****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV **********************

Chandler Mansion, Raven Hill Island,

My wedding to Eric was so romantic and it was everything that I had dreamed of. The dream was so magical but the reality was even better. I had all of my friends and family there including the love of my life, Eric. My grandparents had decorated the drawing room, and the other reception rooms of the house so nicely. They had even flown a world class French chef to the United States so that he could make us a fifteen layer cake.

That thing was freaking huge and it was even sweeter. It was slightly cold as I learned all too well as Eric smeared some of it on my face as we took our first bite. I returned the favour and coated his chin with some icing. The guests all laughed and we laughed along with them.

“It’s time for the best person speeches. These three people have known Michael and Eric the longest and I know we are all in for a real treat.” My grandmother smiled.

“I guess I’ll go first,” Chris laughed. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. First I would like to ask a question. Who here is having a good time? Because I know I am.” Everyone either raised their hand or nodded in agreement. “Everyone here today played a part in making this day a very memorable and special one for Eric and Michael.”

“Now when Eric first asked me to be his best man, I was absolutely terrified. Because you see I have never been to a gay wedding before but I wanted to do Eric and Michael’s wedding justice because Eric’s my best friend. I was a gay wedding virgin but after today I’m not a virgin anymore. But I like to thank Mr. Jack Daniels for giving me the courage to make this speech. And for those of you who don’t know Jack, he’s my personal psychiatrist. Don’t look at me like that living in this town and being a DeVille you need to have some kind of professional help.” Chris laughed.

The whole reception room was filled with laughter.

“Guys I know it’s a real honour to be picked to be someone’s best man but to be completely honest I’ve always hated wearing suits. And that might have something to do with that fact that I’ve been wearing them since I was five. And I still can’t stand them…… But I’ll gladly tolerate them for a good cause and my best friend’s wedding to the guy he loves is one of those times. I wish you nothing but the best Eric. I love you man!”

After that it was Jake’s turn to deliver his speech.

“Hey Guys my name is Jake McCarthy if you didn’t already know that.” Jake began. “Michael and I have been friends for a long time. Since we were in diapers and I’ve always been by his side. So it was only natural that I would stand up for him during his wedding day.”

“We’ve been through a lot Michael and I; both good and bad times and I love him like a brother. I have to admit I was a little upset when I found out he played for the other team. Not because I have a problem with gays…..just ask my good friend Brett. But because he was keeping a big secret a big part of his life from me. I wanted to be the one who he turned to because I love him like a brother.

“Mike I love you like a brother and I hope to share many more happy moments with you. Especially at college. Wishing you a happy wedding night and an even better wedding.”

The whole room was filled with applause as Kayla prepared to deliver her best person speech. “Wow those two speeches were really good weren’t they? But I assure you my speech is going to knock it out of the park.”

Everyone laughed along with Kayla. In a normal setting I would have been a maid of honour but to all of you in case you didn’t know this wedding is special; so when two of your closet guy friends get married you get to be best person. Which is like maid of honour and best man, only better. Way better I might add. Now I’m not going to go into detail about how long I’ve been friends with both of these great guys. But it’s been a long time.”

“I love them both and I’ve been through a lot with them. The constant breakups and getting back together. Even after they split up the first time I knew deep down these two would end up together. They were made for each other. People are always saying that Michael made Eric a better person. And I don’t doubt that. But Eric made Mike a better person too. I’m not just saying that because I’m their best person. I’m saying that because I love them. I love you guys! Best wishes on your special day!

A few minutes later and it was time our first dance as husbands. They played our song. The song Out Alive by Kris Allen. It was a song that meant so much to us. It was the song we had our first kiss to, the song we first made love to, and now the song we had danced to on our wedding day.

