****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Eric’s POV**********************

Michael’s Bedroom The Chandler Mansion,

“Babe I could lay in this be with you all day.” I smiled at my boyfriend Mike.

“Eric that’s all that we ever do.” Mike laughed. “Maybe we should do something outside of my bed…….Like maybe go to our graduation. We do graduate after all.

“Baby that’s only because there is no other place I’d rather be then in your bed.” I replied. “I only wish our last names weren’t on the complete other end of the alphabet.”

“Eric don’t be that way…….You’ve got Kayla sitting next to you. The nearest person I know sitting next to me is freaking Chris DeVille.”

“Babe he’s really not that bad of a guy.” I said trying to assure Mike. “I know he seems like a jerk and a complete asshole but once you get to know him he’s really a pretty decent guy.”

“Eric you’re just saying that because you and him used to be buddies…….We all know the stories of how he treats people and what he almost did to Kayla. You and I were both on the same team with him for a full year and he was an asshole on and off the field.”

“Babe that’s just how he is……But don’t worry I’d kick his ass if he ever messed with any of my friends and I’d kill him he messed with you.”

“Eric don’t worry I’d kill him myself If he ever hurt anyone I cared about” Mike chuckled.

“Baby you don’t mean that.” I smiled. “Your two much of sweetheart to do that. You wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“Oh I do mean that…..” Mike assured.

“Baby we’ve got a few minutes to fuck……….I mean to kill.” I chuckled. “Maybe we should fool around for a little while. I need to get my dick wet.”

“You horny little bastard.” Mike giggled as he pulled my pants down….underwear in all. When Mike pulled my pants down he allowed my throbbing cock to burst free. And burst free it did; slapping lewdly against my stomach.

“Ohhh, baby kiss it………Lick my cock.” I said grinning from ear to ear as I looked down at him as he gazed up at me with my enormous dick laid so neatly on his face. The sight never ceased to amaze me.

“Come on baby put those nice soft lips to good use. I want you to suck my cock. I want you to worship that freaking thing. It’s all yours.” I said, as I pressed my hard cock at his lips.

After I had said this Mike started to gently kiss my dick with his soft lips. It felt amazing I could feel his breath on my cock and that only made me even hornier. Hell he could shit on my chest and I’d be hard as a rock……everything he did was so sexy to me.

I guided the head of my cock towards Mike’s mouth, letting it rest on his wet tongue. He closed his lips around my thick cock, just letting the head sit in his mouth. He flicked his tongue out of his mouth and began to go to work, covering the head of my cock with saliva.

After a few minutes of Mike sucking on my dick very attentively I decided that it was time for some deep-throating action. Slowly but surely I began to thrust more and more of my cock into his mouth; and in a response he grasped my bare ass cheeks with both hands. As I inched my thick dick deeper into Mike’s warm mouth he struggled to adjust to the engorged man-meat being plunged into his mouth.

Finally I felt my dick press against the back of Mike’s throat. As he sucked my cock, Mike continued to cover my cock with his tongue. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and after a brief pause proceeded to thrust it back in again. I continued to do this over and over again until I was face-fucking him like it was

Man when I tell you there is nothing in this world like watching my thick cock slide in and out of Mike’s gorgeous face. I fucking love it. Especially when he’s looking up at me with a mouthful of my dick all the way down to his throat.

Mike was really worshipping my cock with his lips….and I was loving every single damn minute of it. When I mean that he was worshipping that thing I mean it; I could see it in his eyes. He was looking at my cock like it was God’s gift to the world…..his world at least.

“I pulled him up so that he was sitting on my lap. Within seconds he went from kissing my cock to kissing me face. I could smell my cock on his lips and it only turned me on even more. While we made out I let my hands roam around his body; squeezing and massaging his ass cheeks. I gave his right cheek a light slap and he moaned into my ear sending shivers down my spine and causing my cock to leap with excitement.

He must have felt it; he was sitting on it after all. I think that if he had leaned back any further the head of my cock would have went inside his ass.

I spit on my finger and probed around for a little until I found his ass. And that’s when I stuck my finger all the way up it. He continued moaning loudly into my ear. After a few minutes I grabbed hold of him and threw him onto the bed.

