV **********************

Freshman dorms, Harmony University,

The day had finally come…..yes move in day at Harmony University. Despite the fact that the university was located just outside the city limits my friends, myself included had decided that we wanted to live on campus the first year at least. Technically all freshman were supposed to stay in the undergraduate dorms for the first semester at least. This rule was sometimes followed and often broken.

My parents decided to drive me to my dorm, even though I really could have driven myself. It wasn’t too far away from the city or my family’s home. During the forty minute drive to the campus my parents, (mainly my mother) talked about the do’s and don’ts of college. Once we got to my dorm and we had finished unpacking all of my belongings, clothes, and stuff I tried to hasten their departure so that I could be alone but they decided that that time was the prime time to give me a good lecture.

“Thank you guys,” I smiled. “Thanks for getting me here and getting my stuff up here but I think I can take it from here.”

“Hold on just one second son. I know college is going to be a very exciting experience for you. I know because I was young once and my college years were some of the best years of my life; but your mother and I just want to give you a few pointers.” My father replied.

“I’m going to tell you the usual things. Don’t drink, don’t do drugs. Son I’m not going to pretend that you won’t do those things at college, so if you do drink or do drugs for the love of god please don’t let the police or the authorities catch you.” My continued.

“Don’t put this family’s name in the papers unless it’s for something good.” My mother added. “God knows this family’s name has been dragged through the mud enough with your cousin’s drunken exploits.”

“Yes mom,” I replied, slightly annoyed “Yes I understand. I would never do something like to jeopardize this family’s good reputation.”

“Son I would tell you not to have sex, or too much sex but we both know that with Eric going here that’s not going to be an option.” My father laughed.

“Your father has a good point,” my mother added. “Just because Eric is going to within walking distance doesn’t mean that you guys need to be having sex all of the time. This is a beautiful campus you should get out and see the sites. Your family has a very long connection to the campus.”

“Mom I really don’t want to talk about Eric and my sex life.” I complained, as I ushered my parents out of the door.

Once outside my parents hugged me. We embraced for a few minutes and after that my parents left and I re-entered my dorm room. Contrary to my mother’s belief I was unsure if my dorm room was going to be the site of hot sweaty gay sex; I had a roommate after all. A complete stranger who I hadn’t even met yet.

I would have loved to have roomed with Eric. Oh the fun we could have, all night long…. But Eric had applied for housing too late to be assigned to the same dorm room as me. Especially since the dormitory that I had been assigned, Arlington Hall was one of the more prestigious dormitories. While Eric had been assigned to a dorm in Leighton Hall; which was only a few feet away from my own dorm. Which was a really good thing. Especially when I get a little horny.

A few minutes passed and I heard the door knob turning as someone jiggled a key into it. The door opened and I saw my roommate for the first time. He was an African-American like myself. He was tall and lanky with curly black hair and light brown eyes. He looked very friendly looking and he was kind of cute.

“Hello, nice to meet you,” I began as I raised my hand, waiting for him to grab it. “My name is Michael Chandler what’s yours?”

“Hey man, my name’s James……James Johnson.” My roommate replied as he shook my hand. “My friends call me JJ so you can call me JJ if you want.”

“Ok that sounds cool,” I added.

“I’m so relieved,” JJ laughed.

“Why? Why is that,” I laughed back.

“I thought my new roommate was going to be some weirdo or something. But you seem like a really cool guy. So that’s great.”

“Oh that’s good to hear.” I chuckled. “I’m glad you don’t think I’m a weirdo.”

I wondered to myself if he would think that if he found out I was gay and married to a guy. He seemed like a really cool guy, I hoped he wouldn’t be a homophobe. But there was no way to tell either way. He didn’t seem like that. But I could be wrong. So I decided to wait a little while before telling him that I was married to a guy. Maybe he wouldn’t even realize I was married.

“Wait? Is that a wedding ring?” JJ cried. Shit too late, he knows I’m married.

