I am Azizo, the wasp. And this is my story. I am one of the favourite minions of the Duke Orsini and have been for the last three years. In some way my life has been one coincident followed by another. I don't think I ever really had a choice, all that has happened just seemed to happen and I was like a weak-willed prey to my destiny. And now I am here by the duke's bedside.

My greatest fortune in life is that men find me so beautiful that they want to possess me. I don't know if I am that beautiful, but as long as men find pleasure in me, I don't really care. I know I have a handsome face, the face of an angle if I am to believe my master. Though evil tongues say that it is the face of the devil him self, but I don't pay attention to gossip.

My hair is dark, almost black, and when the sunlight plays with it, it takes on a shade of dark blue or purple. My body is firm without been muscular, and my olive-toned skin seems to glow when I sweat. I am compact and thigh, my torso sparely moulded. A fine line of hair splits me from my pecs to my cock, fanning out a dense tangle of curls between my legs.

My friends and I had decided to tell each other stories about our lives to pass the waiting in a pleasant way. One of the things we have decided is that we will try to be as truthful as possible even if it is going to hurt one of us. I, for my part, will not hold anything back. This, my story is the naked truth.


I was born in Ecabar by Moor parents and it was there, in that little town that I grew up. I haven't much to tell about my early childhood. I was considered a normal happy and innocent child ' and I was, I guess. I laughed and giggled a lot, enjoyed playing games with my whole family, specially my three elder brothers and my sister. I have only the most cheerful memories of my childhood. My life was a living paradise. But all that was to change in the most cruel and rapid way.

Shortly after my fourteens birthday my life was transformed, radically. I lost almost everything dear to me. A terrible earthquake killed the most of my loving family; only my elder brother, Ahhamed and I survived the fatal catastrophe.

And even though many years have passed, the horrible sight of the ruins of my birthplace is still haunting me today. I dare not even think of it, afraid that the thoughts will bring tears to my eyes. The pain will forever remain a part of me.

Ahhamed wasn't a child at the time, he was a young man - 18 years of age, and he took care of me the best he knew how. But we couldn't stay in Ecabar for long. The town had vanished from the face of the earth, and Ahhamed and I had no one else to turn to than my dead father's younger brother, Youssef, who had a shop selling carpets in Tunis, about 30 kilometres from Ecabar. Youssef was merciful and he took us in, nursing us as if we were his own flesh and blood.

Youssef was unmarried, and I think that his shop was on the edge of ruin because he had to make all sorts of transactions to keep in business.

Soon after our arrival my uncle realised that Ahhamed and I were good businessmen and more than capable of taking care of the shop, so he started staying away for short periods, leaving the shop in our hands. Shortly before my abduction he could stay away for several days in a row, as if he didn't care much for the shop.

My uncle had many beautiful carpets in the shop. And Ahhamed and I would make all the customers a very nice price. Ahhamed talked to the customers while I served them tea and waited on their least desire. It was hard work, but we sold many carpets that way, making a small fortune for my absent uncle.

I guess I was happy, or at least as happy as I could be under the circumstances. Every day after we had closed the shop I went on the roof to bathe.

One day, after the sun had almost set, I went on the roof to take my usual bath. I had a large, shallow bowl and was splashing water over my face and head.

I was squatting on my haunches, naked, the dim moonlight burnishing my olive-dark skin, when I heard a noise, and there was enough of a moon for me to catch a glimpse of Ahhamed's shadow. I didn't turn around, because I didn't let him know that I knew he was there, looking at me. But his presence led me to alter my behaviour. I started a new performance, foundling myself in the most lecherous way I knew how.

As he started turning around, wanting to leave me in peace, his feet hit the roof hard and I stood up quickly.

'Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you,' he apologised, letting his eyes wander over my body. I know that he expected me to turn away or cover myself, as I used to do when he admired me '' I did neither.

'Hey,' I said softly.

'I didn't mean to interrupt your bath.' He smiled at me in his usual way.

'It is no problem. Would you like a bath too?'

'Yes', he said without even thinking.

I was happy; it seemed like a wonderful plan as soon as I mentioned it for him. I motioned him over to me.

'Take your clothes off and I'll get some fresh water for you.' Ahhamed stripped and I hauled a bucket of water from the low well in the courtyard. As fast as it was possible I returned and filled the little bowl at his feet.

