As I started coming around I had a terrible headache. I was surprised that my skull hadn't caved in by the blow I had received at the Medina. I didn't know where I was, but I knew it was dark, cold and wet. And I didn't like it one bit.

Funny thing about being in a place that is pitch-black - ones eyes never adjust to the almost non-existing light. I kept trying anyway, hoping to conjure a savoir. But no one came to my rescue. I realised that the room where I was hanging was slowly moving.

Yes, I said hanging, and I meant hanging. I groaned when I realised that my hands were over my head. They seemed to be supporting the weight of my entire body. Then I caught on. I was suspended from a hook that had been bolted into a scabrous old wooden wall. Beside me several other bodies were hanging. As my eyes slowly grew accustomed to the surrounding darkness I realised that I was onboard a ship. A slave trader ship.

In the midst of the darkness a dim light appeared. It was a torch attached to a very fat man. Behind him several other men followed. At each hanging body they stopped for a little while. I supposed they were checking the haul of the day.

When the small group of men stopped in front of me the only thing I could think of was how to make them see that I was special.

'He has a nice body,' the fat man said with a grin.

'Yes,' one of the other agreed, 'but he doesn't seem to be very strong. I don't think we can get as much as ten gold ducats for him in Venice. Unfortunately.'

'What is your name,' a third man asked.

'I am Azizo,' I answered polite.

'Do you know any trades? Or do you have any skills that would made it worth our while to keep you?' his voice sounded angrily.

'I am good at selling carpets and making tea,' I replied swiftly.

The man smiled, fixing me with his black eyes. He moved to the next slave hanging besides me without a word. I thought I was doomed. And I guess that if it hadn't been for my pretty eyes and firm body I would have been.

In my darkest hour the light that I had seen earlier suddenly appeared again. It was the fat man. He dragged his feet towards me and with a helping hand from a younger man they cut my robs, letting me drop to the wet, rolling floor.

'Follow me.' The fat man's voice was very unpleasant. It was obvious that he didn't like the looks of me. As obedient as possible I followed him on deck. The sunlight hurt my eyes, and it took a while before I was able to see clearly again.

'Welcome Azizo.' It was the man who had spoken to me below the deck. 'My name is Abensur, and I am your new master.' His face light up in a broad smile.

'Gedepat will show you to your quarters.' My new master pointed at the fat man who had just fetched me below deck. I tried to smile at him, but I am not sure I succeeded. Gedepat walked in front of me leading the way to my new quarters. I was to stay in the captain's cabin.

Tired of the many unexpected events of the day I lay on the narrow bed for a quick rest. I later found out that Abensur indeed was the ship's captain; he was a feared pirate earning his living along the coast of North Africa and in the Adriatic. Abensur had bought me as well as the rest of the persons onboard like goods he would sell for a considerable profit. But after a few days in his cabin he wouldn't dream of selling me, I had become his favourite toy, satisfying his every need during the vacant hours of the day.

I think that Abensur came to love me, in his own way, off course. He was a believer and in some ways a conscientious man. When I told him that several of the men onboard were trying to have sex with me he gave me a dagger, which I could use to defend me against the enterprising sailors. I was - and still am - supple and agile as a small monkey. Twice I had to use the dagger against a hand, which came to close, and since then nobody dared to touch me. Well almost nobody. The dagger and my ability to use it is the reason for my nickname 'The Wasp'.

I came to like Abensur. He was hard and gentle as real men are. And in some ways I waited impatiently for him to come to me. I needed to feel his tongue on my naked body. He possessed me, by his caresses on which I became heavily dependent.

I stayed onboard the ship for several months, enjoying my new life to the fullest until the fatal day Abensur came to hate me. In the early spring we, that is Abensur and his skilful sailors, attacked and board a heavy loaded Venetian ship. The Venetian crew stash away below deck on our ship Abensur and some of his men were busy counting the ducats and other goods onboard the entered ship.