“Yes,” I replied softly. I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell my new roommate that I was gay so I refrained from referring to my spouse using male pronouns. If the question arose I would tell him but not until then.

After that I got a text message from Eric, letting me know that he had finished settling into his dorm room and that he wanted me to come over. I told my roommate that I was going to meet some friends and he said that was fine.

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV **********************

Leighton Hall, freshman dormitories, HU

I have to admit I was a little worried when I finally decided to apply for housing, one because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to room with Mike or at least be close to Mike, second that I would be forced to room with some crazy. When I received my housing assignment in the mail I found out that I had been assigned to Leighton Hall and that unfortunately I had not been paired with Mike despite my request. I have to admit this was my own fault because I had literally waited until the very last moment to submit my housing application. It was actually the day before they closed. But who gives a fuck.

My disappointment subsided when I found my dorm and learned that I had it all to myself, at least for the time being. That is until the next semester. My RA was kind of disappointed that I didn’t have a roommate, but I was completely fine with that. More time for Mike and I to be alone together. I was determined to turn my dorm into a sex cave.

As soon as I had finished unpacking my belongings and fixing up my dorm room, I texted Mike and told him to meet me in my dorm room. He texted me back after a few seconds and only a few minutes later he was knocking on my door.

“Hey Babe,” I smiled as I pulled him into the room by his waist, shutting the door behind him. Once the door was shut I started kissing him passionately. I couldn’t keep my hands off him. There was something about him today….that made him irresistible. “Baby you smell great, is that a new cologne?”

“Yeah,” Mike replied, between kisses. “Eric aren’t you going to ask me about how I settled into my dorm? About my new roommate?”

“Yeah how was it? How is the guy that’s going to be spending so much time with my hubby?” I chuckled. To be honest I didn’t really care, I was not really concerned with my husband’s new roommate I was more concerned with getting my rocks off. Michael and I had spent our honeymoon in the Hamptons……his family had a summer cottage there. I call it cottage because that’s what they called it but it was in no way a mere cottage. It was almost as big as the mansion if not bigger. We had the ‘cottage’ to ourselves for a little over a week and I’m sure we had sex in just about every room. It was amazing. But even after all that time with him, I wanted more. I couldn’t get enough of him. Now we could spend time in the privacy of my dorm room. Some of the other guys on my floor had joked about bringing girls back to their rooms and fucking them, but I was going to be bringing my husband back to my dorm to pound his ass.

“Wow, your dorm room looks like a bachelor pad.” Mike laughed.

“Babe I don’t have a roommate so if you want to you can bring some of your stuff over here in case you want to spend the night.”

“Eric that sounds wonderful, but I think I want to get to know my new roommate for a little while. That doesn’t mean I won’t be spending a few or several nights here with you.”

“What? Is he hotter than me or something?” I laughed. “What he walked in the door and you got all horny and started having dreams about him.”

“No it’s not like that,” Mike laughed back. “He just sounds like a really cool guy and I want to get to know him. Besides I don’t even know if he’s gay or straight, but he does know I’m married….”

“So he knows your married but he doesn’t know that it’s to a guy?” I chuckled. “What are you going to tell him when he walks in on us kissing or he sees me lingering outside your door?”

“I mean if he asks me if I’m gay I’ll tell him but I don’t want to spring that kind of news on him, were just getting to know each other.”

“Babe I don’t want to talk about your roommate anymore I want to…..” I began.

“I think we both know what you want,” Michael laughed as he slowly undid the zipper on his jeans. If I hadn’t slipped my hands down his pants to squeeze his ass I would have knelt down and ripped his jeans off with my teeth. But my hands were otherwise detained

Minutes later or maybe it was hour later…. After we had finished fucking we decided to take a shower. Luckily for us my room had been the old RA’s room so it had a bathroom in it. We showered together and we each washed the other’s sore body parts. As I washed Mike I paid close attention to his plump ass, I was planning on making use of it. While I did this he reached around and soaped up my dick………or more accurately jerked my cock under the guise of washing my cock…..