Our knees nearly touching, he said, 'If you like, I will bath you.' I offered, picking up a lump of soap from the roof near my left foot where I had left it earlier. He nodded. 'Please kneel down.' He did as I said, balancing on his toes.

This was a new approach, to say the least. Usually when Ahhamed wanted to have sex with me, he just placed me on my belly, rolled on top of me, thumping deeply at my sore ass until he had got what he wanted.

I cupped my hands and began pouring water over Ahhamed's head and across his shoulders. It was refreshingly cool, tickling slightly as it ran over his chest and down his belly. Once he was wet enough to suit me, I rubbed the soap into a lather and began washing his neck and shoulders.

'You are very strong, Ahhamed,' I observed, soaping his arms vigorously, squeezing his biceps. He grinned at me, doing his best to keep a grip on his libido. Under the circumstances it wasn't an easy task. I knew, because I had the same problem myself.

'And also very hairy.'

I took a swipe across his chest with my soapy hands, my fingers tangling in the mat on his chest. It wasn't very often he would allow me playing with him this way. I scrubbed his chest and belly, and then I went to work on his sides, slipping my hands up his sides to his armpits.

'Raise your arms, please,' I instructed him. He clasped his hands on top of his head and I soaped his pits, playfully tugging the tufts of hair out into little spikes. He was getting dangerously close to popping a rod.

I never learned to understand him. He could fuck me several times a night, but this was one of the only times he allowed me to see his big cock, and I wasn't going to stop until he told me to. Indeed I took advantage of the situation.

'Now your back,' I announced, as I stood up and moved behind him. He wasn't quite hard yet, but I kept working on it. His dick looked quite a bit longer and thicker than it had when he first stripped soaping his back, my hands kneading the muscles ridging his spine. Making sure that he could feel my warmth breath on his back as I worked away, humming tunelessly.

'Now, I will rinse you.' I scooted back in front of him and lifted the bowl over his head. He spluttered as the water cascaded over his firm body, washing away the residue of dirt and crud that had been gathering during the hot day. After I had finished, he shook like a dog, sending drops of clean water in a wide arc all around us. I laughed softly at his performance.

'Thank you very much,' he said, pushing his wet hair back off his forehead. 'I feel like a new man.'

'Look. We are pointing at each other?' I was looking down and Ahhamed followed my gaze. His fat cock, totally raised, was pointing at me like a spire of the local mosque. A quick glance between my thighs made it clear that my cock was equally unruly. He smiled at me and shrugged helplessly.

'It must be the water,' he said, feigning innocently.

'I don't think so,' I disagreed, reaching out and touching his knob. 'You have a beautiful cock.'

'Like yours.' He ran his fingers along the underside of my meat and he sucked air noisily between his teeth.

'Come with me,' he whispered. I followed him down the narrow staircase. Hasty we entered our bedroom; well it was more like a combination of an office and a bedroom. The open porch behind the small desk, beside the narrow bed, allowed us to look out over the surrounding streets of the marketplace. Ahhamed locked the door and motioned me to a seat. He stood in front of me and did a couple of poses, enjoying my attention. Ahhamed's cock was quiet big, hanging down between his legs like a thick club. His balls sagged down behind the shaft, swaying gently as he continued to show off for me. It was all very exciting and I was getting as horny as a goat watching him.

'I would also like to look at you, Azizo.' As he spoke, his cock rose, again, up from between his legs till it was pointing straight at me. I quickly dropped to my knees but he stopped me, motioning me to the bed. And I did what he wanted me to, leaning back against the soft bed, my hands hanging loose at my sides, my dick pointing up towards the ceiling.

Ahhamed's first touch elicited a long, drawn-out sigh from my mouth. He traced the curve of my inner thigh with his fingertips, just barely ruffling the dark silk that was still plastered flat from our bath. I spread my feet wider apart, thrusting my hips upward, exposing the crinkled sac containing my balls. He tickled it till the first drop of juice oozed out of my slit and drooled slowly down the swollen cock shaft. He caught it on his fingertip and smeared it over my left tit. Then he leaned down and sucked it off, working the sensitive point of flesh till it stood out hard and tight from my chest.

