Before I can tell you the rest of my story I have to narrate a little about things that took place long before I was captured and became Paolo's love slave.

My master, Paolo, duke of Bracciano, be-longed to a powerful Italian family, and by his wife Isabella he was related to the grand duke of Tuscany, Francesco di Medici whose brother had reached the worthiness as Cardinal and he was said to have a great influence on the Conclave and might be the next pope. Moreover Paolo had won many a victory at sea. In the battle of Lepanto where the fleet of the Turks was almost destroyed by the united flotillas of the Christian kings Paolo had fought very hard and won. Afterwards Venice had given him the command of the republic's ships and for the last five years Paolo had distinguished himself by his ability to capture many of the Moor pirates who ravaged the Italian coasts. Paolo was famous, and every thing seemed to succeed for him except his marriage.

Paolo's wife, Isabella, was that was what Folletto told me anyway a beautiful but lustful woman with a strong mind of her own. I myself have never seen her. Some time before the battle at Lepanto Paolo had discovered Isabella in bed with his cousin, Ludovico. This adultery was a serious blow to Paolo. It was custom for Italians to murder an un-faithful spouse and her lover, but Paolo obviously loved Isabella, or perhaps he was afraid how her powerful family would react to such an act. Anyway Paolo didn't kill either of them, Ludovico escaped to Nepal where he is still staying, and Isabella was looked up at the castle of Bracciano since.

After the lovemaking between Paolo and il Bello Muto and my hand job a man who I had never seen before came to the ship. I was still lying under the thick rug because I hadn't had a chance to leave the cabin. Paolo stayed there all the time.

Suddenly a tall man entered.

'Good to see you,' Paolo said with his usual kindness. 'How are you doing, my friend, after I stopped paying your debts?'

'Very well indeed.' The unknown man answered modestly.

'Very well, financially or morally?' I could see Paolo smiling, but his tone of voice was grumpy.

The man smiled without an answer.

'So, you won't answer, Raimondo!' he was still smiling. 'You don't confide in your relative who is older than you! Do you consider me as IL Bargello, the chief of police? Well, sit down, have a glass of wine and listen attentively because I have a favour to ask you.'

Naturally I didn't understand much of what they said to each other. The man, who obviously was named Raimondo, sat down but Paolo remained standing. Raimondo took a glass of wine as Paolo commenced to pace back and forward the cabin. All of a sudden I realised that Paolo who I considered to be a strong man without any weaknesses was in need of help. Raimondo seemed to enjoy Paolo's agony.

'The matter of the fact is that I have decided to end Isabella's life,' Paolo said in a humble voice.

From the way Paolo talked about his wife to Raimondo I gathered that he knew every thing about the marriage and the rest of Paolo's life. Perhaps Raimondo was his brother?

'That is really news,' Raimondo said. 'Why now, when you have refused to do it the last five years?'

'I will tell you, Raimondo. Isabella is slowly sliding further into the den of lust. Five years ago she was a simple whore but now she has become a pure Messalina. '

'Sorry Paolo I don't understand what you are trying to say? Who is this Messalina?

I could see Raimondo's forehead frowned.

'Messalina is a woman with an insatiable hunger for men, a woman who gives herself to any man who would have her, both night and day.'

'And where would I find a perfect creature like her?'

'Oh, Raimondo, she has been dead for several hundred years. She was empress in ancient Rome.'

'Why are you speaking about a dead woman?'

Paolo didn't answer. And after a while Raimondo spook again.

'For five years you denied to kill her! You ought to have done it five years ago. She deceived you and you were content locking her up in one of your castles where she indulges daily I suppose to whom ever is available - simple stable lads and kitchen boys! Every single day she brings dishonour on you and the rest of your house. And now you have changed your decision. Why and what has this to do with me?'

'I cannot tell you why. But I want you to kill her, Raimondo.' Paolo's face was hard as stone.


'Yes, you. Off course I will pay you for your inconvenience.'

Raimondo fell silent, apparently shocked. They stayed like that for a few moments before Raimondo brook the reigning silence.'

'But Paolo it is usually the betrayed husband who will kill the un-faithful wife with his bare hands because he is the violated spouse.'

'I am not going to do this the usual way, Raimondo. I will give you a letter written by me, and that way Isabella will know that you are there on my behalf.'

'Yes,' Raimondo said silently. 'In that way, I see. But you are depriving yourself a great satisfaction by not killing her with your own hands. She has put many a horn in your forehead.'

Paolo looked harshly at Raimondo; I could see he was very pale.

'I am not depriving myself of any pleasure at all,' he said shortly. 'Please remember, I used to love her.'

After a short pause Raimondo spook again.

'You mentioned a payment for my inconvenience.'

'Twenty thousand ducats of gold.'

'I will do it for thirty thousand.'

'If you think so,' Paolo said angrily. 'If you think so. I don't want to do a deal on this. That would be too dirty.'

'Now listen,' Raimondo said obviously insulted. 'It wouldn't cost you a single ducat if you were to let some of the rascals that you have given asylum at Montegiordano kill her.'

'That would be below her dignity as well as mine. I want her to die by the hands of an Orsini, even thought it will not be mine.'

'My dear Paolo, you have often said that she is a hussy, do you allow that I treat her like one before I kill her?'

I caught the smallest glimpse of anger in Paolo's eyes then he said in charitably manner:

'Oh Raimondo, you are and will always stay the same. You really have deserved your nickname Il Bruto the Cruel. Who besides you would think of things like that in a situation like this one?'

Hidden away beneath the thick rug I was starting to sweat. My legs were beginning to sleep because of the uncomfortable way I had been laying for a very long time. I needed to move if I was to keep both my legs. Trying not to make any noises I slowly turned over, stretching my legs. It was wonderful felling the blood pumping in my sore legs once again. It was surely a mistake to move like I did because Raimondo noticed me.

'Are you spying on me or do you just want a witness?'

Paolo looked totally surprised when Raimondo pull the rug of off me.

'Azizo,' was the only word Paolo said.

I blushed of shame.

'This is Azizo, my little horny love slave, and this is my cousin Rai-mondo Orsini, count of Oppedo,' Paolo introduced us.

I nodded politely.

'Nice to meet you in spite of the circumstances,' Raimondo said as he studied me eagerly with his dark eyes. 'He doesn't speak any Italian', Paolo said.

Ashamed I lurked out of the cabin, still totally red in the face. Just as I closed the door behind me I heard Paolo speak again.



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