The very next day after Paolo's meeting with Raimondo we left the harbour on our next cruise for pirates in the Adriatic. And the trips continued, exciting at first, but slowly I grew tired of them. On the last three trips we hadn't found any pirates, not even seen one. I thought it was obvious that the Moor pirates, scared by the mere sound of the invincible duke's name and his constant war of aggression on the pirates' ships, had found other and friendlier coasts to ravage. In spite of the fact that we found none, we continued persistently our search for hostile Moor pirates.

About a month after Paolo's meeting with Raimondo the duke decided that it was time to go ashore. It was about the same time Paolo realised that I could speak and understand Italian almost perfectly. Simultaneously, perhaps he was influenced by il Bello Muto, Paolo decided that it was time I converted to the Catholic faith.

A few days after he had made this decision we entered the harbour of Venice for the last time. I was happy to leave the ship where everybody knew everything about each other. Besides I was looking forward to seeing Rome, the city of the holy pope, which Folletto had told me much about, not the pope that is, but the city.

As soon as Paolo had finished his most urgent business on the ship he escorted me in a horse-drawn carriage to the priest who was going to teach me about the Catholic faith and afterwards if he found me worthy christen me. Paolo had told me not to worry because the priest, Pater Cherubi, he had chosen understood the language of money very well indeed.

Pater Cherubi was standing outside the convent where he resided as the carriage drove up the driveway. He smiled gently as he shook Paolo's hand. I caught a mere glimpse of the heavy money belt Paolo gave the holy Pater. Well this one wasn't all that holy as it turned out.

'I will come back within three days; will that give you enough time to teach him what is necessary, Pater?' Paolo asked humbly.

'Yes, my son,' the priest answered. 'Go in peace. May God guide your path'.

Paolo left with a big smile on his handsome face.

I admit I was scared and a bit nervous. Sacred of being alone without Paolo for three whole days, and nervous because I had no idea what so ever of what I was going to learn during my stay in the convent surrounded by monks, priest and novices.

The first day Pater Cherubi taught me about the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. He mentioned so many names that I feared for my poor brain. After supper and mass Pater Cherubi told one of the monks to escort me to the cell where I was going to sleep. The monk gave me the candle he was carried and left me alone.

The cell was very small; there was only room for at narrow bed and simple chair. Tired after a hard day's work I fell asleep almost instantly.

A high-pitched sound woke me. At first I didn't know where I was, and then, suddenly, I remembered: the convent. I was trying to see what had happened but my cell was pitch black, a condition that wasn't alleviated even after I had been awake for about five minutes. Was there somebody in my cell? There was someone in my cell.

'Is anyone here?' I asked trying to hide the fact that I was scared. No answer. There was only one thing to do - I had to fell my way around the cell to be certain that I was alone.

My hands in front of me, I started making my way around the cell. The first thing I meet was the chair, then the door. My cock was getting into action because of my excitement, I guess.

I got out of my trousers and grabbed my balls squeezing them tight with both hands. That felt so good as my horny cock filled my head with pleasant thoughts. I was on the verge of taking a break from my survey to relieve this growing tension from my balls as my dick touched something. Slowly I reached forward with my hand and grabbed a slab of meat of truly inspiring proportions. I still couldn't see a thing but I felt that I was confronting something extremely long and extremely thick with a big vein snaking down the broad back. Silently I made my way to the body attached to the huge cock, and I got a vague impression of a body as impressive as the prick.

I didn't dare to speak afraid that the monk, or who ever he was would run away, so a I ran a finger along the underside of the man's cock, all the way back to his heavy balls - it was a long, but worth while journey. A big fist closed over my own head and pulled me close.

I felt a thick moustache crushed against my upper lip, and then a long, hot tongue was pressed insistently against my teeth, eager to invade my mouth.