“Owww.” He squealed.

“Babe did I hurt you?”

“No I’m alright.“ Mike smiled. “I just bumped my head a little when I landed. It’s nothing a few kisses and a nice hard fucking can’t fix.”

“Mike you got a dirty mouth.” I chuckled. “It needs to be stuffed with something hard.”

“Baby you are what you eat and besides you already did that.” He replied.

“Ok babe enough talking it’s time for me to fuck the hell out of you. I want you walking all funny across that stage today.” I laughed as I flipped him over onto his back so that I could get at his tight little ass.

Using both hands I pulled his glorious cheeks apart and pushed my face between them. Sticking my tongue into that tight hole of his, I flooded his crack with my saliva. “Damn,” I moaned. “Your hole tastes so fucking good. I can’t wait to split it apart with my cock.”

“Neither can I.” Mike moaned.

Pulling him closer to me, I pushed his legs up in the air and got in between them. I let a nice helping of spit fall from my lips to his hot hole. Then I gripped hold of his back so that I could steady myself. Gripping his shoulder I positioned my cock, took aim and pushed my cock forward until I felt his ass walls squeezing around my cock.

“Damn, dude.” I grunted.

“Arghhhhhhh,” Mike moaned, as I thrusted my cock into his ass. I let the head stretch his hole out for a few sweet minutes before I pushed more and more of my cock into his waiting ass.

The whole time he was moaning and grunting so loudly it would have alerted everyone in the house if the house was a regular house and not a 40 room mansion on a hill.

I pulled my leaking prick all the way out of his ass before thrusting it all the way back into his warm wet ass. This caused him to yell out in passion. Soon these screams of passion of his turned into heavy breathing and hot panting.

I waited a minute or so before I started to thrust harder and harder. The inside of his ass felt wonderful as always. We were moaning loudly with each thrust. It was so loud I was getting a little nervous that one of the servants……or worse his grandparents would come in and have a heart attack or something

"Stop screaming, baby" I said softly to Mike. "Babe, you don’t want your grandparents walking in on us do you?”

“Nooo,” Mike grunted, as he bit down on one of the pillows. “It just feels so damn good. I can’t control myself.”

I laid down on top of him so that I could kiss him while my cock was buried deep inside of his ass. At long last I reached bottom and plunged all ten inches of my hard dick into his ass. He replied with a grunt.

After that I started to fuck him nice and slow, just the way I liked it. I decided to fuck him slow because I knew that if I started to pound his ass he would be cumming all over the place in matter of seconds and so would I. But if I fucked him slow we could fuck all morning. So I intended to fuck him nice and slow. Slow and deep, slow and deep was the motto for today. Slow and deep. After a while I pulled my cock all the way out of his ass and flipped him around onto his back so that I could look at his face while I shot my load deep inside him.

Grabbing hold of him I started slamming into him as hard as I could go. It didn’t take long before I found myself losing control as I felt myself on the edge. Each time I slammed into his ass Mike let out one hell of a grunt that turned me on.

When my orgasm finally came it was like 7th heaven for me. It was an absolute amazing feeling to spill my seed inside the hottest ass I’d ever seen attached to the hottest guy ever. A feeling like no other. It was like my cock was huge bazooka shooting round after round of warm sticky cum into his tight ass. I swear I must have shot two or three gallons of cum into him because the number of times I had a cumshot were too numerous to count.

I continued thrusting a little; until Mike let out such a loud scream that it shook the whole house. His cock erupted and his cum began to burst out. It really erupted; some of his cum even hit me on the chin and a little got onto the bottom of my face..

“Oh shit Dude!!!” I yelled. “You just came onto my face.”

“That…….that was so fucking hot…”

****Scene 2: Chris DeVille’s POV**********************

The Harmony Docks,

“Good morning, mother I see you will be attending your hearing dressed to kill….” I replied. “How appropriate.”

“I’m dressed as the DeVille matriarch.” Regina, my mother retorted. “The leader around whom all DeVilles will rally in this time of need. Beginning with you dearest son.”

