My stay in Rome actually started out as a happy one. I enjoyed the beautiful castle and its surroundings - especially the well-kept gardens. I didn't spend much time indoors, this was the first time in my life I experienced spring. In Tunis winter was replaced by summer in a day or two, but here in Italy spring lasted a lot longer. I was overwhelmed by the trees which slowly came into leaf, and the flowers that came out every morning to close every night. It was fascinating. I didn't see much of Paolo or il Bello Muto; it seemed they had their hands full because of Raimondo's declaration of war. And Folletto, well he had found another playmate among the many soldiers in the courtyard. A strong but ugly man, who, I was told, liked to fuck until he dropped. Obviously a man after Folletto's heart.

I could easily have found one too, but something kept me back. I spent my time looking at the flowers and dreaming about the stranger from the convent.

One morning, just after sunrise, I was in the gardens as usual, delighted to be alone in spite of the intensifying feeling of hornyness which lurked in my tight trousers. My balls were aching and my cock commenced to stiffen as I approached the spot where I usually help myself to a needed and well deserved orgasm.

As I lay down on the green grass I got a funny feeling that I wasn't alone. But I couldn't see anyone when I looked around. I pulled my trousers down and started to caress my dick. My balls were really aching. My tongue moistened lecherously my lips as I jacked my own piece of stiff meat. I was horny as hell, thinking about the stranger's huge prick.

I leaned back against the wet grass enjoying the ride of my own hands. I cupped my balls gently, eager to cum all over my chest. As I was getting closer to the finale, a branch broke somewhere nearby, I paused for a moment, but nothing else happened. It had probably been an animal or a large bird, so I kept up the good work, my eyes closed.

Suddenly a shadow appeared blocking the warmth light of the sun in my skin. I opened my eyes, and looked up at a handsome face with bedroom eyes and a full lower lip that made him look like he was pouting, or soliciting a kiss. The face belonged to one of the soldiers from the courtyard.

Ashamed of my nakedness, I nodded, giving him a trace of a smile as I tried to cover my hard cock. He shrugged and made a little gesture, indicating that I sought let him watch my stiff dick.

He liked what he saw, and I was ecstatic. He was all curves and angles - bull neck, thick chest and shoulders, bulging arms, flat belly and legs like tree trunks. This guy was a knockout. After we had played eye games for the better part of ten minutes or longer, he finally nodded and kneeled down beside me.

I started to make a grab for his crotch, but he brushed my hands away and looked at me sternly, so I leaned back and folded my arms behind my head, content to let him take the lead. He slipped out of his trousers and shirt. When he had done that he step back into his shoes and stood in front of me, his cock swaying gently between his muscular legs.

I followed his lead, and by the time I was naked, his prick was hard, the big knob on the end fighting its way out of his crinkled foreskin. I tickled his balls, and then went for the big nipple crowning his hairy pec, biting down gently on the thick knob of flesh. He groaned softly and his prick flexed excitedly.

Maintaining a firm grip on his big eggs, I went down on him. He tasted of fresh sweet and cum. I gathered that he had been watching me for a long time before he appeared. The veins on the shaft of his meat were bulging and his nuts were climbing the cords, trying to get away from me. I wasn't having any of that nonsense - I sucked the sensitive globes deep into my throat, working the bag over with my tongue until his thighs were bulging and his meat was vibrating against my forehead.

Finally I released them and went to work on his cock, licking all around the shaft, quickly learning which moves sent it slapping against his hard gut. I had finally worked my way up to the head. I attacked it with vengeance, hooking my lips over the swollen knob and swallowing it rapidly.

Suddenly he pulled me to my feet and forced his long tongue into my hot mouth. Simultaneously he reached around and started digging in my crack, obviously anxious to see how far I would let him go. To his pleasure, I grunted and spread my legs wider as he made contact with my sweaty chute. I wanted to give him more room to pursue his exploration, as he sank down on his haunches, licking a trail over my belly and through the thick tangle of my pubes, till he reached the base of my cock.

He grabbed it hard. He shucked back my hood, leaving the big knob on the end exposed to view. It swelled and pulsed as the pressure of his fist around the shaft increased. He massaged my ass vigorously, getting me hotter that ever before, I think. I kept my hands busy as well - roaming up and down his board back, exploring the ridge of his spine. I followed it down between his cheeks all the way to his hairy balls. I had just commenced tickling the fuzzy sac, when two thick fingers suddenly breached my hole. I figured I was in no position to question his moves; I started gyratating my hips, flexing my ass-hole around his invading digits, just to make sure that everything was in working order. I had to give him high marks for roughness. He was really firm with me.

This guy was good. He made a couple of fast moves, and before I knew of it, I was flat on my back. He crouched between my outspread legs, still keeping his fingers warm. I reached up and went to work on his tits, twisting and pulling on them, getting off on the way it made his fat dick bounce up and down. Clear juice started to drizzle out of his spout about then, glistening like tiny jewels as it splattered down on my gut.

Just when I thought I couldn't get any hotter the ruff soldier cranked my furnace up another notch. He grabbed my ball-sac in his big hand and popped my balls out into a tight knot. My toes curled and my ass-hole opened up for him like an oyster in a warm current.

'Fuck me,' I groaned, wanting his dick up my ass more than anything else that I could imagine at that point in time.

He straightened up, grabbed his fat cum-shaft, took aim and punched forward, sinking about ten centimetres into me on the first try. I wrapped my legs around his narrow waist and clasped my hands around his neck, pulling him down against me.

His tongue shot deep into my mouth, jolting me with a burst of sexual electricity that practically shorted all my circuits. Then he started rubbing against me like a big, randy cat, every point of contact between us creating its own tiny universe of pleasurable sensations.

His narrow hips moved real slowly at first, stirring his dick all around inside of me, giving me shivers every time the thick ridge of his cock-head raked over my prostate. After I started writhing and bucking underneath him, he picked up the pace, pistoning in and out, creating my favourite kind of friction.

His cock driving in and out of my ass and the pressure of his belly against my own swollen spike was rapidly bringing me to a boil. Sensing this from the way my sphincter was spasming around his big butt plug, he bent his head, grabbing my prick in his mouth and started sucking me off.

That did it for me. I howled and started feeding him, my juice spurting into his mouth in thick gobs. He grabbed my pecs in a grip of steel and began humping me like mad. Then the floodgates opened, and he filled me with genuine soldierly cream.

I could feel his cock knob bulging rhythmically, every pulse accompanied by an ecstatic shudder that racked his big frame. He kept shooting till the cum was practically running out my ears, never letting my prick out of the warm prison of his mouth. When it was all over but the panting, he laid on top of me with his full weight, his sticky lips pressed to my throat.

After we were both breathing normally again, he got up and held out his hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me to my feet effortlessly. I gave him a final quick hug and we both dressed, our eyes still locked together like we couldn't get enough of each other. I was starting to want him all over again, but there wasn't time for it right now. Other matters were more pressing. I had to get back to the house, before anyone noticed that I was gone.

As I turned around to leave, I received a very hard blow at the back of my head, and everything went black...



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