“This city's gonna break your heart
It's gonna leave you colder
Bright lights tearing us apart
It's gonna hurt all over”

“Honestly I'm better off lonely
Promises are just pretend
God help this face I'm wearin'
God help this skin”

“We can run
We can hide
We can show off our guns and put on a fight
If it's love
Hold on tight, hold on tight”
“Maybe we'll make it out alive
Maybe we'll make it”

“I'm searching for the sound of your heartbeat
I'm looking for a sign of life
And I can hear it fading out
Lost my strength
When you lost your fight”

“Honestly you're better off lonely
Promises are just pretend
God help this faith I'm wearin'
God help this place”

“We can run
We can hide
We can show off our guns and put on a fight
If it's love
Hold on tight, hold on tight
Maybe we'll make it out alive
Maybe we'll make it”

“There's gonna be a thousand ways that we could break it
There'll never be an easy way so I'll just say it
'Cause I know that it's not over
No matter how hard we try
Now I'm begging for the chance to make it right
'Cause you've got the best of me
And you'll be the death of me”

“We can run
We can hide
We can show off our guns and put on a fight
If it's love
Hold on tight, hold on tight
Maybe we'll make it out alive
Maybe we'll make it out alive”

When the song was over Eric kissed me on the lips. I hope you don’t mind but I requested that they play our song for our first dance.”

“Eric I don’t mind at all,” I cried. “Dancing to this song and holding you in my arms was the cherry on top of delicious sundae.”

“Aww you guys are too cute,” Kayla swooned as we kissed.

****Scene 2: Kayla’s POV **********************

Chandler Mansion, Raven Hill Island,

A few days before Michael and Eric’s wedding I was confronted in the park by Regina DeVille. I guess she was getting a little nervous about the pending investigation into her involvement in the prom boat bomb. She knew that we knew that she was responsible for the whole thing and she knew that we could place her at the scene of the crime on the night of the prom. I think that was why she threatened to destroy our lives by telling the police that we were responsible for the disappearance and possible death of Alistair DeVille.

I mean nobody had seen him in months but he couldn’t be dead. Sure we had pushed him off that life boat that night…… But that was only to stop him from hurting our friend. We never intended to kill him but if we ever told the police that it was Regina who had ordered the bomb placed on the boat she would destroy our lives by framing us for this death. Regina DeVille had more money than most people so she had all the resources to frame us for a murder.

That’s exactly why I took it upon myself to convince my friends to let it all go.......As the wedding reception raged on I pulled my friends aside. I even pulled Charlotte and Haley aside because they were involved in the situation as well. Don’t even ask me how Charlotte even got invited. I think it was solely because she had Mike’s son Johnny…..the cute little ring bearer.

“You guys might be wondering why I pulled you all aside.” I smiled. “I know you guys are having a really great time and I don’t want to ruin this night.”

“What is it?” Eric asked nervously.

“You guys I know that we went through a lot on prom night but I think that we should all just let it go. I think we should move on.” I continued. “I want to go to college and I don’t even want to think about what the DeVilles did to us.”

“Wait?! What?!” Haley blurted. “Kayla you can’t be serious. That crazy bitch almost killed us.”

“Yes she has to pay for what she did.” Charlotte added.

“But at what cost?” I interjected. “The cost of our freedom?”

“What do you mean?” Mike questioned.

“I mean if we don’t let this go, if we don’t retract our statement Regina is going to pin Alistair’s murder on us. That’s what I mean. “She confronted me in the park the other day and she all but threatened to tell the police about what happened that night.”

“We can’t let her get away with this…” Eric sighed. “We didn’t mean to push him he lost his balance that’s not our fault. We were trying to stop him from hurting Mike”

“Eric it doesn’t matter if we meant to push him or not……the point is he fell and now he’s dead. And if the police ever find out what we did we could go to jail for manslaughter. I don’t want that.”

“We all have our lives ahead of us……guys just let it go.”

“Kayla this is not like you at all.” Mike sighed. “That lady must have really gotten to you.”

“I didn’t let that woman faze me, but I don’t want you guys to spend another minute in a courtroom.” I added. “Guys we just have to let this go and move on.”