And I. Well I was also busy in my own way. For a long while I had been rather taken by a handsome sailor named Rod. He was a gorgeous son of a bitch. Well up close, he wasn't what you would call handsome by any stretch of the imagination, but there was a raw energy and sexuality about him that went to my crotch. He was a big man with powerful-looking shoulders and arms that strained at the fabric of his faded shirt. His grip was like steel, making my body ache for more. I could gorge myself on his fat meat. And I did. Rod and I had been together a few times in the mess, when I succeeded in sneaking off after Abensur had gone to sleep.

In the absent of Abensur and the other sailors we lurched below in a small empty cabin, longing to satisfy our mutual lust. I smiled as Rod kissed me gentle on the neck.

'I like you very much, Rod,' I said, looking him straight in the eyes. He held my gaze, neither of us moved. It was clear what the next move would be. As we both stripped, the ship pitched violently and he fell heavily on top of me. I put my hand on his chest and it was like touching a warm stonewall.

Rod wasn't one to waste any time on what he seemed to consider as insignificant caresses. He came at me fast and furiously, squeezing my biceps and pecs till I winced. He was big and very strong and he wanted to make sure that I knew it. He bent his head to kiss me and meanwhile his strong arms picked me up, holding my naked body close to his. Suddenly he threw me roughly on the bed, jumping on top of me, pinning my arms to the sides with his massive weight.

'You are beautiful, Azizo. I think I'm in love with you.' His blue eyes meet mine in a quick gaze, and I knew he was telling the truth.

I loved the sight of him; he was hard as a rock! Every muscle was pumped out hard and firm, clearly defined under his smooth, deeply tanned skin. His cock flopped on my belly, warm and heavy, dangerous looking, even when soft. I struggled under his weight. I started licking the swollen points of his big nipples. They looked like they were used to abuse and he grinned happily when I twisted them viciously. He lifted me up on top of his hairy belly.

'That is right, Azizo. That is the magic button that will put the lead in my cock quicker than anything. You just keep doing that and rubbing your lovely crack against my belly and pretty soon I will give you the ride of your life.' He raised his big hands and brought them down on either side of my ass, making solid contact. Then he lifted me up like I weighted nothing and pulled me forward, dragging my balls against the hairs on his belly and up the valley between his pecs.

Next thing I knew, I was sitting on his face, my balls resting in his eye sockets, and my cock was rolling back and forth across his forehead, already leaving a little slick to mark its path. He was chewing my ass-lips, forcing his long, red tongue up past my cock grabber and into my chute. And his thumbs were right in there with his tongue, fighting each other for space. The thumbs finally won and he started stretching my ass-ring, making room for his huge prick. He was rough, but he was turning me on, making me sweat as I contemplated his next move.

'Jack my meat,' he commanded, twitching his thumbs and stretching me wider. I reached back and made contact much sooner than I had expected. I had just barely cleared the bottom of his rib cage when I encountered the knob on the end of his cock. It was hard and swollen, twitching when I fingered the rim of the crown. I felt my way down the shaft, covering a lot of territory before I finally made it to the base. I reversed course and checked it from the bottom up. It was long and thick, and it was hard - just the way a man's love muscle always ought to be.

I scooted slowly back, tickling him with the hairs on my legs all the way. I looked down at his dick when I was straddling his hips. It would have made a donkey proud, I swear. The cum-tube was bigger than my middle finger, puffed out full and thigh. The veins snaking up the sides of the shaft were clearly visible, blue and crimson under the thin pale skin. I pulled it up and humped my belly against it till the head puffed up full and hard like a ripe mushroom. He was looking at me intently, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

'Goddamn, boy! Get that fucking thing up your ass. I want to fuck your ass right now.'

I rose up on my knees and positioned his cock-head against my bull's eye. I was planning to slip down onto it gradually, but the ship pitched violently and all of a sudden I was impaled up to the hilt. I hollered and scrambled to pull off, trying to relieve the pressure that threatened to spilt me in half, but Rod was quick. He grabbed my hips and held me firm. When I kept struggling, he flipped me over on my back, pinned my ankles to my shoulders and came down on me with all his weight. I was caught, and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

I balanced on a fine line between pain and pleasure - pain from the sheer size of his dick and the way he used it, pleasure at the thought that he was on top and in control, plumbing hitherto undiscovered depths, he was very rough, but he knew exactly what he was doing. Before too many minutes passed, my whimpers were turned to groans of lust as he pounded my guts into a jelly.