“I guess this means you won’t be attending my graduation this afternoon…”

“That guess would be correct…..I will say this only once……support me now, or suffer the consequences.” My mother threatened. “My surprises are only just beginning.”

“A huh, the severity of your situation is starting to sink in.” I chuckled. “You are facing some serious jail time for what you did on prom night.”

“It’s only natural that you would look to the family for support………but it won’t be forthcoming. Every DeVille is in agreement that you should fry…. Even your own children, myself included are of the same consensus.”

“You’re lying!!!” she yelled at me, in disbelief.

“Mother did you really believe a lifetime of murder and criminal mayhem would inspire loyalty and devotion?”

“Locking me up will not solve the problems that our family is presently facing. Neither the current trouble with our organization being investigated nor the trouble yet to come.” My mother sneered. “It would be in both of our best interests for me to avoid these charges. If I remain free I can make this whole thing go away and I can even help you get that girl back…….what’s her name? Kayla is it?”

“Mother what could I do? In case you didn’t notice you’re facing attempted murder chargers on top of various other crimes. Mother if you wanted to avoid the charges you shouldn’t have put the bomb on the damn boat. I recall trying to warn you and you shutting me up for it.”

“Mother the wheels of justice have already began to spin. They have multiple witnesses and for god’s sake mother they have the man who put the bomb on the boat in custody!!!” I added. “It’s out of both of our hands.”

“Nothing is ever out of my hands my sweet son.” My mother cooed. “The evidence linking me to that alleged bomb is circumstantial at best. That man’s testimony won’t hold up in court my lawyer will tear them all to shreds in the courtroom. If you would only serve as a character witness and testify in my defence all of it would simply blow away.”

“Mother I will do all that you have asked and more as soon as the streets are paved with gold and the diamonds run from the sky.” I smiled. “You can look for me on witness stand mother…..but it won’t be in your defence.”

“My dear Christian I wish you would be the DeVille man that I know you can be.” My mother sighed.

“You mean the kind of man that can kill another person.” I shouted. “No thanks mother I will be the kind of man that I want to be…..Not the man you want me to be!”

After that I stormed off. I had other things on my mind beside my deranged mother’s latest drama.

****Scene 3: Mike’s POV**********************

Graduation, Harmony High, 

“Oh my god guys!!” Kayla squealed….

“What is it?” Eric asked.

“I just realized something.” Kayla smiled.

“What’s that?”

“That we freaking graduate today!!!” Kayla giggled.

“Duh,” Jake mocked. “We didn’t just decide to wear our cap and gowns for nothing…..”

“Shut up Jake,” Kayla replied. “This means that after today we will officially be adults. And we will officially be done with all of this drama and cattiness of High school.”

“Kayla are you sure about that?” Eric laughed. “I heard from somebody that your best friend Haley is going to be attending HU next semester…plus I’m pretty sure Charlotte’s going there too.” The sarcasm in Eric’s tone when he called Haley, Kayla’s friend was more than apparent.

“So what….” Kayla shrugged. “I’ve got you guys and HU is a big campus so we’ll hardly if ever see each other. And if they even think about doing anything I’m sure there’s closets to lock them in somewhere.”

“And I’m also sure there’s people who get expelled for far less.” I laughed.

“Michael don’t be so negative, I’m not going to get expelled the first year of college…..That’s something for the sophomore year. I’m not going to do anything to get expelled……. Besides we’ll at least be adults….and we can do whatever the hell we want.”

“Yeah tell that to the bartender at The Spot…..” Jake chuckled. “If you think that after graduation we can do whatever we want show him you’re ID when you want to order something not on the Kiddie menu.”

“Maybe I will.” Kayla laughed.

“Little sis did I just hear you talking about getting expelled and getting involved in underage drinking?” A voice said from behind us. We turned around to see Kayla’s sister Chloe standing behind us. Chloe was Kayla’s older sister………and to be honest with you she was kind of a bitch. “What do you mean you’re getting expelled? You’ve just finished high school and you’re barely on your way to College…. What could you be talking about?”

“Chloe leave it alone.” Kayla sighed. “I was just joking around with my friends………It doesn’t concern you.”