“Ok we will,” Eric and Mike said almost in unison. How cute.

“Fine,” Haley grumbled.

“Whatever,” Charlotte added.

“Baby you know I’ll agree to whatever you want but if we are going to have a consensus I think Jake needs to be here.”

“I’m right here,” Jake interjected. “What do I need to be here for?”

“Kayla wants us to forget about what the DeVilles did to us on prom night,” Eric answered. “We’ve all agreed to let it go.”

“You can’t let what those crazies did go!” Jake cried.

“Yeah we might be letting it go,” Haley blurted. “But we won’t forget what those wackos did to us. I definitely will not forget.”

“Ok I’m fine with that,” Jake sighed.

“Well on a lighter note, do you guys remember the guy who photographed my sister’s wedding?” I smiled. “Well he said that he could come and photograph this special day even though it was short notice.”

“Wait a minute?” Jake laughed. “Didn’t your sister get a divorce like a month later?”

“Yeah, but that’s not important.” I giggled. “What’s important is this guy is a creative genius and he really knows how to take some quality pictures.”

“Michael, Eric, I like you to meet Bruce Hill, professional photographer.” I smiled.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Hill.” Mike smiled as he shook Bruce’s hand.

“I’m glad you decided to come, I can’t wait to see the cool pics you get of us.” Eric grinned as he clasped Bruce’s hand in a handshake. “I can’t tell you how much it means that you decided to come to our wedding today.”

“You guys are too kind………but believe me the pleasure is all mine. I’ve heard a lot about you guys and I think it takes real courage to stand up in front of all the people you know and profess your love to each other. I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.” Bruce replied. “And you don’t have to call me Mr. Hill, Bruce is just fine.”

“Ok guys let’s get some pics!” I smiled as I nudged my friends and the other guests out onto the terrace. The well-lit terrace.

“All you guys look beautiful.” Bruce assured.

“Ok, look over here real quick,” Bruce added. “Everybody say happy time.”

“Happy time!”

Bruce got normal pics, funny pics, awkward pics and all the other variations.

“Ok let’s get a photo of the grooms together with their best men,” Bruce declared.

Eric, Mike, Jake and Chris struck a pose and before the pic could be snapped I ran over to them so that I could be in it.

“Just the groomsmen please,” Bruce added.

“I’m sorry, Chris might be Eric’s best man and Jake might be Michael’s best man; but I’m Michael’s best friend. Right?”

“Absolutely….And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Mike laughed.

“Ok maybe we can get one of me and Chris.” Eric interjected. The photo was amazing and Eric looked too cute with his rabbit ears that Chris had given him.

“Ok now we can get one of me and Jake,” Michael smiled.

“Look this way guys,” Bruce smiled back. “The camera loves you guys.”

“This is a first,” Mike chuckled. “Jake hates taking photos.”

“Well it is a wedding after all. I’ve got to keep my best friend happy and I’ve got to fulfill my best man duties” Jake laughed back. “Besides the camera man is kind of cute.”

We got a few more pics. With Mike’s grandparents, parents. Eric’s mom and his siblings. We even got a pic of Eric and me with my little son. It was too cute, too precious.

“Come on everybody smile.”

“How many more pictures?” Mike groaned.

“Only a few more,” Bruce smiled. “Maybe lean against Eric and place your arm around his waist. And Eric you place your arm around him just like that. Perfect.”

“Does this work.” Eric grinned.

“It’s perfect.”

“You guys we kind of want to get a head start on our wedding night.” Michael added. We all knew what he and Eric meant by that.

“Wait we don’t have a photo of you two kissing,” I blurted.

“Kayla that’s not necessary,” Michael sighed.

“Of course it’s necessary. It’s completely necessary.” Haley interjected. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Soon everyone was chanting kiss kiss, so Eric and Mike gave into what the majority wanted and they kissed.

It was so romantic. I could only hope for a wedding as sweet and timeless as the one I had just witnessed.