After I had washed every inch of his ass including that tight little hole of his I move upwards to his chest and abs. Mike turned around and placing his arms around my back began to wash my back. And my arms.

One thing led to another and my hands found their way back down to Mike’s tight ass. I cupped his exquisite ass cheeks in my hands as I soaped up his ass chute. I stuck a slick finger up his asshole and started to finger it while I used the other hand to jerk his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh,” Mike groaned as he placed his hands on the shower wall, arched his back and pushed his ass upwards. Within seconds I had eased my hard dick into his wet ass.

“Aughhhhhhh!!!” Mike cried. He let out a moan so loud I was certain the whole floor in my residence hall heard him. No matter how many times we had sex I never got tired of watching my dick slide in and out of the fine ass of his.

Grabbing hold of his hips I pushed my cock deeper into his ass and kept fucking that beautiful hole that always turned me on. I reached around and grabbed hold of Mike’s cock with my free hand and started jerking his cock. I was trying to make sure that we came at the same time

After a few minutes of fucking him I reached orgasm and just as my balls tightened I unloaded a couple of rounds of cum into Mike’s asshole.

“Oh Shit! Oh Shit! I’m cummmmmmmmmming!!!!” I cried as I continued to shoot my cum deep into my husband’s ass. God it feels so good to say that. I have a husband that I get to fuck whenever I want. What did I do to deserve such a blessing? And more importantly how did a guy like me end up with a guy like Michael?

I shot my load inside of Mike and he shot his all over the shower walls.

After we had finished showering…..for real this time we moved our love making to the bed. I just couldn’t resist fucking him when he smelled so good. I guess we could always use another shower later tonight….

When I placed my cock back inside Mike’s ass it was if it was returning to its rightful place…..like a sword to its sheath. I thrusted forward and I felt my balls hit Michael’s ass.

“Eric!!” he groaned loudly as he dug his fingers into my back. “Fuck me!”

I pushed deeper into his ass and my cock went further and further. As ass was always so unbelievably tight. It welcomed me in and was now pulling me deeper and deeper into his warm ass tunnels.

“OH FUCK!!!” I cried. “Mike this is our first college experience.”

“Yeah it’s a damn good one,” he replied as he rubbed his hands over my pecs. I pushed even harder against him. I was balls deep in his ass and his ass and my balls were about to burst “FuCCK! Oh my god you’re so tight!”

“I’m going to have to fuck you every day at least twice a day to loosen you up.” I laughed and he laughed right along with me.

He moaned into my ears and wrapped his legs around my hips. He mumbled something that I couldn’t quite understand and then he reached out and pulled me into him. Once our lips were close enough I started kissing him. Our tongues fought in our mouths, each one trying to assert its dominance over the other.

“Damn, you feel so good,” I whispered. “Baby I know you’re a little sore from last week so let me know if I’m hurting you or if I need to slow down.”

“No I feel great,” he grunted. “You need to speed up, fuck me!”

I grabbed hold of his perfect ass cheeks and rammed my hard cock inside him with full force. He threw his head back cried out a whole range of expletives.

After all that sex and heavy breathing we were both sweating like dogs and the room smelled like sex of course sweaty men having sex. We fucked rhythmically each of us moving in time to the other’s thrusts. I thrusted in and out of that snug ass passage of his while his pelvis moved to meet my thrusts. My cock was buried in his ass, our eyes were glued to one another and our arms were wrapped around each other. We were so involved in making love that if the world had come to an end while we fucked in my bed we would never know.

I’m being honest when I tell you that we lost track of time as we made love. We kissed passionately, my lips begging for warm wet kisses from my husband.

“I grabbed hold of his thighs so that I could push my cock deeper inside of him and he let out a very arousing groan that made me almost shoot my load right then and there.

Yeaoohhhhh! Oh FUCK! Right there!” Mike screamed as he clawed at my back.

As we both panted I kept fucking him and he kept moaning. His moans were so high pitched it seemed like he was crying or dying.