“Kayla if my little sis is getting herself into trouble it does concern me.” Chloe added.

“I’m not getting into any trouble…..” Kayla cried. “Geez it was just a joke. God get off my back! Like you never used to drink when you were my age. Or did you forget that you left your fake ID in your old room? Last time I checked Mary-Kate Fuller wasn’t your name.”

“Fine,” Chloe cried. “Instead of joking around with your hoodlum friends you should be getting ready for this graduation rehearsal thing. Mom, Dad, and myself included actually have a life so we don’t want to spend all day here.”

After that Chloe stormed off….

“Bitch……” Kayla mouthed under her breath.

“Kayla she’s just trying to look out for you.” Eric chuckled. “She heard you talking about getting expelled so she got a little concerned that’s all.”

“She’s not concerned for me….” Kayla blurted. “She’s just trying to stick her nose in my life, because that’s what older siblings are good at.”

“Emily’s the same way…..” I added.

“Tell me about it I’ve got two older siblings and trust me they never let me forget it.” Kevin laughed. “It’s just the way it is. It’s just the way older siblings are.”

“Guys I’m an older sibling……and I’m not like that.” Eric laughed.

“Eric that’s not the same thing……” Kayla replied. “My sister is a bitch and the point is that you are not. You used to be a bit of an asshole but Michael completely changed that.”

“Oh gee thanks……..” Eric laughed. “Tell me how you really feel.”

“Eric you know I love you.” Kayla giggled. “Come on guys we better take our seats and get this show on the road.”

After we had all set down at our assigned seats in the student section the graduation ceremony began. We spent hours sitting there as Principal Johnson read one name after the other, after the other. Each and every name was read alphabetically and meticulously; with every syllable pronounced. Once their name was called the respective student ran up on stage, shook Principal Johnson’s hand and the other faculty on stage after they were handed their diploma…… Seeing all of this made me even more anxious as I waited for my turn…….. Luckily my name was at the front of the alphabet so I didn’t have to wait that long.

Kirsten Adams………………………Brett Barret…………………………Kevin Brady…………………..

…………………Adam Causey………………Michael Chandler……………………………….

When I heard my name called I walked up on stage. I couldn’t believe that the day was finally here……..I could see it with my own eyes but I still could not believe it. My friends were all making a ruckus in the audience as they screamed my name and cheered me on. I think for a split second I even saw my mother in tears…….I never saw her in tears before.

Chris DeVille…………………….Paul Hayes……………………………….

……………………………..Taylor Huggins…..……………Haley Macy…………...........Jake McCarthy

Hunter Langston…………………………Austin Lewis…………………………Bailey Hart…………………………

……………………………….Nick Papadopoulos……………………Eric Smith………

Kayla Spencer………………Timmy Stephens…………Jennifer Stewart……………………

.............................Sarah Thomas……………………..Matthew Tucker……………..Chelsea Williams………

Wyatt Zoll………………………..

When we heard Wyatt Zoll’s name called we all realized that it was finally over. It was finally over. Four years of high school and most all this increasingly boring graduation ceremony.

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV**********************

Graduation Party, Harmony Park, 


After the graduation ceremony was over we all left the gym in procession, starting from the first in the class to the last. After we had all got out into the school courtyard some of us stayed for a while to take pictures with our friends and families. Michael, Kayla and I as well as the rest of the gang stayed around for a while. The weirdest thing about that day was that Haley and Charlotte both tagged along and Kayla instead of fighting them was completely cordial towards the. Talk about the Twilight Zone.

“Guys let’s take some pics.” Kayla smiled, as she ushered us over to this tree that had ate lunch under so many times before when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining.

“Kayla you know I don’t like taking pictures…..” Jake replied, bashfully. To be honest with you I don’t know why he didn’t like taking pictures…….he’s ripped as fuck. Don’t get me wrong I don’t really like the guy……..I tolerate him because he’s Mike’s oldest and best friend but even I can’t deny that he’s sexy. Also now that I’ve got to know him a little; feelings aside he’s a pretty cool guy.