So far, I liked everything about this man. He knew how to kiss. Our cocks throbbed side by side against his hard gut as he quickly peeled off my shirt. I definitely wanted to explore the monumental dick that was currently making such an impression against my belly. I reluctantly broke our tongue-twisting kiss and sank slowly to my knees, licking a trail through the silky hairs on his torso, just so I could find my way back later. I encountered the head of his cock a good while before I got to his navel. His foreskin felt soft as silk against my lips. It was still pulled up over his big knob, so I sucked it into my mouth, nibbled it a bit, and then jammed my tongue inside. His thighs tensed as I made contact with his sticky crown. It swelled and pulsed eagerly as I continued teasing at it, digging in the gaping cum-hole for a taste of his salty honey. After milking his juice-tube with my knuckle, I had a generous sample, coating my lips and drizzling down my chin.

He tasted good enough to eat, so I proceeded to do just that, licking up and down the shaft first to get a feel for what I was doing. It was an enormous job, but I knew that I had the dedication and the appetite to meet the challenge. His fingertips traced my jaw as I started going down on him. He wasn't one of those men who would grab you by the ears trying his best to choke you to death. Not at all. He seemed to appreciate the sort of slow, subtle cock worship that is one of my specialities. I focused all my concentration and slowly closed the distance between his cock-head and his belly. By the time his bush was tickling my nose, I had his full and complete attention.

After about five minutes, I had him teetering on the brick, judging from the way his balls were bouncing up and down and his thighs were bulging. I kept him there for as long as I could, bobbing slowly back and forth, increasing the pressure, then backing off when his prick started to flex and vibrate in my throat.

I pulled back for the finale, locking my lips just behind the ridge of the bulbous head, tickling his nerve trigger with the tip of my tongue. One good yank on his nut-sac finally did the trick. His fingers damped down on my biceps and he started shooting, flooding my mouth with hot, sticky cream. I sucked hungrily, savouring every spicy, bittersweet drop as he pumped it out. When I finally had him drained, he lifted me back up to my feet and drove his tongue into my mouth, evidently eager to taste the remaining traces of his own cum.

I was nearly breathless when he broke the kiss, my own dick puffed up so hard it was hurting. He turned me around and I felt the shaft of his meat pressing into the crack of my ass. Obviously the blow-job had just warmed him up because his hard-on showed no signs of abating. His tongue slithered down my spine and between my cheeks, stopping in its descent only when he made contact with my balls. I reached back and spread my cheeks wide, just to leave him in no doubt regarding my receptiveness. He rooted around in my ass-hole till I was so horny I was ready to bang my head against the wall in front of me, and then he was back on his feet, his moustache caressing my sweaty neck. I felt an insisting pressure against my ass-ring, took a deep breath as he breached me driving it in to the hilt in one long, slow and very deep thrust.

For a man who liked his blow-jobs slow and easy this man liked to fuck hard and fast. Fortunately, that suited my needs perfectly, then and there. He grabbed my throbbing root with both hands, jacking me in perfect unison with his insistent thrusts.

I love clamping my hands on the ass of the man who is fucking me silly, and this man had a very expressive backside indeed. Every time he humped into me, his hairy ass-cheeks knotted up firm, popping deep dimples into the solid flesh. My head was rolling back on his broad shoulders as I got closer and closer to shooting my wad. Our mouths locked again, completing electric circuits all over me. He was hitting all my bottoms and my usual endurance and control evaporated. My ass-hole started fluttering along the piston length of his meat and then my whole body knotted up as I started cumming, splattering my juice out against the wall and, for all I knew, the ceiling. The man humping me did the honours as well, filling my ass-hole the same way he had filled my mouth a few minutes before.

'What is your name?' I asked when I finally got my breathing under control again.

'You don't need to know, gorgeous,' he purred, his voice was but a soft, deep-pitched rumble.

'I would like to see you again, but I am only staying here for three days.'

'Anything for you,' he whispered, his tongue tickling my earlobe. 'Tomorrow, after mass, you will take a walk, alone, and you will find me by the stables. But only if you are alone. And another thing, don't tell anybody about me.'

The unknown man who wouldn't reveal his name and who had invaded my cell as a stranger only to become a lover left just as sudden as he had appeared. My only comfort in my new loneliness was that I was to meet him again tomorrow night at the stables. Tired after the hard treatment the stranger had given my horny body I fell asleep.



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