Finally it happened. We came.

Mutual masturbation at its finest. Cum spewed out of my cock and found its way deep inside my husband’s warm ass. If he had been a girl he would have been pregnant many times over.

Once my cock had finished erupting I pulled it out of Mike’s ass and collapsed next to my husband. We laid there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath.

“Wow, that was hot!” he cried.


“Yeah, I think it’s time for another shower.” He laughed.


****Scene 3: Kayla’s POV **********************

Caldwell Hall, freshman dormitories, HU

After graduation had gone by I thought that I had more time to prepare before it was time to head off to college. But the months went by so fast: we had prom, Mike and Eric got married, and we discovered who was blackmailing Jake, and unfortunately Jake and Brett had broken up. For some reason they hadn’t exactly made clear to me. But enough of that while Kevin, Jake and Brett had all applied for housing at the same time and requested a suite for three I didn’t really have any female friends so I was entering college in the dark in regards to who my suitemates would be. I’m sure Jake and Brett rooming together would be awkward but I’m sure they would managed to work out their issues.

I had been assigned to Caldwell Hall, one of the more recent dormitories, located on the southern side of the University Quad. When I arrived at my dorm and unlocked my door my jaw dropped. My suitemates coincidently were people I knew. Small world……really small world

“Haley what are you doing here?” I gasped.

“Um, what am I doing here?” Haley giggled. “Well I’m about to get my mac-n-cheese out of the microwave and after that I’m going to put my headphones in and watch some Supernatural….”

“No I mean what are you doing here?” I cried. “What are you doing in my dorm room?”

“Well it’s actually our dorm-room.” Haley began. “Yours, mine, and………..”

“And mine,” a familiar voice replied.

I turned to see an even bigger shock…….It was Charlotte…….the very same Charlotte who had gotten herself pregnant with Mike’s baby.

“Wait?! What?!” I cried. “What the hell are you doing here? Who’s watching the baby you wanted so much to have? Where’s little John Ross.”

“He’ staying with his grandparents……..Michael’s grandparents offered to watch him while I was away at college.”

“How convenient for you.” I smirked.

“Come on Kayla let’s all try to get along this year.” Haley sighed.

“At least for Michael’s sake.” Charlotte added.

“Ok fine, but you girls better be on your best behaviour.” I replied. “So how do you ladies suppose wee bond?”

“Ladies I’ve got the perfect place for us to bond at. There is a party tonight at Zeta Phi Mu house and it’s going to be our introduction to campus life.”

“How’d you even get invited?” Charlotte asked.

“Well I didn’t exactly get invited but I know a girl there who’s willing to vouch for me and a few of my friends. Kayla I know we’ve never been besties but I really appreciate it if you, Charlotte, and the rest of the guys would come with me. You know what they say strength in numbers.” Haley laughed.

“Fine I’ll go,” I sighed.

“I’ll go too,” Charlotte replied. “As long as there’s free beer, I haven’t had a drink in like ten months.”

****Scene 4: Jake’s POV **********************

Pi Alpha Kappa House, 720 Fraternity Row, 

Brett and I had been broken up for a little over two weeks. I wish I could accept what he had did, but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept it. Especially after he lied to me. We were still friends so I decided to stay in the suite that we were sharing with Kevin. We didn’t talk to each other which was kind of depressing but at least we weren’t yelling at each other.

As soon as I unpacked I left my dorm to go take a walk. I found my way to the University Commons, where students went to hang out and have a good time. I was sitting at this table in the Commons scrolling through my phone when this guy; this fucking stud came and sat down next to me. He had dark brown hair, green eyes, and a jawline so sharp it could cut glass. Actually I think he had the finest features I had ever seen on a guy.

“Hey, my name’s Bryce!” He smiled, as he stretched his hand out so that I could shake it. “I noticed you were wearing that freshman shirt and you looked a little lost. So I decided to help you find your way.”

“Sexy you can help me find my way any day.” I mouthed under my breath

“What was that?” he replied.

