As I started coming around again, in spite of all my efforts not to, I realised that I had an awful headache. Surely a surprise after the blow, which had almost made my skull cave in earlier that same day. Who ever wanted me unconscious had done a really fine job. I felt like dying, well I imagine that dying would feel just like this!

I was lying on a big bed with white silk sheets, soft and clean. As I regained totally consciousness, I realised that I had absolutely no idea where I was. It wasn't one of the rooms in the duke's castle. It was an unfamiliar place. A strange setting. But I wasn't afraid.

Slowly I rose my head from the soft pillow, feeling every inch of it aching. The pain was terrible, but my growing curiosity was eating me up - I had to know where I was. Perhaps my master had found out about my adultery and decided to send my back to the convent? Or another place?

As I approached the window, I recognised Paolo's castle on the other side of the Tiber which could only mean... I was at Castel Sant'Angelo. And I was a prisoner.

Before this new discovery could reach the back of my brain, the door to my room (or was it my cell?) opened. And an elderly man made his entry. Behind him my handsome soldier appeared. All of a sudden I understood, the beautiful man had lured me in a trap, banged me on the head and brought me here. I was surely a prisoner; the only thing I hadn't figured out was who was behind it all? Who hated my master enough to robe me? Who?

The elderly man placed a tray with food and wine on the bed before he left the room silently. The soldier stayed.

'I'm sorry for the pain I have inflicted on your head, but it was necessary.' He tried to smile, but something held him back. 'I serve a master who has a dispute with your master. I know that you cannot forgive me right here and right now, but perhaps in time...'

I didn't answer, just looked at him. he was smashing as he stood there. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn that I was falling in love. Before he felt me alone, he smile and stroked his right hand across my chick.

As the light in my room grew dim I ate a bit and drank a lot, sad as I was. Did the duke, Folletto and il Bello Muto know that I was gone? Did they care? The drunker, I got, the more a sneaking feeling of self-pity invaded my brain.

In my drunkenness I laid on the bed thinking, absent-minded. The darkness had totally invaded the room, only a dim moonbeam reached me. But, unfortunately, it just wasn't strong enough to light up the room. It was strange, like a deja vu when I recognised a silent shadow in the shape of a man standing in the middle of the dark room. It looked like the stranger from the convent. I tried to get a glimpse of his face, but all I could see was that he wasn't smiling.

I stood up as he spoke.

'Azizo,' he said.

Unfortunately the dim light only allowed me to see the outline of his likeable body, but not his face. It was the man from the convent.

By the glimpse of him my trousers were getting very tight. He was wearing the same clothes as at the convent, showing his chest and legs off so well that it caused the lump in my pants to tingle and throb, just like that night. I was only a heartbeat away from jumping him.

Delighted and randy as always I want him, my stomach filled with fluttering butterflies. I grabbed his hand and drew him towards the bed. Abruptly I stopped and he narrowly missed colliding with me.

He turned around and the next thing I knew, his arms were wrapped around my waist and our tongues entwined in a passionate kiss. I put my hands on his board chest, my fingers going instinctively for his succulent tits. They were hard against the balls of my fingers, and, judging by his shuddering response to my touch, very sensitive.

I finally broke our kiss, pushed him back against the edge of the large bed and set about discovering just how sensitive they really were. He whimpered and groaned, tangling his fingers in my hair, holding my mouth right on target. I chewed the thick meaty point on his left pec till he was panting, and then set about working over its twin.

He deftly unbuckled my belt and popped open the fly of my pants. I did the same for him and our cocks were soon crossed like swords. The unknown man was ready and raring to go. His fat prick curved up tight against his concave belly, and his balls were drawn up into a knot between his legs. He reached between my thighs and ran a tentative finger over my ass-pucker. I whimpered and my bung throbbed invitingly.

He wanted my ass and he wanted it badly. He stood back, flipped me around and helped me out of my pants. He got naked as well and knelt behind me, cupping my glorious buttocks in his hands. They were smooth and firm as melons. He kissed both cheeks gently, and began tonguing the damp furrow between them. I leaned forward onto the bed, spreading the perfect globes wide apart with my hands.

