As I got on deck some of the sailors who had spent their money on the Italian whore returned to the ship.

I watched them carefully as they went below deck to get some sleep before we were to put to sea again. I thought about running off, afraid of the punishment Paolo probably had in store for me. But I wasn't one to give up.

After a short while Raimondo left the ship, he smiled at me as he walked down the landing stage. I felt he was eating me with his hungry eyes.

'Azizo,' Paolo called for me, just as Raimondo step on to dry land.

'Azizo,' he called again before I could react.

'I am coming,' I yelled back in Arabic which he didn't understand as I ran towards the narrow staircase leading to Paolo's cabin. I was scared shitless. Not only had I watched Paolo fuck il Bello Muto but I had also overheard a very private conversation between the duke and his cousin. I didn't know what to expect.

'Come in here, Azizo,' Paolo said. 'Close the door behind you.'

He looked at me angrily as I stepped into the cabin. It was dark inside, only a faint strip of daylight showing at the bottom of the window.

'You little devil spying on me, are you? I guess you witnessed what happened between il Bello Muto and me besides overhearing my private talks with Raimondo Orsini.

I just stood there.

'Well, I have to punish you. Do you understand that?'

I nodded. I wasn't able to say a single word.

'Come here,' he said with a big smile on his handsome face. Slowly I went over to him, still afraid. Paolo grabbed me by the neck and kissed me hard forcing his warmth tongue into my mouth. He pulled my hand down between his legs. My fingers grazed his cock, which was already drawn up thigh against his hairy belly, and curled instinctively around the hot shaft.

Our clothes disappeared in a hurry, and then we were standing naked in the middle of the cabin, Paolo's hands cupping my ass, as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I was rubbing my cheeks against the hair on Paolo's chest, his breath hot on my skin. My teeth found Paolo's tits as he smacked my ass soundly. He was shivering with pleasure as I bit him again, harder this time.

He held me tight for as long as he could stand it, then disentangled himself from my long legs and sat down on the chair, where Raimondo earlier had been sitting, facing me. I dropped to my knees and kissed him tenderly, tracing the pouty curve of his lower lip with the tip of my tongue. His breath was sweet and hot against my face.

After our tongues had battled for dominance till we were both panting, his hips slipped forward and his cock pressed into the valley between my pecs. His legs locked behind my back and he started humping my chest furiously, his fingers tangled in my curly hair.

I could fell his juice drooling down my belly in hot little rivulets. The smell of him was making me crazy - all bittersweet and musty in the close atmosphere of the cabin. Then we changed places. He sat me down on the chair, pulled me forward and pressed my cock against his hairy chest and his cock against the lower part of my stomach. I started fucking his chest as he had done mine, and he commenced caressing my sleek buns, I was acutely aware of the muscles flexing beneath his tingling fingers. When his lips grazed the small brown nipple on my left pec, I wriggled against him like a puppy.

I stopped moving abruptly, pushing him away from me. He looked at me questioningly.

'I will come if I don't stop fucking your gorgeous chest,' I gasped, biting down on my lower lip. Paolo couldn't resist, he ducked his head down between my thighs and started sucking my dick, hard and demanding. I blew almost instantly, flooding his mouth with my cum. He drained me dry then looked up at me and winked. I was just about to cry.

'What is the matter, Azizo,' he asked gently, cupping my chin in his hand, forcing me to look at him.

'I wanted to make it last,' I whispered in a kind of Italian. 'I am ashamed of myself.' I could only hope that he understood what I was trying to say.

'I for my part have a sneaking suspicion that you could easily work up to it again in about five minutes or so. What do you think?' Paolo smiled.

'I suppose you are right,' I agreed. 'But first, I must serve you. What do you want me to do?'

'Anything your heart desires and your imagination can conjure,' he sighed, sinking down onto the floor. I slipped down off the chair and straddled his hips. I wrapped the fingers of both hands around his prick and pulled it up against his belly.

'You are a stallion,' I murmured in admiration, shucking his skin up over the sticky knob. I bent my head and kissed the tip of his huge cock, my lips lingering for a long delirious moment. Then I shifted one hand down to his balls, cupping them in my palm while I started jacking him with the other.


'Hmm?' He looked up at me, dreamily. The heat of my ass against his thighs was an exquisite form of torture. He licked his fingertip and pressed it against my lips. I winked at him and kissed it back.

'You are a beautiful man,' I said. 'I am in love with you.'

He smiled at me, my fingers fluttering against the shaft of his cock. He had been right; I was already hard again, the piss hole running up the middle, puffed out full and tight. My balls were drawn up. Ready for a second time around.

I was concentrating very hard on popping his cork, my hands making increasingly frantic love to his big meat. I had his balls squeezed up tight against the shaft, rolling the heavy globes up and down as I primed the pump. Paolo let his hands slide down over his hard belly, and in between his legs. He pressed his fingertips tight against the hard ridge running from his ass-hole to his balls, flaring his dick head out so big that I could no longer force the skin back up over it.

'Faster,' he groaned, his head rolling from side to side against the floor as the tingling started in his belly, curling his toes and sending sparks of pleasure through his hard body. My eyes got wide as his cum-hole gaped, slowly filled with the first white, liquid pearl. It quivered there for an instant, then he spasmed and shot high in the air, festooning his hairy chest with ropes of white juice.

I whooped with delight, pointing his fat dick at my belly, so his second spout gushed against my olive skin. He blasted out a third shot, getting me on the prick this time. I looked at him, eyes wide, and started cumming right along him. The feel of his juice on me was enough to make me blow a no-hands load.

After the spasm had racked through him, he pulled me down and held me for a long time, licking the sensitive skin on my neck. I sighed softly, rubbing against him like a cat.



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