“Oh nothing,” I laughed. “I just wanted to think you for looking out for me. But aren’t you a little young to be a senior?”

“I’m actually a sophomore right now.” Bryce laughed. “But people always say I have a youthful face. Thanks for the compliment. I guess.”

“Anytime man,” I smiled.

“You know what dude, If you want I can show you around campus.” Bryce smiled as he flashed me his pearly whites. “I know a couple of cool hangout spots that you could try.”

I followed this guy around as he showed me around the campus. As the sun began to set he told me I needed to take a quick shower so I followed him back to his house….it was a fraternity house, the letters on the front of the house gave it away. The house was all but deserted so I followed him up to his room and waited in his room as he showered.

When the shower turned off my heart started to beat faster. My cock hardened and it started to throb. I wanted to fuck this guy so bad but I didn’t even know him. I was pretty sure he was coming on to me but I didn’t want to scare him off by trying to come on to him.

He emerged from his bathroom in nothing but a light blue towel. The outline of his dick was clearly visible…..it looked really thick. It looked as if he hadn’t even used the towel to dry himself off because his pecs and abs were covered in slightly dried water.

“Man, if you want I can go in another room while you change.” I suggested. “I don’t want to disrupt you.”

“Really man, it’s cool.” Bryce smiled. “Dude I’ve been on a team of some kind nearly my whole life. I’ve gotten used to changing in front of other men. I’m fine as long as you’re fine. You don’t mind do you?”

Without warning he pulled off the towel and was just standing there naked and looking so very fuckable… I was right about his dick it was very thick. And I do mean thick.

“So what are you studying man?”

“Uhh….what?” I murmured. “What did you ask me?” I was too mesmerized by this guy’s dick to catch what he was saying. As quickly as he had pulled off his towel and flashed me his dick he pulled up his grey Calvin Klein’s and that beautiful dick was gone. And I had snapped back into reality……

“I asked what you were studying.” Bryce replied.

“Honestly I have no idea man, but my dad’s a doctor so I was thinking about following in his footsteps and doing something with medicine.” I replied.

“Dude you don’t have to follow your father’s path……make your own path. If you want to be a doctor great, but if you want to be an astronaut or whatever even better. Do whatever makes you happy.”

He was no longer standing above me in nothing he now had his underwear on and he was sitting right beside me on his bed.

“Thanks man,” I smiled. Before I knew what was happening I had reached over and kissed him hard and on the lips. I was always the kind of guy that took what he wanted but not with a guy I didn’t even know. I was pretty sure he was seconds away from punching me square in the face….

But he didn’t……. He pulled me close and started kissing me back.

“Dude?” I cried. “What are you doing?”

“Calm down man,” he laughed. “I’m just doing what I wanted to do since I first saw your sexy ass in the commons a few hours ago.”

“So you’re gay?” I asked. He didn’t seem like the type at all. But neither was I so who was I to judge.

“Dude I don’t know what I’m. Maybe I’m gay or maybe I just like having sex with guys.” Bryce laughed.

“So first you’re going to suck this dick,” he grinned, as he pulled at his hardening cock through his briefs. “And after that I want you to show me how good you can fuck.”

“Damn, I always knew college guys were wild but I never knew I would get propositioned on the first fucking day.” I laughed.

“Sexy it’s not too late to change your mind. But I really hope you don’t.” Bryce sighed. “You’re as really hot guy and I can’t wait to get those lips of yours around my cock.”

“Dude what if someone comes in?” I asked, slightly worried.

“Dude don’t worry all of the guys are at the Zeta Phi Mu house getting ready for the party there tonight. After we have a little fun here I’m going over to the party. You should come with.”

“Ok as long as my friends can come with.” I smiled, as I knelt down and slowly began to pull his underwear to the floor. Taking his cock in my hand I jerked it with the other.

Ohhhh Shittt!!!" He moaned as I jerked Bryce’s cock. "Holy Fuck! Your hands feel so good and I bet those lips are going to feel even better!" He swallowed hard, barely able to speak as I jerked his cock with full force.