****Scene 3: Brett’s POV **********************

Chandler Mansion, Raven Hill Island,

I thought everything was finally over after the blackmailer, who happened to be Paul Hayes had been found out. But this was not to be the end, because he had purposely sowed the seeds of doubt in Jake’s head to the point that as soon as we arrived at the reception party he began questioning about what Paul meant when he said I had a dirty little secret. I kept asking me about it and I didn’t have the heart to admit the truth from him any longer…….the truth was bound to come out, one way of the other.

“Brett, what did that fucker Paul when he meant you had done something?” Jake cried. “What did he mean when he said you had a dirty little secret? That I would be singing a different tune?”

“Jake I don’t want to talk about it here?” I sighed. “I just can’t, I can’t.”

“Baby if that fucker did something to you, or if something happened to you, you have to tell me.” Jake continued. “You can be honest with me. Brett I really care about you……baby I care about you a lot.”

“Jake just drop it!” I cried. “Just let it go…..”

“So something did happened.” Jake smiled, as if a light had just flickered on in his head. “If that fucker did anything to you…..I’ll, I’ll…………..I’ll break his fucking neck!”

“Jake calm down!” I yelled. “Paul didn’t do anything, yes he ran me off the road; but this isn’t about him……this is about me. This is about what I did.”

“What did you do?” Jake asked confused, and all wide-eyed.


“Baby tell me, I promise I’ll try to be understanding.” Jake smiled. “Baby I’ve told you all of my secrets and I don’t mind keeping all of yours.”

“Jake don’t you understand, I can’t tell you. I- I just can’t.” I replied as I broke down. “If I tell you what I did you will hate me forever. You will never look at me the same way again.”

“And I can’t bear to see that happen.” I cried. “I care about you too much….”

“Baby you can’t just expect me to let this go.” Jake added. “You are hurting and its making me hurt too. I don’t understand why you are keeping this thing from me, but I do know that whatever this is it’s tearing you up inside. You can’t keep this bottled up.”

“Just tell me!” Jake cried.

“Fine!” I yelled back.

“It’s about what happened to me at my old school, in Connecticut.” I began.

“Baby you already told me about that jerk off that stopped being you friend because he found out you were gay.” Jake replied. “Man if I ever run into that guy I would beat the living day lights out of him.”

“Jake that was only half of the story.” I sighed. “This guy was my best friend……my so-called best friend excuse me. We did everything together we were best buds and one night we were hanging out, we were drinking and one thing led to another I kissed him. And he kissed me back. But things didn’t stop there. I’ve never told anyone this…….because he wouldn’t let me, but we had sex. After we had sex he told me never to tell anyone, that he was straight, and that what we had done was a huge mistake .That was the first time I ever had sex with anyone, he took my virginity and he didn’t even care and he proceeded to destroy my life.”

“What do you mean?” Jake replied. “Having sex with a ‘straight guy’ doesn’t make you an awful person…..how could you think that I would hate you for doing that? Shagging a straight guy is great………even if he’s a fucking douchebag like the one that fucked you.” Jake laughed.

“Jake you are missing the point.” I sighed. “You don’t understand the story doesn’t end there. After that night, that wonderful night this guy who I thought would always be my friend turned on me. He stopped talking to me, he stopped hanging out with me, and he wouldn’t even look at me. I understand now that he was going with some very personal things. He was confused and I only wish he had opened up to me instead of turning away from me.” I cried.

“After a while his indifference turned to anger and hatred. Part of me thinks that it was the part of me that he saw in himself that he was hating……because he was gay and he started to hate that and he started to hate me almost as much. The more he hated coming to that realization the more he lashed out on me. He would get his buddies to pick on me at lunch, by my locker and in the hall. The torment that he and his friends inflicted on me became almost unbearable. So unbearable that I wanted to end it all. I wanted to kill myself and I would have succeeded if my mother hadn’t walked in on me after I swallowed a bottle of pills.”