And his hands weren't idle in the meantime; he slipped them around my narrow waist and cupped my ass-cheeks in his large hands. The small, tight globes curved back against his palms, the muscles tensed. He massaged them gently, spilling his fingers into my furry crack. When he had contact with the moist pucker hidden between my cheeks, I tightened up another notch, my breath rasping in his ear. He rubbed a finger against my bung till I finally began to relax, making it possible to slip into me without a struggle. I loved every single move.

My backside was hot and tight, gradually letting him slip in to the second knuckle. My hard-on had vanished when he first started playing with my ass, but now it was back in full force, throbbing against his belly as he leaned against me.

When he pulled back, a moment, to look at me, I spun around and branched my hands against the soft bed, head down between my shoulders, thinking that he was ready to take me as he was used to. Hard and merciless.

I think that Ahhamed felt sorry for me in some way or another. Perhaps it occurred to him that I was accustomed to being used by him. When we had sex he pretended that I was a girl rather than a boy. Perhaps it became obvious to him that I knew nothing about having made love to me. And he set out to do what he could to widen my horizon. And this one night of lovemaking has helped me many times since.

When, instead of having the cock I expected rammed up my ass-hole, I felt Ahhamed's tongue poking in to me, I gasped in surprise and looked over my shoulder quizzically. Ahhamed burrowed in deep, his nose buried in my crack, his hands busily jacking my cock and playing with my tits he had me whimpering in nothing flat, grinding my butt back against his face as he got me primed for fucking.

When he figured I was suitably worked up, he stood up and guided the head of his prick up against my spit-slicked bung. I was starting to tense up again, so he waited for me to get hot enough to make the first move. The anticipatory tingle in his balls felt so good, he told me afterwards, that he would have waited for me all night.

But it didn't take quite that long, as it turned out. After a couple of minutes, I pushed back onto his spike. My springy little ring resisted at first, but I persisted, finally hooking my ass-lips around the head of his dick like a tight little mouth. He kissed me on the neck and between the shoulder blades, waiting for me to set the pace. I started out slow, but when I was nearing the halfway mark, I suddenly felt an urge to have all of it inside me, at once, so I rammed myself back till my thighs were pressed tight against his. Ahhamed's balls swayed back and forth gently, bouncing off the back of my legs.

He remained totally still, savouring the pulsing of my body as it squeezed his one-eyed invader, every move I made registering in the network of nerves that ran along the shaft. Ahhamed flexed his ass a couple of times, swelling the knob on the end of his dick up tight, making me groan softly. Finally, he wrapped his arms around my finely outlined torso and pulled me back tight against his firm body.

I hooked my feet behind his knees, handing the entire weight of my body from his prick. He pumped his hips as far forward as he could, leaning his shoulders against the soft sheet behind him. He held the position, driven up my ass to the hilt, his hands splayed out over my chest and belly, his lips brushing my neck. I was squirting out clear stings of honey that ran down my cock and disappeared into my bush.

Ahhamed was so gentle it was almost too much. He teased me till he had me teetering on the edge, then he started concentrating on his own pleasure. He gripped my thighs high up and commenced pumping, keeping my legs wide apart. The friction sent sparks of lust up and down my spine, making the hair on my head stand up. Every time he thrust up into me, I would suck in my gut, my lithe frame rotating around the axis of Ahhamed's dick. The harder and faster he fucked me, the more frantic my own gyrations became, leaving both of us gasping for air, only a heartbeat away from fulfilment.

He pounded me one final time and the cum started boiling up out of his nuts, pumping along the length of his cock and into my hot, sore ass.

I squealed when I felt the first shot and started jacking myself, my ass-muscles flexing and spasming, intensifying Ahhamed's orgasm. The spunk blasting out of me glistened like water in moonlight, splashing back onto my shoulders and across my chest.

Our frantic humping gradually slowed till we were moving just enough to feel flesh rubbing against flesh. Then we stopped completely, Ahhamed's dick slipping out of my backside with a soft squishing sound. He made no move to release me and I made no attempt to get away, so we leaned back in the bed regaining our breath.

'Thank you,' I whispered; my voice no louder than the breeze that ruffled my hair through the open porch. 'To feel that way again will now be one of the goals of my life.'

'Thank you,' Ahhamed murmured, his face pressed into my curly hair.

We stayed this way all night. He held me like never before or since for that matter. But I really felt loved that night. Ahhamed had chosen not to abuse me but to try to make love to me instead. And it was fabulous.