“Damn dude, you’ve got a gorgeous thick cock,” I grinned as I rubbed my hand down the length of his shaft. He moaned lightly before gently placing his hands on my shoulders before he started to play with my nipples.

As I stroked Bryce’s cock, precum oozed from the bulbous head. I wasted no time in using that beautiful substance as a lubricant, rubbing it up and down his shaft. As I gazed at his cock as I massaged it with his own precum I was tempted to just stick the thing in my mouth. But it was so damn thick!

“Dude your dick is like a fucking arm……an arm that work out.” I laughed as I continued to stroke his hard dick.

“I do go to the gym quite a bit… with Ryan.”

“Who is Ryan?” I asked…..this guy’s cock mere inches away from my mouth.

“Just a really good friend?” he smiled.

“Yeah I bet he’s a real good friend.” I smirked. Clearly this Ryan was special…

“Dude it’s not like that, Ryan is just a really good friend of mine.” Bryce sighed. “He’s not like that. He’s not gay he has a girlfriend.”

“But you want him to be?” I chuckled.

“Yeah,” he sighed.

“Ok cool, because him having a girlfriend doesn’t mean shit.” I laughed.

After that I went back to the task at hand and started stroking his cock once more. We were both trying to get off. And my first semester of college was going off to a great start. As I stroked his cock with one hand I used the other to explore his incredibly sexy body. This guy didn’t just have a six pack he had the makings of an eight pack, muscles everywhere. I’m talking muscles on muscles. But the funny thing is he wasn’t even a big guy it’s just he was as ripped guy.

Finally I took his hard and thick cock in my mouth and started sucking. Pretty soon I was bobbing up and down in this guy’s crotch. I was forced to take my time when I sucked his cock because that thing was so damn big it wouldn’t stay in my mouth without a little help. So I gently sucked on the head before letting the shaft go down my throat.

Ignoring my own gag reflexes I continued to suck his cock. “Suck it!” he cried. He didn’t have to tell me twice because I wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking with vigorous intensity.

I pulled his cock from my mouth for a moment so that I could get a word in. “Fuck dude! You have a nice cock. Once more I plunged that thing down my throat and that’s when he started thrusting his hips forward rapidly fucking my mouth.

I in turn gripped hold of his ass as he fucked my face. As he face fucked me I could feel his cock began to throb and pulsate in my mouth. I tried to take as much of his thick cock into my mouth as I could handle. It was so thick so only a few inches could fit into my mouth without a struggle or the occasional gagging.

I had sucked a few cocks before, but the feeling have having this guy fill my mouth with his cock was truly exhilarating. Finally it happened……he shot his load.

The first blast of cum hit the back of my throat and almost made me gag. But I caught myself and swallowed every last drop as he dumped his warm sticky cum down my throat. Around the same time my own cock began to erupt and spew out thick spunk all over this guy’s floor.

As time went on his cock continued to dump round after round of cum down my throat and I sucked and sucked, forcing I don’t even know how many mouthfuls of cum down my throat.

“My turn,” I grinned, as I grabbed his waist and flipped him over on the bed. Once I had his ass right in my face I stuck out my tongue and started to lick it. That tight hole of his looked good enough to eat. He didn’t object he just wiggled his ass and moaned. Clearly he had had guys or girls eat his ass out before. But I bet none of them knew how to eat ass like I do. “Damn dude you have a great ass. But I bet you hear that all the time.”

“Gee thanks man!” he smiled.

“Anytime, anytime.” I laughed just before I spread his ass cheeks before and stuck my face between them so that I could get better access to that tight hole of his.

“Ohhhhh,” he groaned as I shoved my tongue into his ass. After I had coated his ass with my saliva and made sure it was nice and wet I spit on my dick and rubbed it and in. Preparing to penetrate this guy’s ass.