“Baby I understand you were hurt………you were feeling weak. That doesn’t make you a bad person. That makes you normal……….one person can take only so much abuse.” Jake sighed. He was being so understanding. But I wondered how understanding he would be when I finished telling him the story……the whole story.

“When I got better my former friend and his buddies didn’t even let up, their bullying became even worse. So worse that I became such an angry person. I was filled with so much anger that I was wishing and begging for revenge on this guy who had taken so much from me. One day after listening to this guy and all of his buddies tease me they started to get physical and for some reason I took that time to defend myself. He was all in my face so I reached out and I pushed him. I wish I hadn’t. But he fell and he hit his head on the hard surface of the ground and then the blood started to come. There was a lot of blood. They called for help and I just stood there not knowing what to do. When help came they did all they could, but it wasn’t enough. My former friend died and it was all my fault. I killed him.”

“What?!?!! Oh my god, Brett,” Jake cried. “As much as I want to hug and kiss you all I can do is feel disappointed in you. Disappointed in the fact that you couldn’t trust me enough to share your life with me, all of it not bits and pieces. I shared everything with you…..my feelings for Mike, what happened with my parents, and so on, but you couldn’t even share the truth with me about your life. Instead you had to lie to me and to omit the truth. Brett if you can’t learn to trust me what is the point of us being together.” Jake sighed, I could see tears welling up in his eyes.

“I have to go………I have to be alone. If the guys ask tell them I had to leave.” Jake sighed. “Tell them as family emergency came up.”

As I watched Jake leave, tears ran down my face. I wanted to be happy for Eric and Mike; it was their wedding day after all and now I would be sad. I didn’t want to be but I had destroyed Jake’s faith in me.

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV **********************

Chandler Hotel, 1507 Regency Avenue,

My husband and I………god I’m going to love saying that. My husband Michael and I left the wedding reception at his grandparents’ house a few hours before it ended. I’m told the reception continued long into the night. But that’s not what’s important, what’s important is that that night I made love to my Michael as my husband for the first time. Yeah we had sex all the times, and sometimes even multiple times a day. But this time was different, something was different. We were husbands.

Michael’s grandparents had realized that we wanted to be alone on our wedding night so they allowed us to use one of the suites in the Chandler Hotel. We swiped our key card into the door and it opened and we stumbled inside. Once inside we collapsed onto the bed. It had been a long, long day. The room was just as beautiful as the wedding that preceded, but nothing was as beautiful as my loving new husband. Nothing more amazing then looking down at him as he smiled up at me with that twinkle in his eyes.

“Baby I want to make love to you, all night long.” I smiled as lightly covered his face with a hundred kisses. Baby I want to explore every part of you, and I want to feel you inside me.”

“Eric it would be my pleasure to make sweet passionate love to you all night long.” Mike replied as he returned my kisses with warm kisses of his own.

Mike had already unbuttoned the majority of the buttons on his undershirt so ripping it off was a piece of cake. Once I had his chest exposed I started to kiss his soft skin. I used my tongue, my lips, and even my teeth. He didn’t mind as I nibbled on hips tender nipples, instead he groaned and moaned into my ear. That shit never failed to turn me on. I was rock hard down there and I knew for a fact Mike could feel it pressed against his stomach.

He didn’t mind it, so I continued to kiss my way down, licking every single piece of flesh, every ridge in those tight toned abs of his, until I got to his crotch. It was covered by some cumbersome dress pants that I removed with my teeth. His cock was leaking precum as I took that wonderful meat stick in my hands. It was warm and it smelled so good. I couldn’t resist as I stuck out my tongue and gently licked the head.

“Oh, Eric…” he groaned.

“Dude you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. And I know I say that a lot. But I really do mean it.” I chuckled.

“Aww Eric,” Mike blushed. “If I have a beautiful cock that one-eyed monster you got tucked away is a freaking gorgeous god it’s definitely got enough muscles and veins!”

