This was the end of my career as a pirate. Besides the captured sailors below deck I was almost alone on the ship, waiting for the two Venetian ships to catch up on us. The only thing I could do in the meantime was to hope the best and fear the worst. I had no idea of what to expect, but perhaps my luck had run out with Abensur, considering that I barely got off the imminent keelhauling.

The sailors on the ship that conquer us weren't pirates but free men, and they proved it right away. Those of the remaining pirates onboard Abensur's ship who weren't killed by the boarding sailors were chained up and were to be sold as slaves in Venice. The sailors played dice about me, as if I was a prize to be won. And the man I thought was the worst of them all, a big one eyed, stinking bearded man who obviously had a big authority, won me. As soon as I realised it I tried to run away, and when he grabbed me I stuck him in the arm with my little dagger. He uttered furious cries and called on his men to disarm me. The one eyed who was foaming with rage ripped my clothes of me and tired me naked at the bulwark. The hot sun was bathing me. The one eyed man then declared that I could roast in the heat until sundown where he would give me to the crew. And afterwards he would gladly stab me to death.

On his orders a very young sailor who obviously was accustomed to being bullied around translated these words into Arabic. As soon as the young sailor had finished translating the message the winner of the game was shouting his orders, the sailors were busy again.

And I was left to my own company. The ropes cut my hands and feet and the sun burned me. Shortly after the sailors had been put to work the young sailor who spoke my language got round the one eyed man and gave me some water. The boy was like a snake. Gently he whispered in my ear that his name was Folletto and that he felt sorry for me because he knew what it was like being used by the brutal sailors.

Folletto had big eyes and a gentle and kind of soft face almost like a woman's. By asking him I found out that he wasn't a sailor but a cabin boy the same as I had been to Abensur. But the sailors on the ship weren't just as grateful towards Folletto as Abensur had been to me. They were nothing but rude and contemptuous.

Though Folletto was a bit effeminate he didn't lack courage. Putting his own life in danger he sneaked abaft the ship where he told the captain about the terrible treatment I had to suffer. To make sure that his cabin boy was telling the truth the captain himself came up front the ship, something he almost never did, so Folletto told me later on. From his magnificent costume and proud look I understood that not only was he the one who had the command onboard this ship but he was also an important man in his own country.

I remember that I thought him beautiful, his eyes as blue as the sky, the hair as bright as the purest gold and his broad shoulders. He was a very tall man, so tall in fact that my head only reached him to the middle of the chest. He was together with another tall man who probably was his second in command; well it was only later I found out that the second man was monsignor Rossellino. Folletto was also present to translate their questions into Arabic.

'What is your name?'

'Azizo, The Wasp.'

'Why The Wasp?'

'Because my master, Abensur, gave me a small dagger to defend myself against the sailors who tried to take certain liberties with me.'

'Am I to understand that you only have had one man in your entire life?' his blue eyes were filled with disbelieve as he studied my naked body sympathetically.

'Yes,' I said without blinking. I wanted to save my life, and this was a chance I would use as best I could.

'Who has tied you up?'

'The one eyed sailor. He won me in a game of dice.'

The blond man looked as if he was reflecting carefully over what the young sailor had translated for him. Then he turned to the second in command and whispered almost silently to him. According to what Folletto had told me the captain and his second in command were Romans but the rest of the ship's crew was from Venice. And this man knew all about the Venetians to act hastily and thereby awaken their hostility.

Finally he gave Folletto an order to loosen my robs and asked the second in command to fetch the one eyed sailor. The robs had fretted into my arms and legs, and it was almost impossible for me to stand on my own when Folletto freed me. The captain told Folletto that he should give me something to drink and help me get dressed. And he kept looking at me while he spoke. His eyes were wonderful. Soon their colour was soft as the skies at dawn, soon - but that was only when he was angry - blue like a steel sword.

When the one eyed arrived he took his cap of and bowed deeply to the man and called him 'Monseigneur', but even though he spoke as a man who was quite within his rights.

'Monseigneur have to know that when a person who isn't a sailor is onboard a conquered ship he belongs to the crew. And this one is mine because I have won him in a game of dice.'

'He is a wasp. He has stung you, and he will do it again.'

'He won't sting me again. I will kill him before.'

'That will be your loss. Sell him to me instead!'

'With your permission I will rather kill him.' As he spoke the one eyed sent me an evil look.

The blond captain looked at the second in command and said: 'Gather the crew.'

When the sailors stood in a half circle around the captain, the one eyed and me, the captain spoke again.