With one masterful stroke I plunged my cock into his ass and he let out a moan. His cock was tight as hell and it massaged my cock so good, but it slid in without any force. Clearly this guy was not an ass virgin.

Soon my cock was buried in his ass as I started to pound away at the delectable ass before me. I held on to his two round ass cheeks as I fucked him, partly for support and partly because I wanted to grab that ass of his.

His ass kept squeezing and massaging my dick as I thrust it deeper and deeper into my ass. I started to slow fuck him, letting my balls hit his ass ever so slightly. I just wanted to watch that wonderful ass of his shake…

“Come on dude, I didn’t make up the bullshit about wanting to show you around the campus so that you could fuck me like I’m fragile. Fuck my ass and fuck it hard!” Bryce yelled.

I did as I was told and I started to fuck him harder, pushing my dick deeper and deeper into his ass. Pretty soon my balls were slapping lewdly against his ass. With each thrust of my cock I could feel myself getting closer to climax. My orgasm was building up and I was bound to blow any minute. I tried to hold on for as long as possible but once Bryce contracted his anal muscles I lost it and I exploded.

I fired a great barrage of cum into this guy’s welcoming ass filling it until it began to run out like a great stream. Despite having reached orgasm I continued to fuck Bryce’s ass. Cum poured from his poop chute and covered the bed. He was using his obviously talented ass muscles to milk every last drop of cum out of me and to thoroughly drain me dry.

I pulled my cock out of Bryce’s ass and collapsed on the bed next to him. After fucking the cum out of this random guy I was literally exhausted.

“Dude before you go I want to show you this really hot video that always gets me hard.” Bryce groaned.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Oh just a homemade video me and the guys made…” he grinned as popped the video in.

I was certain it was going to be a massive frat circle jerk but I was wrong it was actually a circle blowjob with one guy in the middle servicing what looked like over a dozen or two dozen men, very muscled men. Obviously some of Bryce’s other brothers.

The guy in the middle was kind of skinny, he was blindfolded and he was being passed like a ragdoll from one cock to the next. All you could hear was moaning, grunting, and what sounded like soft crying. I assumed it was coming from the blindfolded guy.

“Is that guy crying?”

“Yeah he’s a little pussy.” Bryce laughed. “A very loose pussy after the entire house fucked his ass.”

“Wow that’s really gay,” I joked.

“Yeah I know how it seems but we didn’t fuck him for pleasure we fucked him to show him that we dominate and that he’s nothing but a loser. Most of us anyway.”

“Well it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it” I added.

“Trust me he’s enjoying it.” Bryce. He’s a fucking fag. Do you know he offered to suck Chad’s dick to get into our fraternity. Chad is our President. Chad thought it would be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone so he invited this loser over and we all started to face fuck him. He was begging for more so we gave it to him, in his mouth and up his ass all twenty of us. He was asking for it.”

“But get this after we had fucked his ass and his mouth and after he was covered in cum had the nerve to ask if he was a brother now. Chad told him that he would never be one of us because he’s nothing but a loser.”

“It was the funniest thing ever. We made him walk home naked and covered in our cum.” Bryce chuckled. “We solved two things, we all got off that day and we never had to worry about that loser bothering us.”

“Wow, it really is a hot video,” I sighed.

“Yeah I know, nothing like forcing a nerd to suck you dry in return for promises of protection.” Bryce laughed back.

****Scene 5: Mike’s POV **********************

Zeta Phi Mu House, 115 Sorority Court, 

After Eric and I had finished showering we got a text from Kayla telling us to meet her and the others at this party at some sorority……..Zeta Phi something. I had heard all about college parties all the time from my older sister so I kind of knew what to expect. But nothing prepared me for what happened that night.

When we arrived there Kayla, Jake, Haley and the rest of the guys were already there. Even Brett was there too. The Zeta Phi Mu house was incredibly huge almost as large as my family’s home. It was a white southern revival style structure that looked as if its architect had plucked the plantation house from Gone with the Wind with the long winding staircase and placed it in upstate New York. To say that my breath was taken away at the sight of the building would be an understatement.