I took Mike’s cock in my mouth. He moaned loudly as I opened my mouth wide enough to fit the first few inches of his thick schlong into my mouth. He sat up and placed his hands lightly on my head as I pushed upwards so that his prick slid further into my wet mouth.

“Come on baby, come on Eric lick it, suck my dick!” Mike grunted.

“Aww FUCK!!!” Mike moaned as he pushed another inch or two of wet cock into my mouth. I gagged a little but I continued to suck on his cock. It was really all I could do, since Mike was running his hands through my hair and holding me down onto his cock. I didn’t mind, I could suck his dick all day.

“Babe I can’t wait any longer. I’ve got to have this thing inside me.” I moaned, as I lightly slapped Mike’s cock against my face.

“Eric are you sure you’re ready?” Mike asked as he lightly rubbed my back with his hands.

“Yeah man I’m more than ready.” I chuckled. “Dude I’ve been using a dildo for the last few days to get off and now I’m ready for you to get me off. I’m all wet down there and I need you to feel me up.”

I laid down on the bed, spreading my legs wide and waited for Mike to enter me. He placed his hands on my shoulders and with one thrust his cock slid into my ass.

“SHITTT” I growled, as I bit into the pillow. I love fucking Mike, I really do but every now and then I like to lay down and let Mike drill me with his thick cock. Nothing like feeling that thick meat slide in and out of my ass.

We were in a suite near the top of the hotel so I could be as loud as I wanted. And loud was just what I was. I screamed my head off as Mike pumped his cock into my warm ass.

“Oh God, oh God, Oh God” I cried,

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I moaned as Mike pushed his dick deeper and deeper inside of me. He was now balls deep in my ass his crotch pressed right up against my ass. As he pounded my ass out, Mike was forcing every last inch of his cock into my ass and I was loving every minute of it. He would pull his cock half way out of my ass for a split second, only to shove it all the way back in.

Shit what a wonderful feeling….

After a while I could feel myself reaching climax and from his heavy and labored breathing Mike was getting close as well.

“Oh SHIT! ERIC!” Mike cried. “I’m, I’m, I’m going to cummmmmmmming!!!!”

Within seconds I could feel something warm and wet enter my hole. It felt so good……so good. I just had to grab my cock. But when I reached for it was wet. It was soaking wet and covered in cum, my own cum. I had cum without even touching myself.

Michael collapsed on top of me, he was panting and he was covered in sweat.

“Damn dude, that was so fucking hot.” I cried. “You fucked me so hard that I came all over the sheets without even stroking my cock….. Not to mention my ass is sore as hell now. Thanks”

“Anytime man” Mike chuckled, as he looked down at the cum stained sheets. “Damn! You did all of that? I didn’t even know you had that much cum in there.”

“Yeah man……, and now I’m going to make you do the same thing.” I laughed back.

“What? Babe are you sure you got any cum left in there?” Mike replied as he wrapped his hand, his warm hand around my still leaking cock.

“Don’t worry baby I’ve got enough cum in these big balls of mine to fuck you until the sun comes up tomorrow.” I joked as I pushed Mike onto the bed.

His ass…..his sweet plump little ass was just laying right there waiting for me to stick my cock inside it and start pounding away. Instead of doing that I simply picked him up and held him in my arms for few seconds. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I had to make sure that this guy was real and that he was really my husband.

Now I know a lot of women are always bitching about how they have to have guy who’s at least 6’0” or they won’t even give them the time or day. Some guys do that same shit. Which I think is completely ridiculous. I’m just at 6’1” and Mike is around 5’11”. You see the way I see it; smaller guys are easier to handle, not so much in an argument but in the bedroom. In the bedroom I can fuck Mike standing up, sitting down, on the counter, etc. with relative ease. In the last few months, he’s really gained some pounds. All of it either muscle while the fat went straight to his ass.

I had been so mesmerized, thinking about Mike and everything that I almost forgotten that I had actually been dangling him over my arm.