'This boy is a wasp. He has stung the one eyed, and now the one eyed will kill him after having offered him to all of you. It will be a short pleasure. But I want to buy him. If the one eyed agree to this, I will give each of you ten ducats of the purest gold in return.'

When Folletto later translated this to me he explained that it wasn't a coincidence that the captain chose the number ten. Ten ducats of gold was exactly the price that a famous whore in Venice demanded, and Venice was the next harbour we would reach in three or four days if the winds were favourable and with God's good will.

The sailors were enthusiastic and the one eyed understood that now was the moment for negotiations. If he didn't give in to the captain's proposal both the captain and all of his fellow sailors would be against him.

'Monseigneur,' he said with a deep bow, 'as you are this generous towards my mates, I will also be generous to you. If you really wish to buy the wasp I will sell him to you for five hundred ducats of gold.

'Five hundred. Good damn! That is what I call expensive!'

He smiled and it seemed to me that he was evaluating the article he was about to buy. His eyes were estimating me - I skinny cat.

'The price is awful high considering the article is so small.'

The men laughed out loud. But the one eyed was cool as ice. He wouldn't reduce the price.

'Monseigneur,' he said, 'the price of the goods sought only be measured by the pleasure one will gain from it, not its size.'

'Wise words!' the captain answered. 'You will have your five hundred ducats. My private secretary will bring them to you at once.'

And within a couple of minutes the captain's private secretary brought forward a big jute sac. He sat down on a small stool by a huge barrel and started to count the ducats for the sailors. Ten each. And five hundred for the one eyed. I had never in my life seen so many ducats of gold. I asked Folletto why the man had to give that much money away.

'To buy you,' Folletto answered.

'To buy me?' I repeated overwhelmed. 'Wasn't it much easier and a whole lot cheaper just to cut the one eyed man's throat?'

'No, no.' Folletto said laughing. 'That is not the way things are done in Venice. Venice is a place where you sell and buy!'

Since the captain needed Folletto as an interpreter he placed him at my service so to speak. And that way the poor lad would avoid the horny talk of the crew and he would no longer have to submit to their brutal abuse of his young body. I thought he would be happy, but in some ways I think he was a bit sad because the only love he had ever felt was the occasionally tenderness the sailors gave him after a hard lovemaking. But Folletto was - and still is - a loyal servant and he obeyed the captain's wishes.

The man told Folletto to teach me Italian - well not the Italian people spook in Venice - but the Italian which was spoken in Rome, because both Folletto and the blond captain were from Rome. I made quick progress in learning this new and strange language mostly because I was eager to please my beautiful new master and make myself understood. Folletto told me that the name Folletto was a nickname and it really meant a tail. I am sure that it is one of nature's mistakes that Folletto was born a boy and not a girl. His body was thoroughly female except from his private parts.

The duke - I quickly learned his Italian title - said smiling that he would be just a gentle with me as Abensur obviously had been. But he would like to wait for a few days because he would like to know me before he would make love to me. But he asked me to share his after-dinner nap, which made me very excited and proud.

The duke's cabin was very hot. He slept naked and I was dazzled by the splendour of his beautiful, firm body and his white skin. He looked like a statue of the purest marble. Much later, in Italy, I saw a marble statue called Hercules Farnese and it looked like him, or he looked like it. And the most peculiar was that he gave me the same impression of strength as the statue later did. Allah surly is great thus he led me to this man's bed.

I was lying totally still trying not to disturb his sleep. When he finally opened his beautiful eyes he looked a bit surprised as if he was astonished to see me there, then he smiled. If he could have read my emotions in my eyes, he would have known that I loved him, right then and there. He murmured some words in Italian that I didn't understand but they sounded as the sweetest music in my ears. Afterwards he drew me to his warmth body and started to caress me. I was surprised that this strong man could be as gentle and patient as he was. A deep feeling of lust trickled down my spine and astonished I listened to my own randy sighs. Besides the time Ahhamed made love to me I had never sighed and moaned like this when somebody caressed me. My head lying on his broad shoulder I surrendered completely having only one wonderful thought in my mind: 'This is my master. I belong to him. He can do whatever he pleases with me.'

But he didn't take me that day. He wanted to wait and I still don't know what we were waiting for. After having caressed me I saw that his body wasn't unaffected by the scene. Filled with the courage of my own lust I let my hand slide down towards his erected cock, but before I reached it he grabbed my wrist and smilingly shook his head. And as I didn't understand he called for Folletto, who was sleeping, or at least pretending to sleep, in a small cabin next to our, to have him translate to me. Once Folletto had left our cabin again the duke let his fingers run through my black curls then turned his back at me and feel asleep again.

