The next morning we had land in sight, it was the Italian coast. To be more precise it was La Serenissima Repubblica - the Republic of Venice. The duke or Paolo as I began to call him gave all the men a leave which would allow them to make use of the ten ducats of gold they recently had earned. They all rushed of the ship, eager to visit the famous whore of Venice. On the other side of Monte Veldo, in the ally of Bocciari, not far from Santa TrinitĆ , the most expensive whorehouse in Venice, Bordello dil Fauno Rosso, lay, which didn't have its match in Europe. The main attraction of the bordello was Mona Sofia, the highest paid whore in Venice and if the rumours were truth she was the fairest in the world. The whore whose price was ten gold ducats, a very high price, was according to several of the men who I overheard talking worth every penny.

The horny sailors prized her emerald green eyes and her nipples - as hard as almonds - whose diameter and smoothness reminded them of the petals of unknown flour, which, if it had ever existed, had a diameter and firmness as the nipples of Mona Sofia. They spoke of her thighs, firm as those of an animal, well-formed as if they were shaped of wood, and her voice smooth and randy. All that and more they rushed off to meet.

I was happy as long Paolo was pleased with my present performance. And he seemed to be. Folletto left with the other men, not to visit the whore but to go see his old mother who worked at a small inn at the harbour somewhere.

Only Paolo, his private secretary and I stayed onboard. They both had business on deck and I stayed below. I had nothing to do, besides I was feeling a bit tired from all the arousal last night. I needed to get some sleep if I was going to do the same to night. I dropped on the bed, covered my head with a thick rug to keep the light out and feel asleep.

I guess that Paolo and monsignor Rossellino, il Bello Muto as we call him, must have thought that I had left the ship, and whatever was lying on my bed was merely a bundle of clothes. They bodily noises awoke me. I didn't dare to let them know that I was in the same room as them. Through a narrow crack between the bed and the sheet that covered my presents I could see everything they were doing. Paolo and il Bello Muto were kissing franticly, their tongues were heavily entangled. Paolo's big hands were grabbing il Bello Muto's ass. I could see the duke enjoying the feeling.

'Let's get naked,'¯ Paolo whispered, kissing il Bello Muto on the neck. He turned around as Paolo's fingers working the buckle on his belt. Il Bello Muto started to unbutton his shirt, but Paolo put a restraining hand on his wrist.

'I'll do that,'¯ he said shamelessly to him. 'I love to unwrap packages.'¯ Paolo undressed him slowly, tantalising himself by stroking the hard planes of his lean body through his shirt and trousers. By the time Paolo had stripped him down to his shorts, he had rubbed and squeezed every sleek inch of him - except for the big knot between his muscular legs that was fighting to get out of the confines of his shorts.

I couldn't see everything, but I could see enough to tell that the final unveiling wouldn't be a disappointment. Whatever il Bello Muto was packing it was putting a serious strain on his shorts.

When Paolo pulled them down low he exposed a thick bush of dark pubes that curled crisply over the waistband.

Paolo took one step backwards and performed for him as well, slowly peeling out of his shirt, undoing his belt, popping open the top button of his trousers - it was like a standard routine. When he started pulling his torso-hugging shirt up, il Bello Muto dropped to his knees and began licking Paolo's belly, his teeth tugging at the line of hair.

While il Bello Muto was at it, he ripped open Paolo's fly and shucked his trousers down around his knees in one efficient move. Il Bello Muto's hands clasped Paolo's ass and he started nuzzling his face in Paolo's groin, his tongue flickering around the base of Paolo's prick that ran his fingers through il Bello Muto's thick, close-cropped hair, down his strong neck and across his broad shoulders.

I was getting hot too, beneath the sheet. I slowly and without a single noise grabbed my horny cock and started stroking it gently as I watched il Bello Muto devour the whole of Paolo's huge prick. Il Bello Muto was good, very good.

'That's it,'¯ Paolo grunted between his clenched teeth as he thrust his hips forwards sending the cock all the way down il Bello Muto's throat.

'Work my big hairy balls, make them ache.'¯

The sucker kept up the pressure on Paolo's balls and from where I was laying I could see Paolo was just about ready to shot of his first load of hot cum. But he didn't. Instead, and without notification or warning, Paolo grabbed his partner under the arms and pulled him to his feet, then pushed him back onto the small desk in the corner.

Paolo didn't leave any time for discussion as I had learned myself last night. He grabbed il Bello Muto's legs behind the knees, pinned them down to his chest, spit on his bull's-eye, took aim and started ploughing. Paolo fucked hard and long, skipping the niceties. Paolo pulled all the way out of il Bello Muto's ass, and then slammed back until his balls were bouncing off his thighs.

Il Bello Muto had his legs spread wide. Paolo was pounding him so hard that his head hit the wall every time Paolo drove his fat cock home, but il Bello Muto was still up for more. Finally I could see Paolo's balls snapping up in to a knot and he let go of a heavy load - squirting cum all over il Bello Muto.

I was about to cum too. And Paolo, ever the gentleman, reached between il Bello Muto's legs to help him out as soon he had caught his own breath. Il Bello Muto's dick flexed a couple of times before it filled Paolo's hand with hot juice. That was it for me, I couldn't hold back any longer. I did a dozen hard strokes with a finger up my own crack, and then I had to let it go. As I came, the hot cum shooting out of my hard prick, my ass-ring clamped down on my finger time and again. It felt so good.



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