“God I your fat ass.” I laughed, as I slapped Mike’s ass hard. He gave a little jump and I smiled because that was just the reaction I was looking for.

After giving Mike’s nice ass a few more swats I laid him gently down on the bed and prepared to stick my cock in that waiting hole of his. But first I had to get those sweet lips of his on my dick.

“You know it’s been a whole day since you sucked my cock last. I think I need a refresher course.” I laughed.

“With pleasure,” Mike smiled, as he crawled in between my legs. He looked up at me with wide eyes, eyes filled with love and longing. Looking down at him I gave him a smile and the smile he gave me almost me melt right there. There was no question in my mind this guy was in love with me and I was hopelessly in love with me.

“Come on baby, put those sweet lips of yours to good use.” I smiled, as I let my hands rest on my hips and waited for the show to begin. Within seconds he had leaned forward and started kissing my dick. He was kissing it and sucking in total admiration and I couldn’t be happier.

He would kiss the head of my cock as if he was kissing my face, so tender. He was always so gentle and so caring, and so thoughtful even when it came to the big ole trouser snake hanging down my leg. After he kissed it he would lick up and down the shaft letting his tongue roll across every inch of my meat stick. He would look up at me with wide eyes from time to time while he did this and the longing looks he kept giving me were enough to make me shoot my load right there and all over his face…… But I managed to hold it.

He did this for about a minute and after that he opened his mouth wide and took my one-eyed monster into his mouth. His mouth felt so warm, and it felt like my cock belonged there.

"Okay, baby suck it. Get those sweet lips around my dick." I pleaded with Mike. I was completely helpless. I was begging for Mike to suck me off and he had my cock in between his teeth. He had me right by the cock. But I knew he would make sure my cock got all the attention it deserved. Just like a good husband.



“Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmrf.” We moaned in unison

As Mike began to take more of my dick down his throat he begin to hum to himself. Even with my cock wedged down his throat he kept looking up at me with those soulful eyes of his. He knows that shit can make me cum faster than a speeding bullet. If I didn’t know any better I would have sworn he was trying to get me to shoot my load all over his face. Or maybe he was……because he was certainly trying his damnedest to drive me to the edge and then back again in his dick sucking techniques.

For all of you that don’t know the joy of getting your dick sucked by a guy let me tell you a little secret……Guys do it better. I’ve had girls down there before and they would always use way too much teeth and it would feel like I was about to lose the little guy. But with a guy he knows exactly where lick, exactly how much pressure to use. And most importantly no teeth.

That doesn’t mean that teeth don’t enter the equation, but it’s not like a meat cleaver scraping on your dick. It only rubs against it every now and then. That’s especially true when it comes to a dick as big as mine in a mouth as nice as my husband’s. I just love saying that. My husband.

Mike and I had been on the edge of the bed with my cock half way down his throat. I grabbed on to his head and I slowly climbed onto the bed, pulling him along by the dick in his mouth. Once we were on the bed Mike really went at it. He sucked on my cock for a few more minutes before turning his attention to my balls. He kissed and licked them before taking them into his mouth and or simply marveling at the big balls in his hands.

“Damn dude,” I chuckled. “The way you’re looking at my dick makes a guy wonder if it’s his dick you love or is it him,”

“Well Eric it’s a great dick,” Mike laughed back as he pulled himself up and planted a wet kiss on my lips. “But I don’t like it as much as the person it’s attached to.”

I had never had my cock sucked so good before….What had started out as a dick sucking detour before I rammed my cock into his ass had turned into a wonderful half-hour dick worshiping show as I watched that pretty little face bob in and out of crotch, kiss my dick, and lick my balls.

“Damn dude I’m about to cum again,” I groaned. “I’m getting really close.”

He must have taken that as I signal because he opened wider and began deep throating my cock like there was no tomorrow. He chocked and had to pull it out, but as soon as he had caught his breath he shoved that thing all the way down his throat once more. He continued to struggle with his gag reflex but that didn’t stop him from deep throating my prick and doing wonder with his mouth.