Few days after Ahhamed had made love to me, in the evening, Youssef called for me, just as I was ready to go to bed. My uncle wanted me to come down. I was naked, having just finished my habitual bath; I rose, got dressed and went down to him.

Our host was a tall man with broad shoulders. His wide chest bulged out against a shirt that was about three sizes too small for him. His torso tapered down to a narrow waist, below which his ass and thighs were doing a dynamite job of filling out a faded pair of trousers. His handsome face was a dusky brown, the perfect foil to set off his gleaming teeth.

'Will you please be seated?' He waved me over to a bench against the wall where Ahhamed was all ready sitting. He looked mad as if they had been fighting. Youssef offered me a cup of tea and I took it, sipping at it nervously.

'We are having a bit of a problem', he said looking exclusively to me. 'I saw you yesterday '' bathing each other.'

Ahhamed didn't answer. And I blushed with embarrassment. Youssef had seen our little private game.

'And I want to join you!'

I swallowed a couple of times, not knowing what to say. Now I understood why Ahhamed was mad.

'We like our little game as it is', Ahhamed replied.

'Don't you like me?' Youssef said mortally offended. 'I feed you and give you shelter. And you thank me by refusing me a little pleasure. Is that the way you really want to show your appreciation? Don't you like my.' His voice was loud, angry.

I was afraid; afraid of loosing a place to stay. I didn't want to offend neither my brother nor my uncle.

'I like you', I protested. 'I just don't know how...'

He interrupted me before I could finish my sentence.

'You don't like me. I have offended you!'

This was starting to get out of hand.

'We do like you. You have given us a home and you are family. You are handsome and very polite, what is there not to like?' My voice was quivering, and I couldn't get it under control. But Youssef didn't seem to notice, angry as he was!

'Do you really think so', he said in a happy tone. He smiled at me shyly. 'You know, I take care of building myself. You see?' He flexed his left arm, popping out a veiny biceps the size of a grapefruit. 'Solid muscle. Come and feel it. You must feel it.' Ahhamed looked angrily at me, but it was an invitation I was in no position to refuse. After all, I didn't want to upset him even further. I gripped his arm and squeezed it as hard as I could.

'Very nice.' I glanced down his crotch and saw that he appeared to have other assets that would put his biceps to shame.

He had put his big, hairy hands on my ass, groping me lecherously. I send a begging smile at Ahhamed to come and join us. I thought that it would be the only way we could clam Youssef down.

'Would you like to see more?' Youssef asked hopefully. I guess I could have said no, but I was curious the same way I had been the first time Ahhamed made love to me. So I nodded and he stood up and peeled out his shirt. He flexed and his pecs tensed beautifully. He had chocolate brown nipples the size of prunes. My teeth ached to bite down on one of them, just once.

'You are very impressive. Don't stop now,' I added, hoping for the best.

'Thank you.' He looked at me blankly for a moment, and then smiled broadly.

Ahhamed came to join us; perhaps my randy smile had made him think. Whatever the reason he stood right behind me caressing my tight ass and gently kissing my neck as we both watched uncle Youssef get undressed. The dense bush of silky curls that spilled out of his open fly riveted our attention. Youssef looked at us coyly for a moment or two, and then shucked his trousers down over his bulging thighs.

Ahhamed had a big, fat dick, but compared to Youssef's it was nothing. My uncle's cock was huge, hanging down between his legs like a thick club.

'Get undressed,' he commanded with something that looked more like a grimace than a smile.

Ahhamed smiled as he stepped out of his trousers and kicked them aside. And I did the same.

If Youssef liked what he saw, I was ecstatic about the view from my perspective. Two naked men, whose only concern was to keep me happy, or rather, as it turned out, busy. Ahhamed was beautiful as always, and my uncle, almost two meters tall with hair that curled defiantly in spite of the short cropping to which it had been subjected; he was a knockout in his nakedness. His nose was long and straight, his eyebrows meeting over the bridge, joined by a dusting of fine black hairs. His clean-shaved jaw was purple with the shadow of his heavy beard, the moustache clipped short, so as not to obscure his full upper lips.