About half an hour later when my master got dressed and returned to the deck of the ship, I asked Folletto why the duke had rejected my caresses. Folletto reflected for a long time. But it wasn't an answer he could come up with within a few seconds; he had to search in the depths of his own complicated mind.

'He is yours from the first gentle touch, but he will not feel that you are his until he has taken you. Men feel very strongly that it is their cocks, which made a lover theirs. They don't understand that the likes of us are willing to give inn to them willingly.'

'I think you are right, Folletto! How come that you understand all of this so well?'

'Because I am also in love with the duke, Azizo. And when I hear you moan in his arms I wish I could be in your place.'

That remark embarrassed me a little, and I quickly talk about something else.

'What will he do with me, once he returns to Rome? Will he sell me? Or will he place me in his harem?'

Folletto started to laugh.

'The Christians don't have harems. They, or most of them, have a legal married wife and sometimes they take a lover.'

'What! A lover?' I said very surprised. 'Only one?'

'Well, sometimes more than one,' he answered, 'but only one at a time - one after another, that is the Christian way.'

This I found sad, because I thought that once my master was tired of me he would probable get ride of me instead of keeping me. I confided this fear to Folletto.

'No,' he said, 'You he will keep.'


'Because you are his without him being yours. He doesn't need to be afraid of hauling and screaming and terrible scenes of jealousy and horrible demands for money. You will forever remain the safe harbour where he can cast his fears aside and be himself. It is by your side he will find comfort and safety after a gigantic storm.'

Whenever I think back at these words I am not sure whether it was a prediction or a bit of good advice. But I chose to follow this advice and in that way the prediction became the truth.

But what Folletto didn't tell me was that the duke had a lawful weeded wife who he kept looked up in one of his castles. And the to me unknown wife - Isabella - was to affect my life more than once in the times to come.

The first two days my new master didn't seem to want to take me. He was to busy with all sorts of things on the ship. And when he finally came down the cabin the only thing he wanted was to sleep. The first night I slept besides him, but the second night he asked me to sleep in the other cabin with Folletto. There was nothing I could do or say that would change his mind, so I went into Folletto's cabin.

Shortly after I heard the duke's clam breath and I knew he was asleep. It is funny how things can turn out. I was horny as hell and I wanted more than anything in the world that the duke would make passionate love to me, and the only thing on his mind was to get a good night's sleep.

I the darkness I listened to Folletto's breath, it also was calm, I was convinced that he was sleeping too. I was probable the only one aboard the ship who was awake.

Slowly and as silently as I was able to, I started to caress myself. I longed to cum and when there was no one to help me I had to do it myself. I jacked on my hard meat trying the best I could to hold back my moaning. I didn't want to make to much noise. I guess it is impossible to cum without making noise, because I woke Folletto as I was about to shot of my load.

'What are you doing?' He asked with a gentle whisper.

'I am just so damn horny,' I replied.

'Let me help you.' And before I could say a word he lunged forward and his lips closed around the crown of my meat, sucking greedily. Randy as I was I laced my fingers around his neck and gave him a little push, just to see how far he would go. He went down on it to the root and stayed there, doing things to me with his throat muscles that got my toes wiggling in earnest.

All of a sudden, every muscle in my body started vibrating, I pumped my hips a couple of times and feed him a bellyful of my heavy cream. When he finally freed my prick he scooted up along the bed to snuggle into the crook of my arm.

'Thank you,' he purred contentedly. 'I am glad you let me help you.'

'The pleasure was all mine, I assure you.'

He chuckled, caressing my chest, playing with the fine line of hair that arises from the base of my cock. I could feel his hard dick against my right leg. He was horny, and I was too.

Softly I commenced to kiss him on the forehead, slowly moving down towards his full lips. Meanwhile he stroked my pecs, his thumbs lingering around the thick points of my nipples. My cock twitched and I leaned into his hands.

'Horny bastard, aren't you,' he chuckled.

'I guess so,' I answered, resting my hands on his thighs.

'You have got a big cock.' He grabbed my dick and gave it a friendly squeeze.

'Yes, it is big enough to make your tight butt ache a little bit.' I assured him, moving my hands up his strong thighs till my thumbs were digging in to his crack.

He fisted my meat and jacked it till it once again stood straight out between us, the head poking out of the foreskin.