My ass-hole was puckered tight, without a single hair. The stranger was licking his way to the target, and then lapped sensually across the delicate flesh. His tongue was making me crazy. He smelled of soap, sweat and funk - a heady mixture that made my dick throb eagerly. He poked me gently with the tip of his tongue and my ring dilated slightly, letting him fight his way beyond it to my hidden delights. He could fell that I was clean and hot and silky soft inside. When he reached up between my legs and squeezed my hooded prick, the horny squirted out of me, oozing between his fingers and dripping on to the bed like drops of spun glass.

He smeared my juice on his cock, milking himself as well for enough of the slick stuff to ease the way when he moved to the next phase of his seduction. He gave my ass-hole a final poke and stood up, rubbing his throbbing shaft up and down my crack, tracing the muscle-knotted ridge of my spine with his fingers.

He was just getting ready to aim his arrow at my quivering bull's-eye, I know because I felt the tip of it, when I spun round and hit the floor, anxious to see what I was getting myself into - or rather what was getting in to me, to be more precise. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and started licking the sticky head, sending shiver up and down his spine. He leaned forward so that he could play with my tits and let me go for it. I sucked the cover back up over his knob, chewing the sensitive skin beyond the end.

I kept it up till I thought his knees would buckle, and then I lunged forward and butted him in the gut with my forehead, my lips tight around the base of his cock. My hands were splayed on his ass, pulling forward, trying to swallow him, cock first. I guess he took it for as long as he could, then grabbed me by the arms and hauled me back to my feet, kissing my sticky lips.

'Let's fuck', he said in a hoarse voice.

I nodded willingly. He turned me around again and took careful aim. Slowly he pushed forward, and I savoured the sensations as his big piece of meat gradually expanded my thigh little pucker. He feed me two inches, then pulled back one, till my ass-ring was finally gripping the thick base of his cock. Damn, that felt good! He leaned into me for a long time, not moving, flexing his ass to swell the big knob on the end of his dick. I felt it alright, groaning my appreciation softly.

He started out on me, slow and easy, pulling out till only the head was still wedged up in me, then sliding it in to the hilt. My muscular butt thrust back to meet his every stroke, encouraging him to pound harder and faster.

Soon, he was slamming into me with all his strength, making the old wooden bed buck and creak with the strain.

I arched my back like a bow as I craned my neck to kiss him. He wrapped his arms around my chest and kept on driving, sweat pouring off of him, as he rapidly drew closer to the point of no return.

I was jacking myself frantically, grinding my ass against his hips, my muscles knotted by the intensity of my rapidly approaching orgasm. He reached between my legs and started squeezing my nuts, wanting me to shoot with him and knowing that the time was now.

Suddenly my spunk started pumping. Right then he joined me, shooting cum up my sore ass.

Afterwards, he held me tight, licking the sweat off my neck and stroking my flat belly. I was ready to go all over again and I got the feeling that he had no intention of giving up possession of my butt, unless he had to.

'Azizo, we have to talk', his voice broke unexpected the silence.

'Who are you?' was my only question. Somehow I didn't care why he had brought me here, or why he had paid the soldier to trap me. The only thing that mattered was that I had him, like I had dreamed I would.

He stood up and lighted a small lamp at the bedside. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the unknown man, the well-hung stranger, who had made love to me at the convent was Raimondo, Paolo's cousin and his newly enemy.

The only word I could falter was 'you!'

'Yes, it is I,' he smiled at me with his hungry eyes, the same way he had smiled the day of our first meeting on Paolo's ship.

Now I was intrigued, and several questions popped up in my drunken brain.

'Why have you brought me here, alone?'

'You are not alone. I'm here. And so are Folletto and il Bello Muto. They are staying here too. All three of you.'

'But why?' I was disappointed, thinking that I wasn't the only one he wanted by his side.

'Because I need all three of you. You Azizo are here because I just cannot forget your body and your sweet caresses. Concerning Folletto and the other one, they are here because they are my cousin's lovers, just like you, and they are going to provide me with the sum of ten thousand gold ducats which Paolo forgot to pay me, for doing his dirty work. That is the reason why!'

Raimondo fondled my fat nuts in preparation for round two, as I was wrapped up in bitter thoughts. Finally I had realised what this was all about. Raimondo had kidnapped all of us to get back at Paolo. My poor Paolo, what was he to do without Folletto and il Bello Muto?

During my stay I was treated very well. I had no contact with Folletto or il Bello Muto what so ever, but I later learned that they got the same treatment as me, except for Raimondo's passionate lovemaking.



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