I was up at dawn, looking forward to meeting the well-hung stranger from last night. I was very excited, thinking of every inch of his enormous meat. Nothing in the whole world is better than a big cock, sitting on a man who knows what to do with it.

I couldn't really concentrate about the different things Pater Cherubi told me. I tried to listen but all my thoughts were focused on the stranger with a cock like a proud stallion. I pretended to listen and meanwhile I could concentrate on my sexual fantasies that I liked so much.

I think that this was the longest day in my entire life (now I am a lot wiser as my friends and I are waiting for our destinies to be decided), it seemed like the hours lingered on, as every minute lasted for an hour and the day wouldn't come to an end. I waited, wrapped up in my little daydreams, longing for the sun to set, so I could once more play with that huge piece of meat hanging between the legs of the hopefully handsome stranger who entered my cell in the middle of the dark night, fucked my brains out and left me again without even telling me his name.

The more I thought about it the more convinced I became: I knew the man from somewhere. A peculiar thought because I hadn't seen his face in the dark cell, but there was something indefinable about that guy, something familiar. Perhaps his voice?

During the long day of impatient waiting I tried to discover that it was that I found so familiar about the stranger who had visited my cell incognito. But it was all in vain. Was he one of the monks? A novice? Or even Pater Cherubi? Perhaps it was the money loving priest! No, it couldn't have been, he was an old bent with age, not a handsome man.

As the other inhabitants of the convent returned to their proper cells after the late evening mass I sneaked off to the stables where I hoped to find the mysterious stranger.

The horses were all in their stall boxes, as I tiptoed softly by them, one of the horses whinnied loudly. It scared the shit out of me. I regretted not having brought a candle to lighten up my way. The new moon was almost covered by heavy, dark clouds, and it was hard for me to find my bearings in the dimness. I paused for a brief moment, listening carefully, trying to spot out where in the stables my stranger could be found. But all the sounds I heard came from the horses. I sat down on a bale of hay, leaning against the stable wall. I was exhausted after my day of anticipation and not enough sleep the night before, besides I was so randy I couldn't take another step before I had had an orgasm.

On the bale of hay I was beginning to give up hope of ever seeing my mysterious, nameless lover again. I thought about returning to my cold cell and just masturbate my own meat. But it didn't seem very tempting at the time.

I wanted to suck a big cock and getting fuck hard and long, and I wanted it right then and there. Just as the last ray of hope seemed to have fainted completely away, a silhouette emerged on the back wall of the building. My stranger? Maybe! I sat very quiet afraid of revealing myself if it turned out not to be the man I was expecting.

In the dim moon light I couldn't see who the man at the other end of the building was. So I decided to wait and see what would happen. The clouds which covered the moon from time to time prevented me for seeing what the dim silhouette was doing. There simply wasn't enough light for me to distinguish his facial features but hidden behind the large bales of hay I got a very good impression of the man's body. He was tall and had very broad shoulders. I wished he had been naked because that would really help me determine if the man was my stranger or somebody else.

I stroke my hard cook in an intensifying hunger for sex as I watched the man at the other end of the building. Even if it wasn't my potential lover I still had the opportunity to get off on this. Silently, I shed my shoes and trousers. I looked intently at the man; my tongue flickered over my full lips as I evaluated him.

Without warning he got undressed. I could see everything except his face which was hidden in the shadows. His bare forearms were corded with muscles and his large hands looked fully capable of tearing me in half. He had a nice body. Great legs and a really huge cock. I had to step forward, I wanted him to take me, and I couldn't wait any longer.

'Hey,' I said softly, keeping my voice down low, so nobody would be able to hear us even if they were standing right outside.

'Hey, I was afraid you wouldn't show up,' he answered.

Wouldn't show up, for a cock like that I would have to break both my legs and arms not to show up. Off course I didn't say that to him. I step forward without a word and touched him, I stroked his pecs, my thumbs lingering around thick points of his nipples. His cock twitched and he leaned into my hands.

'Horny bastard, aren't you?' I chuckled, looking down on the large piece of meat lying in my hands. Shit it was even bigger than I remembered.

'I really want to work you over.' His voice was thick of lust, as I rested my hands on his thighs. I didn't say anything; I just nodded, wondering just who big this thing could get. I grabbed his cock and gave it a hard but friendly squeeze. He moved his hands downwards until his thumbs were digging into the bugle in my crotch. I fisted his meat and jacked it till it stood straight out between us, the head poking out of the foreskin. His skin was perfect. His arms and chest were covered with hard muscles, his long torso tapering down to a narrow waist without an once of fat. I was really looking forward to him showing me how he handled that rod he was packing again.

I was just about to kneel down and close my hungry mouth around his large piece, when he turned me around. My dick pointed at the wall. He cupped a hand over my left cheek - it felt very good.

I braced my arms on the wall and leaned forward, my legs spread wide. He dropped to his knees, reached between my thighs, grabbed my dick, and started inspecting my bull's-eye. He pulled my cock back and smacked my ass, the sound ringing like a shot in the large room. I grunted and pushed my ass back against his hungry mouth. He licked my crack then dug right in to me.

My prick stiffened in his hand as he kept on teasing me with his eager tongue. Then he poked first a single finger then two fingers up my chute to keep his tongue from getting lonely. I loved every stroke.

Just as it was getting unbearable, I heard voices just outside. Without warning my gorgeous stranger stood up, swept his cloak around his naked body and disappeared. I was on my own. In haste I got dressed, meanwhile the voices approached. Before the two talking men entered the stable, I sneaked back behind the bales of hay in the back corner.

It was two monks. One of them looked around in the dim light, investigating the surroundings. Obviously he didn't find anything because before I knew of it, their tongues were locked in a hot kiss. Quickly they stripped, and went down on each others dicks.

As they continued their game of love, I tiptoed out of the stable and sneaked back to my cell, still hungry for love. But that would have to wait until Paolo came back to get me. I was a bit sad that the stranger hadn't told me his name. I know you cannot win them all. But you can sure as hell try.



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