'You like that, don't you?' he chuckled, squeezing my hard-on.

'Boys don't leak like this unless they are getting really hot. You really like getting that little man pussy of yours poked, don't you?'

'Yes, I do. That huge cock of yours is hard as a steel rod', I groaned hoarsely, bucking and writhing under him. 'I like when a man knows what to do to make my butt fell real good. You have showed me some of your strength, now show me the rest.'

'Are you sure you want to see the rest?' his question was unnecessary and I only answered with a smile.

Rod rose beautifully to the challenge, ploughing me from every angle and in every possible position. He fucked me on my back, my belly, and my sides - well I don't think there was a single position we didn't try.

When I finally came, I surprised myself - and shocked the living shit out of Rod. I was primed and ready when he fisted my dick and started pumping it. I tensed up like a coiled spring and let it fly almost immediately. My first shot literally hit the ceiling, splattering all over, dripping down onto his chest and broad shoulders. I shuddered and flexed again, sending another shot high in the air, before I got down to business, covering his torso with my sticky, white icing.

Rod wasn't able to withstand all the friction caused by my bouncing and bucking, and he let loose as well, sending hot bursts of cum into my aching backside. He pulled his knees up and I leaned back against his thighs, panting hard. He was looking up at me, a faint smile on his craggy face. I don't know whether it was the heat in the room or the rocking of the ship - or maybe it was just his long prick stuffed up my manhole - but in less than a minute, we had started going at it again. And that was a mistake.

I guess we lost track of time because just as Rod was sending his second load of cum all over my face Abensur knock on the door, ordering me to come out. And as I didn't responded fast enough he brook the door down. When he saw me with Rod's cum on my face I through he would blow up, but he didn't.

'Get washed and dressed before you both come on deck,' was his only words. Shamefully I wiped the cum of my read face, slowly I got dressed and went up on deck. Rod was all ready standing there.

'I am very sad to know the way you have chosen to repay my faith,' he looked at us both as he spoke. But I am sure it was me he aimed at.

'I consider myself a fair man, so I will give you the possibility to choose your own punishment - flogging or keelhauling? The choice is yours to make.'

I dared not look at Rod, but my choice was made. I would prefer the keelhauling. That was a punishment one could survive. The flogging wasn't. Most of the men I have seen flogged died soon after.

'I chose the flogging,' Rod said stoically. I held my breath. Rod was going to die because of me. It was just too much too bare.

'And you, Azizo?' The voice of Abensur awoke me from my sad thoughts.

'I chose the keelhauling,' I heard myself say, as if I wasn't present.

Luckily for us the winds in the Adriatic are more capricious and change more rapidly than in the Mediterranean. The winds will all of a sudden come rushing over the calm surface as Furies and may calm down just as suddenly.

It was a this decisive moment that one of the sailors saw two venetian warships, belonging to the ship Abensur and his crew had entered earlier that day. Abensur got pale at once, forgetting all about our punishment. Within a few minutes the whole ship hummed of activity. Abensur gave an order for a new course thus we would get the strong winds from astern. The ship slowly turned, rolling heavily on the pointed waves. It looked like we would get away, but within an hour the winds calmed down, and a dim fog grew even denser. The ship rocked calmly, as the Venetian ships gained on us. When it was clear to everybody that we would be captured, and Abensur knew that there was a big price on his head, he resolute buckled his belt with most of his gold and jumped overboard. Many of his men followed him. Even Rod.

Though the fog I caught a glimpse of the distant coasts of a country called Albania. I have since heard that the Albanians are a ferocious people. They hated the Turks who have oppressed them for centuries trying to reduce them to slavery. And they hate the pirates who plunder their coasts even more than the Turks. But who knows? Maybe Abensur and his loyal men succeeded getting ashore and surviving. I sure hope that Rod did. Allah is great.



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