“Come on Jakey,” Brett pleaded. “I want to take some pics of all us……and all of us includes you too. Come on baby…”

“Come on Jakey.” Kayla joked. “You heard Brett, get your butt over here and get in this group photo.”

“Kayla don’t call me that.” Jake protested.

“Why not, Brett just called you that?” Kayla giggled. “So why can’t I?”

“Kayla that’s different and you know it.” Jake retorted.

“Jakey listen to her……..Don’t you want something to remember our high school years by and don’t you want something to remember me by?” Brett asked.

“Baby I could never forget you I just don’t know if we should be all lovey-dovey with this blackmailer trying to ruin my life.”

“Jake you once told me that you didn’t give a fuck about that blackmailer or his threats………I want to take some pics and I want to take some with you.”

“Come on Jakey,” Kayla smirked. “Jakey this graduation and this day isn’t going to last forever.”

“OK FINE,” Jake growled.

“YESSSSSS!!!!” Kayla smiled, as she literally threw her phone at the nearest innocent bystander…..ordering them to take a whole album of pictures of all of us in the nicest manner that she could muster.

After some time our legs got tired and the unwilling camera man arms got tired too. So he kind of bailed on us. We took that as being prime time to get out of there.

“Guys my mother is having a graduation party at the park all of you are invited.” Kayla smiled.

“Even you two.” Kayla added, as she pointed at Haley and Charlotte.

“Really???” we all asked, a bit of confusion in our voices. “Kayla are you serious?

“Yeah, I’m serious. I don’t trust them but if it wasn’t for Charlotte we wouldn’t be here this day…….none of us would. We would all be dead…..We owe her our lives.”

“Thanks for inviting me,” Charlotte replied. “I’ll see if I can make an appearance.”

A few hours later we were all at the park celebrating our graduation. After Kayla’s mother finished making a toast to her daughter I pulled Mike aside so that I could talk to him in private.

“Baby I can’t believe we just graduated……we have our whole lives ahead of us and today is just the beginning.” Mike smiled as, I pulled him closely holding him tightly by his waist.

“Babe I have to talk to you about something……It’s kind of important.”

“Eric is this about Charlotte being here?” Mike asked. “If her being here bothers you I’m sure my grandparents would love for us to come over for tonight.”

“No it’s not about that,” I sighed. “I don’t mind her being here. I know you could never feel the way you feel for me about her. This is about me and you.”

“What’s a matter?” Mike asked. “Did I do something?”

“No baby you didn’t do anything.” I assured him with a light kiss on the cheek. “This is something that I’ve been waiting all day to ask you.”

“Well ask away,” Mike smiled.

“Baby I know school just ended and we don’t start college for another two months or so; I also know that we said we would wait until after the first semester to get hitched. But I just can’t wait that long….”

“When we go off to college I don’t want other guys or girls hitting on you. I want all of them to know that you are mine…All mine. Baby I know I already proposed but I want to marry you as soon as possible.”

“Baby that’s really sweet, but like how soon do you want to get married?” he asked.

“I was thinking tonight or maybe tomorrow.” I laughed. “I think we should just get some close friends and head down to the beach tonight and get married under the stars.”

“TONIGHT!” MIKE cried back. “Eric are you serious? My mother would kill me if we eloped. She’s already feeling some type of way about her eldest son getting married.”

“Mike lets be real she would kill me…………not you. She loves you too much.” I chuckled. “Alright here’s the deal how about we wait until the end of the week to get married. We can invite our families and all of our friends and of course our son Johnny as to be a part of it. We can get married at the beach under the star it will be so romantic, so wonderful.”

“Wait what did you just say?” Mike interjected.

“You mean about getting married under the stars. It’s going to be so wonderful, it’s the perfect way to start our life together.” I replied, trying to gloss over what he was really talking about.

“No man, I was talking about the thing about having Johnny at the wedding. You called him your son.”

“Yeah man, I did.” I smiled. “If he’s a part of you, he’s a part of me. You have a son and so do I.”

“Awwww Eric, I love you so much.”

“Babe I love you too.” I said as I pulled him in for a kiss.

STAY TUNED………………………



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