By the time I was naked, his cock was hard, the big knob on the end fighting its way out of his crinkled foreskin. I tickled his balls, and then went for the big nipple crowning his hairy pec, biting down gently on the thick knot of flesh. Youssef groaned softly and his prick flexed excitedly. Youssef pressed my head downwards with one hand, and with the other he reached around starting digging in my crack. And simultaneously Ahhamed starting to lick my horny ass. Youssef's fingers and Ahhamed's tongue were fighting to give me the most pleasure. The contact of fingers and a warmth tongue against my crack made me grunt and spreading my legs slightly, giving my two lovers more room to pursue their exploration.

Maintaining a firm grip on Youssef's big eggs, I sank down on my haunches, licking a trail over his fuzzy belly and through the thick tangle of his pubes, till I reached the base of his dick. The veins on the shaft were bulging and his nuts were climbing the cords. I sucked the sensitive globes deep into my throat, working the bag over with my tongue till his thighs were bulging and his meat vibrating against my forehead.

I finally released them and went to work on his cock, licking all around the shaft, quickly learning which moves sent it slapping up against his hard gut. By the time I had worked my way up to the head, he was starting to drool. I attacked with a vengeance, hooking my lips over the swollen knob and rapidly bridging the gab between my lips and his curly bush. Youssef griped my shoulders firmly, forcing me further down on his fat prick. I shook my head back and forth every time I had him buried deep in my narrow throat, making his belly muscles tense up into fuzzy ridges. I came off him for a breath of air and his dick smacked his stomach and stayed there, glowing a dusky red. I leaned into him and just licked it for a while, like it was a big sucker.

I found it very hard to concentrate on the cock, while Youssef's free hand raped my ass together with Ahhamed's eager tongue.

Without even a warning Ahhamed bent me over and ploughed into me like a frantic bull. I never had a chance.

'Oh', I yelped, pitching forward. My elder brother caught me around the waist and pulled me back, fast.

'Take it easy,' I begged.

In the heat of passion, Ahhamed seemed to have forgotten my pleasure, translating everything I said into 'fuck me harder.' Finally I gave up and decided to bear it. It helped me that Youssef laid down on the floor, licking my ass and Ahhamed's cock shaft and hot balls every time Ahhamed hammered his fat prick into my crack. It started feeling pretty good.

Next thing I knew Ahhamed pulled out of my sore ass and Youssef took over, pushing me to my knees, resting his entire bulk on top of me. I branched my arms and pressed up against him. In the meantime Ahhamed wasn't idle; he pushed his moist cock into my open mouth, pumping my face fast and hard. Ahhamed had a firm hold on my head, forcing his way down my throat.

Youssef yelped every time he hammered deep into to me. His arms cam around my chest and he was rubbing my belly and pinching on my tits. I was randy as hell, having a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. I commenced to buck and writhe under Youssef.

They both kept it up, pumping harder and faster as they went on. I gradually collapsed to the floor under their driving weight, my hard cock mashed between my belly and the thick carpets on the floor. I started humping the silky wool, pushing my butt and face up to meet every thrust.

Ahhamed grab even firmer on my face and Youssef reached forward and grabbed my hands as they started to come, shooting their distinct loads. Youssef shoot his hot cum up my ass, and Ahhamed's warmth liquid filled my used mouth. My nuts snapped into a thigh knot, and I blew my load onto the carpet. Almost simultaneously Ahhamed and Youssef stopped pumping and lay down beside me.

'That was very good.' Youssef licked the inside of my ear.

'It really was,' Ahhamed agreed, smiling at me.

'This time we will take it slowly,' Youssef said smiling. Ahhamed was nodding. They didn't even wait for me to answer before they started with the old in and out again.

After that night we had a very good time for a couple of months. I was happy. But all this was unfortunately to change.

Ahhamed had sold a carpet to one of the wealthiest men in Tunis, and buyer had requested that I sought deliver it at his house. It was a pleasant visit for me because I almost never had the possibility to leave the shop. The meeting went very well. Abdullah bed Fadh was pleased to see me and he paid me according to the deal he had made with Ahhamed. Having delivered the carpet I decided to pass by the Medina, the famous bazaar in Tunis, I never sought have done that! As I left Abdullah ben Fadh's house I saw two men walking behind me. I walked in a slow pace towards the Medina, not able to forget the feeling that the two men behind me were following me. I thought I was being paranoid, having been cooped up in the shop for so long. I never gave it a second thought, until I felt a very hard blow on the back of my skull.



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