He placed one hand around the base of my cock as he started to suck faster and faster on my cock, his head bobbing up and down. I have to admit I was a little nervous about getting married but now something inside me was telling me I would be ok. And it wasn’t the tingly sensation you get when a guy’s sucking your soul out through your dick….. If the other nights in our marriage were going to be anything like this first night I was ready for it.

Slowly but steadily Mike began to speed up in his dick sucking….and partly to help him and partly for my own pleasure I began thrusting upwards so that my cock would meet his lips without him having to do all the work. As he sucked I got closer and closer.]

"Ohhh, FUCK!!!” I screamed as I reached out and grabbed a handful of my husband’ hair and pulled my cock out of his mouth. This was it… I knew it… Because no sooner had I done this I began shooting cum all over his face.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! SHIT!!!!" I cried as I jerked my cock as it spewed round after of sweet cum all over Michael’s face. He just laid there with his tongue out and his mouth open trying to catch every drop of cum that didn’t land on his hair or on the bridge of his nose.

After it was all said in done Michael’s face was covered in my cum…….

Now that my cock was all wet, it was time to slide it down Mike’s ass. I grabbed him by the arms and rolled over top of him, so that I was on top and he was laying beneath me. His eyes looking up at me. I hardly had to position my cock because it knew his hole as if it were my own.

Pushing hard I shoved all ten inches of my prick down his ass and he let out such a scream it felt like the whole hotel had shook. No matter how many times I was balls deep in his ass, Mike always felt tight and even now his ass muscles were squeezing and massaging my dick there was no tomorrow.

Each time I thrusted my hips forward Mike would let out a scream filled with pleasure and I would lean down and kiss him. These kisses became rather frequent because he was prone to moaning and screaming his head off as I fucked him. Which I didn’t mind. It only made me fuck him harder.

Grabbing Mike’s legs I pushed them apart so that I could get better access to his ass. As I spread his legs apart Mike moaned into my ear and I returned it with a kiss as I gently bit his lip.

“Oh Eric, Eric, Eric.” Mike groaned as he gripped hold of me wrapping his arms around my back as I continued to plow my way into his ass. I I fucked him for what felt like hours. On and on for several hours as I whispered sweet nothings in his ear and told him how much I was in love with him.

“Baby I know I say this all the time but you have got a really hot ass…..A really sweet ass and I’m so happy that I get to put my dick between those sweet cheeks of yours every night.”

“Gee thanks, man.” Mike laughed while my cock was buried in his ass. “That means a lot.”

“Babe it’s more than just that. I’m head over heels in love with you.” I replied. “I don’t think I could even imagine a life without you in it.”

Until that moment I had been going slow, gradually pushing my cock deeper and deeper into that sweet ass of his. After a good few hours of exquisitely excellent pleasure filled love making I picked up the speed and let my balls slam lewdly against Mike’s inviting backside. It felt heavenly.

Soon I felt myself reaching the edge, I was about to cum for the third time this night. When I had reached my peak grabbing a handful of his hair I slammed into his ass and then the rain came. My cock started spewing cum down his ass tunnel.

"Ohhh shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!" I screamed. "Ohhh shhhhhiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!!! Ohhh FUCCCCCCCK!" I moaned as I continued to fill Mike’s tight ass with my cum. It was absolutely heavenly; it was like I was in another world. A world of bliss and pleasure.

After I had calmed down I picked Mike up and held him in arms. We started kissing while my cock softened in his ass. We were starting college in a week and with all the fucking we had done we would both be sore for the next couple of weeks.

Very gently I pulled my softening cock out of Mike’s ass. When it made the popping sound he groaned a little and bit the bottom of my lip as a reflex. We continued to kiss and embrace while lying on the bed. It was so wonderful. I think I’m going to like being married.

STAY TUNED……………………………………………..



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