My eyes had slowly adjusted to the dimness of the small cabin and I could see Folletto's body. Even though he was thin his lean body was cowered with muscles, his long torso tapering down to a narrow waist without a gram of fat. My hands wandered over his nice ass. Folletto's ass curved out, lush and smooth, then cut back sharply into his thick thighs. I wanted to taste his ass, turning him around, his legs spread wide. I dropped my tongue into his bull's-eye starting to give him the best I had got. Meanwhile I grabbed his dick and jacked on it to augment his pleasure.

The tight brown pucker winked at me, smooth except for a few downy chestnut hairs ringing the edge. I pulled back on his cock and smacked his ass, the sound ringing like a bell in the small room. He grunted and pushed his butt back against my mouth. I licked his crack then dug right into him. He tasted of sweat and soap as I wedged my tongue deeper.

'Oh, yeah,' he growled almost silently, afraid to wake the duke, his private secretary and some of the sailors who were sleeping elsewhere below deck.

I kept on teasing him, poking first one then two fingers up his chute to keep my tongue from getting lonely. His cock stiffening in my hand.

I wanted him to suck my cock again, felling the sensation of his throat muscles at the base of my hard meat.

'Suck my dick,' I begged.

He turned around and started working my prick before I could count to two. I thrust my hips forward and he worked me over, licking and sucking and biting all along the thick shaft of my dick. He knew what he was doing - tongue, cheeks and throat all working together to shrink up my balls into a knot.

I was as horny as ever. And I wanted to fuck Folletto. I had never fucked before, but this was going to be my first time. No doubt about it. And Folletto was ready to take my cock. I stood up and drove my hard dick up to the hilt on the first thrust. Folletto squealed and I could hear he was just about to scream. I put my right hand over his mouth to cover up the noise he might make. He didn't scream, but I knew that I had hurt him. His butt was thigh; the walls of his ass caressed me like a velvet glove. He collapsed across the top of the narrow bed and commenced the hip action, slowly pumping my throbbing meat. It felt like Folletto had fingers up there, the way he worked me over. I grabbed him by the waist and went for it like Rod had done it to me only few days earlier. I was pounding my fat dick into him as hard as I could. The old bed groaned and shook in protest as I did my best to climb right up into him, cock first. He was whimpering and gasping for breath, writhing around the bed every time the head of my hard dick punched his prostate.

I guess we had made to much noise, because suddenly the duke was standing in the doorway, naked with the biggest hard-on I have ever seen, un boccone de re, a piece of a king as the Italians would say. The little lamp he was carrying accentuated his marble white body against the darkness of the cabin.

'So you like to fuck, do you, Azizo?'

Folletto started to apologise our behaviour, but the duke stopped him by lifting his left hand.

I didn't understand what the duke had said, but I understood the meaning of his words. He didn't sound angry, only horny. And it was obvious that he wanted to join our little game.

I pulled out of Folletto's warmth ass as the duke came into the cabin and closed the door behind him. He placed the lamp he had brought on a small stool in the corner. And then he just stood there, waiting. His fat prick curved up thigh against his concave belly, and his balls were drawn up into a knot between his legs.

Eagerly to please I dropped to my knees and tried to swallow his huge hard-on. Quickly Folletto came to join me in pleasing the duke. The invader started sucking the duke's balls, big as eggs. The blue veins of the huge shaft of the cock stood out more clearly.

The duke grabbed me by the hairs on my head and pulled me up from the floor, with the other hand he guided Folletto's mouth to the tip of his aching meat, forcing him to take all of it in one stroke. The duke wrapped his free arm around my waist and our tongues were entwined in a passionate kiss. I put my hands on his broad chest, my fingers going instinctively for his succulent tits. They were hard against the balls of my thumbs, and judging by his shuddering response to my touch, very sensitive.

When the duke finally broke our kiss, I could see Folletto in action, swallowing the duke's proud dick the best he could. Then he pushed me back on the bed together with Folletto. He placed us both on our backs, feet up, and then he started cupping our glorious buttocks in his hands. He kiss all four cheeks gently, then began tonguing the damp crack between them, first Folletto then me. I kissed Folletto passionately while the duke was pleasing us both. Folletto tasted of hot cock and a bit of my own cum, I know because I have often swallowed it when I played with myself. It was a hot mixture that made my dick throb eagerly.

After the duke had tongued Folletto for a few minutes it was my turn. He turned me around, and standing on all four, allowing me to pull the two perfect globes wide apart, giving him space to enjoy my hungry ass. Folletto didn't let this opportunity slip by, quick as a cat he wriggled in under my, sucking my cock and ball sac. God that was good.