The Zeta Phi Mu house was filled with people partying and having a good time.

“Damn I love college!” Jake cried. “It’s fucking great!”

“I know right,” I replied. “College is great. It’s going to be a real blast.”

“No dude you don’t understand….” Jake laughed. “About a hour ago I was fucking this really hot guy. He was in a frat I think. And I can’t wait to fuck as many guys as possible.”

“What about Brett?” I said, lowering my voice slightly…..Brett was standing not too far away.

“What about him?” Jake laughed.

“I thought you guys were going to work out your issues.”

“Yeah, man I thought so too.” Jake said. “But that was before I learned he couldn’t trust me to protect him and look out for him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ask him?”

Just then this guy emerged from the upstairs and started walking down to the main hub of the party which was the house’s foyer and living area. This guy had such a smug look on his face that it gave off an air of complete and utter pretentiousness. He was the literal epitome of a douchebag. That’s just what I thought about when I saw him, I didn’t even know the guy he just looked pretentious and self-involved. He was however very attractive. Actually he was ridiculously hot…..not hotter than Eric but close enough. He had brown hair, brown eyes, a nice build, and he was about 6’1”. He was wearing a Vineyard Vines shirt, some really small shorts just above the knee and he had on baseball cap turned backwards with his brown hair sticking out.

I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed this guy coming down the stairs because Jake pulled me aside and he could barely speak. “That’s him, that’s the guy. He’s the guy I fucked!”

“Him, the guy with the cap?” Eric added.

“No not him,” Jake sighed. “The sexy guy on his right side. You guys can’t tell anyone we hooked up. You have to promise.”

“Ok we promise,” Kayla blurted.

“You guys where did Haley go?” Charlotte asked.

Don’t even ask me how Charlotte even got into the group. Apparently her, Kayla and Haley were all suitemates and in an effort to not fight all semester they were trying to bond over a few beers I guess. I know what Charlotte did to me and I’ll never forget it. But I had forgiven her for the sake of our adorable son and because she literally saved all of our lives….from being lost in a horrible explosion.

“I don’t know…” Jake cried.

“Wait isn’t that her talking to that frat guy?” Kevin added.

“That pretentious one……?” Eric retorted. I hadn’t even told him about my bad feeling I had about this guy but he knew just like I did that this guy was bad news. I knew it.

“Wait, I think she’s going upstairs with him.” Charlotte added.

“This is bad… this is bad.” Kayla began.

“Kayla calm down, “Eric said reassuringly. “Haley’s a big girl she can take care of herself.”

We waited for a few minutes but Haley didn’t come back down. Then we waited for a few more minutes and she still didn’t return. We started to get a little worried she was after all one of our own. When a whole hour passed we decided to go up there.

We apparently walked in on an argument between Haley in some busty brunette over some guy. The guy in question was the very same guy we had saw Haley with a few hours before. We learned later that night that the pretentious guy’s name was Chad and that girl was his girlfriend Brandi. The guy was sitting on the bed absolutely silent, he still had that pretentious smug on his face.

“What the hell where you doing with your tongue down my boyfriend’s mouth? You slut!” the girl cried.

“Bitch I didn’t know he was your boyfriend.” Haley pleaded. “He started talking to me and told me to come up here. We were just talking but then he started kissing and then you walked in.”

“I don’t give a fuck!” the furious girl cried. “I want you, and all of your fucking friends out of my house right now!”

“Fine, this party is lame anyway,” Jake sneered as we made a beeline for the door.

“Then go!” Brandi replied coldly.

As we left I could hear Brandi and Chad talking…..Apparently her boyfriend’s transgressions were forgivable in comparison to the actions of a stranger…….a female stranger I might add.

“That bitch, better not show her face here again,” Brandi declared

“Actually I’m hoping she does show up again…….we have unfinished business.” Chad grinned.

“You’re disgusting!” Brandi glared.

“You know you love me,” Chad added.

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