My ass-hole was puckered tight, ringed with fine dark hairs, and I could feel that the duke licked them away from his favourite target, and then he lapped sensually across the delicate flesh. He poked me gently with the tip of his tongue and my ring dilated slightly, letting him fight his way beyond it to my hidden delights. When he reached up between my legs to squeeze my hooded prick his hand meat Folletto's tongue. The duke grabbed my cock and squeezed it, and the honey squirted out of me, oozing between his fingers and into Folletto's open mouth.

He smeared some of my juice on his fat cock, milking himself as well for enough of the slick stuff to ease the way when he moved on to the next phase of his rough seduction. Before he gave my ass-hole a final poke, he grabbed Folletto and placed him on the floor behind himself. With a firm grip at the boy's hair the duke forced Folletto's face into his crack. The duke moaned when Folletto's tongue was buried in his ass-hole. The duke, being lick in the ass himself, started to rub his throbbing shaft up and down my crack, tracing the muscle-knotted ridge of my spine with his fingers.

He was just getting ready to aim his arrow at my quivering bull's-eye when I spun around and hit the floor, anxious to see what I was getting myself into - or what was ready to get into me, to be more precise. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and commenced licking the sticky head, sending shivers up and down the duke's spine. I went all the way down, enjoying every inch of it. Folletto and I were a great couple, he was taking really good care of the duke's ass and I did the best I could with his fat prick. The balls we shared, our tongues meet more than once, licking the huge balls filled with warm cum. The duke leaned forward so that he could play with my tits and I let him go for it. Meanwhile Folletto never stopped tonguing the duke's ass.

'Will you fuck me?' I asked urgently.

'I will,' he agreed with a horny smile.

He turned me around and took careful aim. He pushed slowly forward, savouring the sensations as my tight little pucker gradually expanded to let him in. He feed me two inches, then pulled back one, till my ring was finally gripping the thick base of his meat.

Damn that felt good! He leaned into me for a long time, not moving, flexing his ass to swell the big knob on the end of his own dick. Folletto continued throbbing his ass, as far as I could hear. It felt alright, I was groaning my appreciation softly.

He started me out slow and easy, pulling out till only the head was still wedged up in me, then sliding it in to the hilt. My muscular butt thrust back to meet his every stroke, encouraging him to pound harder and faster. Soon, he was slamming into me with all his strength, making the old wooden bed buck and creak with strain.

I arched my back like a bow as I craned his neck to kiss. He wrapped his arms around my chest and kept on driving, sweat pouring off of him in the overheated cabin as he rapidly drew closer to the point of no return.

Then without warning he pull out of my aching ass, turned me around and stuffed his fat cum stick back into my hot crack. Folletto came up on the bed to join us. He lay beside me, jacking himself frantically as I grounded my ass against the duke's hips, my muscles knotted by the intensity of my rapidly approaching orgasm. But the duke wouldn't let me cum just jet. He pulled out of me again and plunged into Folletto dry ass.

He didn't give Folletto any time to overcome the rapid pain. The duke grabbed his legs behind the knees, pinned them down to his chest, spit his bull's-eye and starting ploughing. He fucked like a man who was in a hurry. I could see that Folletto was afraid that he was going to split open, ass-hole to mouth. But he didn't. After he realised that he was going to survive, his whole body commenced to tingle. The pressure the duke was putting on Folletto's prostate had his cock puffed up, just like he had done it to me few minutes before. I knew the feeling. The duke leaned forward to kiss me.

'You like that big cock stirring around in your gut, don't you?'

'Uhh,' was the only sound Folletto could make, so he repeated it several times.

'God, this feels good,' the duke whimpered. He got a wild look in his eyes slamming in and out Folletto's butt like a wild man. Folletto couldn't take much more of it, and he squealed and shuddered as his cock exploded over his belly and across his chest.

At the sight of the white cum, the duke pulled out, turned me around, and standing on all four again he grabbed me by the waist and started building up enough heat to start a major fire.

I bent forward, licking the cum on Folletto's chest, it tasted very good. I reached between his legs squeezing his nuts. With my other hand I fondled the duke's fat nuts, wanting him to shoot with me and knowing that was about time.

'Dio mio, oh my God!' he growled, shuddering as his spunk started pumping up my sore ass like a fountain. My toes curled right about then and I joined him, shooting hot cum all over myself.

Afterwards he held me tight, licking the sweat off my neck and stroking my flat belly. I was ready to go all over again, and I got the feeling that the duke had no intention of giving up possession of my hot ass.



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